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Madrid Open Chat Thread

Hey all, this is an open thread for the remainder of the Madrid Open as I'm away from tomorrow until Monday which means I won't be able to do my usual match reports. I'll be back on Tuesday 12th of May to recap what is hopefully a successful tournament for Federer which kicks off later today against Nick Kyrgios.

Kyrgios had an impressive win against Gimeno-Traver yesterday and looks to be in very good form after making the final in Estoril. I'm not sure how he will match up with Federer but I think if he can't get his first serve into play regularly then Roger should be able to handle him fairly easily.

Live chat will be open as normal and I will probably be able to get on it a few times during the week. I'll be posting announcements on Facebook / Twitter as usual for when it's open so keep a look out.

In the mean time feel free to use this post as a discussion thread for Fed's matches in Madrid. ยกHasta Martes!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. Hi Alex! Yes, nice one from Jonathan – I too hope we shall have a few matches to discuss. Kyrgios fired 10 aces yesterday, but I reckon also that G-T was pretty fatigued – has played a lot of clay matches – and of course, let’s not forget the Federer-effect! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Don’t hate me but something just came up to my mind.. This is not really new. But the last time Jonathan left an open thread was a certain Wimbledon…
    Hopefully this time we’ll have a trophy to celebrate, as difficult as it seems..

    1. Is that 2012 or 2013? Oh wait, I don’t think he was doing live chat as far back as 2012, was he?

      Just reflecting on the current matches: Dimitrov gets Fognini, Berdych gets Gasquet, and Rafa gets …? Steve Johnson! Distinct imbalance there.

      Hope Roger doesn’t find the transition too difficult: Kyrgios has already had one match on the surface.

      1. Agreed! Rafa has the easiest route to the SF.. Unless someone plays the match of their lives, which seems unlikely…

        And in 2012 I still hadn’t discovered this amazing place ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Okay, no birthday parties today – they celebrated in advance, according to Stauffer, since the family isn’t in Madrid.

  2. Hey guys ๐Ÿ™‚ What is this? No chat today?
    Roger is a bit struggling at the moment hopefully gets better as time goes by. Enjoy the match anyway!

  3. Come into the match thinking Kyrgios was a massive talent. And so far, yes, some talent, but it appears as though he is a serve bot. Every time fed gets it back in play kyrgios misses…

    1. Ooh, false alarm guys. This kid knows how to get a ground stroke within designated lines on a tennis court.

    1. Yes, I can believe it, all too well, unfortunately. It’s what concerned me when I posted at 3.37 yesterday: Rog having virtually no time to make the transition between 2 apparently significantly different types of clay, and Kyrgios having already played on it (byes aren’t always the best idea, you know). Possibly also different atmospheric conditions owing to playing much later in the evening than intended thanks to the WTA taking 5 hours? And if he was doing promos last night as well …

      But what the heck was Roger doing giving that break back in set 2? I thought it was probably done and dusted by then, and then …

      Wondering whether he’ll be staying on a bit like he did in Monte Carlo?

      1. Oh, and I also didn’t mention the “Roger tending to have difficulty against players he’s playing for the first time” factor either ๐Ÿ™

      2. A set and a 2-0 plus a point for 3 love? It was very poor to lose from there. I only managed to get the scores up when I was on the Metro and caught highlghts afterwards, wasn’t playing terribly but looked more than beatable, Kyrgios just took advantage.

  4. Roger lost in R2 in Madrid to Krygios. NK won 6-7 (7-2) 7-6 (7-5) 7-6 (14-12). Roger saved five match points but lost with a forehand error.

  5. Came home being at a party and saw Fed walk out of court and the stats.
    Was this a good match?? Fed’s stats were pretty dang good, decent serving, 50 winners to 36 UE, seems like a pretty good match from him… Did Kyrgios play a fantastic match, or did the stats not tell something?

    1. It was a really highlevel encounter actually, Kyrgios played solid. Federer was up a break 2-0 in the second set and looked to be cruising, and then he played a tight service game and got broken back and after that it was 50/50 all the way. Kyrgios really made big serves when it mattered!
      Federer played really good the entire match actually, Iยดm not to worried about this loss at all, It could easily been Fed who won also.

      Fed also stated afterward that he meant the key to his loss was he couldenยดt return enough first serves.

      1. Mark, are you native German-speaking? Just wondering at your use of the word “meant” there.

    2. @MarkWandy – hard to take positives from losing from a set and a break up. Even if he played well enough in patches got to cross the line from there.

      @Alison I think in this instance meant = thought.

  6. Okay, I take back my words. Jonathan this is the worst idea you’ve ever had!! Last time it was Stakhovsky and this time it’s Kyrgios!! No more threads when you’re not around!!

    To say I am disappointed is an understatement! Roger wasn’t even playing that bad!! AAAAAAAARGH!!!!!

    Does this mean now he plays Rome?? I hope he does, even if he loses again!!

    But that kid is impressive!! I hope he lives up to the hopes he’s rising unlike a certain Dimitriv so far..

    1. Gutted I am, absolutely gutted Alex. But the kid really does have talent – new generation going to leapfrog present one it seems.

    2. A lot of talk of new generation / breakthroughs but none of them are actually winning stuff. They win a couple of matches and they get very very hyped. Janowicz 3 years ago in Paris, Coric, now Kyrgios with a couple of wins. I think they have to start winning tournaments to really breakthrough. Fed showed ‘promise’ and had a big win at Wimbledon in 2001 but he had won Milan before that.

  7. Unbelievable, what is happening with Fed. One minute he is on a roll, the next minute he goes and loses to krygios! ! Not good at all. Its Nadals to lose now. But I think he will win Madrid again. What a bummer! !!!

  8. Alex I am in total disbelief. I really thought Fed was going to come through. I guess I am one of the faint hearted fans. Speechless to say the least.

    1. I had hope until the last point was played too Maxi! But somehow I knew he wasn’t gonna make it.. I just hope this doesn’t affect his confidence for Wimbledon!

