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Halle Recap: Federer Wins First Title of 2013

Hey guys, I’m back from a long weekend in Halle where I got to see Roger win his first title of 2013 and win his 6th Gery Weber Open crown which was awesome to watch live. This has obviously meant the blog has suffered in terms of updates for the last few days but now I’m now back on UK shores I thought I’d do a quick recap post of the 3 matches I wasn’t able to blog about which of course includes the all important final.

I’d also like to say thanks to all of you who kept the discussion going on my Federer / Stebe match report throughout the tournament. It’s good to see that even if I’m not able to keep up with all the matches that everyone takes the discussion forward to Roger’s next matches without needing a dedicated post for it so thanks πŸ™‚

Federer Defeats Zverev 6-0 6-0

Federer Double Bagels Zverev

I watched this one on TV after around 2 hours sleep so wasn’t paying much attention but luckily I didn’t need to as Roger got the job done in just 43 minutes. After looking average against Stebe this was complete domination as Roger completely outplayed Zverev in all areas which was just the sort of match we were looking for.

Roger’s level was high in this one but I also felt Zverev was a great match up for him, he served and volleyed every point but didn’t really have a big serve or any sort of weapon to follow it up. It kind of reminded me of how Henman used to get picked off against great returners like Hewitt at Wimbledon except even more one sided.

Roger really just returned too well for Zverev and that won him the match, considering he’s faced some of the biggest servers in the history of the sport this was mere childs play for someone like Fed and he could just control the ball to where he wanted it go, forcing Zverev to hit awkward volleys from below the net giving himself ample time to hit an easy pass.

Roger actually sounded quite apologetic in his presser after, I guess that just sums up his style and how he takes into account everything not just himself. I suppose deep down he’d be happy with the result and scoreline, but at the same time he’d have no doubt felt bad for Zverev and the fans who didn’t get to see a competitive match. Regardless of what Roger said, or thought, a double bagel in any match has to be good for confidence.

Federer Exacts Revenge Over Haas 3-6, 6-3, 6-4

Federer defeas Haas in Halle

So this was the first match I attended live in Halle and even though Roger lost to Haas in the final last year I felt pretty confident about this one as I just figured Roger would really be up for it and would want to set the record straight after giving Haas the title last time around.

That turned out to be exactly the case as even though Roger dropped the first set he responded really well when he needed to. He could have easily gotten downbeat getting broken after saving 2 break points to make deuce and then failing to break the Haas serve when he was serving for the set at 5-3 after he had 15-40 but he responded in a positive manner.

One thing I noticed when watching live that’s not as easy to see from a TV screen is that you could tell Roger was putting more into his serve and looking to crank up his speed + find the lines. He definitely did this in the second set when he needed to and broke immediately to take a 3-0 lead before serving out the set to love to make it all square.

After that I knew there could only be one winner here, Roger was looking better and better as the match went on and Haas was serving more and more double faults. This cost him big time in the final set as at 1-1 he served a double on break point to put Roger fully in the driving seat. From there on in it was just a case of Roger holding onto his serve which he did with ease and closed out the match without any problems which was very pleasing to see.

He served 15 aces and I thought all areas of his game were working well, the forehand on the run let him down in the first set but as the match wore on he looked to be moving much much better especially on the forehand side which definitely aided his ability to stay in points and keep on top in the rallies.

The great thing about Halle as a tournament is that you get to watch both semi final matches with just 1 ticket which I think is great for the fans. After the Fed semi, we then got to watch Youzhny vs. Gasquet which was another fun match.

Youzhny was really playing in the zone for most of the match, in fact I can’t recall him missing a ball for most of the match and Gasquet was just not at the races.

After seeing Youzhny play well I wasn’t overly worried for the final but I just knew it would be a test for Roger and even though Youzhny was 14-0 in the H2H a win wasn’t beyond him here as he playing very aggressively and rarely missing. The good thing about the H2H is that you know Youzhny would play with the mindset he had to play aggressive and maybe go for too much.

He actually has quite a big game and plays very close to the baseline but I also think he’s a heavy handed player and lacks finesse in the forecourt. I like his willingess to punch volleys firmly but sometimes they don’t need it and you’ll push them wide or long which I thought might Roger might be able to exploit.

Roger defeats Youzhny to win 6th Halle Title

Federer wins Halle for the 6th Time

So onto the blockbuster match, the sun was shining in Halle and it was high time that Roger got his first title of 2013 and his 77th overall. Luckily that turned out to be the case as Roger got the job done in 3 sets 6-7(5), 6-3, 6-4 and I was really happy to be a part of it as it’s only the third time I’ve seen Roger win a title live (last time World Tour Finals 2011) and he definitely made up for Rotterdam where I went to watch him but he crashed out in the Quarters!

