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Majestic Federer Wins 7th Wimbledon Title

I'm struggling to type here as it's difficult to put into words but what a peRFect day on Centre Court as Roger won his 7th Wimbledon title beating Murray 4-6 7-5 6-3 6-4 to tie Pete Sampras's record and return to Number 1 in the world all at the age of 30. It's hard to explain how great a feat this is, Fed hasn't won a slam in 2 and half years, he's suffered some seriously tough defeats in big matches and then he comes to Wimbledon where it all began for him, beats the defending champion and World Number 1 in the Semi finals and then plays some sublime tennis in the final to win his 17th slam. Truly immense and I guess that's why we call him the GOAT.

Today was easily the most nervous I've ever felt heading into a Federer match because there was so much on the line, I almost felt like this match was destiny and a loss would have been a disaster of epic proportions, not only for Roger but for all his fans too. Thinking about it, it's pretty stupid really because after everything Roger has achieved matches like this should be seen as just a bonus but I guess when Roger has spoiled everyone over the years with his genius tennis on all 4 surfaces it's difficult not to get a little greedy and want him to win one more slam.

My Video of choice prior to the match

I tend to listen to this prior to most big matches (perhaps slightly weird!) but it definitely gets me pumped for what's to come, and actually, it's not a bad one to listen to after a big win, so play it 😉

The Match Itself

The match itself didn't start too great for Roger as he was broken in the first game. I figured Murray would start reasonably well as he has started quite well in big matches before but what I didn't expect was Roger to show signs of nerves and that was clearly apparent when he hit a drive volley miles out on break point in his opening service game.

In game 4 Roger broke back and got the set back on track but worryingly he was making quite a few errors and Murray was returning well. At 4-4 Murray broke again and served out the set comfortably. Looking back I don't think Roger played a bad set but it was deserved by Murray as he created more chances and returned serve well. Fed won only 27% of points behind his 2nd serve, made a few too many errors in key points and that was enough to cost him the set.

Second Set – Key to the Match

The second set was another close affair and could have gone either way. Roger was getting into all of Murray's service games but couldn't find a break. He had to stave off break points himself at 2-2 and again at 4-4 with some clutch play including the serve out wide and forehand 1-2 combo.

I felt like things were in the balance at this point and needed to do some seriously deep breathing to stay composed so god only knows what Roger was thinking. At 6-5 with Murray serving at 30-0 it looked as though a tie break was inevitable (scary times!) but then JesusFed finally showed up on court, at 30-30 Roger hit an immense drop volley to create a break point and then took the set with another touch of genius at the net. This shot was just immense racket head control, hitting it whilst moving forward, cutting it so much to create the side spin was just tennis from another planet and not only that the defense in the rally leading up to it was crazy too – check it out below:

Third Set – The Final Moves Indoors

At 1-1 in the 3rd set and Roger serving at 40-0 the heavens opened and play was suspended. At first I thought it would favour Murray because Roger was just starting to assert his dominance on the match and he was clearly still wondering how he lost the second set. Perhaps it would have favoured him if the roof hadn't gone on but the rain was falling heavily and the decision was made to close it. Ultimately you figured this would favour Fed as his indoor game is top class and the way he played against Djokovic under the roof was crazily good.

When the players returned after a short delay it was Roger who came out in blistering form, his forehand was finally zoning in and his serve was finding the spots. At 3-2 Roger finally broke through after a succession of deuces and served out the set with an ace to take it 6-3. This set was really about Roger, Murray was still in the match but it was now Fed who controlled the rallies and was winning far more points behind his second serve which in turn allowed him to play more freely on the return games. The 20 minute game at 3-2 really knocked the stuffing out of Murray and I think when Roger finally got the break it gave him a lot of confidence.

Fourth Set – History Awaits

The fourth set was when I finally started breathing a little easier, I wasn't saying Roger was a cert as Murray was still in the match but you just felt like Roger was in the ascendancy and Murray was losing his grip on the match and on his first serve percentage.

