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Murray Defeats Federer in Australian Open Semi Final

Hey all, where to start? Not the dream end we all hoped for at this years Australian Open as Roger went down 6-4 6-7(5) 6-3 6-7(2) 6-2 to Andy Murray in the semi final. Never fun to see Fed lose but this is just one of those matches where winning was always an uphill task.

As usual I had high hopes for Roger going into the match, he'd played seamlessly up until the quarter finals and then showed tremendous patience and endurance to get past Tsonga to setup a semi final with Murray. All that boded well for a great match as far my thoughts were concerned but for one reason or another it just didn't happen and in the end Roger did well to take it all the way to 5 sets.

Murray the Agressor

Murray Agressor

I said in my prediction post that Murray would definitely look to play aggressive and that was clear from the get go as he really went for his forehand. I also predicted that Roger would be able to make that work in his favour but I got that part terribly wrong as Murray dominated all the baseline exchanges in the first set, broke early to lead 2-1 and then never looked troubled on serve.

Usually it's Roger bossing the rallies but on slower courts like the Rod Laver Arena Plexicushion he couldn't break down Murray's defenses and ended up being the guy who was getting pushed around from the back of the court.

It was a worrying start and with hindsight you can see that the first set was one of those pivotal moments in the entire match as by falling behind it meant Roger was forever playing catch up and it had set the tone of what was to come.

Federer Responds in the Tie Break

Federer Allez!

After dropping the first set without too much in the way of success I felt like Roger had to start doing something differently and mix up his play to assert his authority in the rallies to get back into it. Not only that, he especially had to take cuts at the ball on the Murray second serve to get some cheap points, much like he managed to do at the end of the second set in the Wimbledon 2012 final.

He didn't quite manage to start dominating but he did up his level and serve way better throughout the second. It was a tactical set really, Roger had to do a lot of running which isn't really his game especially after the 5 sets with Tsonga but he managed to keep hold it together and take it into a breaker.

Roger's record in breakers this week has been peRFect and that didn't change tonight as he found his game just at the right time, and when he got pretty lucky at 5-5 with a sliced lob that Murray could only get a weak connection on he went onto claim the set when Murray made another unforced error. All square.

Murray Dominates with the Forehand

Federer having to defend

After levelling it up and giving himself a route back into the match the third set was disappointingly all one way traffic for Murray. Any notion of a repeat of the Wimbledon final disappeared at 3-2 when Murray broke comfortably and then never looked back as he served out the set with ease.

It's tough to say what Roger could have done differently in this set other than simply play better. Murray is a more complete player these days after winning the US Open and working with Lendl, he's improved his forehand considerably and he also served extremely well in the 3rd set. That combined took the game away from Roger and at 2 sets to 1 down it didn't look great.

Federer Shows His Mettle

Federer Shows his Mettle

For Fed fans this was the best set of the match, and is just the type of champions response we are used to seeing with Roger when he looks beat.

Murray could have easily streaked away with this set but yet again Roger tightened up his game and at 4-4 he probably should have broken but Murray pulled through. At 5-5 it looked as if all his hard work had come undone as Murray broke him to love to give himself a chance to serve for a spot in the final.

I wasn't feeling like a comeback was on the cards here especially when Murray hit a sweet passing shot to move up 30-15 with Murray grinning in delight. Murray's cockiness caused Federer to drop the F-BOMB and then he upped his level hitting a great overhead and then his best shot of the match, a backhand down the line that kissed the edge of the paint to setup break point. This rattled Murray as he blazed a forehand wide to hand the break back.

Federer's confidence had returned and he completely flew through the breaker, hitting a series of winners in his one purple patch of the match and that made Murray wobble as he took it 7-2 to take the match into a completely unexpected decider.

Final Set – No Contest

Murray beats Federer in 5 sets

Talk about an anti climax. I've lost count of how many times Roger has pulled the 4th set out of the bag and then wilted in the fifth going out with a total whimper and today, unfortunately, was exactly that.

You'd think Roger would be on a high after being on the brink of losing but Murray stayed composed, broke to lead 2-0 and then kept his level above Roger's leaving him no chance.

2-0 quickly between 5-2 and despite Roger saving one match point with a big serve he went long with a regulation forehand to give the Scot the win. Game, set, match, Murray.

Hard really to assess this set, I guess Roger isn't a great 5th set player when it boils down to it. Not by fault of design just he's been a front runner for the majority of his career and doesn't always have that ability to kick on after he's won the 4th set. Happened against Nadal in the 2009 AO final too which also ended 6-2 in the fifth.

Why doe he always lose 5th sets 6-2??

Overall Thoughts on the Match

Federer looks on Quizzically

In terms of the match analysis I think the best word to describe is complicated and one that was of an up and down nature. The level never really got stupidly high and up until the 4th set tie breaker the crowd never sounded that engaged mainly because it was only ever one guy playing well at any one time. Both of them were good in patches and then poor in others.

For me on a personal level, when you've seen Roger lose from holding multiple match points in US Open semi finals then there's no way you can put this match down in the painful losses column.

Ultimately the better man won on the day and that happened to be Murray this time around. As a fan there's no point getting down about losses like this, they happen and it's just part of the sport. I just look at it from the point of view that Roger wasn't playing his best match and he still took it to 5 sets. It's pretty impressive really that he even managed that.

In terms of how the match was lost from Roger's side of things that boils down to a few things:

  • The court surface in Australia is pretty slow (it seemed to play way slower tonight, commentators mentioned that too so not just Fed-bias from me) making it hard to hit through Murray's defences.
  • Murray served exceptionally well.
  • Federer didn't return that well, especially on the second serve.
  • And finally Federer wasn't able to find a way to break Murray down, evident by some of the clown drop shots he played in what can only be described as desperation.

A lot of fans mentioned the physical aspect of the Tsonga match was a factor too, I figure that maybe played a part but it's not really a huge factor in my eyes. He might have lacked energy in the fifth but that wasn't the reason he lost the match.

To win tonight Roger had to be the one dictating plays and he didn't manage that for any sustained period. Once he lost the first set he was always playing catch up. He leveled the match twice but just couldn't ever get his nose in front, if he'd won the third set things might have turned out differently but Murray kept his cool and his forehand + serve were solid throughout.

The fact is Roger is never going to beat a consistent ball striker like Murray who also happens to have excellent court coverage when his game isn't quite on. Murray makes it tough to hit winners at the best of times so on a slow court and when you're ground strokes aren't firing on all cylinders he's almost impossible to hit through. It's a bad mix.

Other things that conspired against Roger tonight were he was pretty moody, there were a few moments where he got pissed off with the Umpire and Murray's on court actions. These were all heat of the moment things that he can usually ignore but tonight they rattled him. He doesn't drop the f-bomb that often in matches and this match reminded me a little of the US Open final in 2009, and we all know how that ended. Things like that focus your energy in the wrong areas and can effect your game. It actually made Federer up his level in the 4th but in the fifth he lulled and lost the match.

I'll also talk a little bit about Murray, who whilst I'll never be a fan of, I can't deny he has improved and definitely edged tonights match to finish up the worthy winner. He's improved his forehand and he's definitely better at closing out big matches. I don't think Roger tested his resolve fully tonight but he definitely played a good 5th set when he needed to.

As for the final I think Djokovic will take down the title, he's just too consistent on this surface to the point where he looks almost unbeatable. We may well be entering the Djokovic Murray era but I still think based on his performance over these 2 weeks Roger has a couple more says in the outcome of these types of matches. I said in December/January the US Open is my judgement tournament and that remains the same. There's 9 months till that tournament kicks off though and I'm sure we'll see some stellar stuff from Roger before then starting in Rotterdam.

