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Indian Wells Draw 2013 – Quick Thoughts

The draw for Indian Wells is out with Roger on a collision course to meet his long time nemesis Rafael Nadal in the Quarter Final. I knew as soon as Nadal confirmed his place in the draw this tie would happen so I was hardly surprised.

On paper it looks like a pretty tough draw for Federer especially after his recent losses in Dubai and Rotterdam. Of course it can all change so let's take a look:

Federer's Projected Opponents

  • Round 1 – Bye
  • Round 2 – Denis Istomin / Qualifier
  • Round 3 – Julien Benneteau
  • Round 4 – John Isner / Stan Wawrinka
  • Quarter Final – Rafael Nadal
  • Semi Final – Ferrer / Berdych
  • Final – Djokovic / Murray

What can you say about that other than it's tough at the top? And how often do you see Federer potentially play Nadal when the match isn't either a Semi Final or the Final itself.

Not a match I'm really looking forward to on recent form, especially with Rafa looking back to his old self by destroying Ferrer 6-0 6-2 in the Acapulco final last weekend. An expected result of course but he does look to be finding form, and that usually coincides with Roger playing in Clown Mode.

First up for Fed is Denis Istomin or a Qualifier, I'd assume it will be Istomin as he's quite a good hard court player and can hit quite a heavy ball. Roger will take care of him though I think and then it's a potential rematch against his Rotterdam conqueror Julien Benneteau.

I'd expect Roger to beat Benneateau on an outdoor court without too much hassle. The Rotterdam result could be in the back of his mind but it was just one of those days. Fed is by far the better player so should win it comfortably.

Benneteau isn't a guaranteed opponent though we'll just have to wait and see.

The fourth round sees a potential repeat of last years final with Federer facing John Isner.

Isner is in terrible form so could lose early, he may have some added motivation considering he played well here last year beating Djokovic but I can see Wawrinka being Federer's 4th round opponent.

Wawrinka had a good Australian Open and made the final in Buenos Aires 2 weeks ago so he's potentially dangerous. He had a huge chance to beat Roger in Shanghai last year but choked it up as usual so depends on his mentality whether he causes problems.

If Roger makes it to the Quarters we have the most hotly anticipated tie of the tournament, yeah, Fedal. Gotta say I'm not overly confident for this one should it happen and I have a sneaky feeling Fed could lose it. Nadal is still untested since his comeback as he's only played in some mickey mouse clay events but he does look like he's coming back to form.

If Fed gets through Nadal, then it doesn't get any easier with Berdych or Ferrer waiting in the semi final before a final with either Djokovic or Murray to decide the title. Part of me wants to see him get revenge on Berdych, the other thinks it might be too fresh in the memory for him to really give Berdshit a kick in the nuts, so yeah, interesting.

Elsewhere in the Draw


  • Rd 1 – Bye
  • Rd 2 – Fognini
  • Rd 3 – Dimitrov
  • Rd 4 – Monaco / Querrey
  • QF – Tsonga / Raonic
  • SF- Murray / Del Potro
  • Final – Federer / Nadal


  • Rd 1 – Bye
  • Rd 2 – Tatsuma
  • Rd 3 – Klizan
  • Rd 4 – Nishikori
  • QF – Del Potro
  • SF – Djokovic
  • Final – Federer / Nadal


  • Rd 1 – Bye
  • Rd 2 – Harrison
  • Rd 3 – Youzhny
  • Rd 4 – Seppi / Tipsarevic
  • QF – Federer
  • SF – Ferrer / Berdych
  • Final – Djokovic / Murray

Full Draw Available Here.


  • Kevin Anderson to beat David Ferrer
  • Bellucci to beat Tomic
  • Someone outside of the Top 5 to make the Semi Finals (ties in with prediction 1) but I reckon it will be a big surprise.
  • Baghdatis to make the 4th Round

What to Expect from Federer?

