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Federer Wins Record 7th Halle Title

A good day in North Rhine-Westphalia for Roger has he won a record 7th Halle title defeating Alejandro Falla 7-6(2) 7-6(3) in 1 hour 30 minutes. Unfortunately the doubles title didn't put the icing on the cake as the Swiss Pair wasted 5 match points before losing in the Champions Tie break. No big deal for Fed but would have been good to do the double.

Anyway back to what matters, the singles and it wasn't the classiest of Federer performances by any means but job done and it's the first title he has successfully defended since Basel and the World Tour Finals in 2011.

As we've seen in previous matches on grass, Falla isn't the sort of guy who just rolls over for the Swiss and he put in a similar display today. Ultimately though I thought Fed played at a high enough level of aggression which prevented Falla from getting the rhythm he likes from the back of the court.

Both guys were comfortable on serve throughout and it was just Roger's ability to take his level up a notch in the breakers which was good to see. Here's how it went down…

Quick Match Recap

Federer Wins 7th Halle Title

The first set was dominated by serve with Roger firing down love holds at will. Falla matched him though using his trusted lefty serve out wide in the ad court that Fed struggles to return.

At 3-4 Falla slipped up for the first time dropping serve and giving Fed the chance to serve out the first set. I was struggling to remember the last time Fed consolidated a break and true to form he didn't disappointment; serving up a double fault and a dumping a volley into the net as he handed the break straight back.

Tie breaks haven't been Fed's strong point this year either but in this one he came out firing, making big first serves and moving up a double mini break before taking it 7-2. Impressive come back after dropping serve at 5-3.

Into the second and this time Fed broke Falla immediately to lead 1-0 but yet again faltered when it was time to consolidate. Break point here was an epic choke of a slice forehand that went about 6 feet long. Complete brain freeze but it was the points previous that were more disappointing as he lost focus and relaxed. Break, Consolidate, Relax. Not Break, Relax, Fail to consolidate.

With Falla getting back on level terms the match again went on serve right through to 6 all. Neither player faced a single break point and it's seriously annoying to see Fed drop serve after breaking then hold without breaking a sweat for the remainder of the set.

Into the tie break and it followed the exact same pattern as the first, Roger going up an early mini break and then streaking away to take it 7-3. Very solid tie breaks from Fed in this match and in winning both of them he puts himself in a positive record in them for the year.

Match Stats

  Alejandro Falla Roger Federer
Aces 5 5
Double Faults 0 2
1st Serve Percentage 64% 61%
1st Serve Points Won 78% (38/49) 83% (38/46)
2nd Serve Points Won 41% (11/27) 59% (17/29)
Break Points Saved 0% (0/2) 60% (3/5)
1st Return Points Won 17% (8/46) 22% (11/49)
2nd Return Points Won 34% (10/29) 59% (16/27)
Break Points Converted 40% (2/5) 100% (2/2)
Service Points Won 64% (49/76) 73% (55/75)
Return Points Won 27% (20/75) 36% (27/76)
Winners 14 11
Unforced Errors 10 11
Total Points Won 46% (69/151) 54% (82/151)
Service Games Won 83% (10/12) 83% (10/12)
Return Games Won 17% (2/12) 17% (2/12)
Total Games Won 50% (12/24) 50% (12/24)

Thoughts on the Match

Federer with Halle Trophy 2014
Federer holding the Halle Trophy for the 7th time

I really enjoy winning titles. It is what I play for, to play and receive a standing ovation at the end. I am very pleased with my performance. I work hard and travel the tour to win these titles and not lose in the quarters or semi-finals. With all the success I have had in the past, I need to aim for titles. I think I deserved the title this week.

Very pleasing title as it breaks his poor run of form in finals after Dubai. I don't think it was his most impressive win but as they say, winning solves everything. 79th title overall, 7th Halle title. Pretty much sets a record every time he steps on court these days.

Positives are the serve + forehand working extremely well and his focus in the tie breaks. I also though Fed did a good job of mixing it up on the backhand alternating between top spin and slice to prevent Falla building too much rhythm.

Negatives for me would be overall returns and his top spin backhands mid rally. Like I said in my prediction Falla has the lefty serve out wide and Fed struggles to return it.

I think he has to get more balls in play at Wimbledon to really have a chance of making the latter stages. As for the backhands they are just nothingy type shots that let his opponent get the upper hand immediately. With Murray's improved forehand he is going to lap them up should he meet someone like that in the 2nd week.

It's also a bit disappointing that Fed failed to consolidate the break of serve in each set. A match that could have been 3 and 4 ended up being 6 and 6. But Fed did win both tiebreaks comfortably which does make up for clowning up in those earlier service games. I guess he always has a tendency to switch off in matches where he knows he can most likely get away with it. As long as it doesn't factor in big slam matches it's not too big a deal.

Overall it's a successful week and I think Fed has got his season back to where he needs it to be. After playing well in Indian Wells it sort of went off the boil in Miami and then of course the twins came which threw things out of synch. Rome and the French weren't exactly memorable but now he's got another title under his belt and is slowly rebuilding confidence ahead of his favourite slam.

Fed is guaranteed the 4th seed at Wimbledon so with a good draw I think he has a decent shot at the 2nd week and from there on anything can happen. Allez!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Come on!
      Match was okayish I found, but the result is what we wanted!

      Agree with you Jonathan saying his backhands are too tame, he really needs to work on that. Next stop, Wimby!

  1. 3 mins late. Anyway think this was a good match for roger. Obviously he has to consolidate but at least he one. Doubles should have been won with 5 match points but I don’t really mind. Wimbledon here we come.

  2. Ok not first but edging close!
    Am liking the BP conversion and TB improvement. First serve % down on the week but your summary gives me a clear picture of how the match went!
    I am just happy he got a second title in his bid to get 4/5 in total.
    Look forward to seeing the highlights later!
    Good day
    Fed/Dimi and Ana all won
    Pity about the dubs after wasting 4 match points! Shame for Marco but good grass court practice!
    Hope Fed a catches the end of the World Cup game!

    1. Bit of a joke how Lopez lost that one but eh I’m not surprised, him and Verdasco two of the biggest chokers out there.

  3. Thoughts on the match? That’s a classy-looking trophy! Pity about the doubles but Switzerland scored a last-minute goal in Brazil to get a win. Two out of three not bad πŸ™‚

    1. Australian Open – Check
      Davis Cup QF – Check
      Twin baby boys – Check
      Beat Ecuador in first group game – Check
      Halle – Check
      Wimbledon – ???
      Davis Cup SF – ???

