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Federer Wins 99th Career Title at Swiss Indoors

Roger Federer now has 99 tour level titles to his name after soundly beating Marius Copil 7-6(5), 6-4 to win his 9th Swiss Indoors crown in 1 hour and 33 minutes.

The Basel native is on a 20 match winning streak at the St Jakobshalle and despite Copil's impressive week knocking out Cilic and Zverev, Roger was one step too far for the Romanian Qualifier who was playing his second ATP final of 2018.

The victory sees Roger bag his 4th title of the season and he's now 10 titles off all-time leader Jimmy Connors. Will he get there? Unlikely but you ever know.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Basel Win 2018

Federer won the toss and elected to serve, firing down a sub-60-second hold to get off to a strong start. Copil had been serving bombs all week and he started from where he left off against Zverev with two aces en route to holding.

Buoyed by getting on the scoreboard Copil quickly found his feet in game three, rushing Federer from the baseline and he broke for 2-1. More big serves helped then helped him hold for 3-1 to establish a tidy lead.

A love hold for Roger meant Copil was soon backing serving and the Swiss finally made some inroads, winning a 17 shot rally to bring up a breakpoint and taking it to level at 3 all.

The pair then exchanged holds but it was Roger looking the more vulnerable, winning 0% of points behind his first serve and hitting 3 double faults by game seven. However, from there, he began to take it up a notch, holding to love for 5-4 and 6-5 to give himself some breathing room.

Into the tie-break and both players started strongly but it was Copil who blinked first, playing a poorly timed drop shot to slip down a mini break at 3-4. Roger then held his next two serves for 6-3 and converted the first set point on his own serve to take it 7-5.

Copil kicked off set two with a hold to 30 and the Qualifier broke for the second time in the match to take a two love lead thanks to some solid hitting. A hold to 30 consolidated the break for 3-0 and after Copil saved two break points to hold for 4-1 it looked like the set could well be his.

However, Roger held to love for 4-2 and then found a way back in the match with a break back, garnered by extending points where possible as Copil began to look tired. The score was soon 4-4 thanks to a love hold and then in a game with three challenges that all went against Copil, Roger broke for 5-4. He then saved a break point to hold and take down his 9th Basel title.

Match Stats

Roger Federer Marius Copil
Aces 6 14
Double Faults 3 4
1st Serve 52% (34/65) 61% (46/76)
1st Serve Points Won 94% (32/34) 70% (32/46)
2nd Serve Points Won 55% (17/31) 47% (14/30)
Break Points Saved 60% (3/5) 40% (2/5)
Service Games Played 11 11
1st Serve Return Points Won 30% (14/46) 6% (2/34)
2nd Serve Return Points Won 53% (16/30) 45% (14/31)
Break Points Converted 60% (3/5) 40% (2/5)
Return Games Played 11 11
Winners 22 25
Unforced Errors 14 31
Net Points Won 71% (12/17) 30% (3/10)
Service Points Won 75% (49/65) 61% (46/76)
Return Points Won 39% (30/76) 25% (16/65)
Total Points Won 56% (79/141) 44% (62/141)

Point of the Match

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Basel Trophy 2018

The Uniqlo monkey is finally off Roger's back and he's now just one title shy of 100 after taking down his 9th Basel crown. It's been a week of struggle tennis for the Swiss who's dropped serve for fun and been down a break in virtually every set he's played but when is all said and he done he walks away with the trophy which is really all that matters.

Today I thought he played decently and seemed to have a bit more faith in his groundstrokes which was good to see. Anytime he starts a match with a sub-60-second hold you usually get good vibes so to see him broken in the next service game was a bit of a surprise. But he stuck to the task, managed to soak up Copil's hitting to break back and from there looked more convincing on serve.

The tie-break, like the one against Simon 2 days ago, was again impressive with no wobbles and that basically won him the title. From there he was able to play a bit more freely and Copil began to look leggy, massaging his hamstring at the changeovers. Roger clearly noticed that as he went about extending the points where possible which worked to recover the break in the second set.

Once he got the break back he was able to get back in control but I think Copil will probably rue those two poor challenges at 4-4 when he was still very much in the mix to at least force a tie-break with how big he can serve. Both times he stopped playing on balls that clipped the baseline when he was still very much in the point.

So a good end to what goes down as a good week . Not at his best over the 7 days and I think playing Copil in the final helped somewhat but hopefully he can build some momentum from this win be it in Paris or London.

What did you guys think of the final? Will he play Paris? I'll be doing a draw post shortly. Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Brilliant week great final thanks Jonathan and thanks for the 99time Roger and Marius you were a fab runner up too. Uniqlo even got a win too.

