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Magnificent Federer Wins Miami Open To Complete Sunshine Double

2017 just keeps getting better for Roger Federer as the Swiss Maestro defeated Rafael Nadal 6-3, 6-4 to win his third Sunshine Double and lift the Miami Open trophy for the first time since 2006!

It's Roger's third Miami title overall, his third title of the season and the 26th Masters 1000 title of his illustrious career. Pretty special stuff from the 35-year-old who's barely put a foot wrong since he stepped back on the court in Perth earlier this year.

Quick Match Recap

Fed Miami Winner 2017

Federer won the toss and elected to serve. Both players were met with ridiculous humidity levels, and Roger had to save two break points to hold for 1-0.

Nadal quickly levelled, but in game four he had to fight off two break points to make 2-2. Rafa then fashioned his third break point of the set before Roger held for 3-2.

More break points soon followed, Nadal fighting off one on his own serve then failing to convert his fourth as Roger held to lead 4-3.

In game eight Federer was the man to make the key breakthrough, converting his second break point of the game with a sweet forehand return and serving out the set 6-3.

At the set changeover, both players left the court to change their soaked clothes. Upon resumption, Nadal held to 15, and Roger quickly levelled to love.

Unlike the first set where both servers were under pressure, set two saw holding serve get a whole lot easier with Roger hitting three consecutive holds to love.

This time around though it was Nadal who was the first come under pressure, in game seven he had to save two break points and in game nine he slipped to 30-40 after a lucky net cord. There was no luck on the next shot though as Roger ripped a nice return to break for 5-4.

Serving for the title, Roger started with a double fault but then came up with a genius backhand that dipped in and closed it out to 30 to get his hands on the winners vase.

Match Stats

  Roger Federer Rafael Nadal
Aces 5 4
Double Faults 1 1
First Serve Percent 63% (39/62) 63% (41/65)
1st Serve Points Won 87% (34/39) 66% (27/41)
2nd Serve Points Won 48% (11/23) 50% (12/24)
Break Points Saved 100% (4/4) 78% (7/9)
Service Games Played 10 9
1st Serve Return Points Won 34% (14/41) 13% (5/39)
2nd Serve Return Points Won 50% (12/24) 52% (12/23)
Break Points Converted 22% (2/9) 0% (0/4)
Return Games Played 9 10
Winners 29 15
Unforced Errors 19 23
Total Service Points Won 73% (45/62) 60% (39/65)
Total Return Points Won 40% (26/65) 27% (17/62)
Total Points Won 56% (71/127) 44% (56/127)
SABR 0 0

Thoughts on the Match

Fed Miami Def Nadal 2017

I'm moving up in the rankings, and I just want to stay healthy. When I'm healthy and feeling good, I can produce tennis like this. That's why taking a break and resting during the clay season and focusing on Roland Garros, the grass and the hard courts after that is best. It would be great to be No. 1 again, but it's a long way away.

Federer Miami Win

Another incredible week for the GOAT who backed up his win in Indian Wells with a peRFect week in Miami. Just like in Australia and California it's hard to comprehend how he keeps producing these performances. Simply top drawer tennis. If any other 35-year-olds after six months out were doing this, it'd be pretty special but when you factor in the brand of tennis Federer plays it just takes the enjoyment aspect to a whole other level.

After two matches that went to the wire against Berdych and Kyrgios, this was more of a one-sided affair. Nadal started in aggressive fashion  and won his fair share of the early exchanges especially on Fed's second serve, but Roger saved the break points with big time plays. He then took his chance after Nadal missed his and never looked back.

Both guys appeared to have spent a fair bit of energy in the opener, and in the second the level dropped a tad, but it was Roger who continued to go after his forehand showing off his precise footwork to hit a slew of blistering inside-out forehands and rack up nineteen winners off that wing overall. Really pleasing to see that he was able to move well throughout and the day off yesterday clearly helped.

As for Nadal, still not his best I don't think, but he's making progress. He's set the bar so high over the years but making three finals this season is nothing to scoff at and you have to think on clay he'll be a factor. By the looks of it he won't have Federer to contend with either πŸ˜†

So what's next? Well, it's time for a well-deserved break to recharge the batteries after a very intense period. The body and mind need a rest. But enough about me. What about Roger? He hinted to Brad Gilbert he might only play the French Open this year. Wise choice I feel. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. If someone had told federer before his comeback that he would win AO, IW and Miami… would he still have won them?

  1. Amazing win once again!!! Roger was able to come with the goods when it mattered the most.


  2. Oh, hello, new post. Must have arrived just after I refreshed the page. Oh well, another tournament win – and I even predicted the score (to myself) πŸ™‚

  3. I’m not sure that’s a definite “RG only on clay” statement, since you ask πŸ™‚ Might be a bit daft going into RG with no previous clay practice.

    1. I think at least one clay court warm up could help and I would like to see him play the Monte Carlo ATP. It is such a beautiful venue and it is one of the few titles missing from his CV. (Who knows, he might even try for a calander Grand Slam!) I don’t want to jinx him though so forget I said that.

  4. Thanks for the write up J. Solid! Forehand was awesome today.

    Again – no real weaknesses to exploit and not a lot of magic ftom Rafa today. He had no where to go, could only recline really and that didn’t work.

    Can this Fed beat Novak on the comeback trail? Can he withstand a 5 setter w Kyrgios? I wonder what we’ll learn in England. Probably the next time we’ll see Fed at his imperial best.

    What a 2017! It’s all icing from here.