In terms of the match itself it looks fairly close from the scoreline but after dropping the first set by playing a poor tie break; Roger really hit back and you could tell he was up for the fight here and would do whatever it takes to win the title. It was Roger 3.0 like really and I don’t think he played his best match in terms of shot making or genius levels but was there when it mattered and in finals that’s all that counts.

I think if Roger was in an ultra confident mood he’d have got the job done in straights here but he’s not got that title winning feeling in his racquet this year and was playing a guy who’s been in white hot form all week.

No doubt many will say Youzhny is not a top tier opponent and the 14-0 H2H record against Fed proves that but I kind of disagree with that, Youzhny isn’t a slam contender but he does have a very effective game. He’s one of those guys that can beat anyone on his day, but also lose to anyone too. He can go from good to bad very quickly and self destruct but that also makes him dangerous.

He’s beaten many of the top guys before but just doesn’t have the required game style to take out Fed which means he’s definitely a favourable match up for the GOAT. But after seeing him zone against Gasquet there’s no doubt he is an opponent that you will take notice of should he land in your section of the draw and I expect him to make the second week at Wimbledon.

No doubt some fans will be critical of Roger losing the first set but winning the title is all that matters here. A few missed first serves cost him the first breaker but it’s how Roger responded is how we should judge this match. He responded positively, served better, was up for a fight, plenty of come ons after the big points and that makes this match a positive. He also had no troubles serving out the second set or the match, which proves the confidence is coming back and after a lean spell I think he can have a good end to the year.

You could clearly see Roger making more effort and not losing focus in the big moments, he was fully engaged throughout the match and I think that makes him very tough to beat especially in a final.

My Thoughts on the Halle Tournament

Federer Halle 2013 Trophy

Winning solves everything really. So, for me it’s great in terms of confidence. I feel like I know what I need to do. It’s good to fight as well the last couple of matches after two easy ones at the beginning. I had to come from losing the first set twice, then coming back to win is a great feeling. There’s still things I believe I can improve on but I think that will then happen when the moment is there when Wimbledon starts. But overall I’m very pleased with the way I played and I’m happy with the week.

My thoughts on Halle are pretty a carbon copy of Roger’s assessment in his post match press conference. I don’t think he’s close to his top level, but he’s right in there and getting matches under his belt which is key right now.

I always knew Roger would get a title in 2013 just I had no idea when it would be, I wasn’t convinced Halle would be it pre tournament but after the double bagel and beating Haas I knew it was on the cards and it’s come at a really good time.

Roger has gone through a lean patch since Cincinnati last year really when you think about it’s been a steady drain on his confidence levels combined with some tough losses in the latter stages of tournaments that zap confidence quicker than anything. This all adds up and that winning mentality has left him over recent months, but now he’s en route to getting it back and winning here will give him lots of confidence especially when he came from a set down to beat 2 guys who are in form.

Federer's Halle Trophies
The Halle GOAT

Wimbledon Expectations

Wimbledon 2013 Expectations

For me personally I don’t really have any expectations for Wimbledon this year, I’ve said all along I think the US Open is a better chance just because of what’s happened there over recent years. Of course I expect Roger to make the second week but I don’t see him defending the title. I am there to watch him for the Third Round this year so he at least has to make it that far πŸ™‚

That’s not to say he won’t win it however, and the good thing about Roger is that you can never count him out and it only takes one good match for his fans to believe he can do it easily.

I think Halle has definitely increased his chances as he’s got that winning feeling back and knows where his level is at. Ok he didn’t run through Djokovic or Nadal to win the title but he had to fight to win it and remember what it takes to win. I can’t ask for more on that front.

The Trip to Halle

Bielefeld, North-Rhine Westphalia
Bielefeld, North-Rhine Westphalia

So this was my first time visiting Germany and we stayed in a city just outside Halle called Bielefeld, which you can see in the photo above. A pretty nice place and I’d say a very typical European city – all the usual shops you’d expect on a busy high street and also some older areas that feature more traditional architecture and locally owned shops rather than global chains.

As for Halle I didn’t see any of the actual town centre but the tournament itself is a great venue and very well organised. It’s very easy to get to, the Gery Weber stadium isn’t a monstrosity and is a perfect arena for grass court tennis with a fantastic atmosphere, only bad thing I’d say is the shadows on the court produced from the roof.

