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Indian Wells Draw 2014 – Federer, Nadal, Wawrinka and Murray in Same Half

The tennis season moves fast and despite only winning Dubai on Saturday Roger has already flown across to California for the BNP Paribas Open which starts tomorrow.

The draw came out at 11pm last night UK time and it's a reasonable one for Fed. Couple of tricky-ish opponents early and the run in from the Quarters is where things get tough. You can see his projected / seeded opponents below:

Federer's Projected Opponents

  • 1st Round: Bye
  • 2nd Round: Qualifier
  • 3rd Round: Monaco / Tursunov
  • Round of 16: Nishikori
  • Quarter Final: Wawrinka
  • Semi Final: Murray / Nadal
  • Final: Djokovic / Berdych

Full .PDF printable draw.

I can't really see any problems here up until the Quarter Finals for Roger here where he could potentially meet Stan. Wawrinka is playing his first tournament since his victory in Melbourne. We don't know Roger's first opponent just yet but I'd assume it's nobody that dangerous. After that I can't see Tursunov doing anything other than making it competitive and he often get described as “a poor man's Federer”. Haas is also a potential opponent but he's been struggling with injuries over the last 2 weeks so I'm not sure if we will see him.

Fedberg Indian Wells
Fedberg Alive and Kicking

Round of 16 could be Nishikori who of course has that victory against Roger from Madrid last year but I think that's an anomaly. The only way he wins is if Fed has a terrible day at the office, there is no other way through for him.

As for Stan well I'm not sure what to expect from him as he hasn't played for over a month. He's going to be rusty but he should be confident as he takes to the court as a Slam Champion for the first time in his career. He could meet Karlovic early doors though who is always tricky. If ever there was an opponent who can catch you off guard if you're not playing well it's definitely him. I hope we go get an all Swiss Quarter though and I still pick Fed to win in straights. Even though Stan is a new player these days, 14-1 H2H tells a story and it's always been a good matchup for Roger.

The semi finals is where the toughest match lies on paper with Nadal being Roger's projected opponent. Hopefully we see a Murray / Nadal quarter final as they haven't played each other in almost 2 years.

That's one of my most hotly anticipated matches in Indian Wells this year because I want to see how Murray matches up to Nadal these days. In the past Nadal ground him down but that was back in the pre-slam winning days for Murray. So how do they compare in 2014? I'd like it to be competitive.

Then the projected final opponent is either Djokovic or Berdych based on seedings. It's going to be interesting to see how Novak responds after losing in Dubai and coming into Indian Wells without a title.

I do think Djoker will make the final though as he has a pretty good draw, especially with Del Potro flagging with a wrist injury. He might face Dimitrov who's coming in off his win in Acapulco though and Gulbis is also right there so he's not without at least some danger.

Potential Matches to Watch Out For

Centre Court all to himself
Centre Court all to himself
  • Nadal vs. Monfils, 4th Round
  • Gulbis vs. Dimitrov, 3rd Round
  • Federer vs. Wawrinka, QF
  • Nadal vs. Murray, QF

My dark horse to watch out for is Kevin Anderson who I think can do well here. He's in form and Indian Wells isn't the easiest place to play tennis as it's in a weird sort of climate. He could take advantage of that with his big serve to win plenty of cheap points. I figure we'll see some upsets too because it's best of 3 and the conditions can make it tricky.

My predictions are Djokovic wins it and Federer makes the semi finals. I'm not ruling out a 5th title here though, court speed could be a factor so if it's in his favour anything can happen. I'm not going in with too much expectation, just hoping to see some good tennis.

Dubai was a big surprise so Roger has of course lifted fan expectation but there's no point getting too carried away. Back to back titles would be a dream but it's not a given and he's definitely not the out and out favourite. Edberg is of course back into the fold so it will be interesting to see if Fed takes his game up another notch or plays differently to how he did in Dubai.

What do you guys think of the draw? Any predictions?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. great post Jonathan! i’m excited for IW 🙂 hope our Roger gets good chances to go deep! ALLEZ FEDERER 🙂

  2. I’d like to see an all-Swiss QF and witness how Wawrinka will play against Roger. I am hoping Roger will prevail but like you said we have a new player in Stan. Reaching semis aint bad at all for the Maestro. Getting into the final is too steep a climb. Just being realistic. But who knows, right? Keeping my fingers crossed.

    1. Yeah, semis is a posible and (quite frankly) a very good result! A win there against Nadal is just too good to be true in my opinion, but who knows? ALLEZ ROGER

    2. Stan was well on the road to improving this time last year and still lost to an injured Fed so I’m not concerned about him. Depends if he thinks he can win.

  3. Not a bad draw, I fancy Roger to make the semis if he plays anything like he did in Dubai. I think the 4th round and the quarters could be a real battle, though that’s no bad thing and he showed his fight in Dubai too.

    Mentally he has got some of his superiority complex back and should see him through these difficult matches. At the semis its hard to say what he will do but he’s got nothing to lose which is a good place to be.

  4. I was actually quite surprised to look back and see that Murray actually plays Nadal pretty well at slams. I think he’s beaten him at the Australian Open twice and the US Open once. I don’t know when else they’ve faced off in Slams though.

    1. He has played and lost to Nadal two or three times at Wimbledon. And I will pick Nadal as the winner this time if the both should make it to the quaters.

    2. Nadal has the edge in the big matches though despite those wins. 2008 USO was before Nadal suddenly got a bigger serve. 2010 AO I think one of them he was injured maybe.

  5. Can’t complain about Roger’s draw. Should make the semis.
    If Novak doesn’t make the final with this draw then it’s time to start worrying.
    Dull’s draw will open up, NID.

  6. Hi Jonathan

    Looking forward to seeing Fed in action again – would be really nice if someone could knock Nadal out before Fed gets to him – he just as such a mental block when it comes to playing him – I am also asking for a little tennis advice – Husband has said he will take me to see Fed play I immediately thought Flushing Meadow – but then people have said difficult to work out which session/court he may be playing on, whilst an American gentleman told me that Cincinatti is a good venue as you can see all the top players really easily – any thoughts from anyone who has been to either of these tournaments would be greatly appreciated – I also suggested Halle (for some reason he turned his nose up at that one) but its still on my list

    1. Halle is really good, nice venue, good prices and very well organised. Easily best tournament I have been to.

      Out of the ones you mention I would pick Cinci, always enjoyed watching it on TV and looks a good venue.

  7. Hi folks!

    I think it is a tough draw for Roger but that is exactly what he needs: to test his newfound form and confidence and build-up a good foundation for the year to come.

