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Federer Toughs Out Victory Over Berdych in Miami

Roger Federer is into the Miami Open Semi Finals after saving two match points to overcome Tomas Berdych 6-2, 3-6, 7-6(6) in 1 hour 56 minutes.

The win sees the Swiss go 17-1 for the season to date, and it's the first time he was able to win a deciding third set in Miami since 2009.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Miami Quarter Final 2017

Berdych won the toss and elected to serve. He was broken for the first time this week to 30 to get off to the worst possible start. Roger then saved break point en route to consolidating for 2-0.

A love hold from Berdych got him onto the scoreboard, and another followed as he made the score 2-3, but in game 7 Federer played a brilliant game (including that looping drop shot) to break for the second time and serve it out 6-2.

Into set 2 and it was hard to see how Berdych would be able to find a way back into the match. However, the Czech raised his level, by serving better and hitting the cover of the ball when he was able to set his feet. That paid off and he broke for 5-3 after Roger went wide with a forehand and he was able to level things up at a set apiece.

With Berdych serving and returning better set three had lottery written all over it. But it was the Swiss who made the early inroads, holding two break points in game four and eventually converting in game six before holding for a 5-2 lead.

At 5-3 Roger stepped up to serve for it, he lost the first point where his feet seemed to stick to the court. Not sure what happened there, I know some fans were worried about injury there, but I watched the replay it doesn't look like it. Looks like he doesn't pick the ball and isn't able to shift his feet on the court. But that aside, it set the tone for the game as he was broken to love.

Roger then needed to come up with some clutch serving after double faulting at 15-15 5-5, but he reeled off three points in a row to hold. Berdych then held to love to force a deciding tiebreak.

In the breaker, it was Berdych who went up a mini-break, but Federer won both return points for a 2-1 lead. A double fault relinquished his advantage though and at 4-4 Fed went long with a backhand. Berdych then fired down a big serve for a 6-4 lead. He couldn't convert his first match point however as he netted a forehand. Roger then found two clutch serves to lead 7-6 and Berdych hit a horrendous double fault to bow out in quite painful fashion.

Match Stats

Roger Federer Tomas Berdych
Aces 8 9
Double Faults 4 3
First Serve Percent 58% (46/79) 56% (49/88)
1st Serve Points Won 70% (32/46) 78% (38/49)
2nd Serve Points Won 58% (19/33) 51% (20/39)
Break Points Saved 50% (2/4) 63% (5/8)
Service Games Played 14 15
1st Serve Return Points Won 22% (11/49) 30% (14/46)
2nd Serve Return Points Won 49% (19/39) 42% (14/33)
Break Points Converted 38% (3/8) 50% (2/4)
Return Games Played 15 14
Winners 37 37
Unforced Errors 22 27
Total Service Points Won 65% (51/79) 66% (58/88)
Total Return Points Won 34% (30/88) 35% (28/79)
Total Points Won 49% (81/167) 51% (86/167)
SABR 0 0


Thoughts on the Match

Federer Miami Berdych 17

I’ve had some tough losses here where I should have won, like against Tomas a few years ago and also against Nishikori, and they stay with you. I’m happy to come have through today. I definitely got very lucky at the end, but I think I showed great heart today. I fought and Tomas definitely started to step it up, but it was a great match at the end.

So how did Berdych manage to lose that one? πŸ˜† He was outclassed in the first set but caught fire as the match wore on only to falter at the final hurdle. To be fair, he served an enormous second serve earlier in the tie break so you can see why he went for it match point down but it virtually hit the baseline.

But in spite of the result, I think it was Berdych's best performance of the year so far. He's had an up and down start to the season, but in Miami, he's served big and gone for his shots. He has huge power on both sides so why not try blaze a few winners. It certainly worked last night for him, and he was able to hit some quality shots from the baseline to get within a whisker of the win.

As for Roger, very impressive that he somehow managed to come through. He started in imperious fashion, got reeled in during the second set, played well in the third, faltered at 5-3 and then got lucky in the tiebreak to come through. Just shows if you at least stick around then anything can happen and he was able to find a way to cross the line.

