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Miami Draw 2014 – Federer Set To Play

It's non stop on the ATP Tour as just a day after the Indian Wells final the Miami Draw is out. Looks like a good one for Fed on paper and we can expect him to play his first match on Friday.

I don't know whether he's fully confirmed to participate yet but as you can tell from the picture above he's already landed in Florida so I guess we shall see how he recovers over the next couple of days before he confirms.

There's some very interesting matches in the pipeline early doors which should be good viewing. Then of course its semi finals where as usual it gets tough with Djokovic and Nadal likely being the opponents in his way from taking the title.

Federer's Projected Opponents

  • Round 1: Bye
  • Round 2: Ivo Karlovic
  • Round 3: Fernando Verdasco
  • Round 4: Richard Gasquet
  • Quarter Final: David Ferrer
  • Semi Final: Djokovic / Murray
  • Final: Rafael Nadal

Full .PDF draw here.

Thoughts on the Draw

Federer Miami 2009

Roger said in his Indian Wells Semi Final press conference that he'd have preferred to play Isner in the final and it looks like he has a compromise here as Karlovic is a potential second round opponent. Fed / Karlovic matches are usually pretty good as Roger always conjures up some magic on the return.

I'm not 100% sure Ivo will make it though as it depends on his opponent in the first round, if he's up against a grinder who can return from 10 feet behind the baseline he might find it difficult and his record in Miami is poor, his best being the 3rd Round in 2010.

Third round could be Fernando Verdasco who had a decent run in Indian Wells before losing to Isner in 3 tight sets. Fed usually schools this guy but you can never take him lightly due to his hefty forehand. I think that matchup will likely happen as it's only either 2 qualifiers or Hanescu who can stop it.

Fourth round looks like either Gasquet or Anderson whom Roger schooled in Indian Wells last week. I would back Gasquet as he made the semi final in Miami last year and slow courts suit his wind up / flamboyant shot making approach but he's very unpredictable.

Roger's quarter final opponent could be last years beaten finalist David Ferrer who is coming back from injury. That's not a given though as both Nishikori and Dimitrov reside in that Quarter of the draw and both are capable of beating the Spaniard especially as he is not match sharp.

Then it's the usual Djokovic semi and Nadal final. We'll talk about those if they happen ๐Ÿ™‚

Predictions / Dark Horses

Cilic Nishikori
Cilic and Nishikori Could Surprise

I think Miami will probably spring some surprises and I don't think we'll have the top seeds having it all their own way. I reckon Fed can definitely make the semi finals here but beating Djokovic on this court is going to be a real uphill task. I know they say it plays faster than Indian Wells but I think this court bounces high and roughs up balls extremely fast. Humidity is high too which never helps and winners are hard to come by.

I guess the fact Haas managed it last year is food for thought but Djokovic is going to be buoyed by his win in Indian Wells so will be hoping to go on a tear up.

As for dark horses I can see Marin Cilic doing well here and also Kei Nishikori. I also quite like Gasquet and Simon who can play well on this type of court but their form is patchy. We shall see!

What do you guys think? Can Federer go one better than Indian Wells? Should he even play?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Good draw, Karlovic can be tricky especially coming from the final in IW. Maybe his urge to win ain’t dry high

  2. OMG! 4th. almost on the podium! Am liking this draw and the fact he will be so relaxed. nothing to lose, everything to play for and Edberg back in his corner! much more pressure on Nadal, Murray and Ferrer!
    The surface will negate the serveborgs much more here as humidity slows down the big guys!
    Am liking Feds chances of making the SF at least and getting to no 4 and possibly to no 3 if Stan has a ‘mare!bring it on!

  3. Not a bad draw for Fed but on these slow ass courts every draw is hard for him.
    I hope Tursunov plays against Nadal like he did against Federer last week, he’d kill Nadal.

      1. Rita, I hope that Tursunov will make it to round three, let’s see whether umpire has taken notice of Tursunov’s previous protests and whether Tursunov will protest, if Nadal exercises his routine.

