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It is quiz time at peRFect Tennis and there's two to play – The MTPQ – Male Tennis Players Quiz & The FTPQ – Female Tennis Players Quiz. No prizes, just kudos. Answers require both the players first and last name to be deemed correct (not case sensitive). And remember to keep a note of the first letter of each of your answers for the last question πŸ™‚

Let me know how you get on in the comments πŸ™‚

Murli Pillai

Fanatic Federer fan. Watch all his matches on TV if shown ( outside working hours ! ), and quite often drive down to Dubai from Muscat to watch him live. Apart from being an IT / Telecom sales professional, am a quiz-master, classic rock & blues fan, movie buff and a veteran tennis-ball cricketer. Love to research on Fed’s on-court & off-court doings – the Fedberg quiz an outcome of that.

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    1. That clue is in the intro ? but I know people just skim. Like that trick on a test that says right at the top – ‘only answer the first question, leave the rest blank’. Everyone fills things out fully; some realise after, others not at all.

  1. You only need Google and 5 free minutes. Just tested on male part. 100% good answers and the resulting name is of course ROGER FEDERER πŸ˜‰ Bad times for quiz masters – you can google-out all answers πŸ˜‰

    1. And I guess the solution for the female part is BELINDA BENCIC (same number of characters as RF by accident πŸ˜‰
      BTW – of course it’s easier to solve if you know something about tennis (history), so you know what to search for in Google. But – after you have found first 3 answers and your solutions starts like ROG….., you can just guess the final solution to be ROGER FEDERER πŸ˜‰ The same with Bencic.
      I think, you would gp the same way to solve the quiz or you simply want to know, what do you know by heart and what you can guess entering random answers. I think, my result without Google would be about 10 points. BTW – do you know all those things by heart or found them the same way I did? (looking for letters you needed to your predefined final answer?

      1. How do you think has Murli created the blog? Everything from own memory? Good joke πŸ˜‰ Of course you need to call it cheating, but I guess your result would be not any better with Google. Google does not answer directly the quiz questions. You must first have an idea what to look for in Google (or you have a brain like Mont Everest?) and you probably miss search engines know-how or simple logic but for sure you miss sense of humor. At least I have learned something, using Google, which means, the quiz was inspiring (to learn, not to guess). And what’s wrong to write the solution in a comment? This is only my guess. Only Murli knows the right answers. And Murli’s request was just “Let me know how you get on in the comments”, so I did. And for female part I have even not tried, so BB is only a wild guess. And even knowing the final solution for male part (if my is the right one) does not help you much to find out answers if you try once more. One more word about cheating – you (and many others here) are too quick in calling others “cheaters”. And this with real names. I’m here anonymous just like you, so if you wanted to offend, well … you attack was directed to some “PRF”. Guess (without Google) my real name. Now I know, what you meant supposing, I should create a Thiem blog (instead of disturb you all here) . Well, this was not meant honestly, but this was still a good idea. So no regrets. And no more “thank you”. I’m leaving this place because it’s not friendly. Well, Fedfans are not there to be friendly to others. I was able to learn this before over some years on old Roger’s website. END

      2. I don’t really mind the answer thing, since we are discussing our results on a post designed for the quiz – there would be no discussion or awkward discussion without revealing any answers.

        But did you really just imply there was a huge amount of skill in googling an answer?? the reason we try without is because we have confidence in our Knowledge and want to find out how far it can take us. Seems counterproductive if it’s not our knowledge.

