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Federer’s US Open 2012 Outfit

I wasn't going to post this one until the US Open drew closer but seen as though Fed's not playing at the Rogers Cup and practically everyone else has dropped out with fatigue and injury I have nothing to blog about so here's Roger's outfit for the 2012 US Open.

As usual there's a day session outfit – a light blue crew neck t shirt (I think that's the right one in the pic below, not sure if the trainers are though) and a night session outfit – which is an Obsidian Navy polo with ‘University' Red & White detailing.

If you're interested in the technical aspect (if there is such a thing) then Nike state that the polo features a woven collar with stripe insets and collar stand, covered four-button bonded placket, no-sew (welded) armholes to help with movement, shoulders and side seams for comfort and range of motion, engineered jacquard at sides for ventilation, contrast color at sleeve hem and side vents with drop tail.

I have to say I'm majorly digging the night session polo, it's a great colour and detailing colours look class so I'll almost certainly be making a purchase. I'm not too big a fan of the crew neck as I don't really like the blue (Aus 2010 and Cincy 09 blues are better) but it might look alright once it's matched with the white shorts and trainers. Anyway check out the pics below…

Federer's 2012 US Open Clothing

What do you think Federista Fashionistas?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Love the night session T-shirt! I’ll definitely be making a purchase too. Is it available on I don’t like collarless T-shirts really, I think the collar adds a bit of smartness to the outfit, which sits well with Roger’s general demeanour.

  2. I like this choice. I think Roger looks fantastic in all shades of blue, but I’m not a big fan of the crew neck style of shirt. BTW, today Brad Gilbert said that Andy Murray is the one to beat at the US Open! My reaction was like that of the one in your “A Day in the Life of a Federer Fan”! What a joke!

    1. Haha did he? I guess Murray is a danger but I don’t see it happening, Olympics is nothing compared to a slam. He steps on a hard court and gets injured anyway.

      I have a feeling Murrays body will break down in the next couple of years. I saw it when he first burst onto the scene, he’s not a naturally fit or athletic guy, what you see with him is hours and hours in the gym to get to that shape, eventually that will take it’s toll. You can only manufacture fitness and athleticism to a certain level and eventually it works against you. I might do a post about it actually.

      1. Brad Gilbert is a joke. He had the ugliest playing style ever. Wasn’t he the one who wrote, “Winning ugly”, the book that is used by losers to try to win?
        No wonder he never reached a slam final ever.
        By the way he is a huge Nadal fan “because” Nadal has a similar style of play, winning ugly.

      2. Oh, well. A bit late this replay but it’s quite funny to read this comment that Murray won’t win the US Open and in the end he did! 😀 I am huge Federer fan, too, but I laughed reading this 😉

  3. Yes the dark blue polo!! It’s peRFect for our king! It looks discreet and dressy! I have the polo of the US Open 2010 night session and I love it! But I would say that I even prefer this one. I must check it in the store when it’s available!!
    The crew neck t-shirt… hmmm… Like you, I don’t like that blue colour. But I think when Roger wears it, it doesn’t look so bad!
    I hope that Roger will be wearing the dark blue polo in the quarters, semis and final! Not like the years before!

    I have a question: If Roger makes the semis in Cincinnati and Djokovic wins the title; is it possible that he loses the number 1?

    Thank you again for your high informative articles like those of Wimbledon!

    1. Oh I love to answer these type of questions. Roger has a 165 points advantage right now which will soon become 75 points because he isn’t playing Toronto. The Djoker cannot overtake him because he was the winner last year. Now, let’s talk about Cincy. To answer your question with different scenarios: –
      1 – Djoker wins Cincy and gains 400 points, in which case Roger MUST reach the final to stay No.1.
      2 – If Djoker finishes as runner up, Roger needn’t do anything better than a QF showing to keep his ranking.
      3 – If the Djoker falls in the SF, Roger can actually turn into Relaxerer (stole it from Jonathan!) and go out as early as the round of 16 to stay No.1. But he isn’t planning on doing that 🙂
      Hope this helps. Right now, I’d rather Roger relinquish No.1 so he gets Murray in the USO SF (not that a win a guaranteed) as opposed to the dreaded match up with a rested Nadal (1v3, 2v4). Let the Djoker laugh Nadal out.

      1. Awesome. Thanks for posting the points scenario’s. I can never figure this out. Have no idea how you guys do. Guess i don’t understand the part where the winner is defending his points. Ex Djokovic say is at 11K points before Rogers cup. If he was the winner last year and he wins again this year, does he stay at 11K? and if he loses does he still get points based on what round he made it to and then that gets deducted from his winning 1000 points total last year?

      2. Yeah he stays at 11k, he equaled his performance. 1000 points come off his ranking and depending on where he gets to they get added back on, so if he makes the final and loses – he earns 600 ranking points but that’s a net loss of 400.

      3. You’re very welcome! And you are right, if The Djoker wins Toronto, he will not gain any ranking points. Exactly how Jonathan explained.