    I am really interested to see how the quarter finals would be against Stan. I would expect a great match from Fed who will want to prove that there is no other Swiss no. 1! To me, it will be done in straits 6/3 6/2.

    Unfortunately, I am not sure Murray is ready to face Nadal just yet, so we should have a Fedal semi-final and I would love Roger to start correcting the abnormality of his constant losses to Rafa.

    I don’t know for you guys but I really like the tennis I am watching these days. Fed winning Dubai and an awesome final in Acapulco. Grinders gave us a break for a change!

    Allez Roger !

      1. Hm. I thought it was Andrew at – but all I’m finding there is something about speeds at Melbourne – but somebody was saying Acapulco was playing faster too. cleaningthelines is very stats oriented & quite dry, but also interesting.

      2. Hang on, it IS there – it’s the “beyond the headlines” entry – and it wasn’t Acapulco, it was Viña del Mar.

  8. Wawrinka has never beaten Roger on hard court and I don’t think he will this time either (should they meet). I think the big game that he has, Roger can handle. Stan may be facing some pressure but he seems to be handling that quite well so I don’t believe that will be much of a factor. Toughest match, probably Nadal but only because he lives in Rogers head. If Roger can continue to improve his backhand DTL, he should be able to make it interesting on hard court. In any case, it nice that the master period has begun. This is probably the nicest time of the year to watch tennis. Makes the weeks fly until RG and Wimbledon.

    1. Yeah BHDTL is an important shot. It would be good if they met just to see if there is any change in the dynamic, when Fed rises Dull usually slumps.

  9. Hey guys! I’ll follow Jonathan’s advice here abd keep my expectations low, otherwise I risk being disappointed and that’s a feeling I want to leave behind with 2013. The draw is looking good though till semis, but I won’t discard Stan just yet…

    On a totally different subject, I’ll probably be in Paris in late May, so I want to take the occasion and watch Roger live in a Slam.
    I will be there unfortunately only for first week (2nd, 3rd and 1st day of 4th rounds actually) and I don’t know which tickets to buy to be sure I don’t miss him… it would be a shame if I go there and don’t watch him play…
    Problem is I can’t go the safe way and buy tickets for Philippe Chatrier AND Susann Lenglen courts for two days as it’s too expensive and for my first live match I want good places…
    Any advice here?? Tickets are out next week…

    1. Hey Alex,

      There’s just no way of knowing but early rounds you can usually bank on him being on Chatrier. Just gotta gamble and if it doesn’t work out you could always try swap with someone.


  10. Good artictle, I’m here from Twitter, so I’m glad I finally got my self together and followed you.

    I agree with you all the way, and especially with the part about Anderson, Dimitrov and Gulbis, very strong field of underdogs right there.

  11. You keep your expections low because you are silly and cowardly. I believed in Roger could win Dubai and it was sweet because I never stop believing. I will always have high expectations for Federer and I hope Federer has high expectations for himself. When you have low expectations, you don’t win [email protected] “Oh No, I can’t pick Federer because of 2013 or because I might be disappointed”. Win or lose, I have your back. GO Federer!

    1. Hey KFedFan, you cannot call someone here silly and cowardly. Not fair. Nothing wrong with keeping low expectations 🙂 We all believe in Roger, trust me, you are not the only one. Like you, I believe Roger will win IW, but…. I am also taking it one point, one game, one set, one match at the time. You can do both you know. Know that Roger wins, but not having much expectations. There is nothing wrong with that.
      Anyway having high expectations for Roger is also not too fair on him, it’s like saying a win is the only thing you can do for us, nothing else. That’s not fair to Roger right?? A fan has to be in it for good times and bad times.

      And….. we ALL have Roger’s back……

    2. More nonsense from KFedfan. Where were you on my Dubai post? I don’t remember you chirping up saying he was going to win lol.

      I don’t think you quite get it. There is a big difference between expectation and self belief.

      1. Kfedfan, hope and believe is two very different things. You have to base your believes in fact and realismen and in hope you can put all that aside. So I really hope Fed wins every tournament he enters I really do, but do I believe that? Absolutly not and Fed does not believe that either.
        And by the way, keep the tone in here!!

      2. Hey Jonathan Roger and Stan are playing doubles. Oh yeah I forgot doubles is beneath you. Roger does have high expectations for himself. Remember his reaction at WTF after that reporter asked him about that defeat to Novak. Roger was not thrilled about losing that match because he won the first set. Dubai is a reminder to Novak. Thumbs down to low expectations.

      3. Yeah Roger has self belief and you don’t. Also I work for living. You don’t come from behind against 2 top ten players without belief. You want Roger to feel sorry for himself because he is getting older.

  12. Fed to beat Dimitrov in the final! What a fan pleasing match that wld be! Seriously, I really hope Nadull loses early but not really anyone to do it? Muzza, maybe with nothing to lose? Novak will be on a mission but Berdych still the in form guy in that half! Fed has beaten Nadal here not that long ago so I still hv hope now he is fully fit and has Edberg at his side! Allez Fed!

  13. Oh the draw post out already? You are a star, Jonathan, well done 🙂

    I don’t mind this draw, actually not bad at all. Who would be surprised Nadal is in Roger’s half? I still remember JesusFed against Monaco in US Open, was it 4R 2011? Would Love to see a repeat if he plays Monaco! And then of course IW 2012 against Rafa was another GOAT match… only a wishful thought. I just hope he will play well and look forward to seeing him in the lavender outfit!

    Question for me is Stan. He’s proved his mental side in AO but the real test is; if he can handle the pressure as a champion? No longer as an underdog? Especially interesting against Roger.

    1. Yeah racking up the hours this year, I should get a clocking in and out machine.

      That match against Monaco was immense. Complete and utter destruction of a guy who was I think close to Top 10 at the time.

      Yeah will be interesting to see what Stan does now he’s part of the elite.

  14. I agree with your picks, but don’t see Fed-Stan match, if it happens, as an easy win for Fed. Stan is playing with a lot more confidence than in the past. I’m hoping for a Murray beat down of Dull, as that would clear the way for Fed to go into the finals. Don’t see Fed beating Dull yet. I’m sure it will happen this year, but Fed mentally not quite there yet. Hopefully by Wimbledon 🙂

    1. I just think Fed can play his own style vs Stan, there are no real dramatic changes he has to make. I mean look at last year, guy can hardly move, has a full on fight with the Umpire and still wins.

    1. Just saw this! Can’t decide if it’s a good idea (more match practice) or a bad one (too tiring). Guess we’ll find out. Of course, last time they played doubles they went out in the first round, didn’t they? Or was that Roger & Haas?