And hey even in a lost match you still get to see a little bit of poetry ๐Ÿ™‚

Federer Backhand

Looking forward to reading your thoughts on the match in the comments below…


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Hey Jonathan! I’m SO, SO SAD! ;-( Every comment is redundant! This was not the real Roger! I think the match with Tsonga influenced the outcome of this match?! Murray has not shown anything special, Roger gave him the victory with his poor play! Unfortunately! ;-( And ฤokoviฤ‡ can win the final like year before!

    1. The Tsonga game was a big factor. I have absolutely no doubt. If he had saved about 30 to 45 minutes on Wednesday, Roger would’ve prevailed.

      1. Nah, I don’t think so. I think what really tired him out was that murray turned him into a human wiper, and that his forehand wasn’t all that good. I don’t think 45min less from tsonga match would have done anything different.

      2. I’m not sure Sid, I doubt it made too much of a difference. If Fed won the third it would have been different I think and we’d all be saying how well he had recovered. Murray played too consistent.

      3. You guys can’t be serious. You’re telling me that he couldn’t win a five setter, on the back of another one, something that hasn’t happened to him, ever, and the previous game was not even a factor?

        No doubt Murray played well. But what about the 5th set? Roger came off an incredible tiebreaker. Then…just lost it completely! You don’t think the Tsonga match had anything to do with it?

        To me, the previous game made the biggest difference.

    2. Hey Ana,

      Don’t be down about it, it wasn’t a bad match really. Fed still had a good tournament and Murray played better on the night. I still think the match is determined by how Roger plays, he’s still right there with those guys.


  2. I haven’t read the article yet but here are my thoughts.

    All good things come to an end. I feel very sad to see Roger struggle. If only he had closed Tsonga out quicker and saved 30 odd minutes, it would’ve been a huge factor.

    But, let’s imagine this. If his match with Murray were to end in a draw, who would you want to play Djokovic in the final? As a Roger fan, if I were to vote my conscience, I’d say Murray is better equipped for the challenge. Roger, even if he had overcome Murray, would’ve gone out in straights in the final, and possibly a bad scoreline at that. Murray could meet the same fate, but that’s a less likely scenario.

    Fatigue, or whatever the reasons may be, Roger would outplayed, to the tune of 25 points. The key to this match was Murray’s serving. If he had served any worse, Federer would’ve prevailed.

    I’d like Murray to win the final, but the odds don’t look good.

  3. Indeed, why always lose the 5th set 6-2? today, AO2009, USO2009….. well, Wimby 2008 is 9-7… wimby 2011 is 6-4 I think… Roger’s reliability record in 5 -setters is very poor – ranked 94 on the ATP reliability zone list… Nadal and Joker top 10 unsurprisingly. Not sure it’s a mental thing or physical thing?
    I’m a totally biased FedFanatic but hey, today Murray simply was the better player, end of.

    1. It’s a physical thing for sure. Roger is not an endurance player and his efficient machinery breaks down in the 5th set.

    2. Yeah not the best record in five sets. I don’t think it’s physical though, more mental. Roger isn’t natural streetfighter, had to develop that area of his game. In terms of endurance he’s up there with the best.

      1. Three losses in 5th sets, all 2-6, to Nadal, Delpo, and Djokovic, clearly indicate he has an endurance issue in long matches. The only loss in which he found was Wimbledon 2008 (because of the faster surface and a couple of rain breaks).

  4. Good observation about Roger losing the final sets 6-2. Exactly my thoughts. Add to the list, the last set in the US Open 2009 final. These can be assessed more as double break final set losses. And if I’m not wrong, didn’t each of them end with Roger getting broken? He just isn’t a very good 5 set player.

    1. Yeah I think they did, always goes long with the forehand too. Like you say he’s not the best in 5 sets. Especially when the score goes 1-1 2-1 and he wins the fourth.

    2. I always felt the outcome that happened would happen. It was on the cards when we all saw the draw. Roger CAN and I believe WILL win another slam if not possibly two more. However his chances are close to zero if he encounters another slam draw going forward such as he had at the Aussie Open ( unless one or more of Djokovic/ Nadal/ Murray goes out before he is due to meet them.) I wish this was not the case but I really believe it is and I too am a Federer fanatic. However, there are some other points that conspired to bring Roger down, most of which have already been alluded to:
      1/ Not necessarily his age but the age differential between the other Top 4. This will very gradually continue
      to work against Roger as the years pass.
      2/ As Jonathan rightly points out, Roger is not a ‘streetfighter’ which has resulted in his poor form in final
      sets of 5th set matches over the years. I also believe that it may be too late to ‘ change’ this mentality
      in Roger at his stage of life. I also think that despite his wonderful attributes, Roger can be stubborn and
      might not want to embrace this change.
      3/ Credit to Andy Murray – for the most part he played extremely well. On another day, Roger may well have
      beaten him but even then it would be very tough.
      4/ Finally, I would like to touch on the physical / mental / psychological side of things which in my view is the
      biggest key here. From my experience of running serious marathons, rest is VITALLY important and needs
      to be a comparative antidote to to the volume and intensity of training / competition that is expended.
      This is even more vital as one ages.This is not such a big deal for the others at the moment as they are
      much younger, but it is for Roger.If the balance is off between the above, then a mental and worse still,
      psychological malaise sets in. Most sports physiologists agree that at this stage the writing is on the wall.

      In many ways therefore, one could argue that Federer lost his match against Murray by playing the match he did against Tsonga and Murray lost the final because of the match he played against Roger. And who had the last laugh? Why Djokovic of course!

  5. Don’t think is the Murray-Djokovic era … I mean Yeah , they’ve played the last 2 GS finals, but Fed won Wimby and Was in the WTF final too … Nadal is coming back, I still see him as the king of clay, it’ll be an interesting season , a different season , but I don’t think it will be a Murray-Djokovic one . To be call that it will need full domination ala Nadal-Federer

    1. Hey Carlos,

      Yeah I perhaps worded it badly, I think Fed is still going to be a big big factor in those match ups. Just the courts and how the game is played suite Murray and Djoker more and those guys are in their prime so it is kinda there era now.


  6. Hi Jonathan
    As I have said before, I always look forward to your commentary on Roger’s matches. Thank you and please, continue!
    I have had the privilege of attending all bar one of Roger’s matches here at the AO over the past two years. Missed the Tsonga match unfortunately – TV is good but not the same! Roger is a joy to watch, with his sublime shot-making and sportsmanlike attitude. No-one compares! Well, the Joker is good but the Weasel! No! 15,000 people boo-ed Murray last night – that in itself was an incredible experience!!
    “Capable of being a good player but not a good sport” – the judgement of all there at the game.
    The ovation as Roger left the court told the story…never have I heard such applause for the loser. But then, Roger is not a loser even if he loses a match.
    Am so proud to be one of Roger’s fans, both in tennis and in life.

    1. Hey Jennifer,

      Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ I am gonna try continue, but I’m gonna need you to give me ยฃ50 / month to keep me motivated, that ok? lol

      Sounds like a great 2 weeks, watching him play Raonic and Tomic would have been awesome I think.

      The crowd seemed a little flat in the Murray – Fed match am I right? Almost like they were struggling to get going, as was Roger with his game.

      Love the reception and the ovation he gets on Rod Laver though before and after matches. Perhaps not as dominant as he was but his popularity will never wain.