All the things within the grounds are very reasonably priced too and Bratwurst + Herforder Pils (locally produced) is a real winner. Well if you like German beer anyway, although they also do a Herforder Grapefruit alcoholic drink that is refreshing and flies down that I’d recommend too.

Like I said above the tickets are very well priced, and seeing two semi finals in a day makes it even better and gives you way more value for money than single session tickets like at the o2.

I also think it’s great that the transport costs to the stadium are included in the ticket price for the surrounding areas, so if you’re getting a train or a bus from areas in the North Rhine Westphalia like Bielefeld, GΓΌtersloh etc then your train ticket is the Halle ticket. Never seen that and very impressive.

The Germans are renowned for their efficiency and I think that sums up Halle peRFectly so if anyone is considering going next year I’d definitely recommend it and if anyone has any questions on what to do and where to stay I will try help.

After travelling to Rotterdam and not getting to see Roger due to his clown match vs. Benneteau he more than made up for it here and seeing him play on his favourite surface was really good fun. Both matches I saw went to 3 sets which made it all the more worthwhile and I had a great time both .

I’ve included a few pics below from Bielefeld and Halle, some ok ones of the GOAT but the camera I have isn’t spectacular so the quality deteriorates pretty quickly with any form of zooming and of course the obligatory one on Roger Federer Allee.

Onto Wimbledon, where normal blogging service resumes πŸ˜€ Allez les suisse!

PS I’ll be sorting out the RF hats competition this week, apologies on the delay.


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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    1. Thanks for this Jonathan, when you’ve got to be knackered from the trip, & here we are all circling like vultures. πŸ˜‰
      I love how you’ve included the little details you wouldn’t get except by being there, even to the observation of the shadows from the roof affecting the light on the court.
      He seemed to be moving better on the whole, & so much of his “effortless” effect stems from that. I’m with you that we can’t really be demanding wins from him at this point, but it’s certainly wonderful to see him going into THE tournament in such good shape. (Though didn’t we say that of the US Open last year after Cincinnati?). Ah, that winning feeling. As he said – solves everything, really. Let’s just bask for a bit.

      1. Yes thanks πŸ™‚ . However, I meant it when I said that with a win, we all win. I don’t need a bunch of titles. (Clearly I would not be a good professional tennis player.) (Clearly this was not my first clue!)

  1. I hope now Roger goes with extra confidence to SW19 and performs good and win for the 8th time. If he did win it would be the iceing on the cake!! Allez Allez Roger You can do it!! πŸ™‚

      1. I think he can but the draw is the thing, now that we know Rafa seeded 5! Hopefully Muzza gets Rafa on the QF as I do think he can beat Rafa on grass. Wld always prefer Fed to be in Djokers half! I actually think we cld get a Fed/ Murray final again. If the weather is poor( gd chance) then Rafa cld exit in first week as cld Ferrer! For me, very open this yr. Novak must be emotionally tired from trying to win the French( will he ever?) and Rafa hasn’t played on grass for a yr! Knees???

      2. Yeah draw is going to be very important! Hopefully the draw gods are kind to the GOAT, but he got lucky at the French and didn’t take advantage so who knows whether he will be twice on the trot…

      1. I actually like the green better than the old one. Though it doesn’t have to be so huge, imho.

  2. Wow Jonathan! What amazing photos of the GOAT! Really glad that you had an amazing time and redemption from Rotterdam. Like Roger said, it’s a whole new ball game send half of the season. I agree with all you said and I really think Fed needed this: for momentum, for a grass court tournament, but most importantly for CONFIDENCE! I really think this will have the same affect that the smaller clay tournaments had on Rafa. I would be shocked if Fed didn’t win at least an indoor title this year. We have a lot of points to pick up after Wimby too(USO/Paris/Basel) and next year even more(Rotterdam/IW/Madrid/RG/Miami or MC if Roger shows up but unlikely)!
    I think Rafa goes into Wimby as the big favorite! I think it’ll be hard for Fed to defend it IF:
    1. He gets Rafa in his QF
    2. He gets a draw like he did at AO
    3. Injury?(Fed’s 32-preserve the body!)
    4. He doesn’t play peRFect(Big 4)
    I think Roger has something up his sleeve and I really do hope that he can win one more time, I truly do! If not, I think New York could be the place! I wanna see a Roger-Rafa rematch: it would be awesome, especially if Roger won! O-O

    Thank you for the post. Lets prove them doubters wrong one more time! But then again, we know we’ll be the last ones standing… and laughing πŸ™‚

    1. Cheers Brandon.

      I agree with you, Djoker is my Wimbledon favourite with Murray and Nadal close behind.

      A Fedal QF wouldn’t be something I’d look forward to that’s for sure!