Federer Indian Wells 2012

Well after the disappointment of the Berdych loss I don't really have too many expectations for Federer here. I'm going in with the mindset of lets just see what happens. It's not out of the question he will play unbelievably well but it's also possible he could play a poor match and lose before the semi's or the final.

It's pretty likely he will meet Nadal and like I said that match is a coin flip in my mind right now. Much depends on how they play in their lead up matches on who I pick on the day but currently I edge slightly with Nadal which I know will annoy some of you but just my instinct right now.

The good news is that the majority of matches are still on Federer's racket, so he has his destiny in his own hands when it boils down to it. It's up to him what happens; so if he can play top tennis and remain mentally solid when push comes to shove then he could even win the tournament and successfully defend his title.

Obviously the court isn't the quickest so requires a different approach to Dubai which maybe works in his favour seen as though it's a completely different surface / speed. Playing well in Indian Wells usually means great point construction and playing a measured aggressive game which Roger did brilliantly last year.

Anyway, like I said, I'm not going to get downbeat on the outcome of this tournament, it's not a make or break tournament for anyone especially not Federer so I'm just going to enjoy watching him play.

I should also point out that if Murray makes the final and Roger loses before the semi finals then Murray moves up to number 2 in the world. Not quite the end of the world but it'd be nice for Federer to hang onto it.

I guess that's part of the beauty of being a Federer fan, we usually expect him to win, then when there's a tough loss you're not quite sure what happens next but there is always that thought in the back of your mind that he can flick a switch and play tennis from another planet when it matters most. That could well happen in Indian Wells, guess we'll find out. Allez les suisse!

Over to you guys, what are your thoughts on Roger's chances? Any potential upsets you have spotted in the main draw?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Hey, John. Still reading your article. Just a typo in 1st sentence: unfortunately Roger can meet Nadal in the quarterfinals, not semis.

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    If Roger can focus himself and doesn’t start thinking in his recent losses or of the Nadal brick wall, I see him making the final. Nevertheless, I pick Novak as the clear favorite for the title. I’m just hoping for a good week of tennis from Federer so that he can go to is resting/practice period with confidence. Of couse beating Nadal in the process would help…


    1. Hey Vasco,

      Hope you’re right man. Very different surface to Rotterdam and Dubai so maybe a fresh start.

      Djoker the man to beat though like you say. Pressure off him this year.


  3. Olรก Jonatha!

    I think Federer will get past Benneteau and Nadal with no problems (seriously), I have to confess that my main concern is the match-up against Berdych and his arrogance, but Ferrer have to agree with this.
    Djokovic is already in the final and Murray can be stopped by Delpo.
    Ahhh, Cilic can be a good surprise and meet Djoko in the QFs.

    “10000 NOS” Bellucci will not beat Tomic (as brazilian I should rooting for him, but he is just “unrootable”)

    Vamos, Roger!!

    1. Hey!

      I think Nadal will be tricky, but like your confidence ๐Ÿ™‚ hope Fed takes the same approach should they meet.

      Yeah Berdych is his nemesis now. Hopefully he can put it behind him, I mean he outplayed him in Dubai for a lot of the match, just let him back into it and cost him big time.


    2. @Ana Paula S: No one is ‘already in the final’ – anything can and does happen at these events! As for Murray being able to be ‘stopped by Del Potro’ – this is no mean feat for Delpo and certainly not a foregone conclusion. You talk as though you are writing Murray-out in a simplistic way to keep alive the prospect of Fed being in the final because Murray has a better H2H against Federer at the moment.
      Given Roger’s draw I would say it’s a little shaky whether in fact he even reaches the semis frankly – and Murray is improving all the time. I don’t think Delpo (much as I like him) will stop Murray in the quarters either. The only person who could stop Murray in his tracks here is probably Djokovic in the semis….

