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It’s been more than two months and every time I remember the moment that ball on match point was called in, my heart speeds up and indescribable happiness fills me again.

Like everybody else including Roger himself, the last thing I could have imagined was a fifth Australian Open title. As for the opponents, I didn’t even dare envision a win against his longtime rival.

I shamefully admit that I thought the match was over once Nadal broke in the deciding set and I started preparing myself to weeks of heartbreak and sour regrets.

But just like he always did, time and time again, Roger proved me and everyone else wrong and succeeded when no one expected him to:

After years of waiting he did it once more
Unbelievably conquering his eighteenth major
Striking the ball even better than before
Telling the world he’s the better player
Rewriting history every time he hits a ball
And proving he is the greatest of them all
Loving the game so much that it shows
In every single word and movement he makes
And as his legend expands and grows
Nobody is indifferent to the records he breaks

Over the years he took the game to new highs
Playing with all his heart, always as passionate
Even when he said winning it would be a surprise
Norman still found a way to his trophies cabinet

Days and weeks later I was still overwhelmed… and so was he apparently…

After a little pause in Switzerland and a disappointing loss in Dubai, the action was back in the Californian Desert.  Drawn in the “quarter of death”, I buried all hopes when I saw who his projected 3rd round opponent was… But as always, he proved me wrong once more:

Is he for real?
No one would have said he could seal the deal
Defeat his nemesis along with father time
Intimidate them all just like in his prime
And keep adding after each victory
New chapters to his glorious history

With all he has he brought back the magic
Enchanting us with shots so fantastic
Levelling up with players much younger
Leading the race and getting stronger
Supporting him has never been any better

Was I allowed to dream of a Sunshine Double after his amazing performance in Indian Wells? This time I did… I believed. Even down match points against Berdych, I somehow knew he would find a way and was I right about it this time!

More than magnificent, more than amazing
Is there even a word for what he is achieving?
After eleven years he wins the sunshine double
Miami and Indian wells, back to back, no trouble
I still can’t believe all of this is happening…

Words have always allowed me to express my inner thoughts and my heart’s content, but this time, words are just not enough to sum up Roger Federer’s greatness as he once again gave us some true life lessons:

Rising to the top is no easy feat
Overcoming one’s demons is even harder
Great people only manage to defeat
Every obstacle they face with ardour
Remember, the brave get it always their way!

Fear nothing, work hard and be strong
Enjoy yourself too, don’t overdo anything
Dare new things and success will come along
Even the harshest winter is followed by spring
Reinvent the game whenever it suits you no more
Elevate your level to heights it never reached before
Reach out to the sky for it’s not that far away!


Image by: @Maria_youRFan


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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  1. Marvellous, brilliant, precise – thanks for words, sharing and expressing for our incredulous happiness to Roger’s incredible deeds. Feeling like Sid: “What, Where?” It hasn’t sunk in. But it helps with words like those form Alex, making happy once more, and starting to really believe it really happened…
    Well this Fed’s doing is not normal, even for the greatest. Even greater still, is continuously possible. What an inspiration!

  2. i empathy the feelings you have gone through…even now when i watch the aussie final 5th set… i get goosebumps!

  3. That’s just peRFect Alex 🙂
    it summarize the emotion we felt all these past weeks. You are just amazing :D. I just want to thank you for those poems and I’m waiting for more :p

  4. Wow, that was as creative as some of Roger’s best shots! Thanks, Alex, enjoyed every word of it!

  5. Super read Alex! Thank you for expressing so well what many of us felt! Just watched the Fed/Muzz exho so feeling even happier! Altho I am going to sorely miss Rog over next 7 weeks…. will he play RG… hmmm, I wonder..?

  6. Thanks everybody for your nice comments 🙂 I had a lot of fun writing it 😉 Glad you like it and hopefully I’ll get to write much more in the (near) future!!

  7. I see Fed is wearing his “clay” gear now. And said he hopefully will be playing RG. Can’t see him missing a slam but then you never know.

    1. Yeah, the lilac polo with black trim, I like it! But he should have had matching shoes, though.
      Did anyone notice the Mercedes car in display at the Hallenstadion was in the same colour?

      No proper (or clay) match, no outfit post, Jonathan?

    1. Thanks, same same and thanks for one more commercial with special roger-smiles. There’s something with him and kids – and all other things he gets in touch with…

  8. What an eloquent tribute to Roger’s ridiculous achievements this year. So many people are so disrespectful to us Fed fans, calling us rabid, even accusing us of being a cult. The truth is that while some idiots will always try and ruin things for everyone, Fed fans are some of the best the sport has to offer. We believed for almost 5 years in number 18, Roger even dedicated Norman to us, and we’ll never forget THAT challenge on match point! ALLEZ!

  9. A little bit late to the party, but…. you go Alex…. you rock 🙂 Please tell me it took you days to make this post with all the begin letters of the tours, coming up with sentences and making it rhyme… please tell me you are not THAT good Alex that you did this in minutes?? #JealousKatyani 🙂

    Well… what can I say… Sir Jonathan and Murli Saab…. watch out… next Gen it coming for you and might even take over jour jobs 🙂 If I were you Jonathan….. I would be worried… Alex is kicking ass with her post 🙂

    So…. it is true eh…. NO ROGER NO TENNIS??? Anyone interested in other tennis?? I watched the exho of Roger and Muzza, but after that…. nope…. Rafa is destroying everyone on clay, Satan is losing then winning then losing then winning then almost losing then winning then losing, Stan is I don’t know where with his head and Andy is trying but in the end still too injured to play. Nope… nothing beats Roger playing tennis.

    I seriously STILL watch the AO final like 3 or 4 times a week, but only sets 3 and 5. I know we all are remembering set 5, but do watch set 3…. Roger at his nearly best (ofcourse in set 5 he was at his perfect best) 🙂

    Next match is…. his exho in America or…. is there tennis in between?? 🙂 🙂

    1. Seriously, Katyani 😆

      If I were Sir Jonathan, I’d worried that Katyani wisdom might take over the blog!
      Anyway yeah, NO ROGER NO TENNIS for me. Great that our man is in total peace while both World No 1 and 2 are wobbly. And now Stan, too??

      1. Ah well to watch a little bit Goffin beating Djoko was a bit worthwhile. But I doubt, anything today is. Yes, Rafa has a chance this tourn

    2. Yeah my Tennis TV expired and I’ve not renewed it yet, probably not going to get value for money tbh so it can wait till Rogers Cup. I wonder if any of their other subs are doing the same? 🙂

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