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Federer Wins 83rd Title and 1000th Career Match at Brisbane International

Not a bad start to 2015 huh as Roger not only won his 83rd career title he also recorded his 1000th math win at this level by beating a rapidly improving Milos Raonic 6-4 6-7(2) 6-4 in the final of the Brisbane International.

Roger was looking to go one better this year after falling short in the final 12 months ago against Hewitt and he delivered the goods when it mattered. For the first set and a quarter it looked like it was going to be a routine win for the Swiss but Raonic hit back, coming from a break down in the second set to win the tie break and make things very uncomfortable for the GOAT.

Roger 5.0 is full of steely determination though and despite things not going his way in the decider he found a way to come through, breaking decisively at 5-4 to take down the title and win in Brisbane for the first in his career.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Wins 1000th Match Brisbane

Raonic won the toss and elected to serve. He then held to 30 to lead 1-0. The Canadian has struggled to break Federer in all their previous 8 encounters and Roger held his opening service game to 15 before breaking to lead 2-1.

The one break proved enough as Fed looked completely untroubled on serve, serving out the set to 30 to take it 6-4.

With Raonic serving first at the beginning of the second he got off to a terrible start slipping to 15-40 and then double faulting on break point to put Fed firmly in the driving seat.

Fed then consolidated to lead 2-0 but Raonic hit back, holding to 30 then breaking when Roger went long with a forehand after a barrage of Raonic power forehands that pushed him back behind the baseline.

Both men then traded 4 service holds in row to push the set into a tie breaker. By this point Raonic had really found his range on the forehand wing and whilst his level had picked up, Roger's had slipped off slightly. That made the Canadian favourite in the breaker for my money but Fed started in style, winning an extended rally to get the mini break and lead 2-0.

However Raonic then went into gung-ho mode and anything in his wheel house got the treatment, that saw him reel off 7 points in a row to take the tie break 7 points to 2. Too passive from Fed after he got the mini break and Botnic made him pay.

One set all meant a decider and although Fed was a marginal favourite I never felt totally relaxed as Raonic was getting the upper hand whenever he could bring his forehand into play. That shot tested Roger in his opening service game where he had to save 3 break points before finally holding to lead 1-0.

At 2-1 Fed than had 2 break points of his own but couldn't find a way to convert. He then had to stave off 2 break points on his own serve to hold for 3-2. In Raonic's next service game Roger again had 2 more break points but the Toronto native again held firm.

At 5-4, all the pressure was on the shoulders of Raonic, and from 30-15 he lost 3 points in a row, serving a double fault at 30-30 and then finally committing a forehand error on match point after Roger had done well to get the return in play and get himself on top in the rally. Game, set, match, Federer!

Match Stats

  R. Federer M. Raonic
Aces 21 14
Double Faults 0 4
1st Serve % 64% 54%
1st Serve Points Won 51/64 (80%) 44/58 (76%)
2nd Serve Points Won 19/36 (53%) 27/50 (54%)
Break Points Saved 5/6 (83%) 4/7 (57%)
Service Games Played 16 16
1st Return Points Won 14/58 (24%) 13/64 (20%)
2nd Return Points Won 23/50 (46%) 17/36 (47%)
Break Points Won 3/7 (43%) 1/6 (17%)
Return Games Played 16 16
Winners 43 49
Unforced Errors 21 32
Net Points Won 16/17 18/25
Total Service Points Won 70/100 (70%) 71/108 (66%)
Total Return Points Won 37/108 (34%) 30/100 (30%)
Total Points Won 107/208 (51%) 101/208 (49%)

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Wins 1000th Match Brisbane

Looking back, it's almost nicer winning this way through a tight match with nerves and humid conditions against a great player in a final. It means so much more than just running away with it with the score maybe 6-4, 6-4, which was looking very likely at one stage. I guess I was much more happy having to go three sets in the end rather than winning in straight.

The peRFect start to 2015 and another tournament where Roger proves that he's still more than a match to the young guys defeating both Dimitrov and Raonic en route to his 83rd title.