At 1-1 Roger had to save another break point when Murray went just wide, this was a big hold for Roger at the start of set and it was super important he didn't fall behind. At 2-1 Murray we again saw the genius of Federer, moving forward, he faked a dropshot and hit a sliced forehand deep into the court, leaving Murray looking perplexed. It was sheer genius, an important game, a tricky shot and he plays that? GOAT.

At 2-2 Roger fashioned 2 break points and took it at the first time of asking with the sweetest of cross court backhand passes. At this point you felt like history was in the making, there were a few tetchy moments at 15-30 in the next game, then at 30-30 at 4-3.

I think a lot of fans wanted Roger to break at 5-3 to win the title to spare the nerves of serving it out, he certainly had a few chances but to his credit Murray held and it was up to Roger to serve it out and I knew it wasn't going to be easy. Murray won the first point which made me feel a little uneasy but it was total clutch serving from Roger as he moved to 40-15 in no time. On his first match point he hit a serve out wide that was called out but he didn't challenge and lost the point on his second serve. The commentators announced hawk eye said it was in and you were thinking ffs why didn't you challenge! Little did it matter as Roger found a great second serve at 40-30, hit a forehand onto the Murray forehand who hit it wide on the run. HIS7ORY.

What does this all mean?

It's quite hard to put into words really, but really to me this just means Roger is the undisputed greatest of all time, and it's moments like today that make being a Federer fan so worthwhile.

There's been so many tough defeats in the Grand Slams since Australia in 2010 and to come through a tough tournament like this is just immense. It could have all gone wrong being 2 sets down against Benneteau and then needing treatment for a back injury against Malisse but Roger stood up like the true champion he is and pulled through those matches. To then go on and beat Djokovic, the best player in the world of the last 18 months and then defeat Murray playing his best tennis with a crowd fully behind him is clearly one of his all time greatest achievements.

I feel I have, you know, a great game today. But then again, maybe there were times I had such incredible confidence that you do pull triggers and you pull off shots that maybe today I don’t because I maybe do play a bit more the percentages. I know how hard it is, you know, to pull off those great shots and I know how easy it is to miss, so I’m more aware of these things. But I’m so happy I’m at the age I am right now, because I had such a great run and I know there’s still more possible. You know, to enjoy it right now, it’s very different than when I was 20 or 25. I’m at a much more stable place in my life. Yeah, I wouldn’t want anything to change. So this is very, very special right now.

I'll probably do a follow up post once all the excitement has died down but right now it's just a good day to be Federer fan! Oh and how cute are the twins!?

Never Forget Where it all Began


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Wow.. I was waiting for your post.. moved to tears after seeing RF win today. My life has met its purpose.. Allez Roger.. the best ever. period..

  2. I’m also speechless.
    Roger is so, so big and great.

    WInning a slam in his 30s, at Wimbledon, playing great tennis during the whole year.

    I’m optimist, I think we can see more great things this year.

  3. I was waiting for the post too, an amazing day, and amazing tournament!!! Great performance today! GOAT

  4. What can I say? Roger was magnificent today, and all the headlines using words like “majestic” can only be peRFect description of how Fed played.

    Credit to Murray, though, he made the match incredibly competitive, and surprisingly, I was moved to tears not by the Fed win, but by the Murray runners-up speech; you gotta feel for the guy!

    Hopefully, at world no.1 now, with the Olympics and Fed’s better half of the season coming up, he can win a few more, maybe even a cheeky US Open (I know it’s early, but it IS the tournament Fed last won longest ago). Allez Roger! 😀

  5. What a glorious day it is. What an honor and a privilege it is to be a Fedfan. I was nervous all the way into the third set but Roger set the record straight and showed the world why he is the GOAT! What about that backhand drop shot on set point. What a display of talent! I am truly happy today and now I can sleep ( I stayed up all night with my nerves in a jumble). Congrats to the new number one and seven-time wimbledon champion and winner of seventeen grand slams.

