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How Much is Roger Federer Worth?

A few days ago I posted about Roger's split with the IMG and whether or not he'll participate in an IMG event again after he missed both Abu Dhabi and Miami from his 2013 schedule.

I also said that surely IMG would want to keep Roger on their books because he's still a huge money making machine both in tennis and the entire sporting world. But what is Roger Federer's net worth? I know he's won an awful lot in prize money over the years but I've never really paid much attention to the rich lists or his off court dealings so I thought I'd take a look.

I'm not sure I'll be able to find a definite answer, after all the only certain figures we have are Tournament Prize Money as that's declared, the rest will be informed guesses from my research and using the data we have to go on from other rich list compilers like Forbes and Bilan, the Swiss Business magazine.

I'd hazard a guess it will be enough to get by on and maybe go on holiday once a year 😉

How much has Roger Federer won in Career Prize Money?

Federer Career Prize Money

To date Roger has won a whopping $97,855,881 in prize money, making him the most successful player on the ATP World Tour ever! Next it's Djokovic who's also won a considerable amount and recently moved in front of Nadal second on the list with career winnings of $96,583,278 (as of Jan 2015).

Federer's Career Earnings Year on Year

In the table below you'll see Roger's prize money year on year since he turned professional in 1998. 2007 was his best year where he took home a whopping $10,111,510. It just proves winning the Grand Slams not only helps the Tennis resumé it also boosts the bank balance.

Even if you class 2008 as a bad year in terms of titles and painful slam losses he still walked away with $5,883,079, not so sure you can call that a bad year now 😉

Year Prizemoney
1998 $26,370
1999 $193,844
2000 $468,204
2001 $773,591
2002 $1,837,097
2003 $3,764,580
2004 $6,337,660
2005 $6,110,468
2006 $8,333,585
2007 $10,111,510
2008 $5,883,079
2009 $8,761,805
2010 $7,685,303
2011 $6,320,726
2012 $8,584,842
2013 $3,193,912
2014 $9,343,989
2015 $8,682,893

Total Career Prize Money to date (as of Jan 2016): $97,855,881

Where else does Federer make his money?

Federer Moet Brand Ambassador

Although the prize money Roger receives from the tournaments he plays in is more than enough to live off that's not where he makes most of his money. The bulk of his income comes in the way of sponsorship's and endorsements. Just last month he signed a 5 year deal with Moët & Chandon worth $30 million.

According to the Forbes rich list Roger is currently the 5th highest paid athlete in the world and according to their statistics as of June 2015 earns $67 million per year.

Who Sponsors Roger Federer?

Federer has several sponsors/endorsement deals from clothing through to cars that contribute massively to his net worth; these include:

  • Rolex
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Nike
  • Wilson
  • Lindt Chocolate
  • Jura
  • Gillette, Procter & Gamble (P&G) (Ceased in 2015)
  • Credit Suisse
  • NetJets
  • Moët & Chandon
  • Sunrise

Other sponsors from previous years include SwissAir, Emmi (Swiss Dairy company), Maurice Lacroix (watches) and probably some others. If anyone knows please let me know in the comments below.

How much are these endorsement deals worth individually?

This is a tough question answer seen as though there's so many but based on my research I have the following values:

2014 – Sunrise – Unknown

2012 – Moët & Chandon – $6 million/year, contract worth $30 million over 5 years.

2010 – Mercedes-Benz – Unknown.

2009 – Credit Suisse – $2 million/year, contract worth $20 million over 10 years.

2009 – Lindt – Unknown, appears they've kept this deal under wraps. How very Swiss 😉

2008 – Nike – $10 million/year, contract worth $100 million over 10 years.

2008 – Jura – $2.3 million/year, contract woth $16 million over 7 years.

2007 – Gillette – $3 million/year since 2007. Unknown when it expires.

2007 – National Suisse – Unknown value, extended in 2012 for a further 4 years.

2006 – Wilson – $2 million/year, lifetime deal as he'll be an ambassador once he retires.

2006 – Rolex – $1.5 million/year, contract worth $15 million over 10 years.

