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Paris Masters Draw 2018: Will Federer Play?

The Bercy draw came out yesterday and the big question now is will Federer play after winning his 9th Basel title. The Swiss hasn't played at the Paris Masters since 2015 where he lost to Isner. You can see his projected opponents below.

Federer's Projected Opponents

  • Round 1: Bye
  • Round 2: Milos Raonic / Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
  • Round 3: Fabio Fognini
  • Quarter Final: Kevin Anderson / Kei Nishikori
  • Semi Final: Novak Djokovic
  • Final: Rafael Nadal

Full .PDF draw

Thought on the Draw


After the first round bye, Roger will get his campaign underway on Wednesday against either Milos Raonic or Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. That's a tough opener but Raonic hasn't won a match in three tournaments and looks way below his the player from 2 seasons ago. Is the 27-year-old past his best or just having a tough year with injuries?

As for Tsonga, he's in a similar boat having barely played since February and he's won just one match in his last two tournaments losing to Monfils and Querrey respectively. I'm not sure who comes through that match or who Roger would rather face. Raonic is probably the favourite and he's the trickier opponent with his serve and I guess if you asked Fed who he would rather face he'd pick Tsonga. Either way it's a tricky opener and could easily go three sets.

Round 2 will likely be either Fabio Fognini or Marton Fuscovics. Fognini has been dealing with an ankle problem since the Asian Swing and he's never been past the 2nd Round in Bercy either so I'd pick Fucsovics to come through his first two rounds.

Maybe Paire can produce something on home soil so he's also got a shot. Will any of those three trouble Fed? Doubtful but you never know, he faced similar calibre players in Basel and dropped sets so nothings a given and Fucsovics played a decent enough match against the Swiss at this years Australian Open.

For the Quarters the two Vienna finalists are in this section; Kei Nishikori and Kevin Anderson. Big Kev beat Kei in straight sets at the Erste Bank Open and qualified for London in doing so. Maybe Anderson has got one eye on his maiden O2 appearance to give Paris his full attention but I make him the favourite in that quarter as he's had a very solid year.

Nishikori has to make the semi-finals in Paris to stand a chance of qualifying for London so he certainly has something to play for should he want to extend his season by another a week. He did make the final in Vienna with a couple of decent wins against Khachanov and Thiem but Roger showed he has the measure of him in Shanghai.

Based on that I think the South African will be a much tougher opponent should they meet and it would be interesting to see if Fed can avenge the Wimbledon loss.

The semi-finals see the in-form Djokovic as the top seed and based on recent results it's tough not see him coming through that section and making the final. Cilic is in there but he's badly out of form and Tsitsipas is the only other notable. Dimitrov is in there too but he's quickly becoming a non-factor.

Nadal is back after his injury at the US Open so he's the top seed in the other half. I have no idea if he's fully recovered or being practising at his usual intensity. He's only ever made the final once in Paris, 11 years ago, so it's tough to label him as a favourite. Zverev is also in this half and he should be looking to make a deep run so I'd back him to make the final here assuming Jack Sock doesn't produce a miracle to defend his crown from last year 🙂

What do you guys make of the draw? Will Federer play? He said he will decide tomorrow most likely after a nights sleep.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. I had to manually approve the comment. It was before you but you don’t see it as it’s ‘pending’ happens to certain comments due to spam filtering etc.

  1. It will be ridiculous if he decides to skip. If he doesn’t want to Play he should decide before The draw is out. The same problem happened last year Roger and Rafa were top seeded and then they announced their withdrawal and LL were top seeded. I am not suprised that Forget is furious. It is 1000 Masters event not a challenger Robert if you dont feel Like playing ok you dont Have to but say it earlier and treat other People and spectators with respect

  2. Wow Jonathan, didn’t you just win a title? Aren’t you still celebrating with pizza? 🙂

    I think it’s a good idea to play – almost hoping he doesn’t go too far. It’s been taking him so long to get acclimated at each new venue, maybe this would keep him in match practice – not to mention give him more practice with the serve. As long as he doesn’t get OVERplayed, of course. Quarters would be good. (Not sure I’ll be able to be satisfied with that if he does get that far!) And even if he goes out in R2 it’s that much more information/practice to figure out/work on whatever the heck it is that ails him. As usual, many of these potential matchups depend largely on which Fed shows up. (I almost said depend “entirely”, & thought better of it. Cockiness is fatal!)