      3. @John
        Now I must ask – do you think, I just started to find answers with Google? Of course i tried to use my knowledge, but I don’t feel obliged to have an encyclopedic knowledge about tennis. So I used the opportunity to find elsewhere answers, which I could not in my own memory. What’s wrong? The quiz is not a competition among users but of every participant with his knowledge and/or ability/willingness to learn. This is what I just did.
        No, I don’t think, a big know-how to be required to use Google for this, but Jonathan thought, some here have never heard about Google (or it was maybe a joke, but not marked with a smiley).
        I agree about no need for hot discussions – Murli only wanted to have some feedback, maybe to know, how good our knowledge is or how good (and inspiring) his quiz was. But I was not the one, who started the argument, it was Sue and her comment was offending. But just like I wrote before – let’s forget.. It was thought for us to have fun. I had fun when trying to find answers myself and then to look for them elsewhere to learn. Yes, I could have learned the right answers after posting answer with errors, but looking for sources I have learned a lot more. πŸ™‚ Thanks Murli πŸ™‚

      4. @Jonathan
        I’m awake, Jon. Only – as I told (maybe too often), I sometimes miss nuances of English. That’s why I asked πŸ™‚ Should I leave your blog only because of linguistic deficits?

  2. Got 12/13 on the Men’s quiz (how could I forget Darren Cahill?!) and a measly 5/13 on the women’s quiz – was thinking the final answer would be Sharapova and didn’t consider Mirka as the answer so missed out on first letters to help guessing

    1. Big credits if you have not used Google or Wikipedia, only your own memory ) My score for men would be about 10 without Google and I don’t tried yet females. Will try later WITHOUT GOOGLE πŸ˜‰

  3. Just tried with females – well , 2 errors (with royalty names no idea, even Google did not help ;)) and a mistake with palindrome name (I took Seles, but it was about surname so this was false answer).
    Still not that bad πŸ™‚

  4. Well, I did actually get 12/13 off my own bat, possibly aided slightly by realising what the acrostic was and some educated linguistic guesswork. But I couldn’t remember the Agassi/Hewitt coach either!

    Murli, had you forgotten Tony Wilding, or was your reference to NZ-ers only for the Open era?

  5. Thanks Murli fun quiz makes you think? Bit tough on the answers as they did not pay me for Cawley or Eugenie nor Rosie needing Goolagong, Rosemary and Eugenia, but I was shocked how much one stores away minus Google.

    Big weekend we see if Fed and co. can pull off some dramatic tennis action in the Laver Cup which is not an
    Exhibition. Seems classy and well organised so far & it’s good to see the greats and if it is as fun as Hopman Cup what is not to like? Prague is a beautiful backdrop, maybe St Petersburg should drop the weird dancing girl stuff they do and showcase their city more. I did see Fabio at The Hermitage so maybe it has already started but we are spoiled for tennis choice this weekend!

  6. Hey all, anyone watching Laver Cup?? I am still at work, but by the looks of all the tweets I am surely missing out on some great play πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Roger looks soooooooooooooo dashing. Is there anything (besides the stupid white shorts on that stupid rug pic) that does not look good on him?? πŸ™‚

    But…. here is the most important question: (please look at a tweet of Roger and Rafa first):
    How come Rafa has more hair than Roger?? How?? When did that happen??

      1. Hey sweet Sue, I am soooooooooooooo jealous of Sweet Wilson Wanda. You go girl, cheer him on for us too πŸ™‚

      2. @Sue
        Yes, some people don’t get your humor. Yes, some people are no native-speakers and are not fluent in urban slang. Yes, if you are Brit, only Brits can get your sens of humor. I’m Pole. And you don’t get my sense of humor. Because you are not a Pole. Seinfeld? Ah well, sitcoms are not that popular in Poland. But as this is not a quiz, I have used Google (I hope, this time legally). “About nothingness”??? Well, you not only completely miss my sense of humor but call things like grey matter (called out by Murli) or difference between thinking and recalling things from memory “nothingness”. Maybe it’s true in your case. Not necessarily for everyone. And how can you use pluralis majestatis? Say “our sense of humor”? Ar you a queen here or what? This (and not only this) reminds me some user of old Roger’s website, but using another nick. And for sure knowing about (and hating) another user of these old website – using nickname PRF. What was your nick there?
        And try to use your grey matter to get my sense of humor πŸ™‚

    1. Another sooooo important field of rivalry. Who has more hair (and where?) Yes, Rafa had hair implants, but this was not secret. It was told much by commentators and experts for nothing, also in different gossip media. But is this something to lough about? Imagine, you must have tooth implants or an orthopedic implant. Would you be happy to see others laughing about you?
      And yes, of course, this is indeed “the most important question” for a genuine Fedfan.