2006 – NetJets – Unknown value. NetJets is owned by Berkshire Hathaway aka Warren Buffet so it's likely to be a few $$.

How else does Roger make money?

As well as prize money and the various sponsorship and endorsements Roger also earns a large amount of money from Exhibition matches across the globe. Because he's so popular in all four corners of the globe he's able to command figures in excess of $1 million per appearance.

In fact in the recent Gillette tour of South America Roger reportedly earnt between $1.2 – $2 million per match, at 6 matches that's a potential $12 million dollars.

As well as commanding high appearance fees for exhibitions; Roger is also able to generate income from appearance fees at regular ATP non mandatory events. He earns around 500,000 CHF for his appearance at Basel each year (on top of prize money) and also at any other events he chooses to play such as the ABN Amro Tournament in Rotterdam. His tight schedule means he can't play that many Masters 250 and 500 tournaments in the year but I'd estimate he pulls in upwards of a $1 million for the ones he manages to turn out for.

There are also other avenues such as investments, stocks & shares and property that Roger will no doubt have dabbled in. He also owns an apartment in Wollerau, one in Dubai, a house is being built in Valbella and recently Roger bought the last piece of vacant land on the shores of Lake Zurich. Quite a tidy portfolio!

Of course he's a Swiss native too so he's able to take advantage of relaxed Tax laws. Imagine if he lived in the UK, he'd be giving up a big big chunk of his earnings and watching the UK government spend it unwisely. Anyway, enough politics; it'd also be interesting to see how much interest he makes per year on the cash he has in the bank, something tells me he'll be getting a nice interest rate on his Credit Suisse account 😉

So what is Roger Federer's Net Worth?

Well it's estimated to be around $200 million and according to Forbes between July 2011 and July 2012 he made $54.3 million.

With that figure he tops the list of the worlds highest paid tennis players. Forbes again report that he's made made $241 million (£152million) – nearly quarter of a billion dollars – in the past six years alone.

The Swiss Business Magazine Bilan values him at between 200 and 300 million Swiss Francs which is around $220 million – $315 million.

It's quite easy to see why Roger gets all these deals because he's respected throughout the world. Tony Godsick put it very well a couple of years ago when he was interviewed by the Swiss press ahead of Roger's appearance at the Australian Open:

Roger is a global icon and we see to it that his brand develops internationally, what makes him so attractive for all the big companies is the fact that he is Swiss. Switzerland is a small country with which one associates loyalty, luxury, precision and perfection. Now, whether he’s in France, Asia, the United States or elsewhere, he’s welcomed as though he were at home, it’s as though his country’s neutrality makes him a global citizen.

My estimate on Roger Federer's Net Worth: in excess of $200 million and probably within touching distance of $300 million.

So yeah, he's comfortable.

If anyone knows the value of the sponsorships/endoresements like National Suisse or Mercedes please let me know in the comments below and I'll update the post accordingly.

And one final thing I'd like to add, despite all this cash; the great thing about Roger is that he's never let the money effect him or his values and he's stayed true to himself and his beliefs. He's still the same guy really and if you watch some of his first interviews nothings changed (except maybe he's a lot less nervous) and I guess that's one of the reasons I'm one of his fans.

We've seen it a lot when other sportsmen in other sports hit the big time they simply give up and sit on their laurels, safe in the knowledge they don't really need to perform to earn their money as they've done what they needed to do. For them the sport is just a means to an end but for Federer it's different, he genuinely loves tennis and I think this quote from the man himself sums it up perfectly:

Sometimes you're just happy playing. Some people, some media unfortunately don't understand that it's okay just to play tennis and enjoy it. They always think you have to win everything, it always needs to be a success story, and if it's not obviously what is the point. Maybe you have to go back and think, Why have I started playing tennis? Because I just like it. It's actually sort of a dream hobby that became somewhat of a job. Some people just don't get that ever.