Quite crazy really that at 33 Roger is still able to compete at the highest level and still look to improve his game even though he's won virtually everything on offer in the sport.

He's easily the most complete player the sport has ever seen and his will to win is still ever present; as we saw today where he had to get over the disappointment of losing a break of serve and the tie break to pull through in three.

That made the victory all the more sweeter I think, sent a few fans on a bit of a rollercoaster but he got the job done in the end by serving clutch and eventually taking the chance when it came.

Definitely wasn't an easy ride out there with the humidity and there was a period where Raonic looked like he was on the ascendency but Roger returned exceptionally well and won the big points when he needed to to close it out.

In terms of the match, both guys really used the serve to dominate but I thought Roger did a great job at getting the ball in play when he needed to. He actually out-aced Raonic which is pretty much unheard of too and on balance I think he was the better player over 3 sets. Raonic did really up his level for for a brief period hitting some hammer blow forehands but he couldn't really sustain it in the decider. Fed was the player making all the opportunities on the return but just struggled to convert. It looked like he got a bit tight on some of the break points as he knew how important they were before and he again playing for history but he eventually pieced together the right shots to get the break of serve.

As for Raonic he's improving extremely quickly and along with Nishikori is definitely going to be a big contender for titles this year. Talent wise he's far more limited compared to say Dimitrov but he's clearly putting in the hours on the practice courts and laying off the Sugarpova and I think that's spring boarded him in front of the Bulgarian in terms of likeliness to win a slam or disrupt the big 4 in 2015.

So what else can you say other than a great week and I'm hoping for more at the Australian Open! See you guys there, Allez!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. We couldn’t ask for a better start to the year, could we? But let’s not overestimate the results of this week. Djodal have shown before that warm-up tournaments are nothing more than just warm-ups. And 1000 is just a number… (okay, it’s a great number. :))

      1. What Roger suppose to do lose? He is only 3rd player to win 1000 matches, but it’s nothing. Who cares about Nadal and Djokovic because they are not guaranteed a title at the AO either.

    2. Nice win.

      1000 wins is far more than just a number. It is unheard of in the era we’re in now. I’d be surprised if anyone gets anywhere near that again.

      1. Sorry, don’t get me wrong. 1000 is amazing, astonishing! And so is 999 and 1001. But I would be much more excited about #18. I’m starting to believe again that Roger has it in him, but I guess I don’t want to build up too huge expectations. Some folks declare Roger to be the top favourite for Oz now. I’m not there yet.

      1. Nah, no worries Stefan…. I still have to whole year to try, but…. competition is very fierce here πŸ™‚

  1. 4th. Grinding it out in 2015 like Fed!! What a match, what a landmark title!! Such gutsy mental strength, as Raonic has really arrived big time guys. He is the big threat to the big 3, not Grigor or even Andy now!! Huge hitting! Fed hung so so tough, really wanted it, loved the anger, the shouting! This all augurs well for tough matches at the AO. Bravo Goat! Happy to have seen it, and to share being yr fan in this great blog!! Off to read yr wise words now Jonathan!

    1. Yeah speaking of Murray going to be interesting to see what type of season he has….

      Dimitrov not looking the real deal since making Wimbledon Semis.

      1. I think Andy will be right up there again soon enough. And I still believe that, out of the young guns, Kei is the guy with best chances of winning a GS this year.

      2. Heather Watson was quoted in the last couple of weeks saying Andy taught her to absorb negative crowd energy & convert it into on-court energy, instead of getting angry. (They played together at Hopman Cup.) If that’s true, & he actually does that, we might see that improved Muzza we glimpsed under Lendl once again.

  2. Thanks Jonathan, a great summary of the match – agreed that a great start of the season!
    On the match, indeed, Milos has been at the best I’ve ever seen – his FHs were lethal and all-around play was much better. Indeed, he plays like this a round after a round at GS, he could could get close.
    Roger’s clutch play has been very impressive. IMO, the historical implication of the 1000 win played a part in his mind at the begining of the 2nd set. He kind of lost the concentration a bit, the credit to the GOAT, he stayed resolute until the very end πŸ™‚ A wonderful start the season.
    Thank you for the speedy write-up, Jonathan!
    Allez Roger!

