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Federer Withdraws From French Open

Bad news here as Roger has announced that he won't be taking part in this years French Open. Rumours had been circulating for the last 3 days that he wouldn't be able to play in Paris and earlier today the Swiss published the following on Facebook:

I regret to announce that I have made the decision not to play in this year’s French Open. I have been making steady progress with my overall fitness, but I am still not 100% and feel I might be taking an unnecessary risk by playing in this event before I am really ready. This decision was not easy to make, but I took it to ensure I could play the remainder of the season and help to extend the rest of my career. I remain as motivated and excited as ever and my plan is to achieve the highest level of fitness before returning to the ATP World Tour for the upcoming grass court season. I am sorry for my fans in Paris but I very much look forward to returning to Roland Garros in 2017.

Interestingly he never specifically mentioned the back and in his last press conference when asked he said that he wasn't going to talk about everything, but it definitely had something to do with the back. So we're all a bit in the dark as to what the injury (or injuries) actually are.

One things for sure it's going to feel weird without Federer in the main draw for a slam. I thought he might play but the main things is he's looking at the bigger picture and trying to make sure he's in shape to compete for titles and prolong his career rather than extend the vanity type record of 65 slams in a row.

So another Fed-less 3 weeks on the blog to look forward to πŸ™ anyone got any cool post ideas? I have some free time as I regret to inform you that it's unlikely I will be watching much of Roland Garros πŸ˜†


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Like all streaks even this had to come to an end. This is the 2nd most significant streak after the QF streak at slams that has come to an end. But if you think about it, he was never going to retire with either of these streaks being on. Now that both of them ended, maybe this makes him kinda relax, without pressuring himself for having to keep a streak alive. So indirectly help him extend his career? Just my view.

      1. I don’t think Fed ever felt the pressure of keeping this particular streak alive. Just a player who always scheduled themselves around the slams in combination with some luck on his side made him a near guarantee. Slams are the pinnacle of this sport so of course skipping out on one is a tough blow even if it’s the French. Roger said this decision has been taken in consideration of extending his career so if sacrificing one slam means more time with him in the sport, then we have to accept it.

      2. It’s a vanity record, just nice to have. But I think there was some pressure on keeping it up as it was talked about quite a lot.

        Dunno if it will relax him though, will have more pressure on the next slam he plays now.

      3. Which unfortunately comes way too soon after the current one as far as he’s concerned πŸ™

  1. Me neither. I might catch the final if Djoker goes for the Career Slam but that’s about it. I hope that Roger is in shape for the grass court season and Wimbledon..

    1. Djoker is going for all 4 in a row as well. But things more interesting because Rafa and Andy in the mix. Can never count out Stanimal the defending champ as well.

  2. I assume blog started in 2011? I am sure there are many Roger fans who joined party late (I myself started to follow regularly after that tearful 2009 final)…It would be nice to read article about each of his earlier GS wins….

    1. Ye May 2011 πŸ™‚

      I can try but there’s not much great footage around to refresh the memory. I can’t even remember all his matches from Wimbledon 2012 tbh so going back to 05 won’t be easy πŸ˜†

  3. Sad news πŸ™
    How about you pick the 7 best matches Roger has played at Roland Garros and make posts every other day from Monday?
    Ooh – another idea: do a write up of 7 Federer matches from each round: a 1st round match on Monday (for eg., Roger playing Pat Rafter in 1999), then a memorable 2nd round match, then a 3rd and so forth, ending with the 2009 Final match.

  4. I would have to pay extra to watch the slam, so I’m grateful though a bit sad of course that Roger announced this in due time. – And I don’t know if to worry or to be grass-trusting. What IS it with the back?

    1. Bet365 have free streams πŸ˜‰

      I will watch some when I have time but won’t be bending over backwards to watch matches like I do for Fed!

  5. Wow. . Another sad news about Federer. It turning out to be a ” annus horribilis” a horrible year indeed I hope he is healthy for the gtass court season.

  6. A Federer-less tournament is lacking but a Federer-less slam should be canceled!

    And I should get a refund for my tickets as I AGAIN have tickets and won’t be able to watch him display his magic live… it was a kind of a bet since the beginning, but at least I had hope.. Now it’s gone!

    Really hope he can recover well and come back healthy and fit!

