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Federer Withdraws From Rio; Will Miss Rest of 2016 Season

Sad news here as Federer has just announced on Facebook that his 2016 season is over. Somewhat unexpected that the remainder of 2016 is on ice but I had a funny feeling about that fall in the Wimbledon semi finals. Whilst he hasn't gone into details it looks as though he's done some more damage to the knee and you can see his statement below:

Fed out for season

Dear Fans,

Iโ€™m extremely disappointed to announce that I will not be able to represent Switzerland at the Olympic Games in Rio and that I will also miss the remainder of the season. Considering all options after consulting with my doctors and my team, I have made the very difficult decision to call an end to my 2016 season as I need more extensive rehabilitation following my knee surgery earlier this year. The doctors advised that if I want to play on the ATP World Tour injury free for another few years, as I intend to do, I must give both my knee and body the proper time to fully recover. It is tough to miss the rest of the year. However, the silver lining is that this experience has made me realize how lucky I have been throughout my career with very few injuries. The love I have for tennis, the competition, tournaments and of course you, the fans remains intact. I am as motivated as ever and plan to put all my energy towards coming back strong, healthy and in shape to play attacking tennis in 2017.

Thanks for your continued support.


Whatever happens it looks like it's going to be a very tough road back to get playing at a decent level again. We'll likely hear more details in the not too distant future whether it's minuscus related or something else. It's obviously a serious injury but hopefully not a career ender ๐Ÿ™

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Fuck! This almost sounds like game over. The rest of the 2016 season?! Dude. That sounds like ligament damage, etc… Sad… Oh well!!

  2. Yeah, That was really unexpected….Has to be tough to take that decision. As he mentioned, we are lucky to see him play without much hiccups so far……Wish the Best to get fit again completely for next year season….

    Just curious that he specially mentioned that “healthy and in shape to play attacking tennis in 2017.”..

    Personally i was hoping to catch him play in Cinci, now wondering about trip to make there, though more than likely to visit still..

    Let’s wait for ’17 then.

  3. I am terrible sad for this news, I think is the begining of the end of the road, Tennis will not be the same in 2016, who cares aboutTENNIS IF ROGER IS NOT PLAYING.

    I will miss him and hope I can see him play again.

    1. true, i dont give a dam about tennis when Roger isnt playing…just hope that Novak doesnt win.

  4. To pack it in for the rest of the season in July says something is seriously wrong. Maybe he tried to come back too soon?
    Maybe the fall in the semis re-injured it? Whatever the case, my life is over.

  5. So sad, makes you realise how hollow tennis will be/feel once he never returns.

    We can only hope he can come back fresh and revitalised swinging from the hip. Ranking will drop substantially though which makes any path to glory that much harder.

    To think he was so so close to Number 18 just 3 weeks ago…now this. 2016 has been an awful year for many reasons.

    1. I don’t think he was close to 18 at all. Close in the sense he was 2 wins away, but it’s the further he’s been from winning it in a while IMO.

  6. I was afraid of this, that fall in WB was probably worse then he told us or it can be that the surgery wasnt that good as he and his team said it was. But we who saw federer last year and the movment he showed in both Wimbledon and US open can clearly see that he doesnt move so well as he did and that is surley because of the injury and lack of match training. One can only hope that hte injury can HEAL so that he can practice and make a serious comeback next year. But then he will have a touhger draw and the ranking wont do him any good. We can only pray that he can suprise us once again but sadly i dont believe it in my heart.

    Why couldnt it be someone else…like Novak…..I now that I dont shall say so but I can help it…

    1. Ah, the movement up and down. Winning, losing. Now smoth, now stiff. Wimby in better shape until…
      Oh, this is grieving. Oh shit. Well, we’ll see. Maybe the “old” man can amaze us again next year. I wouldn’t be too surprised if so.

      1. Yes i hope he does but my heart has a bad feeling about this. I hope not itยดs the end of his carrier…

      1. ๐Ÿ˜† OK, that made me laugh Jonathan. I have heard it described as the toxic (i.e. Trump) vs. semi-toxic. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. A definite bummer. My sense is that he really does want to have a few more years on the tour. This will be a real test of his resiliency. I’m sure that he’ll work hard to make a comeback possible. But, at his age, it’s a big ask for the body. The rest of the tour goes on, the up and comers keep coming and the strong get stronger. Not sure he can pull this off, but I sure would love to see it.