  4. Ah Indian Wells! Great Outfits, Sweet Victories, Cool Trophy, and 4 epic and record wins! Something about this tourney that I like: one of my top 2 non-slam favorites! I should quote Djokovic “there is tennis fever in the desert”.
    Like I said, I really enjoy this tournament. Maybe it’s because it is so well put together or that the center court hold more people than Wimbledon or Roland Garros’ center courts ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyways, being an American, it’s a great feeling to know that Roger is in the U.S.
    I believe this is a big moment not only in the rankings but also in general. Let’s face it: Roger is in a big slump and needs momentum soon. If Roger can beat Rafa, it’ll make his confidence go sky high (last 2 times he beat Rafa, he went on to win the title in supreme form). I am expecting SF tbh…. I hope someone(please, anyone but Murray)knock Djoker off his throne… I hope Roger can show a good performance before his hiatus. Hopefully Roger has a shot at the French and Rafa gets in Djokers Quarter, ending his SF streak and preserving more tennis history. Gotta admit, this is like a Fed 2009 for Novak. Djoker knows his time for the French is now or never and he’ll take advantage: only Fedal can stop him ! Vamos Rafa AND ROGER! (More for the 2nd one :))

    Sorry, I don’t like Djoker. Unlike Roger and Rafa, Novak is too darn cocky and tennis isn’t where it is because of him, but because of FEDAL!

    1. Hey Chris,

      Yeah man his outfit is top notch for this event!

      It’s a cool tournament, like you said, huge venue. Only gotta look at the pic above to see that it will be a spectacle if there’s a full house.

      Important tournament but not make or break I don’t think yet. Still too early in the season. Hoping Fed can do some damage though.


  5. Based on his current form, it a tricky draw – 2 bogeymen talk about tough luck. I hope to see him reaching at least the semis or better.

    1. Hey Dippy,

      Yeah tricky. I got it wrong though, Gulbis isn’t in there.

      I think he can get past Benneteau without too much hassle though.


  6. Hopefully his recent losses will really motivate him to play well here. I think they will. I will be at this tournament for rounds 2 & 3 and am hoping to get to watch the Benneteau match from courtside, but we’ll see if I can get tickets once the schedule is out. Looking forward to watching him practice too. Can’t wait to get there! I also think he has a really good chance against Nadal. They will both obviously be really wanting to win that match (if they both get there). Should be a very interesting tournament!

    1. majorfedfan, do you know when the schedule comes out, i am going next week too but want to get tickets when i know he is playing…thanks!

  7. I too have my hopes low for the Roger-Nadal match. The only advantage I see for Roger would be that Nadal hasn’t played on hard courts recently. But then again, his playing style (deep from the baseline) ensures he will make it look like a clay court.

    I feel like I don’t want to follow this tournament. The draw is so stacked against Roger.

    1. Bindian Bells is pretty slow too, but not the worst. Better than Slowami.

      If he plays like he did against Nadal last year then he’d win. But not easy to get to that level…

      1. Horrible draw. We don’t know if Roger can bounce back this week and win the title again. If he continues the same form from the past two tournaments, I would say no. Anyone here play the ATP Draw Challenge game? I don’t take it too seriously, but my main predicts are Fed for the title win, Djokovic to lose to Raonic, Del Potro to reach the final, Kohlschreiber to beat Ferrer, Wawrinka to beat Isner and Haas to beat Almagro. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. @Wendy & @Sid me too but we can be proven wrong!

        @Conal – Nah I don’t play it, is there a prize at the end of it? I might give it a go. I started doing it about 3 years ago but I kept missing the cut off points for tournaments.

        I guess seen as though Isner beat Djoker on this court then Raonic maybe has a chance. But Djoker is looking in way better form than 2012…

      3. Hi All,
        Have a good feeling that Roger will walk this one and along the way beat Benneteau with ease should they meet and put Nadal and Berdych in their place, should they also meet. I have a feeling that when he gets to the final, Djoker won’t be there to meet him. I too, particularly despise Berdshit, not because of his beating Roger – far from it – but his extremely annoying arrogance and the fact he can’t raise his game against Djokovic and gets beaten easily- and then makes whiny excuses for his losses. These sort of players are a waste of space.

      4. Hey Paul,

        Hope you’re right man.