    1. It’s much easier watching a Fed-less match. Doesn’t matter who wins. Bummer Alex, know how you feel.

    2. Yes they should just cancel the whole damn thing and hand Djoker the trophy. Look at the draw, tits their plan anyway

    3. Yeah the good thing is that I can go with much less stress.. I’ll be there tomorrow and I got Nishikori and Dimitrov…
      Anyway will try to enjoy it as much as I can. From what I remember of my trip there in 2014, the general atmosphere is good ?

      1. #BeingPositive – I like that. Have a good ‘Fed/stress free time’ in Paris, Alex πŸ™‚

  7. In a way I’m kinda glad. The worst thing would be if he forced himself to play and then hurt himself more, taking him out of Halle and maybe even Wimbledon itself. I didn’t really see him having any reasonable chance of going deep given how this clay court season has gone, and if he can get himself nice and healthy, have a good run in Halle he should be set (I hope). Likkewise, I doubt i will be watching all that much of the French Open now.

  8. It would have been lovely to see him play but if he can get to peak fitness and health I think he will have a real shot at Wimbledon. I personally would prefer him to be able to extend his career than risk it all just to keep a record going and play on a surface that does him no favours like you Jonathan my interest for RG has gone m

  9. Sad but wise decision. He was almost static in 2nd match in Rome and even the brief few mins practice at RG shown on Periscope didn’t fill me with any confidence… 15 mins hit and no bending again…I think he came to Paris at 80/85% hoping for a sudden upturn, but didn’t happen, conditions not helping so has to decide before draw made …. Very classy. He would never jeopardise Wimby. Wldnt Hv won RG but obviously hoping maybe for some points…QF? He’s prob much happier now all doubt removed and he can rehab properly for next few days and get on grass… Hopefully weather will pick up for that…he’s got a heavy grass schedule and needs lots of matches going into Wimby…
    Jonathan, I think you shld pick yr fav Slam wins the yr blog… Or you cld just take another sabbatical…?

    1. Yeah looks cold, I have seen guys playing matches with leggings on in Qualifying.

      Ok same ideas as Nambi. I will see what I can do.

      I like the idea of sabbatical but have neglected the blog a bit lately so don’t want to do that. Just been very busy with other things.

  10. Generally one feels very sad when ones favourite sportsman calls it a day.

    With Fed its the same sadness but because of a major streak coming to an end – something which will never be repeated in the annals of this sport.

    I can imagine how it will be when Fed actually calls it a day. Or can I ?????

    Nevertheless, my take was always that the French Open be damned and I guess that was what in Fed’s mind too. Streak or no streak.

    Let the games begin.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, very sad in terms if thinking to the future.

      It gives an insight into how empty tennis will feel without Roger.

      I’m sure like many of you it feels like Roger IS tennis. I’m 29 so I was 12 when he last missed a slam! Quite incredible. I have no memory of tennis without him there.

      Hope he can play freely at Wimbledon and we can see the genious in action much more.

    2. Yeah I’m wondering how interested in watching tennis I will be when Fed hangs up the racquet.

      When Federer isn’t playing: Playing > Watching
      When Federer is playing: Watching > Playing

      1. Yes, given some of the slugfests at RG today I’m wondering that too. I’ve said twice already that I have no interest in people just playing power tennis and nothing else πŸ™

  11. Odd feeling not having Roger at GS main draw, it’s feels empty. Roger’s presence has such a huge impact on this sport but it’s a tough decision to make. This time his back injury is taking longer time to recover than usual, hope he recovers for grass season. I will be very devastated if he skips Wimbledon. Gosh please don’t….

  12. I regret to announce that I have made the decision not to buy the cool blue Federer French Open polo. I have been steadily buying his polos, but I am still not 100% I want to buy this one. This decision was not easy to make, but I took it to ensure I could save money for the remainder of the season and buy some polo he actually wears when playing, and it would also help stretch my budget for the rest of the year. I remain as motivated and excited as ever and my plan is to achieve the biggest collection of RF polos. I feel sorry for Nike, that again they won’t get my business at least for the time being.

    1. Sad to see the streak end but totally totally agree with Ryan. Clay is futile. Get healthy for grass. Go Fed!

  13. I am also devastated by Fed’s health problems but his decision is probably better for the long run. With the Olympics and Wimbledon coming up it’s just too much. He will be 35 this summer..other players his age have started playing mostly doubles or retired outright more than a year, or even several years ago. It’s a physical thing and even Gods or GOATS have these limitations. To coin a phrase, the spirit is strong but the body is ..well…not as strong.