I don't think he's been at his very best this week and has had a few flat moments during his matches, but he is high on confidence and still winning. He has played a lot of tennis over the last two weeks so understandable if he's feeling it now and he hasn't played back to back tournaments since 2015. Still moving pretty well but perhaps not as razor sharp as we saw in Indian Wells which is why he didn't serve as well today.

Predictions vs. Krygios

Next up is Nick Kyrgios who won the battle of the #nextgen by defeating Sascha Zverev in three sets. Impressive win for the Aussie and he's not lost his serve now in 3 matches.

Kyrgios leads the H2H 1-0 after winning in Madrid in 2015, and they should have played in Indian Wells before Kyrgios came down with food poisoning.

Kyrgios is looking more balanced of late, but he's still a bit of an enigma, so it's tough to predict. Great serve, can beat anyone but can also check out of a match instantly if something unsettles him.

Based on that I think the match will be a bit of a coin flip. Both guys had tough three setters, but you figure Kyrgios has to be the fresher of the two when they step on the court. I guess we'll know more based on how Fed starts, does he have that quickness in the legs or is he bit laboured.

If the former I like his chances, Krygios is going to be difficult to break as he just goes for it but if Fed can take care of his service games, then I'm sure a chance will crop up on the return to get in front.

If the latter then it might be another long slog where he has to dig deep and rely on his experience to give himself a shot at winning.

What are your predictions for the Semi Final? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Well, now that I managed to click #1 for the 1st time, AFTER READING JON’S POST IN FULL, DID YOU HEAR ME FOLKS? here goes:
    -It’s the kind of matches that leave you bitter. To be honest, I think that if Feds had lost, I would have said “you had it coming”. That’s how demanding we are. And unfair.
    -And to continue in all honesty: who are we to judge? Damn, I tell you this: at the end of the practice at the club, we play a few points to see how well the technical/tactical instructions were assimilated. It’s not even a proper match, sometimes just a tie-breaker. But it’s a lonely hell at the court. It’s so devastatingly lonely. You can’t pause. You serve and you have go for it. Your opponent serves and you can’t run away from it. You shank and can’t blame the team mate who sent you a bad ball. You are tired and/or angry and there is no one to back you up on your position.
    So, everyone fails and sometimes you get away with it: good that you did it. Other times you get the deserved loss: do better next time. And it’s all OK in the end.

  2. I would prefer he loses to Nick than go on to lose to Rafa in the final . If he does beat Nick it will in all likelihood be a long match probably a three setter which will further tire his already tired legs (going by his interview) not at all the preparation he needs to play against Rafa. He will have to be even sharrper to blow Nadal away like he did at IW as the courts are much slower here .

    1. Nope. We can’t get enough of Fedal. Even if Fed would lose every forth match against Rafa, I would be fine with that. πŸ™‚
      (And by the way – don’t count Fognini out just yet. He has a great record against Nadal i the last couple of years and he is similar to Kyrgios in one way – you never know which Fognini will show up…)

    2. Yeah I want him to make the final. Good for points.

      I seen a quote from a Swiss guy talking about the legs, but where is it from? He’s usually spot on so guessing it’s from Swiss press on that SRF interview. I watched it via VPN but can’t do Swiss german to know.

  3. I never saw the great RF looking so sheepish as he raised his hands aloft after that one.
    Even his daughter looked, like “Geez, daddy you nearly lost”.
    That was the most embarrassing RF gets.
    Surely it was Rog’s sparkly sheen of his recent
    invisibility that urged on the Bird to display
    more than his usual tightness in the serve
    as the match reached its conclusion.
    Cannot wait for the Nick match.
    Fascinating re its hard to call nature.

    Congrats on the blog.
    I like where you give Fed 10 out 10 for “imponderables”
    I too LOVE FED.
    Everything about him is extra terrestrial.

    1. Fed looked more subdued I thought when he beat Stan in the Aus Open in the 5th. But Fed is never one to beat his chest and tear his shirt, or do big agressive fist pumps like some others do. (no names).

