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Federer to Auction Off Some of His Grand Slam Memorabilia

Christie's are running two auctions of Federer's personal sporting memorabilia to support The Roger Federer Foundation.

Have you ever wanted to own a match used Roger Federer racquet? Well, now is your chance as the Swiss star is auctioning off 20 lots from his Grand Slam victories at a live auction in London on 23 June.

Federer has only played two competitive matches in the last twelve months, so his on-court earnings have plummeted. As a result, he's absolutely desperate for cash, and this auction should ensure he can put the twins through school.

Just kidding 😎 , all the proceeds will support The Roger Federer Foundation, and it is hoped the auction can raise around $2 million US Dollars.

Every piece in these auctions represents a moment in my tennis career and enables me to share a part of my personal archive with my fans around the world. More importantly, the proceeds will support The Roger Federer Foundation to help us continue to deliver educational resources to children in Africa and Switzerland. Federer on the auction

The Roger Federer Collection – The Live Auction

federer bag

The first chance for fans to get their hands on some gear is via a live auction on June 23 in London.

This will feature 20 lots, one for each of Federer's Grand Slam titles, and prices will range from £3,000 to £70,000 (~£100,000).

The full list isn't yet revealed, but a sample from Christie's shows the shoes he wore when winning his third successive Wimbledon in 2005 against Andy Roddick, and his Wilson Pro Staff K Six One 90 from the 2007 Wimbledon final against Nadal are part of the auction.

federer 2005 shoes

Fans can preview highlights from the collection during the global tour at the following locations:

  • Zurich: 28 April – 21 May
  • New York: 1-13 May
  • Geneva: 8-11 May
  • Hong Kong: 20-25 May
  • London: 21 June – 13 July

Roger Federer Collection – The Online Auction

federer signed hat

A second online auction will take place one month later in July and will feature 300 lower-priced items such as the wristbands Federer wore during his 1,500th professional match at a tournament in Basel.

This should hopefully allow everyday fans to pick up an item without breaking the bank.

View the Auction

Will you guys be placing a bid? Which items do you think are most desirable and which will reach the highest price? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. This is interesting news. I think Fed is wise to do this while he is still playing. I am not acquiring any stuff, so even if I could afford to would not be taking part, but imagine there will be a LOT of interest. The racquet from the famous Wimby final likely will be the most sought-after item.

    1. Ye racquets can be the only really sought-after item IMO as they can look good in a display case.

      I think the 2012 jumper is awesome, but what can you do with it? Suppose you could wall mount it too.

      A signed racquet bag?

  2. Seems like he is tidying up in order to call it a wrap. Part of me thinks he is ready to move to the next phase of life, maybe trying to slug it out with these hungry, twenty year olds is a bit much. Even so, I dream of one more deep run at a major. As for the memorabilia, would rather meet him in person than have the garb.

    1. Hmmm. What would you do after winning 10 minutes with Federer in person (whatever the price)? Probably reading something from paper. I don’t believe, you could control emotions so to simply ask him something spontaneously 😉 So you would probably let Fed talk anything and don’t force you to be active in the conversation.
      But I understand your wish 🙂 The best you would require Fed to speak Basler dialect during the meeting 😉

  3. Probably assuming things will fetch more while he’s still active than once he’s retired? After all, the money *is* going to the Foundation.

    Glad to see the push notifications are still working, albeit a bit slowly. I was starting to wonder whether I was missing out on anything.

    1. Ye least it’s not like most charities where they consider it a good job if 10p in every £1 goes to the cause 😁

      Geoffrey Boycott auctioned some of this stuff off recently. His 100th hundred bat got £40k. Wonder if it would have got that (well the equivalent of £40k) if he’d done it in the 80s. Hard to say.

  4. I have quite a bit of signed items of Fed’s through the years. A signed program from Wimbledon 2009. A bandana from AO 2010. Balls from all the majors signed, FO 2009, etc.
    I wonder what they are worth? And I wonder if they will be worth more after he retires? Any ideas?

    Yes, it looks like he will do a last push this year. I suppose we are getting used to him not on tour. Tears falling on the keyboard.

    1. They are too common to be worth anything big, might get a bit on eBay but then there’s the authenticity angle which is hard to verify. Is it a match worn bandana? Or just bought then he signed it?

      His old clothing sells for reasonable cash.

      1. Hey, the bandana is just signed. The items I have are certified authentic with a hologram seal. Most I got from the USTA for fund raising.
        Oh, and I couldn’t resist the coin either, ha!

      2. Ah maybe they are worth something then if they have the hologram. Probably comparable to the prices the items sell for in the auction? I read Fed was putting ones in with around a £100 value to make them a bit more accessible…

  5. Oh no, hope this is not a process of withdrawing from the game…not just yet please.
    Never really interested in any sort of memorabilia. Like Stuart, I’d be over the moon just to see him in person or watch him play. Though, I bought a silver coin 😆

  6. I’ve come to the conclusion that he realised that he wasn’t going to be able to do a Match for Africa or whatever this year – for whatever reason – and that this is the fundraising replacement.

    1. I heard it was an unpaid tax bill and gambling debts accrued during lockdown…

      Can’t believe he put $10 million on Dimitrov to win the Aus Open, he needs to stop his heart from ruling his head! Study the form guide a bit more.

  7. More likely than not Mrs. Federer is tired of having all the “Old junk” sitting around the house and is making him sell it.:)

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