    1. Can this Fed beat Novak on the comeback trail? Of course he would’ve if Novak had struck around.

      1. Can Wimbledon afford to risk their matchup and have their crowd descend into Roger hooligans like USO and Miami lol!!

      2. Sorry I meant to add in a Kyrgios Fed matchup scenario not Novak we know it’s only a US craziness with Fed Novak!

    2. Cheers.

      Yeah I think Fed could beat Novak playing like this for certain. It’s a good matchup for him really, can’t get hit off the court. He beat peak Djoker in 2011 at the French, he is more than good enough to beat him now.

  5. Simply the best. Thanks Jonathan for your writings. Fantastic start for 2017 for Fed. He is just amazing.

    He deserves the break to ‘heal’ as he words it.

    Happy, happy days.

  6. Never in my dreams, especially since those five losses to Nadal during the terrible 2013-14 phase when Roger had no business facing the Spaniard, had I imagined that Roger would go 4-0 against him, let alone with a slam. Only one other player has had a longer winning streak against Nadal. That would be Djokovic (six in a row). Now he beats Nadal on sandpaper and suddenly winning on clay isn’t too far fetched.

    Roger now has a 9-8 hardcourt record (this is a big deal fellas), giving him a winning edge on two surfaces. Shows us how the lop sided 2-14 clay record has hurt Roger.

    1. “Never in my dreams, especially since those five losses to Nadal during the terrible 2013-14 phase when Roger had no business facing the Spaniard, had I imagined that Roger would go 4-0 against him”

      Actually, that bit I did: 2014 post-AO to 2015 pre-Basel, when I thought that Roger would have won all the matches they played in. It’s just a shame that Rafa never made it that far through the draw on each of those occasions.

    2. Yeah they had a habit of never meeting when Fed was playing well off clay. H2H is always going to be in Nadals favour but Fed more than proved it’s not a onesided rivalry. If Fed was 6 years younger, people would say ah he’s playing an older Nadal, but he’s 6 years older!

  7. “So what’s next? Well, it’s time for a well-deserved break to recharge the batteries after a very intense period. The body and mind need a rest. But enough about me. What about Roger?”

    Funny guy you are Jon πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Congrats to Roger and to all of us for sticking with our guy and now we are seeing the results πŸ™‚
    Go Rog, Go Goat πŸ™‚ Sigh… a month without you…..

  8. It’s just wonderful to see how confident he is, doesn’t look as though he even needs to think of his
    next shot. He is a joy to behold…and he’s quite a good player as well!!

    1. Precisely my thoughts, Simon. Something doesn’t add up. This is like watching the WWE. There was a time when I was hoping and praying that Roger somehow, by a miracle, beats Nadal, no matter what surface. I used to think, win the first set, and give me some hope. Or at worse, don’t lose bad.

      This morning I was thinking to myself: Ah well, it’s ok if Roger loses one. How did it come to this?

      1. Exactly! I never expected Roger to win against Nadal (bar a couple of occasions). Now I feel that’s how it should be πŸ˜›

    2. Exactly! Before, the H2H gap seemed so big… Now it’s just 9 WINS away from a tie.

      Are we dreaming???

      1. Federer catching up on the H2H is beyond the realms of impossible. They have to meet 9 times, at least. Ain’t gonna happen.

        Winning four games in a row, at 35, puts to bed any debate about who the better player in this rivalry has been.

      2. I found the formula. Just don’t expect too much. and he will surprised us. from AO to Miami.. it really work… πŸ™‚

  9. Ps: I am still hoping Seve or Ivan convinces Roger to play MC and Rome and cancel Madrid πŸ™‚


      1. Isn’t Rome full of potholes and bad surface? I think that’s part of the worry about clay and his knee, so pretty as the stadium is that court in pRticular could be a minefield for Fed.

  10. Great win. I think it goes to show the importance of being battle-tested in tournaments. In 2014 and 2015, Fed cruised through pretty much all his matches at Wimbledon, only to come unstuck by a Djokovic that had previously survived a 5-setter. This time around, it was Federer who was the more battle-tested, and it showed as he was able to just nudge his level up a bit whereas Nadal needed to vastly raise his as wasn’t up to the task.

    Another title is the great thing, but dominating Nadal once again is pretty special too. From 23-10 to 23-14 and suddenly the head-2-head doesn’t look as bad as it once did. Fed’s got Nadal’s number now.

    As for skipping the clay season, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I would have liked to see him try Madrid or Rome (only the latter if he went out early in Madrid), but using the French as a means to get some matches in for the grass court swing is a good move. And he may just decide to try Madrid, but certainly whatever he chooses it’s not going to be a heavy load, which I’m glad for. I know the allure of world number 1 is on now, but it’s more important to focus on titles and longevity over world number 1 again. And besides, if he has as good a second half of the year as he had had in the first quarter, he’ll be world number 1 anyway.

  11. Thanks again for the replay video. It’s probably the only one we will see as they delete them from Youtube PDQ. It was much better at the Australian Open, lots of replays to watch, and lots of interviews as well.
    I don’t think Nadal played badly, Roger just made it look that way.
    If he and his team want to take a break then that’s what he should do. The last thing we want is an injured Fed.
    Thanks for your writing and the photos too. Much appreciated, and very quickly produced too.

    1. Cheers. Looks like it has gone already, they are quick to act these days. I think you could make an argument for fair use really with highlights It’d be better if the ATP chose to monetise the vids and earn off the ads shown during the highlights rather than take them down.

