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Federer Tames Dolgopolov to Make Final in Indian Wells

Another sweet performance here from the GOAT has he booked his place in his 5th Indian Wells defeating Alexandr Dolgopolov 6-3 6-1.

In a match that lasted just over an hour it was complete one way traffic as Roger outclassed the Ukrainian in every department.

Dolgpolov has been in fine fettle this week defeating Nadal and Raonic to make his first M1000 semi final but today his game misfired. Windy conditions seemed to play on his mind and he made far too many errors to ever get a look in.

Roger was again solid in all areas, serving with precision and just playing great tennis with an air of calmness and confidence. Let's take a look at the match…

Quick Match Recap

All in a Days Work

With Dolgopolov winning the toss and electing to receive I had my suspicions this one would be over quickly.

Why would a below average returner elect to let the best front runner in the game get himself into lead? It shows a real lack of belief.

Roger held his opening service game to 15 and was already finding the spots on serve before Dolgopolov had his first encounter with danger dropping to love 30 at 1-2. He went onto hold but finally came unstuck at 3-4 with a succession of wild forehands.

The wind was wreaking havoc on the Dog's game as he struggled to make even routine shots. Looking at his box and the sky continually as the errors flowed from his racquet.

As always though it is all in the mind and the conditions are the same for both players. It effected Roger too as he struggled to time his backhand but he just got on with it serving out the set to 15 to take it 6-3.

It was a clean set from the Swiss who hit 8 winners to 8 unforced errors, serving 6 aces and made 71% of his first serves. The only real test he faced was deuce at 3 all but 2 big serves got him out of trouble.

With Dolgopolov looking increasingly frustrated it didn't get any easier for him at the start of the 2nd set as he got broken immediately. Sick return from Roger here on break point to put one foot into the final.

2 easy holds from Roger followed and then we had the longest game of the match which lasted around 9 minutes and contained 7 deuces. We also got to see an insane get + passing shot from Fed before he finally converted his 5th break point of the game to lead 4-1.

4-1 was soon 5-1 and Roger then broke to love to close it out 6-3 6-1. Routinerer.

Match Stats

  A. Dolgopolov R. Federer
Aces 2 7
Double Faults 3 1
1st Serve % 39% 72%
1st Serve Points Won 16/24 (67%) 23/31 (74%)
2nd Serve Points Won 14/37 (38%) 10/12 (83%)
Winners 12 12
Unforced Errors 25 12
Break Points Saved 5/9 (56%) 0/0 (0%)
Service Games Played 8 8
1st Return Points Won 8/31 (26%) 8/24 (33%)
2nd Return Points Won 2/12 (17%) 23/37 (62%)
Break Points Won 0/0 (0%) 4/9 (44%)
Return Games Played 8 8
Total Service Points Won 30/61 (49%) 33/43 (77%)
Total Return Points Won 10/43 (23%) 31/61 (51%)
Total Points Won 40/104 (38%) 64/104 (62%)

Shot of the Match

Thoughts on the Match

Roger Maroney
Roger Maroney

Hard to analyse this one as Roger was too good in all areas. Dolgopolov had a bit of a nightmare to be honest and the wind + the occasion completely put him off his game.

I think the matchup was clear too and it's one that works in Roger's favour. I asked myself before the match in what areas could Dolgo hurt Roger?

He's not a great returner, isn't going to grind and doesn't have a standout weapon. Those things just don't cut the mustard against Fed. He is able to neutralise Dolgopolov's game completely and make him miss by forcing him to go for too much and try outlandish shots.

Dolgo is also in the Monfils league when it comes to tennis brains and court sense as he just plays one way and never adjusts. Fed plays instinctively but can win matches in multiple ways, these guys just smack it and see what happens.

Case in point when the wind was swirling the ball all over the place and Dolgo still tries to smash an overhead at 150 miles an hour. It was an accident waiting to happen. So I expected a bit more from Dolgopolov considering he beat Nadal but Fed just knows how to play these guys. He handles them and the conditions with ease.

As for the tennis on Roger's side of the net he was just solid. Came up with the goods in all his service games and didn't face a single break point. Despite the wind and Dolgo's flamboyant groundstrokes he hit cleanly off both wings to move into his 116th career final. A good days work.

Predictions vs. Djokovic

Fed Djoker Indian Wells Predictions

So we got a Djokerer final on our hands here after Novak took care of big serving John Isner. It was hardly vintage from Novak who got broken twice when trying to serve it out before losing the second set on a tie break. He's looking sloppy but he's still winning which is the main thing.

