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Introducing the Tiger Mobiles Tennis Challenge

Hey guys, I have a bit of an exclusive for the blog today as there’s a new Tennis game launching ahead of the Australian Open called the Tiger Mobiles Tennis Challenge.

It’s a prediction based game for all 4 Grand Slams and all 9 Master’s 1000 tournaments in 2015. I was contacted by Tiger Mobiles to test it out and they also offered me the chance to launch it exlcusively right here on my blog.

So what is the challenge? Players predict every match in the draw and then accumulate points for each correct prediction. The winner is the player with the highest total number of points at the end of the tournament. First place wins an iPhone 6 16GB smartphone in a colour of their choice. Runners up also receive a free t-shirt from Color13.

iPhone 6
Win an iPhone 6!

There’s also an end of season winner, and that is the player who has scored the most points across all 4 Slams and 9 Masters 1000 tournaments. That is announced once the Paris Masters 1000 tournament has ended and the winner will receive an 11-inch MacBook Air Notebook 256GB, a 1 year subscription to TennisTV for 2016 and 5 T-shirts of their choice from Some pretty cool prizes on offer!

How Do I Play?

Firstly the game is completely free to play and is available to players worldwide. To get started you need to sign up with a username and password and verify your email address.

There’s obviously no game to play currently as the Australian Open draw isn’t out yet. However as soon as the draw is announced, you will be notified by email that you can login in and make your predictions.

Once a draw is out, you can go to My Account and make your predictions. You have up until the first ball is struck in tournament play to make your predictions. Predictions can also be edited if you change your mind. Predictions can also be saved midway through making them and completed at a later stage.

How Does the Scoring System Work?

The scoring system is relatively simple and you will be awarded points for each correct prediction, broken down as follows:

  • 1 (one) point for each correct prediction in the round of 128
  • 1 (one) point for each correct prediction in the round of 64
  • 2 (two) points for each correct prediction in the round of 32
  • 4 (four) points for each correct prediction in the round of 16
  • 8 (eight) points for each correct prediction in the quarterfinal
  • 16 (sixteen) points for each correct prediction in the semi-final
  • 32 (thirty-two) points for each correct prediction in the final
  • 0 (zero) points for each incorrect pick or segment left blank.

I won’t go into full details about the tie break procedure and all the other details in this post, but if you are interested you can read the full set of rules here.

Join the peRFect Tennis League

The tennis challenge also allows players to create their own mini leagues. I’ve already setup the peRFect Tennis League and you can join it by doing the following:

  • Register to play the Tiger Mobiles Tennis Challenge
  • Verify your email address etc as explained during the registration process.
  • Once signed up and logged in, go to the “Leagues Page” in my account. Click on Join League and use the following code to join the peRFect Tennis league: QOLNHMGBVY

Hopefully we get a good competition going on, similar to the comment leaderboard. I’ll be giving out separate prizes to the Top 3 of the peRFect Tennis League at the end of the year. I'm also of course running the first comment leaderboard too like last year so lots of competition this year.

Who are

Tiger Mobiles are a UK based mobile phone comparison site – they compare mobile phone deals on all the latest handsets across every major UK network operator. The site includes a full FAQ and Advice section which has helped 1000’s of customers save money on their mobile phone and make better buying decisions.

The team behind it have a big interest in Tennis, sponsor a local Tennis club and decided to create the Tennis Challenge due to a lack of existing prediction based games that are well maintained throughout the season.

Let me know in the comments if you’re going to sign up or have any questions. And you can sign up for free by using the button below; I would recommend signing up today, and once the Australian Open is out, you will be notified and you can then login and make your predictions.

Sign Up for the Tiger Mobiles Tennis Challenge


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Well it looks like I’ll win the big iPhone prize easily, judging my prediction success at the World Tour Finals last year! 😀

    1. That was last year Conal – go for it…can’t be any worse than me, I’m crap on predictions. Also wary of making them for fear of jinxing our champ. Can’t believe I’m superstitious about that!

      1. Hi Slamdunk.. I am like you with crappy predictions, but I have joined up and I will give it a go anyway.

        Ps Thanks to Jonathan for the link. Cheers mate.