      1. That was Roger and Tommy that went out in the first round in Halle. They weren’t trying to win that match b/c they up a break in both sets and mysteriously they would get broken back to lose in straights to PP and Jurgen Meltzer. They were laughing and Roger didn’t even wear a headband. It was fun when Roger and Mahut played together in Brisbane. This will be the first time since 2011 IW that Stan and Roger played together at an ATP match. It’s good practice b/c you know they may have to play doubles together in DC down the road somewhere. It is not up to the fans if it is a good thing or not. Good Luck to Stan and Roger in doubles, but in singles all bets are off. LOL!

      2. Think it’s a good practice that fits into his strategy to play more volleys. There’s not much running in doubles, points are short, lots of instinctive play. Not that much pressure. He would have been hitting the practice courts otherwise. I think we can be sure he’s not doing it for the money. Perhaps most importantly, it is almost a proof that Roger feels good and healthy. No ailments that need nursing and rest.

    2. I love that Roger and Stan will play doubles. Two GS winners on one side of the net. Be aware opponents 🙂
      But….. hope it does not make him tired for the SF or final….

  15. Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for the post as I was waiting to see your analysis on the IW draw.

    Well, with Federer you really can’t predict what is going to happen.
    If we look back 2012 IW results, it was quite clear that Fed was struggling with sickness, had two tight matches in early rounds and suddenly had easy matches in QF, SF and F.
    I just hope that he shows the same courage like Dubai tourney and believe in himself that he can win it all. All I want at this stage is defend/add the points so can better his ranking before the majors.

    All the best Roger…!!!

    1. Yeah 2012 he had a cold or something. Struggled early but got better as the tournament wore on. He definitely likes Indian Wells conditions I think.

  16. For me, Feds has a horrific draw, but an entertaining draw. Possible match ups with Anderson, Hewitt, Nishikori, Haas and Wawrinka can only do good for the Swiss. I feel he has the game and the mindset to go deep in Indian Wells, but not with out some tough battles.

  17. Hello Jonathan,

    Why do u think SLOW COURT SPEED is NOT the best for Roger ?


    I think the bigger racquet has eliminated the disadvantage of less power.
    So now he can easily hit through the defence of even Rafa.
    Yeah, u may argue with the proof of the Aussie Open Semi Finals, but i think that was because his new racquet was only a month old.
    Now he has got a good hang of it. And it will only improve. Remember, Roger said that he will be at 100% only by April.

    Roger’s RACQUET HEAD SPEED was the FASTEST on tour when he was using the smaller racquet, may be because it had the LEAST SWING WEIGHT due to minimal air resistance because of the small size.

    Imagine Roger swinging his new bigger racquet as fast as the smaller racquet and yet hitting the LARGER SWEET SPOT and put enough top spin to control the power, JUST IMAGINE what would happen then.

    Add to all this , the fact that slow courts give u that extra fraction of a second to get into the right position and UNLOAD on both the FH AND BH wings.
    THE RACQUET is the single most important factor for the RESURGENCE OF THE KING.

    I am sure he knows the correct diet to follow to keep him energized. I am sure he knows how to pace himself during a match to get the best out his body.

    So I even dare to say that he is the joint top favorite with Rafa to win the FRENCH OPEN.

    1. I think tennis is a very mental game these days, and just because Federer has a ‘better’ racquet, it does not guarantee that he will have an ‘advantage’ against anyone on the court. Flash back to the Australian Open this year. He used the same racquet in every match. He managed to beat every opponent except Nadal quite impressively. Why couldn’t he beat Nadal? He had the same racquet from the previous matches. What went wrong? He lost because of his ‘Nadal’ mental block.

      1. As i said, it was
        Rafa with his 10 year old racquet Vs Roger with his 1 month old racquet.

        Give Roger some time to get used to it and see the magic unfold.

        The rationale is simple here.
        All these years, Roger was like playing CRICKET with a heavy baseball bat and yet scored lot of runs.
        Now he is playing with a light weight cricket bat.

        Playing with the less powerful, less forgiving, heavy racquet all these years has only sharpened his ball striking skills.
        Now he is equipped with a modern racquet just like everybody else.

        The improvements are so evident. Just compare the matches he is playing with new racquet to the matches he played in 2004-07.
        Points are shorter because Roger’s groundstrokes and return are much faster now.


      2. Sakthti, do you know the specs of Rogers new racquet? I haven’t been able to find any so it would be interesting to see a link.

        However, how can you believe that he could win 17 slams and 70+ ATP titles with such inferior equipment?

        Roger was playing with a less powerful frame because he is able to generate racquet head speed due to exceptionally good technique which means he can get the speed and spin that he desires, and in addition, thanks to a frame that absorbs some of the energy, he is able to control the tempo of the game with drop shots and create angles.

        He should be able to return better with the new stick. It should be more forgivable but calling anything an improvement compared to his game in 2004-07 is a bit far fetched since he was winning just about everything during those years which he finished at #1. The thing that changed was the competition and Roger had to adapt. Points are shorter not because Roger vapourises them from the baseline but because he finishes them off at the net.

        Don’t you think that Roger is the only “expert” that matters here?

        I really do hope that the new stick will work out for him, I just don’t buy the simple explanations why that will happen.

      3. Jarlub,
        I think that if he had switched to a larger racquet, lets say in 2011, at the time when he stopped winning Majors, we would now be seeing 22,23 majors for Roger.

        If Roger of 04-07 (with his smaller racquet) plays in 2014 do u think he could beat Rafa, Nole, Andy, Delpo, now ??
        I dont think so.
        As u said, the level of competition has gone up partly because of advancements in racquet technology.
        Roger was too stubborn to accept that his outdated racquet was holding him back until 2013.
        Yeah sure, u may argue that 2012, he was number 1. But was that anywhere near as good as the dominance of 04-07 ? He was not at all dominant in 2012. But he will be as dominant as 04-07 in 2014 .. Hell YES. Just wait and see.

        You say points are shorter now because he finishes them off at the net.
        I ask u how do u think that its possible now ?
        Surely he wont go up to the net on a weak return and hope for an easy volley, would he ?
        Then it would be a target practice for anybody from the top 20 to hit passing shots.

        The point construction before approaching the net is what is important.
        Roger is now able to hit faster, cleaner and easily open up the court for an easy put away at the net. And that has all been made possible by the new bigger racquet.

      4. Conal,
        I do not believe in the ‘mental’ part.
        After having played for 15 years in the pro tour and 34 times vs Rafa, do u still think Roger gets nervous at the sight of him ?

        The reason for such a bad H2H for Roger is simple.
        What is Rafa’s record Vs Right handers who are single handers (except Roger)?