    1. Yeah Raonic really hammered his forehand, came up with really big winners.

      I agree on the 1000 win thing making him lose focus. Glad he regrouped and hung tough!

    2. Actually, I think Raonic was better in his match against Novak in Rome last season. In this match against Fed, Milos was not serving well by his standards (54% first serve not good – he needs that to be at 60% or better). In Rome his serve and groundstrokes were both on. Although Novak won that match, it was close and an indication of how well Milos is capable of playing.
      So glad that Fed won match 1000 and all those celebration preparations did not go to waste!

  3. Looks like it was a great match. Missed it. Saw the highlights. Fed has been a real fighter during this last year winning several tight matches. Looking forward to more. Great article as usual Jonathan. πŸ™‚

    Fact for the day: Fed has won 737 matches in straight sets. Nadal Hasn’t even won 737 matches :))

    1. Yeah it was high quality, Raonic came up with some very big forehadn winners. Fed came up with some solid passes too when having to counterpunch.

      Cool fact!

  4. I certainly think Milos ahead of Grigor who needs a better coach now. Rasheed good on fitness but his tactics yesterday for Grigor were clueless! Roger struggled with the power at some points but Raonic was clearly nervy at very key moments. That first game in the 3rd set convinced me RF wld win even if it meant to the death. Really really tough hold but it told him he cld win against the flow. And you knew at 4-5 that Raonic wld play 1 or 2 safer points which he did! Clutch Fed 5.0 for the 1000th. AO here we come!!

    1. Yeah I’d agree with that. Rasheed no real track record of producing big title winners. Guessing no shortage of coaches who would take it on as the pay going to be good and he’s clearly talented but got any suggestions?

      1. Lendl is the only one who really springs to mind but would he be interested? Or maybe Grigor could pinch Riccardo Piatti…after all, Milos grabbed him off Gasquet!

      2. I doubt Lendl would like sort of the fan fare that is around Dimitrov lately. Could be wrong though and maybe he thinks he can ground him and make him realise his talent.

        Maybe harsh on Dimitrov as I got no idea what he’s like etc but just get the sense he not that switched on to things a la Fed. Had a lot chucked at him so far when not really done a great deal in the sport.

      3. Milos clearly a really hard worker who really wants it! Hv to give him credit for total dedication. Gasquet was never going to do it, and Grigor needs to get away from Maria. Suits her, doesn’t suit him. Coach wise? Tough one! Needs someone tactically wise! Cahill? Roche? All taken? Connors!?

    2. Good point on the first set in the third. Probably the most important game in the match and reiterated how strong Fed is mentally. Also it would seem Dimitrov is missing some extra drive in his game, comes down to him more than a coach I’d say. But the comparisons to Fed hasn’t helped him with upping the pressure on him so early in his career.

      1. Yes but his shot selection is so poor. He just kept floating the slice back towards Feds BH until Fed cld run round and hammer an off FH!

  5. What a wonderful start to 2015 for the GOAT. Some fabulous clutch play when he needed it – have to be honest I wondered at a couple of points if it was going to go the way of the Paris Match – but Fed really hung tough – Cannot wait for AO here’s hoping it’s another title for Fed – also just have to mentioned that Stan the Man won Chennai = watch out the Swiss are are on a mission!!

    1. Indeed, it was a very close match. Looked like being routine but got very tight in the end. Fed had the opportunities in the 3rd though so would have been a disappointing loss had Raonic pulled it off.

      Good win for Stan. Won that title 3 times. I didn’t realise Bedene took out RBA in semis, big win for him. Better than all our British players!

      1. Yes but he’ll be our Brit no 3 soon pushing to no 2 if he continues to play like that! Didn’t he beat Lopez as well ?

  6. What a win! Exciting match, peRFect for the 1000 win! Any of you guys have the video they played in Brisbane? The cut the ceremony in my country …

    1. I was watching the match online on Deportes and they didn’t show the trophy presentation. What’s up with that? Federer wins his 1000 and the presentation is not even shown.

