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Federer’s Exhibition Matches in South America

Hey all, just thought I'd post up Roger's South American schedule here in case any of you are interested in watching it. Not sure what channel it will be broadcast on but I think they will all be televised.

It's actually a pretty hectic schedule and Roger will be playing 6 matches in 8 days across 3 different countries. Fortunately these are only Exhibition matches so I hope Roger takes them very easy.

I'll try to tune in and catch some of the matches but I don' think they will be starting till around midnight UK time which makes it a little awkward. I only stay up for competitive matches 😉

It should be a pretty good event for the fans as it's the firs time Roger has ever visited South America and from what I've seen on Facebook and Twitter Fed has an army of supporters over there.

I guess it would be better if Nadal was there playing too to draw in even more visitors but I think Fed vs. Del Potro will be very popular in Argentina. Also the Brazil fans will be excited to see their own Countryman Bellucci in action.

Federer Gillette

Roger's Match Schedule for the 2012 Gillette Tour

I'm not sure about television coverage but all matches will be streamed live via the new Roger Federer YouTube Channel and also on his Google+ page.

December 6

Bob Bryan/Mike Bryan vs Bruno Soares/Marcelo Melo (not before 7:30pm local time)
Roger Federer vs Thomaz Bellucci (not before 9:30pm local time)

December 7

Maria Sharapova vs Caroline Wozniacki (not before 7:30pm local time)
Thomaz Bellucci vs Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (not before 9:30pm local time)

December 8

Serena Williams vs Victoria Azarenka (not before 7:30pm local time)
Roger Federer vs Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (not before 9pm local time)

December 9

Thomaz Bellucci vs Tommy Robredo (not before 4pm local time)
Roger Federer vs Tommy Haas (not before 6pm local time)

December 12 and 13 in Argentina

Roger Federer vs Juan Martin Del Potro (not before 6pm local time).

December 15 in Colombia

Roger Federer vs Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Are the Exhos a Good Idea?

When the Gilette Tour was announced I thought it was a very good idea but then as the season started to wear on and Roger looked increasingly tired I started to think they were a bad idea and could have negative impacts on the start of the 2013 season.

Now it's been decided that Roger won't be playing Doha or the Exhibitions in Abu Dhabi I'm not too concerned. The matches aren't going to be physical in South America and obviously, he's going to take it very easy.

I also hear he's getting about $1.3 million USD for each match so it's not a bad holiday all in all.

Federer: Legend or Fact Interview


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. You’d think he’d rather play in front of a home town rather than in the south of america… oh well… By the way, what did you guys think about the best matches of the season? 3rd place uso final and first ao final?? Who the chooses them??…… Ao final was impressive by athletic ability, but as a TENNIS match (as opposed to marathon running) quite a few of them where better… Or am I just pissed that fed is not up in there? 😉

    1. I imagine they just pick the ones that suit the ATP agenda 😉

      Like you I didn’t think AO final was that good, just a long slog that made it impressive from a physical side of things.

      I thought Djoker vs Tsonga at the French might have made it in. Or Rosol vs. Nadal.

      Fed vs Murray at Wimbledon was good. And also Mathieu vs. Isner at the French that was 18-16 in the fifth, that was a good match.

      1. The ATP’s list was rubbish! How could they not add in Rosol and Nadal’s match? I don’t see why Murray vs Djokovic at US Open could be higher than Fed v Del Potro at Olympics.

      2. I totally agree. When I looked at the top matches, I laughed, I was like, there’s NO way that that US Open final was better than the Olympics Semifinal between Fed and Del Potro.

    1. Haha yeah, from what I’ve seen of Brazilian TV presenters interviewing sports people they don’t give a shit, just ask funny questions not the scripted usual stuff.

      1. Nooooo, You got the wrong impression! WE DO CARE about tennis and specially about Federer!!! Here there is a huge, huge team counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds to watch Federer!!! The tickets for Federer Tour run out in 20 minutes and the cheapest one was costing something about 300 pounds!!
        This television show is an humoristic program, not specialized in sports!
        Just can’t wait to see Roger, cant wait!

      2. Hi,

        Ahh I wasn’t trying to suggest South America doesn’t care about Tennis or Federer, I know you guys are Fed crazy, especially since it’s his first visit 😉

        What I meant was that the attitude of the presenters is very relaxed and they are carefree in their questioning. We don’t tend to get that over in the UK because everyone is scared to say the wrong thing and get a media backlash. I’d like to see more stuff like that where they ask different questions and not the typical stuff.