      1. I would love to see that ๐Ÿ˜‰ it would be interesting matchup after the noise he made lately ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. I bet you a dollar it will be the same chair umpire ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I was wondering, did “that” lines woman, ever officiate in any other Silliams match?

  4. Ahhh…. the new Sony Open tournament champagne sponsor is Moรซt & Chandon. Says so at the Sony Open site.

    1. Aha Thinker, very good observation! That explains a lot.

      Although Fed lost to Roddick, I thought he played well in Slowami in 2012. The draw looks good, no points to defend, I think he can go deep again ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks Jonathan for keeping us well-informed.

    2. Ah didn’t know that Thinker, good spot. No wonder he’s showing his face then. Do you think he will drink out of a champagne glass at the changeovers?

      1. LOL, great idea! He’d make more for that than for winning the tournament. Maybe… . maybe just a commercial with him doing that. Doing it in an actual tournament would be quite a bit over the top. Not to mention distracting from the task at hand.

  5. I think it’s a good draw. Question Jonathan- Are you sure Miami plays faster than Indian Wells? I always thought it was the opposite. As you said the balls bounce higher here, which would have been a bigger issue if Federer was in Nadal’s half. It’s probably the humidity that’s going to be a factor here.

    Federer should waltz into the semis. From there it’s a coin toss, with the edge going to Novak.

    One thing I feel is that Novak regaining a bit of his mojo might be a good sign coming into the clay season as he’s the one person who can regularly be a pain in Nadal’s ass. And for that he needs to be able to trust his game. It sucks that the win came against Fed, but if there was a better time for him to regain some confidence it was just prior to the clay season.

    1. Agree with everything: I always thought Miami was wayyy slower than IW.

      And I’d love Novak romping some spanish ass during the clay season ๐Ÿ˜› Ideally Roger would, but that’s not very probable ๐Ÿ˜›

    2. Miami has a slower court pace rating than IW for sure, but I remember Fed say that Miami is slightly quicker in his opinion. But with the conditions and roughness it’s probably slower.

      1. It’s painful watching match highlights from Miami – you know it’s a hardcourt, but it’s just soooooo slooooowwwwwwwww. The surface seems to have a ‘sticky’ effect which makes it a horrible tv viewing experience, I imagine being there live is even worse! I will never go to Miami! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. He should definitely play since he’s back in the top 4 just by showing up!
    Did you see how he looked at the trophy presentation?! Man you can tell another baby Fed is on the way because he really is at peace with himself. So nice to see and it definitely means that more is on the way ๐Ÿ™‚
    Really the draw could not be much better from his point of view, he’s avoided anyone of any real danger before the quarters! From recent form anything less than semis could be a step back. Only a minor one though! We could see Fed and Dimi square off again and it’ll be very interesting to see how they compare on purple clay. Hope it happens.
    I also think Murray might kickstart his season here as Miami is pretty much his second home and he got here very early to train… similar to Fed in Dubai y’know?
    Just enjoy because after this we’ve got a long arse wait until Madrid!
    Fed’s points for the entire 2013 was 4025. He has 2010, pretty much half, already this year. Damn. And he’s not exactly defending much this clay season except for F in Rome and QF in Paris. He’ll be back top 3 before not too long!

    1. Not convinced about Muzza. I don’t know what’s wrong with him (I think the back is just BS), but he just doesn’t look like the same old to me… :-/

      1. Well Simon, now we know! Clearly the decision about the slot has been playing on his mind! That coupled with really amateur scheduling hv meant a poor start to the yr! Now it’s out in the open, he may relax and play freely or continue to struggle!

  7. Fascinating, you can actually go on the Sony Ericsson website and check out the daily practise sessions schedule! Federer was on centre(stadium) court today from 11am -1pm. What a treat that Wld be!

