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Noventi Open, Halle Draw 2021

The Halle Draw is out and Federer will face Ilya Ivashka in the first round.

The draw for the 28th Noventi Open has just taken place Roger Federer will face the qualifier, Ilya Ivashka in the first round. 

The Swiss heads into the North Rhine Westphalia showpiece as the ten times and defending champion, winning the event in 2019. However, with several top ten players in the draw, his task is not an easy one as he continues his comeback post knee surgery.

Sadly, due to nonsensical policies enforced by the Merkel regime, there are no fans allowed into the Owl Arena this year, and the event is effectively being played behind closed doors.

You can see Federer's projected opponents below.

Federer's Projected Opponents

federer halle 2021
  • Round 1: Ilya Ivashka
  • Round 2: Hubert Hurkacz / Felix Auger Aliassime
  • Quarter Final: Daniil Medvedev
  • Semi Final: Sascha Zverev
  • Final: Andrey Rublev

Full PDF printable draw sheet.

Thoughts on the Draw

federer halle press

Federer arrived in Halle on Thursday and had one of the lightest practice sessions I've ever seen against Kei Nishikori. 

The Swiss later said in the pre-tournament press conference he would be upping the intensity over the next few days to see how his knee responds.

It will be interesting to see how he looks in his first-round match against Ilya Ivashka who can be a tricky customer, even taking a set off Nadal in Barcelona.

However, the Belarussian has zero grass pedigree to speak of, failing to get out of the first round in qualifying for Wimbledon in his 3 previous attempts so this should be a comfortable start for Federer who can expose his technique by taking time away from him.

Should Federer progress to round two, then it's either Hubert Hurkacz or Felix Auger-Aliassime.

The Pole was handed an unexpected defeat in Stuttgart when Dominik Stricker defeated him, so he would be looking to make amends before heading over to Wimbledon.

On the other hand, Felix is playing in tomorrow's Mercedes Cup final, so he's got heading in with plenty of grass-court tennis under his belt, and I'd make him the favourite in that match.

However, both those guys are tricky customers as they hit big, and the grass is the type of surface where matches can slip from your grasp quickly, especially in a best of three formats.

Federer's projected quarter-final opponent is Daniil Medvedev, who heads in after his best-ever run in Paris, where he made the last eight. 

The grass is not Medvedev's best surface as he likes to play far back behind the baseline, and he faces Struff in the first round who is capable of the upset.

Pospisil is also in that section, and he's done reasonably well on grass before, so it will be interesting to see if Medvedev can prove his grass doubters wrong as he did to his clay one's last week.

Into the semi-finals, and Alexander Zverev is the top seed. He'll be arriving back in Germany today, having lost a tough five-setter to Stefanos Tsitsipas in the French Open semi-final.

Can Sascha hit the ground running, or will the wounds take a bit longer to heal after that defeat? I'm not sure, but I make Bautista Agut the favourite in that section, and he's my pick for the title.

In the other half of the draw, Stefanos Tsitsipas was the top seed after he took a wild card but he withdrew after play had commenced on Monday. That means the draw is hugely unbalanced and Andrey Rublev is now the top seed in that half of the draw and has a clear path to the final.

What do you guys think of the draw? Predictions for Federer? Let me know in the comments. I think this draw is tough, and although it might open up, I'd be happy with two matches for Federer.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Talk about a strong field! Fed and FAA are my two favourite players, so it will be tough if they do face each other. Fed’s knee issue is an obvious concern, plus older players aren’t super consistent. If he does face FAA in the 2nd round, I think the youngster has a real shot at the win.

  2. Why don’t Fed take a WC into Mallorca or Eastbourn? What he needs before 5-setters in Wimbledon (where you can face say Dustin Brown in first round), are some matches, optimally including some wins.
    The Halle draw could be a short affair and even if he plays 2 matches, winning the first, it’s not enough before Wimbledon, I guess,
    Or the alleged knee problems in Paris were “just for show” and he is actually best prepared for grass?

