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Paris Masters Draw 2013 – Federer to Face Youzhny or Anderson

Basel is still in full swing the draw for the Paris Masters 1000 event in Bercy came out yesterday with Roger landing in the same half as Djokovic. I thought I'd just do a quick recap of the draw, outline Roger's opponents and some of the likely outcomes.

I won't make too many predictions as I think much depends on what happens in Basel both today against Pospisil and how Roger plays should he make the final on Sunday.

Federer's Potential Opponents

  • Round 1: Bye
  • Round 2: Kevin Anderson / Mikhail Youzhny
  • Round 3: Tommy Haas
  • Quarter Final: Juan Martin Del Potro
  • Semi Final: Novak Djokovic
  • Final: Rafael Nadal

Full .PDF Paris Masters 2013 draw

Thoughts on the Draw

Thoughts on Paris Draw

Overall I think the draw is pretty good for Roger, is ranking doesn't really warrant getting an easy route to the final and he'll have to overcome some tough tests if he's to make the latter stages.

Even his second round opponent could be tricky as Anderson is a dangerous player, just a choker and Youzhny is always there or there abouts. I can't see Roger losing to Haas indoors but then Del Potro could face him in the Quarters which is obviously a difficult task. I think Youzhny will probably beat Anderson due to his experience and the fact he's playing quite well in Valencia.

As for a Del Potro Quarter Final, then Roger may meet him in in the final of Basel which could have a bearing on who wins in Paris depending on the result but I don't want to get too far ahead of myself. Indoors Del Potro has beaten Roger a couple of times so he'd surely fancy his chances in Paris regardless of the result in Basel.

The one thing about Paris though is that is always throws up some weird results so I'm expecting some upsets and an outsider to make the last 4, someone like a Jarkko Nieminen or Mahut could do well here because many players switch off mentally and just go through the motions now till the year end giving lower ranked guys a chance to make the latter stages.

Nadal has a real cake walk draw but it will be interesting to see how he handles the indoor court, maybe someone can upset him if they play aggressively enough but we'll have to see.

I probably make Djokovic the tournament favourite based on how he played in the Beijing and Shanghai but he hasn't always played that well in Paris despite winning it in 2009.

I'm also interested to see if Janowicz can recreate the form he showed their last year, he surely has fond memories because he played very well, he could face Nadal early in the tournament which would be a good match.

What do you guys think of the draw? Can Federer do well in Paris? Will he switch off if he knows his World Tour Finals spot is safe?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Another good thing about the draw is that Tsonga and Gasquet could meet in the 3rd round, meaning only one of them can qualify for London, which almost certainly qualifies Roger 😀 (I really don’t think Raonic will win Paris)

    1. Basically Fed has made it to London as yes, u r right, the French will cancel each other out. I predict, Fed, Stan, and Gasquet as final,3. Tsongas knee still suspect, raonic Wld need to wn it and everyone else to lose early!

      1. Think he will play to keep his ranking up. Needs the points to keep high enough top 8 seeding for AO. At least he is finally ahead of Bedych, up to no 6 but has to keep winning, as loses the tour final runner up points in 3 weeks I think! Btw, in terms of poor years, Tomas has been awful, no titles and in danger of dropping in ranking too. Hv said this was yr of change and stand by that. Berdych, Tsonga, Ferrer, all showing signs of flagging. Not sure Tsonga really enjoying it as much, getting injuries, coach problems etc. Tomas was a sore loser re Karlovic ( vv poor loss that for him). Ferrer really only performing in the smaller tourneys since the FO. Who hv you got breaking thru next yr Jonathan? I supported Pops, Gulbis and Dimitrov this yr and they hv, in the main, done ok. Raonic still crap in majors but has made progress under Ljubijic(!). Stan still mental midget when favourite, and Gasquet same.

  2. Phew, how’s about that one? Pospisil was hard work. Well played Fed for hanging in there. Enough left in the tank for the final?

    1. Yeah, we all felt Pops was more dangerous than Dimitrov. Fed still vulnerable versus the giants, with their huge serves, and unpredictable power. However, he gave away the 2nd set. Total lapse!!

  3. Are you working full time running the blog now? Thanks for the draw news while you are still busy reporting the Basel, Jonathan.

    Thought Paris looked tough for Fed, compare to say for Nadal but as you say Paris often turns weird so I’m not so worried. After his roller coaster match today, I’m exhausted and can’t think of Paris just yet.

    By the way, fantastic that the live chat seems a great success, congratulation! Since I know you had to pay for providing us the opportunity, I will try joining it as much as possible 😉 Hey win or lose, it’s nice being with fellow Fedfans during his matches to share all sort of emotions.

    1. Feels like it, put in an 8 hour shift on it today I think. But it’s been fun especially seeing Fed grind out a win.

      And thanks, but don’t feel like you gotta join in on live chat just because I paid to run the service, join in because you want to 😀

      1. Oh, the live chat is my new way of enjoying Fed match, so much better than just screaming at the screen on my own, love it!

  4. Tilas at least you ve got some first slams so dont worry 🙂

    But you see Jonathan gave a lot of chances to people today.

    Its a pitty cause we had a few chances and wasted them 🙂 haha

    Jonathan you have a whole lot of work to do for this blog.
    Obviously you re enjoying it but still a lot of hard work to do .

    Thank you Congratulations and lots of Respect for your work man.

