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Who is the Most Popular Tennis Player? 2014 Edition

A couple of years ago I made a post on who was the most popular tennis player in the world using a number of publicly available statistics.

As we're at the start of a new year I thought I'd do a 2014 edition, has there been a shift in powers solely in terms of popularity? Back when I did my original post in 2012 I chose the current top 4 – Djokovic, Nadal, Murray and Federer and whilst the rankings have been shaken up considerably in recent weeks I still think one of those 4 guys is going to the most popular player on the planet currently because other than Wawrinka and to some extent Del Potro there's nobody making waves on the tour.

Things I'm assuming

  • One of the following 4 players has to be the most popular – Federer, Djokovic, Murray or Nadal.
  • The more searches, mentions, tweets, Facebook fans, articles about them a player has indicates the more popular they are. i.e.. negative sentiment hate isn’t factored.
  • I’m using the players full names to keep it consistent where possible.

As part of my investigation I'll look at a number of sources that I have available to get some raw numbers on it – searches, social media stats and various other metrics I think are relevant in assessing the popularity of a player. So let's go:

Round 1: Which player has been the most searched on Google in the last 4 years?

This chart uses the power of Google and looks at the interest in the current top 4 players over the time. Interest is defined as how many times a player is typed into the search box. The numbers on the graph reflect how many searches have been done for a particular term in this case the players name, relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time. The data is both scaled and normalised.

One of the big flaws in this data however is that Google isn't widely used in the far east especially in China who use Baidu as their primary search engine so it does wipe out a big chunk of fans for both Roger and to some extent both Nadal and Djokovic. As it happens Facebook and Twitter suffer this fate too as the Chinese use Weibo so it should even itself out.

Round 1 Winner: Rafael Nadal

Round 2: Which players Wikipedia page gets the most views?

Wikipedia is a great tool for assessing popularity because it's usually one of the first results on any search engine when you search for tennis player names. It's also the go to destination for facts and figures. So strictly speaking – the more views a players Wikipedia page has, the more popular they are.

The graphs below show view counts from the last 90 days. Which is probably too short a time frame to really be conclusive (but that's all I have). So if a player bows out of tournament early or something dramatic happens he's bound to get more searches, prior to seeing the results I was expecting Nadal to win this one after his Australian Open exploits. Let's take a look:

  1. Federer – 619,247 views in last 90 days
  2. Nadal – 617,760 views in last 90 days
  3. Djokoic – 325, 189 views in last 90 days
  4. Murray – 226,678 views in last 90 days

Honorary mention to Wawrink who racked up 477,709 views in the last 90 days, over 90% of which came in a 14 day period!

Round 2 Winner: Roger Federer

Round 3: Who wins Twitter?

Tennis Twitter

As you can see from the image above Nadal dominates this one but Roger has caught up both Murray and Djokovic despite only joining last year. Twitter followers depends heavily on how often the person uses it, so the more the player tweets, the higher number of followers they will have. So it can be slightly misleading. If Roger upped his engagement levels he'd take over both Murray and Djokovic in no time.

Round 3 Winner: Rafael Nadal

Round 4: Who wins Facebook?

Facebook Likes

  1. Roger Federer – 13 millions likes
  2. Rafael Nadal – 12m likes
  3. Novak Djokovic – 3.9m
  4. Andy Murray – 2.3m

Facebook is probably a more truer metric than Twitter followers as a players number of likes / follows doesn't depend as much on their own post frequency, it's more about people finding the profile and liking it. Roger takes this one with a cool 13 million likes.

Round 4 Winner: Roger Federer

Round 5 – Who get's searched the most on Google?

Google Searches

  1. Roger Federer – 823,000 searches per month
  2. Rafael Nadal – 823,000 searches per month
  3. Andy Murray – 673,000 searches per month
  4. Novak Djokovic – 550,000 searches per month

The data above show often people across the globe searched for each player. The numbers quoted are the average number of searches over 12 months on average per month for each player in all locations, languages and devices e.g. mobile, tablet, laptop etc.

Google rounds the numbers of their keyword volume data so sadly I don't have an exact number so we'll never know who edges it.

Round 5 Winner: Tie between Federer and Nadal

The Winner: Two way tie between Federer and Nadal

Federer Nadal

Based on 5 rounds looking at various different metrics the most popular tennis player is a two way tie between Federer and Nadal. Aalthough none of these metrics really mean a great deal or are truly representative I do think they are pretty close to the truth just based on what I see with my own eyes both live at tournaments and from the online world. It's a pity I couldn't factor in crowd cheer decibels when they walk on court as I think Fed would be announced the clear winner.

These 2 guys are by far and away the most popular guys on tour with the fans and considerably streets ahead of the likes of Murray and Djokovic. I was quite surprised at just how ahead they are to be honest, Murray is a 2 time slam winner now yet has a very limited fan base. Looks like the likability factor is a big deal after all.

I think with Federer and Nadal neck and neck, it really depends on which one plays the better Tennis at the bigger tournaments as to who is the most popular from here on in. If Nadal doesn't have a good year and Federer does, or vice versa, one of them will edge it in the popularity stakes due to the increased media and television exposure they get. Consequently if we have another Lance Armstrong case on our hands then Roger runs away with it 😛

Probably the most interesting thing is that Roger's popularity has never wained, he's won 2 slams out of a possible 17 in the last 4 years whereas Djokovic and Murray have 7 between them in that time yet only have about 20% the amount of fans as Federer. He's clearly on the down swing in his career but his fan base continues to grow and he's still the top earner in sponsorship deals by a long way.

Why do you think Federer and Nadal are by far and away the most popular in the sport? Is it simply because they've won the most or is there more to it than that? Do you think one is more popular than the other?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. The five metrics used are: most Google searches by name over the last 4 years, most Google searches by name over the last 90 days, most visits to the Wikipedia article about each player, most Twitter followers and most Facebook likes. I think the Google search for last 90 days, in which Roger edges Rafa by a whisker, is redundant and is only included to keep Roger in first place overall, and is probably due to Mirka’s pregnancy rather to Roger’s tennis. It repeats a portion of the population that has already been been included in another – supposedly independent – metric, the same parameter over but taken over a longer period. A better stat would be total visits to each player’s official website over the last year, for example, because it broadens the statistical source base.

    2. Thanks for reminding me which metrics I used, I’d forgotten 🙂

      But you got them wrong – They are search trends over 4 years, Wikipedia page views over 90 days, Twitter followers, Facebook fans and Google searches per month averaged out over the last 12 months. And they were both equal on search volume so one wasn’t included to edge anything.

      If you know a way to get traffic stats for their websites then feel free, unfortunately though you don’t as that information isn’t readily available 🙂

      1. OK, the second Google metric monthly volume averaged out over is the last 12 months, not 90 days – my mistake. But isn’t this still the same data as the final year of the 4 years in Round one?

      1. GOAT blog. Has to be. Look at all the anti-Federer fans infesting us, insulting us (on a Federer blog). Then there’s a certain someone who simply refuses to go away. That tells something about its popularity 🙂

  1. Hi Jonathan

    Good post – not surprised that Murray and Djoker are way behind Roger and Nadall – you just cannot warm to them (and before you ask no I cannot personally warm to Nadal either especially after his antics at the AO final) Lovely to see that Fed went to play in Serbia and they are 3-0 up – could it be the Swiss year for the Davis Cup Title? – time will tell

    1. Nadal’s antics? Really? Playing through injury so as not to disappoint the fans?! Wow, your idea of antics and mine are a bit different. Stan deserved to win and Nadal acknowledged that. He asked the media not to talk about the back, but to talk about Stan’s win. Yeah, that’s antics…

      1. Thank you, Debra, for that. Unbelievable the hate that drives some fans that they can be so dense. They really only embarrass themselves, frankly.