  4. The final is sunday I guess? So if Fed wins today, there’s a day to rest legs at the beach. But if not, there’s a well deserved holiday beckoning. And we don’t know if Fab Fogn wins vs Rafa. That may happen!

  5. Amazed at the W/UE ratio – especially on this court?

    Will be annoyed for the H2H ratio if he loses to Kyrgios, but apart from that I don’t think I’d have any reason to complain. Sounds to me as though getting a good rest might be more important now?

  6. Hello, Jonathan. I have checked your site for updates more than 6 times today until finally the new post came up. Good work though I didn’t see the clear prediction for next match (coinflip and lots of ifs)
    It’s a weird match where both players are up and down in form. Overalls, Roger is ok in movement and better in long rallies but his concentration is not there all the time which may contribute partly to his failing to serve out the match and miss the breaking points. Besides, his serve throughout this tournament is not good (because of the sunshine or heat?? I don’t think so but I will see it tomorrow in a night match and how it goes). I think mentally he still got it but physically his body let him down sometimes.
    Talking about tomorrow’s match, I was more worried about Nicky than Nadal honestly. As you said, Nicky’s serve is the key and can bail him out in trouble. Based on Roger’s last two matches, it’s hard for him to break Nicky even just one break each set. Roger cannot afford to be broken and the set was gone if it happens. The current Nicky is much more dangerous than the in-form Ranoic. If Nicky bear Roger tomorrow, he probably will win his first master. The key for Roger to win the match tomorrow is keeping his serve rock solid and not to let Nicky play his comfort zone and get his nerves out.
    Tomorrow’s match is supposed to go quickly and I don’t want a nerve wrecking match again. I slightly favor Nicky’s chance but would love Roger to prove me wrong again.

    1. Roger’s 2. serves he administers just marvelously! But it IS slightly worrying although, that so many of his first’s are not coming on. Especially the deeper he goes in the tournament. I think he is a little tired, and to have a match again in just about 24 hours, and then vs the maybe biggest talent of the young guns, is a huge job. I expect Roger to leave the tour tonight, but with MAESTRO you never know nothing.

      1. Losing to a firing in-form Nicky is an acceptable result for me. But if Roger has to go through a long and tiring three match to win the match and lost to Nadal in the final because of the heavy-duty semi, I can’t put up with that. It reminds me of the WtA final where Roger gave Novak a walkover afrer the semi with Wawa.
        I mean I hope Roger do or die in a fashion way (tight and quick two sets) for tomorrow’s match. I would like to Nicky or Roger to win the title instead of Nadal. Beasides, I do hope to protect the H2H record.

      2. Think a little in longer run. Fed is capable to learn from all – H2H’s, loss, straining matches, you name it. Just now a stream of luck seemingly graces his wonderful performance. Derives from all his past learning I’m sure. He’s the most popular and will stay so, whatever happens in the next few days. Roger’s smiling ability is most inspiring – not too difficult to be open to that?

      3. I’d forgotten it was a night match – that’s not going to favour Roger either, is it? Anyway, semis would be a very good result – not to mention being easier to defend next year when his ranking might be in danger of sliding πŸ™‚ What I *don’t* want is for him to get so tired after coming through against Nick and then lose to Rafa in the final. (I’m assuming here that Fog doesn’t get through, because I really don’t think he has any place in a Masters final πŸ™‚ )

    2. @Sheng Du – yes I slept then had stuff to do before my post this time. I did start after the match but couldn’t finish it. My prediction is 55/45 Fed.

      Slow conditions – not good for Fed but I guess Kyrgios prefers it quicker too.

  7. I fully expect him to lose tomorrow. Might actually be a better result than pressing on with an old and fatigue body. Nick has a real chance to become the yongest M1000 champion in like a century On Sunday. . I reckon it’ll be a much more exciting moment than another Fedal. I’ve had enough of it already this year despite the two wins to be honest.

