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Federer’s Outfit for the Shanghai 2012 Masters

Here's Roger's outfit for the Shanghai 2012 Rolex Masters, it follows the tradition of most Autumn/Winter Nike clothing for Fed as it's yet another classic polo. Great colour, cool design and worn by the man himself, what else can we ask for? Even though he's been on tour since 1998 Nike still manage to make each one just that little bit different, simple tweaks and subtle colour changes make all the difference and this one matches a brightish blue with a grey/seaweed colour.

It comes with a two tone 4 button collar, RF laser cut logo, side slits at the hem and mesh zones in the armpit area for ventilation.

It's probably one of my favourite polo's of the year to date actually and blue is by far the best colour for the indoor season. It's been a couple of years since Federer last played Shanghai so I'm looking forward to seeing him in action there again, he had a good tournament in 2010 before playing a shocker in the final against Murray but I think he quite likes the courts there so hopefully we see him put in a good run.

I should also had he'll be wearing this polo for the Basel tournament and also for the Paris Masters 1000 tournament in Bercy. For the World Tour Finals he'll be wearing a purple version of the same polo which I'll post shortly.

Let me know your thoughts on it.



Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. Ah yeah that’s that I meant with my comment, although reading it back it sounds like I meant the whole polo! I’ll post some pics when its closer the time.

      2. yeah looks like a nice polo but the shoes look pretty terrible. The colourway i saw was very un-roger like. It was black with like a slash of pink across it on the back.

      3. Not seen them, will take a look! I wasn’t a fan of the pink he wore at Cincy in 2010 though but hopefully this works out ok.

  1. I loved his Indian Wells and Madrid Outfits the best this year: They were both blue! Fact: Roger Federer looks peRFect in blue! This one is almost identical to last years, so identical success? Hopefully! 🙂

    It’s been a while since Roger had been in purple, huh? What are your thoughts on the #1 race? Is it realistically possible for Roger to stay #1?

    1. I hope so too man.

      Dunno on year end Number 1, I’m just gonna take it 1 tournament at a time, no point thinking to far ahead. Shanghai is next so if I’d just like to see him play well there, then onto Basel. Hopp suisse!

  2. Great outfit yet again from the lads at Nike. Hopefully, the similar colour to last year will inspire the Federinho!

    I notice his WTF outfit is in the same style as this, except with a purple main colour and grey/black collar pattern. Any verification of this?

    1. There might be some lasses at Nike too John? haha.

      Yeah his WTF is purple, I’ll post it here in the run up to the tournament. Looks good though.

      Also – did you see my racket post? I know you’re into maths/stats stuff, so do you have any ideas on how I could it take a step further or any other visualisations?


      1. Haha, well remembered! Yeah, I considered using “lasses” but it seemed to lose some impact, and I was in the middle of artistic expression (i.e not being too pedantic).

        I have seen the racquet post, yes, great analysis, by the way. There aren’t too many ways of looking far enough into the situation, unless we look into the differences between the racquets. I suppose we could plot some form of chart showing the frequency of wins of a certain brand matching with the time of the win. While it would clarify things further, you’d get pointless outliers, like Nadal’s wins, or Federer’s/Sampras’s for Wilson.

        Perhaps look into how many players in any given tournament use each kind of racquet, since the more people use head, for instance, the greater the likelihood of a winner using hear. So expressing as a percentage the proportion of people using wilson in total (no. of appearances) and those winning with Wilson (no. of wins) could further the study.


  3. I like it. So… it seems he’s playing Shanghai and Bercy? Wow.

    I still think he’ll probably pull out of Paris, but who knows? I believe in him, and I hope he can win some things at the end of the year.

  4. Hey Jonathan, sorry I haven’t been around for a while! I think my favorite part of all of Roger’s outfits is how all of his shorts have the one colored line across the back that matches his polo.

    I also really like the buttons, sort of new having 4 buttons. I hope that Nike makes more v-neck polos with the zipper though, I liked it when he wore one of those at the Olympics and Davis Cup! But as always, Roger has the best attire out of all the players on tour.

    1. Yo Kelsey,

      No worries, you haven’t missed much, been no Fed matches to blog about just speculation on his schedule.

      I really like this new polo. Not a fan of the zippers like you though, look abit awkward/uncomfy to play in.

  5. The new shoes for WTF look… well i’m undecided as to whether i like them or not. They seem to .. young, for a federer shoe. Either way i hope he wins it. GO ROGER!

  6. Great combination! Elegance = Roger, as always! Blue is great color and obviously Roger like it too cos he wears it really often! I’m really glad to hear that he is going to wear something different, like purple or pink mixed with gray! Design is always GREAT. Well done Nike! 😀 BUT I have to say that I didn’t like the shoes during all season, all of them just weren’t Roger’s type except those on US Open, they were great! 😀 RF=GOAT

    1. I liked all the shoes this year. They look very suave and cool and they play like a dream! Sure they don’t last too long but I’ve already stocked up on them and when they wear out I’ll always have the 287 shoes ( I know, I was ridiculously lucky to have got a pair, but the money I spent was worthwhile) to remind me of this year : Return of the King.

      1. Yeah, maybe you are right, these are pair of shoes that return the King were he belongs.You know, I’m sure that they play like a dream, otherwise Roger would’t make such a great season without comfortable outfit, but it is just “different taste”. You like them, I don’t. BTW it is great for you to have just one pair of shoes like Roger no matter what they look like.

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