      2. [Stan deserved to win and Nadal acknowledged that]

        Yup, “today was bad luck for me, but congratulations! you deserve it”. “sorry it had to finish like this”. In other words, Stan was just lucky, wouldn’t you agree? Had Nadal not been injured, no way Stan wins.

    2. Those “Nadal antics” are only in your head. All sane, knowledgeable tennis fans/experts see the AO final as a good demonstration of Nadal’s sportsmanship as he chose to finish a match he knew he couldn’t win due to injury rather than rob the fans and his opponent of a proper ending to the tournament.

      1. Yup, the proper way for a Nadal loss to end in slams is through medical time outs, and an absolutely unsporting losers speech. Nadal’s trademark. Well put!

      2. Probably Nadal’s trademark is trying to console his rival when is crying like a little child.
        Same like a daddy with his little son 🙂 .

  2. Well Fed might be behind his prime, and he might have only won 2 out of the last 17 grand slams, I still chose him as my favourite player when I started following tennis not very long ago 🙂
    I actually started following tennis because of him!
    He has something very few people have that just draws you towards him, be it his genius and beautiful play, or his charisma or his sportsmanship…
    You just sit and watch him:

    1. Dittos, Alex. Am of the same mind, although I had watched tennis quite a while before Roger came along, but he has taken a place in my heart.

    2. Hi Alex – fabulous video thanks for sharing – Have watched tennis for many years but Federer is the only player that has given me goose bumps and brought me to tears with his excellence and I feel hounoured to have seen him play in the flesh – you just never take your eyes off him

  3. Olá Jun

    Another awesome post!
    Wikipedia rules so Roger is the most popular and will be for a long time.


  4. Just a fact-

    Most of you know that Fed’s won the Fans Favourite a record 11 consecutive times all the way back since 2003. Did you also know that on a couple of occasions he’s actually had more than 50% of all votes. That means that the rest of the guys (Nadal, Nole, Murray, Roddick, Delpo) combined were less popular than him. Now THAT’s impressive. And this figure isn’t very old. If I’m not mistaken, this was just a year or two back, when Nole/ Nadal were in their peaks.

    Anyhoo, in my opinion, Federer’s definitely the most popular player out there.

    1. Federer will win the Fan Favourite award every year till he retires. The ATP can include him in voting poll even after he retires and he will still win it!
      Nadal, Djokovic, Murray and everyone else, will NEVER be popular than him.

  5. RF is my all time favourite.

    You forgot something Jonathan, Roger won fans favourite and players (fair play?) favourite. So I think he is actually the most popular – and he’s been winning those 2 for years, except in 2010? There is no better yard stick to measure. However, this is also a fantastic analysis. Thank you!

    1. Not to mention the Times poll of the Most Respected Individual in the World in 2011. He came second only to Mandela. In my opinion, that was his biggest off court award. To be the second most respected individual in an open poll, ahead of politicians, actors (!!?) and others is just phenomenal.

  6. I think the most popular is Roger , the marketing around him always worked very well, we can see a recent example of it when suddenly he decided or someone adviced to him to play together with Stan after his GS tittle (What a coincidence).

      1. I think he did it, to support Stan and Suiss group. He knew that Stan would be just to tired to do it.

        And he said so in the press conf. He also had won AO 2004 and went to Romania to play. Just very hard, specially in the emotional/mental part.

        I don’t know WHY everyone is looking for some bisarre and selfish motives.

      2. I don’t know how I managed to miss this thread, but I’d always assumed that Roger was planning on playing DC, given the draw, and that was why he wasn’t playing Rotterdam. I was very surprised during the AO to hear that he wouldn’t be playing, but in retrospect I assume that was simply because he wasn’t prepared to confirm it 10 days in advance or whatever the deadline was.

  7. I don’t understand why Murray should have to be debated. He has only won 2 majors. It is a Brit thing that he won his own major (no longer a Scot? what will he do with the Scottish referendum on independence that is coming out this year). I just thinks Murray pales with regard to the others. Djokovic-He is trying hard. I feel like he is trying to follow Roger a bit. He tries to carry himself graciously, he has his foundation etc. But Roger will remain Roger for some time and Nadal keeps breaking in on Novak. Djokovic’s 2011 campaign seems like a dim memory. I am sure no one will agree with me but I have gotten to like Djokovic. I like his play which is more versatile than Nadal’s and Murray’s. I enjoy his matches with Federer more. But despite finishing no 1, 2 years in a row etc he just can’t get beyond the Roger-Rafa mystique in tennis. Federer just has it all-the talent, the class, the stats. Even when not playing well, people want to see him play; people want to say, “I saw Roger Federer play tennis”.

    1. Well he was part of the big 4 and he’s probably the 4th most popular player in the world.

      Djoker – wants to be loved, probably a bit too much. I don’t mind him but he’s a little OTT sometimes.

      1. “Djoker – wants to be loved, probably a bit too much. I don’t mind him but he’s a little OTT sometimes.”

        Yes, I agree, although I think he’s improving. I may eventually end up actually liking him :). As long as I don’t have to sit through too many matches between him and Murray.

    2. I can’t help wondering about Djokovic’s thinking these days. He didn’t think play any lead-up tournaments before the AO did he? Lost out earlier than expected, and has now gone on holiday instead of playing DC. I would have thought he needed match practice right now rather than a holiday. But I agree he tries too hard to be liked. He’s a good player. He’s largely stopped his gamesmanship antics. He’ll never have the charisma of Roger but he should just be himself and see where that leads him.

      1. “I can’t help wondering about Djokovic’s thinking these days. He didn’t think play any lead-up tournaments before the AO did he? Lost out earlier than expected, and has now gone on holiday instead of playing DC. I would have thought he needed match practice right now rather than a holiday. ”

        My thought too. I know it was mooted last year in relation to Roger, but I wonder whether playing the exhos during the off-season was good for him.

    3. I agree with you, Sunny. I like Novak SO MUCH more than I did when he came on the scene as a brash youngster – reminiscent of Tomic nowadays actually, though I don’t see Tomic taking steps to improve himself the way Nole did. I agree his game can be more versatile; he’s incredibly clutch (US Open semis, anyone?); and I especially like his willingness to applaud opponents’ really good shots. The fact that he’s worked really hard to improve himself, both on and off the court, also really impresses me. I think he still has the potential to become an elder statesman of the sport – we’ll have to see what the next 5 years or so bring.

    4. Djoker has played a lot of DC, I think skipping was the right move from him.

      Not a fan of the clapping shots, I find it a little disingenuous if I’m honest.

  8. “In the hands of Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray, a tennis racquet is a rock hammer and a tennis court a quarry.”

    “In the hands of @rogerfederer, a tennis racquet is a paint brush and a tennis court a canvas.”

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport.

    There it is.

    1. i believe that comment is how a dreamer perceives; not how Roger actually intends for it to be perceived or actually himself is experiencing…he’s a tactical player who just so happens to create beautiful tennis. He’s just as much a warrior as Nadal, only his style isn’t as brutish.