  7. It was a disappointing match from Federer. He was inconsistent over the whole match and Murray was just too good. I had expected much more from him. The let down at the beginning of the third set was the part where I thought it turned… After that I didn’t see him coming back. So often in a match when he wins a tough set he has a lapse in concentration at the beginning of the next set and that’s exactly what happened in the third and fifth sets. It’s so frustrating to watch. At the same time, as you said, it wasn’t a painful loss and I imagine that he’ll get over this loss pretty quickly. Overall we can’t be too critical of Federer I suppose- he came through a tough draw and got to the semis. He’s still playing pretty well and I think he’s only going to play better this year.

    1. Hey man,

      Yeah it was disappointing he didn’t win but I still think he played an ok match. Maybe Murray didn’t allow him to play that well in the end.

      I don’t think we can be too critical either, he came through a tough draw like you said and he knows where his level is at. Got plenty of time to practise this year so he can make sure that he’s right there at the end of the tournaments.


  8. Roger’s first serve was AWOL when it mattered. He was not aggressive enough and didn’t take enough chances on the Murray second serve until some points in the 4th set where he smacked a couple of cross-court forehand return winners.

    It was a different Roger tonight. He wasn’t aggressive enough to hit clean winners and there was only one game in the whole match, that he showed the form he had in the earlier rounds, some game in the fourth set, but he hit a few consecutive forehand winners from all angles of the court. The rest of the night, it was all passive rallying. His backhand actually wasn’t bad at all this match, it was the forehand and serve that struggled under pressure and Murray got so many BP opportunities in this match. I think Roger’s serve was more effective down the T, and he didn’t not use that often when Murray was.

    Murray served very very well tonight, it felt like more than 21 aces, was a regular in nearly every service game. I noticed one thing, he kept serving cannonballs to Federer’s backhand side, the T in the deuce court and wide at the ad court. I kept thinking, why isn’t Fed picking up on this? Should he reading that Murray was attacking his backhand on the serve? I felt like he was guessing each point and that wasn’t the key to returning well. Its not easy to serve so many aces to someone like Roger, he’s handled big servers very well in the past.

    Murray’s second serves weren’t that great at all, averagely slower than Rogers but Roger just didn’t strike when it mattered.

    I also felt he was impatient, rushing to the net at unnecessary times with casual shots which is something he does quite often, especially at the crucial points as well. He used the dropshot a lot of times unsuccessfully as well, really he shouldn’t do that. He didn’t have much success with it earlier this tournament, basically gifted Murray some points. I was pretty amazed at how much depth Murray’s shots had, so many shots which looked out and he managed to repeat that even on the back foot in rallies especially with his forehand.

    It was great to see him win that fourth set, two points from defeat and hitting a beautiful inside out backhand winner out of nowhere and now having a peRFect record in tiebreaks this year. But I didn’t have a good feeling for the fifth set. I felt Murray had a big advantage serving first and Roger seemed to be running of gas in the tank. Roger first serve dropped, and he made some UF errors. Murray broke and led 3-0. For me, it looked like it was over ๐Ÿ™

    Murray played well, while Roger was not himself. Not a good mix together.

    Its really sad to see Roger lost in the semis when he had played so well in the first four rounds, handling tough opponents, it was like last year. Somehow he can’t produce his best tennis in the most important stages here in the Australian Open in the past two years. Now, I just want him to win Wimbledon again.

    1. Hey Conal,

      Great comment man, almost a post with in itself!

      I agree man, not a great match from Roger but not the worst. I mean compared to the Olympic final he played well I thought, just couldn’t get it together for a sustained period. And as you said, Murray was the one who was always playing at a higher level.

      Doubt Fed will win AO again, courts are too slow for him. Suits Murray and Djoker way more.


  9. Does anyone here think that Roger shouldn’t have used expletives during the match? Sure, it’s in the heat of the moment but Roger doesn’t have to sink that low and spoil what has been such a sporting career. I doubt he will win the Sportsman of the Year award any more.

    1. I couldn’t really pick up what he saying. Did he really drop the F-bomb? Never seen him do that, expect US Open final 2009. Murray was the one with most talking, so I assumed it would be him.

    2. Found a video, its only speculation that Roger dropped the F-bomb, maybe he was saying something in a another language?

    3. Nah, it’s no big deal to me. I don’t think it’s bad anyway, everyone does it and Roger is no different. Probably doesn’t help his game, but a bit of emotion and frustration is only natural. Look what happened when he smashed his racket in Miami, screwed up in Monte Carlo then won Madrid, French Open and Wimbledon.


  10. As u age, the game becomes more mental to you than physical. I noticed that Fed was hitting shots with a lot of margin.That combined with the poor serving and return of second serves did him in.Fed would have killed, this Murray at 25 or 26.But he gave the young gun, a lot of heat.I like where his game is today and one of these matches he will get hot on serve,opening his game up thereby killing the opponent..Djok or Murray.Until then,hope he stays fit and healthy..Go Fed..

    1. Hey Manoj,

      Yeah prime Fed schools these guys. But at 31 he’s still right up there with them, amazing really.

      I like his level too, on the right surface he’s still gonna annihilate these guys when his game clicks.


  11. I for one am totally at peace with this loss. I think it’s quite telling of how Roger is different from the player he was 2-3 years ago that in spite being far from his best he still could take a Murray with serve on fire to a fifth. If it was in late 2010 early 2011 he would have lost in straights.
    Regarding the final, I think Novak is going to win, but I’d like Murray to take the title, just because it would shorten the gap between Roger and Novak.
    I don’t know why, but i have a good feeling regarding the coming tournaments including the clay season. We’ll see.


    1. I sort of agree with you. Roger was rested, but, underprepared. Murray on the other hand put in a lot of hard work (didn’t he win Brisbane?). So, hopefully, we haven’t seen the best Roger in 2013 just yet. I feel Roger resting before the AO was a bad idea. Sure, he played those exhibitions in which he made $10M. But then, he paid the price at the AO.

      I have my hopes pinned on another Wimbledon win.

      Clay? No way! Not with Djokovic and Murray at their best and Nadal with a nice lead up to Paris. I heard he has decided to pick up pocket change in South America at the expense of some of the less fortunate players ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Cheers Vasco,

      Exactly right, he’s still taking these guys to the wire when he’s well out of his prime and still playing well.

      US Open is my tournament hope for Roger. I feel like he has some wrongs to right there.


      1. Agree with you Jonathan but don’t rule out the French, depending on draw, seedings and form of Rafa. And I am sure Roger would love a second French to silence any lingering doubters as to his clay court prowess. As for Wimbledon, if you ask me ( and I would love if we could ask Roger ! ) that if he was told he could win ONLY one more slam, I am sure it would be an eight Wimbledon. And yes, he has the most pain to banish at the US Open. If he could just win each of the slams just one more time, perhaps we will all be happy? But this will be a monumental task. However, he has just this year and effectively next year to do it. We all live in hope…

      2. Hey Paul,

        Nah I’m not ruling anything out. But the French is unlikely I think.

        US Open is where it’s interesting for me. Wimbledon is just a bonus.


    3. Well I’m not saying Roger is going to sweep through the clay court season, but I’m sure he’ll be prepared. Murray isn’t that great on clay, his movement sucks a bit (has he ever won a clay tournament?) and who knows in what form will Novak be. Rafa I’m sure will be doing the possible and impossible to win at the french open but he might end in Djokovic’s half and maybe that might give Roger a chance… Just imagine, a double career slam… double GOAT status… that would be something else…


  12. Who do you prefer in the finals? Fed might of lost but last year he lost at this stage and we all know what year he had! AND he would of got crushed by Djokovic in the final… Upsetting for sure but he did amazing at age 31 to make it through that heck of a draw! I believe the draw cost Roger #18…WOULDN’T be surprised in the least bit If Fed got Nadal as, yes, his QF opponent! I don’t think Roger cursed since he is such a good role model and he’s only cured once before when I saw him at 09 USO Final. It’s pure speculation! Roger defended his points, kept his QF streak alive, made 33 SF through tough draw, and has nothing to loose! Rotterdam: Here we come!

