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Federer’s Outfit for the 2012 Cincinnati Masters & Rogers Cup

After posting Rogers outfit for the London Olympics yesterday I've gotten on abit of a roll and decided to post his outfit for the hard court tournaments prior to the US Open this Autumn/Fall i.e. The Rogers Cup in Toronto starting August 4th and then the Cincinnati Masters starting on August 11th 2012.

This outfit is surprising for two reasons: 1.) Roger usually always wears a polo for the US hardcourt swing and 2.) It's very rare you see him wear white on the court outside of Wimbledon.

Looks like another winner from Nike to me, I thought at first it was a bit too plain but with the navy shorts and detailing on the sleeves I reckon it will look decent and is another peRFect outfit for the GOAT.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Not a big fan of this one. Call me traditionalist, but I prefer shirts with collars!! Hope Roger gets inspired by the classic white 😀 I felt his 2009 corresponding outfit was his best thus far, but the pink and gold of 2010 was in my eyes a contender for that title.

  2. I like it. It’s a bit similar to what he wore in Miami. Don’t mind it being white as it looks good on tanned skin :p Also navy shorts works well, better than turquoise imo.

  3. Nice! But I like his blue V neck from last year’s Montreal and Cincinnati events in comparison to this one.

  4. Personally I would question Roger’s involvement in Toronto, i.e. I don’t think he will play it. The Olympics run from July 28th – August 5th. Assuming he gets to the latter stages I can’t see him making the long trip over to Canada to play a 1000 tournament straight away after a long June/July season. The wisdom would be suspect and Roger is usually one to make careful decisions in regards to his fitness. With the U.S. Open being paramount I can see many of the top players giving Toronto a miss this year and focusing on Cincy as the sole warm up event.

    Or I could be wrong…

    1. Toronto is Mandatory though so how would they escape it? Roger can skip it off course because of how many matches he’s played.

      Olympic Final on 5th. And then I’d guess with top seeds getting a bye they will play on Wednesday the 8th in Rogers Cup… 3 days off, it’s tight scheduling.

      1. Tournaments being mandatory has never stopped players from pulling out before. Plus with special circumstances I would imagine some leeway would be given.

  5. Correct me if Im wrong but I’m always under the impression that Roger, and I guess Nike (RF), reserves polos for the more important events – the 4 majors, World Tour Finals, Indian Wells, etc.
    He seems to revert to V-necks or more casual looking outfits for the European Clay Court season and the North American Hard Court swing. In other words, tune-ups leading up to major events.

    1. Not really, he wore polos at Cincy and Toronto in 2010, polos for Basel and Paris last year. Think it’s just a random choice, although polos seem to be the choice for all slams regardless.

      1. The day outfit in last year’s US Open 🙂 I always maintained he would have beaten Djoker had he opted for the black LOL

  6. All Roger Federer clothing is boss, it is so good to wear, you can wear it anywhere to be fair, its exspensive for what it is but it does look so cool.

    I have the latest wimbeldon jumper with the green rf on the arm, its fantastic.

    1. You’re right. I have more than a dozen of his polos and they are good any where, not just for playing 🙂 Can’t have enough of them.

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