      1. Lol Pablo, we saw your warrior scared to death in the first set vs Stan. Remember how he looked to his box? oh yeah i know, he could sense he would be injured…

      2. “He’s just as much a warrior as Nadal, only his style isn’t as brutish.” Don’t make me laugh

      3. but i should say that nasal’s “brutish” tactic is not without reason, and in the current paradigm works quite well.

    2. Such a disrespectful, ridiculous comment by Ben Dirs. Why do fans – particularly RF fans – feel that they need to dismiss others when they praise him? They are all great. Show some respect people! The one thing that stopped me from cheering for Roger so much….his fan base.

  9. Ok Murray isn’t even in the equation. So put him to one side. What wld hv been interesting to add in wld be the geographical breakdown. Federer is maximised for several reasons, particularly in Asia and India. Language. He speaks many and his neutral country of origin is a big big factor( no history to carry with him, see Novak..)His association with luxury aspirational globally recognised brands has pushed his following in countries such as China , the US( where he and Rafa are virtually only global players) and India. Tony Godsick is clearly a marketing genius and totally understands how to sell Rogers attributes. I cld go on and on about his Dubai connection, his exhos, his appeal across generations, respect for the game itself, giving back to the game ( unlike Sampras who even today has poor global recognition having opted out of the whole shebang), charity, nike association etc, but what is interesting is why the likes of Djokovic haven’t had same appeal. Nadal does for many of the Fed reasons but having the Hispanic connection is huge. Plus their tennis is different and appealing to many. And their rivalry over 9 yrs has helped via TV). And never underestimate good looks ( sharapova example).
    So Novak? No doubt, great player, but vvv poorly marketed. Too European, too Serbian, not necessarily a gd thing in international marketing ….. ). His on court celebrations do not appeal, even his box! He is clearly an intelligent multi lingual, humorous guy but poorly advised. Needs to separate himself from some of those desperate people in his box, Marion Vaidja apart. He does struggle to convey warmth of personality but I actually like him , more than Rafa. Hey, maybe there’s a job there! Change his clothing supplier, change the on court show , get some better brand association, cry with respect over a former Great ( Fed and Laver)Get him out there!

    1. Agreed, purely from the endorsements side I think he’s still the top earner because he’s still the biggest draw in tennis despite being past his prime. Ask fans who they are coming to see at a given tournament and a really high percentage of them will say Federer purely because he plays a different brand of tennis to anyone else on the tour.

      Whilst most of the top guys now are incredible athletes and use brute strength to out hit their opponents Roger is more of an artist, if you watch one his matches you get the chance to see shots that other players can only dream of hitting, a “Federer moment”. The guy hit a framed smash in Brisbane that span back over the net, within a day or 2 it had over a million views on YouTube so that’s how popular the guy is, even his mishits go viral.

      Being such a popular figure amongst tennis fans translates over to the sponsorship side of things as companies know he still carries a lot of clout and is instantly recogniseable. Probably the fact he’s the most media friendly player too lends itself well to endorsing products, he’s clean cut, family guy, no blemishes on him so in that sense he’s a very safe bet.

      I also think he’s been quite selective in who he’s worked with, he hasn’t just worked with any tom, dick or harry and most of the companies that he’s endorsing are all well established and credible. He’s not gone down the supplements, energy drinks etc etc kind of route like many athletes. That’s probably worked in his favour and increased the fees he is able to command for deals as he hasn’t sold out so to speak.

      Nike, Wilson etc got to him early in his career so I think other companies have seen how he’s worked well for those brands and want a slice of that too still to this day. The nationality helps too, Swiss, very neutral so he’s not really limited to who he can work or who the brand wants to reach as the Swiss aren’t really a nation that anyone has any negative thoughts towards. Whereas say someone like Murray or Djokovic are a little more restricted. I can’t see someone like Moet going for a Murray type guy as he doesn’t have that look in a suit or the right type of vibe that a champagne brand is looking for. Plus those guys have limited fan bases mainly in their country or region of birth.

      Federer is huge across the world, especially in China which is growing rapidly, so if you’re a global brand operating in all 4 corners of the globe or wanting to expand into new markets he adds way more value than practically all the other players combined. He’s of course ideal for a Swiss company too like Lindt, as he’s probably one of their greatest ever sportsmen so those companies get the best of both worlds. A domestic and global icon.

      As for Djoker I think he’s too far into his career to reallly make a big change, you have to be shaped from the beginning. Murray has the same management company as Beckham and you can see they have tried to mould him into something he’s not (see his stupid smiling in photos these days) but it’s not really made much of a difference to his image. Peoples perceptions are already set in stone.

      1. Yes fans make up their minds v quickly! Also Fed and Nadal hv v obvious desirable and media friendly (albeit cliched) attributes which the atp can play up. Suave smooth swiss metrosexual banker versus Spanish matador etc. not easy to hang anything on Djoko. Or Murray. Serbian hit man doesn’t sound so good haha…

      2. Finally the most important factor is the success, Roger was the best player for many time, he sells the fact of beeing top1, the best, quality… of course to have a beautiful game it helps but it is mainly success. I disagree about the importance of the nationality specially in Murray’s case, GB is very well recognised and very linked with many other countries.

        “the Swiss aren’t really a nation that anyone has any negative thoughts towards.” Many people has negative thoughts towards.

      3. It’s a pity about the Scottish/British dilemma Andy has, otherwise they could market him as a highlander. I can just see him tossing a caber. He’d look absolutely perfect on the side of one of those old-fashioned porridge boxes 🙂

      4. Remember the 2013 USO where Roger’s match got rain delayed and was moved to another court? Apart from putting him off his game, which I’m sure it did, lots of people moved from the central court and were queueing up outside the court where Roger was playing, desperately trying to get in. I’m not saying they didn’t want to watch Rafa, I’m sure they did, but Roger is the one they’d come to see and they were annoyed. Bad decision by the authorities I thought, and might have deprived them of the Roger/Rafa match they so much wanted and expected.

    2. @Susie yeah Smooth Swiss banker vs. Spanish waiter LOL.

      @Pablo Of course but success alone does not guarantee endorsements – Sampras was nowhere near Fed in terms of that. Yet had a similar career.

      Nationality plays a big big part. GB is very well recognised yeah because for so long it was an Empire, it doesn’t have global appeal though, I mean look at the Eurovision song contest – it’s a politically driven contest now, and where the do the UK finish? At the bottom. Same applies for Murray’s appeal throughout Europe.

      The Swiss are extremely neutral, so I’m not sure where you get “many” from. What reasons do people have negative thoughts towards them and who are the many?

      If you went into a bar with Wimbledon on during the Summer you won’t hear people calling Fed a Swiss **** as it just doesn’t spring to mind but you will definitely hear things like Scottish ****, Greasy ***** Spaniard, Yank **** etc etc.

      1. I’m shocked with your Eurovision simile… very poor. And what i meant when i said Switzerland is not very well seen in the world I wanted to mean exactly those “Smooth Swiss Bankers” who are keeping all the dirty money of the world. This is one of the biggest problems in the world.

      2. Shocked in what sense? Eurovision is a good barometer for assessing relationships within Europe. Votes gives a clear indication of who gets on and who doesn’t.

        I got no issues with Switzerland, they are a smart country and they’re happy. The big problem in Europe is the EU which is an economic disaster run by bureaucrats and the Swiss aren’t part of it. So they are actually one of the good things in the world, if I had enough cash I’d be living there in a flash.