      Let’s keep filling them πŸ™‚

      1. Hey Sid, don’t forget:

        Basel (come on Roger, 2 times runner up is enough, now the winner)
        DC trophy (as the winner ofcourse) πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Jonathan

    That was a little more tense than I would have liked – but he got the job done, it was lovely that they sat together after the match and chatted – do you suppose fed was translating what was gouing on for Falla, it was also really sweet when he was waving to his little girl and asking if the picture she had was for him – lovely moment, sad that he and marc lost in the doubles but perhaps it is an omen and his 80th career title is also going to be his 8th Wimbledon!! the other good news is that Switzerland won in the last minutes of the football – so all in all two out of three I’ll take it with a huge smile on my face – as I said to my other half – least he has two teams he can support in the World Cup!! and one of them won!! Onward to Wimby cannot wait

    1. Hey Trudi,

      Yeah I think Falla and Fed get on pretty well. I guess he could have been translating but maybe Falla knows German anyway.


      1. Apparently was asking Falla where he was next playing and Falla was telling Roger he was driving that night to the Top shelf Open in the Netherlands! ( where he lost 1st round, probably knackered!) no doubt Fed was thinking, better not mention the private jet then !!!

  5. Woohoo, Rejoice, title number 2 folks, already one better than good old 2013! Always nice to enter Wimby with a title and Fed now after I think having a losing record in a tiebreak is on a streak of 3? Anyway congratulations Roger. Look yes a win is a win but I was a bit disappointed that Roger could not consolidate and got taken to those tie breaks in the first place, of course winning solves everything but Roger is a very different player mentally than before and these things end up separating who wins and loses in a match. Especially at the slams, Roger isn’t guaranteed anything anymore and each day brings unpredictability. I’m sure he will be delighted with not only winning but with the Swiss already going up in the World Cup! Really sweet moment when he waved to the twins there before the trophy ceremony.

    Now onto the big one. I’m not convinced by these strings of wins so far I have to say. I know people will get their hopes up because they are betting on Djokovic still sour over RG or Murray and Nadal losing early in the warmups but it’s best not to get carried away. I think Roger and Stefan will be pretty pumped coming into next week and it’s important that fans take it one match at a time. Honestly I don’t really think Fed is gonna win Wimbledon this year, making the second week for now is the goal and we can take it from there. Looking forward to it though, gonna be some crazy weeks of sport shared ahead. Allezzzz

  6. Good tournament from the Swiss Maestro. Tiebreakerer made a welcome return, bad tiebreaks have led to practically every Fed loss this year so it was nice to see him clutch again in that department. A little more hopeful for Wimbledon now. Great to see Dimitrov take Queens as well!

  7. Great news that he won the title. I’m so happy for him.

    BUT, if it wasn’t for the serve…………….. I don’t think he would have won a single match here.

    That being said, it is unfair to remove such an integral part of the game and not count it, but let’s be honest- he’s supposed to be a better defender than all those guys, even Nishikori. Instead, the moment a rally started, I always felt that any second now, he was on the verge of dumping a routine forehand/ backhand into the net. Shouldn’t be happening. Specially not on grass.

    Right now, (for a fair while) I feel his game’s been stuck in no man’s land. He isn’t defending well enough to outlast his opponent, and neither is he playing aggressive enough to blitz his opponent off into the neighbouring court. It’s high risk, low reward tennis that he’s playing- the worst fathomable combination in tennis period and the day his serve stops clicking, I’m afraid he’s going to waltz out of a tournament. All it takes is a brain fart, like the one against Gulbis for his mind to go in a tizzy which in turn makes his serve go AWOL, which in turn puts him in even worse territory gamewise.

    That being said, he managed to win a title, which should serve as a confidence booster coming into Wimbledon, which is essential for him right now. I think he can take Novak out here, so I would be hoping for a Novak semi. OR, actually Nadal’s half, given Nadal’s poor record on grass, he might just lose early. If Murray and Novak can take care of one another, old man might have a shot.

    1. I thought his forehand + serve combo worked nicely this week. Controlled aggression I think (today was a little less good I think). But clearly his BH needs some working on…

      1. Yeah I kind of agree with Gaurav, Fed not looking ultra impressive but I think things could come together. 3 matches on grass is a pretty small amount really.

        Wimbledon is an unknown I think. Not sure by what % the Halle win increases his chances at Wimbledon, but definitely counts for something.

      1. Hey assh***, no matter how you spin it, you thug, Nadal did not make five consecutive Wimbledon finals. Not did he win two consecutive titles. The title was held in 2009 by Roger. So, stop spreading your Spanish lies here.

        I see how you conveniently left out his first and second round exits in the last two years.

      2. Sid, dont waste your time with Dull trolls. If they would follow their own retarded rationale (Roger doesn’t deserve RG since he didn’t beat Nadal), they should have an asterisk in so many Dull’s trophies too.

      3. Thanks, Gargantouas. Roger won RG 2009, not because Nadal lost early, but because there were sudden doping tests conducted early during that tournament. Eventually, it was decided, not sure by what authority, that those kind of tests will not be conducted any more.

        Guess what, Mr. Doper didn’t have enough “magic potion” to get pass Soderling. Thank God for those surprise tests, or Roger would never have won a clay slam.

    2. Wow, a bit harsh here I think! Yes he was a little passive at times but don’t think he was in danger of losing and he played a very aggressive TB to win the match. Yes I think there was a fair bit of experimentation with slice versus top spin BH, net forays etc. The court was fast and pretty cut up by the end and Falla hits a heavy ball. He won a title and that’s the second of th season thus far. He played great against the danger man Nishikori and did enough today to win the title which was the objective. And keeps his ranking and adds to his yr end points!
      Hv we forgotten last year so fast??? Hv we forgotten the family upheaval he is going thru? Doing ok, and still entertaining us. Good for you Roger!

      1. “Hv we forgotten last year so fast??? Hv we forgotten the family upheaval he is going thru? Doing ok, and still entertaining us. Good for you Roger!”

