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THE LOW DOWN: Fatalistic A-Rod accepts Memphis wildcard, preparing for Dubai challenge?

Change isn’t the only constant: In yesterday’s + NETCORDS I mentioned Matt Cronin’s article for in which he wonders aloud whether Andy Roddick’s missing mojo will be helped by his “maturity” (read: old age + experience) and will benefit the former US Open champion in the latter half of his underwhelming career (and I reiterated an overwhelming “No” to his query.)

In the piece, Cronin highlights a hopeful sign in the 25-year old’s ’08 schedule and remarks,

Roddick has made one significant change to his winter and spring schedule this year. He decided to skip next week’s tournament in Memphis so he can get on the plane and go to Dubai, where he will face off against the world’s best in Federer, Nadal and Djokovic, instead of trying to beat up on his U.S. buddies in Tennessee once again, which he doesn’t think has a lot of value anymore.

A-Rod is even quoted as saying:

If I’m going to get a crack at those guys, sometimes that means you have to chase them around, and if that means going to Dubai, that means going to Dubai, […] The field is just so strong there and I feel like you have to go after it sometimes, and that’s what I feel I have to do.

If he was being sincere with his feelings, why did he just take a wildcard into Memphis this week? Is it because he gets a top seed confidence boost at the tourney with the next highest seed being a recovering, World No. 26 Tommy Haas (James Blake was the No. 2 seed but pulled out with an injury)??

Sorry, but deciding to enter a draw that he “doesn’t think has a lot of value anymore” and not taking time to prepare won’t help his long-term prospects – which are getting shorter by the day.


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