  10. As a footnote July 2012-June 2013 Fed earned $71.5 million dollars!!! Next Sharapova $29m and the Novak approx $26m and Nadal $25m . Huge gap!

    1. Well, to be fair, she is super hot!! Add that to the fact that she speaks English very well (American accent if I’m not mistaken) which makes her very easy to promote globally.

      Maybe I’m being unfair, but the US is probably the biggest and most profitable advertisable market- she doesn’t appear “foreign” and so becomes a very ‘global’ celeb in their eyes and consequently the rest of the world. US media/ fads affect the rest of the world more than any other if I’m not wrong.

      1. And lives there? Having given up the Mother country! Americans love that! Remember Kornikova!

    2. to Susie ,,well ..of course Federer earned money most ,,,comparing to Nadal,Djokovic, and Sharapova

      But those players are still young ,,and they”ll catch up…just look at their prize money specially Nadal,,
      for recently’.Don”t get confused between forbes figures and atp prize money.
      to me is Always Vamoss.

  11. I think Murray is entertaining to watch. His facial expressions, grabbing body parts, etc. It’s funny to me. Djokovic is the best looser. I don’t like his disrespectful behavior when he wins. Djokovic’s parents really ruined his appeal. Most of his team aren’t appealing at all. Nothing to say about Nadal…he and Uncle Toni….cheaters.
    Roger has so much appeal. Take a look at his team. Quiet and classy. His parents are a big bonus to his popularity. When I’ve watched matches at IW, Roger’s are always a full house. Not the others. Even his practice sessions are full. People will wait for hours just to get a glimpse of him. There is an aura about Roger that is something we feel but can’t explain.

    1. Nice observations.

      I’ve always admired Novak when he loses. Also when he applauds a great shot from his opponent regardless of the scoreline (he’s done it when he’s down in a match as well). Gotta give him credit for that.

      1. I don’t think we can know if he’s disingenuous or not. I think maybe its just a “manner” that may unconsciously lift him up after losing the shot – he gets to “judge” his opponent and subtly elevates himself as an evaluator. But in any case I don’t think its insulting or rude and it keeps perspective a lot better than his King Kong with shirt off routine after winning. That is wayyyy lame.

        But I sure appreciated his comments after Stan topped him. Very mature and gracious stuff. I agree with Gaurav. He’s a pretty good looser. Hope he gets more practice on that front with Roger this July especially. 🙂

      1. Go to a Nadal shitty page your silly dickhead, what the hell are you fuckin’ doing here? You pissed me off your fool Nadull fan… The amount of shit you say is too damn high to read. Give us a break! Disrespectful piece of shit.

      2. Hi Pablo,

        I normally don’t reply to such comment but nonetheless I would like to reply.
        Rafa is GOAT. Yes, you heard me. Rafa is GOAT, If the game of Tennis is played by only two people: Roger and Rafa then yes, Rafa is GOAT because of the head to head record. But unfortunately for you guys it’s not the case. The greatness is not just judge/measure by head to head. There are various factors to be note and I don’t want to write about Roger since it will take ages but you can find out in Wikipedia by yourself.

        Now for your knowledge Roger Federer has one better head to head record against Nadal which is greater than 23-10 (At least it’s my opinion).


        2006 Wimbledon Final
        2007 Hamburg Masters ( hurts, right?)
        2011 World Tour Final (in that match Nadal seriously looked like Capybara)

        And you know the best part about all the above tournaments is Federer gave Nadal nice bagels in all different surfaces. While Nadal gave Federer one bagel on his best surface.

        So my friend it’s 3-1, Remember that !!!

      3. Sorry to repost this, but given that you come to a Federer fan site, act like a complete tool and a thick skinned one at that, here goes.

        That’s a whole load of trash. So what you’re basically saying is this- If Federer wasn’t as good, the era would have looked stronger and therefore been stronger?

        Eg: Say Federer lost to Roddick in 3 finals. Now Roddick would have a total of 4 slams (1 prior) and Roger would have 17-3=14. He’s still 1 ahead of Rafa and still has the most number of slams in this scenario.

        So all of a sudden, just because Federer wasn’t good enough to win those 3 slams, the era gets stronger? That’s retarded.

        The fact remains that Federer made the era look weak. And to date, I believe Fed’s game is good enough to give anyone trouble, save for Nadal (just because of the matchup of styles) And in any case, both Federer (post prime) and Nadal (prime) have won a similar amount of slams since then.

        Not to mention, if your man was SO much better, how is it that he was the world number two for 4 years behind Federer. Shouldn’t HE be the one with the highest weeks at number 1? He’s not even close. Not by a long stretch. I’ll be surprised if he can defend his points this year.

      4. But ahead of the numbers I will always choose what the GOAT makes Roger look, a ghost who walks and a little scared girl. I understand your hate to him hahaha.

      5. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, please not that nearly 15 of Nadal’s wins have come on clay. That’s how he compiled that great H2H. On all other surfaces, Djokovic leads huge.

      6. Well, just like you keep saying Nadal was “pre- prime” when Federer was able to beat him, so was Novak when Nadal was able to beat him. I’m just throwing your argument back at you. Now that both are in their prime Nole has won 11 of their last 15 matches? Or is it more?

      7. Maybe you forgott that clay courts are tennis courts, understandable if you are a hooligan Fed fan due to his poor clay court success. “On all other surfaces, Djokovic leads huge.” another lie of the lier Ladies and Gentlemen, Nadal leads on grass. And going more in detail, 8-3 in GS with 2 finals on hardcourts.

        Very applicable quote to the hooligan Fed fans. “Hatred is the coward’s revenge for being intimidated.” George Bernard Shaw
        Intimidated by the Spaniard Beast, absolut dominant of The Golden Era.

  12. Cool post Jonathan and fun to read through comments, must say I always find something new about Fed here so thanks guys for sharing.

    A good effort from Jonathan and those numbers don’t lie so certainly Nadal’s huge popularity is in no doubt. But IMHO, Fed’s in a different league, saying this from my own experience. – Like Rita said about US Open earlier, Wimbledon 2011, I had front row tickets for the Centre Court, unfortunately the top players on it that day were Murray, Delpo and Nadal. Roger was on the Court 1, the only day he didn’t play on the Centre Court in the Championship 🙁 But I was sure somebody would swap the tickets to see their favourite Rafa, that time the world No.1 for Christ’s sake. I was walking around near Court 1 with a placard saying ‘Want to see Rafa?’ Not a single person was interested. I was desperate so even approached to Spanish looking people, only to be told ‘sorry came to see Federer. Sadly I had to put up with Nadal’s gamesmanship against Delpo in the end. Anyway, incredible just how popular Roger really is.

    I wonder how’s video viewing numbers between Roger and Rafa? Paesonally never interested in watching Nadal, though.

    1. Hey Wanda,

      I was going to use YouTube actually but there’s no good tools that amalgamate viewing numbers and I couldn’t be bothered doing it manually 😛

      The answer will be Fed though due to the viral videos he’s had like the fluke smash, the Gillette William Tell thing and others.


