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Federer Withdraws from Roger’s Cup in Montreal

Hey guys, just a quick post about Roger's decision to withdraw from Montreal which all in all isn't a surprising decision after he revealed he was struggling with his back after the loss to Brands in Gstaad.

I'm personally glad he decided to skip it as he must ensure he's in good health for both the US Open and the indoor swing afterwards. It's of course a shame for the fans who have tickets and the tournament as a whole but Roger has to put himself first here and focus on the remainder of the season.

He already played Gstaad for the fans when he could have easily withdrawn but felt like he was obligated to play and that ended in another tough loss and no real positives. I think that playing Montreal could have been a risk that wasn't worth taking and he may have compromised the rest of the season had he decided to play.

Ok we all know he needs matches, confidence and more court time with the new racquet but he has to get those when he can play at 100% and not feel like his back is limiting what he can do on court.

From all reports Roger is still in Switzerland and has been practicing in Zurich with Severin Luthi (see picture below), it's a good sign he's still on the courts and I think he has to use this time to practice, rest well and also try and add strength to his back muscles. If it is back spasms as Roger stated in his Gstaad press conference then you don't actually treat those with over resting. Once the inflammation has died down then stretching and strength work are the best way to recover.

Fed in Zurich

Cincinnati starts on the 10th of August which is a Saturday but I'm sure we won't be seeing Roger until the Monday or the Tuesday. It's not a given he will play Cincinnati either if his back is still an issue but heading into the US Open without any hard court tournaments under his belt would be pretty much a disaster.

Either way I'm confident he will make the right choice and do what he needs to do. The USO looks like a bit of a long shot for sure right now and he'd need to play out of this world but never say never.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. Yup, playing with one of Bartoli’s sparring partners! 😛 (playing is a big word, getting pummeled is probably closer to reality…) but I just didn’t have anything to say about the post 😛 at least I didn’t skip a Roger match!

  1. I don’t know if it would work but has Roger ever tried acupuncture? It has gained wider acceptance in the medical establishment here in the US.

    1. I have been thinking the same, Sunny. Actually my latest ideal was a combination acupuncturist & energy interventionist. 🙂

  2. I’m behind whatever he decides and I’m sure the RF team is helping him make the right decisions 🙂

  3. Thanks Jonathan…
    again good decision by Roger…
    let’s hope he will b fit for Cincinnati as he has to defend those points….
    plus d court is much faster ..suiting fedx style of play..
    hope he gets some win under his belt before USO…

  4. Good that he decided to skip Montreal, he needs time to rest his back. Let’s hope he gets back into groove at Cincy.

  5. I am just nervous about Federer’s future. If he doesn’t defend Cinci (as the #5 seed, meaning he’ll have Novak/Rafa/Murray/Ferrer in QF), he might enter the USO as low as 6/7! And he can’t go into the USO w/o match wins and expect to do well. SF, that’s my loft expectations for him. DO you think he should stick to this 98″ racket through the rest of the year(and USO, risking early loses) and preparing for a huge 2014 campaign(he has more pre-QF loses than SF this year!)where he can gain a lot, or change back to his old racket for the USO since he knows his game with it? I just wanna see him, frankly, win! It’s gonna be harder since he’ll be 32, but I don’t get Roger….. He did better at 30 than 29 but went back down at 31.
    DO you agree with me Jonathan? I think Roger should try this new racket out for USO. His season is basically a wash and he has absolutely nothing more to lose this year. I also believe there is no longer a dominant tennis player. Djoker is #1 not because of slam wins(2 of the last 7)but because of his slam and overall CONSISTENCY. There is no longer 1 player dominating, but several ie: THE BIG 4. Rafa always dominates clay, Murray and Federer on grass, and Novak/Muzz/Roger on hard… Last year was kinda the same (more Roger and Novak) but 4 different slam winners. 3 different winners this year (compared to Federer won 3/4 in 2004/06-07, even 09 when he made 4 finals or Novak 2011 or Rafa 2010). Is this good for the sport or should there only be dominating? But only Roger can say that he dominated his ENTIRE PRIME(excluding 2008 when he had mono).

