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Is Judy Murray the Most Annoying Person in Tennis?

I've watched a few of Murrays matches of late where his Mum, Judy Murray, comes across the most annoying person in the world. I know many will argue she's achieved more on her own than the LTA put together and has done what any good parent would do but in my eyes she's gone way too far. She's the ultimate pushy parent.

Why would anyone want her in their corner?! She makes me feel ill. And after reading several posts on twitter today – it seems I'm not alone.

Here's why I dislike Jud Moo:

  • Her ridiculous level of fist clenching – it's really not needed. She literally does it after every single point – it's so put on.
  • The stupid level of intensity and furious look that's constantly on her face. It's like shes playing every point for him.
  • The fact she celebrates when an opponent makes unforced errors. Murray does this too and it's just down right disrespectful – what a pair of total douches. Why celebrate that? I've seen him do it on double faults too – ridiculous.
  • She's the ultimate pushy parent – I have a theory Murray doesn't even like playing tennis – he hates it, and he also hates himself. She just made him play constantly to the point where he had no choice
  • She writes stupid columns for the BBC
  • She tweets utter trash
  • She's far too enthusiastic about her son
  • She did a stint of commentary and she sucked donkey dick
  • She invented the term Deliciano in reference to Lopez, and Murray used it in the media as PR stunt to come across as that personable, humorous guy we've all been waiting for. Fail. It wasn't even funny and they must have mentioned it 8 million times.
  • You just know if you sat next to her at a dinner party all she would talk about is Andy this, Andy that. Zzzz. Nobody cares.
  • She's emasculating
  • Pushy parents always ensure their kids give 100% on court – but this has the knock on effect of making them petulant and also mentally weak when it counts. Andy Murray fits that mould perfectly.
  • She will probably write Andy's autobiography

What do you guys think? Am I being unfair on Murray and his Mum? Or is she just a total pushy parent?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Why so soft on Judy?
    I think it’s worse. Much worse. They have taken that mum-son thing one step further, where Andy is more of an extension of Judy.
    That sort of explains the boring Andy tweets as well. It’s mum all the way.
    Also noticed a broom left of Judy sometimes.
    The girlfriend is just to fool us all.

  2. I think you’ve said it all. The whole “family” are annoying and Murray is certainly overrated!

  3. I thought alone on this! I didn’t think people like you guys existed! I totally agree she creepy and its off putting how much they revel in an opponents unforced error, I don’t like that. I don’t like them.

  4. Are you guys for real? Judy’s twitter feed is hilarious. She’s self effacing, generous towards others and has been very successful in her own right. I have never understood why she gets so much flak. She supports her son and gets worked up every now and then . So what. If you had an ounce of her drive and strength you would find better things to do than comment negatively on people .

    1. Oh STFU. Get your facts right before you speak .Every now and then huh. Maybe you mean every point by that.

  5. Totally agree it is a murray thing though whoLe bloody family make me sick can’t bear to look at or hear any of them but she by far worse and have all the English people cheering for him forgot what he said about England during the euros, prey next year he goes out in first round and then won’t have to look at or hear the 2 ugliest people in sport.

  6. My God, this woman is so annoying. I mean, the prick is nearly 30 for God’s sake. Mum should stay away, especially as she’s so ghastly, with a face that could stop a clock. I wish them all the bad luck a going. And by the way, piss off back to Scotland if you love the place so much. Nobody dragged you down the A1, just feck off.

  7. They both are disrespectful to revel in unforced errors, missed shots by the opponents. No class.

    You compare that to a Nadal or Federer or Raonic – now that is class in tennis. Murray is such a whiny douche. I see where he gets it from though.

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