      1. PRF…. dude…. chill please. I am not making fun of Rafa. I don’t like the guy, but I don’t make fun about his hair and stuff. Hair loss seems like a big problem for guys, so if Rafa has hair transplants, then good for him.
        But…. I am trying to bring a bit of humour here. May not have worked that well, but you just have to take it like it is πŸ™‚ Others bring tennis knowledge… I bring other stuff to the table πŸ™‚

        But… are you the new “Pablo” here?? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      2. Katyani I can tell you for sure that PRF is genuine RF fan, but likes to provoke a bit. Smile….don’t worry πŸ™‚

    2. Yes, Laver Cup was exciting (on TV). I don’t know why they are so coy about who is playing today. Seems like there may be something going on that we don’t know about. I had the difficult decision of who to support in the doubles (not Nadal obvs.) so had to support the Kyrgios and Sock team. Funny to see Federer “on the bench”, it didn’t look right.

      1. It belongs to the format of RLC. Captains exchange cards with names to play in every match and this results in pairings, so until about half an hour before starting the first match nobody knows the pairings.

    3. @Katyani
      Thank you for your nice post (no irony!). Just answered Sue about sense of humor. Different nations and different people here and there have different sens of humor. Don’t you find humor in my posts? Yes, like muser says, I like provoking. But it’s never meant to make war but to make others think more and tell more. If not, it would be boring here, no?

    4. @Katyani
      Can you tell me your “story” about “Pablo”? I’m not dinosaur here, so I don’t know, what it is about. have answered Pablo’s posts twice and will do more, if I think, it’s interesting or nice or something and I believe to have an idea of an answer. I don’t care about “stories” or “mysteries” about any other user. There is no story. Everey post is some message. No need to think, if it comes from Pablo, Paul or Pawel or maybe of the Devil himself.
      Look, I’m just trying to get your sense of humor. So yes, I’m another Pablo: Whatever πŸ™‚

  7. Well this quiz was for tennis aficionados and for people who would like to use their grey matter.

    I am a quizmaster and I resort to Google to ensure that my questions do not have any ambiguities or factual errors.

    I am also a quizzer and I don’t resort to Google, more so as being a Quizmaster, i know ho wmuch effort goes into preparing a quiz and then if questions are answered by dimwits who resort to Google then it defeats the whole purpose of framing a quiz.

    And adding insult to injury is resorting to Google and then spoiling the fun for others who want to use their knowledge and grey matter. Spoilsports I call these types. Dimwitted spoilsports.

    And ALison you are absolutely right. As a matter of fact, very few questions pertain to the non-open era and ANthony WIlding was part of that and thats why I mentioned the year in the question itself. Not that I have anything against the non-open-eras players but very few have entered our consciousness and ergo no point in going so much back in history.

    1. ” The grey matter includes regions of the brain involved in muscle control, and sensory perception such as seeing and hearing, memory, emotions, speech, decision making, and self-control” (Wikipedia)
      What do you mean with using grey matter? Memory? OK. Not thinking. Resolving a quiz means looking into memory (your grey matter). Thinking (of any kind – logic, analytical, synthetic) does not help with quiz. So quiz is addressed to people littering their grey matter with tons of information, they don’t really need (somehow there are no Nobel prizes for quizzing). In this case using Google instead of own memory (best saved for more important things) means just thinking and using intelligence . So far the science has not much to tell, where intelligence sits in the brain. And you are intelligent enough to not to rely on your memory and thus using Google to relieve your grey matter and find out eventual errors sitting in your memory. Now you expect from others to not use intelligence, but only use own search engine to look for answers in the memory. Hopeless attitude. You never find in your memory, what you have not entered into it before. And mostly you will not find much, because your intelligence is used to purge useless information from you grey matter and let it be available for thinking. Is this not spoiling or cheating, if you use computer’s memory to create your quiz? And what if you use a speller, which is a kind of Google for spelling?