  2. The video was amusing, but somehow at this point I just can’t get excited about exhos. But thanks for keeping us up to date on what’s happening. I suppose I’ll tune in for those that are in convenient time slots for me, since it seems like such a long stretch before the AO. 🙁

  3. On paper it seems like a pointless exercise, but for that money I’m sure anyone could feign interest for a couple of hours!

    Any idea if he’s playing any warm up events in January ahead of the Australian Open?

    1. Hi,

      Nope don’t think so. He’s withdrawn from Doha which means his first tournament back is the AO. I think he will just be practising hard in Dubai then fly out to Aus.

  4. Yeah, I don’t think he’s the kind of player that needs 4 or 5 games to get in to his rhythm. Even if he does he should be on top form by the 2nd week in Melbourne

  5. Dear Jonathan thank you for this incrediblemwork you are doing for all of Roger Federers fans, I am from Mexico and I love Roger Federer, I have a wife and 2 beutiful daugthers whos are big fans of RF also. So please keep up the good job and thank you once again.

    Just to finish two questions: 1 do you think this exhos matches will afeect Roger Feder for his 2013 season if so how much you think they will afect.

    2.- do you think Roger will win a GS this year?

    Thank you and look forward to read you soon

    1. Hey Luis,

      Thanks for the kind words man, means a lot!

      I don’t think the Exhos will effect 2013 now, I did before he pulled out of Doha but now he’s got all Half of December and all of January off that’s plenty time to rest and practise.

      And as for winning a slam, I don’t really want to try predict. I think it’s possible but not a given. If I had to pick I think maybe he could win the US Open but it’s such a way off. See how Australia goes first…


  6. Quite honestly, I think they’re a great idea. They’re not competitive matches and Roger has never been to these areas before, so it’s a holiday for him, and the fans get to see him for the first time in their country, so I think it’s pretty nice. They’re just exhos so I don’t see the harm in playing them, especially because he’s skipping the opening tournaments in 2013. SORT OF wish he was playing Doha because I think it’s a good warm up tournament before Australia, but I guess Roger knows what he needs to do to get himself in shape for the slams. I remember reading somewhere recently that he’s always planning his schedule about a year and a half ahead and usually it works out well, so I won’t complain. Looking forward to watching some of these matches!

    1. Yeah, definitely good for the fans in South America. Are all matches on a hard court?

      If he was playing Doha I’d think it was a bad idea to go but now he’s skipping it and I think it’s fine. He will get plenty rest.

      1. That’s a good question, I was wondering if they were all on a hard court myself. Wouldn’t be surprised if some are on clay.

  7. OMG! How come Gillete letting Roger wear those hideous shirts….No, not acceptable.
    Anyway, it’s great that South American people get to see him and for him it’s a working holiday so he can experience and enjoy new countries, try out or show off his magic shots in matches without stress, I think it’s definitely good thing.

  8. I think Fed took a page out of Djokovic’s book in going into the AO with no competitive match play. It’s worked for Nole the last two years so why can’t work for Fed? He played those two exhos with Nadal in the 2010 offseason, then played 5 matches in Doha, and then looked burned out by the end of the AO when he lost to Djokovic.

  9. Thanks for putting the schedule up here and your thoughts too! Much much appreciated. I was just thinking I was in need of some news, some possibility to watch some of it maybe even… I think the way you put it, is the way I see it too. Play these matches, not really a lot of pressure, then have about 5 weeks off (5 right?!) to rest and practice and then do the AO… Seems a better idea than what happened last year, from what I’ve read… At least it’s good to know that he has been dug out of the sand on the beach 😉

  10. Jonathan, just to endorse what Luis from Mexico said, thank you for your time and commitment to this blog – it is I am sure much appreciated by all. Just at times we get so excited reading and commenting on same that we forget the input you put into compiling it! And by the way, really enjoyed your excellent TV commentary on the BBC during the recent Year-End London Tournament – why can’t the BBC see sense and sack Andrew
    Castle and replace him with you, ha,ha?
    As regards our Roger, I think he has an excellent chance of winning the Aussie Open and I am going to go out
    on a limb and predict he will win this one! I think the fact that he will not be playing any exhibition or warm-up tournaments ( i.e. Dubai + Doha ) just before the Aussie open will stand him in good stead. After all, if it works for Novak, it can work for him too!

    1. Hey Paul,

      Thanks man, means a lot.

      I would love to replace Castle. My tennis career is on a similar level to his anyway, so what have the BBC got to lose? 😛

      Aussie Open is a tough one, I think Djoker is very difficult to beat there, maybe even impossible but then again this is Roger. I think the practise and long break will do him good though. Definitely forward thinking in terms of the rest of 2013.


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