        I guess we have Susie. Roger is been called a clown and stupid…until he wins. Gotta love his fans all over the webb πŸ™‚ I am so proud of him. Yes, a small title. Should have closed it out earlier, but a win is a win. Better to win than to lose, that would have been worse.
        I don’t mind that much that he gets brocken back or cannot close out matches (I don’t like it !!!, but I don’t mind it that much). It is a mistake. Oke. Happens. Just correct it and makes sure it doesn’t happen too often. Even the likes of Nole and Rafa and Andy seem to have problems with it. But they correct their mistakes and so does Roger. He should have won earlier, didn’t, oke, but….. atleast got to “practise” in TB where it all counts. And atleast this time….. he remembered that he won πŸ™‚ He is improving πŸ™‚

        Especially loved the moment between his daughters and him. The way his eyes lit up….

        One Wimby 8th (18th) coming up and if that doesn’t happen……. Well, Wimby will still be there next year and so will Roger πŸ™‚ Go Roger

      2. Oh and Susie, if you look at his picture holding the Halle trophy last year and this year…… he looks sooooooo much better with long curly hair πŸ™‚ No more short hairdue for you Mister πŸ™‚

    3. Haven’t actually seen anything worth speaking of in this tourney – I was following it on the hopeless BBC Red Button DeadScores, but did manage to spot the points where he broke and then got broken back – but I rather agree with you, Gaurav. It’s great for him to win another tournament, of course, and the momentum will be nice, but does it actually mean anything with regard to Wimbledon, any more than Murray getting knocked out of Queen’s early does? I think there are still enough worrying aspects to his game for it not to be at all clear how far he’s going to go at Wimby, particularly since he’s said in interviews that Halle grass is playing faster than Wimby grass does.

      1. Maybe not this year Sid but Dimitrov will win Wimbledon plus more slams for sure. But this year Fed will take it πŸ™‚

    4. Gaurav, I totally agree with your comments about Roger’s vulnerability especially his single backhand.

  8. A win! Hope this will be great for the confidence. Pity to see the serve % drop, but the UFEs stayed down (possibly because of liking the fast low bounce conditions?), and VERY encouraging to see him able to raise his level after he failed to serve it out/consolidate the break.

    Pity about the doubles, but if he could only win one of them, glad it worked out this way!

  9. A win. Congrats Fed. Was so hoping for the doubles too but I will take this. A winning weekend for Fed Jonathan. Happyyyyyyy. On to Wimbledon hoping he will do well. As Atp site says ‘Seventh Heaven’ Happy!

  10. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there including Roger. Thanks for the post Jonathan. You always tell it like it is. Happy for Roger but would have been nice for Marco to get the win. Did anyone see the doubles match? It wasn’t on anything I could stream here. Who screwed up? Or did the other team play that clutch?
    A weeks rest and on to the best.

  11. Thanks fir the post J. fun as always.

    it’s not a bad win for Fed but I’m worried with the “winning solves everything” attitude. don’t think he is playing
    well enough to threat Wimby title.

    he has a real issue with closing sets and matches lately. that sucks. will he pay attention to that sides of the game or will he let it drag on and get worst?? this might make the difference between winning and losing.

    hope he have the best Wimby possible now…

    1. Interestingly that has also affected Novak and Rafa this year! Novak in particular has struggled to close out sets so nerves jangling everywhere this year it seems!!

    2. I don’t think Halle form always translates into Wimby form. Losing to Haas in 2012 wasn’t exactly a pleasing result and look what happened…

      1. That’s the positive way of looking at it :). The negative way is to say that he won Halle in 2013 …

  12. He’s got the title πŸ™‚ That is the most important thing. It wasn’t a spectacular win but he played good TBs and got the job done, so I’m pleased and happy for Fedaddy. Would have been a super great Sunday for Swiss if Fedinelli also won though. Well done for the down-to-earth recap, so true as always, Jonathan.
    So Wimby next, 8/18/80, allez!

  13. Great to see Roger lift the trophy after a long break. Already a better season than last year. Another trophy at the big W would make it as good as it can get at this stage of his career. Service game is good enough to win another Wimby, but the returns and base line game need to pick up in a hurry to beat the top 3. Might not even make the 2nd week if tries to wing it just based on his service games. Wish he could volley better also over the course of the next few weeks.

  14. Happy that he won 7th title at Halle, good start to short grass season. A few things need to tweak – return game, consolidating his break and BH. Otherwise its going to be a tough journey going deep at SW19. Let’s hope for a good draw.

  15. Woow, quite happy for Roger.

    Such a beautiful to see him play on Grass and win the 7th Halle title.
    Lets hope he will built his confidence for Wimby and get some good results.
    Very difficult for him to win Wimby but its not impossible. There is always a hope for #18.

    Good post Jonathan and cheers everyone.

  16. Didn’t have the chance to watch any Halle matches but from what Jonathan and all say I get the picture somehow.
    The problem is if Roger thinks he can get away with mixing it up with his backhand including some nothing backhands and with chipping returns he may might as well go on like that. And may be on grass plus big/consistent serving is good enough.
    Maybe this mixing up thing is better than the one dimensional ripping backhand mode of Stan which is also risky and rewarding of course.
    At the end of the day most probably this is the game Fed feels comfortable playing mentally and/or physically. I m not sure maybe the mechanics of a strong backhand response seems too tiring let alone the mental aspect of the fear of shanking.
    β€œ I am Roger Federer , I am the GOAT, I am now playing on my favorite surface and playing a little bit tamely means at least 50/100 chances against the top dogs, which because I am who I am is basically 55 % for me. Why risk by trying more ?”

    World Football Cup :
    As a gambler I placed a small bet to Italy s win the day before only cause I felt that England is not the favorite as bookies suggested and it was more of a coin flip , plus the fact that Italians always know how to get results . Against Uruguay is where its at know again the problem of England is the difficulty in scoring. We ll see though cause England played decently against Italy while Uruguay played horribly . In any case may be Gary Lineker s got to start training again πŸ™‚

    1. Nice bet Gambler. I think result + both teams to score is a good bet this WC πŸ™‚

      Uruguay most likely have Suarez back, he will cause our defence problems.

  17. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ A very good win indeed. It has been a while. I thought that titles would keep coming after Dubai. Phew, it has been a good few months – long overdue. With the Halle trophy in bag, I even slept much better last night πŸ™‚ .
    Now Wimbledon, all I pray for is that Roger stays concentrated and rush to net as much as possible in the first week. To the lower-ranked players, bluffing and putting them under pressure at net could be particularly effective. An additiona benefit will be that Roger could keep himself in a good shape physically and mentally for the 2nd week.


    So Roger finally defended a “title”. I don’t think 250s count for much to anyone but qualifiers and burnt out stars.