      1. Yeah when I went to Melbourne in 2013, the website provided a practice schedule, which meant I knew when exactly to go the practice courts to see Rog!! Aussie Open definitely the best Grand Slam for fans ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. [Rogerโ€™s quarter final opponent could be last years beaten finalist David Ferrer who is coming back from injury]

    Wait…so that means he was making doctor visits, right? For treatment? Don’t these Spaniards typically come back much stronger after injury breaks? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thinker, if you’re going to bring opera into this, I reserve the right to start on my ballet analogies ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Very interesting topic those analogies. Maybe Jonathan could bring it in on a less busy period. Ok although my dear aunt used to be a quite successful opera singer I would like to compare Roger with my other idol the GOAT rock n roll living legend Lemmy Kilmister.
      Donโ€™t remain at their obvious differences. I m sure I can find >10 things in common and > than Nurejev ๐Ÿ˜€
      For starters just listen to the blues version (Slow Acoustic) of โ€œ the ace of spadesโ€ on you tube

      โ€œplaying for the high one dancing with the devilโ€= โ€œreturning a high kicking backhand playing whit Nadalโ€

    3. Lovely, thanks Thinker!

      ‘Roger as…’, it’s a fun topic to share.

      How about this one by Simon Barnes, the Times. Sorry a bit old and no link as it’s subscribe only. The funny thing is that he wrote it in the 1st week of Wimby 2012 and didn’t think Fed could win another slam ๐Ÿ˜‰

      “Watching Roger Federer at Wimbledon is like watching a hen harrier in England. Youโ€™ve got to enjoy them while you still can because theyโ€™re likely to go extinct before long. There is the same sense of privilege, the same sense of beauty, the same sense of fragility, the same sense of utter magnificence.”

      “My colleague Ed Smith wrote recently of Federer as an artist in the midst of his Late Period, characteristically quoting the Palestinian thinker Edward Said: โ€œAge confers a spirit of reconciliation and serenity in later works.โ€
      That is traditionally (if not invariably) true in great art: Shakespeare brought us the reconciliation of The Tempest, Beethoven the late quartets and the Ninth Symphony, Joyce ended his last great book with the river merging with the sea, death merging with life and the uncompleted sentence โ€œa way a lone a last a loved along theโ€. There is something of this elegiac mood in Late Period Federer.”

      1. Thanks for this Wanda, not a subscriber, hadn’t seen it.

        Love this line, which is really what we keep trying to say in different ways, isn’t it:
        “There is the same sense of privilege, the same sense of beauty, the same sense of fragility, the same sense of utter magnificence.โ€

        I like too the reference to “reconciliation and serenity” which kind of jives with Roger’s own “Zen on the court”. Sometimes I wonder how much of this stuff Roger himself reads now, or if he figures he can read it all later (or not, as the case may be).

    4. Okay, I hadn’t actually read the interview last night, but – Roger is friends with JDF? Wow. Not something I expected to hear, but he goes up another notch in my estimation. I have a lot of time for JDF: saw him in La Fille du Regiment a few years back, in which he was incredible. And he plays tennis as well? I like to see someone who doesn’t get too much tunnel vision.

      Anyway, I think all tennis players ought to do ballet – it’d be great for the footwork.

  9. Aww, why didn’t they take this pic with Roger , his twins and these mice. It woulda been soo adorable!!! Well, I guess this was for NIKE

    1. You don’t really think Roger would do a publicity photo with the twins, do you? Given how keen he is to protect his family’s privacy, and all that.

