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Majestic Federer Wins 6th Basel Crown

Boom! The GOAT delivered on his promise of winning 5 titles this year with a comprehensive victory in Basel defeating David Goffin 6-2 6-2 in just 51 minutes.

In recording his 6th Basel crown the Swiss has now won 82 career titles and won 6 titles 6 times or more – Wimbledon, Halle, Cincinnati, Dubai, World Tour Finals and now the Swiss Indoors. The CV is never ending and still growing by the day πŸ™‚

The final itself was a one sided affair but Roger stepped on court in fine fettle and really unsettled Goffin from the word go. It really was Man vs. Boy on court to be honest and Goffin had no answers to any questions posed. Not only did he look tired from his 3 set victory vs. Coric yesterday he just couldn't handle the type of ball Federer gave him and was never in a position to attack. Just a real top quality performance from the GOAT and the sort of final he will have relished after playing lots of tennis in the past 2 / 3 weeks.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Basel Win 2014

Roger won the toss and elected to receive. A complete psych job to pressure his inexperienced opponent who would have most likely opted to receive himself had he won the toss and definitely thought Roger would serve first had the Swiss won the coin toss.

The move paid off as Goffin was broken immediately, serving a double fault on the first point and only making 1 first serve in the entire game. Roger backed it up with a swift hold to 15 to lead 2-0.

Goffin managed to get a game on the board in his next service game but couldn't make any inroads on the Basel natives serve as Roger held to love to lead 3-1.

At 4-2 Roger created two more break points and Goffin was only serving at 38%. Interestingly he'd won 100% of those points where he made a first serve but he just couldn't make enough of them. That was swiftly converted and Roger served out the set to love, losing only lost 1 point on serve in the entire set. Imperious.

Goffin started the second set exactly like the first with a double fault but this time he dug deep to hold and lead 1-0.

Again Roger was untouchable on serve holding to love and to 15 as he levelled at 2-2. The Swiss then hit a brilliant forehand in the fifth game to give himself a break point and although Goffin made deuce he dropped serve to fall 2-3 behind.

Fed then consolidated to lead 4-2 and this is where the match ended. Goffin got to 30-30 after a brilliant passing shot but missed a routine forehand which would have given him a slim chance of breaking back. Game over for him and Roger then broke again to lead 5-2 before serving it out to 15 much to the excitement of the St. Jakobshalle crowd.

Match Stats

  R. Federer D. Goffin
Aces 5 6
Double Faults 1 4
1st Serve % 59% 49%
1st Serve Points Won 18/22 (82%) 18/23 (78%)
2nd Serve Points Won 14/15 (93%) 6/24 (25%)
Break Points Saved 0/0 (0%) 2/6 (33%)
Service Games Played 8 8
1st Return Points Won 5/23 (22%) 4/22 (18%)
2nd Return Points Won 18/24 (75%) 1/15 (7%)
Break Points Won 4/6 (67%) 0/0 (0%)
Return Games Played 8 8
Winners 19 11
Unforced Errors 11 20
Net Points Won 11/13 3/4
Total Service Points Won 32/37 (86%) 24/47 (51%)
Total Return Points Won 23/47 (49%) 5/37 (14%)
Total Points Won 55/84 (65%) 29/84 (35%)

Thoughts on the Match

Federer with Basel Title

Another peRFect week for the Swiss and another well deserved title. Roger played the best tennis of the tournament and rightfully gets his hands on the trophy for a record 6th time.

Tournament Titles
Gerry Weber Open (Halle) 7
Wimbledon 7
Barclays ATP World Tour Finals 6
Western & Southern Open (Cincinnati) 6
Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships 6
Swiss Indoors Basel 6

The final wasn't a challenge like I expected but Roger just pulverised Goffin who looked flat and out of ideas. He's said many times he idolised Roger and it looked very much like he was in awe today. Once he got off to a poor start dropping serve the writing was on the wall and Roger took no pity, hitting big forehands to push Goffin way back behind the baseline and move into the forecourt to end points with a string of clean winners.