        Rafa’s FH is too good for Roger’s BH on a high bouncing slow courts a.k.a clay courts.
        Thats the main reason.

      5. sakthi, totally agree with you; however, with so many loses Roger got at the hand of Nadal, that has turned to some mental block. its not totally mental, but a bad matchup

    2. Why do you say that he could hit through anybody on that court when he didn’t hit through anybody on the faster court in Dubai while both Novak and Tomas passed him from baseline to baseline rallies several times.
      Nothing I’ve seen indicates that Rogers new stick is set for a lot of power. Maybe a little more but that’s far from obvious. The frame does seem to be faster from geometry alone but the stringing could adjust that to just about anything. Are there any stats that his serve speed is up, the ground stroke winners are faster? I would like to see them.

      1. I don’t think people really understand racquet or technology based on this post. This new one is treated as though it’s some kind of miracle. Racquet composition has barely changed since the 1980’s, what has changed is the string.

      2. Second that Jonathan. There has been way too much talk about the stick and virtually none about the strings. But though I will say that the string is more important of the two, there is something subtle about frames that is not easily summarised in head size alone and that is what everybody talk about these days.

    3. Agree with Conal here, tennis is very very mental especially when it comes to facing Rafa. No doubt the racquet has allowed Roger to hit through the court a bit more and reduce his shanks but it can only do so much. Lastly I think Roger winning Dubai has proven and reiterated that faster courts helps Roger’s aggressive tennis more than anything which then in turns boosts his mentality. Indian Wells’ atmosphere makes the court speeds a tad faster but it’s still a pretty slow court. I’m afraid to say Roger is no where near a favourite at the French Open which he already knows…

    4. @Sakthi I have to disagree with your comment completely. You need to do some more research into tennis racquets and the technology.

      [Imagine Roger swinging his new bigger racquet as fast as the smaller racquet and yet hitting the LARGER SWEET SPOT and put enough top spin to control the power, JUST IMAGINE what would happen then.

      The new racquet doesn’t have a bigger sweet spot, it’s the exact same size as on the 90sq”. It’s just more forgiving on off centre hits.

      [THE RACQUET is the single most important factor for the RESURGENCE OF THE KING.]

      Clearly not the case. The fact he is injury free is the main reason.

      [Playing with the less powerful, less forgiving, heavy racquet all these years has only sharpened his ball striking skills. Now he is equipped with a modern racquet just like everybody else.]

      I would disagree the 90sq” is a less powerful racquet. If anything it is more powerful than his existing one when timed properly.

      The new racquet doesn’t really do anything you have said that it does and it’s certainly not a magic bullet. It’s just one piece of the puzzle. In fact it’s main benefit might be something psychological rather than anything technological. The specs are completely hidden but it’s quite clear it is more forgiving on off centre hits due to larger head size and is likely a shade lighter which helps with high balls on the BH. Roger said himself it plays a lot like his old one when he had it refined so the change is not dramatic.

      You make out like he’s back to prime level with this new one lol. Watch some re-runs of Fed in 2006 man.

      As for tennis not being mental, it is hugely mental. Anyone who plays knows that. And it’s especially mental against Nadal.

      1. Jonathan,
        I have got a question for u and for all.
        Do u think Roger could have beaten Tsonga, Andy and won Dubai if HE HAD continued to use his smaller racquet ?

        Even with a healed back, full fitness and Stefan Edberg, i DO NOT THINK Roger (at this age of 32) could have gone past the quarters in Aussie Open or 2nd round of Dubai past Stepanek.

        Roger is the only person in the professional tour using that racquet.
        And the fact that he managed to win so many matches with it — a testament to his god like skills.

        My views are based on the comments of Pete Sampras and Roman Prokes (a famous racquet technician). Google ‘Roman Prokes Federer’ to know what he said on Roger’s smaller racquet and his chances of winning a GS if he could switch to a larger one.


        Probably because no other player matches his technique and focus on the ball. If you look Tsonga, Roddick and even Novak (and many others), bent elbow, lots of power from the upper body and the frame. So even the top players use racquets with more power to compensate for less than perfect technique. They make it work but it diminishes the range of shots that they are comfortable doing. If you have perfect technique (and Roger does) and get there in time (he used to), you have all the power at your disposal and still lots of control when you like to have it.

        I’m sure Roger has made the switch for good reason just as I’m sure he didn’t switch for more top speed. The most significant change I see is that fewer balls land short in the court but it seems that the drop shots may have suffered but the jury is still out on that. Have to see more matches. They were not good in Dubai. Don’t remember how that worked out in Melbourne. Something to watch at IW.

      3. “Do u think Roger could have beaten Tsonga, Andy and won Dubai if HE HAD continued to use his smaller racquet ?”

        Impossible to say but yes I do.


        I think Roger’s racquet change is a good idea, it gives him more leeway on off centre hits, probably gives more pop on the serve for less effort (less fatigue). And the reason I believe nobody uses a racquet so small is that the margins at the top of the game are very small so they want that little bit extra. They also play with what they are comfortable with and have used for a long time, I think if Murray had used a 90 sq” as his first racquet he’d probably have something similar now, and if Nadal had been given a Pro Staff 85 as his first racquet he’d be playing for Real Madrid 😀

  18. I’m feeling very sad. The first year of not going to IW. And a lot of the top players playing doubles too! Great entertainment. I saw Roger and Stan play doubles there in 2011. A great match. New stadium 2 looks awesome. Every year things are always improving.
    Who knows who will be holding the trophy at the end of the day.

    1. That’s too bad Sue, it’s always fun to hear from people who are on-site (except for the jealousy part!). Why do you have to miss it this year?

      1. I can’t go this year because I’m off to Australia in a few weeks. Can’t fit it all in. Next year for sure!

    2. How lucky u r to hv been! Hv always wanted to go, looks amazing! Have always thought the US Open cld move there but the TV time difference with Europe is a commercial killer!

  19. Nice writ-up Jonathan.
    As I have mentioned in my last comment, Roger seems to finding his confidence, and I believe his new racket has lot to do with that. However, I have some feeling that he won’t reach the semi, just a hunch and I think newcomer will arise from that half of the draw not even nadal neither Stan, maybe Murray will surprise us 😉
    From the other half, I am backing Dimi to reach his first Master 1000 final. (I like the guy ;), he seems having good season and trusting his game)

    1. With the gift of hindsight I’d say Roger’s improvement started in the indoor season in 2013, that in combination with the racquet, Edberg and a solid training session has allowed him to gain results.

    2. I agree ( posted earlier) fed v Dimitrov final! Wld be popular! Fed in semis wld be a great result and everything after that a bonus. That said, he is always motivated to win IW! Miami? Just to pick up points? Not sure his reasons there!