    1. I am here sweet Ankur. Beeing very proud and gushing all over the love of my life the Goat 🙂
      I had vacation, but tomorrow it is back to work, so…. I am enjoying the last couple of hours of freedom 🙂

      Ps: Ankur, did you watch Fast 4 with Roger and Hewitt?? Roger won yesterday, drank champagne and still managed to win today. Seriously Goat 🙂

      But it is sooooo time for Roger for a new outfit. I have had it with the red one 🙂

      1. No I didn’t watch it yet. Surely will watch it.

        Yeah sure… we all want a new outfit. There’s a popular hindi song you know…”Yeah Laal Rang Kab Mujhe Chhoregaa?….” 🙂

        I registered in this Tigermobile game. What about you? Hope for a great year for Roger and iPhone for you…:-) 🙂

      2. I watched it! He was amazing to so it as clearly knackered but luckily Hewitt is pretty average these days so basically an exho! The best bit was the interview afterwards! Man, Roger is just the most chilled, relaxed unaffected human being ever! Just bien dans sa peau as the French say! Let me know if you need link!

      3. “Yeah Laal Rang Kab Mujhe Chhoregaa?….” Oh I love that song, such an oldie goldie 🙂
        But Ankur, I am more of a “Gandi Baat” and “Kehte hain humko pyaar se Indiawaale” 🙂

        Hey Susie, did you hear someone in the crowd telling Roger to wake up?? Well he did, didn’t he?? Beat Hewitt after that 🙂 And did you hear the commies talk about Hewitt’s retirement?? What is up with that? If he loves to play… let him….

      4. You’re right Susie, more like an exho match, but it was fun. Agree on the interview between Hewitt/Federer – really sweet – he’s so natural – like you say, comfortable in his skin. Hey, and he admitted to cheating! lol
        Here’s the link for anyone interested:

  2. Nice!! Signed up for this.

    So is the peRFect tennis competition going to be held within your site itself or do we still have to go to the Tiger Mobile site? Kind of loses the awesome peRFect Tennis feel if that’s the case, if you guys know what I mean.

    1. Well the league will be on the Tennis Challenge site so to keep track of score you’ll need to check the league hosted there. I have no control over that or way of importing over to this site.

      But I’ll be announcing the winners here of course and we can keep tabs on who is top of the table.

      1. Yeah I signed up for it as well, I’m usually fairly good with predictions, but I only really predict results for top players so will be interesting picking random guys in the first and second rounds.

        Joined the league as well, game on!

    2. Yeah it’s a private league, the only way someone can join it is by inputting the code that’s in the blog post above.

      I’ll be doing separate prizes for the top 3 in the peRFect Tennis league at the end of the season, completely independent from Tiger Mobiles who are doing their own thing for the end of the season.

  3. Ok hv joined the mobile thing but am at a loss as to where I input that code for yr league??? Sorry, having a blonde moment! Btw, loved Feds presser post Brisbane! “If I didn’t think I had a shot at the AO, I wld go home! ” tells it how it is, none of this “I try my best” crap like Nadull!!

    1. I think Nadal’s worst one would probably be after having one of the most flawless records at Roland Garros and still proclaiming that he is not the favourite. He is all too humble for us.

  4. Sounds awesome, I’m in! Anyone in the peRFect tennis league calling a Fed loss will be considered blasphemous and things may get ugly 😉 haha seriously though it’s gonna be tough calling this year’s AO!

  5. Hi Jonathan,

    I am facing a problem in registering. Once i register & get a confirmation e-mail, i click on the link and it takes me to the Tiger Mobile Tennis Challenge site, where there’s a headline in bold & red saying “Invalid Activation Code”. I cannot then log in or re-register. Could anyone assist?


    1. Hi Mihir,

      Your account was already activated.

      I have reset your password and emailed you a new one.

      You can change it under the “My Account” section should you wish to.


      Tiger Mobiles.

  6. Fun thing, will try to inscribe if I have the time for it 🙂

    On another note, anyone fell like Roger launched a new trend, the “change the racket trend haha?
    Both Delpo and Dimitrov are tryinh out new rackets, exactly one year after Roger did…

    1. Not to mention the new net-charging trend which I seem to be detecting among various players, from what I’ve read.

      1. So true. I was quite prepared for him to lose.

        BTW, I thought players could get their rankings protected if they were injured?

      2. I was wondering about that too Alison, as I saw someone else in the Sydney draw had a PR next to their name. Almagro in fact. It may be they can only get into so many tournaments with a PR, so if they can get in as a wildcard instead (as Delpo did) and not use up one of their PR tourneys, they do. That’s a guess though – I’m sure I’ve seen something slightly more in depth on PR, but don’t remember where.

      3. Protected rankings apply to the first 9 tournaments (or nine months whichever is first) if you’re out for between 6 and 12 months.

        I think he might have taken a Wild Card to delay the start of his Protected Ranking thing.