      1. According to the stats, Federer should have won this, he really should. Ah well, that’s tennis I guess. At least, having not played last year, he doesn’t lose any points. Let’s hope he does better in Rome and gets some momentum for RG. I had no expectations for the clay, but I did hope he might gain some useful points here. *Sigh*

  9. Totally bummed. Maybe I have unrealistic expectations. Maybe he was tired after playing all those three sets in Istanbul and doing a promotional last night. who knows

    1. Maybe, he has been doing a lot of promo stuff lately. Change in conditions likely a factor, Madrid very different to Rome but should still be beating King Kyrgios.

  10. Like Roger, I have always loved this Kyrgios guy. In 2013 I think it was, fed predicted he would become a top player. If our guy had to lose to anyone, I least mind Kyrgios. Many fans and press don’t seem to appreciate his antics, clucking like liddle ol biddies at his liveliness. Maybe they forget that he’s a teenager. How cool would it be if he beat rafa here and won the title!

    Meanwhile, andiama Roma, Roger. And please start believing in yourself the way the rest of us do. At which point there’s no one could beat you.

    1. I don’t mind him, not a huge fan of his style of play but he has some good stuf in the locker like the tweener against Nadal at Wimbledon.

      I wouldn’t go so far as saying Federer loves him though, they hit together last year and he said he liked his game. That’s all we as fans know…

  11. Someone said on another blog that Mirka’s in hospital -anyone heard anything on this? I can’t find anything.

    1. Mistranslation, apparently – he was talking about how LAST year, Mirka was in hospital (to give birth to the younger twins). This year he’s happy to go back to the 4 kids.

      I confess I was surprised the family wasn’t here, as Madrid has been a place they’ve often brought the girls.

    2. Yeah wrong translation that spread like wildfire on Twitter.

      I got a cold in Madrid, I think Fed did right to keep the family at home ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Hey guys,
    First: Kudos to Nick. He played a great match and deserved the win. Truely deserved.
    Second: Damn… why do these guys play like THIS against Roger??
    Third: Again, well played Nick. You kept your head straight and won fairly.
    Fourth: I feel bad for you Roger. You played also really really great, but at some points Nick was better.
    Fifth: No worries Roger. All is well. Just learn from this match, then forget about it and play Rome.
    Sixth: Still proud of you Goat. You hung on to a player 13 years younger who was almost all the time playing in the zone.

    And lastly…. Oke Nishi, all is depending on you. Go win this. Will be rooting for you ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Agree with everything you say Katyani – thanks for that. I’ll be rooting for Nishi also: he should have had this tournie last year.

      1. Isner should probably have beaten Berdych in their match, Berdych just ran away with that tie breaker but Isner overall was the better player, hit his forehand great and backhand was solid, just went to pot in the third set breaker.

  13. False alarm re Mirka – bad translation on presser. Fed was referring to last year when Mirka was giving birth.

  14. Fed didn’t play bad, and should have won in straights. His typical mental lapse in the 2nd cost him the match (that plus not taking the mp on Nick’s 2nd serve when he pushed a relatively easy BH wide).
    Overall a crap tournament, as Fed failed to take his chances and win a tight match. He also hasn’t had a chance to test his clay game against elite clay courters (Djokovic, Nadal, Berdych, Nishikori etc.)
    Skipping Rome now would be stupid and pointless as he will then have way too much time off (3 weeks basically)…

  15. I agree, Kyrgios played great, and he is certainly not just another serve machine. And Federer didn’t play bad. What annoyed me though was that Kyrgios got the upper hand so often in longer rallies. Roger let him take the initiative, and he took it. Fed was simply not aggressive enough. When the percentage play doesn’t work out, then you have to raise the bar. It would be interesting to see a stat for 9+ rallies.

    1. I saw the stats Stefan – and to be honest, Federer was better on all of them, except the ones over 9shots:

      Forehand winners: Feds 18 Kyrgios 13
      Backhand winners: Feds 11, Kyrgios 4
      Points under 5: 91-89
      Pts 5-9 [email protected] 36-28
      Pts over 9: 6-11

      Feds 1st serve% 57, Kyrgios 67;they both won the same percentage of 1st serves’ Fedswon 55% 2nd serves, Kyrgios 44%
      Winners: Feds 50, Kyrgios 45
      UES, Feds 36, Kyrgios 41

      So only first serve % was better. How did he lose?!

      1. Because he lost that one point that made all the difference? Don’t sweat over it. It’s a freak win, by a player who is nothing but a replacement of the asshole Nadal.

      2. Thanks for the stats, slamdunk. Yeah, I guess in the end it all comes down to the fact that he missed the backhand down the line when he had the chance to terminate on match points.Tennis is a game of small margins… Better luck in Rome!

      3. You win some, you lose some. Remember Shanghai? In an earlier round, all that Roger’s opponent had to do was to simply put the ball over the net, from point blank range, and win the match.

        He missed. Roger won the match. And went on to win Shanghai.

        Happens. Roger played well, and played better than Kyrgios. And lost.

      4. Good point, although Mayer was front running in that one and looking the better player. In Madrid Fed was a set and a break up, not great play to lose.

  16. Wow. Well. Very tight match – if I’m reading the stats right, Fed actually won a few more total points than Kyrgios. As you say Stefan, Kyrgios had the edge in the longer rallies. Need to go find some highlights. Fed’s 1st serve % was apparently low again, which won’t have helped.

    Roger’s horoscope is supposed to be phenomenal for right about now. Either they’ve missed something, or it’s a bunch of hogwash ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. It’s a bunch of hogwash – didn’t you know? ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yes, Roger won 4 more points – it’s just that they weren’t the right ones. It’s tennis – it happens ๐Ÿ™ And it’s really unfair for anyone to have to lose a match like that, but as someone once said, there are no score-draws in tennis.