    1. Yeah first two sets for me were nervy. Then when JesusFed played those two drop volleys at 6-5 you felt like something changed and Roger would continue with his momentum. Allez!

  6. All I’ve wanted was to see Roger win one more Slam. And he did it. At Wimbledon. To see the No. 1 ranking. It’s like all dreams have come true all at once. Incredible! I was moved to tears today. So happy! After all the pain of seeing Nadal and Djokovic win slams… this makes it worth it!

    1. The journey was long and arduous but he made it. Undisputed GOAT now man, there is nobody better. All at the age of 30 too. It’s just too good.

  7. Do you know what? I cried, yes, I cried today. I cried on the match point, cried when Roger cried, cried when I saw the twins and, even, cried when Ms. Sirs was crying while Murray was speaking and crying in the same time! 😀 My best friend is a huge Novak fan and he was telling me all the time that is time for Roger to retire, that he will never be #1 again, he will never beat Novak and Rafael ever. And I was saying: Ok, we will see! And today we SAW!!! Guys, we have to believe in Roger like he believes in his self. By the way, check the official site of the ATP and see who is World Number 1 AGAIN! CHEERS!

  8. I had nightmares of Murray winning this! But in my heart of hearts, I knew Roger would pull this off! One phrase for this: UNDISPUTED GREATEST OF ALL TIME(17 majors, Most weeks and consecutive weeks at #1, Most consecutive and total amount of Finals, Semis, QF, ect, and soooo much more!) I am blessed by God to be living when Roger is playing and even more to whitness history. I am so proud to be a Roger Federer fan!!!

  9. Thank you, Roger! Thank you, Paul! I see no reason why Roger cannot win the gold medal. Anybody knows how the drawing will be? 1 vs Impostor 4, and Impostor 2 vs Impostor 3? 😉

    Just what tennis needed after all that shirt ripping and fist pumping. Class and grace is back to tennis. Hope it stays like that for a long time.

  10. Unlike some of Federer’s fans, I didn’t start following Roger closely until 2007 and quickly, unfortunately, had to endure the heart wrenching Wimbledon loss to Nadal in 2008 and the tough times that followed when many were writing him off. I began to fear I’d missed the best parts of his career and hoped with each tournament that maybe I’d be privileged to see him work his magic just one more time. And work it he has, more than I could have imagined. With all the victories and losses of the last few years, his win today is the ultimate! I feel blessed to have been able to witness this day, a crowning achievement by the GOAT! Thanks for your insights and putting into words many of the same feelings I have. Being among others who share the appreciation of the exquisite beauty of Roger’s game and the respect for him as a sportsman and gentleman, makes it SO much sweeter! I don’t know what’s in store for Roger and I hope he gets the gold he so dearly desires, but for me, even if this is the last display of greatness we see from him, I’m finally content. And prouder than ever to be counted among the fans of Roger Federer!

  11. The day after, I’m still in a state of shock and overwhelmed with delight. Couldn’t be happier. He was simply majestic, wasn’t he.? It’s just incredible that one sports event or one player gives millions of people so much excitement and joy. Yes, it was JOY! Congratulations and thank you, Roger!
    And Jonathan, many thanks for your great job for the last two weeks.

  12. Hello Jonathan, first time writing here. Really like your blog, and waiting for your post each time after Fed played.

    There is something bother me, post by some of Nadal Fan in Tennis Magazine after Fed win his 7th Wimbledon’s title. Here is the statement…

    “Until you do so, I’ll continue wondering why your GOAT has lost 8 out of 10 matches he has played against Rafa in the Slams, and 18 out of 28 tour matches, overall–starting when Rafa was 17 and straight-setted Federer out of the Miami Masters 500 (now Masters 1000) hard court tournament.”

    Thanks for writing, keep up the peRFect blog.

    1. Hey Andi, thanks for commenting!

      Ah the H2H is a flawed argument. It is so lop sided because they played so many times on clay. And H2H means nothing in the grand scheme of things. Some Nadal fans are just bitter I guess, the way it is. He has never even defended a title off clay. Best clay courter? Yes. But GOAT contender? Nope!