  10. Sweet draw but all depends on how he feels after IW as you said, if he is ready then I think a semi final run would be in reach. I think Miami due to conditions is the slowest hard court on tour- tennis quality is always terrible at this tournament and I honestly don’t believe it should be a masters 1000, always has problems because it has to follow in IW’s footsteps and players are still injured etc, never liked Miami, probably never will. Last year’s final between the Muzz and Ferrer was one of the worst matches I’ve ever seen so I highly doubt I’ll tune in outside of Roger’s matches. Will be interesting to see how Nadal fares, he’s never won Miami which is absolutely crazy seeing as it plays like clay. Novak looks to have gained a tonne of confidence now so I think he’s the man to beat here, and doing the American double again could be huge for him in determining how the next stage of the season plays out. As for Fed, he’s pretty much guaranteed to be in the top 4 by the end of this tournament so no matter what happens here, he will have earned his place back into the top tier for sure. Looking forward to it, Allez!

    1. So agree.think it shld be downgraded to a 500 and Dubai shld be a Masters or they shld upgrade a grass tourney to even up the surfaces mix in that category.
      Clearly Fed is on a sponsors retainer here And luckily he is fit and healthy so everyone gains!

      1. You guys are being TOUGH on Miami! Its been a prestigious and classic tournament, often even on par with IW, at least in the US anyway. Agassi used to tear it up here, who was an incredible wind player. And lets not forget that our boy took out Nadal in a 5 set final. So definitely some good times here in the past, but yeah for sure its gonna be tough for Fed now to bring home the trophy considering the conditions. I feel that the court was considerably faster btw about 5-10 yrs ago…anyone know for sure? Anyway, each match is kinda dangerous starting with Ivo who faced no break pts today against a decent player like Matthieu. But I do expect Rog to find a way and at least make the quarters, and wouldn’t be completely shocked by a finals appearance, considering the level of confidence he’s riding at the moment.

  11. Roger draw somehow make me happy, I don’t know why. Looking at the possible opponent, it’s depend on how Roger manage his mental strength. I don’t want to jinx it, but I really want to see him in SF against Novak (and win it, again, this time).

    As for Nadal draw, i think all the youngsters, that have the potential to beat him is on his draw (except Dimitrov). Really interested to see if he can handle them (I have a feeling that we’ll not gonna see him in QF). The highlight of course Nadal vs Tursunov (I am looking forward to see the drama, not the match, hahaha)

  12. Is Fed wearing giant Mickey hand gloves in that pic? LOL! He sure knows how to have fun! Mirka probably has to deal with 3 kids on their family outings ๐Ÿ˜€
    Re Miami, the draw looks good, but I was honestly expecting Roger to not show up. He has played a lot of tennis this season already. He has skipped Miami in the past and done just fine re the ranking points and the year ahead. Also, I don’t think Ferrer was going to defend his final run anyway, so Rog would have gotten to 4 without showing up most probably. But he is the GOAT of scheduling, in GOAT I trust. And of course, Roger Federer on a tennis court is not something I can complain about, ever! Whatever the case, I hope he is at his fittest physically and in his best form to give himself a chance at SW19 and Flushing Meadows.
    For Miami, fingers crossed! And Roger better be the Batman to Djoker if they meet. IW hurt.

  13. Hi,
    Some news just in – Andy has parted the partnership with Lendl. Bad timing to Andy and his Miami title defence; Nole could benefit, as I don’t see Andy reaching QF.

      1. It has been speculated that the Lendl’s committment is the sticking point. Whilst Andy wants his full committment throughout the reason, Lendl wants to pick and miss, … A really bad timing to Andy fight to move the ranking. I thought that who could be better than Lendl, if Andy wants to improve his clay court performance … . Does this explain Andy’s struggle at the IW, as he could not have concentrated very well.

      2. Think the idea that Lendl is ill was pure speculation on someone’s part. Can’t even remember where i read it now. More likely is that he has other commitments and Andy needs someone there all the time. Wonder who he’ll get?

    1. I actually don’t think this is all that surprising, one of the main reasons Murray even got Lendl in his corner was to win a slam because those two could could relate and now they’ve achieved two together, one including the all important Wimbledon which was probably their ultimate goal. Kind of don’t see how those two work without having Wimbledon to work for, makes sense IMO. Really successful partnership but it’s done the job. Murray looks to be struggling right now and I doubt he does anything on clay again so I’d say his chances of defending Wimbledon are slim.

