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Flawless Federer Wins Fifth Indian Wells Title

The comeback king reigns supreme as Roger Federer defeated Stan Wawrinka 6-4 7-5 to win his fifth Indian Wells title and continue his spectacular start to the year by collecting his first Masters 1000 trophy since Cincinnati 2015.

As usual, the victory brings up more milestones than you can shake a stick at: 90th tour-level title, 25th Masters 1000 title, oldest ever Masters 1000 Champion since Agassi in 2004, his best start to a season since 2006 and now Number 1 in the Race to London. Not bad for a 35-year-old ey!

Quick Match Recap

Fed Stan IW 2017

Federer won the toss and elected to serve. He kicked things off with a hold to 15 before pushing Stan to 30 in his opening service game.

Another quick hold followed, and both men began to roll on serve. Stan was made to work the harder of the two, but in game nine he had his first 30 all of the set; he couldn't get a look at a break point though and soon found himself serving to stay in the set. There at 30-15 the US Open champs unreturnable first serve was wrongly called out, but he didn't challenge. Roger won the point and then broke to take the set after a lengthy rally.

With the set in the bag, Federer dropped serve for the first time this week in the opening game of the second. Stan then saved two break points with some crisp hitting to consolidate for 2-0.

Roger followed with a hold to 15 with yet more stylish play. Stan then found himself in trouble down 15-40 and Roger broke back with a brilliant defensive backhand slice.

The set continued to go on serve thereafter, but it wasn't plain sailing for either player. Federer, in particular, couldn't land his first serve with any consistency and had to dig himself out of several 30 all games. However, he managed to keep holding and moved up 6-5, finally turning the screw at 30-40 to win three consecutive points and bag his fifth Indian Wells crown.

Match Stats

  Stan Wawrinka Roger Federer
Aces 5 2
Double Faults 3 1
First Serve Percent 61% (44/72) 63% (36/67)
1st Serve Points Won 70% (31/44) 78% (28/36)
2nd Serve Points Won 39% (11/28) 67% (14/21)
Break Points Saved 40% (2/5) 67% (2/3)
Service Games Played 11 11
1st Serve Return Points Won 22% (8/36) 30% (13/44)
2nd Serve Return Points Won 33% (7/21) 61% (17/28)
Break Points Converted 33% (1/3) 60% (3/5)
Return Games Played 11 11
Winners 17 23
Unforced Errors 21 15
Total Service Points Won 58% (42/72) 74% (42/57)
Total Return Points Won 26% (15/57) 42% (30/72)
Total Points Won 44% (57/129) 56% (72/129)
SABR 0 0


Thoughts on the Match

Federer Wawrinka Indian Wells 2017

2017 just gets better and better if you're a Fed fan huh? First, an eighteenth Grand Slam Title basically out of nowhere and now the first Masters 1000 of the year in his back pocket as well.

After landing the toughest draw imaginable, he's managed to win the title without dropping a set and lost his serve just once in 5 matches.

Regarding today he was the worthy winner and played yet another high-quality match. Both guys knew they'd have to be the aggressor to come out on top, but it was Roger who took Stan out of his comfort zone, continually putting him in awkward spots on the court and forcing him to go for too much.

Roger's topspin backhand has been the most talked about shot in tennis of late, but it was his slice and defensive work that helped today as he soaked up Stanimal's power-hitting. He was able to mix up his game peRFectly to prevent Stan from finding much rhythm from the baseline. Just a great mix up with pace on serve and the groundstrokes to unsettle Wawrinka.

As for Stan, it's been a good week as well. I think most people thought the surface should suit Stan, me included, but he seems to struggle with the bounce. Often hitting long and I guess his results in Indian Wells over the years reflect that. So to make the final and win some tough three setters is impressive. He said in his runners up speech he was tired and got quite emotional but he heads over to Key Biscayne as the top seed and should fancy his chances.

And that's where Fed is heading too. No Djokovic, no Murray. Time for the Sunshine Double? Unlikely but you can't rule it out!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. I was sandbagging, but now I’m taking this serious, and not letting a chance!

      Wawrinka said post match : I would like to congratulate Roger – He’s laughing, he’s an asshole but it’s okay.


      1. Not yet, muser.

        So getting close to Scandinavia? I mean, I don’t know? Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia???

      2. BTW, Denmark reminds me about Carlsberg beer… πŸ˜€ (I don’t know if it’s the best reminder, though…)

      3. Jonathan πŸ™‚ Tennis kan da ikke vΓ¦re iblandt dem?

        Vik: Carlsberg has come up with very good beer recently, because of great competition from small micro breweries. Otherwise we Scandinavian also like it here, thinking greatest place on earth, although south of France, part of Italy, coasts of Spain, California etc also are quite popular. Personally I like Ireland very much, and of course England. The English humor and way of socializing is among my greatest favorites – Switzerland? OK, yes, I gather

  1. That break points converted for Roger has got to be wrong – it’s 2 of something, maybe 2 of3, since he broke once in each set.