    Is it too sad to say my life is much emptier without watching and adoring Fed every week? The highs and lows were such a part of my normal yearly rhythm, and now nothing. I don’t know if my satellite even carries the French Open (Indovision) but in any case it’s now (nearly) nothing to me..

    Federer IS Tennis, and we have been so blessed to have him for so long. When I saw him win his first Wimbledon little did I know what a wonderful journey we would all be taking together!

    1. Yeah I think Eurosport will be the main coverage channel here. ITV4 have some but not all. I will just watch when I can, not going to go out of my way.

      1. ITV has only the one channel, so I guess it will be Brits when they’re playing, and anyone else when they’re not.

  14. okay.. im depressed right now.. maybe I jinx it after I post the Jon Snow thing…. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ I this feeling….

    1. Until today I had no idea who Jon Snow was.

      Game of Thrones looks absolutely terrible. Quite well put together though to pull in viewers, gets all sorts of age ranges into it for various reasons…

  15. Well I knew it was coming πŸ™
    Still will take a while to sink in though, but I’m sure he’ll bounce back at Halle. May need to add a couple more tournaments after the US Open to help his ranking in the ATP race.

    1. I still think if Fed plays the rest of his proposed schedule out he should make the cut for the WTF.

  16. Sad, but seemed like the writing was on the wall after his desultory performance in Rome. Given that this is an Olympic season, it would be foolish for him to risk overexerting himself and hurting his body. This may be his last shot at a gold medal, when the next one comes around he’ll be nearly forty. Also, isn’t he playing mixed dubs with Hingis? That’s probably a commitment he doesn’t want to renege on.

    I don’t think he’s seriously injured, I just think it’s hard to recover from several months off the tour, this is the first time since he started playing that he’s been away from competitive play for so long. No matter how much he practices and trains to max out his fitness, there’s just no substitute for the exertions of a real tournament.

    The physicality required on clay was too much too soon. Grass should be easier on his body since points are short, his serve is more effective, and he can better use his variety of shots to blunt his opponents’ power and control the rallies. Once he gets warmed up again, he should be able to sustain a high level through the HC season. He was saying that Edberg was having him play for long stretches followed by rest breaks, rather than stopping and starting in shorter blocks. My feeling is that that’s better as he gets older. The body takes longer to get going once you take time off, it’s no longer possible to just quickly switch on and off.

    Obviously he should play Stuttgart, he’ll need the match play and the rankings points. On a fast grass court, he should do well even if he’s not 100%. (Remember, he won Halle even in his worst year, 2013). If he survives the opening-round match, he could go all the way.

    It’s crazy enough he managed 65 majors in a row, that’s a testament to his commitment to the game and his incredible professionalism. Never overplaying, always taking care of his injuries, always prioritizing the Grand Slams, and making sure he practiced and trained to peak at the right times for them.

    Sure, he could have ended his career with the streak intact had he retired earlier, but he loves the game more than he does his vanity. All of Federer’s streaks will come to an end someday.

    I still think he could have a great year. If and when he gets going he’ll have more left in the tank to go through the grass and HC seasons. Just needs one good tournament to get the ball rolling! Go Roger!

    1. The sad thing for me is that Fed has missed too much of the season that he’s behind in match practice. Doubt he truly believes he could make a run at SW19 even if he’s healthy by then.

      1. O no.

        Man – I would hate if Fed feels that way about SW19 already.

        I don’t think it’s true. I think he still believes he has a fair shot at Wimby this year.

        I do too.

      2. Fed always done well at Wimby when he’s had a good chunk of momentum behind him and beat the top players. Basically had an off-season since Melbourne.

      1. Oh no, actually it’s not – looks closer to a smartphone – but it’s far better than anything my provider has offered me as a replacement, so I’m sticking with it as long as it works.

      2. Upgrade options always suck. Just buy a new one outright and go SIM only 30 day rolling. I pay Β£7 a month on mine.

  17. Gutted. Not seeing Fed play in a slam even if it’s the French Open is too sad not just for fans but for tennis itself. Hope he can make a full recovery in time for Wimbledon and the Olympics.

    p.s. Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well even though this 2016 season has absolutely sucked!

  18. It’s unfortunate, but the right thing to do if he’s not 100%. Grass will be much better for his body and the extra weeks physical preparation should be good. Fed knows Wimbledon, Olympics, and USO are his big targets, and that was going to be the case even if he never had any injuries this season.