    1. Why don’t you finally accept that there were no knee problems in Paris. Everyone understands that, but you just keep pushing about this. He is a 40 year old, coming back from injury and two surgeries, played 3h35 match and you expect him to continue playing and risk another injury? He said multiple times before, grass is when his season starts. Roland Garros was preparation tournament for him and he has all rights to do so.

  3. Well well – worth a TT subscribe…? I don’t like many of the others, so except Roger might be flying…hmm

  4. Wow. Tough draw. With so few tournaments running, I suppose that will be the case. The lower ranked players must be having a hard tome getting into tournaments. A shame there is no fans!

    1. Every draw would be tough in his specific situation. No any draw would be tough for him if it was business as usual.
      Re crowd. I see some crowd in Stuttgart, but Halle is almost an indoor venue, so maybe this is the reason of zero crowd?
      “Merkel regime” (like Jon calls it in the article)- hahaha, we have such regimes all over the world, no?
      What about Japan? Olympics will be a ghost event and maybe the most crowds will be for protesting against Olympics?

  5. Let’s see, who’s in the qualifying? Oh, he could face Stakhovsky, wouldn’t that be exciting?! (Though he’s currently playing Rinderknech, who was apparently impressive… somewhere, recently).

    It really has to be wait and see right now, I think. Fingers crossed. Would actually like to see him “have fun” even if that means a tough match.

  6. He may well face Basilashvili again in the first round, which could be either extremely tough or a stroll in the park (as often seems to be the case with the Georgian). However, I was really impressed with Fed at RG and I think he’s still a Top-5 player when fit and match-fit. I think his experience, hunger and prowess on grass will shine through here; even if he doesn’t win it, it can hopefully be a springboard for the big prize at Wimbledon

      1. Is this a measure for Fed’s ability right now? Because of persisting problems with knees or only being rusty?
        With Giron or Berankis being a threat in first round, how do you see Fed’s chances in Wimbledon?

  7. It’d be so dumb if tsitsipas withdraws after taking the wildcard because then Roger would’ve had a top 4 seed

    1. It would be no surprise, if it’s an epic today. Maybe not, if he loses quietly. He can still take WC into Mallorca or Eastburn.
      Don’t know, when he took WC into Halle, but maybe before SF or earlier?
      But this is privilege of top players coming deep into tournaments. If they enter “just to be sure” but withing normal deadline or take WC, is no difference for the rest.

      1. Surely quarantine restrictions for Wimbledon would prevent Mallorca being an option?

  8. I agree with ‘its not enough’ above. If he wants Wimbledon, knee cooperating, he’ll go four matches here. Then on to his favorite tournament! Im behind you Roger, what ever you choose. He’s earned the right to choose, whatever he thinks, play or bow out. He can do no wrong as far as Im concerned!

  9. I don’t know how you guys see it but unless Roger makes a big run and either makes the semis/ final or even win the whole thing, I can’t see him even come to close to winning Wimbledon.

    At the end of the day, if you can’t beat the Medvedevs, Zverevs and Tsitsipases of the world, how can you possibly think about beating Djokovic or Nadal.

    To me either he can do it or he can’t.

    We’ll see. If the knee is becoming an issue again, that’s not good. He has to be 100% and he has to start winning and beating these top guys if he wants to achieve something special again.

    I actually expect him to go deep in Halle.

    Maybe I am delusional or maybe too demanding but I expect greatness. And I am sure Roger expect a it too. Otherwise, why quit the French Open unless you are planning on doing well here.

    1. I’m sure we can expect great again, the question is when and how fast. Maybe small steps are necessary still, but that doesn’t mean that later it won’t be brilliant times again

      1. Exactly, muser. But I’m not sure I expect Roger to do particularly well here, or at Wimbledon, for that matter. That’s assuming the knee (or anything else) isn’t giving him trouble.

    2. Perhaps Roger Federer had a plan to extend his career by simply managing himself and his body? i.e. Kind of like he’s had for years?!! And, it has seemingly worked. Why read into all of this and enjoy while he’s still competing at such a high level? Geez!