    Do players with the R1 bye get the R1 points if they then lose their 1st match in R2? I’m sure I’ve figured this out before but can’t remember. Probably because I don’t like R1 byes in the first place.

  3. I thought he should skip Paris to rest for the ATP finals, but now it does look like he should play at least a couple of more matches if not more. I don’t think he will make it to finals even if he does get past the QF so he should have time to recover before the next one. 🙂

  4. Well I suppose it depends how he feels tomorrow morning.It has not been an easy week and his form has fluctuated.
    He is obviously torn as to continue the momentum or conserve strength and energy.It is a tough draw with Anderson,Joker and Nadal in the mix.Givng it a miss and aiming for London would be my advice but he will make the
    decision that seems right for him.

  5. Seems to me crazy to play Bercy after the week he’s had: won’t he be gassed before the WTF? But maybe he feels he’s starting to get somewhere with his game, and wants to continue the momentum – and possibly thinks he will probably only go a couple of rounds. But that’s what I thought he was thinking in Montreal last year – and look what happened there.

    Well, I hope he makes the right decision, whatever that may be. I couldn’t believe it when the BBC News said he was going for his 100th next week!

  6. @Bart, I agree. Unfortunately, Bercy is treated like Rodney Dangerfield. Last tournament of the year and players burning out. Unless injured, the players should show up if they are in the draw. I know Fed said he had a back injury last year at this time. So, I will forgive him.

    1. I agree. Dropping out this late once he is seeded and in the draw, is not a nice thing to do. He should play a few rounds to get some more match practice before WTF.

  7. Why not play and get some match practice and ranking points? Besides, withdrawing at this late stage once again may not be liked by the organisers and the ticket-buying fans.

    1. Ticket buying fans won’t like him to go out early too. That said, I agree for his trying out/practice serve and match routine. IF he feels like in momentum and fit. If not, let be. Health (and WTF) is priority whatever other “shoulds” and disappointments. If he doesn’t go, and win it all, and stay 100% fit, I hope against odds for Kei to at least win his SF and entry to WTF.

    1. subramanian ? – could be, could be not – you mean well, but shouldn’t Roger do what he feel best – for his fitness and health?

  8. Fed should play in Paris :
    – Most players are tired.
    – Everything can happen.
    – A tough draw always motivates  him (remember AO 17).
    – He knows his opponents by heart.
    – The jubilation of yesterday’s victory is a plus.
    – His mental strength displayed last week was huge and balances technical errors.
    – The endorphins contained in Lindt chocolates work to lessen pain and decrease stress.
    – Swiss pizza is as delicious as Barilla pasta, especially when it is shared. Fed will need to play to loose those calories.
    – The Amma-like hugs and rock star-applause Fed got yesterday are a soft drug.
    – A cushion of ATP points would be excellent to play freely at the WTF.
    … and so on….
    … and I just want to watch/read/listen to interviews of our champion  in my country. It’s been such a long time since he played in France…

    1. It’s true that playing some highly-ranked players – especially those who he’s played often enough that he probably knows what to do the mental equivalent of blindfold – might be a good stepping-stone to the WTF. After all, he hasn’t played many of them this year, and he’s not going to be playing the world no. 99 there. And as Butterfly says, it was certainly motivation enough at AO 17.

      Just hoping he doesn’t get overtired and/or injured as a result.

  9. I think he should play Paris, even if he took a week off he’d still need to
    practice, so he should carry over his good vibes, if he’s not injured.

  10. I notice Nadal has Coric in his part of the draw.Considering what a pesky player he is as far as Fed is concerned,it will be
    interesting to see how this works out.Good news for Nadal fans that his injury has healed itself just in time for him to defend his No 1 ranking?

