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Miami Open Draw 2016

Miami Open Draw 2016 – Federer Makes His Return

Hey all, feels like a while since I last did a draw post and I certainly didn't expect to be doing one for Miami πŸ™‚ but here we are and Federer is making his comeback after knee surgery. The draw has just landed and you can see Federer's project opponents below along with the full draw:

Federer's Projected Opponents

  • Round 1: Bye
  • Round 2: Juan Martin Del Potro
  • Round 3: Jeremy Chardy
  • Round 4: David Goffin
  • Quarter Finals: David Ferrer
  • Semi Finals: Novak Djokovic
  • Finals: Andy Murray

Full .PDF printable draw

Thoughts on the Draw

Federer Miami Training

So first up could be a very interesting match against long time friend and rival Juan Martin Del Potro. Like Roger, Del Potro is on the comeback from injury, albeit after a much longer spell on the sidelines and this will be his third tournament of 2016 after playing Delray Beach and Indian Wells.

I've seen some of his matches and when he's able to get his forehand into play he's as dangerous as ever but the backhand looks a little restricted and he's not match fit. But at the same time Roger hasn't played in 2 months either so they both might struggle on the legs front. I've seen quite a few picking Pella to come through the first round, and he is in reasonable form, but I think JMDP has enough in the tank to setup the tie against Fed.

If Roger makes Round 3 which I expect him too then Chardy is the seeded opponent, he's given Federer a hard time in the past but he's not in great form himself so providing Fed is up to it physically I see him coming through. Verdasco is the other likely opponent but who knows which version of him turns up in Miami. He has made 2 quarter finals though making it his best M1000 results wise off clay so perhaps he will factor.

The seeded opponent for Round 4 is Indian Wells semi finalist David Goffin, the Belgian is playing some good stuff this year and he should do well on this type of surface. Potentially a difficult a match as he will make his opponent play a lot of balls and it could get quite physical if Federer can't find a way through the back of the court.

Quarters would then be Ferrer, who is another player on the injury comeback. If anyone can tough out matches despite having not played though it's him. Cilic and Simon are also in that section.

The last 4 would then be a tie against Djokovic and then the final is seeded to be against Murray who has a good record in Miami winning it twice.

So overall a fair draw. I think Fed's goal has to be to play 2/3 matches and see how things work out. Miami has been one of his poorer tournaments post prime so it's tough to see him going deep even if he was in white hot form never mind having not played for 8 weeks so it does boil down to just wait and see from the fans side of things. I'll be happy with 2 wins.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments.

About Jonathan

Huge fan of Roger Federer - I'll pretty much try and watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or tweeting about tennis I play regularly myself and use this blog to share my thoughts on Fed and tennis in general.

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  1. Not much of a warmup starting with delpo… Could be fun to watch though!

    • Yeah gotta be out the blocks fast, just play to his backhand though and avoid getting fh into play. That tactic worked before anyway, but now he looks a bit scared of hitting over it then it should be better than ever.


    Agree with Simon though, it should be good, hopefully; I just won’t want either of them to lose. Provided he gets through that – since he starts in R2 (really don’t like 1st round byes), then 2 wins gets him to R4…..
    nah, I really want him to make QFs. Of course as Jonathan says, he’s often gone out early here. Maybe it will make a difference not coming in from IW.

    Regardless of what happens – such a joy to have him back. Almost embarrassing, really – guy just wants to play tennis.

  3. I’ve been off tennis for ages but now that Roger is back im back. Honestly a very tricky draw and so I don’t expect him to get that far. I just want Roger to be healthy and get back in form for Wimbledon. I’m saying he gets to qf/sf

    • You don’t expect him to get far, but expect him to get to the quarters or the semis πŸ˜†

      Semi final would be quite a big achievement. I doubt he could beat Djoker on this surface if they met though, not now he has played himself into form after looking a little out of sort after eye infection.

