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Federer Tames Dolgopolov 6-3 7-5 6-1 in Melbourne

Another breezy win for the Fed-meister in Melbourne as he took care of Alexandr Dolgopolov 6-3, 7-5, 6-1 to book his spot in the third round. Dolgopolov's current ranking belies his ability but even though the Ukrainian offered some fine shot making he was served off the court by the Swiss, who fired down 25 aces and won 43 of 49 first serve points. The win sees Roger set up a tie with Grigor Dimitrov after the Bulgarian defeated Marco Trungelliti 6-3, 4-6, 6-2, 7-5.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Australian Open 2nd Round 2016

Federer won the toss and again chose sides. Dolgopolov chose to receive. Federer kicked things off with a hold to 15 before holding a break point thanks to some aggressive run around the backhand returning; Dolgopolov saved it before going on to hold.

A love hold from the Swiss followed and the scoreboard ticked over to 3-2. Game 6 then saw the first break with Federer converting on his first attempt after creating love 40. The break was quickly consolidated and although Dolgopolov made 30-30 at 3-5 Roger reeled off 2 points to take the opener.

After Roger missed a break point chance in the opening game set 2 was a more competitive affair with Dolgopolov starting to hit some flashy winners. Roger however did have his chances, holding another break point in game 4 which he failed to convert. Both players held serve comfortably up to 5-5 before the Swiss made a move, taking his 2nd break point chance of the game with a dipping return off a Dolgopolov serve and volley changeup.

Winning the 2nd set was pretty big for Fed and with that cushion he began to play that bit more freely, breaking in game 3 for 2-1 and then reeling off the next 4 games as Dolgopolov's belief faded rapidly to bow out 6-1.

Match Stats

Stats Roger Federer Alexandr Dolgopolov
Aces 25 3
Double faults 2 7
1st serves in 49/72 (68 %) 55/97 (57 %)
1st serve points won 43/49 (88 %) 35/55 (64 %)
2nd serve points won 13/23 (57 %) 18/42 (43 %)
Fastest serve 207 KMH 213 KMH
Average 1st serve speed 191 KMH 191 KMH
Average 2nd serve speed 160 KMH 148 KMH
Net points won 15/20 (75 %) 2/6 (33 %)
Break points won 5/13 (38 %) 0/0 (0 %)
Receiving points won 44/97 (45 %) 16/72 (22 %)
Winners 39 24
Unforced errors 26 38
Total points won 100 69
Distance Covered (M) 1375.5 1130.2
Dist. Covered/Pt. (M) 8.1 6.7
SABR 0 0


Thoughts on the Match

Federer Defeats Dolgopolov Melbourne 2016

The ultimate serving display from Roger in this one as he won 43 of 49 first serve points and hit 25 aces in just 3 sets. Dolgopolov just couldn't get a read on it, struggling to return both first and second serve which meant he was unable to create a single break point.

Other than the imperious serving I thought Fed played well – neither player had much rhythm as there weren't many long rallies with Roger firing down unreturnables and missing fairly often on the return himself. He does however look to be going for broke on a few returns now, especially in the first set. Almost in the Sampras mould of if 3 big swings come off you have 0-40 without having to ever get into a rally. Of course he still has the option to chip and try to take control of the point thereafter but I quite like to see him running around the backhand and going big.

So in both rounds so far Fed has moved well, not consumed a lot of energy and today saw off a guy that is easily a Top 15 level player without dropping a set or serve in the entire match. You can't really ask for much more.

Also in my last post I said Rusedski was talking about how slow the courts were playing and to take it with a pinch of salt; today Wilander said on Eurosport that an ATP rep told him they were playing fast and Fed did say in his post match interview he was surprised how quick they were playing in the day. So it looks as though the fast theory is the accurate of the two, at least during the day anyway. But who knows πŸ™‚

Predictions vs. Dimitrov

Federer Dimitrov Basel

Next up is Dimitrov who defeated Trungelliti in tough 4 setter. I watched some his first round against Lorenzi and he wasn't playing that well; only Lorenzi's abysmal record in Slams prevented the Italian picking up a set as he was up a break in the third.

Roger won their last encounter just a couple of weeks ago in Brisbane when he was under the weather so I like his chances again here. Dimitrov should have won in Brisbane as he played pretty well just didn't win enough of the big points. Fed was way under par too and still got over the line pretty easily so I expect straight sets on Friday. Dolgopolov is a better player than Dimitrov for me so if Roger plays similar to today it should be a good day. Dimitrov would need to serve lights out and Roger to return terribly for the upset to happen. Fed in 3.