    Anyway thanks to a severely decimated field shorn of the likes of genuine stars like Raonic and an uninterested Nadal (fresh off a REAL title win) Roger managed to sneak in like a thief in the night and steal this modest title.

    His only win over a decent player was against Kei Sashimi and even that was with an asterisk as Kei was coming “back” from an injury and was more interested in finding some touch before Wimby than really extending himself and having to pull out before the main event.

    Anyways for a guy on his last legs I guess Fed must be celebrating even the minor victories like these.

    Forget-erer may have forgotten WHEN he wins but at least he hasn’t forgotten HOW to win.
    Well not yet anyway.

    1. “Anyways for a guy on his last legs I guess Fed must be celebrating even the minor victories like these.”

      Please Troy, please be here on this site when Rafa turns 32/33. And if you are up to it…. lets THEN compare. It is so easy now to compare Roger to dominant players who are 5 to 6 years younger. Let us see where Rafa is that time. If I think I know what will happen than a) Rafa won’t be playing anymore except Legend tours or b) will be playing somewhere in the top 20 or c) he will be SOOOO glad that he has won a 250-title… any title.
      This is what I really don’t like about most Rafa fans (oke, not all are like you), but unfortunately Roger (or we) cannot defend him until Rafa actually will be Roger’s age. You just watch Troy…. we will see who has the last laugh…..

    2. And your point is???? Please!!!

      I am not speaking of any other players but titles, any type of titles count. How many players have actually won one title?? That is to show you how hard and important they all are.

      And maybe you have forgotten the 79 he already has??
      Grass court titles are the hardest. And Roger has the most of them. It is not his fault that Raonic and Nadal lost early. Nor that Lu withdrew. It is however to his merit that he assumed his rank and took the trophy home.

      So either give us something constructive or at least supportive or quit it!

      1. Because, you nincompoop, grass courts favor a variety of playing styles, just like hard courts, and they truly reward all court players. Unlike clay. How many times have serve and volleyers won the French Open? How many with aggressive front court games? How many with a HUGE serve and a HUGE forehand? And compare that to recently how many grinders have won Wimbledon? The most successful serve and volleyer ever couldn’t make it to the Semis of the French, clearly indicating that the surface “does not” favor aggressive brand of tennis.

        Just to put it in simple language so illiterate, trolling, Spanish scumbags and thugs like you can understand. Grass and hard court surfaces allow a lot of different styles to be effective, thus making the field even, a lot more dangerous, and a lot more difficult to “overcome” or “run” through your seven matches. Of course, the grass today behaves, as admitted by a majority of professionals, nowhere near like the grass of the past. Add to that the fact that AO was made slower starting 2008. So, your beloved faggot Nadal can dope his way through those surfaces these days.

      2. I will give you a fact, I checked the numbers and as I thought in the Open Era there are more Roland Garros winners than Wimbledon winners. What does it mean? There was more competion and the favourites won it less times than in Wimbledon.

      3. Pablo has actually proven my point.

        Since 1993, there have been thirteen winners at the French Open from Spain. Outside of the fact that’s it’s a neighboring country, don’t forget that it wasn’t until very recently, that doping was made illegal in Spain. No

        surprise that Spanish thugs have dominated at Roland Garros.

        Here’s a list of one slam and/or one surface wonders: –

        Bruguera – Twice winner, never made it past round 4 anywhere else.
        Moya – Once winner, never made it past round 4 at Wimbledon
        Costa – Once winner, never made it past round 2 at Wimbledon, and round 4 at the US Open
        Ferrero – Once winner, never made it past Wimbledon QF, or any other final
        Gaudio – Once winner, never made it past Round 3 at any other slam
        Muster – Once winner, never made it past the first round at Wimbledon
        Kuerten – Thrice winner, made no other final, and never past Round 3 at Australian Open
        Kafelnikov – Once winner, with only one other slam at the Australian Open

        Enter the GOAD (Greatest of all Doper), with 9 of the last 10 titles, and only five on other surfaces. Not to mention he has won on other surfaces by taking extended breaks (I know, I know, he was with his doctors being treated during that time).

        Do a similar comparison for example, with Wimbledon winners. Oh wait, there aren’t many. Let’s for example look at Hewitt. He did win another slam at the US Open. The argument here is, how consistent were the variety of French Open champions outside of clay slams, compared to other slams? Even Nadal, with five slams on other surfaces, is not even remotely close to the consistency of Roger Federer, who is without a doubt, the ultimate all court player of all time too. And please don’t give the “injury” excuse. That’s an explanation as to why Nadal is not consistent. Too bad he has had to dope and run so hard to win his slams.

        Finally, do another similar comparison for US Open winners. Again, not many who have not won on other surfaces. Rafter was one of them. Roddick, yes, but the poor guy also finished runner up at Wimbledon thrice to you know who.

        Djokovic and Murray, single US Open champs, who have won on other surfaces too.

        There, Wimbledon and US Open one surface winners have been way more consistent on other surfaces, compared to their one surface clay winners.

        Also, the argument isn’t whether your opponents are of a varied nature at the French Open, but how much does that surface suit their individual styles, effectively making it a lot harder to go through them.

        As for your argument on a streak of wins by say Pete or Roger at Wimbledon, they also have a lot of other slams to show, especially Roger. There’s a reason, because they are consistent across multiple surfaces. Pete’s big

        problem is that clay doesn’t reward a serve and volleyer. And his not going past the QF at the French Open is enough proof that clay doesn’t support his style at all. In fact you may have to go way back to find an S&V winner at the French, while at the same time, baseliners have won at other slams a lot.

        Bonus: 1989 Michael Chang of all people for crying out loud pushed his way, served under arm, winced, grimaces, and stood at strange places to receive serve, to a French crown and didn’t win anything else. What a joke of a winner the French Open gave the world. 1990, Gomez, one French, no other slam, never past Round 4 at AO.

      4. Did you know that Nadal’s first French Open win came against a known and proven doper, Mariano Puerta? But that’s not the only interesting thing. This Mariano guy made the final, right? At the Australian, Wimbledon, and US Open, his best finishes were, 2R, 1R, and 2R. Seriously, how the heck did this guy even sneak into the French final? Dope! How pathetic is the French Open? And that’s what Nadal has been doing for the last 10 years (except 2009 where surprise tests were being conducted in Paris).

        Conclusion: Clay demands just one thing. Endurance. Endurance is not a skill. It can be easily achieved with heavy doping. Exactly what the greatest doper in the world, the Spanish cheat, Rafael Nadal has been doing for over a decade.