    2. And did I ever mention when I watched Roger and Stan playing Nishikori and Soeda at the Olympics? After the match, it felt as though most of No. 1 Court got to its feet to applaud Roger, just as a mark of respect. (And no, they weren’t all simply getting up to leave 🙂 )

  13. Nice post Jonathan. I don’t think Roger’s popularity is ever going to wane as long as he still playing, I say he continues to win the Fan Favorite award until he hangs it up 😛

  14. All I know is this; My favorite player has worked hard, been extremely sporting, played by the rules, has not taken untimely timeouts (ok, just once), averages well under the time allowed between serves, has never even been coached illegally on court (heck, he won a lot of slams without a coach, yes, you heard that right, without a coach), has never bumped into opponents, has been respectful of past eras and never called the tennis of the decades before him as, “not tennis”.

    The list is endless. I’m surprised he isn’t a lot more popular than he already is. I wonder what type of people do not like him 🙂

    1. Haha, well said. Never had people wondering if he takes PEDs, never complains about surfaces, never doesn’t have self motivated interests when changing a system like the change to a 2 year ranking system, or make himself out to be a hero in the name of his fans.

      Eg: “I dunno why they want to increase pace of surface (Australian Open. Fans want to see longer matches (!!?) so it’s better for the fans if the surface is slow (Really Nadal? You want us to believe that it’s better for the fans? Who are you to decide what the fans want)

      Eg: “I carry on because I know people have bought tickets, I don’t want to disappoint fans. I carry on for them” (Not because the pain killers were kicking in and the fact that he was already back to 99% by the end of the match and knew fully well that if stretched to a fifth, would only get better and better.)

      The guy has a penchant for drama and it’s pathetic really. People can see through the facade. Man up and admit it. Don’t palm everything off on ‘fans’ and appear to be a victim of the system.

      I wonder where Pablo is when it comes to comments like this. But we already know what his replies are probably going to be-
      – “Weak era troll troll troll”,
      – “23-10 troll troll troll” or
      – “Rafa is a warrior troll troll troll”

      (pick and choose any two and arrange)

      1. Without his cheating, time outs, illegal coaching, extra time between points, things he does to psyche out opponents (bumping etc.), and, illegal substances (let’s forget illegal substances for a minutes), Nadal would’ve struggled to reach 5 slams.

    2. By the way, that video link by Pablo, is stupid. On clay, there are multiple marks. Once a ball lands close, it’s very easy to imagine a different mark is the one that’s the right one. He made a case, he lost it, and lost the point. As simple as that. Have you ever noticed how players look at the lines during a shot on hard courts because they can’t determine where the ball landed? Image clay, where there could be multiple marks around that area.

      Now, compare that to a point Nadal played vs Berdych at the WTF a few years ago. Nadal thought the ball was out, stopped play….stopped play, lost the challenge, and refused to concede the point saying it was a replay. That’s blatant. In fact I think he said he didn’t want to play. Of course, the roids kicked in after angry exchanges, and he destroyed Berdych.

      These two incidents, are not even in the same ball park.

      1. At least we now know where Pablo has been for the last several days. Not injury time at all, he’s been desperately searching the web for something showing Roger being less than sporting. It took him a long time, because let’s face it even those who really dislike Roger would not name him as a front-runner when it comes to unsporting behaviour, but finally he found an argument over where the ball landed. Big deal.

      2. We must understand the Nadalites, they are getting desperate. 😀 They dig up one of the very few instances that could – possibly – be interpreted as examples of Federer gamesmanship in defence of their idol who does such things in almost every match.

        And I guess they are really annoyed that the audience at the AO final saw right through him. 😀

      3. Exactly, Ute! Federer argued once, may two or three times in a career that is worth close to a 1000 matches, and 17 slams, and that’s worst side of Federer that could be picked?

        That video shows what Federer does as an exception. For Nadal, these things are the norm.

        Indefensible? Very poor choice of words, unfortunately, from our friendly neighborhood troll here 🙂

  15. The difference is that you interpret what you want talking bullshit and I just talk about numbers…
    I am wondering why hooligans Fed fans like you praise his sportmanship when you are absolutely the opposite trying to devaluate the best player of The Golden Era. Don’t worry you are one in a million, he will keep being praised by all the courts of the world, newspapers, experts, fans, players etc etc.

    1. Actually we’re 13 million.

      And according to the official ATP Fans Favourite award (which your player has never won) Federer (won it 11 straight times since 2003) is twice as popular as all other players combined (my knowledge of 2010, 2011, 2012 (2 of the 3, I forget which) and possibly a couple of years earlier.

      But let’s take the years that matter to you when Nadal was in his prime.

      Federer got more than 50% of the total votes (56% if I’m not wrong). In one year Nole got a higher percentage of the remaining 44% (23%, Nadal got around 21% and the remaining were spread across Delpo, Murray, Roddick)

      So here are the “numbers” We’re not one in a million. Not by a long shot.

      And while we’re talking sportsmanship and numbers.
      Federer- 9 years
      Nadal- 1 year (2010)

      Yeah, but we’re just talking bullshit, right? All us deluded fans.

      1. And that 13 million is just a facebook number. Just saying. In case you want to get nitpicky.

      2. I think you clearly missunderstood me hahaha, I didn’t mean the number of Fed fans I meant those hooligan Fed fans who try to depreciate (just try) one of the best and most loved players in the history of the sport. One good example is your unreal interpretation of what happenned in the AO Final and the real reaction of the fans, newspapers, experts, players… YOU ARE ONE IN A MILLION, hope you understand now, Im not gonna keep talking to a brick wall 🙂 .

  16. Hey Jonathan, I’m not sure, I agree with your assumptions. Is it at all possible to measure the popularity of those players by way of social media? Imho it’s very difficult.

    1. Google: I don’t think you can really draw conclusions from that number, since you don’t know in which context the name was searched. I am told e.g. that Nadal and doping is a very popular search topic. Honestely it’s the first auto-complete suggestion I get, but I’m not sure at all that’s positively correlated to his popularity. For Roger I get “Federer Roger”, “Federer Edberg” and “Federer live”.

    2. Wikipedia: Most people only look there, if they want to know something specific. Nobody knew anything about Stan, hence people checking. Many might already know enough about Roger and Nadal too in that case.

    3. Twitter is even more unreliable, since not everybody uses it and its users are far from a random sample of world population or followers of tennis.

    4. Same for Facebook.

    Both are also effected by the quality of the entries there. What’s more – I know Federer fans who follow the Nadal Facebook site, might be the same for Roger’s site. Personally I don’t follow either, though I’m sure where my loyalty lies. 😀

    What’s more telling about popularity imho is indeed the value of endorsements. These companies do a lot of research that we don’t have access too. The result is pretty unambigous. And I also don’t believe in the push of certain images. If the sportsman does not correspond the image, a company is trying to sell, it’s often jarring and not at all authentic.

    I don’t know about the value of the ATP fan award, since I’m not sure how representative that is either. A good source might be youtube videos of best shots and so on. A popular player should have many more hits on those.

    I don’t doubt though, that Roger and Nadal are the most popular players right now, with everybody else not even close. They have the most distinct personalities and style of play. For that reason they attract vastly different people, segments of the popularity market. The other two (Djokovic and Murray) are caught somewhere in between. Neither the physical brutality of the Nadal game, nor the easy beauty of the Federer game. I really do wonder, who might replace Federer in the game, when he leaves? ?_?

    1. Well under my assumptions I remove any negative sentiment for all players so it’s effectively cancelled out and the same for everyone.

      I type in Google “Roger Federer is” and I get things like a jerk and done so all players will get negative searches. No point trying to assess which is which so lump them all together.

      Wikipedia is a top result for generic search terms, it also ranks above the fold, so the more clicks, the more popular a player has to be which is a fair assumption.