  4. I find it a v tough draw…

  5. Great to have Roger back! He can give me the joy of the 1st and 2nd round and go start work on d clay..Dts good enough for me.
    So glad he is back. Tennis was such a bore with Djokovic *Mr Try So Hard*

  6. So glad Roger is back but not thrilled with him playing Del Potro. I am pulling for Del Potro to do well at tournaments but not win against Roger! I usually am burnt out on tennis after Indian Wells but with the return of Roger I am super excited. Hoping he wins a few rounds!

  7. Tricky draw. But my gut feeling tells me that he’ll not face even one of the projected opponents. Draws rarely turn out as expected. AO this year was probably after a long time that his draw was exactly as per the projected one before it started.

    • Not one? Is that because they fail, or because he does? πŸ™‚

      No expectations. Except that winning the whole thing would be rather more improbable than a first-match loss πŸ™‚

      • Because they fall, and not because he does (hopefully) πŸ™‚ I feel winning 2 matches would be good. Anything more than that is a bonus.

    • I can’t see all of them falling. Slowish court usually means the better player will prevail. Goffin has a nice path to 4th Round.

      I would be surprised if Pella beat Del Po.

  8. Don’t underestimate the man – Federer to win!!!!!!!

  9. I don’t think his quarter is than bad. I’d rather he play Ferrer than Berdych. Hard to predict, even the 1st match. Djokovic to take him out for sure. Fun the see the “pumpkin” on court soon.

    • Djokovic deserves to lose some sponsorship too as he made a comment to the effect of “men should earn/strive to earn more as they bring in more audience. Someone tweeted that by that logic he should get paid half as Fed

      • Yes, players earning more (the poor fellas…) and making TV broadcasts even more expensive. Pocketing a few tens/hundreds of thousand euros/dollars/pounds for each tournament participation plus sponsorship, when sub ATP-150 can barely (if at all) pay for their trips/accomodation?
        Sure thing.

      • I think they should be paid by an applause meter. At the beginning of a match, the fans clap and the players get the percentage of the loudest sound.
        Djokovic might be waiting tables at home in Serbia.

      • He talks too much. trying so hard to be important/relevant.

      • Djokovic’s comments were factual though. As usual people don’t like the truth πŸ˜†

        If you look at things from the angle of your level of pay being related to the money you bring in as a whole tour i.e. ATP vs WTA. Then ATP is very much propping up the WTA right now. It’s about 3 times as big in terms of revenue, ticket sales and tv viewing figures.

        This may change in a few years, in which case WTA players would deserve more in a paid by economic performance model as they would be the cash cow. But as usual it brings tweets of SEXISM! from these progressive feminists who do real feminists an injustice.

        Tbh I’d just stick with the equal pay model in all Best of 3 tournaments. It tends to go in cycles anyway with one tour out performing the other – so over an extended period it likely balances itself out anyway. Guess we’ll see what happens when Big 4 is no more.

        However at Slams it is a joke women get the same for playing Best of 3.

        If you worked in Asda 40 hours a week, would you be happy if someone worked 30 hours on the same aisle doing the same job as you and got paid the exact same? πŸ˜†

      • Sid TheCookieThief

        [ But as usual it brings tweets of SEXISM! from these progressive feminists who do real feminists an injustice.]

        And that sort of feminism required Larry Ellison to be politically correct, and fire Moore.

        Look, there are times when men’s tennis will ride on women’s tennis. And there will be times when women will rely on men’s tennis. Why can’t we simply accept what is a fact at any point in time?

      • Sid TheCookieThief

        [Someone tweeted that by that logic he should get paid half as Fed]

        Whoever said that, is a piece of shit. Djokovic is doing well for himself. Utterly dominating men’s tennis. That same Fed fan who said that surely cheers for Djokovic when he plays Nadal.

        Folks, if we are getting so politically correct about gender equality, why not have men and women compete in the same draw? That would put the equal prize money debate to bed.

        I’m kidding of course.

      • Hahaa don’t put that on Twitter πŸ˜†

      • “Look, there are times when men’s tennis will ride on women’s tennis. And there will be times when women will rely on men’s tennis. Why can’t we simply accept what is a fact at any point in time?”