      1. Anybody fancy picking up some cheap tickets for the WTF?! Now *that* is where I shall be very interested to see the effect.

  8. OMG, not what I was expecting to be honest… But whatever works best for him is what we have to accept. The tour looses 90% of the appeal without Roger but the show must go on. I will have more time to practice though (trying to look at the bright side).


    1. Yes Emerson ๐Ÿ™‚ More time to own practices. And hopefully now and then some inspired chapters on the blog here to discuss. I want to repeat your statement: #Go Roger, Dear Maestro, #GOAT ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Exactly, my footwork needs to improve big time ???.

        BTW, i have the feeling i have seen you on other forums (maybe MUSE and/or Coldplay related).


      2. Ah no, Emerson, sorry – neither MUSE or Coldplay is me. But thanks for thinking so!

  9. Fed knows better than anyone what to do with where he is. I am sad, but I trust he’s telling the truth and being realistic about “attacking tennis” in ’17. He’s never been grandiose about his longevity, just grateful for the past and realistic about the “you just never know” quality of the future.

    And if anyone has a fair shot at coming back strong it is this guy. Remember – yes Federer is mortal and yes he is olderer, but he is Federer and he’s already is a class by himself in terms of quality and longevity.

    God given talent and hard work have taken him beyond anyone in the game. Just a few weeks ago he’d barely gotten his toes in the water in 2016 and even in his less-than-himself form, he was a breakpoint away from his 11th Wimbledon final. We get used to it and come to expect it. But when you step back and consider it – it it is actually absolutely unprecedented and amazing.

    All in all, I think Fed is a realistic and rational man. I think he’s counted the cost and he’s decided what a qualiy 2017 and beyond will cost. He’ll have the very best medical, physio, and training culture of any athlete in the world.

    I’m sad for him but – Fed is just different – and therefore I have high hopes for 2017.

    1. So very true, Alb. You cannot take normal measurements of Fed. He has resources far above that, and shows it all way through. Thanks for this encouraging reminding us.

    2. Thanks Alb for your words. It *is* amazing that he has been able to play his stunning brand of tennis for so long but like you said, tough as it will most certainly be for him to make a come-back next year, if anyone can do it, Federer can. ๐Ÿ™‚

      But it’s going to be a bleak tennis season without him for the rest of the year, that’s for sure.

  10. I was shocked to see the news. I didn’t think the Wimbledon fall was that serious but I did wonder. Tennis is definitely not the same without him. 2017 seems so far away. It is the worst year ever. 2013 doesn’t seem so bad anymore. I hope to see him at Indian Wells next year.

    1. Seems the fall just proved his knee wasn’t strong enough yet. Would take way more wear on a hard court so if it’s buckling on grass, could only get worse on hard.

  11. Agree with Sue, that fall must Hv re aggravated the knee. I was mighty suspicious when he pulled out of Toronto and there have been no pics of him practising either.. Toronto wld Hv been a logical free pointer and practice so altho this is a horrible shock I don’t feel as surprised as I thought I might be.. That said I am gutted for him ref Rio. He was Soo looking forward to the Games, last chance really.. And now, gone. Sad… Love the comment re 2017 and “attacking tennis”…He surely knows we are bored to tears watching Rogers Cup… Like watching paint dry… I gather Rafa not 100% sure for Rio either so the whole thing Cld be a damp squib..
    Rough calculations by @vibhu mean Rog wld be out of top 10 and possibly at 15/17 come the Aus Open….. Tough restart… But on the up side, no points til Wimby to defend! 2017 is going to be special! You wait! Allez!

    1. I don’t think Rio will be too big a blow for him. We’ve already seen what players think of it with all the withdrawals.

      Maybe Murray can win it again.