      4. Sid, Federer played Djokovic at FO this year as 1v3. Is there a source which explicitly states the placings of the top 4 in slam draws? I’m pretty sure it’s random.

      5. I hereby appoint you head of Ranking Permutations! haha Cheers for clearing that up, I wasn’t sure of all the scenarios.

        Although if Fed moves to number 2 he ain’t guaranteed Murray in SF. 1 and 2 go in separate halves of the draw then 3/4 are drawn at random… so it’s possible 1 could play 4 and 2 could play 3. Happened in Aus 2012 for first time in ages.

      6. I humbly accept the position 🙂 Henceforth, I will be the ultimate authority on ranking related questions LOL
        So, you’re right about 1 and 2. They are always in the opposite draw but: At Wimby and USO, it goes 1v3 and 2v4. At AO and FO, it goes 1v4 and 2v3 (more conventional I guess). You see that’s why Roger played Nadal at AO but ended up playing The Djoker at Wimby. At the Olympics though they switched to the 1v4. Could they mix it up? Sure, but unlikely. I think USO will still stick with 1v3 and 2v4.

      7. It doesn’t man. The way slam draws work is that Seeds 1 & 2 go into separate halves, then the rest of the draw is done at random. so 3 and 4 could end up in either half. You could get 1 vs 3, 2 vs 4 or 1 vs 4, 2 vs 3.

        He ended up playing Nadal at AO because seed 3 was randomly drawn into the same half as seed 2. He played Djoker at Wimbledon because Seed 3 was drawn in the same half as seed 1.

      8. Jonathan, I think you’re right. 3 and 4 could be paired randomly with 1 and 2. Some commentator explained during Wimbledon that AO and FO go 1v3 and 2v4. Not sure where he got that from but evidently he was wrong.

  4. Are you sure the blue shirt is for the US Open and not for Cincinatti? It just seems awkward to have a polo and then a collar-less shirt. He did however last year so you’re proboly right! 🙂 But like you, I fancy the night Polo. For the most part, I’ve always liked Roger’s New York night outfits! Now Rafa is out of Cinci, what do you think of that?!

    1. Pretty sure he wears the same outfits for Rogers Cup and Cincy and that’s a white crew.

      Not a lot, see what he does at US Open, probably play unbelievable knowing him unless he genuinely his struggling.

  5. Just got my RF Olympic polos. I have only one word to describe them: STUNNING! I thought the zipper killed it at first but trust me, this is an incredibly good looking polo (pictures don’t do it justice) and yes, it has the RF logo on the left sleeve. This is a must have if you are a Roger fan. Oh I can’t wait to get out on the courts!

    However, I’d still rank it below the French Open 2010 polo (I have 3 of those!).

      1. Dude, I just couldn’t have too many of those. I mean, it’s the one like the most. I could’ve bought a fourth but I had to hold my horses. There are so many other polos to buy. Besides, I had my greedy eyes on the Olympics and USO 2010 polos. And I just picked up the red 2007 Clay season polo.

        P.S. I also have four AO2012 polos and a fifth one coming in blue and do you want to know the rest of my collection? He he ah ha aha oh eh he ho

      2. But, I do not have the French Open 2009 polo. It is the one I will always regret not owning. Just like Roger doesn’t have a Gold.

      1. Jonathan’s right but…they are not available any more anywhere in the US at all now. Not even Nike. It was a limited edition polo and they were selling like hot cakes 🙂 I have three now, two in size L and one in size M. I’ll likely sell the size M soon; hopefully get a good price on it.

        I bought mine from Midwest sports in the nick of time (Phew! That was close).

      2. Rahil, the Olympic polos are available again at Nike Store. They were out but they are the only have who have stocked up again. So, this is your chance to wear the silver medal winning polo 🙂

  6. Very classy polo, I think it’s better than the grey one last year and 2010 where he did the tweener against Dabul. I bought the BLX Prostaff Six One 90 racquet (the one Roger currently uses) and it arrived at my house on Roger’s birthday, peRFect timing! 😉

    1. Sweet, I probably going to buy a new racket soon, I have K factor 90 but it’s getting pretty battered. Concrete courts take a lot of the paintwork off going on the low slice.

      You play often? You have to be pretty decent to hit with 90 inch head, whenever I let anyone use Kfactor they say it’s impossible to play with and too heavy!

      1. Wish there were a way to repaint it or get it repainted. Grommets can be replaced though, I’m sure you’re aware of that.

      2. Funny thing I also play with the K factor 90 as well but the paintwork was coming off at several areas. I think since I started playing junior comps two years ago, I’ve always played with wilson 90 inch head racquets, gotten used to playing with them. I don’t understand why so many teens play with babolats, those racquets have 100 inch heads and have boring designs.