    1. It always heals in time, Annie. And being the miracle of modern medicine that he is, he never requires surgery. We are so blessed.

  11. Last year the title was his for the taking had he played. Most of the big players shut down their season: Djoker, Stan, Murray, Raonic, Berdych, Nishikori were out. Nadal came to secure his no 1 finish and did it on one leg. Once he made the QF and secured the no 1 position he said goodbye and pretty much gave Krajinovic a wild card the the championship match (Isner had to play Delpo in the QF while Krajinovic came fresh).
    It was more garbage time than ever. There is an experssion in my language (used in stock market/gambling – which is basically the same) – “Money on the floor”. So was Paris 2017. Money on the floor, just pick it up. It’s easy to say that in hindsight, but it was obvious when the draw went out.
    I don’t know if Roger had an health issue or just wanted to rest, feeling satisfied from the season he had so far. But to withdraw after the draw is out is not to his class. Moreover, just imagine 2018 with a 1,000 points cushion.
    This time he hasn’t said anything and it’s monday already. Last year he announced right after the trophy ceremony at Basel.
    I hope he has a good tournament. This time he needs that extra couple of matches. Like last year, Basel was only his 11th event of the season, however this year he’s 44-7 while last year he was 49-4 on a 10 win streak. He felt he’s coming with momentum to London and that he will only need to rest and practice. This year it’s obvious he needs more on-court time and maybe gaining some momentum. He’s 27-5 since he came back from his spring break.

  12. Not decided yet? The more time the harder to leave…so more and more hope for joining? Or is he still discussing it with his team and with himself? Or still asleep after a good night’s pizza? Me – waiting, gasping, exciting, – questioning all possible sites – his own too, but this hasn’t left the Basel SF yet…(except on twitter)

    1. Same here. Kept checking from last night everywhere. No answer yet. Please we need an answer so that I can make up my mind and see this masters with different interest ☺️
      If Roger is playing, it will totally alter my weekend plans. If not just a casual watch.

  13. Does it make sense that the ranking points are the same? Bercy has room for only 48 single players in the draw. IW and Miami have 96. In Paris, there is less chance for the lower ranked players to make a buck.

  14. Wow Jon, you are on fire ….2 post. I think it will be good idea for him to play at Bercy. Afterall there is one week break in between. If he get 2-3 more matches it will be good for him. He needs those matches badly getting broken so many times in Basel, should get that serve back into groove.

  15. Hey all. The Goat is partying like it is 99 🙂 Woohoo and Buja and BOOM 🙂 99 is in the bag. And now… up to 110, 25 and 1254 🙂 And Gold ofcourse 🙂
    I wish Roger would sit Paris out, but like the dude himself says, matchplay is better than practise… so… okay, hope he doesn’t tire himself out for WTF.

    Go Rogie 🙂 And Go Seve 🙂

    1. Hi KATAYANI! Missed your wisdom a looong while. I guess he just takes some rounds at Bercy, and then a nice rest with tranquil training – at least a week before WTF.

  16. The longer it goes without an announcement,the more likely he is playing.
    However the dynamic is different to last year,Joker very much in the mix,Nadal will be fresh after a long rest,Anderson
    confident after winning Vienna,Tsonga back plus all the next Gen including Coric.

  17. It should be! I just noticed on his own Tour Tracker! The best grantee? Wednesday on, then!?
    (Has been a period of Beethoven like: “Muss es sein? – – – – – – Es muss sein!” ?❤️?

  18. Just heard(Barry Cowan)that Federer is coming to Paris tomorrow,will practice and then see how he feels.This is all
    rather bizarre,is he going to test the speed of the court?I still don’t think he will turn up to play a couple of matches,Fed plays to win the tournament.(If he plays)So it seems a bit odd to me.

    1. No, of course he’ll play, unless suddenly his back or whatever blocks him. And he’ll play to win, that’s the exercise. But if he has to leave earlier than the final, who cares? Importanterer to win Basel. To win Bercy is the bonus hundred. To win WTF would be huge.