    1. I for one am ok with this loss compared to being worn out and losing to that cocky Serb. AO really bent over this time to make it real easy for him. Murray is cooked. Murray is toast. If he wins, it would be no less than a miracle.

      You’re right, Roger pretty much came out of the AO with a no-win-no-loss kind of deal. What he showed was, he does have the endurance to beat the likes of Murray. It’s just that Tsonga game that may have made it a little too much.

  13. The most frustrating part of this match in my opinion was the fact that Roger never really attacked Murray’s second serve. I think I counted 2, maybe 3, times where he stepped up and hit with some aggression. And he saw plenty of second serves, really. He seemed to be content just to get it in play and then it was the same rally over and over again usually ending in Murray’s favor! Roger can be so stubborn. Like insisting on trying those drop shots that clearly weren’t working. Geez, I sound pretty negative I guess but it was quite frustrating. (Or maybe it’s because it’s my birthday and this was not the good start I was hoping for!) Overall, he just didn’t bring his best stuff and Murray definitely brought his! Aside from this match Roger had a pretty great tournament and although I’m disappointed I’m ready to move ahead. Looking forward to Rotterdam!

    1. Happy Birthday Wendy ๐Ÿ™‚

      True about the second serve, he needed to rip the ball on that. Didn’t mix it up that much either but I think Murray’s level made it difficult for him. Wasn’t for want of trying.

      Positive tournament though I think. No warm up events going in, and now he knows what he has to do to compete for the rest of the year. He’s picked a great schedule to make sure he stays in tip top shape.

  14. Exciting match by both players though both are patchy throughout the entire match. Considering the tough draw Roger has to go through, in my books he passed with flying colors. Amongst the top 4 four, he has to worse path to the final and to be able to make it all the way to semis is a good result.

    The standard that Roger set is so high its amazing for ripe age of 31. I see a lot positives from this – even with his B game he still able to snatch a win from Tsonga and push Mugray to 5 sets. That is clutch stuff from the Maestro, show no signs of aging in the mental department. Tactical acumen is still very sound and he is making use of his experiences in big matches to take it to the youngsters. He sometimes even switched to counterpunching mode create opportunities for himself, slow down the pace setting himself up for the kill. Heck even his hawkeye challenges gotten better – surprised cause he loathe it so much is like a sin in tennis.

    His desire and fire – wow still burning as if he is still 25 years old! His B Game – even with B game he still stole a a win from Tsonga and pushed Mugray, it must count for something good right? His backhand – this is definitely A+, it manage to stand all those attempt by everyone to pound it to pulp. As for the negative is – movement, is still a bit off especially towards his rights many times it has been exposed throughout his 6 matches, he manages from his solid slice/squash shot. This puts him in many times in defensive position and have to dig himself out it. His opponents have been exposing this and making poor Grandpa Fed running left to right and left again. Dropshot – I always call it dropshit coz sometimes its the shittiest shot he uses, it has always worked towards his favor but in this tourney, total gone AWOL.

    Serve – what the hell happen, gone during his match against Tsonga and totally went off radar against Murray. Chip return – its already too predictable now, he has to be aggressive on his opponent 2nd serve, Annacone has to drill his to his brain. Its becoming his comfort blanket . Roger, its time to get it out of your system – dude! I am not sure if other factors like tiredness or continuous night matches or minor injuries might have contributed to his dip in his form against Tsonga and Murray. Its quite telling as they put so much pressure on him that he can’t playing his style of game and he can’t dictate play.

    He was certain releasing a lot of F-bombs during his match against Murray, I guess he is frustrated with himself for not being able to boss his opponent around. I want to finish off with my rant about organizer attempt (its a conspiracy) to make sure they have Djoker/Murray final (damn) and increasing obsession to slow down court speed. Cmon ATP/ITF – bring back faster court, we want to watch good old fashion tennis with some S&V instead of 5-6 hours of grind fest match coupled by grunts from both players. Then followed by – I am so tired but I can still muster enough energy to rip my shirt apart to celebrate my win LOL.

    OK Djoker its really dramatic but its you so am ok about it. Go and rip out your shirt again this Sunday I guess. Lastly back to Roger, hope he gets some rest and come back fresh for his match in Rotterdam next month.

    1. Totally agree. Federer only attacked Murray’s second serve in the tiebreakers. I honestly think Annacone drilled it into his brain but Roger is too stubborn and was distracted by his own serving, which was not working at all last night. Murray and Novak are pretty much unbeatable on slow hard courts now so there’s not much Federer can do but play a solid tournament which he did. Until Rafa comes back and makes the draw equal, it will be interesting to see what Murray does because Rafa owns Andy in slams.

    2. Hey dippy… From day one the organisers of the tournament were up to something fishy. The draw was complete fix. Its an absolute conspiracy and the elite at the top know it. Thats why the Djokers and Murrays quarters had non top players to beat them. If u look at the media etc. All of the articles are about the promotion of Murray and Djokovic. They know Federer is going to be ritiring soon in a couple of years so there already marketing the Mugrey/Djokobitch era!! They also hate complementing federer and all his accomplishment so they keep putting him down by saying he is old,passed his best etc. The elite want murray to win so then they can sell and market deals in the uk.The Atp/ITF LTa WTA r all corrupt to the tee and they wont change. The tennis now is more of a brutal phsical challenge of who is the more fitter. Agassi
      hassaid the same thing just recently. The beutiful game of Tennis is now just a mere slug fest of hitting the ball for 5/6 hours. Last year AO final was another example of this.

      1. Thanks Alysha and Serajul Islam – I forgot to mention 1 more thing, Murray played a better match than Roger. He deserves to win and I do wish for him to win AO this year. As for remaining of the GS, my take on the potential winners
        RG – Nadal, unless by divine intervention Federer wins (not happening in this lifetime tough – damn!!!)
        SW19 – Federer (I am praying for a decent draw this time)
        USOpen – Anyone but Berdshit (he is such a sourpuss)

      2. Brilliantly put Serajul, I couldn’t agree with you more!! Not only is Roger fighting Father Time but now he has to endure egomaniacs and self-centered idiots…

    3. Hey Dippy,

      Great analysis of the match I think. Like you said I don’t think we can get too down with a loss like this. Too many positives that outweigh the negatives. Fed didn’t play peRFect but we can’t complain.

      As for the ATP/ITF conspiracy, fair to say they wanted a Murray vs Djoker final, well known the draws are rigged. And the court in Aus is way too slow.

  15. Hi Jonathan … After reading ur post i agree with ur thoughts,as i was thinking the same especially fed losin 5th sets 6-2 ??? I wanted to ask u although the comentators said the courts were playing slow, did they use different tennis balls cos the tennis balls looked so much more heavier than the other rounds. Or is it just me seeing things. Even though federer said earlier that the courts are marginally faster but to me it looked really slow. Therefore suiting Murrays style of play. I know this time Murray deserved it but ur posts regarding faster surface seems more needed to be implemented than ever?
    Although this wasnt the result that the fed fans wanted at least he still has his streak left considering how hard of a quarter fed had. And generally ur readers r sayin the same things as urself like me a little upset but not as bad as the other matches when fed had match points and lost, that was devastating as a fed fan. Ur prediction for final may be right even though i dont want Djokovic to do a 3 peat. Then u have Murray could win back to back slams again something i dont want, but unfortunatly one of them is going to achieve an open era record. A very sicknening thought as u expect Federer to be getting the records.
    Again enjoyed the analysis it was spot on as usual. I was waiting for ur
    post but i understand and let u off cos i wouldnt been in the mood to right a post especially when it is the wrong result. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hey mate,

      Nah don’t think they used different balls. Would be crazy to think that. I think the wind and also the conditions made it play slower. It definitely didn’t help Roger.