Goffin's lack of competitiveness doesn't take anything away from the GOAT though as he played some great tennis in the week, defeating an inspired Karlovic, silencing Dimitrov and hanging touch vs Istomin when things weren't all that easy. Another great tournament for him with the right result. The win also means he's now P10 W5 L5 in finals this year which is an immense record for a guy who last year, if you believed many of the tennis writers who need headlines, couldn't play tennis anymore.

The other good thing about the week in Basel is that it wasn't a physically or mentally draining tournament, there were some tough moments vs Dimitrov and Karlovic but overall Fed has been able to win his matches without having to expend a ton of energy. I'm confident he'll be fresh for Paris now he has 3 days off and his favourable draw could see him make the latter stages of the tournament.

Roger 1. Brennwald 0. See you in Bercy πŸ˜€


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. Nah Jon, I am throwing in the towell. I will not persuit first commentator anymore.
        If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.
        I will leave it up to GOD or GOAT πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      2. Hey Sid, dude, don’t want to be rude, but…. while most of you guys (more the males here) were commenting almost end of last year that you thought Roger might retire after USO 2015 or if this was his level even after USO 2014, I (and with me some females) were telling you guys to stop with that talk. Because if Roger HIMSELF said that he didn’t forget how to play tennis in a year and that he would be back when his health was better, we (the girls) believed our hero. We were the ones who said he would be back. We were the ones who said he could be number 1 and that he would win slams this year. Oke, the last part didn’t work out. But….. we were close with our predictions.

        That is why Sid, I still predict Roger will play in his 40, he will win DC, Rome and MC, he will win 6 AO, 2 or 3 RG, 10 Wimby, 7 USO and 10 WTF and ofcourse Olympic Gold.
        Roger will also surpass Connors record of like 1200 mathes won. He will definitely surpass Lendl with 94 titles and he might even surpass Connors with 109. The last one I am not so sure about, because when he gets older, I do believe he will play less tours, but he will play in his 40.

        Laugh at me dude, call me stupid, but Roger will make it happen. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ All he has to do is wait for Rafa and Andy and Novak to selfdestruct and he has to “keep up” with the young ones. That’s it. Easy peasy πŸ™‚

        I believe in my hero. He will make this happen. Not for records, but for 2 reasons:
        He loves the game too much and he TOTALLY loves the attention he gets worldwide.

        Go Roger πŸ™‚

      3. Damn… cannot believe I forgot my best prediction of them all:
        Before Roger R…… there will be a or there will be talk of a Roger Slam πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      4. Oh please, Katyani, I should be the last person accused of bad predictions.

        I simply said that if Roger doesn’t switch to a bigger frame, it will be game over. I predicted a horrible 2013 for him. And I predicted a great 2014 (subject to switching to a bigger frame).

        Roger is now in a position where he can “decide” when to retire, as opposed to being forced into it.


      5. Hey Sid, I love that man so much, I want him to win it ALL πŸ™‚ The best thing about Roger (and that is something that haters and critics just plain and simple don’t get) is that even in his “so called last years” he is willing to learn and adapt. He is one of the most stubborn man out there but because he loves the sport and wants to keep playing on, he is willing to try to change. Bigger racquet, new coach, coming more to the net, finishing points sooner….

        Sid, if 2014 is Roger’s “year to adjust to the racquet and coach”…. can you imagine what 2015 will be like?? I can only dream about it. I cannot wait. He won’t dominate like Rafa did in 2013, but man, will he be good or what πŸ™‚

        And I was not accusing you of bad predictions Sid, I just love to make predictions myself and I hope all my predictions about the GOAT will come true. Has to. Roger will make it happen πŸ™‚

        Ps: Don’t you just love how all the commies are tripping over themselves to gush and drule over Roger? πŸ™‚

      6. Oh and forgot to mention that I will come with a prediction about Rafa very soon. Because I honestly believe this is the beginning of the end for him. He might be 28 but his body is not…. He will not win slams, not even his beloved RG πŸ™‚

      7. Re Katyani’s exciting predictions: I hope they come true! But even Jimmy Connors’ record of 1253 match wins will be tough to crack. Additional five years of at least 55 wins per season seem manageable, though, wheras 2-5 more Majors make my head spin. I’ve been thinking for some time now about longevity in tennis and I’ve been labelling the concept with the phrase “Top 40 at 40”. Maybe Roger has the luck of good health and the incredible motivation to achieve that feat?