      I’m really cheesed off, though: I’d hoped he could pick up some ranking points here, otherwise it’s liable to be all downhill for the rest of the year ๐Ÿ™

      1. Actually, looking at the stats in more detail, Kyrgios won (slightly) more points in sets 2 and 3: Roger did best in points percentage in set 1, so it makes sense.

    2. If Kyrgios had the edge in the longer rallies, Federer has some serious thinking to do. Are you sure that’s correct?

      1. Well, only 17 of over 200 points were rallies over 9 shots. I don’t really think that’s what made the difference.

        Fed said in press he felt like he couldn’t return Kyrgios’ first serve. Still he had match points – not sure if any of those were on his own serve though. That’s a bigger problem than winning fewer long rally points, at least in my mind.

      2. Kyrgios was better on the big points, Fed was too passive in the some of the bigger moments which I think cost him.

  17. I’m in Madrid ๐Ÿ˜† another Federer gamble didn’t pay off. Stepped off the plane at the moment he lost. I was going to return with a surprise fan story of sorts but will be giving that one a miss.

    Just watched the highlights. Bit passive from Fed I thought. Let Kyrgios take control of points. Didn’t look dialled in either. But only seen a handful of points.

    1. But then again saved 5 match points. Big effort from him for that but being up a set and a break isn’t a good position to lose from any any level.

    2. I hear the Prado’s supposed to be good, Jonathan :(. What a pain for you. And as Katyani said, why do they always have to play so well against Fed? (Although of course we did have W2014 as well, didn’t we?)

    3. Bummer Jonathan! Hope you have a good week anyway. Yes, I saw on the highlights something I also saw mentioned in comments during the match, namely that he kept hitting it straight back to Kyrgios.

      I think the turnaround was too much – Istanbul Sunday, Switzerland Monday, LEAVE Switzerland & the family behind Tuesday, play in Madrid on Wednesday. I thought they should bring the family from Switzerland & just all meet up in Madrid on Sunday night – obviously not my decision to make!

      1. I suspect that had something to do with it too, Thinker. Just too tight – even if you do it via private jet.

    4. Madrid was cool, saw some tennis albeit not Fed but temperature close to 30 degrees every day, blue skies, a few caรฑas, nice food and good company. Can’t complain too much for Federer messing up ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Poor quality match from what little I saw. Story of so many losses- Fed and his return game. His inability to put consecutive returns in play just made the match so staccato and rhythmless. But I am actually okay with the loss. Likely that he wasn’t going to win the tournament in any case. No point facing Dull on clay.

    Should’ve put the match to bed in straights though. Sloppy game to get broken, specially given Kyrgios’ epic meltdown just moments before.

    1. You know… winning on red clay is soooo overrated. Let them win on blue slippery clay one or two titles, then we will talk ๐Ÿ™‚ Nah, just kidding. Nick played great, won deservedly. Roger fought really really hard, but….. he should have won… in straights. No worries. Always look for silverlinings. Madrid, next year. We will get there ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Another Federer tactical loss ๐Ÿ˜†

      Was a tough run in, but in reference to your earlier comment look at Shanghai – should have been going home but goes onto win the tournament, not impossible the same thing happens in Madrid.

  19. Does anyone else believe that Roger got the draw from hell and Nadal got a cakewalk one? Congrats to Kyrgios but really don’t believe Federer could have won this one anyway ( after Kyrgios, then Isner, Tsonga/ Berdych, Nadal, Murray or Ferrer or Raonic or Nishikori in final!! ) Even if Djokovic had played and replaced Roger with same draw, he would be hard placed to win this too. Although somehow Novak might not have been ‘ given’ this draw. And as for Mr.Nadal – sure he can thank the tourney organisers!! Nishikori my pick now to win. As for Roger- I hope he puts his heart and soul into winning first Masters in Rome… BUT! not with another nasty draw!!!!!

    1. Well, Roger certainly had a tough draw, and I really wasn’t expecting him to win the tourney anyway. And while Dimitrov and Wawrinka are busy trying to take each other out of contention (this is, what, last 16? I think I’m rooting for Stan here), and Berdych seems to be doing the same to Tsonga, Rafa has … Simone Bolelli. Not a very balanced draw, I’d say, but possibly not quite a cakewalk? And Murray will be having to play later on this afternoon, despite only finishing his earlier match at 3 am or whatever it was. No way that could have been predicted, but it’s liable to affect his performance, I should think.

    2. Bolelli was abysmal, came out and spanked a few forehands early and looked like he had a plan, but after missing one or two shots he just gave up.

  20. I agree Stefan, Fed was a bit laid back. I guess I can say all the what ifs, should haves, blah, blah, blah because I am not on court. He was up a set and a BREAAAKKKK. Why cant he pump fist, glare , break a racket, holler, whatever, guys I hate him losing like that, his first match. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah, bawl sob.

    Thanks for your optimism Katyani.

    Jonathan sorry you did not get your story. I agree he was not at all dialed in. He seemed very casual. Got broken in his first service game. Fought when I guess the realization hit that his opponent was not going to fold but was seeking his next big scalp.

    Guarav I think he has more than serious thinking to do.

  21. Yet another match Fed walks away the loser despite winning more points overall!! Seriously has quite the knack for that. All in all, frustrated with the loss, given the winning position he was in. Should have comfortably ridden this match out, but as per usual suffered his now trademark mental lapse and was forced to do battle. Credit to him though for digging deep, but he shouldn’t have even been in that position to start with. Same thing happened in Istanbul (got broken after a slack service game, then pushed to a tiebreak), and he was lucky to win that one in straights, this time round he ran out of luck. It happens I guess.
    As others have commented, this loss won’t sting too badly – let’s be honest, noone was realistically expecting him to win the thing with Nadal looming in the semis, and a number of other legit threats in his path.

    As for Krygios, I like his energy and flair, meltdowns non-withstanding. He’s charismatic, which isn’t a quality many tennis players are in possession of unfortunately; he’s gonna be ‘good for the game’ as they say.