  12. Hope springs eternal said Alexander Pope.
    All that is left for us gutted Fedfans is Hope
    Hope that it is not just a knee-jerk reaction
    But one that means 2017 is a year of action

    I was asked “This the beginning of the end ?”
    I doubt it I said though injury is surely a fiend
    Rest well for now so you can play tomorrow
    Fedfans, it is just time to chill & not to sorrow

  13. It is right now 4:30 in the morning ,I woke up early as I have my exams coming up but suddenly there are notifications on my mobile about roger missing 2016.
    I just can’t help but I am literally on the verge of tears because he means so much to me.
    I am devastated right now .

  14. It will be so hard to come back to the circuit. I am trying to think the best but it ‘s the first time he will not be at the Maestros and other Grand Slam.
    So sad, I must to say I cried with tears. Think the knee suffered so much when he played against Raonic in Wimbledon.
    No words because I feel so sad.

  15. ๐Ÿ™

    I’d been expecting him to withdraw from Rio for a while (and have been thinking that could be the right thing on so many levels), but THIS??? Gobsmacked. (Can someone else apart from Novak *please* win Cincy?) I think it’s going to be tough to come back from this – we’ve seen how vulnerable he’s been when rusty this year, after 3 months out, so how long will it take him to get back into form after 6 months? Could that be why he’s decided to play Hopman Cup? Additional practice in a not-too-serious situation to try and get things working again early on in January? I can’t imagine he’s just decided this on the spur of the moment, so presumably he took it into consideration.

    Get fully well soon, Roger ๐Ÿ™

    1. I’ve been thinking over the last few months that perhaps I *should* have gone and grabbed a ticket for the Roger/Kei match at the WTF last year, but now I’m really rueing the fact that I didn’t ๐Ÿ™ And all because the previous year’s match had been so one-sided and I thought the evening match might be more interesting. FOOL!

  16. Very unexpected and very sad, but to try and find a positive here, Federer knows what he’s doing and knows how to get back into shape.

    Looks pretty clear that re-injured that knee in Wimbledon. I expect once it was clear he wasn’t making the Olympics and it would be a struggle to be fit and ready for the US Open, he decided to end his season rather than force his way back for tournaments he probably doesn’t prioritise. In that respect, I don’t think it’s so much an injury that requires him to be 6 months out, but maybe it’s an injury that would take him out for another month and thus ending the main part of the season. Federer, knowing this, decide to not try and rush back and make sure the knee heals properly and thus give himself time to start afresh next year.

    Obviously very disappointing, but if anyone can bounce back next year it’s Federer. I expect him to play the exhibitions in the off seasons to get himself going, obviously to look ahead into the season but if he can look close to match fit by, say, Indian Wells I think he could be set.

    Well, that’s basically it for me watching the Olympics then. Lisicki wasn’t picked and with Fed not there, I have no reason to watch the tennis, and this year the other stuff outside of maybe the 100M sprint just isn’t interesting me. I’m more sad that this probably would be Fed’s last Olympics and he’s going to miss it, but I’m just going to keep faith that he knows what he’s doing. At this point, just getting to see him play again would be nice.

  17. Sad news of course, but I’m sure it’s for the best. The last thing he would want to do is play while not healthy and risk further injury. Plus, this 6-month break is the most time off he’ll have had since when, he was 12? Resting his body for half a year, even in the rehab process, could be what he needs to feel as fresh he can be. The comeback will be tough, especially because his ranking will be much lower, but if anyone knows how to set a gameplan for his career, it’s Roger. If he’s fully healthy I wouldn’t be shocked to see him have a good year.

    1. He’ll be able to get a protected ranking though, won’t he, which is what he hasn’t done this year so far because of his stop-start attempts to start playing again? Ryan could be right: if he knows he’s not going to be fit for the USO, and consequently that there’s no chance of making the WTF, why take the risk?

      And, like you, Kyle, I agree that if he gets back to his level he could still have a good year – and there would be points galore to be picked up.

      1. Actually, I can’t see that a PR is going to do him any good whatsoever: because Wimbledon has moved to a week later in the year, the minimum 6 months wouldn’t expire until after Brisbane. Plus, it appears that you can’t be seeded with a PR, so what would be the point?

      2. And it’s not if any TD worth his salt wouldn’t give Roger a wildcard if asked …

    2. Being fresh is one thing but to not play at match level for a good 5 months at his age is a pretty risky move. Trusting him and his team as always that he has made the right decision and will work hard to be back to business.