  1. could not have asked for a better finish. Congratulations Fed. Jonathan you were great and looking forward to next week Cheers .

  2. What a guy. Granted, David was clearly drained – although he actually increased his 1st serve % – but it wasn’t one of those matches where Roger just had to stand there either, there were some isolated great points on both sides.

    Amazing stats about his career wins at all those different tournaments.

    I’d still like to see Roger’s 1st serve % a bit higher – he’ll need that if/when he gets to Novak in Paris – but overall he’s very silky, agressive, moving well, thinking well on court – very very positive signs.

    There’s a photo of Roger all happy, kissing the trophy, and Brennwald in the background, face impassive. That’s such a crock. Brennwald should be able to be delirious with delight too. “His” player, for heaven’s sake. Look to Halle for how to treat a native son. Now we’re all blaming Brennwald but I acknowledge it’s possible there’s some Roger (Fed) stubbornness at work here too. I think they are both proud, clever, stubborn men. I do feel Fed has more integrity than Brennwald (forgetting last year, there were the comments – this is from Google Translate, so possibly suspect – earlier this year from Brennwald that he & Fed had resolved their differences, and his comments this week that he had been speaking generally rather than specifically.) It’s entirely possible in my mind that Fed may have declined a contract if he/Godsick didn’t also get more of a say in the running of the tournament. If that’s the case, I could understand Brennwald having some animosity about that (not saying I agree with him) – he founded the tournament, he apparently considers it his life’s work, & doesn’t want to do anything else as long as he lives. Okay. But that apparently means he doesn’t get to use Fed (or to some degree, Fed’s own sponsors), as highlights of his tournament. I cannot believe that Mirka’s absence, so close to home, is coincidental – unless possibly there’s illness in the house.

    Well, apparently I had quite a lot to get off my chest there.

    Looking forward to Paris & then London – I think signs are good!

    1. First serve % is all about on the day so I wouldn’t worry.

      The key stat for Fed vs Djoker is how well he defends his 2nd serve, not how many first serves he makes. I think when he wins over 50% of them he wins close to 90% of matches.

      All that stuff about Brennwald is just speculation, I wouldn’t over think it. Basel is done for another 12 months.

      Fed is playing without a contract, Brennwald made stupid remarks in public about it last year that’s all we know. Fed isn’t going to make it public in a million years. Wait for his book if he brings one out, which I sincerely hope he doesn’t πŸ˜€

      1. & thanks for the additional comments on 1st/2nd serves, with particular respect to vs. Djokovic, makes sense.

      2. Although he still has to serve well πŸ˜€ but as long as he does defend the second serve well wheb he is forced to hit one he usually wins.

        One way to defend it would be to make 100% of first serves πŸ˜†

      3. My bet is Rene Stauffer has crates of quotes & stories, some of which we’ll get to see after Fed retires. Perfectly happy to wait. Quite a long time if it means he keeps playing!

      1. Ah thank you Rosa Maria. I had seen what must have been an earlier article, that talked about Ringier coming in as a marketer, but not this one – I had wondered if things were bad enough to affect Fed’s trophy acceptance speech, and according to this the answer is yes – apparently Fed specifically omitted thanking the tournament.

  3. You guys were so quick…no way I can compete with. Better retire πŸ™

    Anyway, what a fantastic week for Fed and us fans. Magestic Fed indeed. Is it just me?…when he wins a tournament, the entire tennis world seems to be so much happier, brighter place. That must be his magic.

    By the way, I liked your first assignment as head of ATP photography, Jonathan πŸ˜‰

  4. Atp year end no 1 trophy is given on what basis?? Is it on the singles ranking points or points gained in a year??

    1. It points gained this year. Federer is now just 390 points behind Djokovic; if he wins Paris, and reaches at least SF of WTF, the y/e No.1 spot is in the bag. I think that’s right anyway. Fingers crossed for the Champ!