  20. This IW has a very dejavu 2012 feel to it, Roger coming off some consistent wins and beating top players. This is probably the best masters 1000 on tour and the draw has set up some great clashes. In a way I’d like to think Roger has come full circle in that Indian Wells in 2013 kind of sealed Roger’s fate with injuries throughout the rest of the season and now to getting some of that mojo back in 2014 is great to see. Really interested like the rest of you what Stan brings to the table now in these tournaments as a slam champ and what his mental approach is if the match with Roger becomes a reality. Murray doesn’t play his best at Indian Wells for some strange reason so I’d expect Nadal to make it to the semis and if Fedal does repeat itself (sigh) then I think with Roger’s confidence he’d be in top form to take out his nemeses. Djokovic isn’t coming into Indian Wells with a slam in his belt at the moment or a title in 2014 so what he does here could be huge in terms of accumulating some momentum going into the clay season. Would love to see Fed lift up another title but keeping the expectations low-hopefully will get to catch some matches here and there but the time difference is a huge killer so I appreciate your posts especially because they keep me up to date, Allez!

    1. Yeah Murray has lost to some real journeymen in IW in years gone by. First time since 06 that Djoker is without a title prior to Indian Wells too.

  21. Just great steve tignor has jinxed Roger’s chances of winning IW by predicting him wining IW. Hopefully this doesn’t give me a false sense of hope here. I am confident Roger has very good chance to getting into the semis. Not to discredit Stan but he has not been playing his maiden GS win. Its a different level of play now with more pressure on him to play well as a GS Champ. I hope Roger can take it to Nadal, calm and relax mode rather too much against him.

      1. Just like the crowd on this blog. You guys got one foot in the bandwagon and one foot out. Also making excuses about court speed.

      2. Hey KFedFan, Pablo says “bad things” to us because he is a Rafa fan and we are not.
        You say “bad things” to us because you are a Roger fan and so are we??? 🙂
        What did we do??? 🙂

      3. Katyani, my thoughts exactly! I think I preferred Pablo even. What is the point KFedFan wants to make here?

  22. Well, hope for the best, expect the worst, I guess. 🙂 A repeat of 2012 would be swwweeeet, especially a repeat of the semifinal. 😀 I don’t think it’s impossible either, because I don’t expect Nadal to show up in his “slam form”. So I think it will be possible to take him out. By who is anyone’s guess though, because he tends to lose to some random players if he loses. Almost happened in Rio too.

    Still disagree with the majority here about the mental aspect of Fed-Nadal. It’s more than that, but Nadal has to hit his fully powered top spin to tire Fed out on the backhand side. So if he is slightly off, it’s possible.

    Wawrinka … definitely dangerous, but he is the kind of power hitter that Fed should be able controll when he is on. Should be interesting if it happens.

      1. True. Mental issue stems from the nightmare matchup for him. I don’t blame him at all. He could have balls of steel, but what good would they be if his game just doesn’t stack up against one particular opponent.

      2. Exactlly, when you’re at a disadvantage before the match even starts, of course you get mental issues. 🙂

  23. The draw is ok for me, and without making further predictions, the only thing I wanna see from Federer is good tennis, not expecting him to make quarter, semis or whatever, only I hope now he can play each time better and better and take 18th this year. After his Dubai surprisingly campaign he showed that he’s heading in the right direction and if he stays healthly it’s easy to say: Roger can beat everyone on his day. Was seein Istomin against Stepanek earlier today, and the courts look same old shit, unfortunately not like Dubai, so this will not work as a pro-Federer factor. Remember guys: Match-by-match politic, It’s been working this year so far and is the best way to don’t get too upset if Federer loses. And no, I’m not a coward KFedFan. Allez!

    1. You are a coward. Federer has won IW 4x. If hearanother word about court speed, that is such a cop out. I root for Federer to win not just to get to the quarters. Federer has won Dubai 6x and the only people who were surprised was the “lower expectations” crowd. Boo Hoo! I can’t root for Federer to win the tournament because he might lose and I’ll be upset. Federer should take the court to win and not hope to win.

      1. Surprisingly because of his last year form. He’s improving with every tournament he plays, and there will be a period later in the year that I will start seeing Roger as a favourite entering in a big tournament, but not now… Are you capable of understand this or no? He needs to keep healthly, get consistent results like he’s doing in the last 4 months and improve his rankings, as Federer is a form based guy: once he starts winning his confidence grows higher and higher. Don’t be a dumb, everyone here is rooting for Roger and everyone knows what he is capable of, nobody here is saying that will not support him because his chances are not to big or because we don’t have too much expectation for this tournament, we’re just being realistic, hope we will always have, and if you haven’t noticed yet that’s why we’re here. You try to be a diehard Federer fan but you are actually being selfish on keeping only high expectations on Federer, it’s just not fair with him for everything he’s already made and achieved, seems like you are a glory-hunter type, I’m not, I just enjoy watching him play losing or winning, I can’t find such fun in anything else than watching him play. Of course I get upset when he loses but I will not stop cheering him, and It’s not like I’m afraid of seeing him losing, but when you create much expectations you will get more upset if the unexpected happens, that’s why I never get overhyped.

        “Sometimes you’re just happy playing. Some people, some media unfortunately don’t understand that it’s okay just to play tennis and enjoy it. They always think you have to win everything, it always needs to be a success story, and if it’s not obviously what is the point. Maybe you have to go back and think, Why have I started playing tennis? Because I just like it. It’s actually sort of a dream hobby that became somewhat of a job. Some people just don’t get that ever.”
        — Roger Federer

      2. It’s not fair to Roger? Roger is a professional tennis player. So because I want Roger to try to win his matches instead of making excuses I am gloryhunter . By the way I am a diehard Federer fan there is no try. That quote by Federer is taken out of context. I am sure Roger enjoys playing but you better believe he wants to win too. Federer just beat Djokovic after losing the first set for first time at age 32. We don’t know how much longer Federer has left on tour, so I don’t want him wasting it by low expectations and making excuses. He is going to go out, might as go out with a bang, right! Come On!

      3. Hey Guilherme, your last comment + + + 1 !!!
        I tried to explain almost the same thing to KFedFan above, but failed.
        I see that you could not make her understand it too. Don’t worry. The rest of us do understand. You can hope for Roger to win it all, but it is also alright to take it one match at the time. Nothing wrong with that. And about adding unfair expectations on Roger is something she also does not get. Don’t worry, we did get it.

      4. Oh I didn’t know KFedFan was she.

        Yeah, loved the quote from Fed, one of his greatest, Guilherme. So beautiful that I almost cried.