Maybe he has played himself into form after droppings sets you wouldn't expect him to but I'm not totally convinced he's at his best. 2011-2012 he was unreal clutch but recently he's looking depleted of confidence. Smashing racquets, failing to serve out sets. Tennis is of course all about on the day but that could play a part if the pressure is on him

On the flip side after not winning a title pre Indian Wells for the first time since 2006 he is bound to be hungry to kickstart his season. I figure he will be right up for this and especially keen to avenge his loss in Dubai.

So can Fed beat Djoker twice on the bounce? It kinda feels like it shouldn't be possible based on results over last ~3 years but the way Roger has been playing since in Dubai and at Indian Wells I think it is.

Fed beat Novak back to back in 2012 at Wimbledon and Cincy so I see no reason why he can't do it here. He has got way more determination on court compared to last year and the willingness to dig deep to get the win whether it's with silky forehands or running from corner to corner.

Novak has the edge in Indian Wells winning their sole encounter in the 2011 semi final 6-3 3-6 6-2 before defeating Nadal in the final so this one is real tough to pick an outright winner from. Current form – you say Fed. But Djoker is in his prime right now and edges the H2H over the last 2 years.

I think we'll definitely get a good final with both guys keen to lift the trophy it's just going to be about who plays better on the day. No real secrets on the court between these two and it's a good matchup for both guys.

As for where the match will be won and lost Djoker's gonna have to defend well whilst staying offensive whereas Roger needs to keep him off balance by mixing it up before pulling the trigger on the forehand.

The Federer serve is of course going to be key too and with Djoker's return he will definitely have to dig himself out of some sticky situations like in Dubai. I think if he can serve clutch when he needs to then the match still lies on his racquet.

I'll pick Fed in 3. 6-4 4-6 6-4.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Yes, first, but while you were constantly clicking on the refresh button, to see if the new post was out already, I was already seriously asleep and commenting on this post in my dreams!

  1. as always awesome recap Jonathan! missed the match! T_T just watched the replay a few mins ago and WOOOW!!! was he clinical! handled the wind perfectly!! the Dog had no answers for fed and the wind! good job for fed! playing more confidently and aggressively. Djokovic just won his match against Isner! tom match wood be a cracker. I think our guy is playing better than Djoker but we have to wait and see! I’m wishing roger the best! πŸ™‚ Already having an awesome season! hope he keeps this up for the rest of the year!

  2. Great match for roger playing the big points well. He’s got to play like he did in dubai to beat djokovic again

  3. Hi Jonathan

    Thought we might be in for a 3 setter before the start of the game but obviously Roger had other ideas, and I think the occasion got to the Dog. Some lovely shots from Fed and he seems more than happy to run for balls he may not have tried for last year. Roger seems so much calmer on court and way more patient and just seems to be happy to dig in and wait for his opportunities – would like to see him try and take a few more of his break points – but to see him play like this is lovely Hopefully tomorrow we will see Roger come out on top again.

    1. I think he’s been pretty good on the break points since Dubai. Not really let any breaks slip other than maybe 1 vs. Anderson but he was serving big.

  4. Really excellent play in the wind from Fed, any player knows how hard it is to play in those conditions. Fed handled that callenge well and it was his only challenge because I like you Jon was a bit disapointed of the Dog! Maybe it was combined thing of the Wind, first time in a Master semi etc. But hΓ© never really showed up.

    Now Djokovic, I believe Roger Can pull it of, it’s like he’s beginning to have this aura about him again, and his confidence is high. But it’s gonna be a tough battle.

  5. Well…. first went my Roger/Dimi-final.
    Second went my Roger/Gulbis-final.
    And now….. there goes my Roger/Isner-final.
    All wrong predictions.
    BUT…… I am not wrong about Roger winning IW 2014 πŸ™‚
    Go Roger πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Katyani…..!!!! πŸ™‚ I really hope you are right. Don’t they say 3rd time lucky. Fingers crossed. Like you said ‘ Gooooooo Rogeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

  6. Why you guys are so fast? Just like Roger, finish the match in just 1 hour

    Great review Jonathan, and pretty fast too, (only 3 hours after the match, maybe everybody got the influence from Roger, fast).

