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The Hottest Female Tennis Players of 2019

Take a look at some of finest specimens the world of tennis has to offer

There's been no shortage of sex appeal on the WTA Tour over the years, but who are the hottest female tennis players actively playing right now?  Take a look at my top list below, which features not only some of the finest players in the game today but also the best.

Why Are Women's Tennis Players So Hot?

One of the big reasons female tennis players are hot is that tennis is hugely popular in Eastern Europe where, on average, women tend to be of a higher standard than Western Women. 

My own theory is that these places are yet to be conquered by modern-day feminism so rather than loudmouthed swamp donkeys that don't shave their armpits, you tend to get girls who realise there's huge value in looking beautiful both in terms of attracting men and their careers. As a result, even the bang average ones still look pretty good as they put the effort in!

The nature of tennis training also means the girls are all going to be in great shape as you need a mix of cardio and strength training to achieve success on the tour.  Win-win.

Are posts like this sexist and objectifying women?

Nope. All these women make a good chunk of their living by looking good in photo shoots and brand endorsements.

The only people who don't really like posts like this don't live in the real world. Since the dawn of time, it's been beneficial for women to look as good as possible.

Why is this list better than the other sexy female tennis player lists?

The web is awash with lists like this but they're all just rehashed versions with very little effort put into them.

For example, Anna Kournikova is the top of virtually every list. She hasn't played tennis for 15 years! My list is current players who are playing on the tour right now and I've picked some obscure ones out that most lists miss.

The other reason this list differs is that I'm picking players that I think are naturally attractive and not just looking fantastic on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Yes I know I've picked Wozniacki and Bouchard, they're not my favourites but they've got broad appeal so for that reason they make the list.

In 2019 virtually any woman can look top drawer with a few simple lighting tricks and photo editing skills. That's why you get 3 out of 10's racking up thousands of likes on Instagram. So I tried to pick some of the less obvious ones that fly under the radar and aren't massively editing their pictures with filters or posing half-naked in virtually every picture.

What were the qualifiers to be on the list?

Just two: female and currently playing on the WTA Tour. I've excluded all Instagram THOT's that have ‘professional tennis player' in their bio but play once a week.

The Hottest Tennis Players of 2019

Julia Georges

Without further ado here are the hottest tennis players playing on the tour right now. They're in no particular order.

Julia Georges

Nationality: German

Date of Birth: 2 November 1988

Why is she on the list?

  • Great rack
  • Isn't plastering herself all over Instagram with hardly any clothes on

Sabine Lisicki

Nationality: German

Date of Birth: 22 September 1989

Why is she on the list?

  • Killer smile
  • Comes across great in interviews

Johanna Konta

Nationality: British

Date of Birth: 17 May 1991

Why is she on the list?

  • Top body
  • Likes baking, what more can you ask for?

Dominika Cibulková

Nationality: Slovakian

Date of Birth: 2 November 1988

Why is she on the list?

  • Pocket rocket
  • Likes sniffing balls

Mandy Minella

Nationality: Luxembourgian

Date of Birth: 22 November 1985

Why is she on the list?

  • MILF

Caroline Wozniacki

Nationality: Danish

Date of Birth: 11 July 1990

Why is she on the list?

  • Low-ish standards (Rory) so you may as well try sliding into her DM's.

Eugenie Bouchard

Nationality: Canadian

Date of Birth: 25 February 1994

Why is she on the list?

  • Dates her fans

Donna Vekic

Nationality: Croatian

Date of Birth: 28 June 1996

Why is she on the list?

  • Goes for the older guys 😆

Maria Sharapova

Nationality: Russian

Date of Birth: 19 April 1987

Why is she on the list?

  • She has stood the test of time
  • Can go for hours (when on meldonium)

Camilla Giorgi

Nationality: Italian

Date of Birth: 30th December 1991

Why is she on the list?

  • Firey Italian

Paula Badosa

Nationality: Spanish

Date of Birth: 15November 1997

Why is she on the list?

  • Big bangers

Elina Svitolina

Nationality: Ukrainian

Date of Birth: 12 September 1994

Why is she on the list?

  • From the Ukraine, so could be one of the cheapest dates you ever go on!

Naomi Broady

Nationality: British

Date of Birth: 12 September 1994

Why is she on the list?

  • Great legs

Katie Boulter

Nationality: British

Date of Birth: 1 August 1996

Why is she on the list?