  19. Enjoyed reading all the comments, what a wise, thoughtful group. My assessment is that Mr. Federer will likely play and that he will feel less pressure than other tournaments where he is more emotionally invested. The best outcome is that he gains confidence with each match, and either wins or plays well enough to get momentum for London. If nothing else, hopefully he rediscovers his service game!

  20. With the form showing in Basel no chance to win Paris nor London. Djoko is huge favourite to win both. Anderson is black horse to dig deep in both as well. Hopefully Rafa has recovered and will be fully fit for Season Finale

  21. He’ll ppY and he shld play. As he says SF/F weren’t that physically taxing in Basel, and e needs matches. Practises Tuesday pm, plays Wed pm. Raonic/Tsonga tough but not on form. I hv Nikoloz (❤️) to beat Kevin. And I agree, think Coric will trouble Nadal on this court.,
    Even if Rog gets 1 win it’s worth it.
    Given how uneven Bercy is as Masters he cld go all the way! The irony!

  22. I just don’t see how getting one win is worth it.Worth what,losing confidence and making an enormous error of judgement.On last weeks form no way is Fed going through Anderson,Djokovic and Nadal.

    1. I don’t think he expects to win to win the tour (but you NEVER know, you know, could happen against odds), and that might make him perform freely. And that’s what he may need, after the pressure to win Basel, and the hard-fought success in this.

      1. Whoops. That was in response to Annie’s comment. Roger’s performance last week doesn’t suggest he will get through the top guys this week.

      2. Armstrong7: He improved during the Basel tour, and has perhaps the plan to improve further before WTF. Not necessarily win the Bercy (of course nice, if). WTF is the more exciting opportunity. Training in Bercy for that.

  23. I agree with the guess that he’ll play freely, and feels the need of practice match-wise, so it’s a win win in this state of momentum – lose or win whatever. But of course we’ll follow gasping from excitement anyway, wishing the best. And we may exercise in taking the positives whatever, I think not too difficult this time.
    (I remember talking on beforehand about his possibilities in AO 2017 – agreeing with some he had a small chance – and maybe this time a bit too?)

  24. Yes,but just how important is this tournament,he hasn’t played it for the last two years,so why play it this year?
    It doesn’t seem like a great idea to me,but he is usually very good at organising his schedule so I suppose we must leave it at that

    1. Some good reasons were already mentioned. Repeat: He needs match-practise before WTF. He needs serve-practise before WTF. Some more points are welcome for seeding-cushoning. He still has fun playing, not least when not much pressure from the expect-account. Too little playing top-tenners for a long period, to make it up for possible exercising before WTF.

    2. And one more – he is brave in temperament, wanting to shoot wins, risking errors. And he has judged the different win aspects worth the risk. Beethoven in string quartet: “Muss es sein?” (grumbling, wondering, fearing) —-“Es muss sein!” (happy, lighthearted, feeling life springlike again)

      1. With respect I would suggest that Feds on court demeanour has been anything but”Es
        muss sein” recently with the exception of the Laver cup where the pressures of ranking etc are relieved.
        Your reasons for wanting him to play may be perfectly valid and as a Fed fan I hope they
        are,but my opinion remains the same.

      2. “Es muss sein” was a decision made, according to my understanding. And you Annie decides to keep your questioning Fed’s decision. With respect, this provoked my feeling it necessary to try to clarify my opinion too. You may be right that this his decision is a mistake. And I may be right in that he’ll be able to take positives out of it, whatever happens. We’ll see!

      3. Some earlier this week didn’t think Fed would win Basel.
        He did.
        I personally don’t mind whether he chooses to play Paris or not but I do remember last week’s win whatever he gives us this week – so sweet!

      4. Agree Tennisfan. But I got so happy when I saw the Paris tour on his tour tracker, so I thought he’s happy too to play this week along also, regardless possible win/lose….

      5. I secretly would like it if he played, I guess I mean that if he doesn’t, I’m just glad he won last week and glad he can make wise decisions.