    2. At the end of the year, singles ranking points are THE SAME as points gained this year.

      “At the end of the year” seems to mean “At the end of World Tour Finals”, not literally at the end of December, which would include Davis Cup. Everything I’ve seen indicates that Davis Cup finals points are going to count towards NEXT year’s points.

      I think Rog is currently 490 points behind Djokovic in race to London points, not 390?

      1. Davis cup shld go to this yrs, but yes ATP do like to crown the no 1 at the finals! So let’s see…..

    3. Points in the yr! Best site to look at it all is Gives you both official rankings, live rankings as they change during tournaments, and the annual race points! WTA too! Great site! Although of course not quite as great as this one!!

    4. Everybody just calm down. Raghu, it’s really simple. It has nothing to do with points. Whoever makes the most first comments in the calendar year, wins it.

      Case closed!


      1. Which makes me feel a little bit for Novak as Eldrin is closing up on me loooool

        But don’t get me wrong, I want Roger to have that NΒ°1 trophy!!!

        πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  5. Brilliant! Poor Goffin wasn’t able to mount much of a challenge, and to be fair it’s a big jump from winning challengers/250s to playing the best in the game. Federer was just far too good for him. Like you said Jonathan, not too much energy expended overall, so should have plenty left for next week. I’m so happy! πŸ™‚

    Contrast this match with Murray/Robredo – sheesh – I recorded and watched a couple of sets, and it’s a case of how to completely drain yourself of all energy in preparation for Paris and WTF! Over 2 3/4 hours gone, and still not finished. My partner was reading some comments on line: ‘Murray’s gait is like a weary divorcee’… πŸ™‚

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Murray pulls out of Paris citing “fatigue” and goes home to Dunblane to get some rest on mama’s sofa. I haven’t done the math, but considering the Paris draw, is it really mathematically possible for him to miss London now?

      1. I think his Valencia win actually took him just above Nishikori so you’re probably right and he could miss Paris; he certainly wouldn’t have to win more than 1/2 rounds anyway. Dimitrov would have to win and Raonic or Ferrer reach SF at least. I’m no expert on this though, and I’m sure there’s a few permutations.

      2. Matches like the one in Valencia take years off Murray’s career. Absolute grind fest from start to finish. I would be surprised if Murray plays past 30 tbh.

        Robredo is a very solid grinder but if you are in the elite you gotta be seeing him off comfortably. Sure he might beat you the odd time when you have an off day like Djoker at Cincy this year but that’s it.

        Watching Murray is painful too. His reactions and attitude are comical. Grabbing his hip. Swearing constantly. Petulant. And he’s 27 lol.

        I’m guessing he will play Bercy but wont be too invested.

        Also Robredo blowing 5 match points again. 10 in 2 matches and loses both. He is tough to beat but when he’s on the verge of victory goes way too defensive. Should have played more attacking and he’d have won easy. Same serve every time into the hitting zone letting Murray get on top.

      3. Basically Grigor wld hv to win Paris to push him out but he says he will play! He’s only 27, and has at least 2/3 days off! No sympathy! He shld hv won it in 2! Keeps telling us how fit he is…..

    2. Did you see the Points Statistics for Murray vs Robredo ?

      122-121 !!!

      More precisely:

      Total Service Points Won 71/108 (66%) 84/135 (62%)
      Total Return Points Won 51/135 (38%) 37/108 (34%)
      Total Points Won 122/243 (50%) 121/243 (50%)

      1. Robredo has had 10 match points vs Murray in 2 matches and lost them both. Really bad from him, he pushes on MP’S and waits for the error. Doesn’t work against reasonable opposition.

    3. Andy’s schedule recently has been crazy – not helped by getting to the finals so many times. He’s done well against lower-ranked players, but hasn’t had to play any of the major players, apart from Ferrer, so we’ve no real idea of what his form is. I get the feeling it probably isn’t brilliant, leaving aside the tiredness.

      1. Mental strength has clearly improved since Wimby and winning does become a habit but really he shld be destroying Tommy.