        Quite. I am so TIRED of people on Twitter – and often ignorant people, at that – just leaping in with accusations of discrimination against whoever all the time. If they actually informed themselves about an issue before sounding off about it, it might be another matter, but they don’t usually.

      • It’s only progressive feminists (and some males, not sure how to label them :D, emasculated?) who are sounding off on Twitter. It’s just they are a very vocal minority which is a shame.

        I hate progressive feminists. They’re usually the same ones who make images to post on twitter that say “All Immigrants are Welcome” etc whenever it’s in the news.

        But if you offered their 21 year old daughter a free trip to Cologne for a weekend, then you probably wouldn’t get your offer accepted. I wonder why πŸ™‚

      • I’m disappointed to see that Djoko has issued an apology for his statement. He’s already made a name for himself, so he doesnt need to bend over to social justice warriors to please his sponsors. It just made me lose some of the respect I gained for him after expressing his opinion. I just don’t see the point in appologizing in public, has it ever done anyone any good? it’s not like these hypersensitive progressives/SJWs will ever forget it, and it only alienates those who can appreciate truth and honesty.

        This thing has been blown way out of proportions anyway, and it’s crazy that Raymond Moore is forced to step down. I can certainly understand why his “should get down on their knees” comment pissed of women, but it’s a very unhealthy society when people are fired over just because of an untactful comment. Long live the victim culture. Oh well, at least the media has something to write about.

        Anyway, it’s gonna be great to see Roger in action again, and I’m also happy that Delpo is back.

      • Sid TheCookieThief

        Andy Murray said, “He also said men’s tennis had a lot to thank Williams for.”

        What the fuck is this retarded Scot talking about? What’s men’s tennis go anything to do with Serena Williams? Can someone please explain?

        Also, the Djokovic apology. Well, that’s only to shut up the retards, and twittards. He made his point, and it was honest, and that’s never going to change. I was pleasantly surprised to he spoke his mind.

    • Sid TheCookieThief

      Didn’t Jonathan point out earlier that Raymond Moore, a few years ago made a comment on the lines of, “Men’s tennis is relying on the success of women’s tennis.”, which was a fairly accurate statement at that time (pre Fededer-Nadal era). If Raymond Moore were a woman then, would these nut jobs be going after him [her]?

      I mean seriously guys, get real.

      • If Raymond Moore was a woman, she wouldn’t be making these kind of comments.

      • If Raymond Moore was a woman, is there anything she could have done for Mr Ellison to help keep her job? πŸ™‚

      • Get your mind out of the gutter.

      • Sid TheCookieThief

        BREAKING NEWS!!!

        Jonathan just let me know that he has decided to step down from his role as Blog owner at PeRFect tennis, effective immediately I fully understand his decision.

        This follows his recent comments that women commenters on this blog aren’t as active as their male counterparts, and the Leaderboard is proof of that. Of course every once in a while Katyani shows up and blows the competition, male or female, out of the water. But that’s more an exception than a rule.

        He went on to say, “They don’t make any decisions, and they are lucky. They are very, very lucky. If I was a lady commenter, I’d go down every night on my knees and thank God that people like Nakul, Amar etc. who are stepping up as prolific first commenters, because they have carried this blog. They really have.”

        Serena Williams tweeted that, “Jonathan should create equal first comment opportunities for both male and female readers. If he had a daughter, he would’ve wanted that for her.”

        Billie Jean King was livid. “I would like to personally thank all the great women commenter her on this blog who fought so hard for so many years in the pursuit of equal first comment opportunities,” she said. “And I’d like to congratulate some of them for standing up to this bully Jonathan. Just who the hell does he think he is? Being a Federer fan doesn’t give him license to make such sexist comments.”

        Cheers, folks!