    1. Yeah agreed. They are goals but I think the older you get – the more you need to play so it’s going to be difficult for Fed to compete big time for titles this year.

  19. Roger always said his body would tell him when to quit. Or his family. He’s put a lot of miles on that body of his. Fingers crossed. Will I have the same routine for the French….wake up and check the tennis scores?

    I don’t have a lot of faith in any big titles this year.

    1. I’m not sure I have faith in *any* titles this year πŸ™ But I try and console myself with the thought that if he does recover from this and keep playing he’ll have plenty of points to pick up next year.

    2. Yeah still long part of season to go but he needs to play matches. The older you get, the more you need to play. Been quite a big lay off now.

  20. The draw is dull and empathy without Fed’s name. He’s the sun, the magic and sparkle which lights everything up wherever he goes. This tournament will go to hell. I won’t be watching, unless anyone but ND or Nadal is close to winning. Won’t be playing the Tiger Mobile thing anymore.

  21. I’m very sad about the development Fedless seems to be endless this year πŸ™
    Hopefully his teammate the defending champion will produce some great tennis… He’s in the zone!!! Also Thiem…
    One hand backhand will rule again on Parisian dirt…

  22. Djoker has the easiest draw this year. Are the organizers trying to make up for last year ( When he played Nadal, Murray and Wawa successively) ? Better hand him the trophy directly πŸ™

      1. Weird how RG had the Fed hasn’t won RG narrative for years and now the same thing with Novak now. Sigh.

    1. Thanks Wanda, nice and hearty statement from Andy (but I’m not cheering for him nonetheless – nor for Djoko, Rafa, Stan, (and so on)) – did Gael withdraw as well? If so not much entertainment left. Last poor hope is Dustin….or maybe for a little bit Alexander (Zv.), Dominic Thiem, – and David (Goffin) or Kohli – I would like this, as a poor consolation in this outstretched sadness (and bore).

      1. Yep. I really think it’s time Stan abandoned this habit of playing a tourney the week before a Slam – even if it is his home one.

  23. Nice Wanda. I’ve always been a fan of Murray’s antics on the court. Entertaining to me. I wouldn’t mind Murray winning RG…..I wouldn’t mind a new 6S..haha. Got him over Djoker in the final.

    Or a new face?

    1. Repeating the Rome final is gonna be a world away for Muzz at this rate. Ffs you look away for 2 days because Roger isn’t there and carnage already.

      1. It’s early days yet, but he’s darned lucky to have got through that match – Steps rather gifted him the last couple of games.

    1. Hahahaha πŸ˜€ – fun – cutting and gluing (from a fed commercial last year and what I see as a Novak-hosted public question-me video) creating a metaphoric happening (were you the engineer, Jonathan?) Some of the commentators to the video are really believing this is a real happening??? – Most sad unbelievable fun of it….?

  24. I was catching up on my recording of today’s RG play from ITV4. Just after 9 hours in, John Inverdale said something to Fabrice Santoro about there having been some article in L’Equipe claiming that Roger had pulled out of RG because he knew he wasn’t fit enough to make it through to the SF rather than because he was injured. And then my recording stopped just as Fabrice was starting to answer! Anyone know anything about this, or has JI got the wrong end of the stick? I’ve had a quick look on the L’Equipe website, and can’t see anything that looks relevant. And when was the last time Roger made it as far as the SF at RG, anyway?

    1. Never pay attention to anything John Inverdale has to say – the man’s a moron. Just spews out any garbage that comes in to his head, and there’s plenty of it. I just wonder at why he is still there after his crack about Marian Bartoli. He should have been sacked. I would imagine Fabrice would have put him straight.

      I read the article that Sue is referring to, so that is good news, and sounds much more logical. πŸ™‚

    2. There’s no way he should have been sacked for his comments about Bartoli. Terribly phrased and we all know what he meant but it’s not exactly far off the truth. As usual mountain out of a molehill when you have to be ‘PC’ to be on TV.

      Slamdunk – credits Bill Clinton as doing a great job despite impeachment, rape and various other crimes against women. But Inverdale gets the moron treatment because he said Bartoli wasn’t much of a looker πŸ˜† you can’t make it up.

      1. And what he actually said was something along the lines of “Her dad probably said “you’re never going to be much of a looker, you’ll have to get by on hard work and ability””. But of course people don’t ever bother to look further than the soundbite.