      5. So rooting for Federer to win a tournament which is capable of winning is unfair expectations to Roger, really? So go to and read the article about beating top ten players again and winning a title has re-energized him. Who you trying to protect Federer or yourself? Yes, I am she.

      6. Completely agree with you Guilherme. One match at a time is the way to go. I’m already happy that these days that I don’t worry so much about the early rounds. If Roger gets knocked out then he gets knocked out. Happens to all players great or small. Just want to see some good, competitive tennis from Roger and am sure we will. The serial early knockouts of last year are in the past.

      7. PABLO! Casi te extraño! How are you doing? You’re not trolling around here when Federer wins, are you? Federer is good at long term planning, so you might be right about him not only playing but winning US Open at 35. I wonder how long Nadals body can function with the drugs?

      8. What a nice quote from Fed! And a nice comment by Guilherme too…. and KFEDFAN- please come out of that mindset. That’s not the spirit. A sportsman always tries to win. But that does not mean that there would only be winners and no losers in sports. Accepting the losses is also a part of the game. If you can’t, you are not a sportsman or a sportslover.

        You may be a diehard fed fan and love to see him win every single match, but Roger loves tennis way more than that…. Please get it.

    2. Hi all. Been out of things for a few days in all senses. Looking forward to watching Stan and Roger play later tonight though. Thanks to Susie for the pics and the video of Roger and Grigor practicing – with coach Stefan acting as ball bay 🙂 I like the pics I’ve seen of Roger and Stefan together too. They’re looking pretty comfortable in each other’s company.

  24. Here’s a weird stat/coincidence that maybe no one has noticed…The loser at the BNP Paribas showdown the last two years in New York on the men’s side goes on to win Indian Wells. In 2012, Roger lost to Roddick at the MSG and went on to win in IW and then last year Nadal lost to Delpo and won IW the next week. This year apparently Novak/Murray played (I must’ve missed that) and Andy lost so will his luck in the desert change this year? I wonder

    1. I like my pattern better because in my pattern Roger is the winner and I would vomit if Murray wins IW.

  25. Jonathan,
    I have got a couple of questions for u and for all.

    Do u think Roger could have beaten Tsonga, Andy and won Dubai if HE HAD continued to use his smaller racquet ?

    Even with a healed back, full fitness and Stefan Edberg, i DO NOT THINK Roger (at this age of 32) could have gone past the quarters in Aussie Open or 2nd round of Dubai past Stepanek.


    Roger is the only person in the professional tour using that racquet.
    And the fact that he managed to win so many matches with it — a testament to his god like skills.

    My views are based on the comments of Pete Sampras and Roman Prokes (a famous racquet technician). Google ‘Roman Prokes Federer’ to know what he said on Roger’s smaller racquet and his chances of winning a GS if he could switch to a larger one.

    1. Hey Susie, did you see the vid of Roger doing warming up and crunches??? He makes it look SO easy 🙂

    2. Lovely pics of them, thanks Susie. Roger’s T shirts, love the lavender colour! Must be same for the polo he’s going to wear 🙂

    3. That looks like one of the new practice courts. At IW they post when all the players are scheduled to practice and at what time. So nice.

  26. Hey guys, Roger and Stan will play doubles today against a very dangerous team. Hope we all can see the match.

    1. Great warm up for both as hv toughish 1st rounds against guys who hv already played themselves in!! Never sure a bye is a gd idea!

  27. I’m not dying for Fed to win this cos I was thinking he should have some rest. But if Fed should get to the final, I think it would be a Fed vs Berdych match. In that scenario, I am hoping all competitors crash out before he meets them so he doesn’t stress his body so much. Allez FED!!!

    1. He looks pretty fresh and relaxed and winning makes you feel even better!! Never underestimate the psychological boost of victory!!

  28. Hey Katyani, post me the link of him doing the crunches and warm ups will you, i’m working towards having a great body too ;), and of course one that will last long!!!

  29. Thanks Sakthi for that insight, i’m rest assured Roger will play for at least 10yrs with this new racket. Personally, would like him to retire after Nadal :d

  30. btw, I think Stepanek always gets a horrible draw. He always only has to play a first round before he meets the top seed of the tournament. **tough

  31. Federer has a peRFect life! He has a beautiful family, adorable kids, supportive wife, he seems to be at peace with himself, makes a living by playing his favorite game, gets to travel the world and is popular and loved wherever he goes. He makes it look easy, just like he makes playing tennis at top level look easy, but I’m sure it’s not. If I were him, I’d have had affairs with Sharapova and Ivanovic, Katyani and Alex (not KFedFan!), I’d become cocky, narcissistic, satisfied, lazy, fat, you name it. What amazes me most about this multi-millionaire is that he is so … normal, in a good way. Down-to-earth, feet on the ground, accessible, treating ballboys, journalists and fans with respect, like if he was one of us. I’ve never seen him play, but met him twice in Switzerland, he really is like this nice guy from the neighborhood. If only I were a woman, I’d be in love with him and jealous of Mirka!

    1. Some of the other players have not yet managed to combine family life with the tour, some (Agassi, Becker, etc.) are not necessarily role models, some are extremely self-centred (Nadal asking for WTF to be played on slow courts), but ok, I have to agree, Fed is not special!

      1. Oh I’m broken hearted because I’m sure you are such a fine catch. Go Federer to win not just be happy to get to the quarters!

      1. You met Fed in Switzerland??? Lucky!!! How come when I was in Switzerland last year and I couldn’t see him ?? 🙁

    2. Chris….. Mirka can have Roger for a hundred lifes. She earned it….after that…. Roger is MINE !!! 🙂

  32. Does anyone know when Fed’s current 98 inch Wilson racket model will be available widely in the market, for Fed fans to purchase?

    1. No idea Sridhar, I will post it here if I hear any info on it.

      Although if you are interested I currently have the only production model of it ever made, it can be yours for £100,000. I only accept Western Union 😀

  33. Ah this should a very interesting for everybody, Wawrinka taking to the court again, Murray searching for form and fitness, Nadal just looking to be ruthless as always, Djokovic trying to come storming back after a “dissapointing” start to the season…and of course Fed who wants to get better and better! I think he’s going to win it, Nadal is my only concern, but if Fed keeps up the good volleying and really offers something substantially new, yeah he can beat Rafa at Indian Wells, did it in 2012. Can’t wait!
    By the way, I really like his outfit, one of my all time favorites I think. Allez Roger! 🙂

  34. The doubles tour is a joke… Two guys who haven’t played together for what, 2 years? beat the 6th seeds…

    Anyway, scrappy match, hope it gets Stan in match mode though! Singles tomorrow! 🙂

    1. It was a three set match. Also it doesn’t matter how long Stan or Roger since they played together. They know how to play doubles. Federer and Mahut played together in Brisbane and beat the top seed. So if Stan and Roger didn’t play well today, they would have lost because Bopanna and Qureshi are a good team.

