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Federer Withdraws From Rogers Cup

Not entirely surprising news but Roger has just withdrawn from the Rogers Cup in Toronto. You can see his statement below:

Federer Rogers Cup 2016

I have made the tough decision to withdraw from the Rogers Cup. Toronto is one of my favorite events on the calendar and I am disappointed that I won’t be able to compete in front of the great tennis fans in Canada. Looking ahead, it is best for me that I take more time after Wimbledon. I look forward to coming back to Canada next year and I wish Karl Hale and everyone at Tennis Canada a very successful tournament.

It goes against what he said in press after the Wimbledon loss to Raonic where he said he intended to play as he didn't want another long break. But obviously post Wimbledon he's not fit enough to play. There's no talk of an injury so who knows exactly what the reasoning is but it can't be purely scheduling reasons as he's not played any tennis this year.

What do you guys think?



Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Hey Alex, Hope you read my comments in the Weberian article. Had not logged in your poem article due to ‘unforeseen’ circumstances at WImbledon.

      Fed knows best. Rio & USO is priority.

  1. Agreed, i doubt its solely belongs to scheduling reason…Same time its kind of unrealistic to expect he plays all four events ( Toronto, Rio, Cinci and USO)……Hopefully nothing too much concern on health for Roger, but we have to wait and see….

    On selfish side (as planning to visit), hope he plays Cincinnati and makes final week-end.

    Murray already out, Roger also out now… Also lots of withdrawal on Olympic too….

    1. He didn’t play it in 2015, did he? No points to defend as far as I can remember (obviously, no points he can win, either…)

  2. At this rate who knows if he will make London or even stay in the top 4. I just hope he can somehow defend his title in Cincinnati.

    1. Last time I looked, he was no. 9 in the Race, despite having played so little tennis this year. If he stays healthy, it *shouldn’t* be a problem. But yes, I’m concerned – and wondering if he did do something to the knee again in that semi. Fingers crossed he’s fully fit and able to play soon. Of course, he did pull out of Canada 4 years ago after the Olympics, too, but that was for scheduling reasons – although he did refer to various twinges. So much for that special announcement Wilson were diarying for tomorrow – wonder if that will still go ahead?

      When’s Novak pulling out? 🙂 Everyone seems so exhausted this year.

      1. Seems to me that defending is less important than acquiring points right now. Hoping he can pick up some points at Shanghai.

  3. A bit worrying – not quite fresh still, maybe. Or could be family reasons. But good sign he promises to be back next year.

    1. Fed is being pragmatic Muser. I think he will take it easy this year so as to make a concerted onslaught next year which could be an eventful one for him and of course for us too.

      1. Yes Murli, was thinking too that he might need a rest year to recover completely and make, as you say it – an onslaught come-back next year. And then there’s Rio of course, where he has promised himself a lot of fun.

  4. I think it most likely the body is not what it was at 35 years of age, a career of 18 years, and countless hours of matches as well as on the practice court. I fear we will see more of this. His enthusiasm for the game may be undiminished, but his body may be crying – enough. For the older sportsman (and I know this from experience!) the injuries come more often and are slower to repair. If any of them are chronic (the back?), the game is over. As a top professional athlete he is like a Formula One race car – competing against increasingly newer models. There is no place for a vintage model on the track. I think this may be his last year on the tour.

  5. Maybe, but I think it’s just as likely Fed is being conservative exactly because he doesn’t want this to be his last year on tour.

  6. I was looking forward to him back on court after 3 weeks break, oh well..maybe due to 3 events he is participating for Rio – crazy insane Roger…must really wanted another gold medal. Let’s see who is next to withdraw after Berdych, Raonic and Halep.

    1. I guess we’ll know more when it comes to Cincy, and whether he plays there or not. If the answer’s no, *then* I shall get seriously worried. After all, the announcement he made about pulling out of Canada in 2012 was fairly vague, too.

