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Predict The End of Year Top 8 for 2020

Which Players Will Be at the ATP Finals in London Next Season?

When Stefanos Tsitsipas beat Roger Federer 6-3 6-4 in the semi-final of the ATP Finals and went onto win the title, most of the media world hailed it as a changing of the guard.

We've seen those headlines before in 2017 and 2018 when Dimitrov and Zverev won the ATP Finals respectively but will 2020 finally see the inevitable time when the Big Three relinquish their grip at the head of men's tennis and youth takes over?

It's time to make some predictions 🙂

Predict the Year-End Top Eight for 2020

Atp Finals Top Eight

To make your predictions please fill out the form below by selecting players from the dropdown menu. I've gone as far as 250 in the world which is probably enough 😆

But why not just let me type the names, the drop-down is faffy. I know but the last time I did this and gave simple instructions to write the surname only, the form was filled with answers like “R Federer” “Novak” Rafa” which makes the answers harder to compile so dropdown it has to be. The form is also available directly to fill out if you find it easier than the embed above: Prediction Form.

I will keep the form open for a week or so and then publish the results to see which players were selected most frequently, how many of the Big Three you think will be in the top eight along with any other interesting picks I can see in the data.

There are no prizes so it's just for personal pride however I have made a note in my calendar to check the picks when the ATP Finals is complete so I can see if anyone got the exact eight in order, or had the correct eight players.

Feel free to post your picks in the comments below as well and give any other thoughts you think on next season which is just 35 days away at the time of writing as the ATP Cup starts on January 3rd 2020.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. I hope Medvedev gets the N1 spot.
    Nothing to do with this but, ¿can you tell what the hell is going on in London?

    1. Terror attack on London Bridge or just off it. The perpetrator was a jailed for terror offences in 2012 for 16 years, he was supposed to serve 8 but they let him out after 6. The UK is a failed society.

      The weirder thing is, one of the guys who helped take him down, was out on day release after being jailed for life for slitting a girls throat in 2004. Basically there’s more chance of you being locked up in the UK for misgendering someone on Twitter than there is for actual criminal acts.

  2. I picked Rublev as no 1. I wouldn’t say I’m convinced, or even believe it, but he has shown astonishing winning some periods. Of course I want Roger as no. 1, and COULD be so, but still I wont press too much – so I listed him no. 2…
    AND I doubt some others of my picks – Grisha and Kyrgios, but they MIGHT go for it, and sufficient talent they have. But I’m convinced the great 3 will be there too – if they all are still on, which I believe they are. The young F always beating Tsitsi might be there too – I regret I havn’t placed him. But done is done. We’ll see. Otherwise it’s my guess that Roger has decided to have fun outgrowing ambition, but not too much of course. Only a tiny subtle change of priority. Be happy, don’t worry.

    1. And of course Dominic Thiem. How could I forget him…? He’s indeed solid, but might be worn out…but he’ll probably be there, and maybe even as no 1.

    2. Thiem will definitely be there I think.

      Rublev is a wildcard pick. He needs to massively improve his second serve to get better results. I think the stats show it’s one of the worst out there.

  3. If not Roger (will be top 4 hopefully), I’d really like to see a new No.1. And at least a newby top 8, could be anyone from Shapo, De Minaur, FAA or Sinner? Gosh…so difficult to pick just 8 guys. Tell us your thoughts Jonathan! Oh well, I’ll go for wishful list, then.

    1. De Minaur is too lightweight I think to make top 8. Sinner looks very promising from the few bits I have seen.

      Shapo I dunno, you can’t play tennis like he does and have consistent results, will pull off epic wins and matches but over a tournament, it’s not easy. But maybe he is improving, I have not seen a ton of him of late, played well vs Nadal in Davis Cup though.

      1. The Minitaur runs a lot after all the balls he can get, the balls he cannot get and then some. It earns him a big deal of points and matches alright, but without a strong offensive weapon he’s stuck maybe at top 20. Hopefully all that running around will not cause him any injuries.

  4. I did a prediction for the top 10 this season and got the top 5 correct, although not in the right order. But the next 5 were extremely tough. Of course the elephant in the room is injury, because that will totally throw off any predictions.

    Anyway, I have recorded my prediction for next season, and it will be fun to see how I do.

    1. I see many younger players having either a dangling or a stressful play. It’s a worrying sign when a 20 year old player shows up on court with knee bandages.

      1. My top 5 are Novak, Rafa, Dominic, Stefanos, Fed.

        Sadly, I did not get any of the 6-10 spots for this season correct. I had players like Delpo and Anderson, who were injured, Khachanov who faded, and Cilic who basically disappeared!