    2. Also, the tribute video they played was just a short montage of things Rod Laver, Roddick and Henri Leconte and others were saying about Fed reaching the milestone, nothing you haven’t seen before but I’d assume the ATP will put it on their website or youtube channel.

  7. Yes, a peRFect start of the season!

    “Quite crazy…”, you couldn’t put words together any better than that in ‘Thoughts on the Match’, a great job, Jonathan. 1,000 – this staggering numbers really shows his incredible high level of consistency.
    What else could ask for?! I am already happy for him this year.

    Well, wouldn’t say no to No.18, though πŸ˜‰

      1. All he can do is try like all the other players in the draw. It can only be one winner. I don’t if he can win, but I will be cheering him on.

      2. The way Fed is playing right now, I feel much more optimistic about No. 18 than I have for some time. This could be a great year. πŸ™‚

  8. Brilliant start to 2015. πŸ™‚ I thought, ‘Aargh’ when he lost that break in second set, but actually, as others have said, it was all the sweeter when he finally won. Raonic has improved immensely, particularly off the backhand wing which used to be shocking. He has a good mindset and I can certainly see him winning a masters or a slam at some point soon. However, I still feel like putting a bomb up his ass – the way he ambles along between serves drives me nuts.

    Cmma26: here you go: To get ads straight after the match was so annoying eh?

    1. HAHHAHAHAH. “Put a bomb up his ass”. Cracked me up. Yeah I don’t like the guy much either, although he put up a surprisingly good natured countenance after the loss to Fed for a change.

    2. They are tall. So, they are clumsy when it comes to walking. They risk turning over if they go beyond a certain speed. Del Po, Isner, etc. πŸ™‚

      As long as they get their serves in time, and don’t make their opponents wait when serving, they should be fine. Save the bomb Slamdunk. Put it up Nadal when he is in Melbourne, and I’ll thank you for it πŸ˜‰

      1. There you are Sid – perhaps the bomb won’t be needed just yet…usual ambiguity from the
        cheater but I’ve got a feeling that he might miss AO and wait for clay tournaments in Rio etc. He certainly hinted at that and, he can’t be messing up his positive h2hs against the main guys if he’s not 100% now can he? πŸ˜‰

      2. That, and he is preserving mileage for Rio Gold medal push. That though crossed my mind when he played there early 2014 and won. More clay glory for the doper! He will have to preserve himself all of this year leading up to August 2016. He will very like be injured for Wimbledon’16, is my guess.

        Wonder what kind of doping controls they will have there. A big reason why he pulled out of London’12.

  9. *’…but actually, as YOU said, it was all the sweeter’ – sorry Jonathan! – Great write-up as usual. πŸ™‚

  10. We are SO spoiled. Being a Fed fan is the best. He is such an inspiring man to follow. He is out there doing his best year after year.

    I was too tired to stay up all night. What a great way to start the day for me.

    Raonic is a huge threat. He will keep working to achieve his goals. More winners than Roger. He has a disadvantage being in that big clunky body. Makes the most of it really.

    So happy for Roger. Now to watch the match and enjoy. Thanks for the write-ups, Jonathan.

  11. Just curious- If Federer were to lose the match, God forbid, what would happen to that huge 1000 sign that the ball boys were so merrily brandishing around, and to the poster from Rod (who was probably invited specially to present Roger with the memento in the event that he were to win the match). Would they quietly just hide everything and cart it all the way to Melbourne?

    1. That thought also floated across my brain! I guess they’d probably ditch the sign and send the poster on? Rod Laver will surely be at the AO so he could still have given it to him. This way is much neaterer and betterer though!
      PS Glad I gave you a laugh… πŸ™‚

    2. Maybe when Raonic went to the bathroom after set 2 he was confronted in the toilet by the tournament organisers.They let him know the deal, win this tournament and you’ll be waking up with a Kangaroo’s head in your bed tomorrow morning.