      I think social media is probably one of the truest ways to assess someones popularity. Look at raw follower counts, Bieber and Katy Perry are near the top and I think that’s pretty accurate 😛

  17. “Consequently if we have another Lance Armstrong case on our hands then Roger runs away with it”

    Lol, you went there. 😛

      1. You might have missed that the Lance Armstrong case wasn’t just about Lance Armstrong but basically about all the top cyclists. They have all doped so you can be sure if Nadal is doping then so is Federer (and all the other top players)

  18. Pablo-

    Seriously – not rhetorical…why do you come to this site and comment? Functionally – it really IS a Federer fan site, but it seems like most of what you do is argue with the people here for Nadal. Why do you do that – do you think you will change minds? And why would you want to? What is your motive? Its ok for folks to have favorite athletes, right? So why do you hve to so often try to make sure everyone knows what you think the truth is.

    And I think everybody here gets it. You think Nadal is the GOAT – or at least better than Roger. They think Roger is the GOAT and better than Nadal. I think that is really clear to everyone. Is there still something for you here at a Federer fan site that’s constructive?

    1. [Seriously – not rhetorical…why do you come to this site and comment?]

      Because it’s quite possible he has no life and this is the only place where people give him attention.

  19. Advice to all Fed fans here….when you see it’s a post by the troll….just don’t read it. That will keep your blood pressure down.

      1. Not true, Scooter, I’ve been responding indirectly. Plus, nobody listens to me and keeps arguing with him so I have to chime in for support, right?

        Jonathan should make a rule…anyone who responds to this troll, will be banned for a week 🙂

        Why has he even kept him here? He is practically insulting Roger fans, on a blog dedicated to Roger. Why can’t he just kick the troll out? See the problem? We are too nice.

  20. Hey Jonathan! You just might have to do a post sometime soon about, dare I say it, the Davis Cup! Clearly Fed is in for the long haul this year, and there could be a very interesting Swiss/ British semi if Murray can get the Brits past Fognini on clay in Italy!! What do you think? To post or not to post?? Imagine the ticket demand if that semi happens in the UK!! Grass at Wimbledon? Or indoors at the O2?? Cld be awesome if Fed adds DC to his legacy! My prediction? Swiss v the French in the final!

    1. No no no, Davis Cup is off the menu unless the GB match happens possibly or the final. There’s no guarantee Fed will play it though surely? I’m not too interested in it, it’s not an important event but it will get hyped now GB beat USA as though it’s bigger than the World Cup.

      1. He is def going to play the QF at home v Kazakhstan so you just might hv to join in the DC circus at SF stage! Might just place my bet now…

      2. Yup, in that match, I heard Borat Saigdev will be the special guest. And guess what? He will be singing the national anthem of Kazakhstan. It goes something like this…

        Kazakhstan has the greatest, tennis players in the world,
        All the other players, just run like little girls

        I like tennis, is nice! High Five!


  21. I know you’re not crazy about DC Jonathan. I’ve watched a few live draws and I enjoy it. Would love it if Roger & Co. win it all.

    1. Last time they made it to the final (which could happen this year:-)) it was Rosset and Hlasek, and they were beaten by a US team consisting of Agassi, Courier, Sampras and Mcenroe. How things have changed for the US!

  22. Hi Jonathan,

    I understand that you don’t like Davis Cup which I totally get it. Even I personally don’t like to watch. May be its badly schedule (every year ???), promoted and not worth to get individual points in ranking. But the problem is when you discuss with some trolls, they will put Davis cup above WTF which is insane and it’s very difficult to argue with those nuthead. Sometimes some retard said that Olympic gold is as good as 5th slam. I mean common, seriously??

    So all I am saying is this is the best chance for Swiss to win their first Davis Cup title. Maybe by doing that it may shut some Nadaliest mouth for some time.

    1. I wish they’d stop listing the Davis Cup as an individual achievement. It’s a team event, a team achievement. You need at least 2 decent players to stand a chance of winning. Some countries have that and some don’t. This year Switzerland finally has that luxury. Allez la Suisse!

    2. For players the Olympic Gold medal means at least the same than a GS (obviously). They must be the retards you have mentioned. No idea at all about sport.

    3. Pablo you can’t lay claim to being a level headed Nadal fan while everyone is a fanatic then come out with nonsense like the Olympics is as important as a slam. It clearly isn’t even close.

      Look at who’s won it – Massu and Rosset. Lol. Media obligations mean players ‘hype’ it up as part of sponsor deals but it is nothing compared to a slam. M1000 probably held in higher regard.

      I read today that social media and newspapers are causing people to lose the ability to think for themselves, considering you believe players think Olympics is equal to a slam and think the EU is a good idea I’m nominating you as a case study 😀

      1. “To win a Grand Slam [title] is the greatest thing in the sport, but to win an Olympics is the biggest thing you can do in all sports.” Andre Agassi

        “Winning Wimbledon is the best feeling in the world. Now that I won the gold medal, I didn’t think it could get better than winning Wimbledon.” Serena Williams

        “This is the biggest win of our career right here. It’s unbelievable.” Bob Ryan

        “I think a gold medal is the pinnacle of every sport. Novak Djokovic won a bronze medal at the last Olympics and was in tears,” Andy Murray

        More case studies.

      2. 1. I say some crazy stuff when I’m on crystal meth too.

        2. Here are some other quotes from Silliams “I can beat any guy in the top 100” “I will kill you” “We grew up playing tennis in the streets of Compton” Salt, take with, pinch. Rearrange.

        3. Is that Bob Bryan? You can’t take doubles players seriously, they know they are lucky to be there. Any win is a good win as it’s money for old rope.

        4. No idea when he said that, but I’m gonna take a wild guess this was prior to the London Olympics or just after. Adidas were Team GB kit sponsors? So he’s gonna be promoting hard. He has no choice otherwise sponsor deal is gone. Bye bye 5 mill.

        Look man Olympics is not a big deal in tennis terms. If you look at the history of the Olympics, and what it is supposed to stand for, it is for amateur athletes. So tennis shouldn’t even be involved IMO. It’s all about money though. Rio 2016 – Golf? lol.

        I don’t rank Fed’s gold in doubles as a big achievement at all, it’s just a bonus. Something for the trophy cabinet but I’d take a slam over it any day of the week.

      3. ” I’d take a slam over it any day of the week.” That’s your opinion, the opinions I gave you are from multiple Slam winners and obviously there are more. Let me take more into account what they say instead of you 🙂 .

        Obviously the Olympic Gold medal is at least the 5th most important tournament.

      4. It’s the opinion of the players too man, but the media has already roped you into thinking it’s something big. Puppet on a string.

        The general consensus amongst players is that they’re not even bothered if Tennis is in the Olympics, you won’t find any quotes like that in the paper though because that’s what they actually think 🙂 If a player actually said that they’d be getting berated by sponsors and also having to deal with Piers Morgan on Twitter.

        In fact, when it first came into the Olympics, it was frowned upon by players, I think some even boycotted it.

        As I already pointed out, the Olympics is designed for amateur athletes, not professionals. Massu and Rosset. Two gold medalists with 0 slams between them. The only benefit of Olympic tennis is money and sponsorship. Nothing more nothing less.

      5. “It’s the opinion of the players too man” You have their opinion in the post I have writen before, other conclusions come from your belief or suppositions.