      1. If Federer lost to a young kid with “no talent”, then that’s really embarassing. Federer had class in his post-match press conference by praising Kyrgios. Show the same courtesy.

        NID bitter Federer fanboys making the federer fanbase look bad when we’re all good people.

      2. Federer is 34 years. Grow up Big Four fan boy. Federer was playing his first, and Kyrgios his second on the Madrid clay. It makes a huge difference. Regardless, he lost on a surface that has no place for talent.

        Oh, Kyrgios says Federer is his idol right? It certainly shows on the court.

        Had enough NK protein shake for the day, hmmm?!?

      3. LOL at these excuses but I expect nothing less from a person with a history of being overly cynical and bitter towards the likes of anyone not Federer in this website. Not a type of attitude thats seen through most contributors who are fair and considerate even when Federer losses huh?

        Join MTF. I’m sure there are plenty of people that share the same opinion as you that “clay courts” take no skill and that Kyrgios being an “asshole”.

        You do realise that at Kyrgio’s age, Federer was very much like him with his temperament and being a hot-head? His personality on court is very much normal for his age due to the weight of expectations and pressure he has to be an “upcoming star”. You need to forgive him in that aspect and let him mature.

      4. Why the hell are you here?This is Fed fan site not for gloryhunters like you.
        Sid TheCookieThief was right.Nick is a thug like it or not.

      5. There’s a key difference, Big Four Fanboy; Kyrgios claims Federer is his idol, and yet his on court behavior is anything but. By the way, if you believe clay courts require skills, then I’m sorry for your lack of tennis knowledge. Go back to your NK protein shake.

        Federer was nowhere like Kyrgios at that age. Besides, Federer came during an era when skills were more important that mindless baseline rallies.

        Take three inches off Kyrgios, and he won’t even be an average tennis player.

      6. Well I give up. I don’t want to cause any further mess with the way this “argument” has been going as you’re entitled to your opinion so we’ll agree to disagree.

        It’s just really bothersome for me to see comments from people at a fed fansite like this that show disrespect towards other players which is the antithesis of who Federer is in terms of his relationship with other players on tour.

        Because really, would anyone actually defend let alone approve someone calling an “asshole” to somebody?

      7. Nothing wrong in calling an asshole, an asshole. You just love how he conducts himself “on the court”, right? Your NK is the antithesis of who Federer is, considering he calls Federer his idol.

        Having said that, I will defend your right to enjoy the NK protein shake. Hey, take this napkin, and wipe your face.

      8. I’m with FTW on this one. Fed himself has said he’s a big NK fan & admires his game. I don’t think anybody is saying his immature behaviour is ok long term. Heck, Fed was immature at 20, but we didn’t really see him for another year, and he’s learned to be so gracious since then, we forget, or if we don’t forget, we forgive.

        Some players show themselves to be prepared to work on their personal maturity as well as their game; some don’t. We don’t know yet which kind NK will prove to be; let’s wait and see.

      9. ^This.

        Assuming this post ends up in the right place, of course ๐Ÿ™‚

      10. The question Thinker, and Alison, isn’t whether I hate this thug named Kyrgios. That is a fact. The question is why? Because he claims that Federer is his idol, and he hasn’t learned anything at all.

        Thinker, your argument that, “Fed himself said he’s a big NK fan”, so he must be good, is flawed. Fed is Swiss. Neutral. You rarely see him say negative things about other players. Kyrgios is his fan, so clearly he would have a bit of bias, as an elder brother, a mentor if you will. Then, Fed is absolutely loved in Australia, where they unofficially consider him to be their adopted son. He wouldn’t want to say negative things about Kyrgios, and get Kangaroos all riled up against him, because they will kick his butt. Don’t be so naive as to go exactly by what athletes say.

        Kyrgios is a thug on the court. He is an asshole who is full of himself, and I don’t see that changing. Aussie athletes tend to be cocky, extremely competitive, but cocky. Think Hewitt, Tomic (ah!) et al. But Kyrgios puts them to shame.

      11. mmmmm…. think Fed is entirely capable of saying nothing rather than “I’m a big fan”, or of “damning with faint praise”, as an old English teacher used to say.

        Nobody’s disagreeing that he’s brash. Lleyton & Tomic are good examples actually – one grew out of it some, one hasn’t and doesn’t show any signs of wanting to.

      12. Can you not idolise someone without trying to make yourself into something of a carbon copy of them? I was watching the Young Dancer competition on TV tonight, and one of the dancers said his idol was Carlos Acosta. Does that automatically mean he should try and copy Acosta (hugely athletic and virtuoso), or would he be better off trying to find out what works best for him in his own case (which could be being a lot more lyrical and dramatic, say), and becoming his own person?

        Sure, it’d be nice if Kyrgios were to pick up some of Roger’s better characteristics, and maybe with a bit more maturity he will. But there are limits as to how much you can force yourself to be something that’s not really you.

      13. [But there are limits as to how much you can force yourself to be something thatโ€™s not really you.]

        Correct. Like they say here, “You can take the boy out of the ghetto. But you can’t take the ghetto out of the boy.”

        Point taken.

      14. Thinker, so, according to your reasoning, Federer has a lot of respect for Nadal, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

      15. As you can see, Jonathan, I had a blast while you were away. ๐Ÿ™‚

      16. I’ve been reading whilst away just not had chance to reply ๐Ÿ˜† my personal highlight was:

        “He is a retard, a vast majority of them are. Get away from that retarded fuck. And tell him that Sid said, โ€œFuck you, you fucking Nadaltard.โ€

    1. Sid, still at it ๐Ÿ˜†

      Anyways I agree. I’m not really a fan of someone who refers to himself as “k1ngkyrg1os”. I find his on court demeanor and antics very irritating. Fed really shouldn’t have lost. But shit happens.