    Also, they’re heading to the East Coast – they’re finishing up on the West Coast now.

  2. Today is Ivan’s 38th birthday, so Fed gave him a terrific present. Bet there will be a major celebration tonight. πŸ™‚

  3. Not flawless coz he dropped his serve at the start of 2nd set which reminds me of Monte Carlo.
    Am I too strict with him?HaHaHa…… Yes,I think so. I can’t blame him and being greedy for asking everything .
    This year so far have been full of surprises and joy.
    Next is Miami. Any idea?

  4. Who would have guessed at the beginning of the year that Roger would be so successful so far. I think Ivan is the best thing going right now. Fed seems to have a great plan of attack for every match.
    Roger has had great coaches in the past but Ivan seems to give the right advice that makes sense to Roger’s ear.
    I actually felt sorry for Stan. Roger wouldn’t be laughing at him. Not being there, what happened anyway. Will Roger go into the history books as an asshole?
    The world of tennis shaking their heads again!

    1. I do seem to remember reading somewhere, must have been last year, that Ljubi is regarded as a talented tactician…

    2. Who knows what Ljubicic brings. But it’s working so far πŸ™‚ I guess because he’s doing so good, you forget the previous ones but some of the work Annacone, Edberg etc. will still be contributing and perhaps Ivan brings it all together. Don’t forget Luthi either!

  5. I can hear sounds of gagging coming from the turncoat on the so-called “Ultimate Tennis Blog” (I assume the name is a joke?) Such pleasure!

    1. First it was fast courts then he mastered the slow courts #apoplexy as it’s even claimed by some” not Roger “fans on twitter, someone poisoned NK. It’s pathetic but as they go low, we have the last laugh and happiest of feelings. Bliss state for Fedfans and anyone who loves tennis. Clean hitting and played in the best spirit of good sportsmanship at a very high level.. Thankyou Stan and Roger and you too Jonathan with your express turnarounds and insightful reports and great forum. Three of the best people linked by the wondeRFul game of Tennis.

  6. Why was Roger laughing at Stan. That “seemed” cold.

    It was funny that Stan called him an a-hole. Glad he called him out. I guess there is a window into the intimacy of friendship in that moment.

    But anyone know why he was laughing?

    1. You’re kidding right, Alb? It was said as a joke, which just goes on to show how comfortable the two of them are together. It’s only your best friends who talk to you like that (in the spirit in which it was said)

      1. Yes just like Robredo thumbing “up yours” to Sir Muzz after an epic battle! These are the special and most human of moments that endear us to the players especially our favourites !

      2. I saw Fed explain he was trying to cheer Stan up.

        Funny scene.

        Yeah – Gaurav – definitely reveals they’re closeness.

      3. I understood the a-word as kind of acknowledgment – mixed in with annoy of loss. “You won AGAIN (and I lost again), you a-h” Really goodhearted joke and at the same time airing frustration. That’s allowed and chum-like, and that’s why Roger laughed I think

    2. Alb! It was all a joke and lighthearted! Rog was laughing to keep things light as Stan got all emotional as clearly tired! ??

  7. Jonathan & fellow Fed fans – Happy to have discovered this wonderful blog! It’s a great space for us to share everything Roger!

    Cannot tell you all how excited and happy I am for what this man has achieved this year! It is truly remarkable and a true testament to his will and sheer talent that he is rewriting history at this age! I am in awe at what happened at the Australian and now this! Beating Nadal along the way (and the way he did) is just simply blockbuster movie material!

    @Alb to respond to your question about Roger laughing, here’s a quote of his response: β€œI was trying, when he looked at me, not to give him the sad face,” he said. β€œI was looking at him going, β€˜You’ll be fine,’ and gave him a laugh, say, maybe gets his mind off it. I guess I achieved that.”

    I do not think he meant that to be mean etc. He clearly was goofing around to cheer Stan up.

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah Fed was trying to take his mind off it. It wasn’t an emotional match at all so right thing to do I think. Not like it was a Roddick Wimbledon 09 type, in which case I don’t think he would be chuckling at tears

  8. Definitely keeps getting better and better as a Fed fan. Another great post and one can only hope Fed continues to roll! Hard not to get optimistic about the rest of the season given its start!

  9. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Federer look this unstoppable. Back in 2015 when he went on that run where he reached the final of or won every tournament from Halle until the end of the year felt like he was unstoppable, until he was stopped. This Federer feels even more automatic than that one, probably because he got #18 and so is full of belief within himself now too. I didn’t for a moment here get worried about Stan coming back into the match, it felt like Fed was completely assured he would win all the way.