    I kinda think that Dolgo’s way of playing is very comfortable for Roger. Fast, but Roger knows how to deal with it. They finished in 1 hour in this very slow court (don’t compare it with Nole vs Isner match, even the 2nd set is longer than Fed vs Dolgo match). And as Jonathan mentioned, Dolgo didn’t consider the wind at all, he just want to hit the ball (maybe that’s the way he beat Nadal, but Roger ain’t no Nadal). Never saw Dolgo played before, but he seems like in hurry, even the toss serve is like in hurry.

    Looking at 2nd semifinal, don’t you think that Novak will be tired after the match with Isner?

    1. Yeah efficient posting from me πŸ™‚

      Hmm I guess he was on court a while but I don’t think Djoker is over-tennised. Doubt fatigue is a factor.

  7. 1.) Great match, so solid from Roger. There’s nothing more to say.
    2.) The “Not Impressed” face is hilarious πŸ˜€
    3.) Maybe you shouldn’t have predicted the scoreline Jonathan? (though you’ve been doing pretty well all week)

  8. Hi Jonathan
    Great recap as usual. Your posts are just perfects, we can see how much you love tennis and of course Fed. I became so addicted to your blog that i don’t miss any comment.
    Back to Federer, today’s match was a GOAT performance. He didn’t give Dolgopolov any chance to find his game even if the wind helps a little. I’m so happy to see him playing so great again
    As for the final is gonna always be tricky, you can never write Djokovic off. But still, from what I’ve seen from his match against Isner, I won’t bet on him. He seems lacking confidence and shaky. Anyway, I have good feeling like Katyani, IW 2014 title is wating for Federer. Allez Roger !

    1. Hey Anna, I really believe that Roger will win. This is not Roger 2013 anymore. This one has confidence and is loving playing the game more than last year. But…. one thing that does worry me is that after Novak beat Isner, he gave a short interview on court. There he was asked about the final. He really described the way Roger is winning right now (opening the court and then playing aggressive). So that got me worried. What if Novak is already anticipating all that? You know it won’t matter that Novak played longer and is more tired. He bounces back quickly.
      Hope Roger watched the match and will see this as a new opportunity. Not to underestimate Novak and to know that Novak is coming prepared. He really perfectly described how he thinks Roger will play tomorrow.
      But I still think and know Roger will overcome Novak πŸ™‚

      1. Hi Katyani
        I know Roger is different than 2013, that exactly why he has more chance to win today. The fact that Djokovic know how Roger is playing is not a problem i think , this all what the press is talking about, plus both players know each other very well (even if Federer is playing different his game hadn’t change that much, he was always aggressive). I think its gonna be more a mental battle. And from what we have seen this week, Federer has the upper hand πŸ˜‰
        no matter what, I believe Roger will beat him πŸ˜‰ (really really hoping i’m not wrong)

    2. Thanks Anna.

      @Katyani, of course Novak is anticipating Roger playing aggressively and trying to open the court. It’s happened in every one their 32 meetings. If he wasn’t expecting then I’d be more worried.


    Great article man!
    My heart was growing as I read your prediction.
    Really excited for tomorow!

    Allez Roger Federer!

    1. Hi Tilas…… I am surprised that you didn’t get first post. Haven’t you won 46 clay court titles posts?????

      1. [Federer in straights – double bagel :D]
        Including one golden set πŸ˜‰

        Really though, it’s seems that Djokovic has more to lose tomorrow (losing to an “old man” again is not going to look good for him :lol:) so I expect to him do everything to win.

        Anyways, regardless of the outcome this week has been a successful for Roger, here’s to hoping that he can top it off by capturing the grand prize.

      2. Very very pertinent, pin point accurate comment! I have the exact same feeling… Novak is more pressured to win than Roger. It seems that for Roger at the moment there is no real stakes, it’s only about tennis, playing and winning matches… I seems to be hungry for winning matches for real this time. So it’s about playing tennis for him which helps him play great…

        And I also agree with you when you say that it’s been a good week lose or win… And he’s back at 5 in the ranking so it’s a good operation already. Victory would be a bonus!!!

  10. Hey Jonathan,
    I wasn’t able to watch this one but I knew where to go to get a solid recap! Thanks again for the work you put into your blog. Looking forward to your “shot of the match”, although it sounds like there were a couple so maybe hard to choose just one? Anyway, can’t wait for tomorrow’s final, that one I WILL be watching!