      But truth be told I was actually expecting Djoker/Boris to end before this one…

    2. I’m really sorry to see this, actually. I thought they had developed almost a father/son thing when he won Wimbledon – thought it was an excellent matchup. Wonder if this explains Muzza’s flatness and Ivan’s temper tantrum last weekend at his seniors event. Sounds like it’s hard on both of them. I wish they could have worked through it.

      I could see the scheduling thing being an issue, especially with Roger & Nole both having previous generation players on their teams who are not there for every event.

    1. Yeap, it is in I am very surprised about it and believe that theirs is the most successful (star-star)partnership so far. Interesting to see how Andy will survive without Lendl. I thought that Lendl has done so much for Andy, who has kind of really matured under Lendl’s guidance.

      1. Hey Gang, what the hell?? Andy and Lendl split??? Oh my God, never saw that one coming. What will Andy do next? Lendl has been SO SO good for him…

        SO HOPE Edberg won’t be inspired by this….
        You hear me, Stefan…. please stay by Roger’s side…..

        A coach is in my opinion so needed. Look at Roger playing better when Stefan is around.
        Look at Novak playing far and far better when Vajda is around instead of Becker.
        And in my opinion Andy always plays tours better when Lendl is around….

      2. Katyani, good spotting. When I read the news of Lendl throwing Mac type tantrum in a match with Jonny Mac, I thought they were taking a mikey. Then, it seemed to be real. I was wondering what that was about … . It all seems to make sense now – perhaps it could be as early as after the AO they decided to go their separate ways, damned. I was just about thinking that things could get interesting this year for the Big 4. It looks that Andy might not be part of equation when Wimbodon comes around. Although feeling bad for Andy, could it a good news to Rog’s Wimbodon title chance? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      3. Hey Gang, even with Andy and Lendl together beeing around, Roger would still win Wimby 2014 ๐Ÿ™‚ Just like he will win USO 2014 and….. of course RG 2014 ๐Ÿ™‚
        But first…lets focus or let me focus on Miami ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. [email protected] fedfan, yeah, he’s wearing Giant Mickey hand gloves with tousled hair !!!
    Yep, IW hurt, I was screaming lights out when he broke back and that was like 12:30 – 1am my time.
    But I am looking ahead very hopeful for Miami, hopeful for Fed to win the tournament and shock exits for Nadal, Djoker and Murray ๐Ÿ˜‰
    We can do with some help, can’t we?

    1. Jonathan is having time out til Friday ! His schedule has been hectic! Needs to recharge batteries but he will be back!!

  15. Think Rita is right. Lendl wants to play Seniors more, can’t commit full time and yes, tough to move on from the peak of Wimbledon 2013! Now we know why he has been a bit out of sorts. Whether it is amicable or not, will hv been on Muzzas mind last 2 weeks. Tough mentally but actually prob the right move. Andy has to work it out more for himself! We shall see whether he has got new maturity on court as of late he has looked bit all over the place! Don’t worry Katyani, Fed is far too sensible not to hv worked out what’s best for both him and Stefan!

    1. Hey Susie, I never saw Lendl play (too young), but my older collegues were really impressed by him saying that in his time he was one of the best (I had never heard of him). And when I saw him in Andy’s box, he is always so serious and quite. But when Andy and Lendl and Berdych played the exho in Queens, I really saw another side of Lendl. He was so funny and lighthearted. Really liked him. To me he did share kind of a father/son-relationship with Andy. I am not Andy’s fan, but I do hope the best for him. Like Roger (when he split with Annacone) Andy is taking a chance.

      So actually, all the top 10 guys have changed their coaches at some time, except Rafa???

      1. [So actually, all the top 10 guys have changed their coaches at some time, except Rafa???]