  22. Jonathan, what a bummer for you! All the way to Madrid and no Fed. Are you staying anyway and do you have tickets for some matches?
    I’m going to have to think some more about this loss. Mental lapses or what. He should have got it done in 2. Is he missing Mirka?

    1. Yes, sorry Jonathan – unlucky again, sooo annoying. But enjoy Madrid, it’s a beautiful city and I hope you see some decent matches (I’m assuming you have got tickets?) while you’re there.

      From twitter: Carole Bouchard โ€@carole_bouchard 9m9 minutes ago
      About the clown remark : “calls were so bad, it was a mess out there. Only thing missing was a clown”. Doesn’t know If he goes to Rome.

      He said what let him down was his “horrible” performance on first serve returns. But really all he needed to do in that second set was hold on to his serve, and the match would have been in the bag. ๐Ÿ™

  23. Stayed up till 3.30 am to watch the match but alas my support for Roger did not end in his favour. So close yet so far……….
    Is it me or is Roger standing (unusually) closer to the baseline when receiving the lad’s serve especially first serve? If that is the case, could that be the reason for finding it difficult with Krygios service? Guys like Robredo, Gasquet and even Nadal stands way back the clay court when receiving bullet serves .

    1. I often wondered the same thing, but then Jonathan/ and Sid once pointed out that he more often than not has the best record against big servers out of everyone, Djokovic included. That said, I still sometimes wonder why Federer doesn’t (sometimes) try going back, putting a few more returns in play, just to try something new and maintaining the rhythm of the match. Surely he has to know that he can easily out-rally 99% of the field out there. I guess it gets highlighted on an off day, when he just ca’t string together 4 consecutive returns- can make for frustrating viewing.

      I would have enjoyed watching Kyrgios play Djokovic to see how Djokovic adapted to the Kyrgios serve. I remember Murray MAULED Kyrgios a few months earlier and Andy was playing like a 5 year old during that time.

  24. When frustrated by poor calls, Federer said “we need a clown for this circus.” Can anyone tell what this means? (I am not a native English speaker.)

    1. A circus is a public entertainment which can involve all kinds of different performers including acrobats, performing animals, any number of things. In between these acts there are often short performances by performers called clowns, who are dressed very colorfully with mismatched patterns, & typically do silly or outrageous things. They are meant to be very funny.

      So Fed was saying the line calls were silly and outrageous, so all they needed was actual clowns in keeping with that.

  25. The curse of beating Federer as N krygios has lost to John Isner. I hope Federer plays better at Rome, that’s if he goes. A deep run there would surely help with ranking points loss. Anyway another day another tournament with hopefully better results. Come on Roger !!!!

    1. Interesting that Isner, possibly one of the worst returners in the world, after returning legend Ace-o Karlovic, had an easier time faring with Kyrgios’ serve than did Federer. :'( :'(

      1. I worry about Fed’s return game. There are some days where it just deserts him (Wimbledon final 2014, this match) But I guess it’s something that happens with age, slower reflexes and all that.

      2. Kyrgios didn’t serve half so well against Isner – OK only 2 sets, but just 8 aces compared to 21 against Rog. And I think it had also lost a bit of power – Kyrgios would undoubtedly have been fatigued against Isner; he wasn’t making half the returns or the shots.

        No real point in analysing further, Madrid’s done so we move on and hope that (if he decides to play Rome), he can make a better fist of it there and he could collect some useful points as well. At least no points lost in Madrid.

      3. It was 3 sets, slamdunk. And I’d guess he hadn’t quite come back down from yesterday. Disappointing, though: I was rather hoping that by now he’d be able to back up beating a top player with another win, but perhaps I’m being a bit premature.

      4. Don’t forget his 2014 USO Semi either…He haven’t returned at all which further made like Clic’s serves on fire…

  26. Is it just me, or are there others who can’t seem to get the deal with Kyrgios, or his game?

    a) His game seems to be nothing special apart from the serve. Let’s be honest, Federer should have finished the match off in straights, had he not played such a sloppy game after breaking.

    I’ve read in some places that this was a super tight/ special match that might go down as perhaps the best 3 setter of the year!!? Are you kidding me? It was a low quality affair, where Federer lost it, albeit by the smallesttttttttt of margins. (He should have been done in straights, but to lose in 3 tight tiebreaks is no biggie)

    b) The cockiness!!? I can never support a player with Kyrgios’ attitude.

    On a side note: 13 consecutive tiebreak wins in a row, to this!!? Eeeeps.

      1. No, it wasn’t great – certainly from our perspective! – Federer didn’t look comfortable, nor confident right from the beginning when he lost his first serve. Choosing not to hit a very easy volley, letting it go, and seeing it land in, messed with his psyche I think, even though he got the break back and won the tiebreak.

        Agree, can’t warm to Kyrgios – brash and arrogant. OK, linesperson made a bad mistake on the call, but to say ‘get him out’ – not on at all.

      2. Did he really say, “get him out”, after the bad call? Well, that’s on par with Nadal threatening Bernandes that he doesn’t him officiating, after a time violation.

        Lot’s of similarities between this Kyrgios thug, and Nadal. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. No doubt this match will be one of the “best matches of 2015”. All Roger’s thriller losses are.People forgot when Fed beaten Nadal in the epic Miami final they only remebre when the peds boy beat him.Disgusting

    2. Stauffer in the Tagesanzeiger said it was a high-class match, and quoted Roger as saying that he’d played better than he’d expected under the circumstances (but that his return was still horrible). ???

  27. Sid makes a great point about Shanghai. Fed beat Mayer there where he had absolutely no right to win, now he loses a match he deserved to win. It’s tennis, it happens as he said. Roger will be fine, he didn’t play badly, hopefully he’ll play Rome to get him ready for the French. Remember even in Madrid the matches like Raonic in 2012 and Lopez in 2011. This is not a bad loss.
    But Kyrgios a serve bot? Come on, no way. His best shot is his serve but that doesn’t make him a serve bot.