Hope you found it interesting. And P.S. If you're reading this Roger I think you should sponsor this blog actually, I'd be happy with $1 million a year and I'd donate 50% back to the Roger Federer foundation! 🙂

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Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. All these sponsorship deals mustt have a performance based clause in them too. The numbers quoted are the fixed sum companies like nike and wilson are sure to dole out big sums every time he wins a slam or breaks a record.
    Just see how much publicity Nike made when he broke the 300 week mark (also the 287 )

    1. Hey man,

      Yeah a lot don’t declare if they’re set fees or royalty based. I think you’re right though, there will be a set fee then a bonus up to based on performance with most of them. He’s breaking every record going though so probably getting close to max payout!

  2. Love the addition to the blog 🙂 And the quote (as just said on Twitter too). It sums it all up. I too believe that he’s still the same person. Only older and more balanced, I think… The love for the game is something he never stops to express (where ever people ask him about it) and that, ánd the fact that he is still true to himself and genuine as a person, makes me a fan as well… (other than of course, the brilliance of his play)

      1. Hi Jonathan,
        You mentioned his first interview.

        I think his speech at Wimbledon winning the first time in 2003 was the best he ever gave.
        He was so nervous when he gave the speech and so innocent.
        When people are bombarding him for beeing arrogant, they should also see his speech after he won his first grand slam. I know sometimes when he gives interviews it comes off as arrogant, but people also have to realise where he started from and what it still means for him to win. Just look at that clip on Youtube. He was so innocent then.

        About his earnings. He is not one of those people who were born into money. He works very hard for it (so do the others) and although he has a lot of money, he deserves every penny of it.
        He earns a lot and gives a lot too, in money and in his time.
        Nice post, Jonathan. I wish you and the others and all the Roger and tennis fans all around the world a blessed (and peaceful) 2013. Katyani

      2. Hey Katyani,

        Yeah I remember that well with Sue Barker on court. Was a cool interview. Think the fans liked him from the start. I don’t think arrogance is a bad thing anyway, as long as it’s not too severe. Fed has a nice level, he knows he is good which he has to believe in but he’s not over the top like a Floyd Mayweather (whom by the way I also enjoy watching, but he can grind on you a little)

        Thanks for the well wishes.


      3. “And throw my racket, but that is normal” 😉 Haha, that wouldn’t happen anymore (not doing that ánd not saying it in an interview)… He sorted himself out over the years… But that is really the only big thing that has changed I think, cause there he already is very aware of what he says, calm, there is the sense of humor already… Really nice to watch. Hadn’t seen this one, no… A week ago, I saw an on court interview with Mirka next to him when they played doubles, he was very young there too, but that’s been it lately…

      4. Last time he smashed a racket was in Miami in 2009. Epic racket smash after he missed a regulation forehand. Was kinda good to see then his presser was even better. Mega annoyed.

      5. Jonathan, very strange, I posted a reply on your comment about the YouTube link, but it didn’t end up below that, but a bit further down… What did I do wrong or is it just a WordPress thing that happens every now and then?

      6. Hi, it’s because I only have threaded comments on up to a certain level. If people are browsing my site on tablets/mobiles etc then when there’s loads of replies you can only get up to 2 words on a line making it impossible to read.

  3. I remember he believes by this motto – its nice to be important but its more important to be nice. That is why he has been such a great figure to tennis. What sets him apart, I believe he embraces his role no only as a player but also part of tennis world.

  4. Again another fasanating read!! Please keep up the exellent work!! I think you are probably not that far away from Feds worth. But there may be a lot more deals that we dont know about.

  5. Roger deserves all the wealth he has. Happy for him and great that he is still down to earth and always being himself. Nice to get know him from all sort of different angles thanks to you, Jonathan and the Internet. I’m so grateful to be able to watch and read old/new matches [again and again], interviews and articles on the web….cannot imagine life without it. Btw, do you think Roger or his team read your blog? Sure they do! Or they should.

    1. Yeah imagine a world without Federer YouTube highlights, it’d be a very sad and desolate place! lol. I dunno what I’d do without those clips to relive some of the points. Especially ones I missed. Although I suppose at the same time it must have made seeing live sport all the more precious back in the day before TV and the web came around. Now it’s still good but back then if you weren’t there nobody else would have ever seen it.