  7. I think it’s more to do with the Olympics than anything. This will surely be his last Games and wants to be as fresh as possible to give himself as good a chance as possible to win it. Playing Toronto, Rio, Cincy, and New York would be a big workload over the course of 6 weeks or so. We must remember he’s about to turn 35 years old, and given all the breaks he’s had this year it’s not easy to go 0-100 that fast.

    1. You never know with Roger Federer if this is going to be his last olympics .?
      Withdrawal symptoms creeping in now!

      1. I can’t see even Roger still being around and seriously competitive in 4 years’ time, so yes, I’d guess it will be.

      1. I agree, but with Fed in three events he probably wants to be as fresh as possible.

  8. My first thought on seeing this news was that perhaps he may have tweaked something when he fell. If it was just a ‘tweak’ and this is simply a precautionary measure, then obviously it is sensible. Whatever we may think about importance of Olympics personally, he has made no secret of his desire to grab a singles Gold medal if at all possible. This is his last realistic chance; there’s no way he can still be playing competitively in another 4 years. Nevertheless, considering what he said about not having a long break and the fact that he’s played so little tennis, it’s worrying. At this stage (and with the problems he has had from the beginning of the year) though, he’s right to be cautious. Plus if he wants to give himself any sort of chance in the tournaments following Olympics, he needs to be kind to his body.

    With no information one way or another, we have no alternative but to hope.

    1. I doubt Fed cares that much about singles gold, just a nice thing to have. Only ever mentions it when asked. He’s playing all 3 events as well so clearly not prioritising it.

      Sponsors, good PR and not pissing off fickle home support play a huge part in what is said about the Olympics. I mean look at Murray under Simon Fuller how he has played it up, especially London 2012. It’s crazy.

      Not surprised a lot of players have binned it off this year.

  9. So…. Is it a new racquet again, or just a new paint job? If he’s been adjusting to a new racquet – AGAIN – that puts a different spin on things (haha).

    He hadn’t actually come out & said he was definitely playing Canada, so… it’s less concerning than if he had. He had made some comments about having lots of options. Still, as you say, he did imply it with the “don’t want a long break” comment. WTF is always explicitly a priority for him. Maybe he really does feel he’s done better than expected after the knee, & is ok with where he stands, with the rest of the season to come.

    I wonder about the dates of the Rogers Cup colliding with what he wants to be able to participate in for the girls’ birthday, too. Somebody had posted his recent history at Rogers Cup, and he’s actually only played something like 2 out of the last 6 years. (Still, with the name “Rogers Cup”, such a pity! 😉 )

    1. You’re right Thinker. Out of all the tournaments, Rogers Cup is definitely one he has missed the most and with the Olympics just around the corner + his girls’ birthday, that’s good enough reason for sure. 🙂

    2. It’s not Fed’s racquet, just a new Pro Staff 97 that he is putting his name to so they sell hundreds of them. I doubt he even used the old RF97 as sold. Pretty much every pro is not using the off the shelf racquet.

      $250 is an absolute joke though IMO. Wilson quality control is so bad as they’re just mass produced. If you ordered 2 racquets, I guarantee they won’t weigh the same and specs will be way out. Combined with the fact it’s not a good racquet for the vast majority of players to play with.

      1. No doubt the 97 is a tough racquet to play with. I still use the 2010 BLX and it’s really only good for advanced players due to its weight.

      2. Have you ever weighed your BLX frames together and compared swing weights etc? I did it on some RF97 demos. Way apart.

  10. I’m not a statistician – others here might know more about this – but I get the impression Roger seems to be getting more injured and is dropping out of more tournaments than he used to. I think this tear’s FO is the first major he’s missed in years. Perhaps someone can compare this last six months with previous years.

    1. I guess the question is to what extent it’s preventive, and to what extent it’s actually necessary. He did say he wasn’t really prepared to play through injury any more, having learned his lesson in 2013. After all, this does appear to be all resulting directly or indirectly from the knee surgery and lack of fitness as a result. As far as we can see. The implication was that he could have played RG, but just would have got knocked out very early, I thought.