      1. I think the decline of Roger Federer as a world class player has started. Since he won his 20th grand- slam in Australia he has been a shell of his former self. I am a huge Roger Federer fan. I sincerly, Hope 2019 will be his last year of competitive tennis.

  2. So happy for Fed and Wanda! It just seemed to be in the script. How he won the tournament is a mystery. But, he won, and like Jonathan said, that’s what matters. I think he should play Paris as long as he feels good. His game is improving now and could get on a roll. This is the most surprised I’ve been after a championship.
    The curse is gone…thank you tennis gods!!

      1. Gosh, Wanda, how amazing is that? Please, please let us see it. How on earth did you manage it?
        Looking forward to your write-up if you make one.

  3. A very entertaining final.First set well contested by both and an excellent tiebreak from Roger.How Copil must have regretted that attempted drop shot! In the second set errors started to creep into Copils game,it was interesting that
    Roger was the fitter of the two,although Copil had played a lot of tennis to get to the final.But Fed more than deserved the
    victory and how sweet that must have been in his home town.
    I don’t think he should play Paris,he has a tough draw there with Anderson,Joker,Nadal(if he plays)and it might effect momentum and confidence perhaps.

  4. 10 titles and 80 wins away from Connors. 🙂
    But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. So much fun to see Roger hoist another one. 🙂

  5. Unbelievablerer.

    Loved that shot of the match, even though Copil won it.

    It sure didn’t feel like that many more points on the Fed side of the scoreboard. I kind of like this Copil guy. Moves well for as tall as he is, both side to side & forward, some good shotmaking, seems like an interesting dude – check out his website. His German also sounds fine – I guess he lived in Munich for ~ 10 years. He’ll have a career best ranking after this week, well deserved. As Jonathan says, I think the lack of big match experience is a big part of what got him here.

    On the other hand Fed KNOWING how big a deal it was threatened to do him in. How on EARTH did he pull that out? 0% behind his SECOND serve I think Jonathan – for a while it was 100% behind the first & 0% behind the second, if the commentators had it right. He did a great job calming himself down, trying different things, not letting it crush him when things that always work weren’t working. Am I hallucinating or does his ball toss look off?

    I think he’s thinking of next year, not year end, when he contemplates playing Paris – not expecting necessarily to go all the way, but to add a few points as a cushion. I’m sure Forget would give him a Wednesday start if he asks for one, if it would mean he plays – though I don’t expect he WOULD ask. Hard not to ask for more when people are anxious to give it to you.

    99. What a guy.

  6. Right now I am looking for Roger to get his 100th title, whether in London or some time next season. Anything more will be pure gravy. It was good today to see him play with some assurance. There were some tense moments, but he looked like he would win this match, as opposed to a couple others this week, where you were hoping against hope that he could pull off a win.

  7. Copil looked downcast. I feel for him. He knows he might not get another opportunity like this. Very lucky, Fed today. An inexperienced and tired opponent and he was able to pick up a cheap one playing well below par.

    Anyways, I’ll take it any way they come. Let’s conquer Connors!

  8. I must say the early breaks by Super-Cop rattled me. But not Roger. Seems like he’s climbing to his Laver Cup level. If he’s not tired, he should go Paris as well, for exercise. I think he by now is solid enough. – Interesting to see if Copil can keep up his super level. Or is he another Dolgo, who’s huge talent didn’t materialize enough for my taste, after his sensational beating Nadal some years ago.

    1. Dolgo has been to 13 in the world. And has some illness that affects stamina. So I think he’s overachieved. His game is all types of funky too, not sure that means he is talented just because he can hit a slice that bends like a Roberto Carlos free kick.

  9. It seemed to me that the stars aligned for Copil this week and he played the tennis of his life.I hope he can build on this,at the very least he will take away wonderful memories of those wins,improved ranking and a nice cheque.From his speech he sounds like a fun guy and I wish him well(just don’t come up against Fed early in a draw,okay).
    @Sid,I think you might be being a bit harsh on Fed there.I know he wasn’t playing his best,far from it,but he is an incredibly
    tough customer.A break down in both sets,first serves not firing,but he found a way.Who knows,if Copil hadn’t played that
    risky drop shot in the tie break,he might have won the first set and Adrenalin got him over the line.But tennis if full of what
    might have beens,so a win is a win and he deserved it, just for slogging away against Simon alone?

    1. Yeah that dropper was a big mistake in hindsight, but it did win him a lot of points vs Cilic and Sascha, So can’t argue with him playing it. If it goes over he’s a genius 😀

  10. Well, I just woke up in Tokyo at 4:45 and the first thing I do is check Jonathan’s post, very much happy to see the result. Impressive that Fed found, should I say fought, a way to victory. He was not impenetrable but he was resolute. Way to go Fed. He should play Paris, get some cushion points for next year, more match time, and hopefully momentum for London (and Australia).