  3. OlΓ‘ Jon!

    OH MY GOD! I will not say a single word about Roger’s 77th career title…
    I just want to register that you’re very, very, cute, guapo, bonito, etc, etc.. πŸ™‚

    Alleezz Rogi, Alleezz Jon!

      1. I’d really like to know of some of his other “exploits” in Germany πŸ™‚

  4. Great stuff Jonathan, glad you had a good time at the tournament!

    I think Fed was serving very well all week, but especially vs Haas and Youzhny. Of course it’s fast grass so the serve is a bigger weapon than on most surfaces, but he was putting some good pace on it. He went 207 kmh, or 128 mph, which is quite impressive.

    1. Cheers Kyle.

      Yeah he did serve some key aces which was good to see. Only time it went off the boil was the breaker against Youzhny, missed a lot of first serves.

      Looks like he can crank it up though when it matters.


  5. So glad you had a great time, Jonathan. Watching Roger play live is so much fun…especially watching him win! I had that on my bucket list and I keep going to see him.
    It’s anyone’s guess how he’ll do at Wimbledon.

    1. Thanks Sue πŸ™‚

      Yeah Wimbledon is a tricky one to judge. I have a feeling he’s not quite got enough matches / confidence yet but you never know!

  6. Hi Jonathan

    Thank you for the match reports and the photo’s!! you look nearly as lovely as fed!!! So pleased he won – I think he will fight so hard at Wimbledon to retain his trophy (still buzzing about the fact I’m going) – lets hope the sun shines for the whole 2 weeks and that the right man is lifting the trophy at the end allez Roger

    1. Ah cheers Trudi!

      I have a feeling you may have already told me, but what day are you off to Wimbledon? I’m going first Friday.


      1. Hi Jonathan

        I will be on centre court on opening day ( so I should see RF) and on court 1 on the 4th July (my darling husband got me debentures seats for the Monday – my wedding anniversary prsesent and I was luck to get the court 1 tickets in the ballot – first time I have ever got any in many years of trying – I do not even care that it will be doubles and possibly no one I have ever heard of – just to be there is enough

      2. Ah sounds good! 4th July will be Manic Monday, so you will see two mens 4th round matches on court 1, I was their for that in 2011, really good day!

  7. Finally a good tournament from first match to last match! I’m right in finals ( πŸ™ ) so I won’t be able to watch the beginning of wimby, So he has to make it a least to the final!! πŸ˜€ And people wonder why Grass is the best stretch of the year… πŸ˜€

      1. Yeah, I’ll go see headmaster and tell him to give me free on exam days if Roger is playing πŸ˜›

      2. Simon, just make sure at first your headmaster isn’t a Nadal fan. If that’s the case, you would literally be committing academic suicide πŸ™‚

  8. Congratulation to Roger and his fans πŸ™‚ .Great final and tournament overall and I am happy for him and wish him all the best and luck on Wimbledon.
    As for prediction, I think if Rafa get pass the first 3 rounds he will be legitimate contender and specially if he gets Ferrer in his Q.
    I think all big 3 will be looking at the draw to which Quarter Nadal will be. The only way I could see Roger win it is if he gets Ferrer in his Q and avoid all other big 3 till the final.
    However, I believe Djoko will come to Wimbledon with so much hunger for a title.
    Murray has great chance to win it only if he does not meet Nadal all the way.

      1. Are the Wimbledon draws done publicly? If not, look forward to a Roger-Murray SF. And no way Roger and Nadal will meet in the QF. Ferrer will pay that price.

    1. I agree Shamtoot, Djoker will be out for blood after his loss to Nadal.

      @Sid – not sure, probably. But vibrating or heavier balls for the seeded players!

  9. Only the 19th to comment, but still…..

    A ha Jonathan….. so that is how you look???? Hmm. You are one cute fellow sir !!!

    1. Hey! Thought Fed was yr no 1!! He has a rival!!! One of the joys of this blog is seeing how slow I am to respond! Makes me laugh these boys racing to be first!

      1. Hi Susie, I like Jonathan, but no one, no one, no one, I repeat no one, I repeat again, really no one comes even close to MY Roger !!!

    2. Katyani, do you think Jon deserves a fan club?!
      I think so …
      Boys, we need suggestions for the name .

      1. Ana, yes, he does deserve one !!! The name??? Any suggestions???
        Maybe Sid or Simon have a cool name (if they can get past their jealousness !!!)