      2. He was not charged with rape, and no one accused him of such Jonathan, as you very well know. You’d rather have Trump? I would suggest that ‘you couldn’t make that up’ either.

        And Alison, quoting the whole sentence makes no difference. It is the assumption that if the women have the looks – aka Maria Sharapova etc., their tennis is secondary. I still don’t know why he’s there anyway. Doesn’t seem to know a whole lot about tennis.

      3. He has been accused of rape multiple times by many different women along with assault and various other wrongdoings. It doesn’t look great for him at all.

        Have we got a case of Slamdunk having a crush on Clinton when he was in office which means his actions to women are secondary? πŸ˜†

      4. Clinton wasn’t the worst president ever? – Accused many times of rape? Could be true, could not? Like Rafa and the dope. About Bill Clinton it’s about being attacked in sex-moral perspective – (if proved, then of course he’s done criminal) – can you be a competent president anyway, in spite of (unproved?) sexual accusations? With Rafa nothing has been proved that we know of. But dope has impact on the professional game, so if once proved, THEN…

      5. Not sure on exactly what you’re saying.

        But based on the info we have I think if I was on a business trip and staying in a room with an accidentally booked double bed then Inverdale would be get the nod over Clinton πŸ™‚

      6. Yup, I don’t want to get into that debate as it’s never straightforward. Look at Ched Evans and Adam Johnson.

        But there’s quite a few women out there with claims. Who knows. He signed NAFTA though, that much is fact and it’s been a disaster.

      7. Hoopf – I had to get more inf. about NAFTA. Here’s somewhat:
        NAFTA was prepared by the president Bush before Clinton. Clinton signed it, yes, after much debate and so on.
        I don’t want either a long political debate here, I don’t know enough for that. But I’m nonetheless interested to know what disaster Jonathan refer to. For whom, how and where?

      8. Well look at the US trade deficit with NAFTA members, look at all the companies and jobs that have gone to Mexico, look at mass immigration of unskilled labour. None of it’s good.

        It’s lead to huge job losses and in general the middle class have been royally screwed from NAFTA. Their quality of life has gone down and wages compressed.

        It’s a terrible deal and clearly was signed as a result of pressure from people with specific interests. I’m sure many politicians had some nice meals and free holidays for signing on the dotted line.

        We have TTIP to look forward to πŸ™‚ another disaster waiting to happen.

      9. I should know more than I do. We in Scandinavia also have middle-class problems, and that might surely come from stupid politic. Still I think (with still knowing too little) that finance bubbles, environmental impoverishment, lacking conscience of quality, thereby following climate change, WARS, also have some responsibility.

      10. Most of Europe’s problems stem from the EU and mass immigration. It’s likely only going to get worse though.

        Climate change isn’t something that can be combated, in fact it’s a waste of time & money as India and China aren’t going to reduce their output. It’s been a good gravy train for land owners though.

        But you can throw bad trade deals, finance and property bubbles and wars all in the same pot. A select few benefit, the middle class suffer.

      11. Yes Jonathan, widespread greediness has taken political power and has shown it’s disastrous consequences – for all! Still creativity exist. And analyses have shown, that companies with most diversity in the leading, have best chances of making/creating quality and earning on it!

      12. Attended a seminar with the director for
        Interesting reading?
        Well one of her (numerous) examples was comparing the lead of car companies VW (who have lost enormous fortunes by being exposed cheating with outlet of pollution) and Tesla (where lots of middle-class people invest for a future She told that the lead in Tesla was much more diversified – also in respect to more females there.

      13. Personally I think it’s a sad state of affairs that organisations like that even exist πŸ˜†

        “Companies with a high degree of gender balance increase their bottom-line substantially compared to companies with a low degree of gender balance.”

        I don’t care whether they’re male or female, but they need a new direct response copywriter. Because as usual it’s full of spurious claims that are completely unverifiable. And make me click close very quickly.

        The example they gave of Tesla or VW is terrible. To my knowledge Tesla are yet to turn a profit and lose $15k on each car. But yay they’re more diverse so I better invest!

        Stuff like this actually makes gender imbalances worse IMO. Everything should be based on merit, not ticking boxes to balance things out.