  11. Felt like Dolgo kinda beat himself, Roger was just so steady. As you say Jonathan, Dolgo just doesn’t have the experience in the wind, & Roger was able to use that to his advantage. Love that we still got to see a couple of awesome gets – the one point you mentioned in the long game to go up a 2nd break, though it didn’t directly result in the break, kept him in the game to try again, & had me smiling & shaking my head.

    Like you I hope for a good match tomorrow, though I’m a bit surprised you haven’t predicted at least one tiebreak! Like Roger said in one of his interviews, I’m a little surprised to see things clicking for him so well so soon – but I’m still hoping for them to click like mad tomorrow. Allez Roger!

  12. Super recap, Jonathan, many thanks! I can resonate with some of your observations – his calmness. If Roger stays calm tomorrow, be it ahead or behind, he will be more likely to serve well, the rest will follow. I feel that he will take Nole out tomorrow. Nole does not appear to be confident at all in the semi. If Roger has a bit of luck, I feel that he could win in two straight sets! Allez Roger!

    1. It was a weird match from Djoker but he did manage to breadstick Isner in the third. That is quite convincing in the end despite him having a shocker at 5-4 6-5 in second set.

  13. Roger has really put on a clinic the last few matches, what a fun time for Fedfans huh, silencing the Nadal fans who said Dolgo was the favourite against Fed? His serve all week as been just as impressive as his mentality. I don’t know if anyone else watched the Isner/Djokovic match but it was pretty painful to be quite honest, Novak is looking vulnerable and Fed looks to be beaming with confidence. Sometimes it can just come down to the day so if Roger is to keep this run going, that serve is primary- he’s never lost in a final at this tournament and has a change to get back into the top 4 so he has the edge. I think whoever wins the first set wins the match. Fingers crossed, c’mon Roger!

    1. I saw the second set onwards. If Isner had won the game at 5-4 in the first then he probably would have won. Breadsticking Isner in third though was quite good from Djoker. Maybe he has played himself into form but not sure.

  14. Great post! Roger was clinical and tactically sound, he did not try too much under the windy conditions. A minor blip on some risky shots but otherwise it was a good match. He mixed up his shots and dial in his groundies. I hope he continues to serve well against Djoker as it would be key for him. Go Roger!!!

  15. I was a bit nervous before the Dubai final, but predicted a win for Federer. This time I’m not nervous at all. Federer has already shown that he can again beat everybody except Nadal, and matches between him and Djokovic are always exciting. Djokovic needs to win this one more than Federer. 7:6, 4:6, 7:5 win for Roger!

    1. I am with you Chris on this, Roger has already shown and proven he can beat anyone except Nadal. but I still have to give the edge to Novak this time because I believe Novak needed it the most.
      in Dubai, I always thought roger would win their encounter because of the same reason “the need to win” and lets hope we see good exciting match

    2. Roger’s need is greater IMO; he needs to be back where he belongs – top 4! Nole will get a title as the season rolls on and might not cry into sleep without one, however unusual to him. In particular, Roger needs to keep his momentum going to deep root his confidence in order to challenge for a title at RG. IMO, Nole’s current state is a norm, as he had a purple patch of 2011, which was not a norm to him. He is very good on HC (with 5 GS titles) but not as good as Roger (with 9 GS titles). True, today’s match is just one match. I just feel that Rog will bring Nole down. Allez Rog!

      1. I don’t feel as you can compare their HC GS titles yet. Djoker is still in his prime, he may and probably will gain more (not necessarily more than Rog, but it’s possible).

        But I also have that feeling that Roger will win this πŸ™‚ we’ll see πŸ™‚

      2. I liked this quote from roger’s press “It’s nice proving it to myself, the team and my fans that they can still count on me. It’s nice giving yourself opportunities to win a tournament, no doubt about that.” its like saying, you know what, bring it on πŸ˜‰
        you might be right Gang! anyhow, it will be interesting match

      3. Simon, agreed, I might have slightly over-stretched it earlier by quoting their GS stats. Nevertheless, looking at other stats (on HC) in the Roger-Nole rivalry also indicates in Roger’s favour: 14-12 on HC overall and 4-2 IW tiitle. Again, the only meeting they had at the IW was in 2011, when Nole nearly cleaned the field (once in the life time).
        Look at their current forms: Roger in the rolling-back-the-clock form whereas Nole is just average in every standard. I watched their last year’s Paris Master and Master Cup matches; Roger just looked tired with little confidence and could not defend as well as he normally does. Now he plays so well, especially his defence and confidence.
        If Roger serves above 65%, he will beat Nole. Komm Jetzt Rog!