  10. By the way guys, I am happy that Djokovic beat Nadal yesterday. But only if Tsitsipas wins tomorrow, it will truly be a glorious day.

    What are your thoughts?

    1. It’s just what I don’t like in (any) fans. If you see, your favorite/idol is not or no more able to win something himself, you pray his rivals get an injury or are stunned by anybody. It’s somehow natural but at the same time ugly.
      I hope, players don’t think so, knowing what it takes for the (great) rivals to defeat them or one other.
      It’s like what I hate in my compatriots, especially traditional farmers. If your cow gets ill and stops to give milk, you don’t pray your cow to get healthy again but the cow of your neighbor to get ill too.
      I guess, it’s not that specific for my country but I hope, it’s not so popular all over the world. But it is probably for the nation called “fans” (of any sport).
      I hope, I’m never catching this virus 🙂

    2. I certainly also hope for Tsitsipas today, (I think I’ve seen PRF mention same priority, yes?) – but no injures to anyone. Wouldn’t be a genuine prevail then?

      1. It was not about genuine prevail. §very win is genuine, even if the opponent had some health or fitness problems. This belongs to the business. It’s about hoping for the outcome, which is “favorable” for your favorite. In this case: Djoker plays Tsitsipas. You are not a fan of either. Maybe you don’t hate Djoker but you don’t want to see anyone passing Federer in grand slam records.
        So 2 days ago Djoker was OK, defeating Nadal, but today you want Tsitsipas to win, for the same (ugly) reason. Because of your ego, not Federer’s. Federer has a big Ego but I never seen/heard him expressing wishes like the one I hate. Because it’s genuinely ugly.

      2. And … praying for Tsitsipas to win is no way genuine. You are praying for Djokovic to lose but have not enough civil courage to express it directly. Which is not only ugly, but also pathetic, because your prayers can’t affect the outcome of this match.

      3. I mean – on a high overall I don’t care who wins, it’s just the my “sports”-level who would like somebody else than Djoko on top (for a thrilling exchange)….
        And to seek – is to find – yourself! (Not what you think you hoped, maybe…) So – what are you looking for?
        Never mind, I know you have eyes for beauty too.

      4. What I’m looking for? Yes, just for beauty of tennis. My favorites for beauty in tennis are Federer and Thiem. Nobody else. Even not Tsitsipas. But it’s the final of a slam and I expect top level tennis, whoever wins.
        Thinking like most of you, I should wish Tsitsipas to fall, because he just passed Thiem in the ranking and with the win he could add 1200 points to this.
        But I know, Thiem is rather wishing Stef the win (friends).
        And whatever Thiem thinks (I can only sp0eculate), I have my own rules. If none of my favorites is directly involved (=just playing), I’m not speculating about how this could affect my both favorites. Here’s is maybe where we don’t (fully) agree.

  11. The important thing in Halle is that he get some grass-court matches under his belt. Winning the title would be great but it’s not the priority.

    I agree with Will–given how well he played on the Paris clay, especially in the grinding Koepfer match, I think he’ll do pretty well on his favorite surface. I think it was important for him to play on clay and get some long baseline matches under his belt so he could be sure his body and game held up for grass. OTOH, withdrawing from RG allowed him to avoid burnout; there’s a fine line between overplaying and underplaying, and I think he threaded the needle correctly on that decision–although only time will tell.

    The early rounds are key, he has to avoid an upset by a big server or net-rusher on fast grass in Bo3. If and when he navigates those early matches, it should be more routine.

    Medvedev is a fantastic player (and highly underrated on grass, I think–he has the potential to be an elite grass-courter) but Federer’s first-strike game and all-court nous should help him to prevail if they meet. Bautista Agut is a super-consistent grinder who has never been given his due, but as with Ferrer (who beat Djokovic/Nadal on multiple occasions but never Federer), Federer’s variety should once again prove too much for him if they meet, especially on fast grass.