    4. Yeah! Gulf in tournament level but reckon Goffin will gain in confidence and continue to improve his big match temperament. Needs a weapon though…

      1. Got it Susie. Certainly his winning streak will give him confidence that he’s on the right track again – not many massive weapons, but he does have great timing and some great shots. He still only looks about 14 though doesn’t he? πŸ™‚ He’s very slight and I wonder if he could bulk up just a little bit could give the extra power required to stay at least around top 20. I think he’ll be ranked 22 after Basel.

  6. Very nice ending to the week. And the race for number one is on! πŸ˜€

    Good win from the Fed, how does a 2011-like end to the year sound? Can we wish for Paris, WTF, year end nbr one, and DC? Sounds almost too much to me, but still very possible! πŸ˜€

      1. Fed has said WTF and DC. Has never loved Paris but as he has an extra week between Paris and WTF, he is clearly investing in that tourney too!!

      2. Bercy one of my worst Masters 1000 too. Never really enjoyed it, venue, court, timing never really got my interest… but it’s a 1000 so has some prestige, worth winning.

  7. Wow, that was a joy to watch. This is the best I’ve seen Fed play in a long time. Everything in his game is clicking. If there was a grand slam in a couple weeks he would win it playing like this.

    It looks like he has been working on his top spin backhand, it has so much pop in it, like his peak days (03′-09′).

    1. Yeah his backhand has been very good but I think that’s been the case for a while now. I think the FH is the shot that has improved since Wimbledon, setting up a lot of points and net forays for him.

      1. 51 minutes, eh? Good job there was a doubles final too, otherwise that would have been a very short afternoon.

        Glad to hear he was playing so well: I thought he might have been a bit worn out after yesterday against Karlovic. Sounds as though he’s really got used to the new racquet now?

      2. Was thinking that too. Much much better since Wimby. Has got the whip back! Playing it much much faster. In fact, he played at such speed today, and with such variety, I was out of breath watching!! Just amazing how gd his timing is on a fast court!! Goffin was pushed all over the place! Huge contrast with the grind fest from Valencia!! So much spin on Robredo’s FH, Muzza has oodles of time to read the line and get to the ball! And do all Spanish players learn this flipping inside out FH and camp out in the BH court from day 1? Endlessly predictable!! Robredo left the FH court open so often for Muzza to drill the ball down the line, it was ridiculous!!
        Anyway, gd job Jonathan and Paris here we come!!

      3. Yeah more confident in it since Wimbledon. The feeeeel is ripe!

        Valencia was good to watch just for the Murray on court antics and Boredo wasting more match points than he ever thought possible πŸ˜†

  8. Thanks for very amusing match descriptions and comments – I enjoy this site a lot! I think it was a very happy final, although David might have given us more nailbiting fight – he can do it another time, when not so tired and nervous. He had some magic shots – promising. Obvious how they both like each other, I wish I understood their french afterspeaks at the ceremony. I saw some interviews with them, and both told they were happy. So can we be, maybe a tiny bit more than usual?

    1. Who isn’t happy?

      The interviews at the ceremony was just the usual – congrats you played well Roger. Great match. And I think Fed said to Goffin about his run since Wimbledon and keeping it up.

      1. OK, but they smiled so heartily and laughed also, and their relation interests me – could be some cooperation in coming times?

      2. Between Goffin and Federer? I doubt it tbh, I mean sure he could become part of Team 8 but if you look at who they signed so far he clearly doesn’t fit the mould of player that Godsick is trying to bring on board.

        Goffin’s appeal is / will be limited due to where he’s from (Belgium, seen as a non country by many) and there’s not many advertisers throwing big bucks around for back to school campaigns πŸ˜›

      3. Hi Jonathan,

        Muser’s intuition/observation might turn out to be correct.
        There are some persistent yet-to-be confirmed-rumors here in Belgium that some kinda collaboration between Federer and Goffin in the near future is being studied at the moment (among which the financial aspects of the project).
        On november 17th Goffin’s planning for the 2015 season will be revealed in a press conference.