  • #backthebrits

I'll be adding to this list over time. If you have a suggestion or believe I've made a glaring omission in my list let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or tweeting about tennis I play regularly myself and use this blog to share my thoughts on Federer and tennis in general.

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  1. What about Muguruza, Who has the best legs on tour and is tall and beautiful
    I would have also put kiki mladenovic

  2. Wozniacki is Pole. She hardly knows a word in Danish. Like Kerber. Both friends with Radwanska from young years. Kerber still trains in Poland. Wozniacki (should be actually “Wozniacka” (Slavic last names convention – man is Wozniacki, woman – Wozniacka) speaks still Polish with her father&coach.

    Is tennis in Eastern Europe so popular? No, it is not. The money is popular, so those with some talent migrate early.
    But the beauty (well, it’s matter of taste) is popular too in EE women 🙂

    BTW – starting with Hingis(ova), then Bencic, Golubic, whatever the whole Swiss female tennis are EE import. No any single native Swiss girl.

    The cheap-dating Ukrainian tennis girls live in Monaco, so maybe not that cheap?

  3. Are there not any beautiful BLACK tennis players? Everybody on the list is not beautiful this is terrible!

      1. Williams sisters? Yuck. OTOH, Sloane Stephens is a beauty and a good player who is up & coming on the WTA.

  4. Bianca Andreescu may be the best female tennis player in the world right now but quite frankly, I found that most of her opponents at the Rogers cup are HOTTER.
    She is a little too thick in the legs but maybe that is why she can “bounce around” the court so easily.

      1. BTW, I am 50% Italian and 50% Polish.
        I already picked VALENTINA GIACINTI from Italy as the hottest female soccer player so I shall pick CAROLINE WOZNIACKI from Poland (or should I say WOZNIACKA-according to PRF) as the hottest female tennis player.
        You might be interested to know that some of my friends call me a POWOP!
        I do favour my Italian side because I believe that they are superior when it comes to food and music.: Example: GABRIEL’S OBOE.

      2. Sorry folks,
        Another mistake. Caroline Wozniaki is actually DANISH but she speaks Polish-CLOSE ENOUGH!

      3. VALENTINA GIACINTI has pretty face, but hardly probable she is a lesbian or even a dickowner 😀

    1. Some of Biancas” opponents were Bouchard, Kenin and a Russian with a last name of Pliskova ? (I believe that her first name was KAROLINA).
      All of them had longer and thinner legs which made them look more attractive than Bianca but Bianca was stronger in the lower body.

    1. Replace the S with a Z in WOSNIACKI. and add a C between the A and the K. in my third last comment. This is my last comment FOR SURE!

  5. Would have preferred to see photos from their tennis action. Much more beautiful to watch than these more or less artificial arrangements to please those who like women to try to please some common taste from mostly – which sex? But the series is interesting from what Jon says – that’s the real world many female tennis and other female performers still think they have to face.

      1. Of course, I would write Christopher Nowak – or CN later in a comment concerning you, Christopher Nowak 😊. What I and others do about others, such as Jon(than) is not your business.

    1. Yes. I agree. The only exception is the very first photo of Julia Georges (I rhink).
      I believe that that photo is the HOTTEST out of all of them.

  6. RONICBULMIC: First of all, you should have said “has A pretty face” in your comment.
    I just viewed VALENTINA’S Instagram and there are many photos of her with girls/women (especially the other VALENTINA (BERGAMASCHI), boys/men and even a white dog.
    I think I know what you mean by stating DICKOWNER.
    In some of my other research, it is suspected that an Italian soccer player with the last name of BARTOLI is gay.
    “BARTOLI” is actually the last name of a retired FRENCH tennis player.
    BTW, when you said HARDLY PROBABLE, did you mean HIGHLY PROBABLE?

    1. They would be on the list if this were a top 20 rather than just a top 15.
      Maybe you can think of three more for Jonathan to add.

      1. Sorry, I may be wrong, There are 15 pictures but only 14 names.
        I assume that the first 2 pictures are of Julia Georges (right after where it states THE HOTTEST TENNIS PLAYERS OF 2019 – notice that I did not say: THE HOTTEST FEMALE TENNIS PLAYERS OF 2019 SO you have to add FOUR more names after Petkovic and Muguruza to make it a top 20 list.

      2. I think that 2 of the 4 missing female tennis players (to make the top 20) are:

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