  18. Wow…. just like everyone else I too was really sad to hear and find out the great Roger Federer is now out for the rest of the season. Man what a bummer! !!
    The rest of the atp and top players seems crap. And especially with Djokovic who I despise is going to make the rest of the year proper shit. Now I really want Murray to dethrone the Serbian one dimensional, no charisma and his fake antics to be liked to seriously lose. But knowing him he sweep up the titles and no matter how many he wins, people will just turn off to a messed up world tour.
    Yes I know that one day Federer will pf course have to retire but with Djokovic man I have never hated tennis more because of him. It’s just not cricket if you know what I mean without Federer? ??? Lol.
    I hope he comes back strong and healthy for the 2017 season. Forever GOAT forever the true people’s champion.

  19. Fed is currently 10th in the race to london with around 2100 points,so fed would be ranked around 15 when he comes back in 2017.The guy on 15th is tsonga with around 1400 points ,these players would surely accumulate around 600-700 points with the remainder of the season.
    Hope for a speedy recovery !
    I miss you roget!

  20. I do think the smart money is that this is not the end; that he will come back strong and be very very competitive in 2017.

    Age has not affected this guy as it has every other player in the open era. If we step back and look at the big picture, it’s just very clear that he’s just exceptional. His unprecedented consistency even into this tough year precludes any obituaries. Still can’t believe how little he’s played this year – comes back a couple of weeks before SW19 and gets right to the Semis, basically misses the finals by one point. The guy is so strong it is just ridiculous.

    I think in our ” #18 heart break ” we miss the unprecedented quality and heart of this guy.

    We may or may never see #18, but my money is there is still more Djoko-slaying ahead for the Maestro.

    Go Fed.

    1. Oh Alb, thanks again for precise and well-worded encouragement, not letting disappointment carry judgement away, but taking into account all the real greats, – easy to forget! Thank God for such in such times. I agree again, again!

    2. [Basically misses the finals by one point]

      Basically misses the title by one point. No way he loses to Murray after beating him in 5 straight games.

  21. With all that was happening in Rio, I was almost hoping Federer will miss the Olympics for health and safety reasons.
    Now that he is missing the rest of the year, I think I got more than I wished for.
    Yesterday, I was a bit down, ds news made it worse.
    He will come back and play well in 2017? Will he get to finals and win? Long call.
    I still believe 2017 may be his last hooray and 2018 his retiring year from tennis.
    Now what if’s?
    What if random people won titles from Rio till WTF , then Fed’s ranking may not drop so significantly right? ……
    That’s what I am hoping for right now.
    So this is a toast to the wild cards, young guns, #nextGen to bring out everything they have in our tourneys that are best of three and beat the best of the best.
    This is hoping for great draws come next year!
    ……… what are we all going to be doing till next year?!

    1. Depends on which random people it is. Some of them might start catching up and overtaking …

      Olympics is irrelevant, as there are no points awarded. You might want to start hoping that Novak and Andy win everything else, because they’re already ranked above him.

  22. Saddest news, what are we going to do in the next 5 months. Its like appetiser to his retirement, we will be so bored by tennis without Roger Federer. Hope to him bounce back with vengeance in 2017.

  23. Game, set, match on 2016 then, no words ๐Ÿ™ This year has already been awful in general and with no Roger to salvage it, what a long few months it’s going to be. I’d rather him sacrifice a couple of months if it means getting the honour to see him play the game he was born to for a little while longer. Only problem is if he’s ever going to reach a level that’s going to allow him to compete with the top guys again. Hoping for the best as always and i know we will all be here ready when he is too. As a wise fan once said, No Roger, no party so that’s tennis done until early Jan. Won’t be missing waking up at 2am in the morning, that’s for sure ๐Ÿ˜›

    What ranking do you think he will be at by the time the Aus Open rolls around?

    1. I think given how well he did in the short time he had this year – and never at full strength or confidence – being competitive at the highest levels is definitely not too big an ask for 2017.

      He knows how to get back in shape – he just needs his body to be sound.

      He’s not done!