    I just hope Roger can come back. It looks really bad… buy Roger has before and I still think he has 1 more slam and 1 more year kinda like last. After all, it’ll be Rafa’s turn to defend next year (like Djoker’s last year and Roger’s this year). Thanks for the post 🙂

    1. He should stick to the 98. No way he can get back to the dominant form of 2012 with the Pro Staff. It will be a bad move if he switches back.

      1. Thanks Sid! I agree with you that he should stick to this new racket, he has nothing more to lose now that he’s out of the top 4.. I think he should get use to the racket and try for a big year next year. Idk if he can get back to number 1, but he sure can do better than he did this year at Rotterdam/Madrid/Wimbledon. I heard the new stick helps his backhand. Maybe more success against Rafa?

      2. [I think he should get use to the racket and try for a big year next year]

        It’s all part of the plan 🙂

    2. Hey brandon, just wanted to point out that seeding wise, it’s the same thing if he’s 5th or 8th 😉 And as for the racket, I think he should stick with it.

    3. I’m not thinking too far ahead right now. First Cincy, then USO. Just gotta see what happens.

      Ranking isn’t a concern for me, he needs to start winning matches first.

  6. Hey Jonathan!
    I think it is a good move to skip Rogers cup. I hope the back is getting better. Roger didn’t mention if he’ll play Cincy or not, so I guess he’s not sure about playing there either. If he doesn’t go to Cincy, I will probably have zero expectations for USO. BTW, any idea what he needs to do in the remaining tournaments to qualify for WTF assuming he plays Cincy? I think it’ll be a sort of win-win situation either way. If he qualifies, fantastic. If he doesn’t, he can finish the season early, train hard, get accustomed to the new racket and be ready for a bounce back season. Definitely don’t want him to play the SA exhos this year though.

    1. Hey FedFan,

      Me too, if he played it was too big a risk.

      Not sure about the WTF Qualification thing, I know if Del Po wins Washington then Fed is 7th in the race.

      I hope he skips Exhos too.


  7. I was just reading an article about Celiac disease. One of the symptoms is back spasm and pain. Hmm.
    I have no expectations of Roger at this point. I’ll support what ever happens.

  8. U seee Johnathan…!!! 😛
    Thats why i didnt want him to play in those stupid clay court events.. I had said on your july first week post that roger shouldnt play… Maybe he could have played in one, but certainly not both.. I knew this could happen..

    Always follow this principle in life.. Hope for the best, plan for the worst..!!

    If he had skipped those events he wouldnt now be missing on the important hard court events, which form a vital prep for the US Open.. 🙁
    Plus those events didnt carry much points. These upcoming 2 events are both 1000 masters, and Roger needs the points if he wishes to qualify for the World Tour Final……………

    1. [If he had skipped those events he wouldnt now be missing on the important hard court events, which form a vital prep for the US Open]

      If he had skipped those events, he would’ve entered the hard court stretch in two of the following ways: –

      (a) With the Pro Staff 90 and we all know how well he is playing with it recently. The entire hard court swing would’ve been a disaster.
      (b) He would’ve played them with the 98 sq. in. racquet having no idea how it would behave. In short, he would’ve gone in with no feel, completely unsure, and it would’ve been a guaranteed disaster.

      Would you have stayed the course after losing two matches to players outside the top 100?

      Now, if you compare the number of matches he had played until after Wimbledon last year, he knew he had some cushion. So, he added a third option,

      (c) Play some clay court events to get a feel of the new racquet with the knowledge that he will spend the fuel tank a bit but will also get some match practice that’s been missing. It’s called taking a bit of risk for reward. Sometimes it doesn’t work.

      1. Thanks for the news, but don’t work too hard, Jonathan 😉

        For me sad and dull when Roger is out of tennis scene. Is skipping Canada good or bad? Was playing clay good or bad? No choice in my opinion, now it is what it is. I agree with Sid said the above, good comments btw, Sid. He has to sort out whatever the issues are before it is too late.