      14. No crush on Clinton I assure you. Accusations are not charges, and as Muser quite rightly says, ‘…US-president is a target – and might be a trophy for some’. So, apart from Lewinsky – and that was consensual, not rape – nothing has been proven. You’re always the first one to say we shouldn’t believe everything we read. πŸ˜‰

      15. I’m not saying it’s proven. Just doesn’t make great reading for the Clinton’s. There’s a lot of cover ups surrounding them though, most certainly protected. I mean that emails thing is a disgrace, how can she even be allowed to run?

      16. Isn’t there a lot of Trump’s saying, – and isn’t he accused a lot – and isn’t that also alike a disgrace? – Tesla – to my poor knowledge – is an electric car, and not that much polluting as conventionals. In my eyes this is creative, and I am glad people invest in this. And maybe I am not the only one.

      17. Yes Tesla are very cool. But using them as an example of how a diversified workforce increases bottom line isn’t. No surprise business selling diversity and gender consulting services is cooking up examples of it working ?

        I’ve not heard of any allegations around Trump aside from his name calling etc. Who knows whether Clinton is guilty, both Clinton’s seem to be surrounded by dodgy goings on. But hey look at Jimmy Seville, a lot of people accused him but I don’t have a bad word to say about him, he fixed it for me to milk a cow blindfolded.

      18. πŸ™‚ “Yes Tesla are very cool. But using them as an example of how a diversified workforce increases bottom line isn’t. No surprise business selling diversity and gender consulting services is cooking up examples of it working ?”
        Sure right, that Tesla is not best for cool cash right now, but it might be later. At least there’s a difference in business moral between Tesla and VW. – and that might bring up the bottom line in future. – In the seminar she also brought other examples than that one. Those interested can go to the link in my earlier post.

      19. You seem to have forgotten all the examples I gave re Trump Jonathan πŸ˜‰ including the one in which he refuses to disclose his tax return before the November election. This has led to further investigation. I found it rather odd that you should champion a man who clearly does *not* have the best interests of the middle class in mind:

        ‘Jack Blum, chairman of the Tax Justice Network and a financial crime attorney, said Mr Trump was a “poster child” for tax avoidance property schemes, which ultimately harm the middle-income American.’

        We’ll see what comes of these investigations, but if we’re talking ‘dodgy’, Trump’s your man.

    3. Isn’t he under audit? I wouldn’t release a tax return in those circumstances either. And tbh I don’t think he should have to release it anyway.

      For the property thing – too long winded to read it all, but I saw it’s from 2006. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s dodgy, anything at that scale in NYC is going to be.

      But I am of the same mindset anyway – pay as little tax as possible. I mean look how the government spends it here in the UK, it’s a joke. Don’t you think the same?

      From what I read his policy is to bring taxes down across the board for both individuals and businesses – another common sense idea that I’m sure will bypass most people.

      1. Truly you have a very strange mindset Jonathan. I would put it to you that people like Trump – and there are plenty of them in the US and indeed every country – who are avoiding tax (or squirrelling it away in tax havens) on a monumental scale, probably in the billions – all money that could be used to improve the lot of ALL inhabitants, not just the very rich.. This is not some self-employed man doing a job of work for cash and avoiding a few hundred, although this is not acceptable either.

        As a rabid UKIP voter you will not agree of course, determined as you are to blame immigrants for every ill – such an easy scapegoat, but there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that they put in far more into the economy than they take out:

        If you honestly think Trump cares for anyone’s interests but his own, I’m suggesting you might like to think again.

        We shall never agree on this, so I guess that’s it. I shall leave you to have the last word: I know you like that.

      2. Clueless comments bordering on personal.

        There is a difference between paying as little tax as possible and tax avoidance offshore. But the goal of any businessman is going to be to pay as little tax as possible. I have zero issue with it, if you can shave the tax bill, employ people or expand then I’d rather see that. It’s when firms like Apple, Starbucks, Facebook etc. abuse their position by moving billions offshore and adding zero to the economy – that’s wrong.

        I don’t know where you live, but take a look at our roads, our infrastructure, our hospitals. They’re a disaster. Can you provide your own legitimate argument (not from Googling and plucking up some random article) that your tax is not getting spunked up a wall? I mean $12 billion goes to foreign aid (of which a large % is spent on corrupt causes). I don’t see much improvement for the day to day lives of all inhabitants at all. It’s going one way – down. Lets not forget the Β£9 million spent on some pro EU leaflets as well. How can that be a good thing?