  5. I feel Nadal will finish 2020 as the top ranked again..I know some people are definitely gonna disagree since he’s never done it before ending two years back to back but trust this time it will. Reason being he has to defend just 4 titles ..that’s 2 gs and 2masters and there’s hell of a lotbe events left this year with the 750 points at the ATP CUP 2020. my gut feeling says Nadal will finish and yea from the next gen, I feel Tsitsipas, Medvedev, zverev thiem and one JANNIK SINNER are going to be big names this season. Also keeping in mind Andy Murray and Stan wawrinka might be chokers too ..u never know Shapovalov is someone who’s gonna end into the top 10 for the first time. Big big season fingers crossed

    1. Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nadal at the top again. Depends on how he goes with injuries usually.

      Murray is an interesting one, he won Antwerp but was handed it by Stan tbh so I will be interested to see what level he can get back to. Stan had a ton of tough draws earlier in the year and never built any momentum. A few good wins here and there. Just saw he split with one of his coaches maybe he will freshen up his team.

      1. True that Jonathan. Big year coming up and it’s gonna be one action packed year too…alotve tournaments in it .the new Atp cup.. the Olympic games..etcetc gosh excited af

    2. Nadal is not done yet and Novak, being the youngest of the best and not being prone to major injuries, depends mostly on himself to be at the top. He just seems to get disheartened every now and then, for no apparent reason. Besides that, he has that metronomic sturdiness to put virtually every opponent on his back foot… except Fed on one of those (rare) days.

    3. You realize he has to defend the points earned in all the tournaments he didn’t quite win as well, right? Final appearance at the AO, semifinal at Wimbledon and then the rest. I’m not saying he can’t be number one by YE 2020, just that it’s not nearly as simple as you describe it to be.

  6. I too think Sinner will get there, but next year seems a little early. Berretini came up a long way this year but is there the same upside left? Maybe, but again probably not immediately next year. Though to be fair, last year that’s what I’d have said about Tsitsipas.

    As for the big 3, it seems likelier to me that we’ll see them all clustered a bit lower on the list before we see them fall off altogether… injury, as others have said, being a wild card.

  7. Rafa or Nole will end No 1, that’s something 99% sure (my bet is on Rafa). If I have to pick someone new to get in the top 3 would be Medvedev but I would still give the edge to Roger.

    1. Was lucky to get it straight away, I guess. I’m not a collector but thanks to Jonathan’s hilarious twitter thread (haha “Feds or Tails?”), thought how cool! Visited the mint website and clicked to buy in one go 😆

      1. Haha yeah I realised when my notifications went a bit crazy. Bit annoying the grammar of the tweet is all over the shop but hey ho 😄

      2. Nah, nobody cares. I wasn’t 😆 to the grammar, you know that? Loved your humour so did Fed!

  8. In Fed we trust! The news says demand for the Federer coin is crashing the Swiss mint’s website. Totally predictable, of course.

  9. Ok, so the Swissmintshop is up and running. Disappointed, no Swiss precision here! First of all, they don’t know how to spell Canada. I couldn’t find the country until I noticed a country “Kanada”. No spot for province, hmm. Didn’t like the postal code.
    Second, I ordered the coin and the shipping was the same price as the coin, yikes.
    Third, I have no idea if the order went through. Says it’s there on the “open order” but not on the “closed order”.
    Fourth, I sent the mint an email enquiring about this. Fingers crossed the coin arrives. Merry Christmas to me.

    1. You made it! Merry Christmas to you, though it’s pre-order so it won’t arrive until late January, I believe. Have you received an automated order confirmation email from them?

  10. I did receive an order # but not there in the “closed order” page. How much was shipping for you, Wanda?
    Anyone else order a coin?

  11. 1 thru 3 are my wishes. After 4, the drop down didn’t allow me to pick anyone who’s name was higher up, so they are kinda random. I know having roger as the year end #1 and stefanos as the year end #2 and not Rafa, Novak in top 8 in 2020 maybe wishful thinking, but you know, we need to at least hope Rog to add more GS and not Rafa and Novak to win more. 😉

  12. Now this is crazy people! I received an email from the Swiss mint. Because I have an order #, I should be ok to get my coin sometime in the new year. They said 30,000 coins were available for sale. 12.9 million people on their site trying to buy a coin!
    For fans still wanting one….on Jan 23 a further 22,000 coins will be available. And in May, they will release 40,000 more.
    I say a collectors item for sure. I wonder who will win the fan fav award this year, lol.

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