        Katyani, you can change coaches, but you can’t change Uncles now, can you? Dopal is Toni’s pet. Dogs love their masters ๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. Sid…. your comment ++1 ๐Ÿ™‚
        Keep them coming, you parttime comedian ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Think it must be Friday! And now Delpo has withdrawn again! Poor guy Altho think he has basically screwed 2 draws in a row by entering and then withdrawing! Nadal has a clear run to the Semi now! Think Delpo will drop out if top 10 if this continues. Such a pity!

      1. Yes, that is a shame. Poor guy seems to have rotten luck. I don’t know why he didn’t withdraw earlier really as he clearly needed more time to recover.

      2. Basically, he waited for the draw. Then he was like, “Dopal? Jeebus! Adios, amigos!”

      3. I’d say theres a better chance that Rafa loses early, like to Tursonov or Janowicz than him losing to DelPo had they met in quarters. By then, Rafa would have played himself into form and prolly beaten down on delpo backhand, and delpo likely would lose b4 quarters anyway had he played.

  16. FEDERER FORECAST: Spanish Rain on the horizon

    Due to unpopular demand here’s my much awaited Miami forecast. Enjoy.

    Miami is a bit hard to predict since it comes hot on the heels of Indian Wells.
    Fed really stunk up the joint in the final so it’s good to have another tourny so soon to erase those memories.

    I honestly think he’s got absolutely no chance to go too far in this tourny.
    I have an inkling he actually wanted to skip it but since he has no points to defend he figured he may as well pass “Go” on the Miami-poly board and collect the bonus points.

    If he manages to meet Ferrer in their projected QF then I will place a bet on Ferrer. Ferrer will be over the odds simply based on their h2h (15-0 in Federer’s favour I think) and Fed’s recent resurgence which has the pundits fooled. We should try to take advantage before he returns to his true level. It should make it worthy of a wager regardless of outcome if they manage to meet.
    If not I’ll probably just watch this tourny as can’t see much other great bets to get involved in.

    There are so many question marks over all the top players.
    Nole is playing poorly by his standards but is still the benchmark for me.
    Nadal seems in for a rough patch and this is his letdown year from the high of last year I suspect. I predict ZERO slams for the Spaniard this year. His early draw is tricky. I can see him getting taken out by Janowicz.
    Murray can probably do well and should be amongst the favourites if he’s 100% healthy. Leaving Lendl was a good move. Murray is an intense guy and having another strong personality in the camp isn’t ideal. The Czech served his purpose anyway so better give him the boot now before he wins more slams and has to share the glory.
    Wawrinka the NO.1 Swiss is still hungover from AO glory. Give him a year.
    Delpo is under a huge cloud. If not still injured he’ll still be ring rusty.
    Berd-shit might spring a surprise or two and ruffle a few feathers here. He’s one guy that’s stayed healthy as the others have crumbled around him.
    Dark horse:
    As for Fed’s projected opponents:
    R2: Karlovic is just a serve-bot and getting long in the tooth as well as the limbs. But the Frankenstein-lookalike can still be a handful for anyone on his day. Fed can take a pull on the slot machine and see if his number comes up on the two or three tiebreakers they’ll play. If Fed was in good form he should waltz through but you never know as the Swiss has played a lot of tennis by his standards. It may be a shock to the system seeing as last year he barely ever made it past a 2nd round let alone 2nd week.
    R3: Fiasco is a talented player with no brain. The kind of guy Fed normally beats and then steals lunch money from. But I think he’ll still test Fed on this surface. His serve’s not great especially under pressure so Roger ‘should’ theoretically have the edge. I think this is the easiest of Fed’s projected opponents seeing as if he makes it past Karlovic he should have an idea of how the court and conditions are handling.
    R4: Gas Gay continues the theme of mental midgets. He’s French so they are good at losing wars and tennis matches when it counts.
    QF: Ferrer is the one I think will definitely knock Fed out if Roger makes it this far. I think this top 4 player is DUE to beat Fed. I mean how INSANE is it that a Top Four player has played the Swiss FIFTEEN times and won ZERO against Fed. I mean David has even beaten Rafa a couple times so the 32yo Fed should be a deal easier. Of course we all know it doesn’t work like that in sport but I think Ferrer’s counterpunching style is the perfect strategy to take advantage of a more attacking but erratic Federer. In short, he should just let Fed hit himself to loss.
    Anyways that’s my forecast for Miami.