What did you guys think of the match? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Can see fed winning comfortably against dimitrov. He’s looked pretty average in his first 2 rounds so can’t see him troubling fed. 6-4 6-2 6-3 I go for

  2. Drama free, Solid match from Roger as you wrote…very rare he got into any trouble on serve games which is the key (in forthcoming matches too)…

    1. When I see the stat, seems like he is turning into serve bot like Ivo or Raonic or Isner. 25 is crazy number for 3 set. And I believe Dolgopolov is not that bad to missed

      I didn’t watch the match, keep snoozing the alarm, aaarrrggghhh

      1. Dog didn’t seem to read it at all and didn’t even try to guess… Fed got away with a lot of aces wide to deuce court which The Dog cld hv had a go at but …

  3. I couldn’t watch the match but when I saw the stats that is 25 aces I thought it may be a mistake and I again checked and I can’t believe that Roger hit 25 aces in just a 3 set match which had 2 sets 6-3 6-1.This is imperious serving.I watched the highlights and it looked like Fed defended most of the points.Last year Fed struggled in round 2 but this time he came through unhurt.
    Jonathan the match started one hour early so did you wake up at 3 AM?

    1. Yeah I had my alarm set for 3. Just looked at women’s matches before and the opponents ranking, they’ve been taking about 90 minutes on average so far early rounds have the seeded girls so thought it would be around that time.

  4. Hi jonathan got up at 4 to watch him and he had been on court an hour first two matches must have been short. Enjoyed the 2 sets i saw do you think they have tweaked his serve been a while since he had 25 aces in a match i still remember with joy the 50 against Roddick

    hopefully will play solidly again against Dimi heres hoping four 3 trouble free sets allez Roger

      1. Going to be 3am again if women’s matches run to time… Everyone v optimistic re his match against Dimitrov but Fed himself always wary. LY’s early exit clearly hit a nerve and he will take care to exorcise that! Grigor has nothing to lose but expecting Fed to take care of business! Cld go 4 if we get a TB but hoping for one break per set… 6-3, 6-4, 6-4

  5. I heard that Dolgopolov hasn’t created a single BP in the 7 sets he has played against Fed. That was quite surprising.
    I feel a part of the reason why Fed said about the courts being quicker was due to the style of play of both players doing being aggressive, with not many long rallies.

    1. Interesting stat.

      He wouldn’t say the courts were quick though if they weren’t generally playing fast though would he; regardless of rally length being short or long.

  6. Happy is drama-free with 25 aces! I did not manage to catch the match. Sounds like a lot of variety and shot making by both. I hope Dolgo gets his head together, i like his quirky style – very refreshing. Would be nice for him to go up ranking. Keep it up Roger!!!

    1. He has some issue with his health too that not exactly ideal for the demands of the tour so probably prevents him for taking it up a notch. Still should be a Top 15 guy though, he plays best when he chucks in a load of junk.

      Fed never struggles against guys who can mix it up or do something different though. The robot clone army always the issue for him.

  7. I think a bit too many UEs for makable shots. But then its down to how your oppnent is also playing and how you are doing in the match.

    Dimitrov is tough one but should be okay for Fed. Goffan will be a cakewalk but Berdbitch won’t be.

    Fed will have to continue serving well and cut down heavily on UEs.

    BP conversion is also a concern but again, it depends on how ur opponent serves on BP.

    All in all, very happy. I had expected Polov to take a set off Fed so very good.

    Hoping for better moving forward.

    1. His backhand looked good, and there was real power on the forehand. He will need both, to go deep into the tournament. The serve was Old Faithful.

  8. Dolgopolov’s bark is worse than his bite
    Looks like he didn’t put up even a fight
    Now rematch of Brisbane – Fed vs Baby
    No chance for Grigor – not even a maybe

  9. Despite stellar serve I thought our boy looked a bit slow and sloppy off the back court–he will need to improve that, and he will. By the end of 2nd set he seemed more himself.

  10. Can’t agree with your comment Emily – 25 aces, 68% 1st serves, 43 out of 49 1st serve points won; no BPs against him, defensive play first class (as Jonathan said), and I thought his movement was excellent as well. When was he slow and sloppy? Couldn’t see that at all. The Dog played well I thought, although he was probably tiring in that third set which is always his problem, suffering as he does from Gilbert’s syndrome. All in all, an excellent and entertaining 2nd round match. Wish the Dog could have played someone else and won – he’s such a fun player.

    I also heard the comment about courts playing fast, and am hoping that they’ll get faster as we approach 2nd week. I watched some of Dimitrov’s match today and wasn’t that impressed: a lot of backhand errors and sloppy shots. Serve not that good either. Unless there is a big change, I think Feds in 3 also. πŸ™‚

      1. Yes so Fed will be wary, especially with LY! As long as he brings that serve he will feel free to let rip on the return game!

      2. The master who he is now copying with the socks and tracksuit stuffed into them old school Fed style. When Fed says people need to find their own game/ style Dimi should take notice!! Don’t assert yourself today though lOL

  11. yay!! happiness!!!! πŸ™‚
    I think Dolgopolov shot was great. But Federer gave him pressure which cause him many missed shots..

    waahh.. I hope he’s in the night session…….love to watch Fed and Dim….