    1. Old at 35??? I’m 49 and I’m no old!!! I can run 10 km and cycle 50. Haha! Suck it, you teenagers (if there is one around, that is)!

    2. Ahh, April, Fed isn’t 80 years old yet! But he may be a little tired now – having just won the Indian Wells, and battling very challenging opponents in Miami – most would be tired from that? – and – I admit – fierce Nick is slightly younger, and has obviously a LOT of still unspent fire in body and soul.

    3. How can he hope to play a few more years if fans are saying he’s knackered 3 months into the season? πŸ˜€

      I think he might be tired as well, but that’s part of the sport. May as well see if he can do the Sunshine Double. Got a break after this.

      1. I think it’s maybe not so much the 3 months into the season as the fact that he’d been off for 6 months immediately prior to that, hadn’t been playing matches and then suddenly does WAY better than he was probably expecting on his return. Got back into the swing of things faster than expected, and perhaps hadn’t made allowance for the consequences? I’m sure he’ll get back into a good groove, provided that he doesn’t get injured, but it’s early days as yet, and as people have pointed out he does appear to lose concentration in patches.

  8. I am trying to be philosophical about this. Federer dodged a bullet when Kygrios went out with a stomach problem at the Aus Open, so karma might be for him to hand it back to K at Miami. Also to lose to a very exciting and talented young star is not so bad.

    On the other hand, my fervent wish is for Fed to defeat Kyrgios and to face Fognini in in the final! Ha!

    1. I would like a Fed Fognini final for a change but not bothered who Fed plays if he were to make it. I think if you are a neutral and wanting to watch some good stuff then Krygios Nadal might be the better final.

  9. When Roger played that terrible game I was thinking to myself…is he wondering should I stay or should I go!
    I say that only because his first serve went missing, however for him to save two matchpoints in the tiebreaker
    just shows we can’t write this guy off. I’m remembering Federer’s comment when playing Nick in Madrid
    that ‘we need a clown for this circus’ He was so fed-up with all the goings on, and when he gets like that
    he almost loses interest. So C’mon Roger x

    1. Was that his twins first birthday? He was having a bad day there and still should have won. I remember it well, I was cruising at 30,000 feet on my way to watch him!

  10. What the heck was that??!!

    That first set was so gorgeous, and then it almost seemed like Roger reverted to slicing everything & hitting the ball straight back to Tomas instead of where he wasn’t. Agreed that Tomas seemed to be much more centered & was certainly moving better than I remember – kudos to himself & to Ivanisevich there. What an awful way to end it, as you said Jonathan.

    It seemed like there was a problem with that particular end of the court late in the match – Berdych missed a couple at that end too, like that one he completely whiffed – glare? – it was early for actual sunset, but it could have been getting low in the sky – and I found myself thinking in the tb ok, 2 points, and they’ll switch ends after that and he’ll be back at the “bad end”.

    If Fed doesn’t find his mojo I don’t see him beating Kyrgios. (That Kyrgios/Zverev rivalry is going to be fun to watch, though if Sascha is going to start groaning on every point, I’m going off him.) I don’t know if it’s the mandated psychological help or something else – just another few months on the life clock? – but it’s great to see “good Nick” instead of “bad Nick” out there. Hoping for “Good Fed” too! πŸ˜‰ – I had forgotten, Elizabeth, that it was the Kyrgios match that got the clown comment, thanks for the reminder.

    1. Oh yeah, and what WAS that looping dropper? At first I thought he mishit it & got lucky, but then the slow motion replay showed a definite downward chop with the racquet…

  11. So here we go again. Looks like Fed is losing his Mojo that he showed in AO and IW. But important thing is, he is winning. In past, Fed would have lost matches like this and the previous one against Agut.

    I think it could be because Fed is going back to his mindset of “oh I should be winning this easy and breaking the opponent” and tightening up.

    It is a bit of a dilemma. He won because he had mindset of “its ok if I lose” and no one will be surprised. But it’s different now. People are talking about him being #1 again and all that.

    I think if he loses to Kyrgios, it won’t be a shock and in a way a good thing, I would say he needs rest again.