      Still a successful tournament I think, and seems most fans think so too which is a good sign. Long season ahead anyway, plenty of opportunities to win some big matches.


  16. For me the most worrying this was Roger saying the F-word…I never expected him to do that! This was the moodiest and worst I’ve seen him, really hope he controls himself more and doesn’t damage his reputation.The swearing was nothing short of shocking and upset me greatly…can’t believe Roger said that even in the heat of the moment, unacceptable.

    Also, what annoyed me so much was that Andy was having mini rants all over the place but commentators never apologised for his behaviour! He is so much worse and acts like a baby on the court.

    1. Hey Aamir,

      I don’t think its a bad thing. Some emotion can be good from time to time. It won’t tarnish his reputation either, Federer’s reptuation is built on him being human anyway, so heat of the moment things are just part of that.

      Murray is a clown on court with his talking to himself. Still very petulant.

  17. Well, I called it. Had a feeling this was going to go the Scot’s way, the British Media must thing Murray is GOAT now.

    Federer was outplayed in every aspect and unfortunately JesusFed decided to sit this one out and hopefully decide to show up at Wimbledon/US Open…
    Roger was outaced, outserved, his forehand was making errors, uh it just wasn’t a great match for him but I give him SO much credit for hanging in tough to take it to a fifth. Last set was pointless, reminded me of AO 2009 with Nadal. He looked very spent and tired in the fifth, don’t know if Tsonga match affected him or what but he lost momentum very quickly after that awesome fourth. I think the key to this match was the serve, which Roger did not have today and Murray did. Federer is very very STUBBORN. Murray hit so many awful second serves and what does Fed do? Chip them back casually. He will never learn that man.

    Credit to Murray though, he was the better man and good luck to him and Djokovic in the finals. Looks to be another boring baseline battles, which the tourney wanted by the looks of the draw so good for them. If Federer beat Murray, he was never going to win against Novak, so I don’t know what type of final it would be.
    Regarding who wins, I don’t really care but I’m going for Novak who is going to equal Agassi and Fed for most AO titles and become the first to three-peat, so unbeatable on this surface it’s crazy. If Murray wins, he protects Fed’s AO legacy for now but Novak I rekon will end up winning 6 by the end of his carrer imho.

    Murray was VERY confident, some might say overly confident. I knew he wouldn’t care about grand slam wins against federer because now he has a slam himself. He was being so offensive and I think federer did something very wrong by trying to counter Murray’s aggression with his offense. BIG MISTAKE. Roger should of been the one hitting back with his aggression but easier said than done, he gave it his all and although we all know that wasn’t the roger from the first few rounds it seems like that’s the roger that turns up at latter stages of slams these days.

    Well, it was a pretty good first tournament from my perspective for Federer. He is going to have to defend all his points now if he wants to keep murray from his ranking but I’m sure he can regroup and focus towards the next part of the season. I think Wimbledon and US Open are his goals this year, let’s see if he can make it happen. However, it’s fair to say that this was Roger’s last chance at winning AO ever again but his legacy doesn’t change either way, still the GOAT no matter what. Loved the standing ovation the crowd gave him, they were a very very pro federer crowd, never heard such an outburst when he won the fourth set. That wasn’t enough for him to get the fifth but Roger knew he was done by then.

    BTW Federer did drop the f-bomb, it was heard on BBC at 6-5 in the fourth, first point, Murray did a passing shot and Roger walked up to Murray and told him to “f****** stop it” not sure what he was referring to but clearly it was enough to fuel him on and take it to a fifth. i think if a not-right Federer can push Murray to five, can only imagine what he will do come grass and us hard court season. Looking good to me Roger. Just keep up focus and fitness.

    Your analysis is spot on Jonathan, this is a very hard match for us to get down on because Roger never really showed his level and was playing catch up from the beginning. If he had won the third set, it would be him in the finals though. Will be looking forward to another successful season and hopefully he gets another slam this year. Will be interesting to see what Nadal’s return brings us in the next two weeks as well. Thankyou for your posts these last two weeks, has really been great of bringing Federer community together.

    Allez Roger, Good luck for this season!

    1. Hey Alysha,

      Great comment. It was a surprise to see Murray out-serve Roger that’s for sure. Murray deserved the win and I don’t think Roger will feel bad in the slightest.

      And I agree, if Fed is still competing and troubling these guys playing lack luster tennis then when the courts are quick and his game clicks he will be difficult to stop.

      Hopefully he comes out strong in Rotterdam.


      1. Exactly what Fed said in his presser. Felt Murray better player( stats say it too) and that he was always chasing the match. Watching the final live now, clearly Murray not quite as much on his game. Already far more UFE count! Knowing Fed less consistent off the ground, Murray just happen to push him around! What I do find incredible is that Fed has played through 3 generations and when he started tennis was still very much up and down, quicker rallies and far less of the side to side tennis which Muzza and Djoker excel at. Fed has done brilliantly to adapt and stay relevant for so long. He is less flexible, does hv less stamina than these 25yr olds, and his instinct is explosive, all out attacking forward play, regardless of making an error. Just shows to me what incredible technique and skills he has. Even playing sub par last night, he pushed Andy to 5. Still in the mix, and will still be top 3 by yr end, aged 32!

    2. Love reading your posts Alysha, not only are they so informative but I love the subtle sense of humour mixed in!!

  18. I think in general, Roger was a bit passive against Tsonga and Murray, and that cost him. He wasn’t returning with any authority and was too content to rally with them. It’s also a little mind-boggling how he could be serving so great in the first four rounds yet only served 11 aces in 10 sets. I know Jo and Andy got their rackets on a lot of serves but still, 11 aces in 10 sets is just bad.

    Overall, Roger was fighting from behind the entire match and did very well to bring Andy to 5, who served well the entire match and stayed aggressive the whole way too. I thought Fed was playing much better at the start of the third set when Andy was playing possum like he usually does, but then he managed to turn things around, credit to him. There were no mental dips and that may have been the difference in the end.

    As for Fed swearing, I don’t think he did. He looked edgy the entire match but he was clutch when it mattered. In the fifth you could see that the gas tank was running on empty, but again, credit to Andy for responding after losing that 4th set, which would have rattled most players (rightfully so, think Almagro).

    I’m looking forward to the rest of the year and it’s very clear to me, clearer now than ever, that Roger isn’t going anywhere soon. He is still as hungry as ever and that’s why even when not playing his best he managed to make it close. Murray played as well or better than Djokovic did in the semifinal two years ago but Roger wanted it much more this time around.

    1. Your first line was spot on. Federer always used to be the aggressor and Andy played passive and tight. They switched roles last night. Can see Lendl working through Murray here in some ways, especially with that forehand, come a long way. He was hitting to Fed’s backhand 80% of the time because Andy knows he is going to be overpowered by his fh. Roger went for a little too much on the fh at some parts of the match and eventually Andy’s confidence and belief that he didn’t have in the other matches against Fed in slams finally was visible.

      I think Roger would have been more disappointed with Nadal semi last year, he really did have that match on his racket, maybe fireworks factored in but as soon as Nadal won that third set, Federer resorted back to his passive play. Hope Fed is gonna refocus now and make it another great season.

    2. Cool stat on the aces. It really went off the boil after looking imperious for the first few matches. Those guys are much better returners than Raonic & Tomic I guess but still should be able to get more free points agiainst them than he did.