        I don’t see your point naming Massu or Rosset, Petr Korda, Thomas Johansson or Richard Krajicek are GS champions… And btw Roger took part in the event when Massu won the gold medal hahaha.

      6. Jonathan, obviously, this idiot here doesn’t understand the meaning of, “what they say, and what they mean”. The only reason they hype Olympics is because it involves their flag, so they have to show some patriotic fervor. An Olympic Gold is awesome, but to rank it as the 5th highest thing in tennis, is downright stupid.

        Our troll here just browses the web, pick up quotes, and takes them literally. Hopefully someday he will start using his brain.

        Remind me again, why do you continue to condone his trolling? 🙂

      7. Sid,

        You of all people should know what I’ve only now begin to realize…
        What would the Dark Knight be without the Joker?

        Neither would this blog be what it is without its archenemy, the Pablo. I’ve come to accept that for peRFect tennis to be the sacred guardian of Federer it is, Pablo must continue to troll.

        Pablo… “you complete us”.

      8. Yeah, yeah, Alb, I know I’ve said that 🙂 But really, it’s beginning to get a bit old. Pablo’s welcome is officially wearing out. He needs to start making sense. He has spoiled every single post on this blog. It’s like he is leaving his mark all over the place. But that’s not disconcerting. What’s disconcerting is that Jonathan is allowing it.

      9. Yes, people also always say that the crowd at every tournament is the best they’ve ever played in front of. They also say things like this tournament is the most important tournament and then go on to say the same thing at the next 250 tournament they play.

        What do you expect them to say on getting a medal? That thanks but this is such a paltry event?

  23. Question to Everyone,

    Let’s think about a scenario where Federer can only win 10 trophies in his career to add from his current tally of 77, which 10 tournaments you guys want him to win? (Of Course I personally want him to win 100 more but this is just a fun question)

    It could be any tournament : ))

    1. Hey, fun question 🙂
      Here is my 10 choices:
      1- Wimbledon 2014 (No 19)
      2- Wimbledon 2015 (No 21)
      3- Wimbledon 2016 (No 22 and his 10th Wimbledon)
      4- Rio Olympic games 2016
      5- RG 2014 (No 18)
      6- Australian open 2015 (No 20 – I’m going to watch it)
      7- WTF 2015
      8- Roma Masters 2014
      9- Swiss Indoors 2016
      10- WTF 2016

      And then perhaps retire at the end of 2016.
      Like you, I personally want him to win more and stay as longer. As long as he is healthy and able to compete with top young guys.

    2. An interesting question, man!

      Assuming the unrealistic is possible, it’s quite an easy one to answer:

      4 majors+WTF 2015
      4 majors+WTF 2016

      He’ll have 25 majors and done a Rod Laver in the modern era. Also 8 WTF titles. Pretty damn unbeatable record, even without the olympic gold.

      1. Hi Ali,

        It’s a good pick. I understand your choice about Rome Masters since he has not won that important tournament.

        Hi John,

        Oh Man, you just seal the deal on GOAT debate. After that kind of GS record I don’t think anyone will dare to debate about Gold or Davis Cup.. : ))

      2. I prefer to choose the 5 he wants this yr. I choose the following for varying reasons. Ranking points, balance across surfaces, due a win there, Indian Wells, French Open, Wimbledon, Shangahai, and WTF. And if I had to choose one? French Open, just to put one over Nadal!!!

      1. That article is simply stating the obvious. There’s nothing in there that we don’t already know.

    1. Oh I don’t know. I like the idea of the name Fedberg sounding like a portmanteau that suggests a fast-moving mountain 🙂

      1. Right.., Mr Johnatan, you were just pointing the possibility that Nadal becomes a cyclist -not a golfer or a futboller or a curling player, of course-. A cyclist. I wonder why that sport came to your mind and not any other.
        Even further, once you’ve chosen that particular sport and not any other, I wonder why you think Nadal might be another “Armstrong case”.
        You are not suspecting Nadal would win 7 tours, arent you? Please do tell me, as I am too naive to understand.
        Now, can you, that as a journalist -not just a fan in bar-, that will always defend the truth and solid opinions, supported by proofs or a set of undeniable evidences, explain exactly what you insinuate with this comment?

      2. HAHAHAHA!!! Yes that’s it… 😛 This Dull fans are so blind!! It’s obvious that cycling would be bad for his popularity.

      3. If Nadal is allowed to use a bicycle on the baseline, he would never, ever, lose a tournament.

      1. For being constantly praising the sportmanship, behaviour, respect etc of Federer you have a big problem of intolerance and disrespect,.

        “Hatred is the coward’s revenge for being intimidated.” George Bernard Shaw

      2. Yeah the influx of Dulltards is growing and there is one in special that should already have his IP banned…

      3. “Hatred is the coward’s revenge for being intimidated.”

        I wonder why the hatred for Federer, and insults for his fan, by a Nadal fan, on a blog dedicated to Federer?

        On the contrary, none of us Roger fans here are posting insults on Nadal blogs, though we know the type of things they are posting.

  24. Didn’t realize this was a Federer fan sight until I got to the comments. Having said that I will overlook most of them, but I think your reference to a “Lance Armstrong case” was obviously referring to Nadal’s possible drug usage, because your CYA answer made no sense. Armstrong never changed sports. Both Federer and Nadal have the “it” factor when it comes to watching them play as well sponsorships. Quite frankly I’m surprised Nadal is as popular as he is because he certainly doesn’t get the support in the US market like Federer. Watching the AO on US television you would have thought it was the Roger Federer Open. All commercials were Federer and replays of matches were all Federer matches. So, which came first the media promotion or the popularity of the player? Nadal has gained popularity for many reasons but his willingness to learn English has certainly helped people see his personality better but still struggles getting his point across at times. Federer grew up in a multi lingual environment so it makes it easier for people to relate to him. For Nadal to overcome the amount of negative comments on the media sites is amazing to me. Nadal may have many court habits that some may not like, but they remember who he is and most of the players have used their own ways of dealing with it including Federer: ie the latest complaining about Nadal grunting and time wasting, he’s been playing him for 10 yrs? Federer used to wait for Nadal to leave his bench, now Federer won’t leave until Nadal does. Federer may be quiet on the court, but he’s full of backhanded comments in his press conferences. “I should have won” was one of my favorites this last year. And when Nadal had a great year it was because Federer had mono. They all have their good and bad side, but I get really tired of the “pure” Federer side. I love to watch them both play, but I lost interest in the sport during the serve and volley era. When I started watching Nadal early in his career I got hooked again.
    And yes a lot of people like to watch a long match and the most reaction from the crowd comes after a long point. So what is Nadal supposed to think? And yes some people like a “artistic” tennis player but Nadal’s “brut” style of play with a lot of strength and athleticism, and unbelievable shot making has brought a whole lot of new fans into the sport. These are two of the greatest players ever which seem to have a very friendly and respectful relationship off the court, which was not the case in past generations of players.

      1. You must live in your own bubble, it’s a fact that millions of fans like both of them. Hate cloud hooligan Fed bar fans their judgement but fortunately they are a minority.

