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Introducing Live Chat for the US Open

Live chat is finally here! After asking for feedback in my help improve peRFect Tennis post one of the most requested features was a live chat facility where fans can get together and chat about Roger’s matches in real time.

I’ve found a solution and will be trialling it throughout the US Open and it’s available here – peRFect Tennis Live Chat.

Key Information about Live Chat:

  • Chat currently requires users to login – this is to prevent spam and any trolls spoiling it.
  • If you want to be a part of it – sign up here and I will send you login details.
  • Live chat will only be available during matches, once matches are finished it will be turned off and discussion can continue on the blog.

The first live chat will be during Roger’s first-round match at the US Open against Grega Ε½emlja which currently hasn’t been scheduled but will be on Monday or Tuesday.

If you want to be a part of it – visit the live chat page here and fill out the form to register.

Please note: when you first visit the site you will see a message that says: “You are currently not logged in, please Login/Register to chat” don’t click that link as I’m currently handling all registrations manually, scroll down and click the other link to request a login.

If you have any questions let me know in the comments below.

P.S. Thanks to all those who left feedback and suggestions for the site. I’ll be working through the list and looking at what I think will be useful additions and the feasibility of them all.


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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      1. Both actually πŸ™‚
        Who knows what kind of performance he is hiding πŸ˜‰ might surprise us all
        truth to be seen

      1. Yeah, with all the fiddling he’s been doing with racquets, it was about time someone gave him a real fiddle. Any idea what the heck he was trying to play? He did say he plans to spend 25 years learning it. I’d say if he can spend a solid two years on tennis, we’ll all be really happy fans, no?

      1. Time can be useful along with date – just to see how fast Scooter or other first comment-ers are commenting πŸ˜›

      2. [Time can be useful along with date – just to see how fast Scooter or other first comment-ers are commenting]

        I guess it’s time for me to start tanking no?

      3. Ah I see, I can see the times in the backend, it would be possible to display it, but then I’d have to display when the post went live too.

  1. Hi guys, i’ve been following your blog for a while and it is good to have some other fed fans to talk to, particularly at the moment when everyone seems to be writing him off. I finally decided to comment and introduce myself, been following tennis basically since wimbledon 2012 (the first match i watched was Federer v Benneteau at Wimby 2012, that was a bit tense!) Anyway i thought I’d make some predictions for the US Open.

    Federer: I predict him to cruise through the first four rounds before losing to Nadal in four tight sets in the QFs.

    Nadal: I see him reaching the final vs Novak before losing to him.

    Djokovic: US Open goes to him I think.

    Murray: I think he will reach the SFs and lose to Novak in 4/5 sets.

    1. Hi Universal,

      Thanks for the comment.

      Wow, you were quite late to the party in terms of following Roger but you couldn’t have picked a more interesting match!

      I think your predictions could be true, although Nadal has been playing scarily well. Almost looking like the USO is hi but 7 matches to go I guess.


      1. Yeah I was like, damn it, my new favourite is going to lose the first match i watch just to annoy me lol. The scariest moments for me in that match were all in the fourth set, when he was serving at 15-30 at 4-5 in the fourth, then at deuce in the same game, followed by the scraiest of all moment at 6-6 in the tiebreak. Federer looked to be gone in that point about three or four times and then finally Benneteau missed a forehand long. I can only imagine what he must have been thinking after that.

        Well actually me starting watching tennis at Wimbledon last year isn’t completely true, i watched Wimbledon 2009, but nothing after that until wimbledon 2012.

        Anyway, I actually want Federer vs Nadal to happen because Roger owes him a massive beatdown. I stand by the prediction I made earlier (Rafa in 4) but I have a feeling he might just turn the switch like he did at WTF 2011 (I have reviewed most of his past matches, just haven’t watched them live) and demolish Nadal. I read an old commentary from that match, and the commentator wrote ‘Federer has flicked the switch, Nadal is being fried like a fly on the bars of an electric cooker’ or something like that.

  2. Oh I was still late πŸ™ my dream of a wanda slam will come true one day so till then I must work harder.

    Live chat will be a great fun! Though I won’t be able to watch any of US open matches live due to the current situation travelling in france and italy without TV. Can anyone recommend good live stream for mac?

    Jonathan, can you read the chats afterward even you didn’t participate?

    1. Hi,

      I know late to the party, it is the price you pay for always travelling the globe, visited more countries than Roger I think you πŸ˜›

      Sport Lemon and Live Score Hunter work.