    1. katyani,
      on Devvarman Comment β€œYou’ve got to be foolish to think he’s at his best right now. I don’t think he’s at his best consistently.” Yes I agree with him, but is he declining, mmmmm I don’t think so, I believe he is reserving his energy on SLAMs that he believes he can have more success and win it like Wimbledon and UAO. His lack of energy and enthusiasm is a result of knowing that he can’t compete with big 3 on slowest surface anymore.
      That’s what i think

      1. Hi Shamtoot, hopefully you are right. Sometimes I wish Roger would atleast win 2 or 3 slams a year just to shut up the media, as well as some of the other players, critics, etc.
        But….. life does not work like that….

      2. In short, you’re saying that he lacks confidence. And you’re exactly right. He needs one big win on one of these other three. Wimbledon is Roger’s best chance, and he will need two really good days.

        I sort of disagree with Jonathan that the USO is where Roger is most likely to win. We will see πŸ™‚

      3. I agree with Sid. SW19 is his best shot without a shadow of doubt. Fed appears to be slipping further away at FM now, his last 4 years have gone F/SF/SF/QF. Wimbledon is where he is most consistent Other than 1 painfully close loss to Nadal in the final, he has not lost any other match to a top 4 player, the Berdych and Tsonga defeats were against 2 guys playing the matches of their lives, (raising their games to a crazy level as they often seem able to do v Fed, and then can never repeat the performance 2 days later) if only they had the consistency to maintain this level in all their games, they would be in the top 4 themselves. Murray, Djokovic and Nadal play at 100% level at the later stage of tournaments regardless, so unlike Berdych and Tsonga they have little way to improve this already high level. When you take the Djokovic performance in his semi last year v Fed, there was nothing wrong with Djokovic’s performance, it was up to his usual high standard, yet Federer was better. this doesn’t mean I’m betting on Fed to win Wimbledon but this is his best bet for an 18th slam – even more so if the draw is kind and nadal/djok or nadal/murray can nullify each other by the QF stage.

    2. Hey Katyani,

      I think that is a fair article that you linked too. Nothing too harsh or unfounded. But I think it is too early, no point trying to predict these things, tennis can change pretty quickly.

      I maintain USO is his best chance, just because of what’s happened there the last few years. It’s almost unfinished business.


      1. Jonathan, I really hope so. Ru-an also thinks USO is Roger’s best chance, but like I already wrote to you two in a comment, I unfortunately don’t see that.
        I mean, he made in 2009 the final, in 2010 and 2011 he made the SF losing to Novak both times (I think had even matchpoints both times) and last year he lost in the QF.
        So, I hope I am wrong as hell, but I do not see it happen.
        This year I thought he would get to AO final because of how he played and maybe because of unfinished business.
        And isn’t it right that he could even be number 5 going in to USO, meaning he could have to go through Rafa, Andy and Novak???

  10. Hi guys, something different. I hear that Roger will do exho’s end of this year, but nothing is confirmed yet. Honestly, as much as I want him to do it, I think he should not do exho’s this year. He needs to rest or practise for next year.
    And to be honest, last year they wanted to see him also because he won so much, this year it is different. So I am kind of hoping he does not do the exho and takes plenty of rest and practises on crucial things in his game….

    1. I think the exho matches are really great and fun. Think about it.The off season is a bit earlier now and Roger hasn’t played that much already. He gets to meet his fans in South America and Mexico possibly I hear- it sucks that there are no tournaments there that Roger plays so this is a nice way to meet them.

      Finally, this is the most important thing. They are his tune up for the Australian Open. I thought Roger played an excellent Australian Open, he just got unlucky with the draw and ran into a better hard court player in Murray so nothing surprising. I think it works well.

      1. Roger made something to the tune of USD10 million last year from those exho games (at least from what I read). That’s like winning all four slams in a year and then some. It would be dumb to turn down a similar opportunity this year. If anything, he could donate all that money to his foundation. It would further help those kids in Africa.

      2. I thought Exhos were a bad idea last year from what I rememebr but I’ve come around to them. This year is less hectic than last so I think he should play them.

      3. He guys, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the exho’s from last year.
        They are one of my favourite things to watch. Seriously, I watch one moment maybe like two or three times a week since december last year: the last exho with Tsonga, Roger gets such a reception entering the court, he literallly has to put his hands on his ears.
        I love that reception. Have watched it more than a hundred times by now.
        What I also love are the things they post on Youtube. Like the fans waiting for him outside of his hotel. They scream his name, chant his name, cry for him… amazing.
        Don’t get me wrong, I want him to do exho’s, because when he played the second time to Delpo and he played Haas and he played Tsonga two times, he really had some great shots and he was running from this side to that side. Also loved the fact that he got the crowd behind him, because he is Roger and he is himself. He does not have the Novak quality to play the crowd. He remains Roger and he does not act or overact or try to be something he is not or mimic others.