      4. Cool. Is it more in a practising sense or actually part of Godsicks crew? Currently Dimitrov and Goffin are miles apart in their appeal. I could see Goffin doing a training block with Fed though…

      5. Could be a simple training block or could be something else, I don’t know yet.
        But I’ll let you know as soon as I know more about it.
        To me it’s obvious that David Goffin wants to become a top 10 player, and could become one if he surrounds himself with the right people.
        Ruan suggests in his blog about Roger’s victory that D. Goffin could have a hard time to even remain a top 30 player.
        I don’t share his view. David could need a bit more time, but I think he’ll get where he wants to be.

  9. Great ending, couldn’t have ask for a better outcome. Roger was on form, played well especially his serves and BH. Lets hope he get some good rest and be ready for Bercy.

  10. Superbly written article. Very funny. Opening with ‘Boom’ is genius. I wish I found this site earlier. Will be back for sure.

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚ Boom! not sure many newspapers would roll with that opening line so makes a change.

      If I writing for the BBC I’d need to mention Murray in the opening line regardless of what the article was about, and if it was the Daily Mail I’d need to mention how much Federer’s property in Zurich is worth πŸ˜†

  11. We are truly getting spoiled rotten. I feel so happy for Roger. All that patience and hard work is paying off big time. I agree, Jonathan, he seems more confident in his forehand lately. Becoming a big weapon. For a while the camera was behind
    Fed. Shows you how fast he plays and reacts. Loved that.
    On to Paris. I wonder how Djokovic will be playing after becoming a dad. The race to London is thrilling this year.

    1. So agree, his speed and whip on the FH better than at Wimby! Fingers crossed for next 4 weeks! Going to be fun!!

    2. Agree with you ladies. Great to see the FH is back on song. Love his fast, instinct play yet with patient, smart point construction. So much fun being Fed fan this year!

  12. Thanks for the post j. Fun reading as usual. Your predictions for the final were spot on, very sharp.

    Are we sure Fed is playing Paris? No. 1 ranking is nice, but stating healthy and fresh for wtf and DC is more important.

    I believe DC should be Feds top priority even though it’s not only up to him. And I will explain: Davis cup success can carry a player very far in the year after. It has the ability to be a mental springboard for next season more than any other title. For example remember Verdasco’s best year of 09 that came after he clinched the victory for Spain vs Argentina, or of course Nole’s 2011 after wining DC at the end of 2010.

    This is something that Fed has yet to accomplish as oppose to another master or even wtf title.

    1. I think achieving y/e No1 and matching Sampras’ 6 will be something Feds wants very much. Winning Basel will give him such a boost too. He won Basel, Paris and WTF in 2011, and I really believe he’s playing so well that he could do it again. They’ve all got a week’s breather between Paris and WTF also, so there’s time to rest and recharge. Just think what it would mean to him to play at DC final as world No1? I just hope Stan can bring some form at the right time; he’s been so disappointing of late. His whole career has been very up and down, but when things click right for Stan it’s a joy to watch; hope this happens at DC. πŸ™‚

    2. Interesting points about DC Feddybear, it has seemingly had that effect on some players but I’m not sure it would be the case for Fed.

      Both Verdasco and Djoker were underchievers at that moment in time and the DC sort of propelled them to a new height, Fiasco’s lasted for about a year, whereas Djoker has gone on to achieve way more.

      I’m pretty sure Verdasco’s 09 AO was down to him going to train with Gil Reyes who trained Agassi. Got him super fit in the off season for that AO and it was his best year on tour ever.

      WTF is way bigger than DC, and so is a M1000 so I think winning them would be more important. Look at his 2011 run then 2012…

  13. Here’s a very good table describing WTF qualification scenarios (it’s easier, obviously, now that we’re down to one tourney pre-WTF):

    It looks like Murray, Nishikori and Berdych are almost certainly in (they could still theoretically fall short, but that would require some crazy combinations of other things to happen, plus they must play poorly themselves).

    The real battle looks like it’s for the last spot – the one that’s only opened up because Rafa pulled out – between Ferrer and Raonic. Ferrer is only 25 points ahead of Raonic going into the week. He’s been doing better than Milos in the last few weeks, though.