      As for them reading my blog, who knows, be cool if he did but I doubt it. I think he might watch some of the YouTube videos though that fans make, think he mentioned it once in an interview. If he needs a left handing hitting partner he knows where I am 😛

  6. Thank’s a lot Jonathan. In this long rest season, it’s difficult to find good articles about Roger. Yet you seem to write consistently, sometimes more than one articles in a week. Really appreciate the insight and the variety of your writing. Keep up the good work Man. I personally thinks your blog worth more than US 1,000,000. I think all Roger fans out there agree… Can’t wait for AO 2013. Go Roger….!

    1. I’m off work for a few days so I have quite a bit of spare time so I’m able to blog frequently!

      Thanks for the kind words too man, after a lot of consideration on what you said, I’m willing to sell you my blog for $999,999. Fair offer I think. How would you like to pay? 😛

  7. Been reading for a while and wanted to post, i really enjoy reading your blog, lots of good info about our favorite player. Again, thanks and keep up the good work!

  8. Only one million? Oh what is it for us, trifles! Roger worth $200 million??? My country did not printed so much money from its inception! 😀

  9. Hi Jonathan,
    Just came to know your blog recently and have enjoyed reading what I’ve read so far…so keep up the good work!
    A couple of things…Roger played 6 matches in South America and Christopher Clarey of the NY Times reported that Roger got $12million in the article he wrote about the Gillette Federer Tour.
    I do not believe Roger owns a house in Wimbledon…as has been reported he rents the same house as Pete Sampras did for the duration. From what I have read Roger and Mirka have their apartment in Wollerau, one in Dubai, a house being built in Valbella and recently Roger bought the last piece of vacant land on the shores of Lake Zurich. Roger did have a piece of land in South Africa but it was sold years ago.
    One other thing I have read is that Roger gets a percentage of sales of the RF line from Nike…

    1. Hey Sharon,

      Thanks for the info, I will update the post about those things.

      I wonder if the % of sales is included in his sponsorship already based on past sales or he get’s it on top of his agreed fee? Difficult to know!


  10. Dear Jonathan,
    I recently read somewhere that Roger gets about $5 million for NetJets and $4.5 million for Lindt,

  11. I and my daughter are greatest fans of Mr.Federer. Who said He is arrogant? No, certainly not. I am a Professor and I keep quoting his example when it came to students behavior. Yes, he is arrogant from his tennis point of view.How he sticks to his own style of playing the game…like not changing his styles…like receive the serve by standing a few feet back or hitting a back hand rather than slicing it and get the rally continue, taking a backhand overhead (I have not seen anybody else playing that shot better than Federer) or not opting to lob a ball when his opponent picks up a drop shot etc.
    We continue to follow him,watch him and adore him and his family(we love his wife and children, and his parents).I think I will stop watching Tennis the day Federer sayas good bye.(This is hard to do and not right to do. I love tennis and I think I would continue to watch and follow the game of future Borgs, Samprasas, and Federers)

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the comment, a lot of people have said that they will stop watching when Fed retires. The game will lose an awful lot of it’s appeal when he does. Tennis is already boring when he’s skipping tournaments.


  12. I respect Roger very much, he did a lot of work for tennis…..but I really dont like that he spent money in Dubai,…and admires UEA – country with huge modern slavery and forced prostitiution and medieval human rights.

  13. Ok….so your saying Roger’s tennis earnings stand at $97,855,881 as of January 2016, that means Novak’s $97,171,248 would also stand as of Jan 2016.

    Now here’s the thing that’s weird to me: the ATP website says Roger and Novak’s earnings are that as of March 21st 2016 and not Jan 2016, so who is right here; you or the ATP Website staff.
    If you’re right then it would mean Novak has now passed Roger on the money list since Roger made $552,325 so far in 2016 making his career total : $98,408,206, Novak made $3,621,195 in 2016 so far….So his total would now be: $100,792,443, thus making Novak the first player to reach and go over 100 million, but according to the media both Roger and Novak have yet to reach that milestone….Skysports commentator after the Indian Wells final: Novak moves another step closer to 100 million.

      1. Yeah they do, but i see different dates on your website and on the atp website, funny enough; the wiki page about atp tour tennis records has a different date on it all together lol, Feb 2016, that makes for 3 web pages 3 different dates, hahah

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