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My Top 10 Federer Matches of 2014

Hey guys, I thought I'd put together a quick compilation of my favourite Federer matches this year (thanks to Brandon for the suggestions in the comments of my last post). Roger of course has one more match to play against Stan in Zurich on December 21st but I'm 99.99% certain that won't be making this list πŸ˜†

I originally planned on just doing 5 but those spots quickly filled up so I had to make it 10 instead. I've listed them in chronological order rather than my least favourite to favourite as I don't really think I can separate some of them. Some of course are better than others but they all came at very different times in the season and contributed in different ways. The Tsonga match in Aus for instance was only a 4th Round but it was a great platform to build on for the rest of the year. Anyway without further ado…

10. Federer defeats Tsonga Tsonga 6-3 7-5 6-4, Australian Open 4th Round

The first slam of the year and Roger's chance to start the year how he meant to go on after a forgettable 2013 season. With a new racquet and coach in tow he produced a masterclass performance to see off Tsonga in straight sets, coming to the net 41 times during the match winning 34 of the points, putting Fedberg on the map.

Looking back this one of those matches that setup the year nicely, a big confidence booster and he went onto defeat Murray in the Quarters before Nadal ended his run in the semis in typical fashion. No damage done though, Fed has exceeded expectation especially after losing to Hewitt in the Brisbane final.

9. Federer Defeat Djokovic 3-6 6-3 6-2, Dubai Open Semi Final

One of the most exciting matches of the year here thanks to the quick court speed that makes attacking tennis prosper. In this one Fed got rattled early when Djokovic pulled off some incredible gets in an early rally to win it before going onto win the first set.

2013 Federer would have folded like a cheap tent after that moment but he dug in, played some ultra clutch stuff and defeated Djokovic from a set down for the first time ever. Truly epic stuff and he saved multiple break points with pin point aces in the decider to get the job done. This match gave the GOAT a huge shot of confidence and he went onto win his 6th Dubai title defeating Berdych in the final.

8. Federer defeats Raonic 6-4 6-4 6-4, Wimbledon Semi Final

I had to include a masterclass against a huge server and this came against Milos Raonic in the Wimbledon Semi Finals.

This match was a complete clinic from Roger and he got the job done with consummate ease, clearly not an encounter with extended rallies but Fed made the Raonic serve look like child's play, breaking once in each set and only facing 1 break point on his own delivery to move into the final.

Always fun to see Fed handle guys with huge serve and render their main weapon useless, Karlovic, Isner, Roddick, Phillipousis and now Raonic have all been on the end of it since 2003.

7. Djokovic defeats Federer 6-7 (7-9) 6-4 7-6 (7-4) 5-7 6-4, Wimbledon Final

The only loss on my list of top matches from 2014 and not the fairytale end to Wimbledon we wanted but still a great match. This one went the distance and had a little bit of everything; Fed had his chances to go 2-1 up in sets and of course had a break point in the fifth which could have quite easily swung the match his way. Ultimately though Djokovic was the more solid player throughout the match and deserved the win.

Like I said in my match report, Djokovic was too good a player to lose so many slam finals on the bounce and he was clearly ultra focused to make sure he broke the losing streak.

As for Roger, so close but yet so far. But he did leave it all out on court and some of the play he came up with in the fourth set from 2-5 down to take it 7-5 was just unbelievable. Jaw dropping stuff that had the crowd on their feet desperate to see more Tennis.

6. Federer defeats Benneteau 7-6(4) 6-0, Shanghai Quarter Finals

Excitement from start to finish in this one and all thanks to Benneteau's gung ho first set approach that nearly paid off. I remember watching this one at work and it was just so fast paced from the word go. One of the keys to the match was at 4-4, Fed serving at 15-30. Benneteau had a huge chance with Fed in no mans land but Fed read the forehand to make a passing shot down the line before taking the first set on a tie break.

Benneteau threw the kitchen sink at Federer in the first set and that made the match hugely exciting. However Roger just wore him out and then cruised through serving up a bagel in the second set when Benneteau had expended all his adrenaline trying to win the first set. Tennis at 100mph and 33 year old Fed was more than up to the task.

5. Federer defeats Djokovic 6-4 6-4, Shanghai Semi Final

Probably my favourite match of the year here as Roger produced some of the best tennis you will ever see to defeat Djokovic 6-4 6-4 and inflict the Serb's first loss on Asian soil in 28 matches.