  16. Roger Federer is now at a lock to pass Lendl on the list of most consecutive weeks in top 10, he has collected 2000 points YTD, if he wins IW it will be around 2400 – normally, with 3000 points a player is in the top 10, so as a minimum he is top 10 for probably 40-50 weeks from now, even with poor results.

    Roger: 596 weeks
    Lendl: 626
    Conners: 788

    So Roger moves to seconds place on that list.

    He is 3,5 Calendar years from Conners, though…. That is a lot, so only doable if he really stays injuryfree, and also he’d have to play until he is 36, he might retire before getting this record!

    1. Cheers for the stats, I had no idea about that record. There are so many he has either got already or on the verge of. Connors looks a tough task, that guy played forever.

  17. The two highest spots ofi the “Emirates ATP Race for London” are now occupied by two Swiiss players: Stanislas Wawrinka and Roger Federer.
    If Roger wins IW, he’ll become the frontrunner.

  18. Another super quick flawless recap, Jonathan, just as our GOAT’s performance yesterday.

    You wouldn’t tell it’s windy from Fed’s play except his hair blowing in the air, especially looking at his service games, would you? He is a such a great player in windy condition. I still remember the match against Soderling US Open 2010, omg everybody was blown away that day except Roger.

    Hope he can go for one more today and would make all his and YOUR hard work even sweeter πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks. Fed is a great player in the wind, just tries to not think about it. I played today in 50mph winds, no stadium shielding me either but I think still slightly better than Dolgo’s performance πŸ˜€

  19. And hahaha, ‘Dolgo is also in the Monfils league’, agree! Though I wouldn’t mind those super athletic, unconventional but clown guys, tennis needs occasional ‘what the hell’ moments. Better than endless gliding at least πŸ˜‰

  20. Fed’s didn’t really give the ‘dog’ any chance to get into the match. He was patiently aggressive, waiting for that shot ball to pounce. I thought the ‘dog’ would put up more of a fight. Great win though for Fed’s

  21. Great to see Roger still on a roll. I hope he can keep it up for tonight. It’s difficult to know what went wrong for Dolgopolov. The occasion? The wind? Or was Roger just too good for him? I sometimes tend to forget that Roger at his best tends to make everything look easy when it isn’t. Makes you realise just how far behind most of the others are really.

    Looking forward to today/tonight’s match anyway. I wouldn’t like to predict a winner. Djokovic is looking shaky as others have said, but on the other hand he really needs a title now I think. Roger, on the other hand, is quite relaxed, has done better than he thought he would so far this year, and probably won’t mind too much if Novak takes the title. Just hope for a good match – if possible with Roger to win of course.

  22. I read it somewhere on the internet. Someone (sorry, couldnot remember whom) described Roger’s normal games very succinctly: “his serve opens the door, his FH does damage and his defence cleans the room – job done!” πŸ™‚

  23. Hey Jonathan, you are doing a great job keeping up with a victory a day from the Goat! Clinical win, clinical write up! Remember saying last year that it was all about the serve as to what Fed needed to get back! Well he has truly delivered and I believe he can win today if those service numbers hold up! Make no mistake Novak is out to prove people wrong, Marion Vaidja back in his corner , (BB out for a while) but Fed is growing in confidence every day and the Dubai match will be in both their minds! If it is windy , Fed in 2, otherwise in 3! Allez Roger!


    Not since 1986 have I witnessed a Ukrainian meltdown of such epic proportions.

    In something of a non-event the testing material for Roger never materialised. Dolgopolov was in blistering form before meeting the Swiss but became a tragic victim of the elements.
    Mother Nature obviously hates Ukrainians. First Chernobyl and now she conspired to rob this enigmatic player from popping the cherry on his virgin ATP1000 final.

    If I’d bought tickets to the Indian Wells semi-final I’d have been slightly miffed and probably demanded a refund. It’s a good thing I live in Vietnam I guess.

    The blustering hurricane that descended on the court made it less a test of skill and athleticism than a test of who could hit the safer moonballs. And with an Isner match as the next feature it was guaranteed that no tennis would come to pass that evening.

    This was a mockery of sport of tennis.

    It was a particularly galling (or is that gale-ing?) set of circumstances for the Ukrainian as he employs a strategy of clean flat strikes that leave little margin for error. The slightest deviation in his contact point with the ball means it goes from being a potential 100kph ripped screaming winner to taking out a woman’s eye in the third row.