    1. Maybe. I bet we get a leak soon saying he is playing somewhere to shift some tickets. Oh the Hungarian Open tournament director has spoken to him!

  12. Thanks Jonathan for your excellent write-up as usual. This is an amazing stretch that Roger has not had for a long while. Winning three big titles in the first quarter of the season already is brilliant for the Maestro and us πŸ™‚ .
    Sid, I share your sentiments about HC head-to-head with Rafa – it must be turned around with now 9:8, which is the right way around for the greatest HC player ever.
    On clay court season, Roger sounded like that he will go straight into RG, which is a bit risky. Hope that Roger will change his mind once the sunshine double celebrations settle down.

    1. Cheers.

      Like someone else said he went into AO with limited practice on the surface. I guess clay is a bit different as you do see most guys bulk up on the legs to prepare for it…

  13. Wasn’t really expecting the semi to be so very much more exciting than the final, but of course thrilled with the win. Loved the shoelace pickup with delicate-looking redirect at 1-2 in the 2nd… Since they were pulverizing the ball (not my favourite tennis style to watch), it must have been anything but delicate in the execution.

    Am reminded that I CAN’T STAND IT when Rafa – or anybody, frankly – howls on every. Single. Point. That’s not a ‘grunt’. Aaargghh.

    Roger certainly deserves however much of a rest he feels he needs at this point; though like Alison I hope he decides to add a clay court tourney rather than coming cold into RG. My vote, not that I get one, is for Rome, which is the last (big) one before RG, is supposed to have conditions most like RG, and still gives him a week off before RG starts (or more, depending on how far he might get). (Plus he hasn’t won that one yet, cough-cough).

    Incredible run, really; winning these two M1000s back to back is so rare anyway, and to do it twice **ELEVEN YEARS APART**, for heaven’s sake, in tennis, where some entire CAREERS don’t last that long… It’s just mind-boggling. Rita used to say that after realizing that Fed wasn’t going to be breaking the youngest-ever tennis records, she was now expecting him to break oldest-ever records – and it’s happening.

    1. Yeah the Berdych match and Kyrgios match were better quality. But any match is a good match when it finishes with a trophy presentation that you don’t want to switch off πŸ˜€

      Ye I remember Rita saying that, getting to the point every time he steps on court there is a new stat or record.

  14. An absolute EPIC, Amazing and Wonderful Couple of months from Roger Federer:

    After a 6 month layoff, to come and win the elusive 18th Grand Slam in Australian after beating Nishikori, Wawrinka and Nadal in 5 set epic matches was absolutely amazing.

    Then, my dream of him winning Indian Wells again after losing couple of finals to Novak. – just insanely satusfying.

    And finally, just ridiculous and a cherry on top – to win his third Sunshine Double and the way he did it – to save MPs against Berdych, to squeeze one more tight victory against Nick Kyrgios in the best 3 setter of the year. And to finally cap it off with another routine win against Nadal after beating him also in Indian Wells.

    Just the best possible start as far as I know, I began following Roger closely in 2007 so I don’t recall such an amazing f stat to the year so after all the stuff he’s gone through, RBI ga are just getting better and better.

    Absolutely BRAVO to the Swiss Maestro! I think he deserved a well deserved break.

    In terms of Masters 1000 records, my “greedy” dream of him winning going for the titles in Monte-Carlo and Rome will have to wait. Roger eluded to just playing Roland Garros and that is perfectly understandable and reasonable. We as fans can’t be greedy and also I think that Roger will be the favorite in many of the tournaments to come, including the French. He just beat Nadal for the 4th straight time, 3 of which were on outdoor hard courts. He looked great in pretty much all matches.

    And knowing him, he can come in “cold” at the French and still make the Semis or Final.

    He’ll probably play Stuttgart after that (unless he wins the French, then Halle and Wimbledon and then, depending on results, might only play Cincy and the US Open)

    Just amazing and well deserved break. Now, we can all enjoy this and hopefully Roger will be back in style in couple of months while all the rest will be beating each other to death on the dirt… ?

    1. Would be good if he played Rome, however wonderful to see such a great player playing great
      tennis..again. And thanks to this site to read so many good things about Fed. Have just
      seen the write up from Ruan on fb, it is so sad that he’s so biased. But I have to commend
      PeRFect tennis for being so upbeat x

  15. I still think he will play one clay tourney before RG. AND I would not write him off for RG as everyone else is doing automatically. It has been such a crazy (good) season–anything is possible!

    1. He cannot play otherwise. Nadal is not comfortable at hitting the ball on the rise. He actually tried it against Kohlschreiber in set one and failed miserably with a bagel for supper. His game has been essentially the same side-to-side ditch digging between the line judges for the past decade.

    2. Well tbh he played very aggressively early in the final, he was actually forcing Federer back. The first set Roger actually played on the back foot quite a lot.. but didn’t get broken which was key in the end.

  16. As Fed fans we won the lottery so far this year. It took a few days for the AO win to sink in and so will this one. This guy is so amazing, we are so lucky to experience this.

    Jonathan, does your body need a break from all the typing? Hope you recover in time for RG.

  17. Good on Fed for staying away till RG. Time away seemed to do him well for 2017.

    And I think Nadal will be glad too.


  18. Jonathan! Love your sense of humor! But all of us FedFans are probably truly exhausted after living through the stress of the DelPotro, Berdych, Kyrgios and Nadal wins… It’s incredible what Federer achieved this year, especially when you consider the draws he had in both IW and Miami. Nadals side was a comparative cakewalk.