  12. I thought Fed missed quite a lot of easy rallies in set 2 but his serve came to rescue. He’s going to need better ground strokes to make a deeper run.

    Been watching Kyrgios. He’s looking red hot. Will be very interesting to see what Berdych can produce against him.

    1. Surely it’s the other way round – it will be interesting to see what Kyrgios can produce against Berdych. Berdych has made a slam final and been a Top 10 / 5 player for the last however many seasons. Kyrgios has made 1 ATP career final.

      1. Not so sure about Berdych even though I want him to win. He went quite well in Doha but I think it’s NK s turn to scalp him sadly. Berdych is not that mentally strong is he, and Rafa and Roger have succumbed, Tomic and Millman are still there too and I think NKs ego will spur him on to assert himself given Hewitts retirement. He is emotional, getting heaps of positive press and believes it’s his time to step up, thus dangerous in his home tournament.

        Also the weather is cloudy and cool today with 90 percent humidity, will Roger’s court be fast in these conditions, it was under 20 degrees at 1 pm today so not gonna rise too much by third match time. If raining the roof might be closed who knows what that does to court speeds.

        Roger said there is stark contrast between day and night court speed and this is a worrisome factor today. Let’s hope Grigor has the doubts after Brisbane and Sydney but with Delpos former coach in the mix at a major….??

        Luckily Roger is a glass half full guy and with Ljubo warming him up his serve will be on song again and it will be a play yourself into even better form situation and this outing will sharpen him up.

        Go Roger. C’mon Chum Jetz.

  13. Roger will be 3rd match at RLA on Friday, poor Djoker not getting enough love from AO scheduler. He is bumped to MC 7pm match. Just kidding πŸ™‚

      1. Oh dear. Guess that means you didn’t even see the end of the match πŸ™

        I turned Radio 5 on to hear the result at about 7.30, and found they were still playing! We did at least get the match point.

      1. Nopes.

        Lesson number one: Stay in your chair, while your opponent and the umpire are waiting at the net.

        Lesson number two: Hop like a fucking retard, when you finally arrive at the net.

        Lesson number three: ……………

        Need some help here, folks.

      2. Lesson #3: scratch-crotch-scratch-butt-pick-left-shoulder-pick-right-shoulder-scratch-nose-comb-left-whisker-scratch-nose-comb-right-whisker.

        And… twirl!

  14. Will it be around 3pm tomorrow afternoon, almost the hottest time of the day? Hope that weather will not go crazily hot.

  15. Yes after Wednesday I’m sure he’ll be pleased with daytime session

    Jon, following your helpful suggestion in recent post I’m now following you on twitter to try and get some first comment edge in order to achieve that elusive maiden title – I hadn’t realised you were quite so hilarious.

    I’m off to bed now to try and get up for 4 so hopefully just miss first set

  16. I don’t know how optimistic you guys are but certainly I’m not even close to being positive. With the way roger was playing I thought dimitrov should’ve won this easily, the grounds trikes, the shot selection, the second serve.. Everything is a let down.. Just now realised how dependent roger is on his first serve. That is why he is unable to beat nole, nole gets those first serve back and keeps asking the question with most of his shots to rover’s backhand. I see no way for roger to win a slam, even in Wimbledon. His ground strokes are down right poor. His shot selection at times is wayward. The usual break point conversion problem is there, I just can’t see roger winning any slam. I’m hoping for 3 years that he proves me wrong..

    1. You were not wrong in your observations but no need to be so downbeat. At this stage, it is important to get it down while not playing well. In football terms, that is what champion is made – still won while played poorly.
      On the match, indeed, Roger had multiple BPs in the first, second and fourth sets, he did not manage to convert the most of them – still old problem. In particular, failing to convert any of the triple BPS in the first set annoyed him and so Roger lost concentration and momentum. Was not surprised that Roger lost the 2nd set, as I feared. The similar thing haappened before, even when was broken in the 2nd set, he had BP immediately in the Grigor’s following serving game. He just failed to convert them, that’s all.
      Perhaps, Roger has a bit flashback of what happened last year. Let’s wait for Jonathan’s post.
      All in all, I am happy, Roger got through this tought match, as many pundits predicted it.

    2. I wouldn’t be so demanding. Players have good and bad days, just like us all. Sometimes we’ll have to be happy with the result when the performance is not what we’d like to see. It’s impossible to be at 100% all the time (that was long ago…).
      But yeah, I agree, break points require that bit more of mental sturdiness that R sometimes seems to lack. That alone killed his only chance to grab last USO…
      On the other hand, isn’t it reassuring that the greatest artist to have ever swung a racquet is in the end just as human as we are? Who cares about robots anyway?

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