    One thing that nor Nadal , not Djokovovic and maybe no other athlete ever has or had is such a crazy and
    obsessed fan base. Ok I read it somewhere but thats the way it is Fed is like a Rock Star.

    By the way good win for Roger today. It seems he has his way schooling young talented tennis players.
    I just watched the last set but I saw that he failed to serve out the second set . But still it s a good win with some extra suspense. 4 stars again .

    To get just a little bit on topic I can see why you re saying that its a good draw but still it all depends on Roger. As usual. Now Delpotro is a really scary player. What he did with his forehand to Nadal in Shangai was horrible.
    He nearly did the same to Nole afterwards.
    I just hope that he is getting a bit tired. Although I think its a part of his plan to look tired.

    Lets wait and see!


    1. Hey Gambler,

      I did, it was a free for all on the blog today, 4 chances to win a title. Not often that happens.

      And cheers, I wouldn’t run the blog if I didn’t enjoy it.

      Del Potro is favourite, but didn’t look great against Vasselin today so you never know. Fed will need to improve.

  5. Every opponent now is tough for Roger based on current inconsistent form. If he can go deep that would be swell. I suspect Delpo will tank out before quarters to prepare for WTF. It happen last year where top dogs loses prematurely before the quarters. Back to back tourney is too much, they need to push bercy n basel earlier by 1 week

    1. Tend to agree, Players play Paris depending on their own needs as we saw last yr! Delpo has chance to finish yr at no 3 however and think he will push all the way. Fed needs the points to keep high enough seeding at AO so think if feeling physically good, will push on. Not doing Exhos so will take long break after WTF. He will be really looking forward to today as first test since Cincy v a top tenner who isn’t called Nadal!!!!!

      1. PS. Realise no one really cares, but taking Li Na to upset a somewhat tired Setena today, and get to no 3 in rankings( think may already be there). Ferrer to beat Youhzny( boring). Go Fed!!!

  6. Well with Youhzny beating Ferrer the Paris draw just got more interesting! Youhzny back up to no 15 with that win! Kudos to the 30+ brigade! Murray needs to come back for AO otherwise his ranking will be in free fall! 2014 looking interesting folks!

  7. I am a die hard fan and have the utmost respect for Roger. He will go far in Paris. Will be glued to TV.
    He could have won Basel. Must just cash in when break points are handed to him.

  8. I really hate how Paris and WTF don’t have a week between them, so stupid the ATP sometimes but anyway. To be quite honest, I would’ve rather have Nadal in his half than Djoker who is looking unbeatable indoors nowadays. I said after Shanghai if he could string something together in Basel then he has a chance in Paris and London. He’s created momentum finally! Now he’s gotta use it to his advantage. I think a semi-final run meeting Novak would be considered a success. I hope we get the Fedpotro rematch and that Roger can enact his revenge- it’s time he got another top 10 win. If that includes Djoker as well well then can’t get any better than that (beating Dull tops that one actually). Paris actually looks interesting for once this year, hope I can join in on live chat too! Allez!

  9. Great pics of Fed already practising in Bercy. Looks rested and raring to go. And fab outfit!monfils first to pull out

  10. Well my first prediction now reality! Tsonga out, and knee causing all sorts of serving issues! Fed to play Anderson, big big serve but hopefully not much else to threaten Fed! Youhzny looked weary!
    Fed in black looking so cool! Darth Fed!

    1. Tsonga rushed a couple of shots in the second set tie break that I happened to watch. He should’ve easily taken it. He didn’t, and I knew it was over then.

  11. You guys need to watch the Pierre Herbert kid playing Djokovic. It’s 5-4 Herbert right now. He has a classic action, very aggressive, hugs the baseline, and great feel at the net. But as is the case these days, he won’t have the endurance to last long.

    1. I just watched the first set. Too bad Herbert lost, but what impressed me most was that he looked like he was not scared by Novak or by his rank or by him beeing so long world number one.
      I thought he played as if Novak was just some player. Too bad he lost the first set….

    2. Poor FH! But one for the future! Novak asleep for most of 1st set, just did what he needed to do in TB. So today I am rooting for Fed to win , and Haase and Lopez! Gasquet looking pretty fired up but hoping Kei takes him down tomorrow! Brave play v Tsonga whose knee clearly an issue!

      1. Hey Susie, I don’t know if you watched the last set of Nishikori vs Tsonga.
        But Jo Willie had a matchpoint on Kei’s game. His first serve was out. You know what Kei did?
        He played an ace on second serve !!! That was so cool and so mental strong !!! Can you imagine doing that on the most important point of the match?? After that he played another ace to get matchpoint himself. That was also mental so strong of him. But in the replay they showed that his coach made a gesture to play an ace in the middle. I thought that was really unfair.
        Why does a coach do that? It is so pathetic. Don’t you as a coach have enough believe in your player that you taught him well so he can find his own solutions on the court??
        I loved Kei’s first ace, but the second one was kind of a bummer for me….

  12. I’ve put a very small bet on Granollers to beat Nadal. At 20-1 there’s nothing to lose and you never know when the old knees are going to give up 🙂

    1. Not going too well at this time, I see 🙂

      Hopefully it ends soon and these grunters/dopers get off the court.

      1. Twas only a very small bet 🙁 But yes, soon it will be over and then we can watch some tennis!

  13. Yessssss! Love him! One nervy game! 65% first serves! Even the shirt will do when he plays like that! London here we come!

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