      1. Bull. It just shows that the doubles tour is so weak, and that if you put two top players together, they screw up real teams that have the doubles strategy. Basically show that players who are not good enough for singles fall into doubles

      2. Disagree Katyani, sorry. They didn’t play that well. Stan rusty and Fed up and down. But they are better singles players than the others Cld ever hope to be. McEnroe is totally right about the doubles tour. Just full of second tier players who Cld never hope to make a living on the singles tour. So on the one hand, great for doubles when the likes of Fed, Murray etc play, but difficult for the regular dubs tour players as those losses count against them earning their living! No easy solution when the tour is so jammed packed, matches longer and bodies need to hold up on in forgiving courts! Too risky to play both these days.

      3. “Disagree Katyani, sorry”.

        Huh? What did I say Susie? Please don’t confuse me with KFedFan 🙂

    2. Yeah doubles is embarrassing. Reckon I could mix it with those guys.

      I thought Fed and Stan were gonna throw it on purpose when they lost second set. Wouldn’t have been a bad idea.

      1. Hi Katyani, was just disagreeing about the dubs! I also had a thought the Swiss might throw it as had had enough hitting practice! Stan looked more into it than Fed

  35. Try as I might I can’t get interested in doubles. I watched last night because it was Fed and Stan, and watch Davis Cup ties if the doubles matters, but really don’t much like it. Last night’s was a bit scrappy I thought. Fed seemed to be going through the motions more than anything I thought. Still, if it helps him get in the mood for today then why not.

    1. Defo scrappy. Wasn’t pretty from both sides. I was wondering if Feds agreed to play to warm Stan up? Hasn’t played since AO, whilst he played Dubai. Just a thought! As long as we get that all swiss quarter I am pleased! 🙂

      And Kfedfan, you misunderstand things. You say we don’t root for Roger. I call bullshit. We always root for him. Expecting him to win a tournament is a totally different matter. Nadal will prob blow him off court if they meet, Stan totally has the ability to do so, and the hardest for feds seems to be putting to great matches in a row. So realistically, right now, winning a 1000 is not very likely. Possible, and if anyone can, he can. But you have to admit it’s not likely. That’s just being blinded.

    2. Yeah doubles is pretty crap to watch, it’s fun to play sometimes if you have been consistently playing singles but nowhere near as skilled.

  36. Hey guys, I am predicting that Novak will not win IW. Something is “wrong” with him. This is not the usual Novak.
    Becker is not good for him. I think, like Roger, he needs his team, his loved one there with him. It’s just a guess.
    He has been the favourite for AO and Dubai, but did not win it. I don’t think he will do it now.
    Rafa will certainly not defend his title. I think Roger has a big big chance. Otherwise Andy or even Dimi. I think Dimi will make the final against our Roger 🙂
    Maybe a 1000-tour is now one too far for Roger, but…. I don’t know…..he might surprise us.
    Hoping he will win IW and still taking it one match at the time…..

    1. Agree about Novak, not sure about Dull though. we’ll see how it goes, but I do see Dull biting the trophy in a week… 🙁

      Then again, Feds might pull a 2012, or Stan can hit hard (first time he enters a tournament #3 and grand slam champion, we’ll see what it does 😉

    2. Djoker just had a sub par start to the tournament, it won’t take much for him to find winning ways I don’t think.

      Becker – who knows if he’s a good additiona, only 3 months in.

  37. Hey guys, a question. Since we all saw the match. In the last few games, did Roger seem to have backproblems??
    I thought I saw him not move well (I mean stop suddenly) after two separate points…. All is well right???

    1. Don’t think so! Just think he lost focus. PHM is a v streaky player who can suddenly switch on like he did for 3/4 games and hit flat and big! However pretty unsustainable. And actually Fed cld not find his first serve at same time! Actually thought Fed scrapped well from 5-6 0-30 with some great defense to get to TB. Yes he was up and down but I always felt he wld win which is a very different feeling from 6 months ago. He is much more willing to win ugly at the moment and I like that. I do think having Edberg there mentally helps that! Nadull was always going to hv a tough first round v Radek who again disturbs yr rhythm! Even Muzza struggled. They hv both come from v humid conditions to the dry heat of IW. I will be interested to see how Berdych does v Bat-Agut.

    2. That worried me for a moment too Katyani. I thought at times he looked angry and frustrated, and I was worried the fact he was having trouble with his serve might have been because of his back. But as Susie says I didn’t for one moment worry he would lose the match and that is a huge difference from last year. Was more worried we would have a third set and thus less sleep for me. Shortly after the match he tweeted a beautiful photo of the sunset, then an even more beautiful photo of himself photographing the sunset – and I felt reassured he was fine:-)

    1. Hey Sue, guess I thought I saw something that was not there. Thank God !!!

      Right now I am watching Rafa vs Stepanek. Rafa lost the first set but is winning now…..

      1. Hey Sue, I think Rafa will not win IW, but he will defeat Stepanek.
        Secretly hope he loses this match though 🙂

        But one compliment for Rafa, I think his outfit is really great. Only it would be better if he had black shorts instead of the grey ones.

  38. It’s quite disappointing to see in 2014 a blogger who removes comments in disagreement. In any case disrespectful comments like I have received.
    An internet blog who doesn’t allow free speech is a complete joke, secatian and shows the fanatism and narrow mind of the owner.
    Bye Bye.

    1. I hope you don’t come back. Finally you have realised it’s a waste of time, because you WON’T and CAN’T change our view on Federer.

      1. Think why the blogger and many of the hooligans that follow here Federer don’t like to read my comments. They know in deep all I have said based in stats is the cruel reality 🙂

      2. I’ve countered your bullshit with stats all the time. So don’t play that card. Just leave us man.

      1. haha are there dictionaries in your cave? Dude, you are the definition of a troll. Stop playing the victim and preach us on freedom of speech. The fact that readers still use logical arguments with you showcases the quality of this blog. Try posting your nonsense in Ruans blog, see what happens.

    2. I did not find your comments annoying or disrespectful, and you are entitled to your opinions, no matter how wrong they are 🙂 But I guess this blog is like a private club, where you risk to get kicked out if you get on the nerves of too many members, which you seemed to be doing on purpose. What worries me much more is the level of censorship on Western mainstream media when commenting on political topics like the Crimea crisis. Freedom of speech is vanishing fast in the so called free countries. Sorry, that went off topic. Пака Пабло!