  12. Wow what a great record. 1000 match wins. Another consecutive year winning a title. 28 different countries won a title. These records are just unbelievable really. The consistency over the years, wow. I know J mac will be pissed off with all these results and record s . Also a certain uncle Mafia oso after when Roger won the Davis cup and now this if Roger can somehow win another slam they definitely won’t be happy. As there target is to break Rogers slam record. Which I really hope he doesn’t. Anyway I was watching the highlights and I must say Raonic has definitely improved , and he was walloping them forehands all over the place. I hope now Roger can take this confidence to the Oz open and really go deep!!! Congratulations to Roger. Not bad for a old man.

    1. Yeah pretty much everytime he steps on court he has a record at stake these days. Many of them are just nice to have but I think the 1000 matches is a big deal especially in the modern era where players play significantly less than they used too.

      1. It’s a big deal, yes, even though we knew it would be coming along sooner or later πŸ™‚ I’m really glad it was combined with a tournament win to make it really special.

        I don’t know what it was, but I was online around the time Jonathan posted, and kept refreshing the page, but again nothing showed up. It was only when I noticed that the times on the Twitter feed weren’t changing that I realised something was up. Bah! One of these days …

      2. Cleared out a load of my Internet history yesterday, and I think things are a lot improved since, so I think you’re probably right, but I’ve never known a site be quite so resistant to being refreshed before – and on 2 computers and 2 different browsers simultaneously. That was what made me wonder …

  13. Did not show the match here in Muscat and in any case was following on the net as was at work. Thought it would be straight 6-4, 6-4 but a tough match in the end. A long way from Guillaume Raoux in 1998 to Milos Raonic in 2015. Lendl on 1071 will be overhauled this year hopefully but Connors on 1253 looks distant. On to Melbourne now.

    1. Lendl’s total may be beyond him this yr as he has said he will play fewer tourneys, but by next yr definitely!! He cld catch Connors but wld hv to play for next 4/5 yrs I reckon! Tough ask! Also some of Connors wins came at piddling little tournies in the US (all defunct now) with crap entries! Credit to him but think in modern era both Feds and Lendl’s efforts are remarkable, and both achieved younger.

  14. Jonathan, may I have a suggestion? Many of us, your devoted followers, are speculating about how Roger, the old guard, the young guns etc will do in 2015. Why not set up a contest in which we all can have a guess at the top eight year end rankings, to be submitted before the start of the AO?

      1. Jonathan is obviously a man who likes to get things done πŸ™‚ Really wasn’t expecting it quite so soon!

    1. Suggested formula:
      One point for every identified player who ends up in the top eight.
      Two points for every identified player who ends up in the top four.
      Twenty points for identifying the YE#1, ten points for the YE#2, six points for the YE#3, five points for #4, four points for #5, three points for #6, two points for #7 and one point for #8.

  15. I remember reading somewhere that they counted a lot of Connor’s matches that weren’t official ATP matches. I can’t remember now but it apparently boosted up his win count quite a lot. Does anyone know about this or am I out to lunch?

    1. You’re definitely right re Connors – he won many tournaments at the beginning, and towards the end of his career – Salt Lake City, Baltimore, Boston, North Conway etc.etc. – that were more like club tennis events – they’ve counted them so perhaps they were part of the tour, but a huge chunk of his ‘titles’ don’t even figure now. So you’re OK Sue – not out to lunch at all! πŸ™‚
      PS. He did get to US semi finals at aged 39 though so we’ll give him that one.

      1. Yeah Connors shouldn’t be counted because he left the ATP circuit for a period of time to play World Team Tennis which has different competition. His stats should be disqualified!

      2. It’s very hard to work out – – there are such a huge number of tournaments that don’t even figure on the tour now – places like Salt Lake City has no tournaments (he won 2 there) and Philadelphia is now simply a USTA tournament (he won 4 there). The fact is it counted then and has gone down in the history books. I’m sure Connors would have been happy to lose a good few of the smaller tournament titles for one or two more slams. As it was, with far less talent than Federer, this guy became a legend.