      5. Hey Sid, great comment. It was meant for Troy, but I learned something from it too. I guess even Rafa would trade in 3 RG titles for 3 Wimby titles. Or like Mats Wilander says, every slam is difficult to win, but RG is somewhat easier. He also said something I really agree with: winning RG is a goal, winning Wimby is a dream πŸ™‚

      6. Wow. Chapeau to you, Sid. Don’t know about dope for sure but the whole RG stuff is well explained.

        And sweet Katyani, Wilander’s comment “Winning RG is a goal, winning Wimby is a dream”, I like that πŸ™‚

      7. Hey sweet Wilson Wanda, yes… sometimes the guy does say something beautifully πŸ™‚

        By the way, did you see the part where Roger was waving to his girls??? Could the dude be seriously any cuter πŸ™‚

      8. Hi Sid, excellent comment. This was something that Roger said it many years ago – clay court champions/specialists are usually ‘one-dimensional’. They are usually not very good at adapting for other surfaces (maybe Ferror should also be exception). Obviously, there is one exception you know who. This is why French and Wimbledon combo is difficult one. Players like Roger and Borg are a rare breed. This ‘one-dimensional’ comment is so precise that it insensed ‘you know who’ immensely over the years. This is one reason why ‘you know who’ always came up with ‘inspired performance’ every time when they met. Deep down, ‘you know who’ knows that he has got a lot to prove. This is why I believe him (only time), when ‘you know who’ said that Roger is the best.

      9. Great work Sid, Great work! Regards the doping IΒ΄m almost as sure as you are but until the man is caught my hat still comes a bit of for him πŸ™‚

      10. MarkWandy, I can almost guarantee you that the man has been “caught”, but he has been protected. I want you to imagine this scenario: There’s headlines tomorrow that Nadal has been caught doping. Imagine, just imagine what happens next πŸ™‚

        They are never going to expose this Mallorcan cheat. The best they can do is keep him under control by “requesting” him to stay away from certain slams so others can get a chance to win.

      11. What a whole of bullshit. I’m not gonna check all this stats you showed, just reading that Ferrero didn’t make other Slam final is enough for not wasting my time checking them. As usual you manipulate the numbers. Please make the same effort and find the stats at RG of the amazingly skilled players like Goran Ivanisevic or Richard Krajicek (Could they be worse?). Grass court is the type of court where you need less skills. That’s why even Feliciano can be dangerous and he doesn’t even hit a proper backhand. With a big serve you can beat almost everyone,if I had the Ivanisevic’s serve I would have been Wimbledon champion as well. On the other hand you need all kind of skills on clay, you need defensive skills, attacking skills, you need to be mentally stronger than in other surface, you need to be fit… A complete game. And the most beautiful to watch.

        Roger the ultimate all around court player???? How many slow court Slams has he got???

        Katyani, Check this and listen when he sais he can’t not guarantee somebody can repeat 9 titles at the same slam but he sais that definitively not at RG.

        Gang,I agree RG&W combo is one of the biggest challenge in tennis but you forgott to mention Nadal. If you didn’t know I can inform you that he is ahead of Federer as well and even one year adding a Hard court Slam which nobody could do in the history. Yes this guy, the guy who just plays on Clay is the only one in the history who won 3 Slams in 3 different surfaces. The Same guy who beat your idol in 3 different Slams on 3 different surfaces.

        If you wanna talk about consistency I will give you more stats as well. Nadal is the only one who has won at least one Slam 10 consecutive years and at least one M1000 10 consecutive years.

        The only thing that can maintain Federer as the GOAT is the 17 Slam titles. Where are you all gonna hide when Nadal surpasses it?????

      12. How many slow court slams has he won???

        Given that every slam is now a slow court, I would say 17.

      13. Pablo, you are an idiot of the highest order. If those one surface wonders has so much skill, wouldn’t that have been enough to perform well at other slams πŸ™‚

        *shaking head*

        Your complete misunderstanding of the term “all court player” tells me that you have no idea of tennis. “All Court” means being able to play from all areas of the court, all aspects, that is, S&V, baseline, aggressive transition to the front court, not “all surface”, you moron πŸ™‚

        *face palm*

        “Nadal is the only one who has won 10 slams in 10 years”

        Great! With all the breaks he has taken (during which he has visited doctors for recuperation), not wonder! How about Roger clubbing together 16 slams in 8 years, and 17 in 9 years? Are you going to hold that against him? LOL

        As for Nadal winning 9 French opens, that’s thanks to the lax doping controls. The French are partners in crime when it comes to doping. Nearly 30% players in the top 100 are either Spanish, or from neighboring France. Must be genetics.

        Go home Pablo, you’re doped.

      14. Oh and by the way, Roger has held slams on three different surfaces at the same time. From Paris 2009, to AO 2010. You can add the “calendar year” caveat to it, but that doesn’t change the fact that he has held those titles together, you blathering fool!

      15. Sid and Katyani,
        Thanks for all the fun fact and information. It is really informative, especially about the stat for winner of different type of surfaces. It really is open my mind about which slam is the ‘easiest’ and which one is the ‘hardest’. Since long, I always thought that wimbly is the hardest one, based on fact that not so many tournament played on the grass and a very short time to adjust from clay season. But your explanation and player analysis explain it even better

        Read again what you’ve written
        ‘What a whole of bullshit. I’m not gonna check all this stats you showed’
        Well, everyone here knows who is the bullshit. If you were given some data and you don’t want to checked it because you simply don’t want to believe it, you are acting like a 5 years old. Grow up before you write something on a forum, or just stop writting and go play with your barbie.

      16. Thanks, Amar, for your kind works. Pab-troll doesn’t want to accept those facts.

        While we are at it, I find a strange parallel between Lance Armstrong winning what, seven Tour de France titles, and Nadal winning nine FO’s. Both were achieved in France. France is a haven for dopers, so it’s no coincidence. Cycling has been proven to be rampant with doping. Tennis is too, except, they don’t want it out, especially with blood bags being destroyed without releasing the names of the offenders.

      17. To counter Pablo’s accusation that I’m cherry picking, let me go ahead and take a larger sample size for one time Wimbledon winners (or rather only those who won Wimbledon and none of the other slams). The list since 1988 for example, is very small. You only have Stich, Krajicek, and Ivanicevic. Not surprisingly, their average results at other slams (non-Wimbledon) are way, way, better than the sample of “only Clay” winners.