      2. Nah, those who like both of ’em have no clue what tennis is. they like them just cause it’s Fed and Nadal and they’re famous. You can’t like both styles of play…

      3. Let’s elaborate on this now, shall we? It’s like saying,

        1 – I like a player who serves well under 20 seconds. But I also love the other guy who takes on an average 25-20 seconds.
        2 – I love players who don’t grunt but also those who grunt.
        3 – I respect players who never take on court coaching, but I also love those who resort to illegal coaching.
        4 – I like players who don’t tug their behind before serving, but I also like those who do that all the time
        5 – I love players who don’t bump into opponents, but I also love those do that
        6 – I love players who almost never take medical time outs, but I also love those who take MTO’s regularly when the’re down.
        7 – I love players who have won a bucket load of sportsmanship awards (voted by his own peers), but I also love those who give extremely unsporting losers speeches.
        8 – I like a player who gets to the net quickly for the match toss, but I also love those who make the umpire and their opponent wait at the net for a full minute
        9 – I like a player who doesn’t support a two year ranking system, and who doesn’t want less tournaments so that the lower ranked players have more opportunities to win, but I love the one that wants a two year ranking system, and wants less tournaments, with utter disregard to lower ranked player.
        10 – And lastly, I love a player who plays an aggressive brand of tennis, works constantly to find a way to finish the point, has great touch in the front court too, and is the ultimate example of economy of movement, but I also love a player who plays like a baseline grinder all day long.
        11 – Warning, offensive comment: I love a player who is from a country that is not mired in the controversy of doping, but I also love a player who is from a country that is synonymous with doping.

        These two couldn’t be more different. Anyone else has anything more to add?

      4. Hi Sid,

        yes I want add fewthings-

        I like a player who looks genuine good looking and has better personality on and off the court but I also a like player with “BEAVER FACE”

        I like a player who respect his past great players and I also like a player who make some negative remarks on their playing style.

        I like a player who believes in all court speed but I also like a player who wants only slow courts in all surfaces.

        I like a player who doesn’t mine playing on any color of clay court (BLUE) but I also like a player who threaten to boycott the same tournament because of the clay color.

        Anyone … want to add more ..

      5. I like a player that embodies class, barely sweats, But I also love A player who has his t shirt plastered to his body and changes the court to a swimming pool.

  25. Hi all!
    I don’t know if anyone said something about this, but it’s to obvious.

    Nadal Withdraws From Buenos Aires… stomach virus…back pain still there…

    Have a good one!

    1. It’s only the second month of the year, yet we’ve had blisters, a foot/ankle injury, a bad back and a stomach virus. Never healthy this Dull.

      1. Great sum up scooter!! 😀 he’s never lost a match while not being injured has he? 😛 maybe IW 2012?

      2. Simon, at IW 2012, he lost because of, in his own words, the “crazy wind”, that didn’t allow him any rhythm. Then we have the WTF where he isn’t injured but loses. But as Toni Nadal summed it up, “It’s the ATP’s fault that Nadal hasn’t won the WTF”, just like it is “the ATP’s fault for making rules that restrict illegal coaching”.

        The point is, if it’s not due to injury, it’s due to someone else’s fault!

      3. He’s shooting himself in the foot… He should clearly play better tennis than Roger in the wind… derp…

    2. Someone told me you have to be injured to withdraw from a tournament you’re scheduled to play. Is that true? I thought last year Nadal withdrew at the last minute from Basel because he was tired.

  26. I never go to a Nadal site. Absolutely no interest. I couldn’t imagine any joy I would get from posting anti Nadal comments on a pro Nadal site. I would say that is true about the Fed fans on this and other sites. I have better things to do with my time and energy. Is that one of the differences between the mentality?

    1. I post pro Nadal comments in a hooligan Pro Fed blog where people speak more about Nadal than about Federer. Actually I like Roger as well. And I don’t need to insult anybody like others…

      1. I prefer to comment pro Nadal stuff in an anti Nadal blog. Actually I think it is more an anti Nadal than a Pro Fed site.

      2. Hey Simon, I wonder if insulting Federer fans on a pro Federer blog constitutes “pro Nadal stuff”.

        Also, for a pro-Federer blog, this post seems to be actually giving credit to Nadal for being at least as popular as Federer. Now, why would Jonathan do that? Yup, that must be anti Nadal.

  27. The post of Nadal’s loss and its comments is a very clear example of the blog’s Nadalities.
    ” Consequently if we have another Lance Armstrong case on our hands then Roger runs away with it :P”
    You must have misread it.
    If you write this you can not claim when you see comments supporting the dominator of The Golden Era.

  28. Hey guys, what’s up?? What’s up?? I see you all have been very busy giving Pablo a very hard time (which to be honest Pablo, you kind of do deserve) and I also see that Pablo is even more busy with repaying you all with even more harsh comments !!!

    Me, I am very busy with work and working late. Hopefully I will have Sunday time to respond. Great comments here guys. Especially yours SID, you are on a roll here !!!

    Ps: Pablo…. if you are reading this…. deep and deep respect for you !!! It takes a great and big person and fan to come to a mainly Roger site and defend his own hero with tooth and nail (hope that is the way you say it…). Rafa is VERY lucky to have you as a diehard fan. You are a rare one, liking Roger and Rafa both. It is possible. I don’t understand it and cannot see why, but hey, even on Roger’s site they have fans who like them both, so you are not alone mister !!!

    Oh and Pablo, love to make you understand why the love of my life, MY Roger, is the best ever and your hero is… well…. what can I say. Beginning of the end? Stomach virus? Again? Same period? Believable much??? Want to bet all injury is over just before RG, which this year he won’t win but Roger will win??

    Anyway Pablo, seriously, deep respect for you, defending Rafa till the end….the guy is so lucky to have you as a fan !!!

    Also you Sid, deep and deep respect for you. Love your comments. You are so right about Roger (and Rafa ofcourse). Roger is also very lucky to have you as a fan……

    1. No no no and no again… He’s not being a pro nadal here, here’s being what we commonly call a Dulltard. We already have a Nadal fan on this site which is completely correct, and supports his player without trying to shove it down our throats, and he knows what tennis is about.

      Pablo is the exact opposite of that. Sticking his fingers up his ass then smelling them visibly went to his head. He’s here just to spite us. End of story.

      And imo rafa is lucky to have any fans at all -.-

      1. You can see his outfit for Indian Wells in the video – the polo looks really similar to the one he wore in the indoor season in 2010! Hopefully this will mean a couple of titles in the bag!

        Haha, that last shot he hit at the end of the video – the sound of the ball coming off the racquet is just awesome + epic moonball shot (his best one 🙂 )

  29. “Why do you think Federer and Nadal are by far and away the most popular in the sport?”
    I guess because of the contrast of styles they play and because of the charisma they bring to the court and off court .
    And I believe, Roger win the popularity with some noticeable margin

  30. Reason why people google Nadal : Nadal doping – most popular search 😉
    Nadal will never EVER overcome Roger in the popularity department – let’s not forget Roger is nearly 33 and out of the top 5 now and yet, after a disastrous year results-wise he still has the edge !

    1. [Reason why people google Nadal : Nadal doping – most popular search]

      Nadal fans won’t know that. They wouldn’t even dream for goggling those two words together. They’re trying to avoid the truth.

      1. Yeah Sid. Heck type in “Eufemiano Fuentes” in Google search and look who’s name comes up TWICE! 🙂

      2. To be honest scooter, I wasn’t really interested to know about “doping” till I read so many comments in here and Ruan’s blog.

        there are a lot of Nadal fans are not fanatic and seeks for truth, but again, its all roumers and I told one of the commenter here 😉 if I do believe in doping then all players dope. period.

        so considering all Nadal’s fan are blinded is not true story at all 🙂

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