    2. Yeah no US Open night sessions for me this year either. Might get some more work done ๐Ÿ˜€

      I think ranking is expected to be like 15?

      Are you going to Hopman Cup Alysha?

  24. My guess is, Fed and his team knew after Wimbledon that his knee was injured again. I believe he did not give his knee enough time to heal after the surgery. Just like his back issues in 2013. He kept playing when his team advised him not to. Not enough time. Now, it’s at the point of a long break to try and make a comeback.
    Is this what Nadal fans feel these days?

    Well thought out PR really. First the announcement of withdrawal of Toronto. Then a lull. Second, the announcement of him playing Hopman Cup. Another lull before the big news that was there all along. No more Fed until 2017.

      1. I don’t know, mate. Obviously, Roger is not the requisite type of player to dope, as we all know, but an injury keeping him out this long…and, well, it’s not even very specific.

      2. I’m sure something happened causing his falling, and the impact of that – – he had many physical warnings throughout 2016 so far. Take your time to heal properly. I hear from several, that half a year is no surprising long time to heal a knee (and adding his back – may be some persistent inflammation in the suprarenal gland – enhanced by stress in AusO, knee injure, stomach, unsureness of healing, up and down in matches – all telling to make a considerable time out for health and proper healing!) So there’s plenty of other reasonable reasons for this than “silent ban”.

      3. Funny hearing Sid saying that any possible taking of something has to be unintentional, just because it’s Roger ๐Ÿ˜€

        There *is* always the possibility that anyone might take something unintentionally – even just due to a manufacturing error or something. That’s why I’m always reluctant to automatically assume the worst when someone fails a doping test.

  25. Speculation is free – but not getting anybody to guaranteed truth. At least we know what we think. Let those who think of some rule-breaking go ahead and drown in their presumptions.

  26. What else can I say that everyone else here has not said so eloquently? First Bernie Sanders was sandbagged and now Roger is out for the rest of 2016. I was planning on going to Perth for Hopman Cup to see him but now probably not. I also might have to cancel my subscription to TennisTV as I can’t watch tennis without Federer.

    I am bereft. Life goes on but without the spark of watching and cheering for Federer. Just hoping 2016 goes by quickly and we can enjoy Federer dominating again in 2017..

    Also, is there anything special online for Federer’s 35th Birthday?

    1. The way Sanders was stitched up was a joke. But he’s just taking it lying down? I guess Trump is right when he says he’s got no energy and has given up.

      Why no Hopman Cup? Surely Fed will be there now he’s announced it…

      1. Sander’s is a joke. He sold himself to the party, eventually. Got Debbie deleted, but then Clinton filled that spot with her choice. It just doesn’t make sense. Meanwhile, nobody is talking about the conflict of interest, and Democrats are lining up to vote for Crooked Hillary. Must be the Bill Clinton protein shake.

      2. [She really does have that corrupt / evil look about her.]

        No. She IS EVIL! The things she and her husband have done to get her to where she is right now. I’m hoping against hope that Trump wins. He has the same chance as Federer winning another French Open.

      3. What can one say? Clearly any person with hope to win president’s election has the urge for power, and that means some portion of brutality too. Has there been any “good” person to be president? Obama? GW Bush? Other? (Some more, some less…) Well I don’t like any of the 2 nominated, but I for sure like Hillarie’s speech/plans more than Donald’s.
        Now that this political seems hot on this otherwise nice blog. Apologise for fueling it further. (I might be bored?)

  27. I found myself screaming at the tv when I turned it on only to find Djokovic doing his “love to the fans” thing after he won his match. Thought I was going to be sick.
    How are we going to endure this.
    Sid, I believe Fed is very careful with what he puts in his body. I don’t believe in this silent ban.

      1. I don’t know. Maybe make his regular fans louder?

        But I imagine there is a good slice that will see it is smothering and passive aggressive.

        When I was a kid the guitarist in a rock band I was in gave himself a “cool” nickname and told everyone to call him that. Poor guy. It just eventually backfired.

        You can’t command adulation by demanding it. I think it will likely have the opposite effect in the long run.

        He should take a sheet from Fed’s playroom and chill out.