  10. 2 month hiatus feels like endless agony, I didn’t even bother watching IW. Tricky draw for Roger at Miami which makes me wonder if worth early return. I love to see him back on court but felt its a tad bit premature. Miami has not been favorable hunting ground for him past years so I don’t see him beyond 4th round. Roger just don’t lose your 1st match back on court, that is all I am asking ok πŸ™‚

  11. Having to play Del Potro is a big shame. A less opponent would have been much better for his first match back. I hope he doesn’t push himself too much for the win. I’m really not hoping much here. It’d be really good if he gets three matches in Miami.

  12. NO! Not Delpo for his first match, please πŸ™

  13. No chance of anyone touching Djokovic this tournament on these slow courts.

  14. Hi all. Glad he’s playing Miami – he’s got nothing to lose at one of his least favourable tournaments. Its not a bad draw and an opportunity to get some matches under his belt. He should handle Delpo – I saw him play at IW and it looked like he hadn’t got it back yet but fingers crossed for him for the future (not Miami). Verdasco, Goffin and Ferrer he would normally expect to beat but in these circumstances any of them could prove tough. Its unknown territory for Fed returning from injury but semis would be a major achievement and we should be satisfied with 2/3 wins.

  15. On an entirely different topic does anyone have any tips about buying tickets for Roland Garros – which go on sale tomorrow morning. I cant make Wimbledon this year and I’m thinking of RG tickets middle weekend as I cant go in the week. On Chatrier they seem to have 3 tiers of tickets though – does it matter much which? Roger will still be in middle weekend wont he…

    • I’ve not been so can’t help unfortunately…

      • Thanks. Complete waste of time anyway. First I forgot the time difference so was a half an hour late for the draw starting then was 30000 on the queue and when finally got through the rigmarole of registering etc the only Chatrier tickets left for the middle weekend were 750 Euros each so I didn’t bother

      • Ah, sounds like Davis Cup final when I tried to get tickets. Was way too much hassle.

  16. Sid TheCookieThief

    When is Rederer playing his first match?

    • Friday day session supposedly.

      • What time? I feel like calling in sick to work. I SO wanted to see his first step back on the court! And I agree, Jonathan–if women want equal pay then play 3/5. And I am a woman! No pc BS “feminism” for me. Equality is equality–you can’t make money for no work–male or female.

      • Do you have to work this Friday, Emily? Poor you …

      • Remember, they have offered to play 3/5 – and been turned down.

        Even the men only play 3/5 at GSs & DC.

  17. First?

    Is it only me whoΒ΄s seeing Federer is not in DjokovicΒ΄ half in the draw that is linked? And canΒ΄t Murray either….

  18. Forgot Miami has practice court streaming! (no audio). Fed & Dimi on now. Neither of them moving much at the mo, just repeating shots, maybe getting used to surface. (Fed is still making fewer UFEs than Grigor, cough cough…) – maybe they’ll play points later.

  19. I spotted this on the ATP website yesterday – might be of interest to some people. Despite the URL, it’s actually about how the top players react when they are serving at 30-all.

    • Sid TheCookieThief

      Yup, I happened to read it. Federer has best win % for the 30-30, and 30-40 categories. I wonder how much those percentages change at deuces. Technically, 30-30 is deuce, but the dynamics change the longer the game goes.

  20. A treat in store – both Delpo & Fed
    Delpo coming back from the dead
    First one for Fed post injured knee
    Irrespective it will be a match to see

    Having watched some fine matches between the two, especially the one at Dubai live, it is going to be a great one. All depends on how Fed’s knee has shaped up as Delpo is ahead of Fed in terms of matches post-injury.

    To me Fed is the underdog, purely due to it being his first one after a lay-off.

  21. So apparently Fed might not play because he’s sick. Hopefully that’s not the case…

  22. What’s wrong w Fed??? OY!

  23. He’s withdrawn. Stomach bug. Poor guy. Well at least it’s not the knee. See you all in Monte. SOOO sad and disappointed.

  24. Maybe a blessing in disguise. More time for his knee to heal. I think a stomach flu is circulating there. Ram withdrawn too.
    No pumpkin on the court. Delpo relieved. Maybe Fed will find a small tournament to play before MC?
    He’s going to need some match play in those legs.

