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Federer’s Outfit for the ATP World Tour Finals 2012

Seen as though Roger isn't playing the Paris Masters this week that means the next time we'll see him on court is at the Barclays World Tour finals and that also means; outfit change!

Here's some pictures of Federer's outfit for the ATP World Tour finals, it's the same polo as the Shanghai/Basel Events but in purple.

From what I remember this is only the second time Fed has worn purple, the other being at Shanghai, Basel and Paris in 2010, he won Basel that year so it might be a lucky colour for London this time around.

I'm a big fan of the colour and I think it's going to look spot on against the blue courts in London. The only thing I'm not overly sold on is the trainers, they look a little bit Nadal inspired which can never be a good thing. Hopefully they look good as part of the whole shebang though.

What do you guys think, are you a fan of the purple? Should Kyle from Lefty Advantage or Sidthecookiethief add it to their seemingly never ending collection of Fed polo's?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. I haven’t gotten one of his shirts in a while. I wanted the IW and Wimby ones but never got them and there were a few others … I think the next one I might get is the AO polo. I have the purple one from 2010 already.

  2. Love the colours! Nike never runs out of good ideas for personalized outfits for Roger. I love how he’s still wearing his Indoor season look, but looks different for a new tournament. Perhaps a record 7th WTF trophy would be a nice addition to the outfit…

    1. Yeah, definitely is from Topspin 4, I have the actual game as well, pretty good. Does anyone else have any tennis video games.

  3. My favorite colour! and love the collaboration with gray. Would look great on Roger. Agreed about the shoes, I prefer classy ones, though I don’t mind the experiment sometimes, might be fun for him. Look forward to his WTF No.7 and your posts, Jonathan.

  4. Do you reckon he will be ranked no.1 as the new rankings dont actually come out till Monday? If so I really hope he is playing Monday evening because thats when I got tickets for!!

    1. Dunno man, dunno if they have like the defending champ open preceedings at the o2. All depends on his group I think though, Group A plays Monday, B Tuesday. So hope for Group A!

  5. I think in one of your posts many months ago, I posted a link to a pic of this outfit in the comments section. Pretty surprising how fast Nike design Roger’s outfits. They’re probably already up to his Roland Garros one next year.

  6. Im hoping thats for the masters and not the slam because crew neck at slam dosent work, looks plain and boring. Like the shoes though, but they are not very Roger like.

      1. I know he has won slams in crew necks but personally, id rather he didn’t wear crew necks at all. Stick to the polo. And you guys are right he wore mostly crew necks until 2007 where he started to wear more polos. I was actually a fan of the crew he wore in wimbledon 2006 and us open but thats it. The one in the link looks boring

  7. What are you guys’ thoughts on the swiss fans and officials’ criticism on Roger demanding extra prize money from Basel and not playing davis cup 2013?

    1. The Swiss team would be playing in the relegation rounds if Federer wasn’t there, and he has devoted himself to DC time and time again. But it’s not his fault that they can’t count on Stan and you cannot win the Davis Cup with one man.

      1. Yeah, Fed probably wouldn’t have been criticised if Switzerland beat USA at the first round this year and if he won Basel.

      2. Yep. And in that matchup vs the US, Stan let them down against Fish in the first match, which he should have won.

    2. Dunno man, seems a bit unlike Fed to want more money. Unless it’s Godsick pulling the strings. If he does want more cash I’d kinda be a little annoyed.

      As for Davis Cup – don’t care, it’s a joke tournament so no way people can complain.

      1. Jonathan, I can almost guarantee you Fed doesn’t want more money. He said that if it was the issue he’d play in the Asian swing (Beijing, Tokyo) instead. After I heard the news, I read up about it. From what I gather, Roger hasn’t been treated great from the Swiss Tennis Federation and a select group of people in that country. For instance, they say Fed hasn’t given enough to the Davis Cup, which is absolutely absurd. He has played the most ties of any active player and is only second I believe in all-time ties behind Edberg. Even if they are speaking about recent times, Roger has played in four ties in the last two years (the maximum, I believe), and in two of those ties (Australia, Netherlands) he has played three matches. Against the US he played two. The STF saying that they expect more from Roger is absolutely ludicrous, and he certainly does not deserve this. He has remained loyal to Switzerland for so long and loves the country, and money is certainly not an issue with his endorsement portfolio.

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