    Yes, doing the sunshine double would be great. But his focus should be the slams. These ATP tournaments can wear him down more than they would wear down others.

    So against Kyrgios, he should be like “I will win it in 1.5 hours or I will lose” and go for shorts/returns etc and not worry about it if he don’t make em. If anything, that approach will rattle Kyrgios and he might implode. Final should be easy against Dull or Fogclown.

    One thing that he has complete control of in a way and he should be worried about, is his serve. If he is serving because of the pressure he creates on himself, it is understandable he might miss a lot of 1st serves. But he shouldn’t and just go for his big serves without pressure. But if he is serving without any pressure and still missing, that’s one thing he needs to work on if he wants to do well in coming months. I could be totally wrong on this so blast me if u want πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

    1. I don’t think he is losing his mojo, he has played a lot of tennis.

      I think his schedule is balanced enough to play this tournament out, 1 or 2 matches more aren’t going to be an issue for the rest of the year barring injury ofc.

  12. Hey guys! I can’t get the grip on some of your comments. Honestly, how could it be a better result for Fed to lose, “than pressing on with an old and fatigue body”. Should he return the favour to Nick and cite “stomach bug”!? And what an excellent idea to let Kyrgios win, so that Fed won’t have too many points to defend in 2018… And about Rafa: it’s not like Fed is scared of facing him. If he loses the final, fine. Congrats Rafa! Well deserved!

    1. I didn’t say *let* Nick win, I just said maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if he did, in some respects. It’s just that from what people are saying it sounds as though he’s getting mentally tired, and may need a break. The season’s longer than the first 3 months of the year, and I hope he’s going to carry on getting some very good results throughout it, which may require him to pace himself.

      1. It’s a pain to see him play subpar on this slow surface. He is a sitting duck for Nadal if he continues with this form. As much as I love him, as a tennis fan, I think another Fedal final is a terrible sign for men’s tennis. Of course the better player will win and I hope the winner in this match will take the title.

      2. And in fact I’m really pleased that Nick seems to have settled down a lot and showing some commitment to his job in the past two weeks. His game is exciting and he can even be a likeable bloke when he let his racquet do the talking. I really hope he wins the whole thing if Roger can’t.

    2. Yeah all this cherry picking matchups or loss preferences is a bit daft.

      He’ll play to win anyway, he’s not reading this and thinking ah some fans say I should lose to Kyrgios so better do that!

  13. In this match we saw everything of Fed

    First Set – ‘Dominant Overpowering Bully’ Fed

    Second Set – ‘Surprised, Wow-you-can-play-well-too-Tomas’ Fed

    Third Set Beginning – ‘He’s got the momentum, Have to get it back’ Fed

    Third Set End – ‘WTF Happened’ Fed

    Tie-Breaker ( 4-6 ) – ‘You have the match-points but I have the heart’ Fed

    Tie-Breaker ( end ) – ‘I got lucky’ Fed

    But Fed made his luck out there. After winning the first set in style and then losing a second set in a dramatic turnround by the opponent ( not a drop in Fed’s level ) any other player would have got disheartened
    But not our Fed, he seized the momentum back in the third till the brain-fade while serving for the match.

    Again in the tie-breaker, knocking the match points and getting to match point was what put the pressure back on Berdych and he double-faulted.

    1. Yeah maybe if Fed had a full clay schedule pencilled in his mind might have wandered on those match points. but guess he can play knowing he has a break coming up…

  14. I thought that he could have lost this match. (At the tiebreak) Yet he won. πŸ™‚

    I hope Fognini beats Rafa today.

    I also hope that Federer will be as much as well rested today because he needs it.

  15. friends,

    can anybody explain the new Fed habit of putting a towel on the entire foot? when he sits down he has a towel spread at his feet, and he takes it’s end and cover the shoes for the break between the games. what’s up with that?

      1. I think it’s to cool down. Direct sunlight heats up materials (shoes in this case), especially when they are dark. These end up irradiating a good part of that energy back in the infrared part of the spectrum.
        It’s all about photophysics, chaps!