    • Agree on needing matches, but I don’t honestly see him playing either Houston or Marrakesh. AFTER MC, he could maybe do Istanbul again or even Munich, which would have the advantage of being close to home.

    • Also think there’s no way he doesn’t add at least one of Madrid or Rome.

      • I am hearing Madrid already.

      • I thought he was already signed up for Madrid?

      • He’s on the list, but as I understand it the top xxx players are automatically entered on all M1000 lists. There are only specific conditions that let them not play- injury or illness, or once you’ve amassed a bunch of years on tour, you’re given a bit of leeway on not having to play everything.

      • I think I’d rather see him play Rome since it’s supposed to be most like RG; but he’ll know what’s best for his scheduling.

      • “I think I’d rather see him play Rome since it’s supposed to be most like RG;”

        πŸ˜† yeah gotta get the practise in to win that elusive 2nd French Open.

  25. “Β£$%”$Β£^&$%&”$&%!!!!!

    I only realised this when I realised that Zeballos was playing on Stadium, and wondered what on earth he was doing there.


    Well, I’m sorry Ram’s had to withdraw as well, but at least there’s backup for the indisposition, although I don’t suppose the haters will take a blind bit of notice.

  26. Sid TheCookieThief

    You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!

  27. !!!!! Zeballos wins 6-4 6-4 !!??!?!?!

  28. And now Robin Hasse’s coach has been arrested for MURDER!!!

    I predict more players will succumb to stomach bug. That sh%t spreads like wild fire.

  29. Wondering if Delpo is going to make a comeback. His backhand seemed fine at IW but today, bad news. Everything about him didn’t look right.

    I’m noticing poor attendance at Miami. Maybe a third full for the Delpo match. Thought that would be a full house esp since everyone thought Fed was on.

    Also noticed the new Adidas “uniform”. Blues on shirt and blue or white shorts.

    Can anyone stop Djokovic here?

    • Roger made some comment in his presser about the tournament struggling, didn’t he?

      I think Roger’s going to have to enter a lot of clay court tournaments, even if it’s at the last minute, just to get his playing rate up and get his rhythm back. Ironic that he was so close to getting the No. 2 spot back off Andy, too. Funny, but at the end of last year I had a feeling that 2016 wasn’t going to be a very good year for him. I didn’t say anything here because I thought I must be imagining it, but now I’m not so sure.

    • Del Potro’s backhand was the same at Indian Wells -he is scared to hit the 2 hander. Looks like he holds racquet very tight to negate pain so hugely ineffective shot for him now.

      He either has to learn to a hit one hander or just be content with playing tennis with only 1 real shot. Probably good enough for Top 100.

    • “I’m noticing poor attendance at Miami. Maybe a third full for the Delpo match. Thought that would be a full house esp since everyone thought Fed was on.”

      OTOH, it’s Miami. I’d guess that’s a rather Catholic area, and that people may resist going out on Good Friday. Will be interesting to see if it picks up after tomorrow.

  30. What a shame for Delpo. His match against Berdych was much better. He didn’t seem to be struggling as much as yesterdays match. No power in his left wrist at all. Yeah, don’t think he will ever get near the top again.
    Alison, hope you are wrong but fear you are right. 2017 the last year?

    What does everyone think? Did Fed injury himself running a bath or in the semis of the AO?
    Does he really have the flu or his knee not ready for match play?
    Does area 54 really exist?

    • He did train same day, but only half an hour, and from what I saw on some video he seemed totally drained on energy. He’s also said to write no autographs. That supports the stomach sickness subject IMO. And IMO he has quite a hard period now…I want to support his amazing tennis all I can, and hoping Rogi coming along happy, soon.

      • I notice there have been a lot of other retirements, especially in the men’s matches, over the last 24 hours.

    • “Alison, hope you are wrong but fear you are right. 2017 the last year?”

      That’s not what I said, or meant.

      • I’m talking about your comment regarding 2016 not going to be a good year for him.
        2017 the last year is a new sentence.

  31. Now Rafa sick too. Oy!

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