    And remember I was probably the only person on the planet to say Nadal would lose to either Dolgopolov or Monfils at Indian Wells so you know I’ve got the proven track record.
    Anyway for Fedfans this tournament should be a free-roll since he’s not defending any points. Fingers crossed he makes it to the Ferrer match so we can all cash in.

    1. Yes, we specifically remember the prediction:

      “That all ends tomorrow night.
      Federer meets a genuine test for the first time since Nadal at the Australian Open 2013.
      Dolgopolov is in form and beating up on top ten players for fun.”

      That genuine test ended in 6-3, 6-1.

      1. Well you have to admit the elements ruined that match as a spectacle.
        I stand by my point that Dolgopolov would’ve been a stern test -not only for Roger’s pronunciation skills but also his tennis ability if we had gotten fair and neutral conditions.
        If you read my comment nowhere did I say Alexandr was a shoe-in to win.
        I simply said he was the first test Roger would get since Nadal at the AO 2013.

        Mother Nature unfortunately is Swiss.

      2. Elements ruined it!!!?

        If it was a little less windy the score line would have been different? If anything, Federer is the best indoor player in the world, where all those “elements” you’re mentioning are absolutely “neutral”. Dolgopolov would have been lucky to avoid a beat down irrespective of the court/ condition/ balls/ racket/ surface/ clothes/ weather/ cloud formation etc.

        Don’t be a tool just for the sake of it.

    2. Jonathan, I haven’t read Mr Croy Baby’s comment, but can you do us all a favor and get him out of here? What is this? A blog inside a blog? We are perfectly content with what this blog offer.

  17. May be, if he is not feeling his back he can play well, and as I saw, Stefan Edberg is there, may be his backhand probably will be better, because magic moments we will have:-)

  18. Troy Nguyen —- Thanks for your prediction but we don’t appreciate predictions or betting against our Roger. Cut him some slack!
    Go create your own website.

    1. HAHAHAHA. That was absolutely hilarious. Federer does a great job of pretending to enjoy the event, with all its socialites, moody dancers and solemn waiters with forced smiles. It all seems very very artificial. It’s something that I’ve always preferred about sport (tennis) over the cinema/ socialite circles- it’s SO much more real.

      The event just seemed to be a random bunch of decent looking, over dressed people pulled together at 4 in the afternoon, on a decorated rooftop and put in front of a camera and told, “Here’s some free booze, now go pretend that you’re having fun.” It all seemed incredibly hollow to me. Loved the way Federer livened it up though. There’s so little artifice in him, it’s wonderful.

      Poor Stefan was probably like “What the hell am I doing here with these brainless bimbos who probably don’t have a clue as to who I am! God, let me just put on my most charming smile, and slip my way out before I get accosted by the next camera person”

      1. That is a perceptive comment, he really doesn’t hv any artifice! Everything at face value, take it and enjoy it for what it is!
        He is just fantastic at giving people time!

    2. Oh my… Once you see the tan line, it can’t be unseen…. Might as well draw a line with a marker on his forehead, would prob be less visible! ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Why are you guys being so critical about his tan line when Roger wears a headband while he practices and plays outside exposed to the sun? Moet and Chandon is a very prominent ATP World Tour and AO, FO, US Open sponsor. They thought very highly of Roger as becoming their brand ambassador they ended the contract of Scarlett Johansson. I think Roger enjoys being their brand ambassador.