        Nothing would please me more if he did exho’s this year, but….. if it means it will take a lot out of him and he won’t get a good first half of 2014, then I say, no please.
        If he can do the exho’s and still play the first half of 2014 as good as he played in 2012, then yes please !!!

      1. Oke …… I am at work getting pissed off just reading the first two lines of that article.
        Sid of course this is beyond stupid and more stupid and… what she said.
        Especially coming from her, a woman AND more importantly a rolemodel for young girls.
        No excuse for this, if she is smart, she will rectify this as soon as possible, big way.
        Stupid Serena, blaming the girl instead of the others.
        Sid, I do think a little bit different about her now, but I still like her a lot.
        Yes, she too is stupid sometimes and says stupid things.
        But….kind of still love her (as long as she takes her words back or put the blame where it really belongs with the boys).

      2. Katyani: A role model for young girls? Teaching kids you could shove a ball down someones throat and bitch endlessly with the umpire (who was TOTALLY correct BTW)? Nah, I admit that Serena is the best out there, and by about 50 light years, but she’s anything but a role model… She thinks she’s queen of the mountain and thinks that everything is okay for her just because she’s Serena… And that’s not even talking about those comments πŸ˜›

      3. What really p***** me off was when she said something like, “I don’t know, maybe she ain’t a virgin”.

        Wow! What the heck?!?

      4. yeah, what’s that got to do with it?!

        “-you are accused of raping this 16 yo, what do you have to say in your defense??
        -she wasn’t a virgin, sir.
        -charges are dropped, you may walk free!”


      5. I dislike Serena big time after her outbursts at umpires and what not, just not a nice character all me me me but I can see her point of view in this one.

        Two sides to these types of stories, very difficult to lay blame on just one person as they are very rarely clean cut.

      6. Jonathan, please, at first, she half accused the girl for being there, and being drunk. Then, she points fingers at her parents, or rather, parenting in general. And this one takes the cake: maybe she isn’t a virgin so she was probably asking for it. And all this from someone named Serena Williams? The personification of bad behavior?

        Did you see all that from your point of view? πŸ™‚

      7. Oke guys, you know we all agree on the same thing.
        This is maybe the most stupid thing Serena has ever said. And like I already said, if she is smart and uses her brains, she should be apologising for her stupid comment. No matter how drunk that girl was, nobody asks to be raped and the virgin thing, discusting.
        She should take her words back asap and apologise. With such comments women bring other woman right back to the dark ages where a girl asked for something like this if she was drunk or dressed like in a certain way.
        God, I am still mad just writing this now, so lets leave it at that. She made a stupid mistake and hope she will rectify it.

        Simon, what I mean with rolemodel is that she is an African American woman, who is not born rich or with great talent. But she worked and fought her way up. She is for so many girls a rolemodel, because she shows you can be famous and rich with playing a sport.
        You don’t have to be an actor or singer or dancer or businessman to be succesfull and rich.
        You can achieve all that (name and fame) through hardworking and the love for sports.

        And about the outburst to umpires, yes, she did that and it was completely wrong. She used harsh language she should not have and I think she should have been punished more (maybe with a ban). No excuses. But like I also have said before, she has not done that from that moment and she deserves that people look at her now and not in the past.
        I mean don’t we get upset too when haters and Rafafans and others start about Roger’s outburst to the umpire at USO 2009 while we are NOW four years later???

      8. She already apologised I think. I don’t think she was completely out of order though, just not very tactful which is what you come to expect from her.

  11. Thanks for the insider details, Jonathan.

    When I was watching the SF against Haas, I wanted to know what is Roger’s track record with winning matches when he loses the first set out of three. Anyone? Percentage wise? With all of your RF connoisseurs on this blog, someone must have some statistics on this. Thank you, in advance.

    P.S. Jonathan, just a quick linguistic remark on your french: it’s “allez la Suisse” or “allez les Suisses” πŸ™‚ Cheers.

    1. You French grammar Nazi, you πŸ˜‰ (I’m totally kidding). Hope you’re not good at German because I’ve been throwing around quite a few comments.

    2. Thanks Daria,

      Hmm not sure on his record. It won’t be the best just because he won so many matches and rarely dropped the first set so when he does drop the first set he loses more often.

      And well spotted! I think I did always used to write allez les suisses before but have gotten into a bad habit!


    3. Thanks so much for the French note Daria. I have been biting my tongue, all my imagined ways of addressing the issue going on for paragraphs. You stated it in one concise sentence. No one was offended. Painless.