    As they say a butterfly can flap its wings in Tokyo and cause a raft of errors to flow in Indian Wells.

    The Ukrainian only managed 40% of first serves in in perfectly still conditions against Nadal so he wasn’t finding his mark too often in yesterday’s twister. Couple that with the strategic nous of a retarded chimp (“If in doubt hit harder”) and that left him with little hope in yesterday’s blizzard.

    Fair credit to Federer he did what he does best: allow stronger hitters to hang themselves.
    And the conditions played into his hands. He found the perfect storm.

    All he had to do was serve decently and allow Dolgopolov to shoot himself in the foot.

    In a country famous for mail order brides maybe it’s fitting that Alexandr got send packing by Fed Express.
    Speaking of post does anyone think Roger needs to send a little thank you note to Nadal for tiring Dolgopolov out?

    Apparently the guy has Gilbert’s Syndrome which means he can’t go too many matches without hospitalisation.

    1. Little typo discovered: you wrote Troy Nguyen instead of Troll Nguyen! Nevermind, your style is unique! I think that Roger should not only thank Nadal for tiring Dolgo, but also Putin, for invading Crimea to make Dolgo lose focus. And the referee was also guilty, for all the wrong line calls against Dolgo. It’s a conspiracy against the Ukrainian would-be GOAT!

    2. Troy, I wish that at the semi the guy at the other side of net were Nadal. OK, Nadal beat Roger a couple of times on HC and has given Roger a few problems in the past. Every match and tourney is different. Roger beat Nadal at IW before, though lost to him last year. The fact that Nadal could not even overcome Dolgo, who was your world beater, suggests that had he progressed, Roger could beat him with no sweat.
      The windy and sunny conditions were the same to both players. Blaming that sounds a lame execuse. Making adjustments, playing outdoors, are substantial part of the game and ‘talent’, which Roger has tons whereas Dolgo has just onces. Dolgo has had a veery good week, which he should be proud, but he is not a world beater, not yet, especially in front of Roger. Roger had poor matches last year, surely you noticed, but that was not the normal. Roger just does not get beaten by any player, otherwlise, how could he collect 17 slams, 6 master cups, 21 masters and 302 weeks in No 1? Roger is the GOAT, others like Nadal and Nole might be great champions and legends but they are not GOAT!!

    3. I’m still in doubt whether you really think what you are saying (and then cry of laughter) or whether you are just writing something intended to be funny, in which case I would just laugh…

      Agree with Chris, Chernobyl made me lol…

      You where saying that Dolgo would pummel Roger, and now you tell us that the “typhoon/ hurricane/ wtv you want to call it” decided the match? Are you somehow related to the Nadal’s? πŸ˜‰ With an excuse like that, exactly the same as 2 years ago πŸ˜€

    4. Not really sure what you are on about with the comment on disasters, and mail order brides? Car crash.

      The short and sweet version is Dolgo was erratic and Fed was solid. That’s all that was needed. Some people troy too hard to be funny with their comments πŸ™‚

  25. Random point- Did any one notice Federer signing on the camera with his left hand after his match against Anderson or Haas (I think Haas). I thought maybe it was the camera playing tricks, and so made sure I checked his next two matches. Signed with the right in those. Ambidextrous? Tennis GOAT. Multi linguist. Now Ambidextrous. Is there anything the guy can’t do!!?

    1. Didn’t see that! πŸ™‚ What I did notice is his “bandage” on his right thumb. Surprised me, not used to seeing that (Not like a certain someone where you can’t even see the color of his skin under all the tape πŸ˜› )

    2. Gaurav, i believe it is a mirror feature on the camera. They sometimes flip it but not all the times. To check it, if Roger sign it with right hand, from our side the signature is flip, but when you see Roger (look like) sign it with left hand, we can read roger signature correctly.

      1. Brilliantly put! That explains why he signed with his right hand at Dubai πŸ˜‰

      2. Aaaaah. I didn’t know about that. Phew. Makes me feel a tad less useless. πŸ™‚

    3. Good call Amar I think it will be that. I’m sure Mirka once gave an interview and said Fed is absolutely useless with his left hand πŸ˜€

  26. There’l be dancing in the streets of Geneva if Roger wins tonight. After which you might have to come and rescue me from the men in white coats πŸ™‚

      1. Yes, I’m proud of him too Katyani. He’s had a great tournament,much better than I expected and I think better than he expected (perhaps largely due to early exits of some). Good to see in his presser that he seemed quite happy about things and happy with his play. Also in the ceremony after the match where you can see players immediate reactions he didn’t look too down about it.