    The key I think will be managing his schedule sensibly. He’s always been good with this, so I’m not too worried on this point, but it is possible the temptation will be there to really go at the clay courts to push for a second RG. While I think, on his day he could beat anyone except an in-form Nadal and maybe Wawrinka on clay, I would rather he use the clay court season as a means of getting a bit more match practice to really go at Halle and Wimby.

    As an aside, if Fed can get Miami, which I don’t think is out the question if his body and fitness hold up (really, with Murray and Djokovic both out, who looks close to being able to beat him right now?), I really feel like he can be getting 7-10 titles this year, which would be absolutely ridiculous. Ridiculous, but somehow for Fed it seems possible. Obviously, it depends on how Murray and Djokovic do, but I maintain that an in-form Fed playing well will beat both of them in-form 9 times out of 10, because he’s a better player even now. I expect Fed’s level to drop of course, but with the confidence he’s displaying right now part of me wonders if he really can keep this up all year long.

    Indeed, in terms of confidence I’d put him above 2012 Fed, and probably closer to 09 Fed, who at times just looked like he had already won the thing before it even began. He’s not as great a player as he was back then (mainly 06, which is arguably the best year anyone has ever had), but he’s more balanced, and for the first time in years he really has this swagger about him that strikes me as him honestly feeling like he’s unbeatable right now. Fed, in-form and with this supreme confidence, is probably too good for almost the entire tour. Long may this continue!

    1. I’m not getting ahead of myself with 2017. Good start but plenty left to play for. Gotta take it 1 tournament at a time. Right now his chances at Wimbledon look great, but it’s too far away. Miami right now – play well, stay fit and see what happens.

  10. Wow!

    Just woken up and seen the result. Am thrilled for Roger.

    Be great if he can stay injury free and give himself the chance to win Wimbledon – he was thinking about playing a limited. clay court schedule I think before RG.

    Great to see the master and GOAT back on and playing so well- Murray and Novak have a real contender to deal
    with again.

  11. Federer is totally possessed – a man on a mission
    Surprising even himself as per his own admission
    Quite unlike a few who are making things grim
    I wish the world had many more ‘assholes’ like him

  12. “Flawless Federer” and “In5ian Wells”…. you are on a role Jon, keep those names coming πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚




  13. What a tourney, from group of death to winning 1st Master of 2017. All without dropping a set and broken only once. It unreal stats especially in a slow condition. 6 months break help Roger to reflect and play with freedom of mind and body. He has nothing to prove anymore which makes him a lot more dangerous. Funny speech by Stan, Roger is trying to cheer him up but didnt work ha ha ha. On to Miami.

    1. Most members in the so-called “Group of Death” mis-interpreted the expression and decided to commit mass suicide… Another marketing mumbo-jumbo got disintegrated.

      Or was is a disguised inverse acronym for g.o.d.?… Whatever that means.

  14. You could see rog getting fatigued in the second set so it’s good that he finished it off in straights. The key for him now is getting enough rest as with almost no points to defend he can afford to take longer breaks so he can contend for bigger titles like here and Australia.

    1. Yes agree, started slapping his BH in the net and had slight frustration showing on his face at times.. wld not hv wanted a 3rd set… Monte Carlo memories….. ?

    1. I love you Roger soooooooooooo much…. but the one on the fur is NOT DONE…. like seriously…. seriously not done…like really really really seriously not done….


      πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      1. Hahahaha! Soft porn aka the 70’s… the other photos are great tho! And that chalet….. ???

      2. Hey Alison, really too much hair… everywhere πŸ™‚

        Hey Susie, other photos are really great. Somehow the one I love the most is where it looks like he is brushing his teeth. And the porn one…. he has this image of a gentleman and this pic…. nah…. let Rafa and Novak do such poses, it suits them πŸ™‚

    2. Yeah, some of the pants are awful…is that what fashion is coming our way? Yuck. Looks like Sean Connery, lol. Dreamy eyes though!

      1. Well the photos not my taste whatsoever, – some fashion fans playing around with what they think is cheeky elegance? And Roger having fun with it playing along? but the story is more interesting, and doesn’t that count a little more? And to be happy about his achievements (and outfit) on court, not to tell the evident heartiness always radiating? Come on!

  15. So true Katyani, didn’t he learn with the gold ended sport bag era at Wimbledon which many blamed Anna Wintour for! The article was good, but the fur and shorts worn in a pose more akin to a Rafa underwear shoot, all a tad overwhelming and not really federesque. Just stick to your tennis this is a distraction which may affect the Fedfocus.

    1. Haha Katie, let Roger indeed stick to his tennis and occasionally black tie a la James Bond.
      Let the porn stuff to others πŸ™‚

    2. I got some preview email a while ago with some samples in but didn’t bother looking at it fully. Some pics looks ok the others a bit daft. But it sells so that’s the aim of the game.

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