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Prize Money FAQs

What is the difference between Prize Money and Total Financial Commitment?

If you've ever studied one of the PDF draw sheets you will usually see two figures: Prize Money and Total Financial Commitment. Prize money is purely the onsite prize money awarded to the players in both qualifying and the main draw.

Total financial commitment includes onsite prize money but also has in the various other fees for running a tournament such as the ATP tour fee, marketing fees, hotel accommodation for players (new for 2019) and a bonus pool contribution.

I generally quote the total prize money figure when displaying prize money here rather than the total financial commitment.

How often do you update the prize money pages?

All the prize money pages are updated throughout the year, as soon as the latest prize money figures are announced for a particular tournament they'll be updated to the latest figures along with the percentage increase or decrease vs the previous year's tournament.

Does total financial commitment include appearance fees?

Yes, it does, non-mandatory events often offer the bigger name players appearance fees to lure them to the tournament as they often sell a lot of tickets. It's rare the appearance fees are disclosed but if you deduct the prize money from the total financial commitment and see a huge difference compared to tournaments that haven't got any star names, you can get a rough idea of the money involved.

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