  12. Thank you John you are the best, enjoy Wimbledon and please continue with the great job. I am a big fan of your ‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘

    1. I was in splits with that “pick em up truck” phrase. Pick-em-up-truck…AhahahahhahahhAhahahaha!

      So, what’s the deal? Wilson ain’t selling enough racquets these days? Gotta win Wimbledon partner πŸ™‚

      1. Just watched Fed practising at Wimbledon! Looks so relaxed! Kind of like him without the headband! The Twittet comments? Think he shld bin them! Distracting!!! 10 yrs ago, surely an omen for no 18!

    2. Good one, though I prefer by far the ones at the airport with the girls and the chocolate, or the one where he is hunting the fly πŸ˜€

      Though the one that cracked me up was the netjets one when he won french open πŸ˜‰

      1. Loved all those! Those girls were hilarious, right mix of sarcasm and hero worship! And yes The Fed looks fab in those jeans!!!!!

      2. He Simon, what a coincidence, we like exactly the same Roger commercials.
        I love both ones of the airport, especially the second one. The two girls are really fantastic actresses and Roger…. he could go into acting too you know, he really is a natural.
        Oh by the way, I don’t have to explain which part of the second airport commercial I like the best, right?? I mean, you all know right?

        The one with the fly is so great, because it is completely not Roger, but on the other hand it is so Roger…

        I don’t know if you mean with the netjets, but I loved the one when he won his 14th and he was pushing something on wheels with all his trophies and he needed a bigger plane !!!
        Loved that one so much.

        You know Roger is a great actor, so is Novak, his commercials are very good too.

  13. Welcome back ” Mr Smoothy ladies man Jonathan”. Wow u now hav a entirely new fan base. Lol. πŸ™‚
    Thanks 4 ur post and i liked the pictures you took. The Halle stadium and the Federer sign post are cool !! I wish i could of been there? One question though were u really cool as a cucumber watching the final???? Bcos everytime i watch Roger i hav to hav a difibrulater next to me as my heart keeps stopping!!! Man i get sweaty palms and am a nervous wreck. Period!!
    But this win has really cheered me up. It was a long wait for a title. Heres hoping Roger does the same at Wimbledon. Anyway cool man, look forward to your next post Mr Casanova!!! Sorry for tarnishing your reputation man. The secret is out!! ( only joking πŸ™‚ ). Serajul

    1. I swear to God, I’m getting really jealous of this Jonathan guy. Nobody like the Joker anymore? Is it the scars? You wanna know how I got these scars? πŸ™‚

      1. Try to understand Sid, Jonathan is for us girls commentators what Dimitrov it basically to all the girls !!!

        Please Jonathan, don’t say you like Maria too???

        Oh by the way Sid, you got me thinking (which is a bad thing to do, Katyani and thinking !!!), but…….. are you a mole or an infiltrator??? Joker??? As in Djoker????
        As in Nole??? Are you a Novak fan posing as a Roger fan???
        If you are….. no biggie, we still accept you. But….. if you had an avatar resembling Rafa….
        I think you would be banned and fired from your Director job !!!

      2. I have no problem with that. Jonathan can be Dimitrov. And I’ll be Roger πŸ™‚

        And yes, you’ve blown my cover. I’m a Djoker fan moonlighting as a Roger die hard and trolling this blog for a year. Ajde, Nole!

        Jonathan, are you going to ask me to resign from my position now?


      3. @Katyani you will be pleased to know Sharapova is not the one for me. She is too heavily effected by fame!

        @Sid lol the most dedicated spy in the history of tennis. Undercover for a year. Think they could make a movie about this one. Maybe the plot is where the guys who put you on this job have forgotten about you since it’s been so long? You no longer exist, a man with no identity πŸ˜€

    2. Cheers man. You should go, I flew from Leeds / Bradford, only a 1hr flight.

      Yeah I wasn’t nervous for the final in the slightest, just had a good feeling about it. Not to say I don’t get nervous for matches, just all about context and what’s on the line; USO 2011 semi I had to walk around my room, same for Wimbledon 2012 final in the opening 2 sets.


      1. That’s what I do!!! Unable to sit down! Clearly his human side makes him vulnerable!

  14. Personally, throughout 2013 so far I think Roger hasn’t been great but I think the back really hampered him at the start of the year and on the clay it was confidence and a lack of match wins under his belt. However, I think the rest of the year could be really really good depending on Wimbledon. If he gets through to semis of Wimbledon his confidence will be high and if he defends his title there, he’ll be very confident, on a 12 match winning streak, very fresh as well due to not playing many matches this year and heading into the fast hardcourt masters, the US Open and the indoor season I think he could have a great year. Wimbledon will be tough to win, it depends on how well he gets into it and how confident he is but I wouldn’t put it past him. If he makes the semi-finals I would give him a good chance.