  28. I actually think this is a smart decision. The only way Federer wins a Slam is if he’s in top shape, and let’s face it, with the injury, he isn’t. For Federer the best odds are: 1) Wimbledon 2) US Open. Nothing else really matters. Say he’s 90% for Wimbledon- still a small chance. 90% at US Open- highly unlikely.

    So from a purely objective point of view, it makes absolute sense to call it this season, and be 100% for the next one (or atleast do whatever you can to be 100% for next year). A harder choice, but a really smart one.

    Plus, 90% at Olympics + the Zika virus + the apparent state of Brazil at the moment = No thank you.

    1. Yeah Rio doesn’t look great at the minute. I guess the media might be blowing it up a bit. But certainly doesn’t look very appealing from how it’s portrayed over here…

      If I offered you a free ticket / accom – would you go? I was thinking that the other day and the answer would probably be no.

  29. Having the new racquet to play with maybe will give RF some new pop and reinvigorate the rehab regime. Later in the year he can now spend time in the mountains and get the natural benefits and peace there and when he does come back Perth summer is a lovely dry heat possibly more like Dubai than Brisbane was. Family time and a tour timeout , no one deserves this more.
    Fed gave us some great moments and matches in his early recovery phase this year have faith he can do even better with this break and strengthen the body/ knee strategy.

    I do concede the return of the Djoko post match signature move is gross and annoying. Players are pulling out of tourneys and Rio ….so Fed might be wise to be well away from the circus of what 2016 has become: a refreshed GOAT can surely wow us again? He was still the best part of Wimbledon with his Willbomb and Cilic matches and even “old and injured”took a lot out of Milos who was worn down for his final with Murray…… !
    No one is bigger than tennis it is said, but Fed is certainly an endlessly fascinating and huge part of my enjoyment and love of this sport. So grateful he is choosing to back himself ?..Watching him wring every last drop out of his already legendary career, coupled with his sportsmanship and fair play is inspiring, a little wait will make his return even sweeter.

    1. Thanks Katie – I’d rather listen to a true optimist any day – you’re a person after my own heart. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a blow, but here’s a decent translation of an interview with Severin Luthi for those interested and which Alison summarised below. Despite the bleakness of no more Feds for the rest of the year, it does make cheering reading (sorry it’s a bit long):

      Severin Lรผthi compares his star with a credit card

      On the morning after the Federer shock DC captain and Federer coach Severin Lรผthi answers the most important questions. As leader of the Swiss tennis delegation for Rio Lรผthi also has to find a new partner for Hingis.

      Severin Lรผthi, Roger Federer ends the season and misses the Olympic Games in Rio. How did you hear about this decision?

      SL: Of course we were in contact the whole time and therefore I was always up to date. We have discussed the situation over and over. Already at the last tournaments in which Roger wasn’t 100% fit this has always been a topic.

      How bad is the knee?

      It’s only about rehabilitation and reconstruction. Another surgery isn’t necessary as there are no complications in the knee. It is Roger’s goal to play on the tour on the highest level for more years to come. The long rest can be a chance now to as such a reconstruction isn’t possible otherwise.

      Why this long rest when the knee injury didn’t got worse?

      A surgery has always consequences. It isn’t different for Roger. You lose muscle mass and are therefore more injury prone. The back problems from Paris are a result of this. You can compare it with a credit card. You can’t always debit something and have to reload it sometimes. If you don’t do it your body won’t cope some day-

      So he sacrificed the Olympic Games for more years on the tour?


      Do you think Federer is capable of returning to the world’s best after such a long rest?

      Of course you ask yourself this question as you can continue to play tennis with worse injuries for a certain time. Certain players do this. Roger fortunately not because eventually the full credit is being used and you can’t continue to play anymore at all. I think he is capable of returning to the world’s best, absolutely.

      What are the consequences of the withdrawal for the Swiss doubles in Rio?

      That will be decided in the next days. If someone is going to play mixed with Martina Hingis it will be Stan Wawrinka. The other men aren’t ranked high enough. That’s why there won’t be a men doubles.

      How will the long break affect Federer’s ranking?