        I think he will beat Benneteau but to win the whole thing will be tricky.

        Istomin tonight, hope he starts in good form. Allez!

  8. Hi John…,
    Nadal could be potential QF opponent…, Draw is pretty tough.., if roger plays well roger will progess far & can beat any one.., No.2 Ranking is Danger unless Roger makes semi if am correct…, hope Roge does well..,

    1. Hey mate,

      Yeah if Murray makes the final and Fed falls before the semi final then he loses the number 2 ranking. Bit annoying but expected seen as though he has defended 0 so far this year.


  9. Hi everybody. I really donโ€™t care what draw Fed gets. Letโ€™s face it guys, itโ€™s always pretty much on Fedโ€™s racquet and in his head. After watching the Berdshit match and other tough matches that Fed has had match points in, Iโ€™m still convinced that Fed has the ability to win every match he goes in to. Itโ€™s a question of his condition that day as to if he concientrates, and also his pace of play. We all know that between points he takes very little time. I think that that hurts him at times. He is a streak, or momentum player, and goes in and out of the โ€œzoneโ€ at different times in almost every match. If he is playing a particulary tough opponant, that kind of rushing between points can hurt him if he makes a few mistakes on a service game. Itโ€™s the the quick give away of service breaks at times that hurt him against good servers like Delpo, Berdshit, Nadal, Djokovich, Tsonga, etc. In my lowly opinion, he needs to slow himself down between points, take a few moments to collect his thoughts, calm down, and then concientrate on a target or strategy. Fed is a very emotional guy who for the most part has been able to hold it in, but it has sometimes affected his play, and emotions and nerves for him equals loose unforced errors at critical times in a match. I think working with a guy like Dr. allen Stone, would be huge for him. Think about it, if Fed has the concientration of Nadal, would he have lost any or all of the matches that he had multiple match points in? Fed in my opinion is the most talented player to ever pick up a racquet, but we really canโ€™t say that about his concientration in tough moments. Itโ€™s something that takes an outside person to discuss with him, he canโ€™t see it himself because of his genius. He feels like he can spontaniously come up with anything he needs to. Most of the time he is right, he can. But not always, and not sometimes when you have match points on your serve, and canโ€™t close it out. What do you think guys, did I nail it or not? He can win Indian wells, and more slams with great concientration!

    1. Hey Tim,

      Great comment man, definitely the mental aspect that can sometimes let him down. Can slip in concentration. Maybe slowing down his play isn’t a bad idea, but he does like to keep rhythm so prob why he plays pretty quick. Although when he had MP against Nadal at IW after the rain delay and composed himself and fired down an ace that kinda worked.

      Roger 3.0 was totally clutch so we know he’s capable.

      Who is Dr Allen Stone though? Not familiar with him…

      1. Hey Jonathan, he was a top college player, and top amatuer player who became a pro in the 60’s. He is now the most respected tennis pyschologist and features articles in all the tennis mags, and works with some of the pros. He was also on tennis channel. He is worth reading, has good advice and insites on tennis performance. I firmly believe that Fed still has what it takes to get back to number 1 again if he improves his conscientration. Who is better than him when he is on his game and attacking? If not for letting Rafa, and joker off the hook with getting his service broken, how would they beat him? Sure if he is off his game and making a lot of unforced errors, but my theory is that the errors are not physical. They are due to a lack of conscientration, and rushing too much. He is the ultimate attacking machine, and the hardware is still just fine. Just needs to strengthen his software! No reason we can’t have a Fed 4.0 All the way at Indian Wells!

      2. Ah cool, I will check him out.

        Fed is physically still top notch, it is of course a mental / concentration thing.

        Fed 4.0. Allez!

  10. I feel nadals real test first will come vs tipsy. might be a surprise thr. though nobody will know when tipsy wanna retire from the match ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. I’m off to IW on Friday. The last two years Fed has played on Sunday (2nd round) and Tues (3rd). Last year he played both night matches. The year before, Sat day session and Tues evening session. I buy tickets for Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues both day and evening sessions.
    I don’t expect Fed to win but just love watching him play live.
    Question….how can they rig the draw?