    After the Kyrgios semi I gave Fed little to no chance of winning because of the exhaustion factor. I am so happy that the real RF came and continued to hit through Nadal.

    The H2H means so little to me, not just because Fed was on the short end, but because those stats are rarely cited about Djoker, Murray or any other matchups between and amongst those guys. I think it’s a sportswriter’s way to deflect attention away from the overal GOATness of Fed, as he has so few other “weaknesses.”

    1. Well, I thought Roger did stand a good chance of winning, provided that he’d recovered sufficiently from the Kyrgios match – which Jon said hadn’t been that strenuous, even if it was long. If it had been the next day like some tourneys I could think of I suspect the result would have been different. But Nadal wasn’t overly pushed on his way to the final, which I suspect helped him (would he have got there if he had been?) and at the same time hindered him.

    2. Thanks Donna. Yeah it’s been a heavy two weeks for the die hard fans. Especially in Europe and Asia waking up at daft times to watch. Poor Dippy had 3 or 4 matches starting at 4am :-O

      H2H isn’t important really. Just like a lot of other stats.

      1. Right. My heart steps off all this reckoning about who2who. Of course best thing is that Fed wins all his fights, and in a way he does. By classy beautiful winners and personality, and methinks that’s the reason to be fan.

  19. Is he even real? Amazing! What a turn-around this year from all those painful years of Fedal. I gave up the Fedal match long long ago but now it’s becoming so much fun πŸ˜†

    Magnificent Roger deserves a good long break so you do, Jonathan. US swing is always tough for you, I know. Thanks for the great job. You guys here, too have a nice Fed holiday πŸ™‚

  20. With Rafa, Fed again really did ‘toy’
    That’s why he called him a “little boy”

    At this rate, Rafa probably doesn’t want to see Fed at the other end even in the French Open.

    And the FedNick match turned out to be the virtual final, as Rafa had no plan, no strategy and no execution today.

    For than matter Berdych was far more impressive in at least taking the fight to Fed.

    The boring part of tennis starts now till June.

    Vacation time.

    1. Haha yeah that was a funny comment. I guess he was though really, 17, much smaller frame. Didn’t grunt much back then either.

      I think Nadal did have a plan, it actually almost worked, if he breaks in the first set it’s a different match. He played way more aggressively and changed his serve patterns a lot.

  21. Yeah, surprised at the “little boy” comment. Seventeen isn’t a little boy. Unconscious payback? Tee hee.

  22. Fed I think had a elder brother attitude with Rafa due to their age gap and being No1 & No2 respectively.

    This probably petered out once Rafa beat Fed in Wimby 2008 and then Rafa kinda didn’t want to be little brother any more.

    Well in 2017, the ‘brotherhood’ is back ( though I feel Rafa is not too pleased with it, based on the plastic smile )

  23. Wow, what an incredible season this is turning out to be. Even if he took the entire rest of the year off, 2017 would still be a great success. Winning a slam, two masters, and conquering his greatest demon in the process. Everything is just the icing on the cake from now on.

    I think skipping most of the clay season would be the sensible thing to do. Results on clay have been pretty lackluster for the past few years, and that probably isn’t just magically going to change this season, even if he must be brimming with confidence now. He’ll probably want to get some clay matches before RG though. I don’t know his schedule, but maybe playing Madrid is a good idea. From what I understand, the balls go quicker through the air there, which would help him.

    It’s kind of tough choice though. When you’re having a run like this, you’ll want to keep it going, as you don’t want to lose the momentum. If he were younger it would be a no brainer. But he isn’t, and he can’t run around like a headless chicken chasing titles and points anymore. Both Roger and Jonathan should get some well earned rest πŸ™‚

  24. Fed has completely had Nadal resolved! I have to admit I still dreaded about this rivalry before the final. All conditions favored Nadal and after that marathon semi, I wasn’t sure how much Fed had left in the tank. But he didn’t need much did he? He was only playing a B+ game and beat Nadal quite comprehensively.

    What more could we have asked for? We’re so lucky to be his fans and who would have thought came 2017 he would give us even more surprises? No words in any language can describe the greatness of this guy.

    Thanks for the write-up Jonathan and thanks for the highlights. That guy who makes them is a legend himself!

  25. Like everyone here I too want to thank Jonathan for this quality writeup. I also want to thank hm for this blog. I’ve been a long time lurker here. This blog together with some of the long time posters have enriched my experience as Fed fan, you guys are just making the ride more fun.

  26. Guys… why is no one paying attention?? 1099 wins !!! Are you kidding me? We are coming for you Connors πŸ™‚

    1. We are all ears katyani. I think Connors played a lot of mickey mouse events for his titles and no of wins. Of course he was fit enough to do so.

      Fed is different he wants to win the biggies, not go for some mickey mouse records.

      My opinion solely, i hasten to add

      1. The guy was an ass. Didn’t they count the neighbourhood bbq tourney on Sat night.

  27. Wait, wait, why is everybody talking about a holiday after such memorable win and stretch. Com’n, we want to soak up a bit more πŸ™‚ – this is a wonderful feeling πŸ™‚ .

  28. What a finish American Spring HC Swing. I was quite worried that Roger will come out flat against Nadal after 3 hrs long semis on Friday. Thank god for 1 day rest. The thing that surprised me the most, Roger has been playing very freely since his return. He has nothing to lose, no pressure. He just went for his shots and focus on point by point. He has been very clutch this whole week against Berdych, Krygios and Nadal. Honestly could have lost at qtrs and semis but he grind it out. He played 4 quality opponents which is insane really.