    Most exciting year-end in memory, really.

  14. Oh, come on people, Fed should play Paris! Take a good look at Shanghai and have more faith πŸ™‚
    This is too good an opportunity to miss now he is soo close to Number 1, and like I prayed he shouldn’t meet any difficult opponent as the draw protrayed in Basel, I hope the same thing happens in Paris.
    I hope he doesn’t meet Berdych, Djokovic and anyone going to grind him even Jeremy Chardy. I hope an inspired Kholshreiber takes out Djokovic.
    Another easy way to another title and I pray an easy draw at the wtf

    1. I’m not so sure about the easy draw in Paris. For instance, it is not unlikely for Roger to re-meet Ivo Karlovic in some quite early round. Of course I expect Roger to win, but it was a tough match in Basel, as you all know…

      1. Another way of looking at it would be, it’s unlikely Ivo will repeat his Basel big serving performance. So maybe it will be an easier win for Roger?

      1. Yes, and only 5 aces in his match with Pouille compared to 33 against Feds. What a difference 2 days make!

        PS They’re all saying this court plays slow – and certainly the few matches I’ve watched it does seem pretty slow – ball bounces very high also. S’funny, I always thought this was a medium fast court. Llodra the volley man seemed to do quite well…

        PPS The French looked as though they were trying out combinations for double, neither of which worked out very well at all: Monfils and Simon out yesterday, Tsonga and Gasquet today. πŸ™‚

    1. Uurgh…that is truly vile. I know he’s known for the face contortions, but really… πŸ™

      Has anyone seen this clip – funny from Robredo, massively over-the-top antics from Murray and the last point a microcosm of the whole match. πŸ™‚

  15. Stop press! Jonathan exposed as Twitter troll claiming Andys style of play is so light on his body he will be able to play thru the 2020 Olympics and beyond!! Haha!! Well Jon, there go yr dreams of ever being on his team! Brilliant! Of all the tweets u hv posted, that one got thru!!

      1. Careful Jonathan, if you go up there you might contact salmonella. Then what happens to the blog?

      1. Hahaha, that is funny!

        When I saw the match on 2nd set tie break, I seriously think that either Robredo or him will pass out on court. Robredo sitting on the linesman chair couple time, and Andy, well maybe it is just his expression but i think his condition was worse than Robredo.

      2. It was a serious grindfest. Fair play to Murray for pulling it off and playing clean on the match points but come on, Robredo? Nadal has dropped 1 set vs. him dating back to 2005.

    1. Hey Susie, wait a second…. Did Jon tweet something and Andy HIMSELF replied?? Or did someone else reply in his name?? Please explain. Is Jon in Andy’s inner circle of friends?? πŸ™‚

      1. Jonathan have the tweet conv with @ProdigyRep and Andy is responding on one Jonathan tweet. Some possibilities:
        – Andy is following Jonathan
        – Andy is following ProdigyRep
        – Andy is following someone who retweet Jonathan or ProdigyRep tweet and open it. Since both account are open, you can see the whole tweet conv
        – Andy is searching the tweet with Murray as a keyword

        But it is really funny… hahaha

      2. Haha! As I keep saying, Jonathan hates Andy Murray way more than than I hate Rafael Dopal πŸ™‚

      3. Wow Jon, the Great Man Himself, Muzza replied to you?? Wow. But…. does he have the time to tweet?? Looked half dead to me after the Robredo match πŸ™‚ Actually…. looked half dead to me at the beginning of the 2nd set already…

        Jon, if you become friends with Muzza, don’t forget us little people πŸ™‚

    1. V v spongey! Horrible to play and as usual the camera angle in Paris is just appalling! Not worthy of a Masters. Ct 1 shld be demolished!!

    2. Simon/Susie – I thought that also, indeed mentioned it in previous post. I thought it was a medium fast court to be honest – remember Llodra the volley man did well a few years back? Commies saying a lot of grit/sand has been used under the paint; this does tend to wear down as it is used, but it certainly looks shit ATM. Very high bounce – hard to put away overheads. It would have been perfect for the moonballer! Agree on camera angle Susie – terrible – foreshortened court – makes it look half size. πŸ™ I think they are doing a complete make-over next year: about time.