        Interesting too that his twitter followers have gone up by more than double Novak’s after last night, even though Novak won πŸ™‚

  27. well fed had the mach in his hand but tried to make it out in baseline slugfest.
    He deserves some spanking from edberg SO STUBBORN.

    1. Ah Dhruv… not fair….. Roger played a great tour and match, much more than the others, much better than the others…. just too bad he lost the TB….

      1. katyani,i am happy that roger reached semi final and more in every tournament since us open.but today he played like jesus fed in set 1 but also novak was not able to hit DTL backhand.but in set 2 he should have come to the net more often.Just to mix things up.
        But again he made the finals which is a big thing and climbed the ranking.
        And most probably be world no 4 if he does not pull out of miami.

  28. So so so proud of Roger. Novak won, but he did not get it as a gift. A player, number 2 of the world, had to give his all to defeat the number “8” who is not in his prime and 6 years older !!! And that even in 3 sets !!! Respect Roger. Deep and deep respect. No matter what anyone says. You played so much these days and at such a high level. You played a GREAT tour, unfortunately a “bad” TB. All is well. No worries. Atleast YOU were in the final, not the other “in their prime” players. You are so so so close. Next is a win…. A win no one is expecting. Proud, very proud of you and extremely proud to be your fan. Love you Roger πŸ™‚

    Now… at work… my collegues will make fun of me because you lost, BUT… don’t worry Roger…. I will defend you till the end of time….. and till you have over 25 GS πŸ™‚

    And…. congrats to Novak, he too played great

  29. Wish he had a few more first serves in and few more ventures to the net. Wish I didn’t have to go to the airport and watched the game live. Maybe I could have willed him to win that extra point. πŸ™‚

    Losing 2 points on serve in the TB with great clutch serving by Djoker made the difference. Overall a great tournament for Roger. Slow or not, I hope he plays Miami and keeps moving up the rankings and confidence.

  30. Hello all, we lost but we (federer fans) shoud not feel bad. I would say celebrate for good things are coming for us this year. I would like to quote federerz tweet this morning:

    Love the @ATPWorldTour. Wonderful couple of weeks here in indianwells thanks for everything #fans #meloveyoulongtime

    This ‘#meloveyoulongtime’ really means a lot to me and I hope it means a lot to you all as RF Fans. Let’s keep rooting for this guy! I feel there will be great victories this year…I know. Stay positive!


  31. Am I the only who feels like Roger’s gone back to last years play style? Have not seen him come to the net AT ALL this week… Maybe because of slow court?

    1. Back to last years play style? No, I don’t see it like that. Slow courts could make the difference, but I think he’s played really well all week. No dancing, sadly though. Was looking forward to that πŸ™‚

      Simon, do you know what time the Davis Cup matches actually start. 1.30 it says on the site, but I assume there will be some opening ceremony, national anthems and all that first? I’m going with my son but he has school until 4 pm and that’s all the way over in Onex so I reckon it will be 4.30 at least before he joins me. I’m hoping he will just miss one match. In the meantime I will have to defend an empty seat!

    2. I read 1:00 on the tickets I think, I’ll have to check. there’s not much of a ceremony, just present the teams and national anthems then they start I think πŸ™‚

  32. I am a little disappointed that Federer couldn’t win. But still happy that Fed made the Final and gained points. As long as Kneedal doesn’t win I am happy. Even though I don’t like the Djoker as that much I don’t mind him winning than Nadal. Anyone else than the moonballing, hit to the BH and then down the line Nadal !!!!! Zzzzzz boring boring same style of play.
    Anyway I hope Federer can take this momentum to Slowami and gain some more points and have another good tournament. Already Federer is having a much more better and winning more matches at the start of this season. Hopefully he can build on this and win a cuople more tournaments and be back in the mix and who knows having another shot at number one again. But I know I am getting ahead of myself as it’s a long season. But if Federer can maintain and be injury free and be consistent and maybe win Wimbledon and a couple of other tournaments. Then Federer is in business again. Come on Roger you can do it! !!!!! πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Serajul, there is a “bright” side to Roger losing and Novak winning:
      Novak is now what closer to regaining number 1 back. Rather have him nr 1 than Rafa.