    A little sad we won’t get to see him during clay season except RG. I hope he might change his mind and try to get some matches in Rome. I am ok if he decided to just play RG, he deserves a good long rest,recharge and be ready for grass season. If he misses most of clay means his ranking might slide back to 6th or even 8th. Please Roger play at least Rome πŸ™‚

    1. I’m reminded of a few years back when, after the US swing, Roger announced that he needed a long rest/training block. Then shortly after he signed up for Monte Carlo or somewhere, didn’t he? I wonder how set in stone his current intentions really are?

      1. Wasn’t that the awful 2013 where he was playing injured all season. He kept trying to get points together through little tourneys and it just wrecked him and he said he should never have been playing?

        2013 was just awful.

      1. Awesome get to sleep through midnight now. Its time well spent trying to stay awake watching Roger.

  29. Watched some more replays. Roger’s placement of shots and his phenominal quick reactions at the net were astounding in this match. One thing I’ve noticed recently is his absolute intensity and concentration. If you watch someone like Sacha Zverev, whom I quite like, the intensity is not so apparent. I think Roger would win easily over A**y M****y who has actually said he didn’t practice agains serve and volleyers ( when speaking of the other Zverev).
    Have you all seen this?
    No wonder so many people love him.
    It’s been great reading all the comments here and being able to chat with real Fed-fans.

    1. Nice, I watched IW Semi final from 2010 highlights earlier, Ljubicic played great, Nadal was actually well on top but he just came up with the goods when it mattered.

      1. I made a typo in my statement. Meant to say Nadal’s “forehand” in regarding to the topspin forehand that has caused so much trouble to his backhand throughout all these years.

    2. Agreed. There’s a reason why Ivan was hired in the first place. Federer is playing really good right now but I’ve been saying this for some time: Ljubicic has been the single biggest influence when it comes to dealing with returning Nadal’s serves and forehand cross courts.

  30. Well well, what can we say, I mean we are literally running out of things to talk about Fed.

    BTW, I had called this to happen I think a year or two ago that Fed should show two fingers to Clay court and just play RG. If he wins RG by a miracle, we can all laugh in Dull’s face and if he doesn’t…eh shrug our shoulders and move on.

    Looks like Fed does read my comments after all.

    Glad he is skipping the most ridiculous of all tournaments in the calendar. Why ATP has so many tournaments on most taxing surface (yep, kill me if I m wrong) with already an issue of long season, I don’t understand. I mean I am surprised players haven’t complained and got ATP to change it or they probably have and failed and I don’t know. They should reduce clay and increase grass. I mean am I wrong? On clay, the matches last longer and that puts more stress on the body. On Grass, the matches finish quickly and hence less stress.

    Anyway, Fed is doing right thing, he should prioritise basically just two things. Wimbledon and USO that’s it. All other tournaments are dispensable. If he does this every year, he can probably play next year as well.

    I personally want him to get to 31 ATP titles and catch Djoker. That would be good to do before he retires.

    It would be a miracle if Djoker comes back now. He seems to have lost his motivation for Tennis. He said himself that he was surprised Fed is still playing tennis, indicating he will retire well before age of 35 and if a couple of years go badly, he would prob retire before Fed.

    Dull is in p3rfact place for us Fed fans. No belief left against Fed and vulnerable against young guns. He ain’t winning more slams now, may be odd title on Clay.

    Mugray…well…he is his own problem and is quite useful for taking out Dull or Fed.

    So all in all, us Federer fans are in really good place right now.

    I want Fed to do at least two things before he retires even if he doesn’t add more slams. Reach 31 ATP titles and catch up to Nadal and go just one better in H2H.

      1. I also thought the same, but surprised Roger says(his physio) Clay could be reason he felt clank on his knees. As you said it could be because of physical demand, but its kind of interesting he mentioned that in Presser…

      2. Yeah I saw that comment too. Nadal says it’s easier on the knees, Fed physio says harder for him. Horses for courses.

  31. In the past 24 hours, the same journalists who have regularly written Roger off in recent years did some forensic work in frenzy and they finally found a clue that ‘Roger Federer is from Mars’.

    1. Am I the only one who never reads any other tennis articles? I will read ATP news, but mainly just use Twitter. Not ready anything by a UK columnist in ages.

  32. They say “Roger Ferderer is from Mars”
    They say “People like him are sparse”
    I say to them “sparse? my &^%$# arse”
    He is the brightest amongst all stars

    With special thanks to Gang for the inspiration.

    1. THANKS again Murli for nice poem – always scrolling the site in pursuit of such of yours.
      And of course THANKS Jonathan for humor and great sharing of tennis insight.
      Roger gave us a huge portion to celebrate, smile, giggle and talk about the next few months. Masses of goodness to withstand possible Fed-abstinence for the next short period.

  33. I wouldn’t be too worried about RF skipping the tune-up tournaments before the French. He didn’t have much match training before the Aussie either,, did he? Now he will definitely be seeded top eight in Paris, and at the level he is now, I don’t think an early upset is likely. Thus he can take the first week to get used to the french clay again, and who knows, he might make a deep run into the second week as well. And if he doesn’t, so be it. More important ventures lay ahead.

    1. Yeah I agree, guess schedule always subject to change. Guess it depends if he gets bored in Switzerland, but how can you with those mountains?