        “As a rabid UKIP voter you will not agree of course, determined as you are to blame immigrants for every ill”

        Give me a break, I live in the real world. I work with immigrants every day. I work with Europeans every day. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that when you have an influx of unskilled migrant labour that it is going to have a negative impact on the population as a whole. I would suggest you haven’t seen the impacts of this directly – I see it every day in the North of England.

        Immigration is fine. When it’s controlled and sensible. When it’s uncontrolled and Britain is seen as a land of milk on honey it’s a bad idea. Do you disagree?

      3. One last comment then Jonathan:
        ‘I don’t see much improvement for the day to day lives of all inhabitants at all. It’s going one way – down.’

        No. And I gave the reason why – individuals such as Trump, and obviously organisations such as Apple etc., as you noted – avoiding tax ‘by moving billions offshore and adding zero to the economy’ as you also quite rightly said. *Those* are the people we need to go after, not immigrant workers, unskilled or otherwise.

        The Economist is well respected and generally not given to wild or unsubstantiated comments which is why I gave that article. Did you bother reading it? There are plenty of skilled immigrant worker within our NHS working as dentists, nurses, doctors and consultants etc., without whom the NHS would be in an even worse position than it is. The same can be said of our construction industry, and in major cities in London, our hotel industry too. So I think you’ll find that they *are* putting rather more in than they are taking out, both in terms of labour, and taxes.

        Obviously there should be some form of control over immigration, I don’t believe I have suggested otherwise. What I do find unpalatable, is your tendency to blame immigrant for the problems we face, most of which IMO are brought about by greedy and corrupt corporations, and more recently the banks who had an almost 40 billion bail out back in 2008.

      4. This just shows a lack of understanding πŸ™

        First up, forget bundling Trump in with Apple, Facebook, Amazon. He’s small fish compared to them, and he arguably will add quite a lot to the economy – much of his business is done on US soil – he employs a lot of people there who then have cash to spend. In fact those companies above are worried about him because he has said he wants to do something about offshore tax. Look at his comments regarding Amazon and Bezos.

        But anyway, getting Starbucks or Facebook to pay a bit more corporation tax isn’t going to make much difference by itself. It’s just one piece of the puzzle, along with the banks, low interest rates, immigration, terrorism etc. They all need addressing if there’s going to be much improvement in quality of life.

        “There are plenty of skilled immigrant worker within our NHS working as dentists, nurses, doctors and consultants etc., without whom the NHS would be in an even worse position than it is. The same can be said of our construction industry, and in major cities in London, our hotel industry too”

        We need to move away from this line of thinking. Nobody is disputing the above, there’s plenty of examples of migration working well. But when it’s uncontrolled it goes bad very quickly and that is what I’m blaming as a contributing factor to a lower quality of life for many people in the UK. Visit some towns in the UK, up North – there’s no integration, no assimilation. It simply doesn’t work. And when you have unskilled labour pouring in – peoples wages compress and people are worse off. Look at youth unemployment, look at salaries that haven’t gone up in 20 years. Interestingly many migrants who’ve lived here a while agree with exactly that as it effects them too.

        I think you’re one for reading stuff and taking it as gospel. I haven’t read the Economist piece in full but I can see it’s flawed as it doesn’t take into account the cost of housing, school places, stress on services due to population increase, the cost of policing, wage compression, the taking of jobs and various other expenses. It also only looks at European migrants. Anybody can manipulate data to make it fit their narrative. Sad they even churn this shit out when they’re supposedly a facts based publication.

        I base my thinking on what I see day in and day out. Not what sites that always have an agenda churn out.

  25. No idea if this is true at all. I tend to doubt it.

    Good news for Roger Federer’s fans. According to French Open tournament director, Guy Forget, Roger Federer’s retirement from the Roland Garros is due because of a lack of training and not (really) because of his back injury (that is supposed to be over).

    Forget. Federer retired for lack of training
    Guy Forget explained that “According to Tony Godsick [Roger’s agent], it is an issue of physical readiness. His agent told me that he is [in] condition to play, but is not capable of playing five sets against fully-trained players. He is lacking a week or 10 days of training.”

    The grass season is on!
    This means that Roger’s back may not be an issue anymore, and the grass season is very much on.

    Roger is not done!