    2. Nadal fans are classless, just like the man himself, well a vast majority of them. Roger’s favorite surface is grass, yet how many times has Nadal met him in a final on that surface? Just thrice? On clay they have met 16 times (Nadal leading 13-3). Tell those retards to extrapolate it with 13 more meetings on grass. Besides, it’s not Roger’s fault that Nadal did not make it to so many grass finals. Not to mention there are 3 masters on Clay and none, zero, zilch on grass. Are those Nadal-tards kidding us?

      1. Exactly, Nadulltards are just band wagoners. Never defended a title off clay. No end of year titles either. 1 dimensional!

    3. And to second Jonathan: Ask that guy when was the last time that guy won on a non-Clay surface? And how many non-clay titles has he successfully defended? I mean, how stupid are Nadal’s fans? Do they remember what happened at Indian Wells, not too long ago? Their boy looked like a hapless amateur and was totally bullied by Roger. Later, Nadull complained about the “crazy” wind and “fast” courts ROFL

  13. Thank you, Jonathan, you’ve summed up yesterday afternoon just perfectly! It was a terrific match, and a truly magnificent and amazing win by Roger! I’m still so deliriously happy for him! 😀 He is such a worthy and deserving champion!
    Next up, the Olympics! Hopp Roger! Take care of that back and enjoy to the full your 4th Olympic experience – let’s hope you once again stand on the winners’ rostrum!!

  14. I´m som so proud, Roger has made my day, So
    weird how many Fed haters just disappeared.
    Come on Roger there i no finish line!!!

    1. Yeah he silenced the critics with this one, everybody knew he had a chance but few thought he could win a slam seen as though it had been over 2 years since the last.

  15. This game. This game that I watched the other day. Yes, I’ve seen Roger come back from 2-6 in that tiebreaker. But this game that I was talking about? That 10 deuce game? I will never forget that 🙂

  16. So many things were achieved in winning this Wimbledon final. For me, it really has to be the sweetest, because as a Fedfan, I’ve (we’ve) been watching and waiting for him to make his way back to the top. I remember reading those articles at the beginning of the season about how Roger dreamed of returning to #1 and breaking Sampras’ record, and that by playing well from that moment until around the US Open, it was definitely possible. I also read all of the discouraging comments from doubters and Rafa/Novak fans about how Roger’s time has passed and that he was ridiculous for ever thinking that he could win another slam.

    I’ve always believed that Roger could do it, and ever since he won his three consecutive titles after that crushing defeat from Novak at the US Open, I knew that another slam was calling his name. Especially with this jam packed summer, I just knew that Roger was going to do it this year. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he could do it again, too, because I’ve always seen him right in the mix with the Rafa and Novak, and hey, he’s the new world #1, so it’d be crazy to think he couldn’t be able to do it again, huh?

    1. Cheers Kelsey! Yeah this win has something special about it. Maybe it’s because it’s the most recent but there’s something about it that feels different to the rest.

      I think Fed is crazy confident right now, definitely in with a shout at the US Open…

  17. We’re over the moon & flying in the universe. Hereafter i hope there won be any debate on who’s the GOAT.. Its one & only ROGER. I felt fr murray though, He deserves a GS win in the near future, hope it happens not when roger is in the final. For now it all Roger, eat,think & sleep Roger…

    1. Yeah I hate Murray but seeing him cry was emotional. Proved he’s human and cares.

      As for Roger, forget not comparing generations, he is by far the best player ever to grace a tennis court.

  18. Brilliant article, that’s what you call a real champion. When everybody doubted him he was there to prove them wrong! These are some words I read on ESPN about Roger: ‘It is during this Wimbledon that Federer has provided a new dimension of himself: the aging gladiator who not only will not go quietly, but who has no intention of going away at all. Should Federer win this tournament for the seventh time, it may very well be his most satisfying, for it would be the ultimate triumph of the most underrated parts of his game: his will and resourcefulness and intellect. His followers, loyal and fierce, will love him even more.’ Sums it all I guess. Olympics and US Open coming up, let’s hope for the best! ALLEZ FED!