    3. As for the question, – why this time, when not in 3 last years? The situation now is different from those years. A 1000 points tour would be somewhat important. Always more or less regrettable to miss. He had reasons the other years. They may not weigh that heavy this time.

  25. “I hope to play Wednesday evening. That’s the plan. Let’s see if it happens,” he shrugged.

    Federer believes that it “would make sense” to get more match practice under his belt before the ATP finals instead of simply training. “Therefore we’re considering to play in Paris.”
    So, it may not be quite for sure – yet….?

      1. Maybe it’s the Swiss granny’s version of “I’ll see you tomorrow – if I’m spared”.

  26. I am repeating myself but I stated 2 days ago that Fed would 100% play in Paris. Basel was what I was waiting for from Fed and we will see a free Fed this week. Win or lose it doesn’t matter to him he wants the practice before the WTF. That is what he sees in this weeks tournament not to mention to be in one of the greatest cities in the world. Paris in the spring is marvelous but I’ll take Paris anytime of the year. London is also a great place and I am sure Fed will have “FUN” and be stress free in his next 2 outings with wife Mirka. I am sure Mirka had something to do with Fed coming to Paris, right ladies?

      1. How despairingly sad. Many sleeping on cardboard, with rain, storm, all over them. Booted off from a camp. Or from there. Where will they sleep next?

      2. The sad thing is the conditions of the street and what the locals are having to put up with.

        Where will they sleep next? Maybe back home if the French had any sense.

        These aren’t refugees, they’re people looking for a free lunch and a better life in the land of milk and honey that Europe is seen as.

      3. What milk and honey? What free lunch? What better life? Doesn’t seem so. To leave your own country because of despair (hunger) is no life of comfort. Agree it’s not nice for the Parisian inhabitants too, to look at all this misery.

      4. Look at the pics, they’re all young African men. I guess they are the only ones that get hungry 😆

        The sad part is that the people running the show and do-gooders are happy to see them causing millions of Euros in damages and costs and just sympathise. The only reason they are there is that they believe or are told the EU owes them a living. They are gaming a broken system, and in their shoes, I’d probably do the same. But it needs fixing.

      5. I didn’t see the pics of any of them, just ordinaries, and admit I don’t know enough. I just know I would die from cold and illness did I have to sleep like that, they must be very strong to survive that. Agree it has to be fixed, everybody prefers to have a decent living in their own country. How to fix, and why it is not so for them is a very complicated and long story. Fixing demands an extraordinary good knowledgable thinking and cooperation. At least, we know and have seen a little part of poor world’s misery, and that may be a small step in necessary common conscious about way of fixing. Roger gives – and collects money to Africa, for education of children. A bit not too small step in fixing, and I never forget watching the video how happy he looked to visit the schools, and talk and play with the children.

      6. Ah, the hordes of animals from shithole countries looking for a free lunch. Why should animals dream of a better life, I say? Don’t they have cakes in Africa? How dare they barge into the lands of the actual human beings, these pretenders?

  27. I think you lucky people living in Europe sometimes take it for granted. Paris, London, Berlin, Brussels etc.etc.etc you are soooooooooo lucky. I live in Florida and while I love it here I would have loved being born in Europe and travel and see these great cities with it’s history of music and art and fabulous architecture. Did I mention Vienna?

    1. Vienna is a wonderful city,great museums,palaces,art galleries.Worth a trip just to see the Breughels in the
      Kuntshistoriche museum alone.And the food….lovely.Probably warmer in Florida this time of year though?

    2. You may not have mentioned Vienna – but you can stop with London – capital of the World – everything the Travellers Heart could wish for 😉

    3. Paris and London are dumps, other parts of Europe are far better. hey are fine if you like knife wounds or human faeces on your doorstep. I’d stick with Florida and the low income tax.

  28. Well you could have something there Paul,perhaps Mirka needs to refresh her wardrobe,buy a few litres of perfume.?
    Certainly when I was in Basle I Thought the clothes on display were rather frumpy,lots of suede and feathers,but hold on
    dont multimillionaires have personal shoppers etc.So she probably doesn’t have to stir from her glasshouse on Lake Zurich.So I am afraid your theory doesn’t work.?