      Roger will most likely be ranked somewhere about #15 in January and continue to play with this ranking. The protected ranking won’t help him in this case as he is still seeded. But that’s not a disadvantage in my eyes. We are in the lucky position that a fully fit Federer can beat anyone. Then the ranking isn’t such a big deal as for a player who can’t win against a Top 10 player. Roger doesn’t have to rely on luck of the draw.

      1. That actually looks like a different interview from the one I linked to (currently immediately below), so I guess this must have been a multiple-media press conference, or something.

      2. Great read! Love this in ranking drop: “But thatโ€™s not a disadvantage in my eyes. We are in the lucky position that a fully fit Federer can beat anyone. Then the ranking isnโ€™t such a big deal as for a player who canโ€™t win against a Top 10 player. Roger doesnโ€™t have to rely on luck of the draw.”

    2. Glad Luthi has given some more info. Fans would have been in endless limbo with no more info. So Fed / team have done a good job with this one, casual withdrawal, Hopman Cup reveal, simple announcement about end of season, then coach gives a few more details to put minds at ease.

      I don’t think he’s using a new racquet, it’s just a new Pro Staff that Wilson are pushing hard and he’ll have that paint job. Still the same old 97 he’s been using underneath. I’d love to get hold of one and compare it to the retail model, I imagine Wilson would have to backtrack on “this is his racquet” marketing. Babolat got done for it already.

      I don’t think Perth and Dubai are similar climate either? Dubai is very humid in Summer. Perth dry heat so should be fast conditions… but mickey mouse event anyway.

  30. Anyway, for those of you who read German, there’s a very positive interview with Luthi in the Tagesanzeiger:

    It appears that Roger *hasn’t* done any more damage to his knee, but they want to really take the time to work on building his body back up to 100% and sorting out the problems, because if he carries on trying to play at well below 100% and without letting the injuries heal it will take its toll on him pretty quickly, and he’s thinking long-term as usual. He probably shouldn’t have played Wimbledon, and probably wouldn’t have done if it hadn’t been so dear to him. He hasn’t played tennis since then.

    That’s my summary of some of it, anyway. I suppose those who believe it’s a silent ban will continue to do so whatever.

  31. It’s really been a season to forget for his fans.It’s hard to imagine tennis without federer.It will be a huge void to fill up,once he is gone.With rafa injured and his form not the best as it was , it’s sad to say that the golden era of tennis might be over.
    For federer it just gets more tougher to win his elusive 18’th GS,he will seeded 16-17 once AO’17 starts;which means the possibility of meeting djoko /murray /rafa /stan in R16.But come wimbledon , I think all of us would believe he can go deep and reach the finals as he did in 2015 and 2014.Saying so , his best chance still remains Wimbledon. Hoping for a great ’17 season and hope he does’nt give up with this setback.We know he wont.

  32. I am feeling much better after reading the interview that Luthi did. I was watching the local news this morning and the news reporter and the weatherman had a bet who was going to win – Fed or Raonic. Anyway, the weatherman is a huge Fed fan and handed over 10 dollars. He said he thought Fed was already injured even before Wimbledon.
    After reading the interview, it all seems much clearer.

    Thanks so much everyone for the great comments! And what I said months ago…he tried to come back too soon and now pays the price.

      1. I know, lol. I love this weatherman, he isn’t afraid to express his devotion to Fed on the news.

  33. To be fair, it’s always been quite a natural thing that recovering from a tough injury is much harder at older ages.

    I’m re watching that match vs Cilic, and while the guy did choke on a couple of points when he had chances, it was such a quality match for shotmaking. I’m gonna miss this Fed, and, maybe this is a little blasphemous, but I think I enjoy watching this fed more than when he was simply dominating.

  34. This is what godsick said-
    The injury came in the worst year. But if you want to keep playing tennis for a few years and you do not want to constantly get worried about your body and injuries, you have to miss the remainder of the season. We do a short-term sacrifice to realize long-term goals. His physical shape was not where it had to be for him to win. And for him that was not good. But he’s a born optimist, he looks at what’s positive. He can go through it.

    Asked if the fall during the fifth set against Milos Raonic had influenced this decision, Godsick mentioned, ‘I do not know. But what I know the knee will be doing well. It takes time, so he has to take care of his body.’