    Serve bot: noun, informal
    Players who have reliable, excellent first and second serves while the rest of their game may be considered weak.
    See also: Dr Ivo.

    No, Raonic is not a serve bot either. If Kyrgios is a serve bot then any player who can serve amazingly under pressure is a serve bot. Like Roger Federer for instance.

    1. Thanks for this perspective on the servebot. I get tired of people labelling any good server a servebot.

    2. Yup. Let’s not feel too terrible It’s not like Roger was going to win Madrid anyways. Winning Rome is the objective. It’s all part of the plan. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. I sincerely hope that Roger will play in Rome. Not only for the points he can earn there, but also because that will make the draw there very difficult for Nadal as he will be placed outside the top 4. In that case he might face Djokovic or Nishikori in the quarter finals.. This will make it almost impossible for him to defend his 600 points there.
    And then comes Paris with the same kind of draw. So it will make it almost impossible for him to win that tournament and come closer to Roger’s 17 VS wins.
    Interesting weeks ahead!

  29. In the beginning Roger got Nicked
    Then Nick got Isnered
    Today Isner will get Berdyched

    Meanwhile Stan got Grigored
    Today Grigor will get Nadalled

    Also Verdasco got Ferrered
    Today Ferrer will get Nishikoried

    Murray will be Milost totally today

    In the end Rafa will be Keid.

      1. Good one Wanda. Novak opted out of getting Madrided. Hard luck Jonathan. Fed had no business of losing that one after being up a break in the second set. Wake-up call for him.

      2. Even though I didn’t actually see it, I can’t help feeling you’re right, Murli.

    1. That was funny Murli! If Rafa isn’t Isner’d (unlikely). I do hope he will be Kei’d this time. Now the champ is out I’m rooting for him.

      1. Yeah Salmdunk, Dimitrov just went out in straight sets against Nadal. The only guy who has a good clay court game in the bunch left is Kei.

        Obviously didn’t see the match like continuously as clay is so boring.

        When I see clay-court tennis, I see red !!!

  30. Well, anybody out there who is drooling over how good Kyrgios is, don’t forget how he got his two top 10 wins

    – vs Nadal at Wimbledon 2014, on his weakest surface, having already lost to Rosol and Darcis in the two years before that.
    – vs Federer, on his weakest surface, at age 34.

    Kyrgios is nothing but an overgrown weasel. This thug should be checked for steroids. As I mentioned earlier, three inches shorter, and he would’ve struggled to be in the top 100.

    1. Hey Sid, you’ve really got daggers drawn on Kyrgios! You’ve got a point re height. No doubt that without that thundering serve, he wouldn’t have won against either. But, I still think he’s more than a servebot, otherwise (as others have suggested) Isner or Karlovic – who’ve been around a lot longer – would have been more successful. He might be a flash in the pan – there’s been a few of those – but I think he’s got a bit more than you think.

    2. “Kyrgios is nothing but an overgrown weasel. This thug should be checked for steroids. As I mentioned earlier, three inches shorter, and he wouldโ€™ve struggled to be in the top 100.”

      Sid, did Kyrgios steal your cookies?.

    3. Well, I do hope that nobody who cheered him on at Wimbledon when he beat Nadal – to Roger’s presumed advantage – has now turned on him just because he’s beaten Roger. And it’s not as if it was a total flash-in-the-pan: he had previously knocked out Gasquet in an earlier round.

      I’m waiting a while longer to form an opinion: people tend to mature emotionally at different ages.

      1. [Well, I do hope that nobody who cheered him on at Wimbledon when he beat Nadal]

        Well, that’s because nearly everybody here, or at least I hate Nadal a lot more than Kyrgios. Then, they are both assholes, so it’s merely a question of who is lesser one.

        Your logic that if you cheered for Kyrgios against Nadal (which I did out of vested interest), then you can’t be against him, is fundamentally flawed.

        As to your second point, well, maybe here in the United States we should stop giving speeding or drunk driving tickets to teenagers. They will mature as they grow up.

  31. Watched the first set of Dimitrov v Nadal. On set is enough. Dimitrov had so many chances but couldn’t win the points that mattered. Maybe in that respect he is taking after Roger, too. Sorry. As for Nadal, it is impossible to see him play and believe that the sport has any credibility on its anti-doping stance. Watch replays of Gustavo Kuerten matches on clay, and wonder if he was playing the same game. The annual Nadal circus that culminates in Paris has begun again in Madrid – and no one bats an eye-lid. No matter that he was unable to win a tournament after Paris last year till the beginning of the clay season nine months later this year. GDOAT without a doubt – the Greatest Doper of All Time.

      1. [I call him the GOAD]

        January 2008: “La rumeur court, Nadal aussi”

        โ€œSince its arrival on the circuit, incandescent ardor and curled biceps, Rafael Nadal ideal suspect paces. Sources outside tennis evoked a positive control at the Dubai tournament; unanswered. (1)

        At Roland Garros, senior sports figures claimed that three Spaniards, Rafael Nadal, Alex Corretja and Juan Carlos Ferrero, were under investigation for doping; no action either.โ€ (2)

        I remember reading somewhere that the failed test Dubai was in 2006. So 2 failed drug tests very early on, plus if we take into account โ€œOperacion Puertoโ€ where it is believed he was a client Mr. Nadal should have been banned for life in 2006.

        Then there was 2009, 2012 which were highly suspicious. Oh and this gem from an ex-player:

        โ€œIโ€™m pretty sure everyone within the circuit knows about Nadal, I donโ€™t think heโ€™s using PED now, but he used them to build his muscle mass. Itโ€™s a lot easier to maintain it than to build it (you need to bulk and eat an insane amount which doesnโ€™t allow you to actually practice your hitting as much).