    Win or lose the RG final, Tsitsipas will probably have a psychological letdown. It’s not clear if he can regroup in time for a Bo3, especially since he has to quickly transition from clay to a very different surface. He needs time to wind up for his groundstrokes and on grass Federer can take that time away from him.

    But I don’t think Federer will face more than one or two of these top players; chances are high that a couple of them will be knocked out early on these fast grass courts, and he’ll end up facing someone totally different if he makes it to the later rounds. So best not to look too far ahead in the draw. Assuming he gets past the qualifier (which is no sure thing), Hurkacz/Auger-Aliassime will be tough enough.

    C’mon Roger!

    1. Thanks Steve – made me somewhat optimistic. Maybe even enough push for me to subscribe TT in a short time…

    2. That’s the famous “belief” (In Fed we trust) from FedFans. You don’t believe, Fed could defeat a player X in the QF, so you hope this player disappears before, beaten by an outsider. And you hope, this win will not happen because the outsider was so good (in this case he would be the same or greater threat for Fed) but “somehow” the winner remains outsider but the potential threat for Fed was maybe ill or tired.
      This is what I call HateFans (not FedFans).

      1. Nonsense, I also expect a few seeded players to exit early for two reasons:
        Most of them will have a huge adaptation demand due to the grass courts. Especially after the clay courts. Grass is such a tiny seasonal window.
        2) Grass court tennis is another story, a good ranking (based on 80% hardcourt tournaments) does not mean automatically you are a good grass court player.

        Currently you spent way too much time with provoking Fed Fans in a Fed Forum. You seem to enjoy it, we don’t.

        As a Thiem die-hard fan you should focus on your guy. Btw his loss of muscles you mentioned simply indicates he reduced training and shares the rest of the time with his new girl friend and follows the advice of his stupid father who has no clue at all (a regular club trainer dealing with issues of a wold class athlete – ridiculous).

  12. These young tennis players are totally useless. Tsitsipas can’t buy a first serve late going, absolutely gross to watch. He telegraphs every drop shot and can’t put two points together without making stupid errors. No amount of game points is enough for this clown. Djokovic was there to be beaten today but of course nothing comes of it. Totally bankrupt sport, no depth, no will, no consistency in anyone but big three.

    1. Incredibly mentally weak players, whole new generation. They will never be champions, not even close, to Big 3.

      1. Becker, Chang, Nadal…all younger than Tsitsipas, all winners.

        Now, if Tsitsipas was hurt, then maybe that explains a bit, but if Novak was hurt, he’d still find a way to win. No question that Novak wasn’t going down in straights (although Tsitsipas at least shouldnt’ve given up that break so early in the third), but to go away so tamely in the fourth, and then to lose a break almost immediately in the fifth? Incredibly soft. And his level dropped so much in the second half, it was scary to watch. Couldn’t land serves, gross errors all around. Djokovic moved him all around, started hitting more drop shots, and just played not to overhit. Tsitsipas had no answer. And Novak keeps on adding accomplishments as a result.

    2. You try to understand tennis from the bottom side. It’s not that Tsitsipas was not able to move Djokovic (nobody can) but that Djokovic (ask Dolgo for a corresponding definition) was able to find the way. Tsitsipas was winning most points with 1-3 length.
      Djokovic’s game may not be beautiful but it’s the smartest game on tour. Tsitsipas tried to play out everything he could. It was not enough. It was his first slam final. Djokovic tried to move him around and make rallies longer, even if he was losing points and games and even 2 sets. Then Tsitsipas had no more fuel to withstand Djokovic’s point constructing (where he is a master).
      Big3 are Big3 for a reason and something like this will probably never repeat. It’s like rich people getting automatically richer, whatever happens in the economy. You cannot make younger generation responsible for the existence of Big3. They are challenging the Big3 more and more. Thiem, the senior of this group had winning records against Big3 in 2019/2020 (if I’m not wrong). Not (yet) in finals.
      If you don’t like facts, it’s bad for the facts, right?