      1. Wow, explicit talk Jonathan.
        You mean it, right?
        Btw in live in Vienna but I was born in Prague, which I like far more, thus it is part of my top 5 cities in the world (besides New York, Tokyo, Rome and Istanbul…)

      2. Of course. Paris and a lot of the suburbs are complete dumps. Zero interest in visiting. Rui nailed it below in his comment.

        Prague is one of my favourite cities. Austria has some very nice places, I like Salzburg a lot and the Salzkammergut area.

      3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

        Architecturally it’s great, Cuisine wise it’s awesome. But people, cleanliness and the suburbs aren’t beautiful at all.

      4. It’s hard to find a big city where the suburbs aren’t ugly and it is not there where people normally go when they visit a city.
        The amount of amazing places you can visit there is unparalleled. Only the Louvre is worth the visit, then walking through les Jardins du Luxembourg or Parc Monceau is fantastic, enjoying a caffe in Saint Germain, discovering la Place des Vosges, to chill on the stairs below le Sacre Coeur, etc etc.

        “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. To a certain extent yes, then it becomes a matter of bad and good taste.

  29. Annie, Annie,Annie!!!! What women doesn’t want to stroll down the Chans de Lise qith her main squeeze???? I am American born I am proud to say that my heritage on both sides of my family are French. That’s what brings out the arrogance in me (not something to brag about).

    Here is a song from one of my favorite French singers Joe Dassin.

      1. Hmm. That is the first time I’ve heard this version. Most people just say champs as in champion and so forth. No offense, but you can always count on the US to have its own unique take on everything.

  30. Paris is a hyperbloated postcard for cheap tourism with no friendly atmosphere, terrible traffic, dirt and indelicate people.
    Not a glimpse of bakers carrying baskets with loafs, flowers and saying o-la-la to every two sentences.
    It used to be better. My first time there was in 1994. The last one was ~10 years ago and I’m not willing to return there.

  31. Wow! I guess I’ll stay happy with visiting family in Quebec City. You can have French cuisine without the French attitude (well not as bad as Paris). Sorry Wanda!

  32. Well I always stated living in America out of 50 States I would live in California or Florida and that’s it. No country has a Utopia I guess.

    1. Take no notice of Jonathan?I had to look it up,it’s Champs Elysees and there are accents in there
      which I can’t do on this I pad.It means Elysian Fields,which as we all know are the Ancient Greek idea of heaven.
      I remember it as a roaring maelstrom with about 8 lanes of traffic.A shame if Paris has gone down the pan as we are
      joining French friends there next year!
      Venice and Rome are two of my favourites,if you avoid the throngs around the Rialto or the Pantheon there are wonderful things to see

      1. Thank you Jonathan,I am afraid I am in the dark ages with computers.A quill pen and
        candlelight are more my scene?

  33. So the mighty Tsonga returns,but just loses a very close tiebreak.What a shame,such a nice man,but he will be back in contention next year.
    So Raonic(yawn,boring) v Fed.

    1. I wanted to watch the match and see what awaits Roger tomorrow
      But then I got terribly bored after a couple of games.

    1. So you think it is better for Fed to play Raonic?I guess he knows his game pretty well,whereas Tsonga can be a bit of a loose cannon.This Sousa bloke playing quite well against the Joker,who is
      making a few errors.But what a weapon Jokers serve is.

      1. Djoker wins the first set 7-5.
        Plenty of errors, but was lucky that Sousa made his errors on the big points.
        Is it rust or he is slightly off? Time will tell.

  34. Fed just needs to have his serve up to scratch – go for it Federer – looking forward to you playing tomorrow

  35. @jonathan,
    Some mild dispute about whether Sousa signalled the umpire in time to challenge a call .As far as I could see he clearly indicated this.Whatever.I have noticed that Fed often doesn’t even seem to signal to the umpire but his challenge is accepted.It may be awkward camera angles but I did notice this in Basle.