        – C Roelant – AMA (6.0 / ITF & ATP player) – Reddit Q & A

        The greatest male doper Tennis has ever had thatโ€™s for sure. Though Agassi can rival him, Hmmโ€ฆ

  32. Projected Rome Draw – Roger Federer:
    R1 Bye.
    R2 Cuevas.
    R3 Anderson.
    QF Dimitrov/Berdych.
    SF Nadal/Wawrinka.
    F Djokovic/Murray

    1. How ironical. Fed Cuevas finals in Istanbul and now 2nd round in Rome. Another potential banana peel for Fed. But should come through hopefully

      1. If he plays… which I hope he does!
        How ironic, he falls early in Madrid then gets the same draw in Rome starting from QF.. Only with a tougher competition in the F Ihe gets that far..

    2. Hey Leon, he also has the “potential” to verse Kohlschreiber in R3, Nishikori in F and Lorenzi in R2. ๐Ÿ™‚

      So What do I think of the draw? If he wants good RG preparation, then is the perfect draw for him.

      R2: Cuevas as we all know pushed Roger in the 2nd set Istanbul so he’s a good opposition to start off since he’s a clay court specialist.

      If he gets Lorenzi, then he should have no problems beating him. Lorenzi is a challenger level clown.

      R3: I prefer Federer to face Anderchoke here. He’s similar to Kyrgios in both their stature and their power baseline game (big serve, big forehand) so it would be nice if he can improve on his returns again against their type of players as Federer lamented in his poor display in that aspect against Kyrgios.

      I would hate for Federer to lose to Kohli here; he has a nice game when he’s on, but I don’t want a scenario like 2011 Rome against Gasquet to happen again. Actually, who knows? He did reach the RG final that year so if that’s an indication of something, then I wouldn’t mind that. ๐Ÿ˜›

      QF: Call me a pessimist but I think Federer will lose to Berdych here (and then proceed to bend over to Rafito once again in the SF). However, Berdych is yet another type of player that Federer needs to work on to improve his clay court game. Federer’s declined movement and footwork over the latter half of his career has really shown on clay. His frequent losses to power hitters like Chardy, Gulbis and Tsonga (the latter 2 he at RG) indicates he has trouble putting himself into a position smoothly to redirect and absorb their pace like he did nonchalantly back in his heyday.

      The Sugarpova boy toy has no business in posing a threat to Federer on clay.

      SF: We all know how the Fedal match up goes on clay. No explanation needed necessary. Sid’s caustic witticism is much more entertaining to read than my analysis on Nadal. ๐Ÿ™‚

      If Wawrinka beats Nadal on clay (which is unlikely), then Federer should’t be relieved either. When Wawrinka’s BH is on, his game is devestating. Monte Carlo 2014 Final, London WTF and Wimbledon 1st set is something to keep in mind of. But I wouldn’t hold my breath if this encounter happens.

      F: If Federer beats Nadal (not Wawrinka) on clay, then he should beat Djokovic enough said. I think Federer has never lost a tournament where he has beaten Nadal so…

      Anyway, if Federer makes it to the final then it’s a sign already his game is at a great place and Djokovic, despite his status as the best player in the world right now, will relish this challenge against him.

      Why I say? Since Djokovic’s robotic game always give Federer rhythm. Even a bad performance by Federer, we rarely see a 2 set encounter in non-slam matches. It only needs a Serverer appearance for Barbaravic to get him of the deep end. ๐Ÿ˜€

  33. Need help, guys. I am trying to summarily explain to a mate why nadal is not the best volleyer in the world. But my opponent is….blind. Help?

    1. You don’t need to explain, ask any tennis expert or find articles online and 95% of people will say Federer is a better volleyer. Common sense really – who grew up playing in the generation where serve and volleying was still very common?

      1. Thanks Conal, but I’m aware of those arguments. He is u willing to accept stuff like that though. I need a way to logically break him down to be honest.

        I’ve gone with the fact that sure nadal picks his moment well, but the volleys he plays are barely ever difficult ones, and he doesn’t even do it with any frequency.

    2. Don’t know if this will bear any weight with him, but one of the things that first astonished me about Roger – besides the floating over the court – was that you could actually watch him construct a point. You could tell that he had made that approach shot on purpose to pull the opponent off the court, so he could put the winner out of reach on the volley. You could tell, even without a huge knowledge of tennis strategy.

      Now of course, it works less well against Nadal than against others, because he – and Djokovic really – run balls down to the death – but still.

    3. The argument should be about how often either of them approach the net.

      Say, Federer approaches the net 40 times, and wins 28 times for a 70% hit rate. Nadal approaches the net 10 times to win 9, for 80%. Who is better?

      The former approaches the net by intent, not by necessity, puts himself in peril, and still gets great numbers. The latter comes in when he has the highest percentage of winning at the net. That’s understandtable considering how deep behind the baseline he stands. Nadal doesn’t have the variety in volleying that Federer has, and recently, he has been relying overwhelmingly on drop volleys.

      By why talk about just volleys? Federer’s love for the front court requires him to make some of the most difficult overheads, and he has without a doubt, the greatest overhead of the current era.

      Watch Federer vs Djokovic, Shanghai 2014, and you’ll have all your answers. How about seven Wimbledons? You can’t do that if you aren’t the best volleyer of your generation.

      1. Haha Sid, as always, appreciate your brand of caustic wit. Yeah, as I posted above, frequency was the argument I went for, although he does keep insisting only coming forward for easy put aways is part of great volleying pedigree. I believe I went for “some of the rest I can accept. But best overhead? Best volleys? Best slice? Are you fucking kidding me?!”

        And yes, he is a nadal fan, but unfortunately he’s a good guy. We may disagree on a lot, but I don’t quite think accusing him of a low IQ is the way forward just yet ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. [coming forward for easy put aways is part of great volleying pedigree]

        That’s why Nadal has just two Wimbledon’s. That’s why he has suffered insults from Rosol, Darcis, and Kyrgios, at a slam that’s considered the holy grail of all slams. Maybe if he could find a way to volley more, he could’ve prevented that. Maybe that’s why nearly two thirds of his Masters 1000’s and Slams are on clay.