        Whichever way I skin the cat, it’s abundantly clear that those who have won just at Wimbledon, or US Open, or are one slam winners in one of those surfaces, also happen to be, by far, much better performers on other types of surfaces.

        In fact if it weren’t for Nadal’s questionable “dominance” at Paris, there could have been a much bigger list of “clay” wonders not winning at other slams e.g. Puerta, Soderling, and Ferrer. Is there anything else I need to prove?

      18. Pablo, really, Rafa is one lucky guy to have you as his fan. You do protect him, but so do I and we all about Roger πŸ™‚
        First, yes, I have to agree with you, winning RG 9 times is impressive. I believe Rafa did it the wrong way,……..but you cannot deny that it takes a lot of effort (mentally and physically) to win a slam 9 times, even if I also really believe that RG is the easiest one of the four to win. It still is impressive of Rafa. BUT…. Pablo, honestly, can you seriously not see that it IS possible for Roger to win Wimby atleast twice to also have 9 Wimby’s? Because I do think it can happen. Almos impossible, but….. impossible things has happen before πŸ™‚
        And I do know what Wilander said about the 9 slams. He wanted to say that definite, than realised, hey, maybe Roger can get 2 more Wimby so he made it into 9 RG.
        And although I think Wilander makes some great and thoughtfull comments, he was also the one who said that THIS YEAR Serena could and would have a Serena-Slam, eventhough she hasn’t made a QF yet πŸ™‚

        Still, I want to hold something against you Pablo, but at the end of the day…. you are doing the same thing we are doing….protecting your idol….

      19. Hey Amar, thank you, nice comment. Unfortunately I really believe that it is too easy now to trash Roger and to belittle all his accomplishments. Trust me, the guy will get his due and praise when the others (especially Rafa) will reach his age. Now, it is so easy to compare him and say that he is not dominant or he is not better than the others or Rafa. But lets just wait and see what will happen when they reach his age. Will they be THAT good to win Wimby and get back to world number 1?? Will they still be in the top 4 at age 32/33?? Even without beeing dominant, will they still be a force to reckon with at every slam?? The tennisworld will know what Roger was worth….. but in a couple of years.

        Hey Sid, winning RG is impressive, but I really think it is more impressive to win Wimby. Especially since there are hardly any worthy tours to practise for it (only 250 tours for what 2 or 3 weeks, while there are a lot and a lot more tours to practise on for clay).
        Lets just wait for Oprah, Rafa and Oprah’s couch πŸ™‚

      20. Amar, I said that because He wrote Ferrero didn’t make other Slam final and it is a lie that’s why I don’t trust that information. He uses to manipulate the statsl like what he does with the H2H between Djoko and Nadal.

        Katyani, you are not the best to criticise if somebody fails with his bets. Every year you say Nadal is gonna lost RG and Federer is gonna win everything…

        One question.

        What Nadal, Federer, Djokovic and Murray would answer to the question what is the toughest players you have ever faced?????????

        And Why a player who is just able to play on clay be the dominant of the strongest era ever in a calendar made for hardcourt specialists????

      21. Hey Pablo, you moron, that was the only mistake in my assessment, and I just realized it. Yes, he made the final. All the other information is accurate if you want to check it up.

        As I’ve mentioned, Nadal is somewhat an exception to that list (thanks largely to dope, slowing courts, his gamesmanship tactics, and his large breaks before good seasons). Still he has a very lop sided clay record (I don’t know, 9-2-2-1 is a lot more lopsided than 7-5-4-1). Did you even fucking read the whole thing before jumping to conclusions you Spanish thug? And what the heck did I manipulate about the Djokovic vs Nadal H2H? Can you point out a single inaccuracy?

        If you can’t refute my “clay wonder” report, then shut the fuck up!

      22. Jonathan, can you please change this,

        Ferrero – Once winner, never made it past Wimbledon QF, or any other final

        To this,

        Ferrero – Once winner, never made it past Wimbledon QF, and made one final at the US Open

      23. I will tell you where you manipulation is. You always divide their H2H by winnings on clay and winnings on the other surfaces. What do you wanna prove??
        I will give you a more accuracy division. Nole 14 – 7 Nadal (Hardcourts) and Nadal 16 – 5 Nole (Other surfaces).

    3. Yeah, sure, you could see JUST how much winning a 250 didn’t mean to Grigor Dimitrov a little while afterwards

    4. Darling Troy,

      I am totally agree with you.
      This year there are already many ATP 250. enough is enough.
      I mean Qatar Open, Barcelona, Madrid Open…. I mean you name it. all are ATP 250s… no big stars…useless, right?

      p.s. I thought you guys labeled Ndull as some kind of warrior who die for every point???? Oh, I know, he was tired and not interested. Thanks for the information.

      BTW you look beautiful just like your heart.

    5. I wonder what instigates you to comment here. I guess no one here goes and visits Nadal or Djokovic sites unless he likes them too. I wonder what sort of a mentality is that!! I can’t imagine going to Nadal’s fan sites & commenting after a bad loss.

    6. And the genuine Star Raonic was beaten by a German player who failed to make it thru first round of Wimbledon qualifiers yesterday!!

  19. very important win but im still not happy with the level roger showed during this tournament. If he wants to make semifinals or even something more at wimbledon he must play better, more agresive and with less unforced errors…
    allez rogeeeeeer

  20. If Pepe was so keen on seeing red, he might as well have gone all in. Sorry, Zidane still owns the GOAT headbutt πŸ™‚

    1. Hay Sid, slow down hammer. Don’t write long essay to Pablo about Grass court??
      Pigs don’t enjoy grass as much as dirt, LOL.

      1. I know, Phantom, O Wise One, the Ghost who walks πŸ™‚

        I just had to get the facts, the truth out.

      2. I do enjoy Grass the most, so at least I am not a …
        Wimbly is the Prestige-est tournament and who win it is definitely worth greatness πŸ˜‰

    2. Pepe shouldnt have been sent off. A yellow card and a referiee warning finger in his face would have been good enough. 2-0 down and with 11 vs 10 players it was game over.
      Got payed 1,9 for over 2,5 goals. Goal/Goal didnt work for this one while it payed only 1,5 or something.

      Why didnt Suarez palye against C.Rika ? i heard ” he wasnt ready” but no one in Uruguay looked ready anyway.

      Greece sadly looked like a bunch of tourists with no plan and no passion. We were trashed by a team that didnt look much above average.

      Ps Jonathan I wish you had spell check in the comment box.