It was an absolute masterclass and I think one of the few matches of 2014 where Roger's forehand was really back to its best. So much confidence in the shot and that allowed him to keep coming forward to end points at the net and constantly pressure Djokovic to make passing shot after passing shot. An epic performance from the GOAT.

4. Federer defeats Dimitrov 7-6(4) 6-2, Basel Quarter Finals

A high quality encounter here which saw Fed save 4 set points in the opener before going on to win 7-6(4) 6-2 against Grigor Dimitrov in Basel. With Nadal crashing out to Coric earlier in the day it did look like it could be a day of upsets but Fed played extremely solid and showed Dimitrov how to play indoor tennis that gets the job done – take chances and move forward when you have the chance.

Really just a fun match to watch and one where Roger yet again showed he is a class above even when pitted against players who are billed as the future stars of the game.

3. Federer defeat Murray 6-0 6-1, World Tour Finals Round Robin

I had to include this one as it was just a beatdown of epic proportions as Roger crushed Murray 6-0, 6-1 to enter the semi finals with a peRFect record.

Roger's handed out some real thrashings to players over the years in London including whooping Nadal 2011, crushing Djokovic in 2010 and then embarrassing Murray in 2014. All of them have been great to watch and none so more than this one as Fed's game just clicked from the word go. Murray had to win in straight sets to qualify and his chances were over after about 10 minutes of play. Clinic.

2. Federer defeats Wawrinka 4-6 7-5 7-6(6), World Tour Finals Semi Final

A real nail biter of a match this one as Roger had to save 4 match points before coming through in a final set tie break. Stan played at such a high level throughout but couldn't close it out when he had chance and Roger took full advantage to pull himself over the line with a chip charge play ended with a stop volley to close it out.

The encounter was filled with drama throughout and we had crowd involvement, Mirkagate, poor umpiring from Mourier, match points being saved and some real high quality tennis.

Of course we now know Fed injured his back late in the match and was playing with it taped for the whole match. That resulted in a disappointing end to the World Tour Finals but take nothing away from this match, it was all left out on court and Fed got the job done yet again when not playing at peak level.

1. Federer defeats Gasquet 6-4 6-2 6-2, Davis Cup Final, 4th Rubber

I never imagined including a Davis Cup match in my top 10 matches of the year but this one was the icing on the cake for Fed and one of his most memorable performances on clay as he defeated Gasquet 6-4, 6-2, 6-2 to win the Davis Cup title for the Swiss.

There were huge question marks over his Davis Cup participation after withdrawing from the final in London and after Monfils crushed him in straights on the Friday it wasn't looking too promising for the rest of the weekend. However he played the doubles with Stan and they played top drawer tennis to defeat Benneteau and Gasquet in straight sets to lead the tie 2-1.

Then came Roger's second singles match and he delivered the goods in style, moving fantastically and dominating Gasquet from the back of the court; never allowing the Frenchman to get a foothold in the matc and ending his hopes in straight sets. Hopp suisse!

So there you have it, my 10 favourite Fed matches of 2014. No real surprises in there I don't think but I'm interested to hear what yours are and how they differ. Remember mine are in chronological order not in order of my favourites and to be honest lots of them are hard to separate; the Djokovic match in Shanghai tops my list though without a shadow of a doubt.

Federer a Sky Full of Stars

Finally, a cool tribute video from Brandon aka sashasimba123. Pretty epic for a first attempt at making one and I honestly have no idea how you guys put this stuff together to make it all run smoothly along with the music. Top work!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. A rare win here. There are quite a number of good matches this year, my only 3 wishes for Roger 2015 – continue with Stefan, stay healthy and win 18th GS. To all fans of this website – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

      2. A rare win for me, its been a good 2014. I hope momentum continues to 2015. My 3 wishes for Roger next year – continue partnership with Edberg, stay healthy and win 18th GS.

        Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. Have a great holiday.

      3. Woah woah woah- what do you mean by rare Dippy!!? I just checked- with 6 titles, you’re 4th on the Leader Board. Please stop resorting to Nadal-esque false modesty!!!!!

  1. Also guys, the top commenter leader board ends on 31st December. First place get’s a prize but I have no idea what – make some suggestions on what I can give away…

    1. I thought I had two wins this Jonathan and its not listed on the leaderboard? Haha, don’t worry about it!

      You could give out Federer caps again, or perhaps his 2015 calendar. Maybe even in the future when this blog gets a 5000 hits a day, you could give out tournament tickets!

    2. Are there any prizes for coming in last on the leader board? You know, the ones they give for encouraging you to perform better in the next season. Most promising. Most likely to improve. πŸ™‚ I wouldn’t mind one of those.