  8. Did you notice that Rod Laver Cup, an Fed-concept, is under way in Prague? And today probably Roger playing? Not interesting for Fedfans?

  9. Wow, not an easy quiz… πŸ˜€

    on another topic, who else LOVES the court at Prague? The black/ dark grey court looks fantastic imo πŸ˜€

  10. Federer or no Fed, I don’t see the point of the Laver Cup in an already filled-to-the-brim tennis calendar. I can’t see it coming close to the level of even the Davis Cup in terms of seriousness and they aren’t making it a “fun” all star exho. It seems to be in the middle of no-man’s land to me. Am I missing something people?

    On a separate note, who’s waiting for Australian Open/ Indian Wells/ Miami/ Wimbledon/ first round Montreal Fed to show up for the rest of the year? It’s been a while since we saw that guy.

    1. I’ve enjoyed it. It’s been well organised and the matches have been decent quality. Full crowds too. Even Cilic first match Friday was very full. The concept is pretty good too, no reason why it can’t capture some of the success of the Ryder Cup.

      I guess next year we will know if it will be a success depending on the players that give the thumbs up to play. IPTL was considered a success for 1st year afterall.

  11. Exhibition or no exhibition, I don’t care. I just like to watch R playing no matter what. And today’s match was a blast to watch. Keep them coming.

    1. Yes, me too. It’s something different, not for points, and it has its own atmosphere. All the matches I’ve watched so far have been very tense.
      I thought Federer looked tired.

      1. I think these events have their own place in the tennis world. Playing more for fun than for points is actually much needed. Competition can get too fierce sometimes, so why not showing these kids having a ball against each other at the playground? On the other hand I am a hard critic of official meaningless competitions like DC because the national teams are virtually second choices due to the frequent unavailability of the best players.

  12. If you see only PRF on the list of recent posts, don’t think, I’m hyperactive πŸ˜‰ I can simply think fast and type very fast. It’s my profession. I”m professional translator (not for English). I cannot write short posts. Professional illness. I have translated patents over years. In patents there is something called patent claim. One patent claim must be one single sentence. Imagine a sentence (especially in German and I’m just Polish-German-Polish translator, where pradicate always stays on the end) having more than 2 standard pages. This was my stuff over years. How the hell can I write short posts using short sentences, even in a foreign language? Now use your sense of humor, please πŸ™‚
    And I don’t want to chill, OK? I’m red-hot πŸ˜‰

    1. I seem to manage perfectly all right πŸ™‚
      And please let’s not mention patents on these pages. I come here to have fun(?) πŸ™‚

      1. This was a kind of introduction of my person so you know, why I’m posting differently. Can’t you not skip posts, which are not fuinny for you?

  13. The R+R doubles was great and both boys having lots of fun and enjoying just like all the world, I guess. And I hope, there was no Fedal question today, no Pablo question and the like. All the world happy because of joy and happiness of 2 greatest active tennis players playing for a while together. After RLC the world’s order will be restored, maybe (and it’s a pity) fans hating each others again. If two that great athletes cannot help by playing together and having fun, all haters should go to hell and never more watch tennis. Goodnight you all, genuine tennis fans πŸ™‚

    1. The tactics thing was the worst bit πŸ˜† pure staged for the cameras. But the match itself was great, they gelled pretty well really for a 1st time outing.

  14. Hey all, I just watched the dubs match. Roger and Rafa play good together (for the first time). Don’t know what happened during the 2nd set, but they had their game face on in the super TB and won on the big points.