      3. Because they are baseliners and want more power from 2 meters behind the baseline? Because they want more spin? Because they don’t really want to stay close to the baseline, play the ball early, and rely on sound footwork as opposed to running for the ball? Because they want to just whack the ball and not rely on actually timing it so they need a huge sweet spot? Because they are pushers, not enforcers? Maybe it’s because they are Nadal fans? I can go on and on 😀

      4. I actually use a Pro Staff 85. And you know why I’m using an 85? Because there aren’t any 80 sq in racquets 🙂

      5. Sid Sampras. Never used an 85. Just checked it out on tennis warehouse, looks a classic.

        I’ll either go for Six One 90 or Six One 95 when I buy one. Just seen video review for 90 and the guy says it’s way more firmer than the 95 so maybe that will sway my decision.

      6. Babolat are girl rackets. Most players use them nowadays because they play like toys. Add that angled string and you can swing freely and the ball won’t go out.

      7. I’m the only junior at my club playing with a single handed backhand. My favourite shot is the dropshot, really satisfying when you can hit one that is unreachable. The backhand smash is great fun as well. I’ve noticed all the racquets I’ve used previously and currently have all been ones that Roger has used before! I think the new BLX Prostaff Six One 90 is the most beautiful racquet of them all, with the white, gold and red.

    2. I used the 90 for a year and a half and now I’ve switched exclusively to the Pro Staff 85. It’s amazing but it really takes a toll on you. No power and virtually no sweet spot Now when I try out the 90 for a little bit, I just can’t hit well. Getting a few more of the 85 sticks before Tenniswarehouse pulls them out. What will I do once the 85’s are worn out? I do not know!
      How long do these racquets last anyways? I have never used one for more than 6 months.

  7. The night session outfit is A+. Agree with Kyle, we need Darth Fed for the latter stages!

    Not a super fan of collarless t-shirts either, but maybe as you say it’ll look better once he’s on court. It probably will. And you know, tanned skin and white shorts is a winner anyway!

  8. Gotta love the night session polo! Does anyone know where I can get the cinci 09 polo?? I’ve seen it in a couple of vids, but had no clue when it was… Anyway, it’s one of my favs, could someone point me to a site that would sell it?

    1. I own the Cincy 2009 polo. It’s amazing. Bought it a month or so ago. That was the only one available anywhere on earth 🙂
      Still can’t find the French Open 2009 polo though 🙁 Any clues?

      1. Wait? Ebay? Size L? I couldn’t find one. Send me the link please and I’ll snag it before Simon beats me to it 🙂
        By the way some comments, specifically at the third level, do not have the “Reply” links.

      2. Got my 2007 Clay season polo today, well, technically yesterday. Looks really good. Most of my polos are quite retro so I’m sure people must think it’s weird, like “What the…?”. But knowledgeable players would know about them, especially Roger fans 🙂

      1. Perhaps you are right. But I guess my thinking is that if I struggle, I want more forgiveness, which the 95 will do more than the 90. I’m sure that I’m just going to get the PS90 though.

      2. Cool, check a play test on YouTube, I remember the guy saying the 95 doesn’t have the stability of the 90. More margin for error though I guess.

      3. Go for the 90 dude, seriously. When you say struggle what do you mean? Slowing down solves every problem, I’m sure you know what I mean. The 90 will slow you down but make you better. Now, I may be talking like I pro but trust me I’m far from it. The mistake most people make is that they want to pick up a racquet and go “wham bam” and start winning a large number of matches within a few years of starting to play. Me, I love the 85 sq. in. and am happy to climb slowly but correctly up the tennis ladder 🙂

    1. Kyle and Jonathan, you guys need to seriously demo the Pro Staff 85. It has the most amazing feel, I guarantee you. Almost as heavy as the 90 but 2 points more head light. You would feel like you’re not holding it and you feel total control. Of course, you better get a good swing and finish. It’s fun. You’ve got to at least demo it. Think Pete and Roger when you do it 😉
      Oh…and prepare for a heavy diet of shanks LOL

      1. I kinda think with an 85 you’re going to struggle against a lot of players who use bigger head sizes. Don’t matter how talented you are, you’d have to be top drawer to beat guys with it. Fair enough if you’re Fed but Avg club player vs. Avg club player I can see 100 head size helping out quite a bit because the margine for error is way higher. Especially if they play grinding style and get a lot of balls in play.

        There’s a good reason nobody on the tour uses 90inch head rackets.

  9. I am a solid player with a big forehand, big serve, and a lethal slice. I really love my BLX 90. I string it at 52 lbs and the pop I can get off it is just phenomenal. I am so used to it right now (the headsize) that I can’t believe I used to use anything different. I’m not overly aggressive in matches (like go for broke) because I can play solid defense and I’m smart, and I attack more with my slice than with my topspin backhand (cutting it low which many average players have big trouble with). So realistically, the 90 is the perfect fit for my game, which I model after Fed and Haas’. I love the variety!

      1. That makes sense. His backhand is too sweetly time d to be coming off a 90 sq in frame.

    1. I’m not too sure, but I think so yeah because there’s no other trainers around. He won’t wear the dark ones with the light blue so has to be the others.

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