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Paris Masters Draw 2014: Nadal & Cilic Withdraw

Basel is still in full swing for Federer but with Paris starting Monday the draw is now out. The big news pre tournament is that Nadal and Cilic have both pulled out. Nadal has shut down until next season now and is having his appendix out in the next couple of weeks. Another weird decision to play Basel really but I'm glad he took to the court unshaven so we knew he wasn't 100% ๐Ÿ˜† As for Cilic has has an arm injury and won't want to jeopardise his World Tour Finals chances as he as already qualified.

Those withdrawals have opened up the draw considerably and should Federer play Paris then he has quite a nice route through. You can see his projected opponents below:

Roger Federer's Projected Opponents

  • 1st Round: Bye
  • 2nd Round: Jeremy Chardy
  • 3rd Round: Fabio Fognini
  • Quarter Final: Milos Raonic
  • Semi Final: Stan Wawrinka / Tomas Berdych
  • Final: Novak Djokovic
  • Full .PDF printable draw.

    Thoughts on the Draw

    Federer Bercy Draw 2014

    First up is either a Qualifier or Jeremy Chardy. Chardy plays vs. Robredo today in the Valencia Semi Finals which should be a fairly tough match for him. That could effect his chances of making the 2nd Round and he also has a very poor record in Bercy winning just 2 matches and losing 5. Whoever Fed plays I think he can win handily. Chardy troubled him in Brisbane but that's a long time ago and the surface is completely different here so I think it's unlikely Fed drops more than 6 games here.

    Third round could be another match vs. Karlovic but the higher seed is Fognini. He's had a terrible season after playing quite well in some early clay tournaments. Just zero ability to win matches or play sensibly. Fed can handle both those guys comfortably.

    In the Quarters Raonic is the seeded opponent but I'm not sure on his form, he was poor in Basel vs Donald Young and hasn't really had a good time of things since the USO. I'll pick Bautista-Agut to come through that section who so far has been shown to be a weaponless pusher by Fed. He gets balls in play but nothing else.

    The Semi Finals could be against fellow countryman Stan Wawrinka but he's as reliable as a fake Rolex this season so I can't see him making it. Berdych too is highly unpredictable so I'll pick Kevin Anderson to make the semis. I think he can play well on this surface and if can avoid AnderCHOKE levels he should play well. Berdych does however own him in the H2H so we'll see if he can get the monkey off his back.

    Thiem and Dologopolov are hanging around in this section of the draw too but hard to see them coming through. If Paris plays slow I think Thiem has a decent chance as he has expansive shots but if it's playing fast then he has a tendency to move backwards to get full swings in and that isn't going to work for him against players who take it early. Gasquet is also in this section too but I don't see him having the form to do damage, he played well in Bercy last year but he'd had a pretty good year, this year he's been injured a lot and generally stinking up the place.

    Into the final and the man on the other side is Djokovic. He's just become a father for the first time and named his first child after Roger's coach. I nice touch I thought ๐Ÿ˜† Djoker is good in Paris and beat Fed here last year before beating Ferrer in the final. He doesn't have an easy draw though with Kohlschreiber a potential 2nd round opponent and his section is packed with seeds – Murray, Ferrer, Dimitrov, Nishikori and Tsonga are all in that half.

    My Predictions

    • Federer to make the Final
    • Anderson to make the Semi Finals
    • Monfils to take out Djokovic
    • Nishikori to make the final
    • Benneteau to beat Murray

    What do you guys think of the draw? Will Fed play for definite and how will he do?


    Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Wow that’s super quick, Jonathan, thanks. And I’ve narrowly lost…
      I like your prediction of Fed to make the final but why not win the trophy? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. Stars are align for Roger to improve from his semi-final run last year. I doubt he will withdraw from Bercy now that he has chance to get back to be no1. I prefer if he focus on DC but its frustrating when Stan is as reliable as fake rolex. Guess Roger will focus on things within his control ie Bercy and WTF.

    3. Wow! Double post in under 24hrs!

      I am bit torn with Fed playing so much and getting tired for WTF and DC and wanting to watch him! His draw will no doubt convince him to play Paris but…..

      Currently watching Muzza duff up Ferru and Coric and Goffin play WTA tennis!!

      1. Hey Susie – I think you predicted a Goffin/Federer final didn’t you? Good call.

        I was hopping back/forwards between Goffin/Coric and Murray/Ferrer – couldn’t be bothered to watch whole match. Murray losing two breaks – not convincing, but I guess he should make WTF.

    4. The draw looks pretty ok. I think he has a good chance of winning the tournament. It would be a bonus if he were to beat all of Raonic, Wawrinka and Djokovic along the way. That will be a huge boost for his confidence going into the WTF.

      What are the ranking scenarios? Is there any possible scenario where he could be World number 1 after Paris? For the YE number 1, he has to win Paris or at least do better than Djoker. I have a feeling that he will win Paris and WTF provided he wins Basel first.

      Would I be right in saying that Fed will capture YE number 1 if he wins Basel, Paris and WTF irrespective of what Djoker does in Paris and WTF? Kindly clarify

      1. Yes, you would. Fed would be 490 points behind djoker if he wins basel. Winning Paris and wtf would mean djokovic can only reach the final of both at most, so in Paris, fed gets 400 points more than djoker at least, and then even if he qualifies in wtf with 2 wins he gets 300 more than djoker at least. So world no 1 would be assured.

    5. “Chardy troubled him in Brisbane but thatโ€™s a long time ago”
      Chardy beat Roger at Rome this year and Roger had match points. This was Roger’s first match after the birth of his twin sons.