    1. Well, his soles are very thin, aren’t they? I think he mentioned that in some interview or something.

      1. Ah not seen that before. I thought maybe at certain temp he feels his shoes being a bit sticky on court or something so putting a towel under helps.

  16. Since I don’t know anything about tennis and I am usually in the kitchen, don’t know if my comments have any merit.
    What a strange match. First set looked like a straight setter and then…in the end like Murli said ‘I got lucky Fed’.
    I think Kyrgios is the most talented and athletic one among the new comers. I predict he will win the whole thing if he keeps his head screwed on. He idolizes Fed but is happy to go out there and compete.
    I know Aussies that know people who know NK and say he’s a complete ass off the court. So, who knows.
    Saw Fognini play at IW. He’s playing better than he has in quite a while.
    Love our man but think it will be a NK Nadal final with NK lifting the trophy. Hope I’m wrong.

    1. Interesting report on ppl who actually know Kyrgios – is that a recent report, or from before “new Kyrgios” after the psych & the time w/ Lleyton?

    2. The person who cuts my Dad’s friend’s sister’s grass knows someone who sort of knows Nick Kyrgios and they say he’s an ass of court. πŸ™‚

      1. Somewhat more direct than that, I should say. Heck, I could tell he was an ass off court – but I’ve noticed a difference in the last few months, & wondered if the report was from that earlier time, or more recent.

      2. I know people that know people is hardly direct is it πŸ˜† It’s the sort of stuff you’d hear in a pub and depending on your taste for gossip either take it with a pinch of salt or tell people that you now know people, who know people that know people who know Nick Kyrgios.

        Fed seemed to have a good time with him in Zurich off court. I’m assuming he was pleasant around the twins and shit.

      3. See there you go, Jonathan. Lots of people think that. Best line yet, J. Tears rolling down my face.

        I was in Australia in Nov so then, Thinker.

      4. Well… my son’s first coach once played in the professional circuit against Feliciano Lopez who obviously knows Fed. Who gets closer?

      5. Rui wins by default.

        I know someone who used to work at CIBA in the UK, and Robert Federer used to work for the same company in Basel, and probably visited the UK on business. So basically Fed is a nice guy.

  17. Not sure how to read his match against Berdych but he really dodged a bullet. Did not manage to serve out the match. Maybe too much mileage in his legs. I think should have enuff in the tank. I hope Fognini wins tomorrow. I am not sure I can stomach NK to beat Roger. All the conditions are against Roger, night match and even slower conditions. Not too confident he can pull off a W here.

  18. That was not good for my heart. I was on the edge of the seat the whole time.
    Funny how Fed sometimes seems to have a little time off while still playing, maybe a little court-snooze.
    But he is 35 not 105, still a young lad, and younger than previous generations at the same age as lots of us are.
    If everyone would stop saying how old he is, that could help him? I preferred the comment by someone (who?) that he was as bouncy as a Spring lamb.
    I’ll be seriously upset if he loses. Maybe we can send positive vibes through the air?
    This is Federer, he’s played tennis before!
    Fingers crossed.

    1. I thought it was quite an easy one to watch… looked like Fed would run away with it, then Berdych looked in control then but clowned up. Not really tense but just some good shots for the crowd to get into. After set 1 where Berdych was outplayed, both guys got their chances thanks to the other guy making fairly routine errors.

      And people have been calling him old in tennis terms since 2011 so I think he’s used to it.

  19. Someone mentioned Fed tweaking his back – I believe it was someone named Tarat in the last post. Did anyone hear about Feds back and this match?

    It seems unlike Fed to mention that if he did so something.

    1. Yes, I read about it somewhere (a tennis forum probably, but can’t remember where any more), but haven’t seen it anywhere else to be honest. So no idea how true it is.

  20. Hey Sue, I concur with your incisive comments and I too think that Nick is super-talented, but probably not as driven as Rafa, who I think was the most driven tennis player ever.