      And another bright side I was thinking about yesterday after the match:
      After USO 2013 Roger made every SF and more in each tour he entered (maybe with the exception of 1?).
      Can anyone tell me if that can be said of any of the other players??? I could not think of any of them πŸ™‚

  33. Was a little surprised at that result as I thought Fed was going to win. Had watched them both over course of the week. Djok was nowhere near his best, Fed was playing as well as we could expect at this stage of his career. Djok was dropping sets each round in the easier half of the draw by a country mile. Fed avoided the 3 big guns in his half due to them losing, but he still had to beat these young guys who did all the damage and he handled them all comfortably. I also felt because Djok was taken to 3 sets v Isner and Fed already had his semi out of the way in 2 sets, he might just be the fresher player.

    Started off that way, Fed was dominant in the first set. Djok then took over and seemed in control from the second set, up until 5-4 in the decider, where Fed finally showed some of his first set mettle, and blew the Djok service away easily to draw level at 5-5, then hold for 6-5. Djok holds, deciding tiebreak (should a tiebreak decide any title?)

    Biggest turning point was Fed losing the first point on his own serve here. Djok held both his serves to lead 3-0, and he was looking very solid, the demons must have set into Fed’s head there, and that proved too big a lead to pull it back. Had Fed held his own serve and gone 1-0 up, it might have made all the difference to the end result.

    Disappointing but still could not have imagined from last year, Fed getting back to this high level. What he has to work on is the mental side of his game, to get him over the line in situations like last night (as he used time and time again during his glory years) and also must get over the crazy Nadal hoodoo. Whenever they meet you just know 95% he is going to lose, yet if Nadal gets beat in a tournament, Fed is more than capable of beating any guy who beats Nadal, that is plain daft that this should be the case. Fed should be able to work on a strategy to beat Nadal same as anyone else.

    1. Hey Andyb, I was thinking. No offence to Novak, but this kind of seems “unfair”…. (it is just a thought of mine):

      Novak lost his doubles the first match and with exception of one match, he played all of them 3 sets.
      OUR ROGER played the doubles all the way to the SF and won ALL his singles in straights…. yet…. Novak is the one walking away as the winner……..

  34. Dear friends, Federer dropped this for his fans on his twitter page today #meloveyoulongtime…that melted my heart. hope we all keep that very dear to us.
    In the meantime, I vote anyone who predicts against Roger no matter how the match or H2H is should be kicked out.
    My first grouse goes to Jonathan for saying right at the beginning before this tourney started that Djokovic will win this, smh!
    I’m not sure if Fed will play Miami, I am hoping he does so he has a cushion to fall back on and defend his points for Rome.

    1. Oh, which reminds me Utch…. I did say Novak was not going to win IW 2014….
      Well, again… bad prediction. Damn…. I was wrong. Sorry πŸ™‚

      1. But…. Simon, someday…. my predictions will come true….. πŸ™‚
        Roger will win RG 2014, I know that for sure πŸ™‚

      2. As Tilas would say “patience little grasshopper” πŸ™‚

        If you have never ending faith and mountain high like believe in someone and their abilities,
        if you put your strenght out of someone’s accomplishments and their behaviour and heart, then even God cannot stop “good” from happening…… (a little piece of Katyani wisdom) πŸ™‚

        But Simon….. I also do say when I am wrong right??? πŸ™‚

  35. lol @ Katyani…we all love Roger so it doesn’t matter. If you predicted Roger to win, you are right in your heart, though wrong on d scoreboard :d
    i predict Roger to win the French, Wimby and US Open!
    And Katyani, you are right! Djoker is really closer to competing for the No 1 ranking now. Nadal is loosing points big time.

    1. “i predict Roger to win the French, Wimby and US Open!”

      Me too Utch πŸ™‚ and after he wins these three, he will put it all out on AO 2015, which, needless to say, he will also win πŸ™‚

  36. Federer is flying to Miami :), I think it will depend on the draw, if it looks too stressful like Indian Wells, he will just pull out.

    1. I saw that too Rita, thought it was very well put.

      Jonathan, you’re not trying to have a life or anything there are you? Your public awaits! (for which #meloveyoulongtime πŸ™‚ )

  37. Roger’s got a good draw for Miami. Hope he plays. Bye in the first and Ivo in 2nd. Followed by Verdasco, KA, Ferrer/Dimitrov. SF against Murray/Djoker.
    Stan plays Dull in the semis in the other half. Hoping for a Roger-Stan Finals πŸ™‚

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