    1. Maybe Fed thought about what happened in 2013: how he played in Indian Wells when his back wasn’t fully there and by doing so injured it more and set himself back in practice and matches ruining most of his season. Looks to me that skipping out on the French is more precaution over being injured. He knows he never had a shot at winning the French and had to prioritise especially with it being an Olympics year, from here on out it’s going to be a tight schedule so couldn’t risk it. However, he’s basically missed out on half the season now so regardless of playing or not playing the French, his lack of competitive play will still be a factor once the grass season starts.

      Personally, I don’t have any expectations for the rest of the year until the indoor season starts again, he has no momentum or confidence. Playing 2 grass tournaments is definitely a good way to rebuild the foundations. Super unlucky this happened in an Olympics year but alas, such is life.

      1. Always better not to have expectations I guess Alysha, but he will be playing Stuttgart and Halle which will be an excellent way to get in some practice, and if he can win the titles that will give him a lot of confidence and momentum going into Wimbledon. Fingers crossed.

        I know Jonathan said that as one gets older, it is better to keep on playing and that makes sense – keep the body fluid and flexible etc., but on the other hand, an older body also needs good rest too; a fine line I guess. As it is, I think he definitely made the right decision, even if his back is feeling OK, with the cold, wet weather they’ve been having that would probably have aggravated the problem.

        Let’s not lose all hope for the rest of the year. I know it gets more difficult as time goes on, but Roger is the best at bouncing back from disappointments; he will be raring to go, so let’s grab a slice of the optimism he always has. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Simon…When playing like that DB is one of the fews to forgive somewhat his DBH…if he goes far in FO, I’ll start to watch (and cheer)!

    1. I don’t know what Adidas were thinking – but it may well discombobulate their opponents. πŸ˜†

  26. If true, this sounds like great news:

    Simon HΓ€ring ‏@_shaering 16 m

    Roger #Federer: Β«Back is better than expected. Keep progressing.Β» About come back for grass season. #RG16

    Fingers crossed. πŸ™‚

  27. … And Nadal withdraws with a wrist injury…. The stage is set for Djokovic.. πŸ™ I wish Fed had such luck between 2005 and 2007…

    1. Well, true, I wish that too. But I feel we can’t just entirely blame it on that. Djokovic is, as far as I’m concerned, every bit as good as fed ever has been on clay. I know it’s a statement people would disagree with, especially here, but his game just suits it so well. We can all cite 2011, sure, but I think the balls really helped with that, and even then, the match was unbearably close.

      It’s a weird day when I call it a shame Nadal has dropped out πŸ™ I think that, like wimby 2013, when fed and Nadal are both gone, the draw just feels so much more alien, so much more now rather than then.

      1. Giving chance to the youngsters? My only hope for consolation for these Fedless grey-times…

      2. Djokovic, going strictly by the numbers is a better player than Roger on clay (Has won more titles on it. Everything except the French Open). What I meant by – I wish Fed had such luck between 2005 and 2007 – was that it would allow Roger to complete the fabled ‘Grand Slam’ (All four majors in one year) at least once in his career.

        Instead we are about to witness the ‘Djoker Slam’.. And inevitably, people will christen him as the greatest of all time. Since he would have done what neither Nadal nor Federer could do.

      3. P.S. : I am now scared to go on Ruan’s – It’s all about the Djoker now- blog ..

      4. Siddharth, look at the photos and videos of Djoko and Roger and compare. Who will be the greatest legend? Don’t worry about the winner machine Djoko. His “charisma” is false, many sense it. His wins – alright let him…(but I would love him being caught in dope)
        And Roger’s back seems betterer now. Not daring hoping yet, but preparing for possible nice surprises.

      5. That’s fair enough, no doubt djoker wouldn’t do the four in a row if prime Nadal were in the way. But there’s still the fact that if anyone’s career demands a Roland Garros title, it’s Djokovic right now.

    2. It’s that time of the year Fed fans become Murray and Wawrinka supporters for 2 weeks only haha. No point comparing Roger and Novak. Huge age difference, different style of play and circumstances. If Novak wins RG this year, he will have done something only one other man in this sport’s history has and every fan has to tip their hat to that even if it hurts.

      1. A star comment, Alysha.
        Even if it hurts…but Roger is incomparable, whatever other guys achieve.

  28. Now I bet Federer is wishing he’d stayed on in the tournament. Nadal out. He’d have been in Murray’s half (Murray who’s gone through 2 5 setters and will probably go through at least one more long match) Hahaha I bet Federer with half a functional leg would’ve taken his chances.

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