      Unless I can convince Jonathan to let me write an article a day on his blog and be the first to comment on my own articles (although given Eldrin’s track record, I wouldn’t put money on myself) Maybe I could try mounting a comeback!

    3. @Wanda – I can include that πŸ™‚

      @Conal – You do have 2 wins, but I only list the first 20 names, I have the rest in a long list, there’s around 60 different winners this year, who says the game has no strength in depth???

      The blog can get 5k visits a day during tournament time no problem. It would need 10 x that to make a respectable amount though through ads though. That would be achievable if I posted more regularly and diversified the content / hired more writers but not something I’m looking to do really as I think it would take away the nature of the blog. There’d have to 2/3/4 articles a day. I think at it’s current rate it operates at break even or at a slight loss over the year. I’m not micro managing costs on it though to even check, it’s not going to make much nor will it lose much πŸ˜†

      Out of interest – if I were to give away tournament tickets – would people be interested in that or is it difficult to arrange travel etc? What would people rather win – World Tour Finals Tickets or an iPad?

      @Gaurav – What about Sportsmanship award? Comeback commenter of the year? There’s about 20 people in joint last place with 1 title!

      1. Ah t-shirts from Color 13, I’d forgot about that! Doesn’t really matter to me as I’d failed my WTF predictions, thus not receiving one!

        Good to see your blog receiving so many hits during tournaments! In a year, it will be at 10,000 and the comments for each post will exceed 300!

        You could give out any corporate tickets you receive or small tournament tickets like Queens or Halle. Probably only the readers in Europe will be more interested though.

      2. I’d accept an autographed FED hat for sportsmanship award. Ok, then, an ipad would be ok too. I’m not too fussy.

      3. I’ve got an autographed RF cap at home. Not giving that away though, cause its the only one!

        I’m going to AO 2015 though, if anyone would like an autographed RF cap, send me money to buy a brand new cap and for shipping expenses and I’ll try to get it signed by RF! *not guaranteed*

      4. That’s a hell of a smart way to get yourself a lot of free caps Conal!!!

        Count me in though. πŸ™‚

      5. You’re actually willing to send in the money for a new cap and place trust on me to get it signed??? I’ll see what I can do!

      6. Yeah there is. $35 AUD for a red RF cap (red is only colour they have). And for shipping to India, the cheapest option is airmail which is $12.80 AUD without signature on delivery and tracking. Unless you are willing to pay $7 extra for registered post that includes tracking. And $30-60 extra for express!

  2. Hi Jonathan

    Fabulous compilation – what a year Fed Fans had – hopefully 2015 will continue in the same vain – Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New year

  3. Thanks for adding the video on here πŸ™‚ I use a program called iMovie on my mac….. Most of the video is from either the ATP Tournament Reviews, other tributes, and some other sources πŸ™‚ It does take a LOT longer than it seems(editing each segment, timing the audio, editing the picture, effects uploading, downloading, ctc.) But its definitely worth it! I know that Coldplay’s “Sky Full of Stars” resembles Roger so thats why I made this. Will make more, but they take about 1.5 months to make(well, because i don’t have lots of free time :p ) so maybe after the new year….

    As for the matches: spot on. I think Monfils v. Federer at the USO was a great match too! Also, Federer v. Karlovic in Basel and Murray v. Federer in Cinci were also good ones πŸ™‚

    1. No worries, it’s a cool video!

      I see, not heard of that. Great work though.

      What do you use Conal? Sony Vegas Pro?

      And the Monfils match seems to be cropping up in lots of people’s lists! Maybe I should have done Best 11 πŸ™‚

  4. Wow nice early Christmas present, thanks for the review of Fed’s 2014. Really a fantastic selection!

    Agreed, Shanghai semi was the best for many reasons, the match-up, the quality from both guys, streak braking/history making, etc… the win against World No.1 was a great satisfaction. And yeah DC final against Gasquet was one of Fed’s best clay matches I’d ever seen, maybe apart from FO 2011 against Novak. He was composed, played so peRFectly beautifully and the end, his emotion flowed out…it was such a special moment to witness. I would pick Dubai semi against Novak for the 3rd best as I always like the match-up and the way Roger played and the win created an excitement and hope for the first trophy of the year. What a comeback year Fed had after poor health of 2013!

