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How Will Andy Roddick Be Remembered?

Now ordinarily I rarely post about other players on the tour other than Roger but seen as though Andy Roddick has played his last match at professional level and his career was intertwined closely with Roger I thought I'd post on how I will remember him.

Before that I'd just like to say that I think the timing of his retirement was pretty spot on. He wasn't going to improve any more and he'd done a great job of carrying American tennis on his shoulders for the last 10 years. Perhaps he didn't achieve as high as some people thought he would but one things for certain and that's the fact he carved out a great career and played some great tennis/matches right up until the very end. I think he can retire pretty content, would he have liked to have won more slams? Hell yeah, especially Wimbledon, but nobody can deny he tried his hardest to do so and was unfortunate to fall short.

Anayway let's take a look a look at what I think makes Roddick, Roddick.

For His Hilarious Press Conferences

To make a confession I was always more a fan of Roddick's personality rather than his tennis game and this presser pretty much sums up why. It's too funny from start to finish and the way he just shuts down questions with his quick wit is just class. And the way he does it, means he gets away with it rather than looking like a complete jerk a la Tomic.

For that Volley in the 2009 Wimbledon 2nd Set Tie Break

Video removed πŸ™

I guess this one caused Roddick many sleepless nights, it was probably one of the biggest misses of his career. Had he have made it he'd have gone up 2 sets against Roger in the 2009 Wimbledon final. To be fair it's not a difficult shot but his technique left him, his arm stiffened up and he hit it a mile wide before losing the set and eventually losing the match 16-14 in the fifth. Ouch!

For Executing the Perfect Gameplan vs. Murray at Wimbledon

Video removed πŸ™

This is by far my favourite non Federer/Roddick match ever. The way he executed the perfect game plan in this match was just epic and I remember watching this Larry Stefanki interview before the match and realising he was confident Roddick was going to pull off the win which most pundits didn't think would happen.

For Getting a Penalty Point on Break Point

Probably the worst side of Roddick but he still made it entertaining. And on break point? Just LOL.

I Think You Should Retire

What can you say about this other than just laugh? I think… should retire. End of press conference. πŸ˜€

For Tactical Racket Abuse

If you're going to destroy a racket then you may as well ask if you've already been giving a warning before finishing the job off properly.

For Serving Bombs at Will

Even right up until the end of his career Roddick could be deadly on serve and easily rattle off games in no time at all. His serve was one of the best of all time and got him out of more tight spots than you can ever imagine.

For Still Coming up with the Goods Late in his Career

Video removed πŸ™

By winning Memphis it meant Roddick had won at least 1 title every year for the last 12 years. That's an impressive stat by anyones standards and what a way to seal the deal on this one with a full stretch diving passing shot. Crazy.

For Winning the US Open 2003

Roddick US Open 2003

This was an early achievement from Roddick and unfortunately for him he couldn't win another but this still goes down as his biggest and best achievement in his illustrious career and certainly one that nobody can take away from him.

What's your favourite Roddick moment? Let me know in the comments below.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. you know this generation is very trophy obsessed, very much about how many records, how many wins you have and sure that is important but here is a guy who has entertained people with his play and personality for years. his legacy is that he entertained people with his play and they loved him. if a sportsman can do that i think this is the greatest achievement in sports.

    my favourite andy roddick moment, ‘centre court crowd including roger cheering him on after he lost the final in 2009’ … a beautiful moment in sports where there is joy on one side and just utter despair on the other.

    1. Hey Waleed,

      Yep Roddick was definitely an entertainer but he didn’t do bad with the trophies either!

      That was a nice moment too that you recall at Wimbledon, I think a lot of people felt bad for Roddick, it was his last chance and the one match that defined his career.

  2. the presser in 07 after the fed match was the best… gonna miss that smart ass! I’m sort of happy he won his last match against Roger, He deserved at least that, beating the man that “tarnished” his career pretty bad… will miss you Andy!

    1. Haha. Fed gave Andy a lot of respect.

      I think it was tough for Roger to do that as well, because he kept beating him so convincingly so it was hard to sound genuine in interviews after! Fine line between sounding partonising/fake and he did a good job.

  3. Since I started watching tennis (2003), he had always been the most powerful server. He was also one of the players that I support.
    How he fought against Del Potro, how he ran around crazily to get a break, will always be remembered.
    We are the privileged generation to witness Roddick, Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and so many extraordinary players. Once they retire (especially Federer), I don’t think that I will watch tennis eagerly.
    Sad to see Roddick retire, but we must be happy because we witnessed so many legendary players. I will tell my grandchildren that I watched them live like my mom told me that she watched Agassi, Becker, McEnroe, Sampras.

    1. Yeah Roddick was a likeable guy that’s for sure. I couldn’t get into his game that much as he was all about the serve but is off court antics, and the camera panning onto DDecker was always worth waiting for!

  4. Being from the USA it will be so hard to watch the Memphis tournament without him. It was only 3 hrs. away.i hope he will be accepted in the Hall of Fame but I heard someone say he is not eligible because he needed another slam.

  5. Being in the top 10 for nine straight years is just amazing. Winning 32 titles is great (9 Masters too I believe). But most importantly of all, Roddick would have had 6-7 Slams if not for Federer. Wimbledon 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2009, as well as the US Open in 2006 (maybe 2007), and the Australian Open in 2007.

  6. Thanks for this tribute to a great personality. He was able to laugh about himself, and he kept a perspective on the big picture, being aware of the priviledged life he leads even in the most bitter moments of defeat. And he was very respectful to RF and gave him lots of praise

    1. Cheers Chris. Yeah Roddick was a cool dude, could get pretty bad with the umpires but mainly because he was a good competitor. Won a lot of matches that way that he had no right to win otherwise.

  7. Loved Roddick and will really miss him as he is one of Fed’s generation- my favourite group of players πŸ™‚ I have many fond memories of Roddick but the one that stands out is the moment in the Hit for Haiti charity match before the AO in 2010 when he got called for a foot fault and referenced the Serena incident with Serena sitting right there. I don’t know if anyone else would have gotten away with making that joke!

    1. Yeah, he said “Look Serena’s over there!”. It was a hilarious moment.
      Also, in a charity match Djoker and Andy started playing football. The chair umpire said ” Don’t give it to the American” but when the ball was coming to him, he dropped the racket, caught the ball and threw it like a baseballer. It was a hilarious moment, too πŸ™‚

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