      1. Thiem might be challenging the big three but let’s see him come through in a slam final against one of them. It may never happen. The big three have lost to guys like Thiem, and to guys like Dustin Brown, but when it matters most, they don’t and it’s in part because the young guys have too little depth and mental strength. If Novak started masterfully constructing points all of a sudden in set 3, then Tsitsipas had to adapt by set 4. If he was tired, he shouldn’t have been, he’s 12 years younger. At some point, one of these chumps has to win on the big stage, but they have a lack of heart, and of talent, I agree, as the big 3 are too strong. But leading two sets to love at the final, you need to find a way not to fall apart. Djokovic played great down the stretch, but stefanos didn’t do himself any favors with his bungling at the same time.

    3. I’m convinced that part of the problem with the younger generation is their lack of exposure to BO5 matches on a regular basis. They’re a very different beast from BO3, and I’m not sure the youngsters appreciate the ebb and flow of the longer matches, and that they may need to conserve resources to finish strongly. Did Tsitsipas use up all his fuel in the first couple of sets – and over-extend his body, perhaps? I wouldn’t be surprised. And it’s hardly the first time it’s happened against Djokovic. Taking 2 sets isn’t enough – you need plenty left in the tank to take the third at some stage. He’ll probably learn, given time.

  13. It’s pretty clear that Novak is the best player of all time at this point. The only meaningful record he doesn’t have is most slams, and that’ll happen within two years at most, probably sooner. Federer and to a lesser extent Nadal never continued to evolve as players, banking on their supreme talents (especially in tight spots), but this guy learned well how to beat them over the years, adapted his game, and bested them all at their best and on their favorite surfaces, and more than once. He’s pretty much unbeatable when on, and no one is better at big moments the past six or seven years at least.

    He’s not very likable, and you hate to see him and his annoying family win, but he’s the best ever. Fed and the rest are playing not to get left in the shadow of Novak’s dominance.

    1. Djokovic is a beast. No question about it.

      Will see at Wimbledon. Nadal might pull put and Fed may* pose a challenge but that will depend on his physical state AND how he does at Halle.

      Djokovic could lose in the early rounds but in the Final he would be the favorite.

      I want to see Fed do something special this summer but it could be more of a dream than reality. Only time will tell.

    2. That’s ridiculous to say that Federer and Nadal haven’t evolved – what do you think they’ve been doing over the past decade?

      1. Alison, they’ve been stagnating, is what. Fed won 4 slams in the past decade, nadal two off clay. How many chances though? And that’s Evolution? Djokovic is the only one who took conditioning, tactics, form, data to new levels. Yes, against nadal fed hit some bigger backhands for a year, and nadal improved some on hard, and they all developed a trick or three, but they otherwise hit a wall long ago. They’re so great they can win any given match, and sometimes do find ways to win from very tough spots against lesser lights. But Djokovic has truly evolved, the best at winning anywhere. That’s why he’s surpassed everyone since basically 2015, maybe earlier, not because fed and rafa started to generally suck. I don’t like it, it’s just true.

      2. Holdco, I think you look at it the wrong way.
        The natural way for tennis players after they hit the age of 30 is a steady decline.

        The fact that Roger won 3 slams after the age of 35 is a sport miracle and had a lot to do with a development and changes in his game.

        Both Nadal and Djokovic improved their serve significantly in the last decade.
        However, Djokovic’s secret is his ability to maintain a level of fitness like no other.

        Timing is 5:34 in this highlight reel is mind boggling. How on earth Djokovic got to that forehand, and was capable to send it almost exactly to Nadal’s baseline?
        After more than 4 hours of a very physical match, at the age of 34.

        And later to maintain a freshness that will enable him to win a BO5 from two sets down against a much younger player who seemed to struggle physically as the match progressed.

        A lot of experts projected that Djokovic will decline because his game is built on his agility and elastic abilities. Somehow, barring 18-20 months around 2017, it didn’t happen. Not only it didn’t happen, he seems to be in a physical form better than much younger players.