    1. I think the fall deffo influenced it. It gave way. I remember in my post after the loss I watched it a few times, left leg buckled as couldn’t catch up with the rest of the body and where he wanted to move. Must have been loss of muscle mass.

      1. I’ve watched that fall a few times. It definitely gave way. It must have been quite a shock to Roger and his team. Things aren’t what they seem.

  35. I was just thinking the other day about IPTL.If roger says no ,it would be interesting to see if IPTL happens.
    Talking about india ,if Roger doesn’t come here for IPTL,a single person wouldn’t buy a ticket because of the exorbitant prices(only roger has the power to fill up the stadium ) ,Bhupathi and Co would have to think of something different because IPTL ain’t happening here if roger doesn’t come.
    Many people didn’t want roger to play in iptl in 2014 and 15 but I did want him to come because of selfish reasons ( I wanted to see him live) but this year i just hope he misses this event and just recovers and comes back strong for 2017
    Suddenly when there is no Roger ,you get to know how big his influence on the game is .

    1. I was wondering whether he might actually be *wanting* to get some low-stress matches in by that stage, just to get his brain and body back into shape. I suspect his writing off the rest of the year is largely because he knows he can’t qualify for WTF – doesn’t necessarily mean he wouldn’t be reasonably match-fit by early December, or whenever it is.

  36. Man O man I simply hate Djokovic. What a dick!!! With his fake new celebrations. At least Nadal was a better champion than this Prick. I really want to see him lose as Tennis with this nob is just pants. I want other players to win instead of the Serbian Mop head.
    It is going to be proper crap without Roger.

  37. Jonathan you really need that like button! Serajul my reaction exactly and Susie yes a bite is better all this peace and love and seeing that rude to umpires, dope cheater Troicki cheering Novak on and then getting a special shout out…tennis what have you become in 2016? Kei looked very flat in the match and after too. Just a dispiriting tournament . Does anyone hold any hopes for the Olympics or much interest in it?

    1. Agree Katie – but ok that we’ll have to write and argue a little too. At least Nadal seams not trying to make a false image for popularity (just for winning:). I wonder how many will be seduced by Djoko’s ardent attempting? For me too tennis now is empty (I don’t like Serena either, except that she behaves more genuinely) until Roger comes back or if somebody else is going to beat Novak or some like Roberta to beat SW.

    2. Sorry Sue and Susie for the wrong attribution re the Nadal signature trophy bite…it is quite understated and does not scream “love me” and he does have quite beautiful teeth actually. I think Oral B missed a big opportunity now we are learning this Djoko heart throwing contrivance is a Uniqlo marketing thing. womder if Kei will adopt it when he next wins .

      1. I thought I’d posted this once, but:

        “I think Oral B missed a big opportunity now we are learning this Djoko heart throwing contrivance is a Uniqlo marketing thing. ”

        What? No wonder it feels so fake.

  38. All part of the Uniqlo bring the love campaign, hearts all over the training T shirts etc. and Uniqlo site, numerous people on Twitter have alluded to it and one even suggested it was choreographed…..Novak is the worlds best trainer I guess. Plug into Uniqlo it seems to tie in with their campaign. Guess he knew he needed more than the Guga Kuerten signature for his wins post clay. Now we have hug the neighbour at the trophy presentation somehow I think that is all him, the tennis evangelist !
    When you look back at his crowd interactions since beginning he has often made them and us feel uncomfortable or got them offside. The love part is positive but the way he does it seems to feel fake, contrived and awkward, just like some of his post match overdone at the net hug ins. In minor matches. As mentioned above he is a bit of a dick and just as likely to irritate as please, so the marketers and image makers try to smoothe over the clunky bits that are conduct unbecoming for the world number 1, desperate goat in waiting!
    Anyway during the Fed sabbatical it’s fun to discuss what’s going on out there in the world of Tennis.

    1. Ugh, Katie, I’ve just Googled it, and see what you mean! I’d never heard of it before. It was bad enough when I thought it was genuinely Novak being desperate to get people’s affection, but now I find it’s just an advertising campaign? Makes me want to throw up. It would explain the awful air of fakeness to it, though.

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