        So he’s not actually triggered the Entry Protection period by playing Sydney. I would guess that is in case he gets injured or feels discomfort to the point where he has to withdraw from more tournaments or be out for a longer period.

  7. Sounds fun and I’m so down!
    But just wanna make sure I’m able to sign up and play since I’m from Hong Kong?

  8. Hey Jonathan and all, I’m in!

    Hope it’s better than Wimbledon fantasy game… I’m useless at prediction but will try my best. Though, do you have to keep eye on every matches of every tournaments? Not sure I can keep up as I barely care non Fed matches.

    Anyway, a cool idea 😀

    1. You predict the entire draw to crown an overall winner, so all the official 1st round matches, then the rest are hypothetical based on who you picked, then your score is calculated based on how many you get right.

  9. Ok, I’ve registered, & I’ve joined the league! I’m with Wanda though in hoping it’s going to be more straightforward than the Wimbledon fantasy game last year – it does sound like it’s just a straighforward fill-in-your-draw-card.

    Still think you should do a predict-the-end-of-year Top 8, as – Stephan? – suggested. Would give us something to laugh about in the next off-season 😉 Let’s see… Roger…. Djokovic…. Murray is apparently moving very well, but Raonic has clearly made improvements in that area too…. I’ve been half-expecting Rafa to suddenly announce his retirement for a couple of years now…. Hm, difficult already! 😀

    1. Yeah it is just a straight forward draw based game, once the draw is out all the first round matches will be in the system and you pick your winners from there.

      I will you do the Top 8 thing Stefan suggested for sure, will be included in a post this week.

  10. Hi Jonathan,

    Have been reading your posts regularly since the last one year. I must say I really enjoy the crisp and precise analysis. I’ve joined the tiger mobiles game and also entered the perfect tennis league.. Hope to have lots of fun predicting 🙂

  11. Do we need to “enter” all 1000 and GS tournaments? Do we call all matches to the final after the draw is out?
    Draw out on Friday. Fed Nadal in the same half? Place your bets ladies and gentlemen.

    1. Hey Sue, with the luck Roger always has… he will be in the same half as Delpo, Karlovic and ofcourse Dull 🙂

    2. Well you don’t need to enter them if you don’t want. But to have a chance in the overall leaderboard I’d recommend it 🙂

      And yes, you call all matches to the final once the draw is out. You have up until the first ball is struck to make the predictions. Check the rules page I linked to above.

  12. Registered too…
    And I’ll be at AO from 19th-26th Night Session (wishing all Roger match is on night session)

    I am so exciteeedd…

    1. Thanks Utch,
      I’ve Been booking everything after wimbledon last year. Match ticket, flight ticket, visa, hotel, etc.
      I realize that I need to watch Federer on Grand Slam. So I decide to do it this year. Planning for Wimbledon and US Open too, if it is not clas with my work hitch (and who cares about Roland Garros)

      I really wish I can get all Federer match up to R4, if it is not scheduled on night session, maybe trade the ticket if possible.

  13. Hm. Don’t think the first ball has been struck yet, but Del Potro has pulled out and predictions are closed.

    1. Based on what they said earlier, we should be able to make selections/changes up until the beginning of play. 12 hours ago, ie more than 24 hours before play started, they had closed predictions, ie you could NOT get in to make changes.

      However I have just checked again, and they must have realized they jumped the gun & shut things down too early, or perhaps they were just testing the feature, but now you can once again edit your predictions, and Del Potro’s name has been changed for Moriya’s. So my suggestion is to hurry up and get over there to make edits/finalize selections, before they shut it down again. We should have another 10 hours or so, but you may not want to rely on last-minute access.

      Also, don’t forget to double-click the winner of the final match – there’s no actual bracket for the winner, this last selection just brings up a “1st” & “2nd” next to the 2 finalists’ names. & remember to click Submit and the bottom of the page to save changes. (Just saying this because I’ve forgotten to do these things at various times!)

  14. Hi All,

    Does anyone know if we will get to know the points / standings on a daily basis OR only at the end of the tournamant?


    1. Hi Sameer,

      According to their Facebook, the scores will be updated after each round is completed.

      “We’ll be updating scores on the Tiger Mobiles Tennis Challenge when all 1st Round matches are complete. Check the leaderboard tomorrow!”

      1. Hey thanks a lot, Ali… I had been refreshing the page atleast 10 times today 🙂 .. I thought it would be something similar to #ATPfantasy .. Shame they didnt have it last year.

  15. I wish there were a way to see actual results next to your own predictions. Sounds like we’re going to have to go back & forth between pages.

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