  34. Am I the only one who read Juan’s site for the lols and giggles? His article about Roger winning is literally: “he won because Djokovic isn’t here, he should have lost against Kyrgios because the crowd was mean, and because Mirka whistled at Nick”

    Pretty fun to read actually, butthurt much? πŸ˜€

    1. No, you are the first one to address the ebola in the room though. I thought his last article was pretty funny, in a tournament that the sure winner Novak Djokovic didn’t participate in, he makes an appearance five times; I actually counted.

      And then this article of his where he disses Roger Federer, Mirka, the crowd, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Theresa May and Donald Duck – all because his beloved Nole couldn’t keep his mojo.

      I mean, cmon enough already with the former and future no 1, the last three titles won by Roger Federer but he can’t stop gushing about Nole and his amazing run of 2015. With all due respect, since the French Open, it’s been a slippery slope for his Goat – no sure footedness on display, innit?

      1. Hahaha, you had me at “And then this article of his where he disses Roger Federer, Mirka, the crowd, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Theresa May and Donald Duck”

        Agree with everything you said, but it’s just hilarious how he keeps saying give credit to Roger but then goes right back to say it was because of this and that circumstance πŸ˜€

        At least we have some good articles here (thanks Jonathan!), not some rubbish trash talk ^^

    2. I visited that site recently, trying to be open but its a challenge. I will start a fed cult dance and chant pretty soon ha ha ha

      1. Ruan’s blog actually comes with different taste for us. It is still a Fed–site very much. I really enjoy it… πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

  35. Late in Party, but what a win and what a last few months….More than we expected even in dreams…

    Back to match…It felt like Rafa came out determined not to give any early break and looking for one, when Roger broke in tail end made trickier…And that Heat and Humid made second set not much eventful and Roger broke again when it mattered…

    Hopefully he back in same form for second half of Tour too….Listening his winning speech, he pretty much made his mind this being last Miami appearance it sounded even though MiamiOpen twitter handle posted vid where he says “see you next year”..

    Personally hoping to catch live action of Roger in Cincinatti on August

      1. Yes Indeed..first 3 days…Hoping for Semis but its big budget for 3, so most likely content with early rounds.

  36. Methinks the first game of the finals was the shifting of the sands, Roger was fighting with his back against the wall, Nadal was throwing the kitchen sink at it with the plumbing added.

    However, Roger found a way past it and since then he made Rafa look pedestrian to the extent where I missed Nick Kyrgios and even Tomas Berdych.

    Roger’s got Rafa’s Goat finally – Methinks!

  37. Even considering his questionable behaviour on court with the long gaps between points, mtos and whatnot, one credit must be given to Nadal: he has a genuine passion for the game. It just happens to be of the “negative” kind. He suffers too much on court, is always tight, pushes too hard and plays as if it were a boxing combat, not a sword fight. It is what it his and has paid him a great deal of titles. Joker and Moaner, on their side, seem to play only for the empty vanity of the number of titles. But maybe this is an oversimplification… And that’s why for me there’s no such thing as “big four” except maybe on the next McDonalds menu. Ha.

  38. Speechless at the wonder of Rog and of course at all yr amazing posts! Called Rog to win but would not hv been surprised if Rafa had got thru….now, I am glad he is missing clay, altho he may still do Rome. Incredible 3 months! Playing without fear, in the zone, playing free! Ivan has done the business on tweaking the BH so kudos to him as well! ??

  39. Thank you Jonathan for your friendly and thoughtful blog. Great group of fans. Still amazed at Roger’s incredible wins. At the start I was doubtful he would be able to come through the Fedal match after the 3-hour intense match with Kyrgios, but he probed me wrong right after the first game, so powerful and cool and displaying such creativity and confidence. He is getting only better and better. His skipping most of the clay season is very wise, though we’ll missing him.

  40. One of the thing that I noticed is he was really into rallies this year.. It really improves a lot. He runs into the ball and so patient until he can have the opportunity… what a great win. Backhand is already there and his serve but getting to the rallies especially those base liners really improve..

  41. Now comes the Roger withdrawal symptoms. I have a PVR full of 2017 matches I can revisit. I might make it til RG.
    I think the five months off showed Fed how much he loved to play and to respect what his body is now capable of. Since he returned, his focus is so much better. Not many walk-abouts getting broken while wondering where to go for dinner that night.
    With another long break he will come back happy and motivated…and then the sky is the limit.

    1. What am I to do when Roger goes on 8 weeks break??? Looks like i have to binge watch epic Roger matches. I cant wait for grass to start

  42. I think that Roger is making the right decision by skipping the entire Clay season except the French Open.

    The ideal situation, career wise would have been to finally win Monte-Carlo and Rome in order to complete the Golden Masters but sometimes when something is not meant to be, you have to move on. Roger has been a finalist 4 times in each of those two events with recent Runner-Ups in Monte-Carlo (2014) and Rome (2013, 2015).

    Nonetheless, as much as these prizes would have been cool to add to his resume, Roger is smart to look at the big picture – Wimbledon and US Open and World Tour Finals.

    French Open is an open question and we’ll see what happens there. Roger also eluded to playing Stuttgart and Halle prior to Wimbledon.

    It’s very interesting because he played all 3 last year as well after the injury and surgery and he still managed to make Semis in All 3 events.

    If he can improve and (dare I say) WIN all three, everyone would ageee that skipping the entire clay court Season had a lot to do with it.