      1. Actually Greek Gambler, head butting someone as a reaction, is, and should always be an immediate red card. Especially when you have a player down on the turf. You can’t do that, you simply can’t.

        The referee was not a joke. He made the right decision.

    3. Hey Sid! you are too good at nailing people with facts, Simply loved it ! No wonder GOAD considers our GOAT to be the Best as he knows one day like lance armstrong he too will be stripped of his dope earned titles so better concede to the fact now itself rather than other doubting thomases acknowledge this fact later. BTW ,Is this a possibility Sid ? that he being found guilty of doping at some stage in the near future or little later?

      1. Ananth, I have no doubt in my mind that the ATP is aware of Nadal’s doping regimen. It’s “common knowledge”, in the locker room that Nadal dopes. But who would dare to destroy the reputation of the sport that makes them millionaires?

      2. Sid, let me preface by stating that I do have a strong belief that Nadal is and has been doping for a number of years. But have there actually been any credible reports that this is true? Where have you heard that “its common knowledge in the locker room”? Just asking where you heard this from, not saying that you are wrong…

        BTW, totally agree the Wimbledon is tougher to win that RG. Just from a statistical perspective, its harder to break serve on grass, therefore there is a higher chance that sets are going to be close, therefore a higher percentage that the “worse” player is going to win a set and therefore the match. Given that, the probability of losing to a hot player is higher (Stakhovsky last year…Rosol two years ago). Wheras on clay, its nearly impossible to blow someone off the court, so the odds of an upset are lower. Thats what makes Fed’s 7 (and counting) Wimbledon titles more impressive to me that Rafa’s 9 RGs.

      3. Thank you for your even-handed comment, Phil, & for asking what I was wondering as well.

      4. Phil, I made that assertion from what other pros have talked about that they believe Nadal dopes. Can’t remember the names but one of them was a player who is like 5’7″ (Rochus) or something. And there was another who said something like, “I’m not sure what he takes” etc. I mean, they wouldn’t even consider saying such things because they know that the ATP bans players for making such statements and bringing disrepute to the game, unless they know that something is wrong. Of course, bumping other opponents is allowed πŸ™‚

        Now, you also need to consider a ton of facts about Nadal that clearly point to the behavior of a doper. Persistent, unexplained injuries happening at convenient times, representing doping down cycles or recovery times, and also the time when doctors visits can be made, sudden and super human recovery on multiple occasions after extended breaks that are just not possible and have never been witnessed ever, his mysterious absence from the 2012 Olympics after it was made explicitly clear by the Olympic Authorities that, “Dopers need not participate”, his surprise loss at FO 2009 right when they were conducting surprise tests, that were later not allowed. I mean, the list is endless and probably deserves a post. Having said that, yes, that statement of mine is somewhat unwarranted and should be taken as such, if you wish. It shouldn’t distract you from the fact that I’ve proven Wimbledon and/or US Open winners are a lot more talented than those “clay” wonders.

        P.S. Have you checked out this website? While it doesn’t have proof, once you’re done browsing and reading through it, you will be convinced that Nadal dopes (Google, “The curious case of Rafael Nadal”).

      5. @ Sid : It wasn’t head butting he just stuck his head against his opponent just to provoke him and call him a couple of names. He didn’t strike him.
        Anyway Pepe isn’t a player who is famous for his sportsmanship but I still red was a little bit too much for the case.

        I am afraid that doping has totally contaminated all sports. At least for sure the ones that big money is involved. I also believe that doping control is a joke. It’s a matter of targeting just a few athletes for some different reasons that we will never find out why. Why Ben Johnson? Why Lans Armstrong ? why not Rafa or Lebron ? Its a huge grey area.
        Ok NBA is a different story but still. Are doping authorities truly independent?
        Who is responsible for controlling tennis athletes ? They just caught pour Troitsky last year. OK and Nick Kalathis they caught in NBA. If that isn’t a joke what is ?

        Look at this football player. He is 30 years old and after 80 minutes and 10 thousand kilometers he had already ran he breaks the speed record of football players.
        An guess what ? Numerous knee injuries. That ring a bell ?

        Also two years ago the same guys was on fire with Bayern against Barcelona at the Champions League final. Barcelona on the other hand was playing football out of this world for 3 or 4 years and suddenly fell in a huge slump. Ok key players got tired and older but I m not convinced it is just that.

        But after all that said I believe we shouldn’t think about all this.
        It’s a shitty situation but not the only one and not the worst of this world.
        Fact is weather we like it or not modern sports is like James Bond movies.
        You either watch it with amazement or you don’t watch and you do something else.
        No use to complain about it

      6. Sid, yes I do remember reading that “curious case of nadal” article a while ago. Good stuff. You def make some good points as far as tendencies of a doper go. Good info about the surprise test at RG 2009 – I wasn’t aware of that.

        No doubt that Wimbledon/USO winners historically are better overall players than RG winners. Even pointing to someone like Ivanisivic who did only win one slam at W, but he was a consistent top 10 player for a number of years. And lets not forget that alot of the top clay court players didn’t even bother playing at Wimbledon for a number of years (pre slowing down of the grass) cause they knew they stood no chance on a fast court.

  21. Guys look at that numerology after July 6th: 80th title, 18th Grand Slam and 8th Wimbledon! Yes, it will happen, Bel18ve!

  22. Sad news. Poor old Tommy Haas is getting surgery again for the shoulder that could well have stopped him from being world no.1 in 2002

  23. Jesus, Brasil! Just get a draw and get out of there with some dignity. And we’re supposed to win the World Cup?

    1. Brasil had the bad luck that the goalkeeper of Mexico was playing the match of his life πŸ™‚
      Btw, I am also rooting for Brasil, but if they think that they can win the WC by playing like this????

      1. Course they can! This whole WC is fixed, look at the refs… I have never seen them worse πŸ˜› So they are going to win, I’d be surprised otherwise, really…

  24. Don’t forget Federer was born in August, that makes it another 8 folks… Plus is his birthday on the 8th as well?? Not sure, but I know he is a 1981 chap
    Jeez,it’s raining 8’s, the stars are aligning πŸ™‚

  25. Just had a great day at the Wimby Quallies down in Roehampton! Saw Chiudinelli win in 3 sets ( nice) and Darcis lose! What a difference a yr makes!

    1. He beat the Brit last night! Final round tomorrow! Allez Marco!
      Fed has arrived at Wimbledon, practised today and indulged his photography hobby! See his Twitter feed! Sweet!