      I think he swore but it’s funny. Who doesn’t want to see that side of him?

      “itโ€™s very clear to me, clearer now than ever, that Roger isnโ€™t going anywhere soon.” I agree. he proved he’s still up there with guys who are in their prime having to work their asses off to stay at the top. GOAT.

    1. From my understanding, Andy faked the ball going out but then hit the ball at the last minute for a passing shot and that’s why Fed got so angry and told him to quote “f****** stop it”

      1. Yeah, I’d like to see a Charity Boxing match between Federer & Murray after that. Fed’s not a natural fighter but I can see him been quite slick, if he uses his jab well I reckon he could land one on the button if Murray comes in looking for a big shot. All proceeds go to the Roger Federer foundation. Reckon we can make it happen?

      2. And who can blame him really? The people who were negative about it missed the news flash that even Roger Federer is only human…
        I think Jonathan’s Charity Boxing Match is a great idea ๐Ÿ˜‰ Not too long after this match, while Fed’s still in the “I could strangle this guy that’s on the other side of the net zone”…

  19. I think as fans of Federer we have to accept the fact that he is clearly not the player he was 5-6 years ago. He has lost something on his serve, particularly the second serve, he is a step slower, he does not move as well, or as smoothly as he used to. His game to me is still good enough to get past the second-tier players, the Tsongas, Berdyches and Del Potros, most of the time, but it is simply not strong enough to beat the Djoker and Murray consistently any more. To me his loss to Murray was not a surprise, particularly after the 5-set Tsonga match. What was a surprise was that he managed to take into the 5th set – he lucked out when Murray got a bit tight trying to close out the 4th. Also, the Djoker and Murray have both improved tremendously over the last few years, Djoker with his serve, movement and return game, Murray with his strength and conditioning, and Lendl as coach is a huge plus in giving him the steel which he was lacking early on in his career. Not to mention the confidence which he has gained after the Olympics and the US Open win – and confidence in any sport is a big factor.

    So let’s not whine and bitch about the unfairness of the draw – which is based on seedings and rankings, with random selection and conducted openly, not behind some closed door – or the slowness of the court, or the heaviness of the balls. He lost to Murray because Murray was the stronger and better player. He lost because Murray outplayed him.

    I speak as someone who has been huge fan of Fed right from the start. There is no doubt in my mind that he is by leaps and bonds the greatest player who has ever played the game. I consider it a priviledge to have lived in this era, to have watched him play, the style and beauty of his game, his grace under pressure as a player, and just his basic all-around decency as a human being – a far cry from the fist pumping and chest thumping and the general petulance and small mindedness of his compatriots. The day he retires – and I suspect that day is not far off – will leave a huge hole in my heart and in my enjoyment of tennis.

    1. Hey Arif,

      I agree, Murray won fair and square because he was able to overpower him. But the surface definitely works in his favour there’s no denying that. Faster courts are a different story.

      The draw isn’t conducted openly either, they use a machine back stage to do it at ‘random’ so plenty of scope for making it interesting. Isner Mahut twice at Wimbledon? Hmmm. I think peoples queries as to how the draw works are justified really as opposed to just being sour grapes.

      I think Fed has something left in the tank for this year. 2014 could be his last year potentially.


      1. Do you think, 2014? You think he won’t keep playing until the Olympics? Based on how it’s going at the moment or based on something else? Curious…

      2. This is the same surface (in fact, even a tad faster now from what everyone is saying) on which he won 4 Australian Opens. This is a player who, if a certain Spanish freak of nature had not been around, would probably have won 4 or 5 French Opens on slow, bouncy clay courts. Does anyone consider Federer a serious contender for the French Open today? He has definitely lost something on his serve and to say that age has nothing to do with it is nonsense. 5 aces in 5 sets? Where Murray had more than 20, not to mention countless service winners where Fed was not able to get the ball back. We all saw the way Murray as jumping all over his second serve in Shanghai just a few months ago. Frankly, I can’t see him winning a single slam in 2013 – perhaps not even being in the final if he has to go through 2 of the other big three. This is the year when the decline in his skills will be plain for all to see. And, believe me, it breaks my heart to say this – but sooner or later it had to happen. It has been a long and wonderful ride but it’s coming to an end.

      3. Hi,

        Nope, he only won 1 Australian Open on this surface. His other 3 titles came on Rebound Ace which was significantly faster than the Plexicushion that’s used today. Had the Green surface still being used to this day he’d stand a much better chance against great movers and defenders like Murray + Djokovic.

        Nobody here is being unrealistic but to write him off completely is daft. I’m not expecting him to win the French but I don’t think a slam is completely outta the question. Although it won’t be easy that’s for sure.

        I don’t think he’s lost anything on serve, it’s just the returners are getting better. Bigger rackets, string makes it easier to control the ball so it’s back in play. His serve is probably more consistent than it was in his prime.

        Roger is 31, everyone knows that, nobody expects dominance from him like over the last decade but a decline isn’t on the cards just yet. He just made a semi final. Luckily Roger has a more positive outlook than you on things.

  20. Guys I think it all boils down to his not serving well. It puts too much pressure on everything else For example do you think that Andy would have won with out his serve being so strong in this match? Answer no he wouldn’t have. It’s not age or fatigue it’s his serve. In order for him to beat the other 3 guys his 1st serve needs to be at 70% or better. Simple as that. He needs to figure out a way to be more consistant.

    1. I think it all boils down to how andy was serving. His serve really impressed me, and also roger was too passive on returns and miss-timed his forehands a tad too much. and as Jonathan said, I will never be a murray fan, can’t stand his attitude, but I’m starting to like his game a lot more (minus all the on court ranting). He’s come a long way since 1 or 2 years ago.

  21. Roger-murray matches always seem to have one player not at his best. i mean federer was the better every time he won, and was way worse than his level every time he lost. i just hate these matches and hate the way murray not celebrating at all like he won against haase or something. one last thing why is that every retired player taking the side of murray? (becker, wilander, goran…) it just kills me that sort-of-legends don’t support the maestro and the greatest player of all time.

  22. Right, this is going to be a long reply, I can feel it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I have wondering what the difference was between the Tsonga match and this match for me. Cause during the Tsonga match I had much more ‘what the hell moments’ than during this one. So did he play better? No he didn’t. For me, it was just different. Tsonga up and down. This match, he never really took off and started flying so to speak. Reasons? Serve, no doubt. There was a huge difference between the 1st 4 rounds, just like everyone says. And that’s deadly if that happens against someone like Andy who is one of the greater returners these days. There is also a rumor going there was a little back problem after all. That might be (part of) an explanation, if that were to be true (and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was). I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen him having two “off-matches” in a row when it mattered.
    Another reason for the match in general not going well I think, was his mood. Someone said it already, but for some reason, he was darker, moodier (sp?) and easily irritated. Not the Fed we know, which can only bring me to the conclusion that something (or a lot of things) were bothering him and he couldn’t get passed it properly/the way he normally does. I think that *really* didn’t help… And of course, there is a lot of talk going on about him swearing on court, cause it’s so unFedlike. But he’s only human and I could imagine the pressure on him is a different one than most players. He is always under a magnifying glass, always and no matter how well you deal with that, it can’t always be manageable. And yes, I have no doubt in my mind that it’ll do something to his reputation, cause sometimes I get the feeling that at this stage, people will use anything to cause that… Let’s face it: the guy is 31 and a bit. He schooled the youngsters this AO. He played brilliant tennis the 1st 4 rounds and reached the semis agรกin for the umpteenth time. And he is not going anywhere for a while if he has a say in it. Some people can’t stomach that I think. He’s a living legend and they started talking about him as if he was history about a year ago. And let’s face it, Ferrer is only a year younger and nobody talks about his retirement… Sorry, got a little side-tracked…