        Personally he has nothing more to prove, especially after Wimbledon 2012. However, obviously he has different ideas so I’m proud of him and will support him all the way to the end as a true Fedfan. Hope and believe the best for him 🙂

        Though must say I would love to see him playing Cincy as he was the God last year!

    2. Well Sahil, the clay turned out bad, so you were right. But he could have then got to Montreal, flared up the back and had to miss Cincy / USO.

      I still think playing was a good idea, he had to do something after Wimbledon loss otherwise he’d have been sat at home doing nada!

  9. I just saw on sky sports Federer being 6th for the race to London , behind Berdich. so weird..
    And I have to watch Roger at O2 in November.
    As I said I m not much of a Fed Fan ,just a tennis fan, of course you cant be a tennis fan not liking Federer can you?
    I hope its going to happen although not at all sure about it. A big come back showing everybody that he is still the best. I just don’t believe that its over with him.
    If he just sorts out the back injury plus some work on his confidence may be that could be enough for a couple of more glory days for him.
    I think his bigger issue is in his head. I mean come on you cant be Federer and play your big points the way you do the past 7 months. I only hope that he hasn’t lost interest in the game. He says he hasn’t but can you be 100% sure?
    Anyway you are the Fed Fans you have to do the worrying part.
    No Jonathan , not a poker player or at least not yet. Just had a sports bet addiction but I am clean for the past 10 months. Just waiting for the time to bet some big money on Fed when the time will be right :).
    Sid, I play tennis a bit like a basketball player and that’s cause that is my favorite sport. Something like John Isner . Of course 70 or 80% less I guess.
    Favorite players … I used to enjoy watching Borg beat McEnroe than I remember I was a bit of a Ivan Lendl fan. After that I enjoyed watching Magic Johnson , Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley.

    you don’t want to hear what racket I use….
    Ok I wasn’t visiting this blog the time I got it …. Ehm….Actually I m planning to change it… as soon as I can.
    Ok you now what Jonathan just think about it . You cant just block out somebody just because he plays with a yellow black racket and also carries a big yellow black sack with him with a sketch of this Spanish player celebrating on it .
    It just isn’t right man …

    1. “just a tennis fan, of course you cant be a tennis fan not liking Federer can you?”

      Guess you haven’t found your way to MTF yet, have you? :-/

      “I just don’t believe that its over with him. If he just sorts out the back injury plus some work on his confidence … ”

      I don’t believe it’s over yet, either. I know people talk about “decline”, but there’s decline, and there’s what he’s going through at the moment. They’re not the same, to my mind.

      “I think his bigger issue is in his head. I mean come on you cant be Federer and play your big points the way you do the past 7 months.”

      Yes, I certainly think Fed’s got more than just a physical problem. I’m starting to wonder if being invincible for so long is now starting to count against him mentally.

    2. [I play tennis a bit like a basketball player and that’s cause that is my favorite sport]

      You mean you screen or box out your opponents from making a play? 🙂

      Basketball is among my least favorite sports.

  10. Sid you know more than I thought.
    Yes basically my best play is slam dunking easy balls in the basket/net.
    I know in GB basketball is a bit less popular than bird watching and feather ball.
    Here in Greece BasketBall is big and tennis is not taken that seriously unfortunately.

    Alison what is this mtf? Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation ?
    Did they say anything about Rogers back or something?
    Ok you mean the tennis forum. No I never been there.

    1. Well, how can I say I dislike a sport without really knowing what it’s all about.

      I see the Greeks love dumping the ball into the net. No surprise tennis isn’t taken seriously 🙂

    2. Yeah Basketball isn’t popular here much. Maybe a little more down South in London but round here nobody plays it. Kind of sport you played in school during some PE lessons when there was nothing better to do.

      MTF is full of Fed haters, very weird place, I rarely go there!

      1. Controlling the ball with your feet takes too much skill 😉

        Thanks for the MTF warning. I had to look up what it was.

      2. I know Jonathan MTF is like a Twilight Zone. It’s filled with Fed haters but yet for the last 7 years Fed has won the MTF favorite player award(?)/poll. My guess is that Fedfans either rarely post or are more mature than Dull/Djokoer fans who infest that place with stupid comments.

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