    3. Pretty much anything goes on peRFect Tennis but Pablo you were like a broken record and sometimes I have to step in.

      Adding zero value, no real debate, just Nadal fan-boyism and every comment was near identical just phrased differently about Fedal H2H in posts that it bore no relevance to. I’d got bored of reading them and they often derailed discussions into pointless GOAT debates week after week.

      You died a martyr which is probably what you wanted so congrats 😀

      1. It’s pretty curious that you don’t get bored of other comments when they defend or attack what you want. Kind of comments made very week about the same repetitive topics (attacking Nadal) but in that case I guess they are not pointless.

        You can try to excuse and explain why you remove comments in disagreement but I don’t buy it 🙂

      2. Most comments attacking Nadal were in direct response to your own Pro-Nadal / Dismissing Federer comments.

        I don’t think he’s been attacked once in this entire comment string despite being mentioned several times so use those powers of deduction.

        People get violent when they have things forced on them so I was in fact doing you a favour. Another Spanish bail out 🙂

  39. Yeah, the orange is nice Katyani. I’ve come to the conclusion that Roger should play Nadal in the 1st match of a tournament. Lol. Nadal wasn’t at his best tonight. Stepanek could have pulled off that one.

  40. I sympathisize with Pablo’s comment that it is quite disappointing to see a blogger remove comments in disagreement.
    What’s the point of having a blog where fans are only allowed to echo each other’s opinions, and those who happen to have an opposing view are asked to leave? What am I supposed to learn from such a blog?
    I’m a very passionate Federer fan myself, but not a fanatic one; that’s why I read comments on other blogs as well because I care for the truth and want to be informed as correctly as possible. After all nothing is written in stone and none of us is owner of the truth, not even of a piece of it.
    Recently I got kicked from Ruan Federer’s blog because my comments to his post “The truth about the AO” were considered condescending towards the owner of the blog. But whatever Ruan or commentators on his blog (like Katyani) may pretend, I didn’t write one single insulting word towards him or any of the commentators, just tried to have a reasonable discussion with him about his post, and it’s true I expressed – with a slightly cynical question – my disagreement with his view (which with hindsight happened to be incorrect).
    Apparently it was too much for him, because he became very aggressive towards me.
    Pablo’s comments have often a tendency to be a bit provocative, but why do you people have to take that personally ? Let him have his view, and don’t ban him for it. I don’t see Pablo calling you names or insulting you, only expressing his opinion about the matters that are discussed here.
    To me the value of the blog increases when you allow people to have different views.

    1. Yes I agree with you some guys who run blogs seem very precious and take an overly authoritarian stance on comments. However in this case I think this PABLO PICK-ASSHOLE fellow seems an intentional troll who thrives on attention though. The guy obviously needs people paying attention to him to validate himself and his I presume boring and unsatisfying existence. I doubt he even is a Nadal fan.

      1. Thanks for the comment, Troy. Coincidence, my (step) children have the same family name as you do.

    2. I very rarely remove comments Wilfried but here I had no real choice. In my view they were negatively effecting the blog as they added no value and were completely derailing discussions. If they went ignored I’d keep them but people inevitably respond and then we enter a pointless debate about who is the better player and go over various records when Nadal is playing in a completely different tournament. Just a pointless exercise. Like Troy said they were too troll heavy.

      1. I respect your point of view in this, Jonathan, and I understand that you have to interfere when comments start effecting your blog in a negative way.

    3. Hey Wilfried, please explain what you mean with this:

      “But whatever Ruan or commentators on his blog (like Katyani) may pretend”

      I don’t know if you are making a point or if it is an insult I am not getting. Please explain before I misunderstand it.

      Wilfried, graag je reactie. Ik weet niet wat ik van zo’n opmerking moet maken. Ben je boos op mij? Heb ik wat gedaan? Als dat zo is, geef me dan een kans het uit te leggen. Want eerlijk gezegd ben ik niet blij met het feit dat je mij noemt. Ik weet namelijk niet waarom…. Ik ben niet boos of zo, ik begrijp het gewoon niet.

      1. It’s not really the place here to discuss this, as it concerns a comment you made on Ruan’s blog which clearly hurt me. It was the last time I ever read Ruans Federerblog, some three weeks ago.
        If my reply doesn’t satisfy you, you’re free to ask my email at Jonathan and discuss per email.

      2. Hey Wilfried. I am sorry if I made a comment that hurt you. Hope you know that I don’t mean for that to happen. But can we discuss this, because you did mention my name on this blog. You also mention a comment I made on “the truth about the AO”. I looked it up and I made just one comment, but it was not even to you. I commented after a while and asked Ru-an how he was doing. That was the only comment I made on that article. I did say something about frenemies, but seeing how everybody else behaved, it was a joke (a la Seks in the City). What was it that hurt you?

        I would like to ask Jonathan for your email, so I can give my email and explain.
        Last year I also did not like a comment that was made to me, so I do understand how that hurts. Would love to know what comment you are talking about….

        Jonathan, can I have Wilfried’s emailadres?

  41. Nadal will lose early this tournament whether to Dolgopolov or Monfils. He’s not playing well. Even a legend like that has to have a lull in form as 2013 was too good to believe. Fed seems back to his 2013 ways. Just a tad stronger mentally and with a better backhand. That’s not saying much though. His ATP 500 was a flash in the pan. The equivalent of Del Bonis winning his first title and was greeted with almost the same fanfare. So this tournament looks to be fought out between Murray, Nole, Stan, and Berdych. Murray looks strongest but I have a feeling the reign of the so-called “Top 4” in ATP 1000 Masters will loosen this year. So maybe Birdshit, Stan or some unknown chump.

    1. Murray was a set and a breakdown, and his form coming in relatively patchy. Not sure he looks the strongest. But agree more open this yr

      1. Problem is, he doesn’t play in these rounds and against players like Stepanek, with the same intensity and a game plan well executed, like he plays against Roger.

        If only Roger can find a way to neutralize those stupid high balls to his BH which never seem to stop coming all match!!! If he can start beating Dull from here on till retirement, I don’t mind if he doesn’t win another slam 🙂

      2. I wonder, can’t they build a ball machine that throws a Nadal-like shot to Fed backhand so he can train it into ineffectiveness?

  42. It’s not my blog but I appreciate bring part of it and enjoy the views cast. What I see as pointless is the ridiculous banality of resorting to sweating and rude insults to get a point across! Not exactly cool people!

  43. Oops Swearing, not sweating, haha! Although maybe under the circumstances, sweating is the better choice!!

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