      Hmm, not sure on reading them after. I’ve set it up so only around 100 messages are stored, once that threshold is broken they get over written. This is only a trial at the minute, I know of another solution that I may implement where you can read them after but would cost me $XXX a year to implement and I can’t justify that if it isn’t going to be a success.


      1. Thanks, Jonathan. I’ll try those site and the live chat tonight if I can bravely wake up from the middle of my sweet dream…

        I’m coming to UK in september for 3 weeks so may pop up to say hi to you πŸ˜‰

  3. Dear John, I haven’t received any reply from you, you said that you would reply me at some point yesterday.

    And Live Chat is great too!


  4. Message for Scooter: the email address you are putting into the sign up form doesn’t exist, I get failed delivery. You need to send an actual working email address otherwise I can’t email you details.

      1. Scooter, you do realize that amnesia is a side effect of heavy PED use? πŸ™‚

  5. I’ve read somewhere that roger said about this year’s USO: “I’m here to win the tournament, not just participate”. I couldn’t be more pleased to read that, because at least we know he wants to fight.
    He can say whatever he wants but something tells me he’s more bothered about the [7] following his name than he says… So I got this feeling he wants to prove a point. He gave us a preview last Friday in Cincinnati and I really really wish he keeps it up πŸ™‚

    And the live chat is greaaat btw πŸ˜€ at least I won’t be talking to myself during the matches :p Fed is playing tomorrow night. It will be around 2-3 am from my corner of the globe. Fortunately I’m on vacation, so for a Fed match, I could sacrifice some sleep πŸ™‚

    1. Cheers Alex, don’t forget to sign up so I can send you a login…

      It will be 2am for me too so I won’t be chatting too much but we’ll see!


  6. Just a quick question, for the sign up for live chat it asks for your name is that your real name or the alias you use on the blog when you post your comments?

      1. Ok, I guess I’ll sign up for the chat now in time for the match (not that I’m likely to be up at 2am, I’m from England too).

      2. I just signed up, would be great if you could accept me before the match starts just in case i happen to be up late enough.

      3. Weird, I just resent it.

        If anyone else applied and didn’t get a login, let me know as I have responded to all requests.


  7. Is it just me or are the courts playing very very slow? I’m watching the Nadal/ Harrison match and some of the rallies are clay courtesque. Or is it just because both of them love camping two miles behind the base line?

  8. Fed match delayed. He will play today after two women matches I think. Good or bad news?
    I hope this will not tire him more than necessary. Anyway, at least now I get to watch the match. Yesterday (today?? πŸ˜‰ ) I was up until 2:30 am but couldn’t resist anymore and went to bed (blame this horrible flu!!)

    1. Can’t decide whether it’s a good thing or not, Alex. Nadal has played his first round and will have to sit cooling his heels until Thursday; Roger’s second match (assuming he wins, of course) should also be Thursday. And he’s experienced enough to be well used to the irritations of rain delays.

  9. Not disappointed at all with Roger today, he played a solid match and the one break of serve was mostly forced errors due to good play from Zemlja. Round 2 is vs Carlos Berlocq, I think he can get that one done in straight sets again.

    1. I thought the only game I watched, the one in which Roger was broken, he had a double fault, and two unforced errors, perhaps three, to try to get a quick winner. No?

      1. Funny, cause that’s the same game I started watching when I switched on the match. Hehe. Didn’t feel great. Followed that game up with some lack luster returning.

        It’s his return game that I’m most interested in.

        Although, when I watched the highlights on youtube today, I certainly enjoyed his net play.

    2. The loss of serve was down to Fed looking to get off court, the match wasn’t really helping him a great deal, no rallies, so may as well try end it with a flurry of winners. Made some errors but then just hit back.

  10. Good enough win, all that was needed. The most interesting thing was his presser! Really emphasised the importance of loving the game, win or lose. Testified to the fact that despite his recent problems, he still just absolutely loves it. Clearly indicating that desspite the fun and niceness of the wins, the trophies, the front pages etc, his deep love for the game will take him through the bad times as well. As usual he was being asked about retirement in light of the Blake decision, and that was his response. And you know what? Some of the up and supposedly coming, Dmitrov, JJ, etc, sometimes don’t show signs that they really love it! Fed, you are the Master!

    1. Indeed I liked his presser, I added in some quotes just in my latest blog post when I read your comment as I forgot to do it.

      Dimitrov is just a playboy, he’s happy with banging Sugarpova and don’t care about tennis no more πŸ˜€

      I also hear JJ served underarm? lol

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