        Let’s not be greedy, Federer had broken almost every record in the book; hardly a day goes by without he breaks another so let Connors keep this one.

  16. Absolutely Brilliant! What a way to start of the season and Fed is dead right that it was far more sweet watching him go to the edge to pull of the win. I haven’t been a fan of Milos since the beginning but he impressed last night and his baseline/return game has improved a whole lot. These two have a weird matchup because Fed’s serve is as dominant as the Canadian’s, so it really comes down to getting the ball in play and setting up the points right. Fed was getting pushed off the baseline for most of the match after he lost the break in the second set but once again his mental fortitude allowed him to dig deep and that’s what these last few years in his career has really been about. Great stuff from both boys but obviously congratulations to the Swiss Maestro for 1000 match wins, it’s been a huge honour.

    So where to from here? Near flawless prep for the Aus Open you’d have to say. Roger’s serve has been on fire this whole week and the confidence amounted from Brisbane should be huge when it comes to the later stages of Melbourne. You have to factor in though that the courts will be much slower over there as well as the draw but so far, so good. Novak and Rafa are bit of enigmas, not sure what happened to them over in Doha but they will still be the men to beat. Murray I think will also put himself into contention in the slams this year. Wawrinka won in India so it will be interesting to see if he can have a say and defend.

    Will be hopeful to congratulate Roger myself when I go the Sydney match today, and give him some good fortune for next week πŸ˜€ Allez!

    1. Oh I hope you get (got) to meet him Alysha – but even so, you get to see him live which is wonderful. I went to WTF a few years ago but was too far away to get an autograph – still thrilling to see him in the flesh though! πŸ™‚

    2. Have any journos or players mentioned speed of courts in Melbourne yet Alysha? I haven’t seen anything…

      Conal is there too, 2 peRFect Tennis roving reporters on the ground πŸ˜† should be interesting, wil try catch highlights on YouTube to see what the format is like.

    3. What was it like? Court looked slow! Fed looked knackered!! He needs 24 hrs sleep! Loved the interview chat post exho! He is so chilled!!

      1. Jon- Haven’t heard anything yet about court speed at Melbourne but doubt it’s gonna be the same as Brisbane. I think last year the balls were different hence the court was playing quicker than usual as it was extremely hot and humid in the day time. Guess will have to wait what the players say in the pressers.

        Susie- It was great seeing Roger again, especially in Sydney, bit of a rare treat that. But yes you are very right, Fed looked so tired and you can’t blame him after that bizarre final. Didn’t expect him and Hewitt to take it so seriously but I guess it was to exhibit the new format which IMO will never work in a competitive format but was still interesting as an experiment. Was a celeb filled crowd, got to say hi to Tomic and a few of the Aussie Cricket team. But most of all seeing how many people are infatuated with Fed, never fails to amaze me.

      2. I’m not surprised. Hadn’t realised the exho was straight after the Brisbane final. Hope he gets plenty of rest now. Love the picture of them playing tennis on the boats!

  17. What an awesome 1000 match win, for a while there I thought Raonic might ran away with the match after 2nd set. Roger really played some clutch tennis, giving us heart attack but kudos to Raonic to up his level. I think he has a decent change to get to no 18 bearing decent draw and scheduling. I badly want Roger to get to no 18 now that Uncle Toni has declared that Nadal will overtake Roger’s record of 17 GS. Trust me Nadal will play till his body crumble to overtake Roger. So Roger, no pressure but god damnit please get to No 18.

      1. What the fuck is a “second career grand slam”. Jesus! Who comes with all this nonsense?

        Will he have won four types of slams in a row, over a period of two or more years, and necessarily in a particular order? Oops! No, he didn’t. Then it’s not a fucking career grand slam!

  18. Ps I don’t really like Raonic socks. My grand dad has got the same pair. The colour scheme is just isn’t sporty . Lol every time I look at it makes me laugh !!!!