    1. Hey man,

      Yeah the back was definitely an issue, no two ways about it. Lack of matches has hampered him too, he’s got out of the winning groove but Halle has helped turn it around a bit.

      Hope you’re right about Wimbledon.


  15. WOW J looks like you had a great time … I’ve been wanting to go to Halle for quite some time now. ENVY

    few thoughts:

    1- IMHO it is much better that Fed had to fight for this title. this is part of what was missing these past few months. I think this kind of win will serve him better than an easy 2-0 matches.

    2 – I’ve been saying for years that the ATP needs to make Halle a Masters 1000 tourney. it is about f@#$ time that they add a grass court tourney as a M1000.

    3 – you are so white it make my eyes hurt. tell you what – if you ever come to Israel I will take you to the beach on Tel Aviv + we will go play tennis on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem. see you soon.

    1. Cheers Feddybear.

      Halle could definitely be a 1000 tournament, easily a good enough venue although maybe too few courts….

      Haha I’m a Brit, the only way to get a tan over here is out of a bottle and I’ve stayed away from that.


  16. Welcome back, Jonathan! So glad you had a wonderful time at Halle – the pics are great – thanks a lot for sharing them and your thoughts on Roger’s last two matches! I watched the Youtube videos of those matches – not quite the same as seeing him live, I’m sure ( πŸ˜‰ ), but I thought he was playing quite well, and as you say, he definitely upped his level after the first sets in both matches. Loved his reactions.

    I haven’t yet managed to see Roger play live – never had any luck in the Wimbledon ballot, even though I’ve tried for a few years now! πŸ™ But I’m going to take Monday afternoon off work to TV watch (and record) his first match – cheering him on all the way! πŸ˜€

    Have a fantastic time at Wimbledon, Jonathan and everyone else who is also going! πŸ™‚

    1. Cheers Puffin,

      Why don’t you camp out for Wimbledon tickets? There’s Centre Court and Court 1 tickets available every day up until the Quarter Finals….


      1. Ha, but you see I’m a wee bit too much a decrepit old biddy to camp out now – maybe 15 yrs ago! I did get an email today about getting tickets via Ticketmaster for Centre & Court 3 – you need to order them 48 hrs before the day you want for returns or 12 hrs before for reserved seats – a slightly more comfortable way of obtaining a ticket, I think! πŸ˜‰ Has anyone else booked Wimbly tix this way before, please? Can you get decent seats?

  17. What a great weekend! I think this is the best way to enter Wimby. The draw will be hard, it’s all Ferrer’s fault

    1. Hi Carlos, I read somewhere that Andy could be on one side and Roger, Rafa and Novak could all be on the other side !!! Wow, that would be the toughest draw ever.

      Andy’s former coach is not happy that Rafa has been seeded 5th over Ferrer. What is his problem?

  18. Great to hear and see your personal Fed experience! It makes me really wanting to go next year. Thanks for sharing with us. And hey, I can see so many new Jonathan fan now…I shall join the club, too πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚

      You should definitely go, probably best tournament I’ve been too in terms of the way it’s setup and the surroundings.


  19. Better late than never.
    Awesome post Jonathan! I’m really that Roger won in Halle, I think it will be good for him going into Wimbledon. Much needed confidence boost methinks. I hope he does really well there, keep the QF streak alive and add another SF? Then everything else would be the the icing. Allez les suisses. πŸ™‚

    Though if Roger wins it will be epic. πŸ˜€

    1. Cheers Scooter.

      Yeah it was a good win, important he got a title I think. Hope Wimbledon turns out well, guess we will find out!


  20. It all depends on the draw @ Wimbledon. The champion plays the first match on Monday on center court which is good for us as he gets an extra day off during the weekend after the third round match..
    Personally i would like to have an identical semi-final and finals match up like last year.

    Let Fedy and Djoker be on the same side of the draw and Murray face Rafail on the other side in quarters..

    I think Fedy will definitely beat djoko @ Wimbledon but Murray or Rafail will prove more of a challenge..!!

  21. OMG..!! This is like my worst nightmare..

    Djokovic u lucky son of a gun.. HE is almost assured a place in the finals unless Delpo comes up with something special.

    Meanwhile fedy has nadal in quarters and Murray in Semis… The only 2 players on tour who have a better H2H against him.. πŸ™

    WHY GOD WHY ????????

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