      2. Nobody here critised Roger for his advert or wtv you want to call it. And I’m just laughing at the tan line, it’s nothing mean…. You really need to chill out, Feds is not a god, and a little fun here and there doesn’t hurt anyone… I’m just saying that once you see it, you see just that on his face…

      3. Nobody said anything about him being GOD. I think kind of wierd you guys going on about his tan line when plays outside, in the sun! If he didn’t tan, I would find that strange. You guys think Roger is always fussing about his appearance and he didn’t go out of his way to hide the tan line. The latest ATP interview you can’t see it that much.

      4. KFF, the problem for me is that if he’s got that much of a line – and it looks more than just a tan line to me, almost sunburn – and if he got it at IW, then he’s not using good enough (or any?) sun protection, and that’s really not clever. Not as stupid as Murray practising shirtless in the middle of the Australian summer, but still not clever.

    3. No idea how he does it: it’d make me cringe, just as it would Andy. I watched the vid a day or two ago and wondered, is it possible in Florida to have a complete career just as a “looker”? You know, faultless tan, good-looking, good teeth, faultless hair, that sort of thing, and hire yourself out e.g. as a waiter to stuff like this? Yet Roger manages to put up with it all with good grace: of course, he is being paid handsomely for it, but even so …

  19. Just watching Fed’s interview on the ATP site and thinking he looks so much more relaxed and so much healthier than he did last year. He actually looks a year younger not a year older ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Apparently he just had hip surgery – on both hips. Not sure what for. Doesn’t sound like he was really ready to come back…

  20. Hey guys, what’s up?? What’s up?? In a few hours Roger will play, so I am going to give my Miami prediction. If you like it, read on. If you don’t, ignore it. Afterall, what do I know about it ๐Ÿ™‚

    And dear Scooter, especially for you ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope some of it comes true ๐Ÿ™‚

    Our Roger will make atleast SF. After that it is 50%. Honestly on one hand I don’t think he will win Miami, because you all call it Slowami for a reason, but on the other hand I did say Roger was going to win a title no one would expect, so…. And maybe he only does it to gain points and just wants to see how far he will come.
    Rafa will NOT win it. Don’t know how far he will get, maybe final, but no title. He is older and the others are starting to believe he can be beaten. Novak will not win Miami either (eventhough he is more confidant now). Berdych or Stan or Ferrer won’t win it too. Jo Willy will lose in the beginning.

    I am calling for Andy as the winner (hopefully Roger, but oke). Andy has something to prove (that beeing without Lendl won’t make a difference) and he can play more freely. AND like I have already said, I don’t believe in that “injured much”. You cannot come from an injury and still play THAT good.
    So…. winner Miami, Roger or Andy.

    Oh and Dimi will be the surprise of Miami ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. hahaha! I love you Katyani! Especially the “what do I know about it”! You had me roaring with laughter just with that opening sentence ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Afterwards, needless to say, I don’t agree too much with you ๐Ÿ™‚ As much as I’d like to ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Hey Simon, just beeing honest ๐Ÿ™‚ But…. remember my RG 2014 prediction??? That WILL come true ๐Ÿ™‚

        My God, when are these girls going to finish???? Win already….

        Oh and I agree about your comment about the tan line. When I saw it, it was the only thing I noticed even when Roger was talking ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Okay, let’s do it like that: If he wins RG, you give me your address, and I’ll send a Fed memento your way. Sounds good? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Good! Karlovic was never going to break Federer because return and his ground game sucks. Federer just needed to break him once in each set. Karlovic lives by his serve, period.

  21. Yeah, it was one of the FEW Federer matches where I wandered off mid match to cook myself some dinner. Usually everything else comes to a standstill. But great start nevertheless.

    Did anybody notice the dance Federer did while anticipating the Karlovic smash at 15-40, 4-4, 2nd set, on Karlovic’s serve. I found it hilarious.

  22. It was a pretty boring match, wasn’t it. Fed just did the minimum needed to win. Good thing because he’s saved his energy for the next one ๐Ÿ™‚

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