  19. 1000 is indeed a very very special number.

    There are 4 guaranteed Grand Slam winners every year, but 1,000 or more match wins has only been achieved 3 times now in the Open Era.

    That combined with Federer’s other dominant stats really does make a statement about the greatness of his tennis, passion and durability.

      1. It had been 22 yrs since the last player reached 1000 wins. This milestone is not easy. Fed should be very proud because for him to reach this milestone he had to average 62 or more wins for 16 yrs. He had 73 wins last. Neither Djokovic or Nadal will not reach 1000 wins.

  20. First on the last one, last on this one lol. Gotta work on my consistancy!

    Again, blown away with Roger Federer: that man never disappoints! Amazing match, clutch under pressure, great BP conversions, and proved that at 33 he can still win big. Kudos to Milos, he is really improving and really has a great Forehand(like DelPotro) and with improved baseline game, can compete for slams in the next few years!

    Anyways to Roger: Amazing amazing legend and unmatched. Most loved, most graceful, and most importaint person to grace the sport. 1000 wins is an increadable achievement. A few stats as follows:

    β€’83 career titles
    β€’15 coneecutive years with a title (a NEW record)
    β€’1st title of 2015(no pressure for any non-slam wins for a while)
    β€’727 wins of the 1000 were in 2 sets(straights)…. More than Rafa has total amount of wins!!!
    β€’Has jumped from 81.15% career win at beginning of 2014 to 81.5% win at the same point 2015

    Does Conal have his “Best Points of 2014” up yet? Can’t wait for it! Thanks again for everything Jonathan. Aussi Open, here we come(and hopefully Rafa and Nole in same half :D)

    1. Nice stats!

      Don’t think so, too many copyright issues so far. Hopefully we can find a way to get it online as there are some really high quality points in 2014.

  21. Now I would say – β€œHappy New Year!”
    Thanks Jonathan for your amazing posts.
    It was a wonderful Sunday for Swiss and Fed fans to celebrate.
    Both Federer and Stan won their respective finals.
    1000 matches win is quite something man. On an average 70+ matches wins for last 14/15 years.
    Like Jonathan says, every time Fed steps into the court, some sort of record is in line.

    Let’s hope Fed able to break the spell and recover from semifinals loses and reach to the finals in Aus Open. He is one consistent player in Aus Open for last 11 years.

    1. Have you seen the piccy, I think it was on Stauffer’s Twitter feed? Switzerland and Switzerland leading the Race to London. Nice πŸ™‚

  22. -off topic.
    Is there any possible way to have on YouTube or wherever Federer’s match against Djokovic / Shanghai 2015 with English commentaries and a decent quality?
    I don’t believe that this match which was one of the best of last season is nowhere.
    So please Federer’s fans do something!

    1. Not available but I hv it on my TV recorder from the Sky coverage! Not sure I am technically sharp enough to send!! You may hv to put up with the mad Arabic commentary!!

  23. I read that Raonic trains in Spain. I guess that’s what a Canadian does when he wants “overnight” improvements in his game.

    1. I should add that not only has Raonic based himself in Barcelona, he also has a Spanish coach, Spanish trainer, and Spanish physio. I wonder what the Spanish have that others don’t …

  24. Fantastic way to start the season. While the blood is still hot, let’s forge ahead and win the Australian Open, it is very possible.
    I have started the chant on players we wouldn’t like to have in our half :d when the draw comes out.
    Expect Djokovic to bring the goods to the table, we might see a Federer VS Djokovic final, hopefully Djoker gets Wawrinka and we get Nadal who is taken out in the 4th round πŸ™‚

  25. Wow, Raonic is moving like a different guy. But what poise from Fed! Love that he was able to get his mojo back after a mid-match… not even a slump, more like a divot, maybe some surprise at seeing Milos’ improvement. Love that the 1000th match win came on a final. Love some of the highlights – your shot of the match is another jaw-dropper, Jonathan, great pick.

    Hope he gets a few days of good rest before action starts in Melbourne!

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