    About the Laver Cup, they are all certainly not treating it as an exho. They all very badly want to win. Fistpumping and yelling at big points.
    But… to be honest, I don’t get a “DC-feel” out of it. Actually just a “regular tour” kind of feel. It’s not as if the crowd is behind the Europe team just because they are in Europe. They are for that team because Roger and Rafa are in it.
    And also to be honest. If both Roger and Rafa do the R-word, will the LC still “exist”? I mean, now Roger and Rafa are there, but what if they or other big names are not there?? I watched ITPL because of Roger. But if I am not mistaken, last time there were no big names, so I didn’t watch. Will something like that also happen to Laver Cup? I really hope not. Tony and Roger put a lot of effort in it……

    I cannot watch tomorrow, but I hope Roger and his team win it and Rod Laver hands him the Cup himself πŸ™‚

    1. It was nice to watch, they were clearly enjoying a lot the moment. It would be amazing if they play a few GS together when they retire.

    2. “It’s not as if the crowd is behind the Europe team just because they are in Europe. They are for that team because Roger and Rafa are in it.”

      I guess you gotta see how the atmosphere is next year in Chicago. Is it still pro Europe, or does USA get the edge, then we have a comparison.

  15. Fedal was fun to see!
    Glad they go to do it!
    Loved Fed’s nerd emoji as he contemplated being excited to play w Rafa:
    And more nice stuff on Fed’s twitter.
    The bromance is good for humanity and such a needed call for sports after McGregor/Mayweather

      1. It is pretty, difficult to deny the good relationship this guys have. I guess some people will still belive blindly otherwise.

      2. He, he, he, me too. I ground my teeth when they almost smashed each other… The match was most enjoyable and I dare think that the day those those two got to play doubles seriously, tennis doubles would end as a competition.

      3. @Pablo – probably right. I used to think they weren’t so friendly. As I did get told that from a few journalists. But they do seem to get on. Then again maybe it’s not hard to keep up appearances for a weekend that relies heavily on it as well, who knows.

        Guess earlier in their career, the rivalry was a bit more intense. And most fans want the boxing angle of both guys at each other so media etc push it. Similar to Borg and JMac, big rivals back in the da day but they were exchanging banter in the tunnel.

  16. Long ago Fed said they respect one another but don’t have a lot in common off the court. Roger seems to be the one pushing the friendship more so than Nadal.
    Great weekend of tennis. Nail biting last singles match! Hey J, maybe you should limit the number of posts per day.

  17. I was cynical but amazing weekend, tennis, comraderie and emotion. Time will tell if it becomes like the Ryder Cup. I have a feeling everyone will want to play the next one. Surprised it’s next year though, thought it should be less frequent.

  18. RLC – Great alternative project, great happening, huge atmosphere, great outcome, great CUP. A good kick of genuine fun. Like when we all were enthusiastic amateurs

  19. Best tennis tournament ever (on TV). Great audience, team spirit, desire to win, atmosphere, everything. I liked the new rules too, made the matches less of a marathon timewise. Each match was a needle match, played with maximum effort, and at the last match it was like they were fighting for the Universe Cup. Cheerleading by each team was fun too, although Team World had more youthful and imaginative participation. I feel as if I’ve been watching for days rather than only three days. What to do tomorrow?

    1. Tomorrow? Back to watch Challenger matches on Livestream, that’s what! I’m fine with that after a weekend when all things came together peRFectly.

      1. Oh, looking forward, Jon. This project truly something unique – such a fantastic pleasure to share, remember and talk about

  20. Dont want to ‘humblebrag’ about it. But had contributed a piece in theis Super-Blog last June called ‘Back to the Future’ – a more-in-jest piece where my predicitions were all wrong except one – Fed & Nadal teaming up together.

    Wonder whether Fed read it and thus………

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