      He is a big hitter and Roger this year has had troubles vs big hitters — Cilic (US open), Tsonga (Canada), Gulbis (French), Wawrinka(MonteCarlo), Nishikori (Miami).

      So the first match could be a tough one especially if Roger wins Basel, he might NOT give his 100% to win. He might want to conserve energy for WTF and Davis Cup which i think Roger wants more than the Number 1 ranking.

      1. You can’t read into that match though as the twins had just been born, it was a huge surprise he played Rome and he clearly wasn’t invested. Brisbane is a better indicator as it was close but Fed prevailed on Chardy’s best ever surface.

        I don’t really think Fed lost any of those matches you listed due to being overpowered either. Two of them are on clay for a start. Tsonga I’ve forgotten really but it was a poor match. Cilic match Fed’s legs had gone after Monfils so he was a step slow, Cilic was lights out too. But remember Fed beat him on a faster surface 2 weeks prior.

        And Nishikori a big hitter? lol. He’s not even close.

        Fed would put Paris, WTF and #1 above DC IMO.

        Anyway, Chardy loses first round for me. Home fan pressure and fatigue from Valencia.

      2. Nishikori, a big hitter? That wouldn’t be considered big hitting, even on a ping pong table.


    6. ‘Iโ€™m glad he took to the court unshaven so we knew he wasnโ€™t 100%’ lol, good one Jonathan. He certainly won’t be missed by me, and I’m glad he’s *finally* made a decision. Sensible for Cilic to pull out since he has an shoulder? injury.

      Certainly Federer has a decent draw in Paris; I just hope it won’t be too much. He’s through to final in Basel after a nail-biting 3 set SF vs Karlovic – 33 aces, Jesus, too much. Amazing that Feds managed to break him (with a little help from the crowd!) in that 3rd set. Nightmare.

      Top heavy first half at Bercy, and surely Murray and Ferrer will be tired: Murray beat Ferrer, but it was a very scrappy match where Murray lost a two break lead in second set, even though he pulled it off in the end. So you’re suggestion that Benneteau could take out Murray is valid. Monfils will be rested so he’s always a handful for anyone. Not sure on this one – he’s such a clown and doesn’t use his head; Djokovic will be feeling fresh and up for it. I would imagine. Nishikori could well take out Djokovic – he’s done it at a slam, so he’s got to fancy his chances (assuming that the issue with his back is resolved. And he’ll want to consolidate his position at WTF.

      I’m assuming Feds will win at Basel, and he has got a decent draw, but it’s a big ask; however, who would ever discount the champ? Not me. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Yeah when has Dull ever played unshaven before?? All part of the act. Oh he’s run down poor Nadal ๐Ÿ™

        Monfils has good record in Bercy so I fancy him to play well if he’s physically fit.

        1. In 2008, Dopal wasn’t unshaven. He looked like a Spanish thug though, pirate pants, sleeveless top, and carried his own racquets, contrary to Wimbledon tradition.

          He then went on to prove that he and his Aunt Toni are world class assholes, by using game delaying tactics, illegal coaching (both admitted by Aunt Toni), and going over the serve clock limit by as much as 8 seconds on average.

          And, might I mention, he was doped too.

          Stole the trophy from Federer. Any Nadaltard who disagrees…FUCK YOU!

    7. Roger will win Basel and will play in Paris. He is not going to miss his chance to become No 1 again and tie Sampras to finish the year at the top for the 6th time. I don’t think Chardy is going to be a pushover, but Roger is playing a much better game than he was in Rome. Since Roger lost in the semis in Paris and WTF last year and Djoker won both, at this point Roger has a better chance of finishing No. 1 than Djoker does.

      But that is thinking too far ahead and a lot of things can go wrong. Hope it all works out for Roger. He deserves it.

    8. Hi Jonanthan

      You have been busy – thank you for all your wonderful posts this year. I think Fed will definitely be in Bercy – to possibly be No 1 again would be too hard for him to resist, especially with the way the draw looks. I wonder if Djoker will really want to be there having just become a dad

      Would love Switzerland to get the Davis Cup but unless Stan gets his act together it could now be a tougher call – Fed cannot win it on his own – Been a lovely year for Fed fans and hopefully still more joy to come

      1. I think Djoker will play, not far from base in Mickey Carlo…

        Did you try get tickets for DC? I did, came about as close as I have to winning Wimbledon ๐Ÿ™‚

    9. Pulling out of Bercy after the draw has been made would be very poor form indeed – I don’t see Fed doing that unless he were to tweak something in his match tomorrow.

    10. Just discovered and love the thread. Took me a minute to figure out who Dull was though, lol. Praying for a Federer year end #1. I also see him making the final in Paris, but a lot of the top guys on the other half haven’t played in a long time and are well rested and amped, so it will be tough. Just really need him to collect more points than Djokovic, who could easily lose in the third round. Murray is tired from all the point chasing (which could make him a present but non-competitive world tour finalist) and dimitrov’s heart is seemingly not in it right now, possibly because of Sharapovissues. I predict a French finalists on the top half, possibly even two French semi-finalists. Federer would have more trouble with Gasquet than Chardy, but he needs to win one of his first two matches in under 60 minutes and the other in under 90 to ensure a solid. Fingers crossed.

      1. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

        Yeah Murray is currently grinding it out vs Robredo in Valencia.

        I think there are many idiots who believe Murray is on a similar level to Fed. But just look at their records against the likes of Ferrer, Robredo etc. Murray has to flog himself to death to win whereas Prime Fed breezed home and still does now in most cases.

        I can’t see more than 1 French player doing well at home, Benneteau and Monfils are my picks.

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