  11. The knee surgery was Federer’s first surgery in his career. He has had some injury troubles in his past; I’ll give a summary. In 2004 he was forced to miss the Paris Masters with a muscle fibre rupture in his left thigh. In 2005 he missed Montreal due to foot problems. Then in the fall, while training in Basel, he tore a ligament in his right ankle, which forced him out of the Madris, Basel, and Paris. He’s had back issues on and off pretty much since 2008, but of course the most severe was probably 2013.

    You are correct that Fed is dropping out of more tournaments than he used to. However, he hasn’t really played a full schedule for a number of years, even when fully fit (or as we know). He’s missed:
    Miami: 2015 and 2013.
    Monte Carlo: 2013, 2012, 2010, and 2004.
    Rome: 2005
    Canada: 2015, 2013, 2012 and 2005.
    Paris in 2012, 2005, 2008 (withdrew before match vs Blake in QF)

    The French Open this year is the first major he’s missed since the 1999 US Open.

      1. It’s definitely more injuries than age this year. I mean, look at the way he was moving at the Australian Open before the surgery – it was on par with his 14/15 movement.

  12. I read somewhere that Ferrer said that Nadal will win the gold at Rio, he will win the silver, and Djokovic the bronze.

    Now, not that it’s impossible, but with the condition Nadal is in, and Ferrer practically MIA, what makes him say that? What does this two balled, motherfucking, Spanish doper bitch know that we do not? All that doping, and doctor sessions will finally come to frution?

    Down with these two Spanish dopers.

    1. Must be just patriotism. There’s really nothing to suggest that Nadal can win that many matches on a hardcourt and Ferrer is in no shape to do well on a HC either. Djokovic could win bronze, that I agree with.

      1. Maybe. But coming from Ferrer, who I think is very level headed in his comments and interviews, it is a surprise. That’s why I suspect he knows more than what everyone else knows.

  13. Not related news, Roger is playing Hopman Cup….err err why? Oh well exhos probably less taxing on body.

      1. Why is it a MM exho event? Because it is not an ATP event. LOL, are you accusing Fed of moving on because of money?

      2. Having fun at Hopman might also possibly be a good morning type of schedule – to fun.

      3. Of course, Fed didn’t play for free at Brisbane nor should he. Everybody knows 250 event entice top players with appearance fees. Who cares if Hopman Cup is an exho event. So because Federer is not playing Brisbane, he retiring next year? We all know Fed fans want him to chase all the titles to pad his resume and if doesn’t he’s retiring.

    1. Not excited. Not me. Not one bit. I cannot go beyond 90. In fact, I’ve switched back to PS85.

      I think the 97 is a joke, but also a necessity for Federer to counter his age, slowing surfaces, and the increasingly strong field. Fed has never won a slam with a racquet frame bigger than 90.

    2. Design wise – I’m a big fan. But I think it’s too expensive for what it is. Wilson quality control notoriously bad as well so I wouldn’t buy a pair. Since I started using Zus frames I don’t think I would buy an off the shelf racquet again. Best racquets I have ever played with.

      Moving to a bigger frame was definitely a wise choice. Maybe he should even try using a lighter racquet.

  14. Roger Federer has just announced that he will not play the Rogers Cup in Toronto, and the explanation from the Rogers Cup tournament director Kart Hale is a bit worrying.

    Why Federer is not ready

    Hale is not happy for the defection of Murray, the defending champion, Nadal, and Federer. According to Kart, Federer “hurt himself, he had surgery earlier this year; he hurt himself again playing Milos in the Wimbledon semis, so he’s still a bit banged up.

    At 34, almost 35, he’s not feeling ready to go in Toronto. So he needs more time to recover and practice to continue his season.

    Seems like Fed told Toronto he was injured playing Raonic at Wimby.

    I’ve been out of the loop of any news while camping. Disappointment for the Canucks with Roger pulling out.

    Actually, a very poor showing for Toronto. Olympics more important?

    1. Could be, Sue. Share your worry about Roger’s condition after Wimby. But it might also be some small exaggeration for Kart Hale to feel better about the Fed drawing out. Rio could be important for him, I think he wants the fun and possible medal(s).

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