    1. Hey Sue,

      Yeah I think he will play Sunday again. Istomin and Pospisil are playing Friday so would make sense I think.

      Hope you get to see him.

      Who knows, they use computers to “randomly” draw things. It’s like anything, if you want it fixing, it can be fixed. Not saying it is, but knowing how the world works then it’s unlikely….


  12. Ooo tough draw, but can’t be surprised as that’s what pretty much happens to Roger these days. He doesn’t get Murray so he just gets everyone else. Logic.

    Well most of Fedfans don’t have their expectations too high and are probably hoping he at least beats Nadal and makes the semis (although I don’t want Roger losing to Berdych again potentially, that would be a third consecutive time he will have lost to him!).

    The way I see it is this is the last tournament Roger has before he takes his break, which means he can go all out for it and play a bit more free. However, there’s probably a bit more pressure seeing as he didn’t defend the other two and it all comes down to this.

    Really, all I want from Roger in this tournament is to play his best in the crucial moments and maybe see some extra desire that Dubai and Rotterdam for somewhat missing. For some weird reason, I have a feeling that Nadal is beating him here, I don’t know why I just do so hopefully Nadal gets taken out earlier or Roger proves me wrong, the latter will be more satisfying but either works.

    As you say, a bit unsure of what to expect but I don’t think he is defending IW, I predict Djokovic winning and then also repeating in Miami. This will be an interesting two weeks, since I’m not concerned about Federer in this tourney, it will enable me to enjoy some of the other matches a bit more since I have some time of work now too.

    Allez Roger, hope the Berdych match woke him up! Happy Indian Wells everyone!

    1. Hey Alysha,

      Agreed, I’m not hanging all my hopes on this one. Not my favourite tournament anyway but usually still pretty fun.

      I think he could lose to Nadal although most of my other predictions have fallen by the wayside too so hopefully that one does too ๐Ÿ˜›


  13. Hey Jonathan, look at my comment in the last blog and see what you think. It’s the last one on there now, and I couldn’t copy and paste it here. Tim

  14. Some interesting trivia for you guys. Dimitrov has a winning 2-0 record against Berdshit. He was junior wimbledon champ and ranked no 1. in the world in juniors. Peter Lungren Feds old coach says that he was more talented than fed at 17. Don’t know if I believe that or not but wikipedia has some interesting stuff on Dimitrov. He’s beaten a lot of good players. I’d like to see him follow in Fed’s footsteps in a few years.

    1. Didn’t know that. Remember he beat him Rotterdam a while ago which was a shock. Berdych used to struggle with Fed though too…

      He’s still an unknown quantity though.

  15. Hey guys just found this:

    Looks like Roger is putting some orange into his Wimbledon outfit this year and is apparently going Black/White/Green for the French Open. I know it’s early but what else will we discuss when he’s gone on his two month break lol. Roger is really digging orange this year might I add, I really love the Indian Wells outfit so hopefully he stays long enough to show it off ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Really have no idea what to predict, expect… Obviously I hope he’ll take the trophy. But I have lowered my expectations after the last two tournaments, because I had the idea that’d be best for now. I think he needs time in his ‘transition year’ and I’m more than happy to give it to him. If he plays IW hopefully with not too much pressure, freely, than I am fine with that. We have been so spoilt last year (and before so often too)…
    The one thing I hope is that he’s not ending up with Berdy… But if he does, I hope he has done the “soulsearching” (as to why this man gets in his head) and crushes him… Did that sound resentful? I suppose so… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyway. For now, those are my thoughts…

    1. I hope so too.

      Not sure on Berdych record in IW so he might not make it. Would love to see Fed take him out though if they meet. Although will be tough!