        Roger, on the other hand, is a normal human being in terms of physicality. Still he was able to stay at the top of the tennis world in his late 30s, winning some big titles, and getting to touching distance from a few other he should have won.
        You don’t do it while stagnating. If Roger was stagnant he was still a top 20 to 30 player probably, but that’s it.

      3. Thanks for link Shmeltz. Djoko can surely hop and run. Very fit. And thin. His diet? Or non-diet? Some trend is going that on and off fasting periods makes your vitality aging slower…Somehow I don’t imagine Roger a fasting type

      4. @Shmeltz
        You both (you and @Holdco) are right to some extent. It’s of course exaggerated to say, Fed and Rafa were not evolving over last decade.
        But it’s tru IMO, that Djokovic has done a lot more in this area. It’s both the physicality (at least partly due to his vegan or partly vegan diet) and spirituality, both bound together, because it’s known since thousands of years, that both elements are supporting each other. Also his experiment with “love&peace” was a part of his evolution.
        I have often the impression, he needs to lose first set or two and have the crowd against him to reach some deeper focus and win.
        I recall his loss to Thiem in London where Thiem didn’t give up for a second (must have been in a great shape) and was throwing rockets to Djoker, not even trying to let him run or give extreme angles, just hitting almost to the middle of the court. Djoker’s flexibility and extreme ability to run laterally could not help him. He was not able to absorb energy of coming balls. This is maybe the only way to defeat Djoker right now. Federer was able to do it with his point construction against Djoker’s point construction, but this was long time ago.
        Djoker may get another low after he wins everything for 1-2 years and stays alone on the GOAT-mountain, with completely missing motivation. He could even retire from tennis and come back after 3 years and still deliver like he does right now.

  14. As much as I don’t like Djokovic, you gotta give him credit.

    He’s done what Federer and Nadal couldn’t do – to win the Career Grand Slam twice.

    He’s won all the Masters 1000 also and he’s got 19 Slams now.

    He doesn’t have a memorable signature summer like Federer had in 2009 but he’s had a bunch of epic 5 set wins.

    It is what it is. Congrats to him and I hope that Federer can do well in the upcoming tournaments… Other than that, life goes on.

    1. All Masters 1000 twice, all slams twice, most weeks at number 1, soon to be most slams, winning record against the best. Clearly the best ever. Fed has a few esoteric records left (most GS quarterfinals, consecutive weeks at number 1), but he’s been eclipsed. He needs some dramatic victories, including against Novak, to re-enter the conversation. Frankly, I think he’ll do very little for the rest of the year.

  15. Pathetic from another generation of Mug players. Had a little faith in Tsitsipas to no avail. Grandpa Fed still has a lot of work to do before he retires. I just hope he leave it all on the court before he retires.

      1. Wrong. Fedr winning Wim19 would have put some kind of breaks on Djoko. Fedr took himself out of the GOAT race by missing those MP’s. Its still disgusting in retrospect that he just couldnt do anything on those MP’s. I hope Fed is playing just for the love of the game because thats all left. The damage is done. Djoko and Nadal can easily win slams against this pathetic Next Gen and they will be in the way of Fed. Of course, Fed can oblige and prove me wrong.

    1. Claud, yes, brakes, but you think somehow Novak would’ve been stuck, that he wouldn’t reach 21? It’d be a year later than now maybe. And we’d be having the same discussion then.

      But i agree, of course he had to win that match. And the first match point was a great return, no shame there. The second was the heartbreaker, with that soft approach. But those were just MPs, he didn’t have to tamely lose the next two and get broken! It’s the only painful loss as a Fed fan. The others, while maybe a bit unlucky, were not unfair.

      Look at it philosophically though, if Novak held his first break in the fifth to go up 5-2, it’s over and no one’s talking about that match as anything notable.

      That’s why I want djokovic everywhere, london, uso, every final. It’s the only way to atone, by going through him.

