Roger Federer

I Had A Dream

Federer was sadly uncontactable, but his team were able to shed some light on his withdrawal in Paris.

Roger was a man who knew he was a winner
But he knew it couldn't last
Roger left the French Open in Paris
For some Halle-German grass

Get back, get back
Get back to where you once belonged
Get back, get back
Get back to where you once belonged
Get back Roger

Thanks to the Beatles for this.

Seriously, it was a no-brainer for Fed to call it a day at Roland Garros.

However, as one of his most ardent fans, I wondered how Fed is getting along while his two major rivals are still around in Paris.

I tried to reach him, but he was uncontactable.

So I called Mirka and asked her, “How is Roger doing?“

She was her usual forthcoming self and told me cheerfully, “Roger seems a little withdrawn. But I guess he will soon be fine. The grass always lifts his spirits.“

I said, “It sure does…thanks, Mirka,” And I signed off.

Next call. Ivan Ljubicic.

“Hi Ivan, how’s Roger’s practice coming along?”

“Not yet,” he said. “Roger still has some withdrawal symptoms”, and he kept laughing at his own joke while I thanked him and left him to himself.

Next call. Pierre Paganini

“Hi, Pierre. How is Roger’s fitness training coming along?”

“In fits and starts for now”, laughed Pierre.

All Dads, Fed’s team…

Next call. Dominik Koepfer

“Hi Dominik, what do you think of Roger’s decision?”

“Quatsch”, he shouted, and I heard some spitting sounds, “he could have taken the decision after he beat Cilic. That also was a four setter. Why waste three and a half hours of my time, verdammt”, and he slammed the phone.

Last and final call. Srdan Djokovic

“Hi, Srdan. What do you think of Roger Federer’s decision?”

Srdan became quite sullen when he heard the name Federer. He smirked and said, “Highly unfair. The PTPA, I mean the ATP, should not allow people to withdraw until they lose to someone. So how can Roger be allowed to exit on a high??”

His logic defied me. So I didn’t want to take the conversation further when he added.

“He should be disqualified from Wimbledon!”

It was my turn to laugh as I woke up.

Murli Pillai

Fanatic Federer fan. Watch all his matches on TV if shown ( outside working hours ! ), and quite often drive down to Dubai from Muscat to watch him live. Apart from being an IT / Telecom sales professional, am a quiz-master, classic rock & blues fan, movie buff and a veteran tennis-ball cricketer. Love to research on Fed’s on-court & off-court doings – the Fedberg quiz an outcome of that.

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  1. OK, I’m Nobody but here’s what Patrick McEnroe says “‘This is a Major, not a tune-up event,’. That’s exactly , what I think. It can be understood but does not look well.
    It’s quite obvious for everyone, Federer entered Paris only to have some preparation for Wimbledon. It will stink at least in Paris for ever, given this was probably Federer’s last presence there.
    Some years ago (too early but right) Bolletieri told about retiring (of legends) something like this – You retire after the expected last big win, after a no more recoverable injury or … too late.
    It is probably too late now so the retirement in style will not be possible anymore.
    Of course this will not change Fedrer’s great legacy. Even “goats” or “tennis gods” may have some holes in their big personalities. The world will forget but right now … it was simply not necessary.

    1. Roger never said he wants to retire “in style”. He said many times that his retirement will not be announced. He doesn’t want any pompous manifestations on tournaments about it, which is absolutely the way his mentality was and is from the beginning of his career.
      I don’t believe this was Rogers last appearance in Paris as he does not intend to end this year. He didn’t go through rehab for more than a year to just play couple of months.

      1. “In style” does not mean big ceremonies and celebrations. But one day he will need to call it a career and this will need to have some date and form. Hard to imagine, he never says, he has retired. Of course everyone must do this, when the time comes, his own way. And probably not many know before, when and how it goes.
        You wrote “He didn’t go through rehab for more than a year to just play couple of months.” Well, first he would need a rehab even not planning come-back, just to be fit and healthy for daily life. And of course it’s hard to plan the rehab and the eventual come-back, because there are more question than replies.
        He knows, the world wants to have him for eternity and he knows, it’ somehow possible without continuing pro career (exhibitions, coaching, commenting, charity, whatever). Tennis sits deep in him and I guess, he will have something to do with tennis for the rest of his life, whatever it is.
        But this was not my main message. It was about Paris withdrawal. But it is over and we should stop to think about it.

  2. On the road to Halle:
    Mirka: “Oh Hun, when we get to Halle, why don’t you wear that nice Uniqlo red shirt again…the one you played on Roland Garros with…Y’know, for good luck”.
    Roger: “What good luck? I withdrew from the French wearing that stupid tomato coloured shirt…remember? Or have you necked another of my giant Moët bottles again and blanked it all out?”
    Miria: “Umm, well, we’ll always have Paris (urp). I remember that! (I think)?
    Roger: (sniffs) “Well, I’ve had enough of Paris and its dusty old clay. Or as the locals call it, ‘Rafa’s dandruff'”.
    Mirka: (dreamily to herself) “Oh, but you gotta love those sleeveless tops though…(sigh)”.
    Roger: “Huh, what? (Ahem) besides, I’ll have a new kit by then anyway. Christophe Lemaire has designed me a rocking banana-tinted new shirt, with monochromatic squashed mushroom accents on the sleeves and pink cellophane holes in the armpits. I can’t wait to wear it!”
    Mirka: “Wow! Stan will be sooo jealous”.
    Roger: “Yes. Poor guy. He’s still lumped with those bland Yonnex designs. Says the tops make him super itchy too”.
    Mirka: “Hmmm, interesting. I’ll make a mental note to heckle him again-when he starts manically scratching in them during one of your matches together. Anyway, your new On shoes, are you wearing those?”
    Roger: “Of coarse. I even wear them to bed-if you hadn’t noticed”.
    Mirka: (screws up face but doesn’t answer) “Don’t forget your signature Pro Staff 97’s too”
    Roger: “They’re already in my shiny Wilson Racquet bag”.
    Mirka: “What about your RF caps?”
    Roger: I gave them all to Andre, Y’know, as a goodwill gesture to cover up his bald head. Apparently it gets cold. You know how I love to give to charity. However, Steffi glared at me. I’m not sure why? Things got really uncomfortable after that”.
    Mirka: “Do you want me to pack your Lindor Truffles?”
    Roger: “No, they give me the squits. Remember what happened on the Skytrain in Shanghai?”
    Mirka: “Oh, that! Yes I do unfortunately (ahem), well, how bout your Barilla pasta sauce?”
    Roger: “No, I fed it to the twins. Although, I forgot to check the use-by-date. Now there’s kiddy yak all over my new Rimowa suitcase dammit”.
    Mirka: “What about your Rolex, do you want me to pack it also?”
    Roger: “No, I don’t want to be reminded of ‘the time’…especially of my time in Paris. That empty night match really put me off the joint”.
    …to be continued.

  3. Oh, I was so glad to see some good hearty humor again. I miss it, and Murli gave it. Thank you again, Murli for showing up when we most needed ❤️

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