    1. “Fed is the GOAT, he doesn’t necessarily have to signal a challenge to the umpire. The umpire just naturally knows when the maestro wants it.”
      I’m just kidding – I noticed Fed doesn’t signal it with hands but he simply saýs it, sometimes he looks to the umpire while doing this, sometimes he doesn’t even this…

  36. @Shmeltz,
    Jokers powers of retrieval are quite incredible,some points you just cannot believe he has returned the ball.Perhaps a little bit rusty.But not much.

    1. Agreed.
      However, he did make a lot of UE during the first and was broken to love in the seventh game.
      In the 12th game of the first set he made a couple of his trademark deep returns and that put sousa under pressure.
      6-1 in the second set though, so maybe my optimism was too early.

  37. The commies said that Novak has a cold. But he did manage to win the first set and now is totally dominating the 2nd.

    1. Seems interesting, I have to learn the French though. I understood only the last ting Roger said (because read just this in English already somewhere else).Has anyone a short summary in English (or German?)

      1. “Everyone is on tenterhooks to see if Roger will come to Paris! Absence makes the heart grow fonder! Here he is! Even those journalists who recognize how ridiculous it all is feel glad to see him. The journalists will get to watch his practice, in groups of 4, for 10 minutes each group! He’s cut short his practice…. now an announcement for the press, “Federer in 5 minutes!” – Not a good sign since he cut his practice short at just 40 minutes. Everybody into the room, no clue from his face. YES! He’s playing!”

  38. I’m glad Federer is playing Paris although looking at the draw he
    might not be there for too long. I will miss the start of his match
    because my 17 year old Grandson phoned and asked me out for Tea
    in St Andrews…..he’s wonderful he said don’t bother dressing up
    JUST COME AS YOU ARE !!!!! Sorry now back to tennis
    C’mon Roger x

    1. Young people can be absolutely priceless.I remember my three year old granddaughter saying when I sat
      down with a sigh at the kitchen table’Granny,are you quite done in’.Goodness knows where she had got that little gem from!Enjoy your tea.

  39. Raonic and Nadal withdraw, surprised about Nadal, but I expect he’ll be back for London. Federer will have to go through Djokovic in his half no matter what, although a SF is preferable to a F. The other half of the draw is wide open.

  40. What the heck is going on in Paris? Raonic develops an elbow after 3 tb sets w/ Jo (who must be less than pleased); Nadal develops some kind of abdominal pain; Fucsovics who’s been doing so well, & who also won a 1R match, is out with… what?

    What’s the record for withdrawals? This is kinda insane.

  41. Hello,
    It must be the Halloween curse ! 🙂
    Can one of you explain why the +/- column shows for
    R.Federer -510 ATP points (ahead of the event)  although he did not play the Rolex Paris masters last year and the 2 years before ? Is it a mistake in the ATP live ranking  table  below or am I missing an info ?

    1. Apparently last year’s WTF points drop off now, instead of after WTF.

      I can see them needing to come off before the new WTF, but an extra week early seems too much.

  42. I hope Guy doesn’t Forget that he actually has Roger to thank this year!

    Sure will help ticket sales on this dismal state of withdrawals ?

  43. Well if this man downfall continues, Rog may have some points for just showing up – so far no mistake for him! – Next is Fab. Fabio – long time no vs. each other – might be fun! Prediction? Katyani come on? (Me being pessi, 3 sets (Rog has to practice) 3-6, 6-1, 6-4, Rog wins) – See him tomorrow!

    1. Well Muser you obviously have a chrystal ball and on Halloween what could be more fitting?Seriously though this is good news for Fed,I don’t see any great problems with Foggy,should be a fun match .

  44. People on centre court must be well fed up,expecting to see Roger and Nadal and now seeing no-one.This tournament a bit of a shambles one way and another.Raonic going out helps Fed but Anderson is still there after a tough one with someone
    whose name I cannot spell-hes got a good serve whoever he is?

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