    2. It doesn’t seem just me, non Swiss rooting or cheering for anything to do with Switzerland because of Fed and for Fed. Stan, Marco, Davis Cup, now even football, too. Funny πŸ™‚

      Or Utch, are you a Swiss by any chance?

  26. Hey everyone, the seeds are out! Djoker grabs number 1, Rafa 2, Murray 3 and Fed 4. Surprised that Andy didn’t get 2nd seed but Rafa too consistent elsewhere I guess to get him to number 2. Will be interesting to see how they draw. I predict Fed gets Rafa. Still to be seen if either of them even make it that far though like last time lol

    1. Although Wimbledon doesn’t go with the straight rankings, they do START with the straight rankings, then add some grass-performance points. Rafa & Nole are so far ahead in the straight rankings, even Andy’s good grass-performance numbers over the last 2 years couldn’t bridge the gap.

      1. What the fuck is the joke here.Wimbledon follows a proper mathematical formula.You know math.Oh shit you don’t know math.Now I get it you dumb ass.

      2. Yep, even before the seedings officially came out, it was obvious Djoker was getting the 1 seed…the system is based on the last 2 yrs of grass results, where Djoker had a semi and final in the last 2 W’s, whereas Nadal had 2nd round and 1st round. Since they are only within a couple hundred points in the current rankings, Djoker was clearly going to overtake him.

        Anyway, 1 or 2 seed makes no difference, other than to ignorant Nadal fans I suppose. The bigger deal is Murray and Fed overtaking Stan and being 3 and 4 seeds due to them being the last two W champions.

      3. Clearly, the stupid Pablo here doesn’t understand the difference between world ranking and tournament seeding. As Phil explained, Wimbledon has a different seeding system based off grass results in the last two years. Both, your faggot, and his Aunt Toni know the rules. So, chill down stupid.

      4. You need to visit and consult Vibhu, stat man supreme! He did the seedings weeks ago!

      5. Wimbledon seeding formula: –

        “Total ATP points accumulated by a player till 16th of June (i.e., the Monday before the start of the tournament) + Total grasscourt points accumulated by a player in the preceding year + 75% of grasscourt points in the grasscourt event where a player has achieved his best result in 2012 (i.e., the year before the previous one).”

      6. The real insult would’ve been Nadal getting the first seed when he has failed to make it past the 2 round for the last two years and has failed to win a match on grass the past 2 years as well. C’mon Pablo.

      7. Phil, Roger doesn’t overtake Stan, he stays where he is, and Stan drops below him. Murray is the leapfrogger.

      8. Alison, the rankings are Stan 3, Roger 4, and Murray 5. Roger’s grass results moved him ahead of Stan, and Murray’s grass results moved him ahead of both Roger and Stan.

    2. I don’t think so! Think 1 and 4 will b together and think Muzza has better chance to beat Rafa on grass! Fed Murray rematch?

      1. Murray, in his current form, and what happened on clay, stands no chance of beating Nadal, if they were to meet.

    1. Roger will either win Wimby (with all the 8’s written in the stars this year)….. or he will lose very early to Dimi (apprentice beating the master). BUT…..Roger IS going to win Wimby 2014 πŸ™‚ Bel18ve πŸ™‚

      1. With Roger being the 4 seed and Dimitrov being 11, they can’t play earlier than the quarters. Seeds 1-4 are randomly seeded to play 13-16 in the round of 16, so they couldn’t play in that round. So by your logic, that means Roger wins Wimbledon 2014. Sounds good to me!

      2. “So by your logic, that means Roger wins Wimbledon 2014. Sounds good to me!”

        I’ll take that too:) No Phil, don’t mind me, just don’t want a Sampras/Roger-repeat πŸ™‚

      3. Katyani, didn’t we say no more predictions?! πŸ˜›

        And congrats for Holland πŸ˜‰

      4. Katyani, for the last time, what did I tell you about predictions? I want you to tell us that, “There is no chance Roger will win this Wimbledon”. Go on! πŸ™‚

  27. Adios, Espana!

    Now, if only they could test this Spanish mother****** Nadal, how cool would that be?

      1. Yeah well, too bad you couldn’t. Maybe you can try again in 2018 πŸ™‚

        So, Jonathan, because it’s a major event, an earth shattering event, do I qualify as a first commenter…sort of? πŸ™‚

    1. Sid, let’s admit they would test him and he’s positive. Do you really believe they will tell the public what happened? Do you REALLY believe that they’d throw away so much money? I certainly don’t…

      And spain is out, woohoo!! πŸ˜€

      1. I know. Just wishful thinking on my part. Even though they “know”, Nadal would dare them to expose him. He might end up exposing others too and this whole charade will come crumbling down. The best they can do is negotiate with him and let him get past Sampras, then fade away. It’s just unfortunate.

    2. Crazy times that the current champions are out before group stage, hoping the Aussies who are also out and should’ve beaten Holland last night take care of them so we can at least finish before them in our group! Adios indeed.

      1. The defending champion was out in the group stage in 2002 (France), 2010 (Italy), and now 2014 (Spain). Smells like it’s all…fixed πŸ™‚

      2. Yes Susie, was quite heartbreaking when Van Persie scored the equaliser after we got the penalty but that’s what separates quality teams. Hoping we can take on Spain at least, will be hard without Cahill who I might add scored the goal of the World Cup.

        Also Sid, really crazy that stat but Spain’s squad this year is missing some key players but no excuses, terrible performance from them, deserve to go home early, no distractions for Nadal in Wimbledon now πŸ˜›

  28. Hey guys! Look on the Atp site today! Hilarious vid of Rasheed v Jez Green face off over 200 metres with Andy and Grigor cheering them on !

    1. Seems like Murray and Grigor are new found bestfriends, the two are inseparable. Also wow Rasheed has got it in him, who knew.

  29. If Nadal, Federer; Nole and Murray had to answer to the question Who is the best player you have ever faced??? What do you think would be the answer of them???

    I just know what 3 of them woud answer πŸ™‚

    1. The answer is: Federer

      The answer to the “toughest” or the “most difficult” player would be: Nadal. Because, he doesn’t get tired. We all know where he gets that energy from. He does not play all the time. He plays only when he feels fit to play. No wonder he has a great H2H. Additionally, he makes things very difficult for you by slowing down the pace of play, taking his own sweet time to serve, and uses every possible gamesmanship tool available to him. He is a lefty too which presents a different pattern to what players are used to during a tournament. That’s why, he is the most difficult player, for good, but mostly bad reasons.

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