    And many thanks Jonathan for your amazing work throughout the year. Hope our gratitude inspires you to keep at it little longer! Happy Christmas/holiday and a great New Year to you all πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚

      Yeah Gasquet performance was right up there. Of course Gasquet is mentally terrible but Fed did play a high level match after looking poor vs Monfils. Right up there 2011 and 2009 clay performances. Can’t top the Djoker 2011 semi though, or even the Acasuso / Haas / Monf / Del Po run in of 09.

  5. My list in order from least to most

    10. Federer vs Tsonga Australian Open 4th Rd
    9. Federer vs Wawrinka Wimbledon
    8. Federer vs Murray WTF RR
    7. Federer vs Berdych Dubai Final
    6. Federer vs Monfils US Open Quarters
    5. Federer vs Gasquet Davis Cup Final
    4. Federer vs Wawrinka WTF Semi
    3. Federer vs Djokovic Wimbledon Final
    2. Federer vs Djokovic Dubai Semi
    1. Federer vs Djokovic Shanghai Semi

    1. I think I agree with whole list pretty much. There might be a few odd changes, but that’s possibly cause I’ve probably forgotten some of the matches. My list:

      1) Federer- Tsonga (Australian Open)- Kicked off the year
      2) Federer- Murray (Australian Open)- For the contrast with 2013
      3) Federer Djokovic (Dubai)- For the fightback, beating Novak after dropping the first set and almost losing the second
      4) Federer Djokovic (Shanghai)- Every Fedfans dream come true.
      5) Federer Djokovic (Wimbledon) πŸ™ πŸ™ Every Fedfans almost dream come true. For the wonderful words he gave at the ceremony. For the look towards his daughters and for the heartbreaking single tear that rolled down his cheek.
      6) Federer Mayer (Shanghai) Saving 5 match points anyone!!
      7) Federer Murray (Cincinnati) The comeback in the 2nd set after being down 2 breaks down
      8) Federer Monfils (US Open) for the fight and spirit… and for teaching that clown a lesson. And for saving 2 match points. Again
      9) Federer Murray (WTFs) for the beat down/ masterclass. Fixing the H2H was a nice bonus
      10) Federer Wawrinka (WTFs) for the drama/ match-points saved/ fight/ Not for the retarded overblown controversy and definitely not for the injury.

      Bonus: 11) Federer- Gasquet (Davis Cup) – For the occasion.
      Bonus 12) Federer- Ferrer (Cincinnati)- Master number 23, was it (or 22)?

      These are the matches, in no particular order, off the top of my head, without giving in to the impulse of scrolling up and stealing from Jonathan/ Conal’s list.

      1. Agree wholeheartedly with your list, and your comments Conal. Hope we get an equally great list next year.

        BTW, listened to, and really liked, your music on other thread – guitar solos excellent – you I think? I’d certainly buy a CD. πŸ™‚

      2. Haha thanks!! Appreciate it. Glad you liked it. If there’s any track you want in particular, let me know and I’ll email an mp3 over. SoundCloud disabled the downloads once it crossed the max no. of permissible downloads for a free account.

        Speaking of, I have to email Sid tabs for a track that he had requested. Sid, if you read this, could you send across your email id? I’ll try and send it over.

  6. Fun watching the hi-lites of these matches again. The most important one to me is the AO Fed vs Tsonga. It showed the tennis world he was back playing to his potential. Great shot making to boot.

    Fed Djoker matches always seem to be the best in quality. They do bring out the best tennis when they play each other.

    If I had to pick, it would be Fed Djoker Shanghai semis. Wimbledon final was too much of a heart breaker.

    Thanks for the post Jonathan and thanks for the great video Brandon. First class!

  7. What an unexpected bonus! Thks for great write up, bringing back good memories in a vintage yr for Fed fans! Agree SF Shanghai the absolute best match. Others perhaps to mention for sheer drama!! V Tsonga at MC! V Monfs at USO! V Mayer at Shanghai and v Kei at Halle!

    Thks too for the vid Brandon!! Not too long til Brisbane and more highlights!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Fedfans and Jonathan fans everywhere!! Thks Jon for letting us hv a voice!

  8. What a wonderful blog! As a longtime Fed-fanatic, this is manna for my soul. Thank you for taking the trouble of compiling and writing all these posts and sharing it with us. My Christmas treat come early!!

  9. Fed started the year sporting betterer on his training gear and gave us his best from the get go hitting crisply and cleanly in Brisbane and Melbourne, and what a year we have enjoyed both on and off the court. Your list shows just how relevant and thrilling he is to watch still and really his Davis Cup participation was a brilliant end to the serious season . It was lovely to see Gael and Ana saying his presence on the ITPL team meant a lot too it’s just fluffy PR I suppose but good for showing other sides of the players we don’t see in presser s etc.
    RF is such a force for good and Susie is so right your forum is brilliant Jonathan for giving people a voice, to share their viewpoints and reflect on his glorious achievements and Tennis in general.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year .