  11. What a relief this win was! Struggling with his most potent weapon, his serve, Roger still found ways to win. A lot of smarts, a lot of resilience and a little bit of luck. Even Roger looked so relieved to have won this. Thank you for the quick post, Jonathan, and looking forward to Wanda’s atmospheric on-site report.
    99 is just fine!

  12. Bravo, Roger, Du hast’s geschafft!
    Jonathan, thank you for your great analysis of Roger’s matches. Much enjoy reading them. To all Fedfans, the same!

    1. Are you dissing our own forest fire? 😉 I noticed there was a moment during Roger’s speech when he smiled, apparently genuinely – he was looking elsewhere. Cough cough.

  13. Thank you Roger for this amazing achievement #99 !

    According to an interview he gave to Suisse TV (SRF) Federer’s plan is to travel to Paris on Tuesday and play on Wednesday. But he’ll see how he feels tomorrow first and make a final decision.

  14. Glad to have the curse of 99 and Uniqlo behind him now. Good that he played his best in the last two matches. Still it doesn’t look like his right hand problem is gone for good. It is better for him to skip Paris as playing there is not going to be good for his chances in the more important final event. Given his lousy draw as usual, I think it is much better that he rests his hand and practice his serves before the big ATP finals.

  15. Yay Fed, 99 big ones! What a week of fighting tennis, coming from behind and ultimately as Jon says, putting it all behind him for the trophy! Copil played v well except for those disastrous drop shot attempts and very poor judgement on 3 line calls. Thought we’d get one breaker which we did but didn’t expect that early break if serve 2nd set and fully directed a 3rd.

    Paris is def in. He has said in interviews he needs match play Pre London and might as well go. Practice slot Tues. plays Wed evening! Allez. Quite frankly I don’t care if he only plays one match but his confidence must be better after this week. Hopefully his serve will be too!!

    Wanda, how wonderful you were there! Look forward to your report and pic! ??

    1. But surely it is not going to help his confidence if he goes out in the first round?
      This is what worries me,I really can’t see the sense of playing Paris with such a difficult draw.

    2. Susie, I’m with you there. Although should he only have a few rounds, practice is practice, and so much the better if the court is similar to London. And I’m with people joining that RF doing very well, not impenetrable, but resolute. His serve the same. Has improved during the week, for sure (but still not quite at the peek). And Copil – my goodness what a talent he showed. Might be my new no. 2! And like Annie will follow him with interest, except should he meet Roger before some final. Is he joining Paris?

  16. This is definitely a ‘monkey off the back’ kind of win. A big win, I hope #100 will come soon enough! Shame on me for believing he’d definitely lose to Struff. Should never underestimate the aura of our Fed. Can win matches with that aura alone!

    1. I also thought that Struff was going to be a challenge because of the way he played in the previous
      match but he went out like a damp squib.I guess they are all getting tired.Aura and determination to
      win certainly help.

  17. many thanks Jonathan good post as always. So glad Roger won, I was fed up
    hearing about this ’99’!!! Nice to see that Federer is not just a big server and
    can win when it’s not working so good. I’d love to see him play Paris if only
    to get the other monkey off his back Guy Forget. But I just loved Copil, when he
    said in his speech thanking Roger for all he’s done for tennis etc., classy….no
    wonder the tournament Director looked worse than usual x

  18. Finally the uniqlo curse has been broken. It a good match, there are some great rallies working the court angles and variety of shots. I wish Copil well he is a good player too bad he is not able to crack top 20. He should be in top 20 with his weapons.

    Roger what can I say…he struggled, he shanking and getting broken so many times but he continues to push, huff and puff. WIll give gold star for continue to belief that he is taking Basel 9/99. Can dream about 7/100 at WTF, yes let’s do this Roger!!

  19. Fed in the picture
    Federer: You think i can’t win this throphy after those breaks ehh??? 🙂
    What a performance from Fed. I kinda love this vulnerable Federer moment. I think its the first time that he got so many break moments in his entire carreer. Usually he can regroup after a difficult match and win it without much worry.:) oh well. Enough of those heart attack moment Rog and be Roger again:)

    Imkinda woory about his forehand.. it weaken unlike in his other tourney.. but the backhand and slice was good. Sone good angles… mix feelings id Inwant to see him in paris but i think its a good boost of confidence for him if he will make it at least semis..

    Congrats to our Roger and i hope he can get the 100 before this year ends??

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