  17. Tough draw but aren’t they all? Not sure about yr predictions J, as Tomic has just walloped Bellucci. I am still keeping the faith and take Fed to at least get to SF’s. Nadal cld be beaten earlier than the Quarters anyway and not sure his knee will hold up. Get the feeling if he has any kind of tweak that he will go easy, so as not to jeopardise the FO.
    Potential surprises. Gulbis to make QF. Isner to lose early. Ferrer to beat Berdych! And Dimitrov to take Novak to 3 sets. Oh, and Murray to fall before SF. Fed to hold on to No 2, and to announce he is playing Miami!!! Go Roger, now is the time to turn yr season around!

    1. Hey Susie,

      Haha I know and Anderson is currently a break down against Hanescu. Didn’t watch Tomug vs Bellucci but I thought Bellucci would be quite good on these courts. Maybe he does better in Miami.

      I have a feeling Gulbis is tired now but he’s dangerous.


      1. Ok J, the predictions not working so far as Marcos beaten by Brands who has run into some good form so far. And Gulbis riding his confidence with comprehensive win over Lopez, also trying to find form of late. Still picking Gulbis for th QF.

        Says a lot about the current generation when Rosol cannot even beat Hewitt these days!!!

      2. Yeah, hope you didn’t put your mortgage on any of those ๐Ÿ˜‰

        My last chance saloon is Anderchoke to beat Ferrer.


  18. My predictions:

    1. Wawrinka to beat Isner
    2. Gulbis to beat Tipsarevic
    3. Brands to reach fourth round
    4. Monaco, Cilic and Almagro will lose before round 4
    5. Top 4 seeds to reach semi finals

      1. Isner has a bad bruise on his bone on his leg. Its all that height weight on his legs. Hes about 8foot tall and thats just his legs!lol. Him and Ivo k are soo tall i dont know how they play. But both have advantage of good serve cos the tennis ball coming down from space like a meteor!

  19. Hi Jonathan.. I liked your thoughts on this draw, and i think u know what i think about it all.
    Albeit as long Federer improves from his last two tournys then ill be happy win or lose, preferably win. But how many times has he bounced back from tough losses and came out on top. ๐Ÿ™‚ . I think Fed has his work cut out, but if he can go deep in the tourny that will mean he will have beaten good players and give him the confidence and mental sharpness that was missing. Me personally think he is thinking about his holiday too much. Well i hope its that and not something serious!?! I hope Fed adopts, adapts and adjusts to retaining his title. All the Way Fed. GOAT The King is back!!

  20. Conal,
    I really like your predictions! I just watched last year’s final and Roger was fabulous. Here’s to hoping he is just like that this week. I want him to have his last years as successful. I like Raonic when not playing Roger so here”s to that loss for Djoker. Berdych must go home before his first match. He is so sickening. Those of you attending I trust you will get to see Roger play and cheer him on to win big!!!!

  21. I also think Tomic will come thru to face Novak, and Gulbis cld get thru to meet Nadal. Delpo has easiest draw before meeting Murray and will be more match fit than him…..

    1. Susie: True that Delpo may be more match-fit than Murray – but Murray is playing the doubles with his brother along the way, which will help. Why does everyone on here seem to think that Delpo’s beating Murray is a foregone conclusion??

    2. But Del Potro’s fitness is a joke so I pick Murray every time in that match up. 3 sets give Del Po more of a chance but if it goes 3 then he usually loses a step.

  22. I am stunned by the desperation of Fed. fans. When Fed gets even one talented/strong player in his quarter the screams of unfairness jam the air waves. The Fed is 32 in August – time he stopped wanting to win everything on the planet. If he loves tennis as is reported, let him continue to play in as many tourneys as he wants, but for goodness sake, let the hysteria stop.

    Am not a fan of Berdych, but surely he has as much right to aim high as does Fed. Berdych isn’t the only one to put Federer to the sword, there’s Djokovic, Murray and Nadal —- Fed. can’t keep trying to avoid playing at least one or two of these guys. If Fed wants to win all the time, and his fans are adamant that he should/or believe he is entitled to because of his past successes, then it is time for all concerned to get a reality check – the Fed has peaked already….it will never be the same for him again – his fans need to prepare to let him go.