        Moon balling and front court game weren’t really meant to go together.

    4. John, your opponent is a Nadal fan, right? He is a retard, a vast majority of them are. Get away from that retarded fuck. And tell him that Sid said, “Fuck you, you fucking Nadaltard.”

  34. Berdych has no chance against the Doper. Watching him being beaten up by the pride of Spain it’s difficult to see how the Czech managed to get this far into the tournament – or that he has been good enough to have caused Federer so many problems in the past when they have met. Birdbrain has no idea out there today. Without his serve he would risk being double-bagelled. The Doper is meanwhile nearing the peak of his cycle as he heads towards the French Open. No one will beat him this week. Only Djokovic stands between Nadalstrong and a tenth FO. What a wonderful game this is.

    1. Agreed. This has got to be the strongest clay court era in the history of tennis.

    2. Nadal literally played his A-game today today in the 2nd set and I was surprised Birdshit didn’t get bagelled. Despite, the new coach and his improved mentality that year he still on the receiving end of the bagels by the Big 4 on a frequent basis. ๐Ÿ™‚

      It’s simple really, he has serious trouble maneuvering around the court when Djokovic, Nadal, Federer and Murray change directions in their shots (they do this really well) and it’s very awkward seeing that. He’s like a 3-legged moose on ice. He’s just so limited as a player and it’s even more baffling with the amount of easy power he gets of his stature.

    3. Berdych problems are pretty much all mental. He has a sledge hammer forehand and a decent backhand but not that good in the clutch. He also very one dimensional, never changes it up much mid match with a serve + volley or change of pace.

  35. I always have to laugh if people say Dull does not play well.
    He never ever “plays well” and I see where it comes from: He plays the most unattractive tennis in the world. But it is so highly effective (for what reason ever and why ever …) that he is able to win with this ugly and uninspired tennis.
    Same old, same old.

  36. Huh. Tiger Mobiles’ countdown clock, for how much time is left to make predictions, was there yesterday; it’s gone today. Probably they can’t keep track either.

  37. Rafael Nadal: Overcoming adversity, with dope.

    Others give up hope. But Rafa never gives up dope.

  38. Wasn’t expecting that result. Nadal drops to 7th in the rankings? He’s got 2600 points to defend with Rome and RG.
    I picked him to win Rome. No phone for me.

  39. Dropping to seven in the rankings. Who would have thought this would be. At RG he will be a dangerous floater despite his struggles. Congrats to Andy. A well played match.

  40. Missing: Rafael Nadal’s forehand. If found, please return to bottom of ocean because then he will never get it back.

    1. His forehand did suck. I watched highlights. But then again, Madrid clay tends to be notoriously different.

  41. What a wonderful end to Madrid. No better way to go to bed, than after watching Nadull get thumped.

    Draw for Roland Garros- Nadal: Fognini in the fourth round, Murray quarters, winner plays Nole in the Semis.Boy wouldn’t that be fun!!

    1. Lets put Krygios in the 3rd round as well just to make a little more interesting. And maybe Almagro in the 2nd round. And Rosol in the 1st.

      1. LOL. Anyone want to bet whose QF opponent he’ll be scheduled to be, though?

        So, sounds as though Muzza played well, as well as Rafa being poor?

      2. Murray played solid, didn’t have to really red line his game or go for many big shots, just keep it in play and move it around. Nadal didn’t really hit with too much depth so Murray was able to play up the court and take it earlier.

  42. Always fun to see Nadal get schooled but I reckon he will be Beast in Paris once again. Last year he had abysmal clay season too but he was just fine in RG. Physically he seams to be “normal”, unlike the superhuman version we usually see in clay season. We will find out soon.

    1. Yeah likely although he didn’t look that impressive in Madrid, something lacking in his game in the final. Maybe he went out there thinking it was going to be easy given the record between the two on clay, un-Nadal like to do that but who knows.

  43. Hey Jonathan, you back from Madrid yet? Did you have fun? Who did you see? Did you see Andy v. Nadal, & if so what did you think? Are you going to do a Rome draw post?


    We miss you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I get back later today, will try do a draw post tomorrow if I have time.

      I watched Thursday / Friday at the Caja Magica. Saw Nadal, Dimitrov, Fiasco, Ferrer play live. Watched quite a few of the top guys practice too, Verdasco has unreal shots, can’t believe he hasn’t won more stuff. But then you see him miss the break point to go up a set and a break on Ferrer and you see why ๐Ÿ˜†

      1. Good you got to see some tennis. Sometimes Verdasco comes out with a win out of left field & we’re all, say what? This is a good reminder they’ve all got pretty good skills at this level, or they wouldn’t be here.

  44. Well, even though Nadal knows he was far from his best today, losing to a guy like Murray who historically has been terrible on clay until the last few weeks is going to hurt.

    1. If there is one place Nadal would be most vulnerable on clay, it would be Madrid. Blue clay would make it much worse. Factor in Murray striking unprecedented clay form.

      The Paris clay, temperature, and altitude will make this a completely different ball game over five sets. So, don’t put your money in just yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Nadal’s performance in the final was abysmal. No depth on his shots and hitting balls miles long. I saw him against Dimitrov and Bollelli and he wasn’t that impressive but apparently he played great against Berdych.

      I wouldn’t rule out the French for him though either.

  45. Wait a minute…so, when Federer finally lifts the elusive Rome Masters title on Sunday, he will have won five matches in five days?!?

  46. Looking ahead, RG is posting some 5-minute “best of” clips on YouTube – kind of a cool idea really. Their clip for Roger features several matches from 2009, no surprise there, but interestingly their #1 choice from Roger’s RG matches is not the 2009 final (that’s #2 ๐Ÿ™‚ ) – it’s the 2011 Djokovic semi. Hehe. Was fun to watch. Some brief shots of Mirka in the 2009 clips, & I was thinking, my gosh, she’s pregnant there, we don’t even know yet they’re about to have twin girls!

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