    Back to the match. Andy played really really well. No doubt about it. Shame Fed couldn’t cash in on his 2nd serve, the opportunities were there, but he never really had any luck, made the effort, succeeded (fill in whatever you like). Andy really didn’t bring out the best in Fed yesterday. He outplayed him this time. I did enjoy the match though at times. Still looking for the amazing shot in the TB 2nd set, that got Fed to setpoint… Absolutely loved that. And there was a point in a rally earlier on that Andy won, with the crowd going a bit crazy, and a little smile from Fed. And then it occurred to me again: he lรณves this. He didn’t win the point but he gave great tennis to the crowd together with the guy across the net… Must have been earlier on in the game, cause he wouldn’t have smiled otherwise ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I think Novak will win tomorrow. He does seem unbeatable on this surface and frankly, I’m fine with that. The whole draw was a joke, we all know that and huge credits to Fed for getting through it, the way he did. He made it to another semi, took Andy to 5 sets (while last year, he lost in straights from Novak, but nobody talks about that anymore) and I think more great things will be happening this year. So for me, not a tough loss either. Reasons for that being: he fought like hell yesterday, won the 4th set (amazing, mentally seen!), has done really well this AO and basically reached the semis again. And another thing is: even though for Fed it is no doubt a tough loss, I keep thinking about how he always talks about wins and losses and that does help too. May sound strange, but it does.

    Onwards and upwards from here. Rotterdam first with hopefully a great performance all the way to the end (if only for selfish reasons cause I have tickets for the finals ๐Ÿ˜‰ but of course I want him to do well anyway…)

    1. Hey Natasja,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚

      Not sure what else I can add…

      I doubt the swearing thing will tarnish his reputation though, I think most people when they see it their first instinct is to laugh. Which was what I did. Maybe if he’d thrown his racket at a small child in the crowd and kicked a ball boy then he’d be in trouble but it didn’t go that far! ๐Ÿ˜›

      I don’t think this is a tough loss for Fed either really, had far worse. He hates losing that’s for sure but no scars from this one. Serves as a barometer for him to know where is game is at and also what he needs to do to keep competing with Murray and Djoker.


      1. Yep, good barometer, agree. He’ll use the experience wisely, as ever and probably still be stubborn about things after this, but also take stuff on board and go from there.
        I hope you’re right about the reputation not getting damaged. You probably are. I may have just seen the wrong things (read: more neg stuff than anything else) at the wrong time yesterday and took it from there when I wrote my comments in that particular bit… So the night’s sleep that you suggested on Twitter, didn’t work for that bit ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Anyway. We have a whole (tennis)year ahead of us. The Dutchies lost the men’s double finals, but have performed surprisingly well throughout the tournament รกnd I am looking forward immensely to Rotterdam ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. I felt that the overall game of the maestro was on the defensive side..I mean, usually, Rog is the player who plays aggressive and doesn’t keep waiting for his opponents to make an error. He believes in hitting clean winners; of course the conditions played their part and murray has also improved a lot. But, this is the third AO where Rog has been out in the semis..
    Murray attacks his second services and in this match FedEx wasn’t quite able to hit aces and his first serves were lower than usual. The match against tsonga took something off him, but his was also not showing enthusiasm during points and this match didn’t look like a semi for him..
    He got broken in the 4th set and somehow managed to take it.
    But, he shouldn’t have let the final set so easy.
    Nevertheless, he mentioned in his interview that he knows where his level of game his. These days, murray is getting on Federer’s nerves and I somehow feel that Fed doesn’t like playing tsonga and andy.
    He will surely bounce back and this was the first tournament of the year and he still can turn things around. He needs to be more tactical and strategic.

    1. Hey,

      Yeah he was a tad defensive on the return and in some rallies. But I think Murray made it difficult for him, he had to try all sorts out there but nothing really worked consistently.

      Surface don’t help either that’s for sure. Gives Murray more chance of staying in the points and he couldn’t hit through him.

      I think he will hit back too, definitely. Looking forward to later on in the year already.


  24. It’s a disappointing loss, but I do think he is still improving his game. In 2011, Djokovic beat him in straight sets. Last year, Nadal beat him in four sets. And yesterday, Murray beat him in five sets. It certainly proves that he is trying hard to adapt new playing styles. I want to believe in him. Roger fans, don’t be so pessimistic!!
    I just hope he will not retire in the coming few years (at least 3-4 years) and will at least a grand slam each year. (Wimbledon and US Open)
    By the way, he should dismiss Paul Annacone. He is just useless! He always tells Roger some wrong tactics in playing against the big 4.

    1. Hey Pollux,

      Yeah I guess on the basis of set scores he’s improved year on year. And this was his toughest draw by far. I just think its cool that he’s right up there with guys in their prime. Incredible even.

      I think playing for another 4 years is too high. I say 2 at most. And as for a slam each year then Im not sure either. I think he will win either 1 or no more. Could surprise but Im just being realistic.

      Don’t agree on the Annacone thing either, he did a great job with Sampras and Henman and I think he and Roger work very well together. He can only advise so much, once Roger steps out on court it’s up to him. I don’t think Roger is using the wrong tactics either per se he’s just not always picking the right shot.

  25. Hey all… Regarding federers F bomb! Am glad he did it. Sometimes its good to get out ur system! Considering he was playing poor against. Mugrey. I would b swearing at murray if i was playing him, especially with his antics it would get on my nerve! But i dont thibk fed will b gettin the sportmanship award at the end of the year.

    1. Hey Searjul! I would have to use every ounce of my mental strength not to hit Murray over the head with my racket…oh dear, does the man annoy me that much sometimes…

      1. Hey Paul …. Thanks 4 ur comments on this post and the previous. Much appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Hi Jonathan and all,

    Sure it was disappointing end though overall was a very good tournament for Fed, creating some more GOAT records along the way. I am happy for him.

    Some are critical about him not being able to fight until dead ie: 6-2 in the 5th set or not agressive enough etc. but this match proved to me he was a warrior. Andy played great, no doubt about that, as Roger said himself ‘He beat me fair and square, no regrets from me’. But despite being not 100% (read the article below, he might be injured) and all his weapons, services/forehand… were deserted him, he toughed it out. No wonder him being less agressive if the body is less than perfect, it must’ve being frustrating. It was amazing effort and mental strength of ‘aged’ Fed managed to stretch in-form, prime, ‘new’ Murray to a 5 setter! Not mention he is 6 years younger! So I am really proud of him.

    Hope he’ll recover quickly and compete/defend Rotterdam title in February.

    Many thanks to Jonathan for your fantastic AO coverage. Look forward to reading the next not long. Ciao!

    1. Hey,

      Hadn’t seen that article, interesting read. Maybe he wasn’t 100%, I don’t like excuses like that though unless he confirms it himself. But he said he was fine so I’ll take it as that.

      I’m looking forward to Rotterdam too, should be good, indoors is always entertaining!

      Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€


  27. Regarding Djokovic even if he wins and gets the 3 peat at Oz Open, me personally think that out of the 4 Grand slams the Oz Open is the weakest and low ranking amon the 4 . Here r my ranking of GS : 1) Wimbledon 2). French Open 3) US open 4) Oz Open.
    Everyone who has a little knowledge of tennis knows that Wimbledon is the Holy grail of tennis. The reason why Oz Open is at the bottom is because if u look at its history no one travel to oz to play. Plus in the 80s the Greats like Borg, Conners hardly went. Therefore majority of oz open winners r ozzys. In 68/9 when the open era began for them they hardly had top pros going. In my eyes its the worst slam. They r only tryig to get the prestige by puttin up the money, which they hav but that doesnt neccessarily get u to be the best Grandslam.
    To summarise even if Djoko wins the media will make a big deal of it. But if it was played on the Rebound Ace it would of been a diff story. If Murray wins the media will do what they know best. This will never beat Feds 5 consec at two diff. Slams. That record plus 17 GS is in my book why Federer is GOAT. But u will always hav the Djokoker/Murray fans who will disagree no matter what the record books says.

    1. Hey man,

      Yeah probably the least prestigious, but still a slam all the same. Don’t get too down about Fed not winning it though. Both Murray or Djoker deserve to win with the form they have displayed over the 2 weeks.

      Papers will go crazy over here if Murray wins. But I just stay away from the main stream media. Mail Online is as far as I go to laugh at the latest Showbiz news.


      1. Thanks for ur comments Jonathan. I really appreciate it. As a fed fan i dont mind when he loses but its when he loses to Murray. When fed lost at the US open to Potro i actually didnt mind cos Potro played out of this world to beat Nadal and Fed. But with murray/ Djoker theres something about both a dont like. Even though his win was deserved in the final his antics and tantrums from both players,its depressing to watch.
        But i will take ur advise and stay away from mainstream media and look forward to ur next post. Cheers man i needed that! Thanks serajul. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. No worries man.

        Yeah I know what you mean, some losses are way more painful for others. Being in the UK doesn’t help when it’s Murray as it’s hard to avoid. Fortunately there won’t be as much tomorrow seen as though it’s FA Cup and he didn’t win!


  28. Jonathon! A sad day indeed for Fed fans. But we saw Federer give it his all, and that’s all we can ask for. Snce most of us aren’t feeling too upbeat about the result, I was thinking of an idea for your next article- the changes we think Federer needs to make (to his already awesome) game, to beat these two cocky/ surly bastards. Maybe some kind of common forum like article, where you could combine everyones comment and turn it into an article? Just to get a sense of what we all think Fed needs to do to beat these two (I have a feeling Federer hasn’t had to worry about Nadal as much as before)

    For me its a couple of things-
    1) Return like a maniac!! He really NEEDS to improve it. The chip return cross court is just too obvious and common. Murray isn’t the best of servers and to be out served by him is not great at all.
    2) Improve his approach shots
    3) Not play like a jackass on break points and make matches longer than they need to be
    4) Improve his movement to the right
    5) Not get out hit by a counter puncher!!! Where are the days when Murray was doing all the running. What’s the point of an aggressive risky game, if you yourself are on the defensive. How is it that he is letting himself, a naturally aggressive player, be bossed around by people who are more than content to rally for hours. Just become a Nadal in that case. There’s no point having high unforced errors and low winners- the worst of both worlds.
    6) He’s as fit as they get. It’s overlooked because he makes it all look so damn easy. People forget he’s one of the fittest athletes in the world. But he may want to beef up a little if he’s getting out hit??

    He’s definitely added a MUCH better squash shot.

    I feel we’re a bit hypocritical in the sense that had Federer won the match, maybe because of a Murray 5th set meltdown, we would tend to focus on the positives of the match- his ability to hang tight, the forehand, bla bla. Just because he lost a set, we tend to get very negative about it. He’s just the best tennis player ever and we’re lucky to have him healthy and happy. Bring on Fed 3.1!!!

    1. Hey Gaurav,

      I just made a post before I saw your comment – not really what he must do, but what I think he will do.

      To be honest, I don’t think it’s really at the point where he needs to make dramatic changes or do something extra special to beat those guys. They are just difficult matches especially on the slower court surfaces. Let’s just see what happens when he next plays one of them. I mean he was close to winning against Murray so different day, different surface things will change.

      I agree with all your points though man, if he did all those things then a win is guaranteed. He’s done most of them all before though so I don’t think we need to worry. Perhaps the main one is return more aggressively.

      And like you said, if Fed had won we wouldn’t even have this discussion ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Gaurav, let me answer your questions: –

      1) Return like a maniac!! He really NEEDS to improve it. The chip return cross court is just too obvious and common. Murray isnโ€™t the best of servers and to be out served by him is not great at all.
      -Not possible because of where he decides to stand on the baseline. He relies more on what he sees. Gets very little time for an aggressive backswing.

      2) Improve his approach shots
      -Perhaps, but if you consider his net win percentage, it’s quite high. You cannot make quality approaches every single time, nobody does, at least not anybody who comes in with such regularity to the front court. Which means there will be many times the approach will not be that great.

      3) Not play like a jackass on break points and make matches longer than they need to be
      -That is the Roger Federer style of play. That playing style has taken him where he is and I doubt that’s going to change. Sometimes I get so angry when Roger tends to step off the gas on break points. He believes in percentage play on break points. Arguing with that would mean arguing with the methods of the GOAT. He may change it, who knows!

      4) Improve his movement to the right
      -I think his movement to the right is at the absolute best (for a 31 year old). Two things to consider: He loves the inside out which means he will give you some leeway on his forehand. And, he literally hugs the baseline, which means he has very little time to make that move to the right. He can improve it by moving back a bit. Then, he cannot play the ball early and would cease to be the GOAT. Of course there are other issues to consider, like mileage on the legs, the knees.

      5) Not get out hit by a counter puncher!!! Where are the days when Murray was doing all the running. Whatโ€™s the point of an aggressive risky game, if you yourself are on the defensive. How is it that he is letting himself, a naturally aggressive player, be bossed around by people who are more than content to rally for hours. Just become a Nadal in that case. Thereโ€™s no point having high unforced errors and low winners- the worst of both worlds.
      -You think maybe that’s because of the court speeds and racquet technology these days? If he becomes like Nadal, I know I wouldn’t be a fan of Roger and would not have been responding to your comment.

      6) Heโ€™s as fit as they get. Itโ€™s overlooked because he makes it all look so damn easy. People forget heโ€™s one of the fittest athletes in the world. But he may want to beef up a little if heโ€™s getting out hit??
      If you notice, Roger and Nadal are the same height and weight. Whey does Nadal look so beefed up? Because Roger focuses on some very critical muscle groups where he has good mass. The back, the hips etc. Where exactly do you expect him to beef up? If he gains a few pounds, say 5 or 10, it will seriously hamper his movement, especially on the inside out, and put more stress on the knees.

      I think you are just very upset at Roger’s loss. I am too ๐Ÿ™‚ What you fail to understand is that this was a heck of performance from a 31 year old, playing back to back five setters, on a reasonably slow court in cool conditions, against a young Murray at the peak of his powers. It’s very easy to comment on what Roger should be doing.

      1. Hi Sid.. I liked ur answers. I think everybody including myself r being too over critical of fed. Fed still did more than enough on a slow court,plus it took 5 sets for murray to beat him.
        By the way Sid have u seen where my biscuits are?
        Sorry a cheap joke i couldnt resist with ur blog name. No hard feelings mate. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Biscuits? What Biscuits, Seraj? I don’t know what you’re talking about? ๐Ÿ™‚ You are worse with biscuits than Federer is with break points ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Hi Sid… What i meant was have u seen my cookies but i used the term biscuits instead?
    I was tryin to cheer myself up by sayin something stupid. But my statement was worse than Feds break points. I give up.U r right i should stick to what i know.My pathetic attempt to ammuse myself didnt work. Cheers anyway Sid. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I meant I ate those biscuits and I was denying they even existed. I totally understood your joke man, I was just trying to make fun of you ๐Ÿ™‚

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