    1. Not sure what point you’re trying to make?

      Many of the fans here know Federer is in the twilight of his career, and we’re not suggesting he should get easy draws to win titles. Just many of the draws don’t have the “random” look about them that they’re supposed to.

      1. I agree that fed has to play one (more likely two) of the good guys as you said. But his entire draw is tough (considering that berdych beats ferrer). he is playing some very good players from the get go, like stan or beneteau, and of course nadal in the quarters.

        And I totally agree with you Jonathan, this one definitely doesn’t seem random… Not saying anything about others, but this one…

    2. Desperation of Fed fan? I became a Fed fan when he was at the lowest point of his career, that night at SW19. We are not the glory hunters from Serbia who clog the world wide web with their obnoxious and condescending comments. Nor are we like Nadal fans, who have been assigned the primary function by evolution, that is to bring down Roger Federer in the most vile of ways.

      The point here wasn’t has Roger shouldn’t get tough opponents in his draw. Look at it, Benetteau, Isner, Nadal and Berdych. All have recent good records against Federer. It’s almost as if they were handpicked. And as Jonathan pointed out earlier, the moment they heard Nadal will play IW, a Roger-Nadal match up became a no brainer, when in reality, the reigning champion and World No. 2 is usually assured protection until the semi finals. I am not making it up. Those are the unwritten rules of the draw. That will not be the case at IW.

      Federer peaked already you say? He peaked back in 2004-2007. Then again in 2009-10. He did it yet again in 2012. If you are so annoyed by his “peakness”, then go away till he retires. You can return to enjoy the baseline bashers.

  23. Here! Here! I totally agree with Jonathan and Simon. Its not just one Fed fan thats saying something in the draw is not random, but all. When u compare the draws then there r definate inconsistencies with relation to Murrays, Djokovic and Nadal. No one regarding the draw can actually explain properly how they are doing it. Just like the recent Austrailan Open draw, very very dodgy indeed! ๐Ÿ™

  24. As a Fed fan, prediction is that Federer wins Indian Wells, retains his #2 ranking, goes on to win the French Open and Wimbledon and reaches Finals of US Open.

    1. I’d swear that if that happens I’m gonna go streaking across town screaming that roger is the best… It’d be reallllllyyyy nice, but I don’t consider it remotely plausible. Roger had trouble winning french during his prime, I don’t think he can do it now… unfortunately ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. A nice good win for Fed against D Istomin. Hope now he can build on this for the next rounds. Come on Roger!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

  26. Benetteau and Isner are gone. I might be getting ahead of myself here but Roger now has a clear path to Nadal. Let’s see.

    1. I think people were overreacting on Benneteau, Fed would’ve beat hi soundly on outside slow hard courts, especially in this form. Best match since Raonic in Australia. He’s looking perfect but then again, thought the same thing against Davydenko in Dubai and we all know what happened. He looks much more confident and focused though so my expectations have been raised slightly.

      Yep but Ferrer is gone too meaning Berdych pretty much is a lock for a semis. Gasquet could stop him though I guess but Tomas is in good form. Hmm we’ll have to see, Roger is in sublime form so if he continues playing like that, I can see him repeating his win over Nadal like last year. But after seeing Nadal tonight against Harrison, it’s obvious his movement and confidence isn’t back at all so Roger has the match on his racquet.

      Would be fun to see Hewitt vs. Federer though, wasn’t surprised he took out Isner, he has had a sucky season so far. Also what about Gulbis vs. Nadal, think he has a chance?

      1. If Hewitt faces Federer, I don’t think he really has a chance unless Roger 2.0 turns up again for that match.

  27. Loving the blue shirt! Clearly blue is his colour! Suits him and he seems to play well when wearing it! Btw people say this is a med slow court but don’t forget the dry thinner air factor, ball travels faster! Hence Fed has always preferred this tourney to conditions in say Miami. Fed to play Novak in the final is my prediction although wld like someone to take out Novak?

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