    Roger is playing with a lot of confidence but 2017 has shown that just like he lost against Dovskoy in Dubai, he was very near to losing against Berdych and Kyrgios in Miami. He was also close to losing the first set against Nadal in the final.

    Therefore, things are going his way now but if he can be fresher in order to avoid getting into such predicaments, it would be even better. I think that his body is his most important asset and he knows that if it as at 100%, he’ll have the belief to go all the way.

    Of course, he can run up to a hot guy like a Kyrgios and Zverev who can beat him on their day but at the same time, the opposite is true. Roger has already had a Dream year but at the same time, I think that he can STILL win big titles this year. But being fresh and pacing himself is key. So I applaud him for his scheduling choices.

    1. Anything is possible. Unlikely I think but depends on how Nadal is playing. Maybe there are better clay court players than him on current form. Stan would be tough to beat.

  43. After the first 14 weeks of the year, the Live ATP race for the “big four” looks like this:

    4045 > 2235+840+475+308


    ROGER > Rafa + Andy + Novak + EVGHENY

    it is not easy to find the main rivals on the list…

  44. Some longevity stats & analysis

    Player Titles GS WTF Masters Mickey Mouse
    Connors 109 8 3 17 81
    Lendl 94 8 7 22 57
    Fed 91 18 6 26 41

    WTF – Year end finals / Mickey Mouse – ATP 500 & 250

    Lets look at the % of each to the total number of titles won

    Player GS % WTF % Masters % MM %
    Connors 7 3 16 74
    Lendl 9 7 23 61
    Fed 20 7 29 45

    In fact Connors is real Mickey Mouse whereas Lendl was a little better.

    But Fed’s stats are remarkable in the sense that a whopping 55 % of his titles are all biggies.

    And I hasten to add that what I call Mickey Mouse tournaments are no longer that in the current era.

    You will see 8 of the top 12 in the quarters at Dubai, almost like a masters, as players travel more these days, unlike Connors who played more in his backyard.

    And Fed is still playing.

    1. Yes, unreal but love this old guy still playing for biggies! Thanks for this, Murli – not just a great poet but also a master of numbers and stats. I believe Fed himself wouldn’t care the records, though 100 would be nice round number, wouldn’t it?

    2. Thanks, Murli, for interesting stats. I thought that officially Lendl’s WTF figure is 5 (same as Pistol Pete).

  45. News just in from the UN headquarters, the Security Council of the United Nations has received an official complaint from Rafael Nadal against Roger Federer for the use of WMD in a recent sporting event.

    1. Brilliant one Gang.

      And I presume the UN Security Council has banned Roger Federer from playing tennis till the 28th of May.

      Rafael Nadal would have breathed a sigh of relief whereas Rafa fans probably would send a Muchas Gracias message to the UN, but also seek an extension of the ban till 11th June.

      1. I now heard that the UN wants to ban RF for the rest of the season because his current level is way above the others… The UN has also been receiving complaints from all the tour players (except Donskoy) who Federer is cheating, doping and fixing matches!


  46. Hey Gang, Lendl has won 5 Masters Grand Prix and 2 WCT Finals ( both equivalent to the WTF ). Thus I took the figure of 7. To be honest whether the 2 WCT finals are counted or not, I have no clue

    The point I was trying to make was that longevity is not playing the game for the sake of it, but playing at the top and also winning biggies, not just the Mickey Mouse tournaments. That’s where Fed has real longevity.

    And Wanda, how true what you say. Fed is least interested in records per se. He just wants to play good tennis, enthrall his fans and of course win the biggies.

    Its us fans I presume who want these numbers so as to shut up others who bring up lesser mortals like Rafa, Novak, Connors etc.

    100 is definitely achievable as Fed wants to play on as long as he keeps himself healthy by managing a clever schedule.

    20 / 100 would just be great.

    1. Match for Africa 3 with Murray in Zurich is still on April 10 airing on the Tennis Channel in US. Then Match for Africa 4 with Isner in Seattle on April 29.

    1. Just found out! Three hr drive or so and border wait. Oh dear, wonder what the prices are? All in a panic now, lol.

      1. Can’t even get through to ticketmaster for price, etc. I have a feeling it will be sold out in 30 seconds.

  47. Some very interesting numbers I stole from the ATP website. The Federer-Nadal rivalry:

    Total points played: 7161
    Federer: 3535
    Nadal: 3626 (+91)

    Break point conversion:
    Federer: 110/297 (37%)
    Nadal: 133/319 (42%)

    Considering Nadal still has a 9 game H2H advantage, the point differential of 91, and break points won differential of 23 is understandable. In fact it shows how well Federer has played given the one sided clay matches where Federer kept showing up to play in finals, and Nadal kept abusing his backhand (not any more though).

    If Federer had only matched Nadal in break point conversions, he would’ve been sitting on 3 more slams. But then again, hasn’t that been the story of this rivalry?

    Full article:

    1. Most of those H2H numbers are statistically a tie. The more one digs in, the more the conclusion is that these tennis monsters are pretty well matched up. This interpretation can change if one puts different weighs on age, surfaces they played on, other top players who were out for “repair” at the time, the draws, and so on. The variation of premisses is endeless.
      A former colleague of mine quoted “Statistics are like mini-skirts: they show the accessory and hide the fundamentals.” She knew the business (guess what was her favourite outfit…).
      In sports, there is also much more than mini-skirts: it’s the intangible/unquantifiable that make the difference and that feed endless discussions between passionate groups of fans, each making their own case. As long as there are no insults, the discussions are good.
      Meaning by that: I can make my own case for RF and stand for it, but I accept, though not necessarily agreeing, that the guy next door makes his case for RN. Most likely both will agree that each player pushed the other to be better and better, to the point that none of us mere mortals would sustain a 3 shoot rally with any one of them.
      This is not an exact science and that’s where the beauty of it lies. I will subscribe the idea that I feel fortunate to be a live witness of this fiery rivalry and thankful to these players for having brought so many people to the sport, as watchers but mostly as players. I know what I’m talking about: back home, we’re 4 out of 6 (but no twins, not even a single pair, sorry…).
      And that will be their legacy for many years to come.
      Have fun.