  10. Thanks Jonathan,
    I shall enjoy watching the highlights of these matches again. You’ve done a great job throughout the year, and thanks to everyone for their interesting comments. Food for thought.

    Merry Christmas to all, looking forward to a Fedtastic new year!

  11. Thanks Jonathan for the great run-through on 2014 tour. That AO match against Tsonga set the tone for the rest of the year and gave us a first taste of what to expect from the champ: mega offensive play and great volleying. Shanghai and Dubai my favourites, and despite the loss, Wimbledon also. I’ll second Dippy on his three wishes, plus thanks to Jonathan for this great blog – wish I’d found it earlier – and to Brandon for his excellent video. Great early Christmas present for us Fedfans,

    Hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year, and looking forward to a brilliant 2015 for Federer and for us. πŸ™‚

  12. Definitely agree with Jonathan about the Shanghai match. Roger’s best performance in a season of highlights. Super encouraging that it came towards the end of the season and hopefully it will give him confidence to play with that kind of freedom in 2015, particularly on the forehand side, where he was taking the ball unbelievably early.

    I’d add a couple of my own highlights: Fed’s win against Djokovic in Monte Carlo was fun to watch, some beautifully constructed points. As were his other victories against Murray at the AO and Cincy

    1. Cool picks! I was going to include MC but left it out as Djoker kinda gave up in the 2nd when he didn’t want to aggravate injury. Loss of the 1st set effected him mentally.

      Murray in Cincy was a good one. 4-2 down in 2nd?

      1. That win against Murray in Cincy was sweet b/c Murray lovers thought Fed was going to concede the set due to being down 2 breaks of serve. Oops!

      2. That list would be about 2 people long then Karen- Judy and Kim. And I wouldn’t be too certain of Judy’s allegiance, given her penchant for Deliciano πŸ™‚

  13. Wonderful compilation – Federer, as ever, the real entertainer of the ATP tour.

    A little surprised at the omission of Fed’s USO match vs Monfils – arguably the most high-octane, electric match he played all year.

    In terms of the best, highest-quality match Fed was involved in, I’d have to give the edge to the Wimbledon final, but I can’t really bring myself to re-watch it ‘cos the result, like Sue mentioned above, was so heart-breaking. Though I have never felt more proud as a Fed fan; Roger fought admirably, and displayed his incredible championship mentality.
    I agree that Fed’s match vs Djok in Shanghai was Fed in his finest form this year; absolute clinic from beginning to end. I remember Djokovic in his post-match conference even went on to say that’s the best Fed has ever played against him.

    1. A few people have mentioned the Monf one. It was definitely close to being included πŸ™‚

      Yeah tough viewing is Wimbeldon, just watch the 4th set, some unreal stuff!

  14. Great post John as always , one of The Best years for Fed for sure. Do you know if Edberg will continue coaching Riger this up coming year??

  15. Ahh Jonathan, don’t blame me. Thanks Slamdunk for understanding my plight.

    Please let me register this: As soon as tickets are out for the World Tour Finals, please say so on the group. I know this is kind of early but I’m trying hard to be proactive this time.

    Thank you my dear friends. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!!

    #countdown to Brisbane. I really hope Federer has put in a good training block. I’m not sure he has had enough though, he may take a long one in the Spring.

  16. And Guarav, that was a very sweet video, the lady was practically hopping like a teenager, I love that.

    Err, did she include Roger Federer’s name in her song? Who knows?

  17. Great recap Jonathan, fun to remember the journey this year. I liked reading your reasons for inclusion. I was especially glad to see the Shanghai match vs. Djokovic, which I have been surprised to find missing from many pundits’ “best of” lists this year.

    Our guy has come so far this year! Something that’s interesting to me is that the language of reporters asking him about retirement has changed. It’s no longer “when do you think you might retire?”. It’s more like “What continues to motivate you?”. It’s almost like he’s weathered a storm there, and even the reporters – many of whom I would not be surprised to discover already have drafts of Fed eulogies tucked away in preparation – are prepared to just enjoy him for however long we’ve got. I’ve been delighted to read recently more than one published report that talks about how long he COULD play if he wants to, a la Ken Rosewall.

    His horoscope for 2015 is supposed to be phenomenal. Bring it on!

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