      1. “Djoko and Nadal can easily win slams against this pathetic Next Gen and they will be in the way of Fed.” I did allude to Djokdal going more than 20. No confusion for me there.
        Its all about Fed missing the greatest opportunity to make his mark on the Big3 discussion by beating Djokdal back to back at 37. It would look rather astounding should Djokdal go 21+. Fed got the perfect opportunity to make that case and had everything going for him until the dreaded 40-15.
        Fed has another good 2 years left in him. But he would be thinking along the lines that someone will take out Djokdal for him. Thats exactly where he is brutally wrong. When Fed is in the draw, Djokdal are just fired up and wont let go. Yes, Fed would get his chances to face both of them again, but it ain’t going to be pretty.

  16. Yes – makes me a tad less interested in tennis. To me greatness is more than winning most, but must admit that Djoko is cementing his position as nowaday’s most winning/unstoppable tennisplayer. Roger has already suggested that both Rafa and Djoko will surpass him in number of slams won. But they are not the players to be watched with more pleasure.
    I have a small hope for Musetti, we’ll see what he grows into. And still we have Roger Federer on court to admire his stylish tennis. I’m very grateful for that.

    1. Musetti? There are tens of similar “one-way-wonders”. No one has bigger potential than Thiem-Zverev-Tsitsipas-Medvedev.
      Now imagine, you start in the race of richness against Buffet, Bezos, Musk or Gates just having bit talent and working hard. You end in psychiatric clinic.
      But still we have a lot of top tennis among them. Their bad luck to have to start careers during Big3 prime time.
      Tennis is still interesting, but you need to understanding tennis. Admiring Federer is not the same.

      1. PRF – we are different people with different interests. I cannot demand you to accept it, but so it is, like it or not

      2. @muser
        I know. I accept. This does not make discussion impossible. Moreover, it should even make it more interesting. But somehow there is no bridge at the crucial point. That’s why I was avoiding to discuss with you. At some point you commented one of my posts and this started the discussion again.
        Now I see, it was not your intention, so let’s avoid commenting each other to not start to teach each other again.
        I promess to never comment your comments anymore. You do what you want 🙂

  17. Roger is starting tomorrow. Let’s see how it goes.

    To me – no excuses. For him to even think about winning Wimbledon, it all starts with a WIN at Halle.

    Like I said – if it doesn’t happen, than he’s just not ready yet.

    BTW, Cilic won in Stuttgart.

    1. You had a dream? Yes, Fed will do his best in Wimbledon. But this can be reaching round 3. Are you happy then?

      1. Thiem lost in R1 of Rolland Garros and the same will most probably happen at Wimbledon.
        By the end of the year he will be out of Top20 and will if course not qualify for WTF this year.
        True story…

      2. Dear DrEvil,
        This is his problem, not mine.
        I understand, you are looking for any “points” again my thoughts about Fed. But what has Thiem’s losing with Fed to do? It would have to do, if Thiem was losing to Fed, but somehow since long time he is only winning.
        You seem to be happy about Thiem having a crisis. Like he was the first in the history to have one. Ask Annacone about crisis in Sampras and Federer after winning first slam.
        And … Thiem is completely different animal. No sense to compare him with all time greatest. He is not even trying to go this way.
        If you feel compensated for Fed’s failures with failures of others, I can only laugh.
        I’m happy with Thiem being happy, doing other things, like getting directly involved in saving oceans, protecting wildlife a.s.o. Probably he will be back on the top of tennis at some time, maybe not. Thiem is not a big mouth like Fed. He is extremely introvert and even his parents never know, when he is ill. I’m wishing well Federer but this does not mean, you must wish well Thiem.

  18. Rather a shame seeing people beating up on Tsitsipas after loosing at Roland Garros,A five setter after playing another five setter in the semis.
    For me he is the best thing to have happened for tennis for years.Great serve,forehand,good at the net.Plus he doesn’t give up,still fighting in the final game.
    But here’s the big one,he’s only 22,remind me how old the big three are?Hes going to be around when they are long past it.
    So,well done Tsitsipas ,many grand slams in the future 😊
    Plus,he is good looking,charismatic,erudite!