  19. Hello All, what great comments from everyone! I know I said before the tournament that Roger would win ( my head and heart were at one with each other ) but this didn’t mean that my heart, nerves etc weren’t shattered throughout the tournament, especially with Benneteau being two points from victory in 3rd round, the shock of the medical time-out against Malisse in the 4th round ( 1st set ) and the absolute tension late into the second set against Murray when only tennis genius from Roger rescued the real possibility of going two sets down ( and possibly the match ). My tears at the end were primarily of relief for Roger because he NEEDED to win this slam for so many reasons which have all been elucidated in this blog by his great fans.I also had tears for Murray because in my eyes he became a man. I genuinely do feel sorry for him and can now say that he genuinely deserves to win a slam, particularly if he plays at this level or even better again, which I have no doubt he will. And a word of warning to all: I have a very strong feeling that when he gets to his next slam final( with perhaps the exception of the French), he will win.
    And what of Roger now? If he never wins another slam again, I will still be happy. He has just won the most important slam of his career, and this unarguably cements his place in tennis history.However, if I know Roger as I think I do, he would love to win an 8th Wimbledon before he retires and be the outright all-time champion. And I believe the pressure for this will be one of excitement with none of the tension of Wimbledon 2012, because after all, this would be a bonus. And I think he has three more realistic chances of doing so, injury and illness permitting. And he would love to get the outright Open Era record for the Australian and US Open which he now has to share with Agassi and Sampras/ Connors respectively/ And maybe another French? That would take the tally to 20 / 21 which may never be broken in any of our lifetimes. I also believe if he gets to 18 ( one more ), I don’t see Nadal then surpassing this…

    1. Hey Paul, thanks for the great comment!

      I know what you mean about Murray, I’m not a fan but least it showed he cared.

      As for Roger another US Open would be immense. It’s possible if the courts play fast…


  20. Great article, as usual! You nailed it about the second set being key to the match, the part at 6-5 30-30 of course the vital point.

    I think Federer still needs to do more work to really claim the undisputed GOAT title: 20 Majors and defeat Nadal a “few” times, or just beat him once at the French Open and for me, no one can ever dispute it. This Major takes him closer, of course.

    US Open courts need to be fast; if they’re fast, 18…

      1. I don’t think anyone is close either way, Federer is so far ahead in what he has achieved to be compared to anyone else – also considering how he plays (unique), his manner, what he has done for the sport outside the court, etc, I think beating Nadal at the French would be a superb achievement not primarily for looping that H2H in Federer’s favour slightly, but beating the greatest clay-courter of all time. Do that and a take a few more Majors, especially at the French, and the doors for being the GOAT really are closed in my view.

        To earn the name of the “greatest”, it would sure help if he did that; he should have done it in 2011 and had a decent go at it in 2006/2007.

        And if he does it, doing it by playing an attacking, aggressive, almost S&V style on clay (at French Open) would just be the icing on the cake really. The day I see that happen I happily accept Federer is (professionally at least) the greatest player to touch a racquet. He’s done almost everything else.

      2. I would say winning another French is almost impossible. Roger tried to beat Dull from the back of the court in his prime rather than swallowing his pride and mixing it up. Wasted some chances there but who cares, he won in 09 when it mattered.

  21. And I just want to say, Federer’s forehand has to go down as the greatest of all time. Looking at the smaller aspects of his forehand, I could only think of Sampras’s running forehand, but Federer’s running forehand is simply incredibly right now, perhaps better than Sampras’s.

    70% of the time when Murray attacked the forehand side, he was hitting hard, deep shots, Federer was half-volleying with no problem, time after time after time. That’s not just hitting on the rise, it’s something else. He has that talent that no one else has on that forehand.

    However it can break down, i.e. vs Djokovic at the French Open in June and during parts of 2008-2009-2010-2011-2012.

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