    Nick seems to be the type of blow hot, blow cold guy who seems to be maturing too late as was probably very spoilt by his family, being the talented dude. However, the recent Nick seems to be doing good on the behaviour front.

    In any case, need a Fedal final and Fed beating Rafa to go one up on the hardcourt H2H.

    1. How do we know he spoilt by his family? Not read it…

      For me the media have created a persona for Kyrgios, of course he’s contributed but they have clearly moulded it to bring some eyeballs. Looks like beats by dre wanted his bad boy image as well.

  21. I’m more optimistic than everyone else. Even in 2004-07 he would have bad matches where he escaped by the skin of his teeth, only to go on and win the tournament. The point is he is winning even when he has no business winning, and giving himself a shot to go further. The next match is always totally different.

    I had the feeling it would be a Federer-Nadal final in this tournament yet again.

    QFs and SFs are the biggest obstacle, IMO. These days the players Federer has trouble with are the aggressive baseliners, with big serves, flat, powerful groundstrokes, and who move very well. Like Safin at his peak.

    Kyrgios is like that, super explosive. Will be a tricky match but if Federer serves well and uses his variety, I think he will come through.

    The final will be much more of a known quantity. Nadal doesn’t like this court–my guess is that the ball doesn’t bounce quite as high due to the humidity, and his topspin is not quite as effective. Nadal has done much better at IW than in Miami, and Federer was able to really put him away there, so here I’d expect Federer to be able to win, even if he’s not playing his best tennis.

    The bigger-hitting players seem to have the advantage in Miami–like Berdych and Kyrgios, they can hit through the slow court and humid conditions without much loss of power. Berdych was able to take away Federer’s time with sheer power hitting, but somehow Federer escaped.

    In the final, the situation will be reversed and Federer will be the bigger-hitting player, Nadal’s topspin shots will allow him lots of time to set up and drive through the ball on his backhand. Long as he stays confident on that side, he should come through.

    Sadly, RL will intervene to keep me from watching the semis or the final, but I hope everyone has a good time. Keep the faith!

      1. What can you be doing at midnight on a Friday that beats Fed in a semi final?!?

        Oh, numerous things spring to mind, Jonathan. Most of them involve at least one other person. πŸ™‚

        But where I live, the final won’t be at midnight–it’ll be afternoon, and friends are visiting from out of town.

  22. $5 says Roger tanks this match. On such a horrible surface, I don’t want him to play Nadal, who is ramping up to clay court form.

    I want him to pull out of the semi πŸ˜‰

    1. Agreed!

      Though in my albiet little viewing – I’ve wondered if Nadal starts his matches strong, but moves down a level pretty quick these days.

      Fog got killed in set 1, but had real openings in set 2 and didn’t have the discipline to capitalize.

    2. I think if Fed manages to play aggressively, he can still have his chances.

      Rafa seems to get great starts, but then somehow becomes nervous and loses his level.

    1. Woke up, forced to see, was prepared for loss, and WHAT happened? Our GOAT withstood the young fiercer! Cannot wait to watch the replay…
      Fed now fave to win Fedal, if legs allow

  23. In his last 11 sets of tennis (all in Miami) Roger has played SEVEN tie breakers.

    7/11 are tie breakers.

    (He’s won six of them.)

    Any conclusions?

    1. He is experimenting new techniques and ways of hitting. He plays more in sense of having fun. And then, when must be, he takes the set in tie-break.

  24. Wouldn’t hurt to have a little optimism. Less than a yr ago posters agreeing in droves Fed would not be capable of winning a slam should he be required to overcome 2+ 5 setters. Now everyone’s on the bandwagon of not being able to take out a masters title having now overcome 2 x third set tiebreak matches. Can we just agree this guy Federer is a clear and wonderful exception (not the rule)

  25. So was everyone else a bundle of nerves during that match? I was very pessimistic when it went to a third set but should have had more faith.

    Have no idea who will win on Sunday, but have a few Lindt chocolates squirreled away, so am ready to celebrate a Fed victory. πŸ™‚

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