    1. Djovic chooses his tournaments carefully other lower ranked players cannot afford to do that. I was disappointed with the final, cannot stand Djo and Tsitsipas should make a fortune with his looks and charisma. All the big names will be after him for their products so he loses the final ? But wins the endorsements and there’s a fortune to be made there. And he is young, 22, so hopefully he will just get better in the future. He’s my new hero !

    2. I agree. Aside from Federer, I do like watching Tsitsipas’ game. Guess Venus would tell him that those criticising him can’t play tennis anywhere near as well as he can 😄

    1. Ivaska is NOBODY? But can sometimes do some damage with serving (193 cm). If Fed can move somehow, it will be short affair. If Fe3d loses, he should withdraw from Wimbledon.

  19. Just watching Goffin vs. Moutet, not because of the match but to see, how the stadium looks like.
    As was to be expected, there is only Merkel-style crowd, made of cardboard. But maybe just because the match is not interesting and at this time people are not keen to sit an a half-closed stadium?

    1. That’s embasrassing after announcing to go for a A+ Wild card just 3 days ago (he was qualified already for the RG FINAL at that stage). Non-sportmanship btw regarding the consequences on the composition of the draw…

      1. Why did they tell Stef that his grandmother passed away before he steps on court to play the final! Craziness!

      2. Why on earth would you do that, 5 minutes before the greatest challenge of his professional life thus far?! Or was it supposed to psych him up?

      3. It’s quite hard to believe that anyone would tell just 5 minutes before his first slam final that a player’s beloved grandmother had died. But maybe such is the tradition in Greece – to tell important incidents right away, and as soon as possible regardless of all.

      4. Just for the record, Tsitsipas’ grandmother *died* 5 minutes before the final was due to begin. He didn’t find out about it until afterwards.

  20. 1 step further to TT subscribe. Following Livescore along with Jonathan’s Livechat was somehow a new way of (not really) following – but quite amusing too, somehow. And a little boring – I understand some of the partakers didn’t view this match as Federer’s most entertaining achievement. Except, maybe , in the end, where some spirit entered like in last moment…Now is the question, who’s next – !-?

  21. Here are the facts that one must admit to. There is no question that one can argue who the G.O.A.T is. Facts are facts and Joker winning and tying Fed would seal the deal. But I ask this, which player is the most popular Fed then Nadal then Joker. Which is the richest which includes of course all the deals that Fed has made with advertisement. Fed then Nadal then Joker. Even if Fed retires he can still earn more then Joker with him playing full time. The G.O.A.T. statistically may eventually be Novack but in the hearts and minds of most fans Fed is the King especially of grass court and Nadal of clay court. Joker will NEVER be more popular then Fed and that is a fact which must make Joker crazy.

    1. Wishful thinking. Who loves Boris Becker or McEnroe, Agassi or Sampras right now from those, who loved them when they played? Fan’s memory is shorter than you would like.
      Wearing RF caps and screaming during the match is not equal loving or admiring.
      Nobody can live twice.
      Of course nobody forgets the name in 10 years. But then new fan generation will appear and they will live current court heroes.
      You may love Federer in 10 or 20 years, but where will you express this love, so others know about it? Do you believe, even this PERFECT blog will survive Fed’s retirement? Who will be excited with Federer’s new ads after he leaves the tour?
      I guess, this blog survives, because Jonathan is first tennis fan and then Federer’s fan. Not the opposite, I guess. But most of you will go .
      If it makes you happy, that Djoker is not loved like Federer and Nadal are, it”s up to you.
      There are admirable personalities among Top100 players but nobody cares if they don’t win big tournaments.
      Yes. Facts are facts. But the meaning of facts changes from -100% to +100%, depending on the time. If new facts (=slam wins) stop to come and new facts are reaching QF’s, 99% of fans go to follow another players. This is a fact too, if you look back into tennis’ history.

  22. To me personally I feel that Wimbledon is still and always will be the most relevant of all tennis grand slams.

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