  16. I thought Paris was supposed to be one of the “fast” courts. Well, Roger was practicing on clay. As 99.999% of the tournaments are in Europe I get to pvr it again.
    Jonathan, soon you’ll be on centre court tossing the coin. And you’ll forget us altogether.

    1. I was watching one of the first round games for a few minutes, and I thought the ball was bouncing very high. Maybe it was the camera angle. It didn’t seem terribly fast though. Ah well, as long as the bounce is true, which is the case indoors, Roger should be fine.

      I doubt Roger will be deeply invested into this one. Five matches in a row? Papa Djokovic will be giving it his all too. Somethings gotta give.

    1. Thanks for that Sue – had to laugh at Lub – he was more interested in Rog’s tactics/game plan against him than anything! Picked up another great interview in Asia given by a person commenting below that interview. Really interesting psychological insight into how Rog thinks about matches he’s played. Did you see that one?

    2. Great find, Sue, thanks for sharing πŸ™‚
      He always speaks his mind so naturally and clearly. The goat tennis brain!

  17. I’m very interested in the match against Chardy. might be the toughest for Fed in the tourney….i hope he comes thru

    1. Hey Utch, both Roger and Novak are aiming for that nr 1 spot. Roger will definitely try to equal Sampras. And I read many comments all over the net that Novak will lose early (beeing a dad and all that). But I don’t buy that for a second. Novak will be in both the finals of Paris and WTF. Just hope that Roger will be the one on the other side of the net and kick his butt πŸ™‚

    1. Stumblerer. Stutterer. Tummyacherer.

      But he pulled out the set – holy cow. Hope all that is behind him. Wonder if it’s because the surface is acting so weird?

  18. Phew, good grief! it was tough – Chardy is like a pitbull terrier. A good clutch play from the GOAT!
    Allez Rog!

  19. Wow. What an UGLY match. Perhaps the worst match I’ve seen in a while.

    But I think it’s all down to the surface. By FAR THE worst surface I’ve seen a match being played on. Up there with the likes of Miami and that Swiss Davis cup tie court. Mind numbingly slow, balls sticking to the surface. No wonder Federer must have had so much trouble switching from a decently faster court in Basel where you can easily hit through the court to a court like this sinkhole. Horrid.

    Tomorrow’s match should be easy though. You could see Federer was slowly getting used to the court by towards the second set. Plus his opponents up till the semis should be manageable.

    1. Couldn’t agree more Gaurav – horrible court. Such a change from Basel – he had to make considerable adjustment, and that’s tough, but he pulled it off. An ugly match perhaps – a few horrors from Feds, and a few from Chardy at inopportune moments, luckily for Feds. We’d all have liked to see a much more comfortable match for him after he’s had such little rest, but in some ways, he’s now got a feel for the court and how it’s playing, so it might in the end stand him in good stead. Did you hear the fan question after the match: ‘if you had a choice, which would you rather have, World No.1 or another slam?’ The answer was World No.1. So that’s how much he wants it.

      1. Well, he had to think about it! He said #1 was more reflective of top-level play over the course of a year, while a Slam was reflective of top-level play over the course of 2 weeks.

        I personally wonder if he would answer this question differently if it were asked at a different time – say, if he makes another Wimbledon final, how would he answer before that match? #1 is a realistic possibility, if still a stretch, RIGHT NOW, so it makes sense to me that it should look more desirable – right now.

      2. To be honest I was surprised also. Like Thinker said, there was a pause before he answered. But Thinker has thought about this(!) and maybe he’s right: ATM No1 is in his head, next year, perhaps there’ll be another answer!

  20. I’m not surprised. Afterall, chasing No 1 is what is only what is left for grabs this year. It wasn’t a difficult question.
    Infact, it’s a no-brainer.
    Ask this question again at the beginning of next year, and he will say slams. He is just looking ahead. Typical, fantastic, intelligent Federer.
    The question should have been. World No 1 or winning a Davis Cup, which do you prefer?
    Now that would have put him on the spot!

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