  48. A pretty lopsided rivalry because of the clay.

    But a point to be noted is that Fed has bagelled Rafa on all surfaces – Grass, Hardcourt and Clay too.

    Whereas Rafa has bagelled Fed once that too on clay only.

    Which goes to show that when Fed was on song, he was untouchable on any surface.

    Its a pity that he could never pull it off against Rafa on clay, especially the FO 2006 where he blitzed Rafa 6-1 in the first set but couldn’t build on the momentum. If the 4th set tie-breaker had gone Fed’s way. who knows how this rivalry would have turned out.

    1. Yeah he could and perhaps should have won one of those French Opens but wasn’t to be. No big deal really though in the grand scheme of things.

      1. After the 4 continuous wins against Rafa, it has kinda become inconsequential, especially since he did it with such ease in IW and Miami. However, thinking back to the RBA match where Fed failed to put him away, would it not be amazing if after a battle of that Nature, but of significantlt higher quality tennis, Fed puts away Nadal in a French Open – at any round? The goat debate will become alternative facts discussion after that.

  49. I’m assuming Bill Gates is donating big bucks to Roger’s foundation. He lives in a fortress on a lake near Seattle. So having the match there makes sense.
    The promo video is court 2 at IW. Gates was at IW during the tournament. Lose a few pounds before he partners up with Roger?

    Presale tickets for the good seats is $1500. Are you kidding me.

  50. I agree Jonathan, that Fed not winning a French in his prime is no big deal in the grand scheme of things, nuth there’s no harm I guess in a bit of ‘sports-fantasizing’.

    FO 2006 was proabably the best chance Fed had to beat Rafa for the title.

    If he had won, he would have first won four slams in a row and then subsequently the Calendar Slam. And actually 7 slams in a row !!!

    If he had beaten Djokovic in the 2008 AO semis, Fed would have reached 19 GS finals in a row !!!!

    Staggering, mind-boggling What Ifs. If one were to do a similar What If exercise with any of the rest, it will become obvious that in any GOAT discussion, Fed will be contender 1 to 9 and the rest will follow from there onwards.

    1. It all reminds me of the LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL series Jonthan made some years ago – as far as I remember with an image how to feel when Fed defeats Rafa in FO-final. A bit like we actually felt after the AO- final. Still – more wants more – there’s NO ending!

  51. I’m heading to Seattle for Match for Africa!!!! Row 2 in upper level. So so excited. Should be a fun day.
    Roger live 2 months in a row.

    1. Congrats SUE – oh I envy YOU – please tell us all – also if there might be some videos coming up….

    2. Wow great news, Sue! Another Fan story, yey πŸ˜‰
      Don’t be told off by Roger, though – “Quiet please, thanks!”

      1. We’ll get a Laver Cup story from you, right?

        Don’t think I’ll be quiet. I’m imagining a circus.

      1. Sid, you could jump in your car and drive for a day. Viola…Roger Federer before your eyes.

      2. I wish I had time to. Planning Cincy 100% this year so I hope to God Roger plays. And look out for a few posts from me, Jonathan πŸ˜‰

      3. Awesome. Tickets bought? I’m sure Fed will be there. Better chance there than Canada. What rounds are you planning on?

      4. Yup. Finals weekend (Fri-Sun) all sessions. Roger better make it that far! I’ll probably pick up a few early in the second week just in case.

      5. Nice. If you go for all sessions 2nd round then you will be covered. Assuming 2 day and evening sessions.
        How exciting….seen him live before?

    3. Hi Sue,

      I am also going for the match! Excited about it πŸ™‚ My first time seeing Roger play live.

      1. Nice. You won’t be disappointed even though it’s not an official match. He’ll walk onto the court and you’ll need a defibrillator.

  52. All PeRFect Tennis readers, please reply to this comment if you are going to Roger’s match for Africa in Seattle on the 29th! This might be a good chance for us Fed Geeks to meet up!

    Oh my. I can hardly contain the excitement. I am going to watch the Maestro, the Fed Express, the living legend, TMF alias The Mighty Federer in action live for the first time ever! The match is going to be insane fun. Can”t believe my luck that he is coming to Seattle.

  53. Hey ani_sudar, I can feel your excitement which is what I felt when I went to Dubai to see Fed for the first time. The excitement was all the more enhanced because the earlier time I had booked to go for the quarters in Dubai, Fed lost uncharacteristically to Andy Murray in the first round. This time no hiccups.

    When Fed made his entry the excitement across the crowd was unbelievable. He has the charisma which reaches out to people instantly as he steps into court even to people who have seen him maybe many times. So you can imagine first-timers like me.

    And it will not be any different whether it is a tournament or an exhibition match. Because Fed will bring in the same charisma, energy and grace irrespective. And because it is an exho, maybe even more in terms of crowd interaction, which happens only after a match in a tournament.

    I am sure you will cherish the experience. Enjoy !!!

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