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Federer Takes Down Granollers at Roland Garros

A nice run out for the GOAT here as he defeated Marcel Granollers 6-2, 7-6(1), 6-3 to book his spot in the third round of the French Open. The Swiss was in control for the most part but had to battle back from 2-4 and 0-2 in the second and third sets before going on to set up a tie against Damir Dzhumur.

Overall Fed hit 38 winners and restricted Granollers to just 17 of 77 receiving points won. The Swiss on the other hand broke his opponent 5 times and won 102 points in the match compared to the 69 of Granollers. Clean kill.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Granollers Roland Garros

Roger won the toss and elected to receive, breaking Granollers immediately then consolidating for a 2-0 lead. I thought Granollers would be the man to come out the blocks quickly but it was Fed who hit the ground running; striking his forehand solidly and running away with the opener 6-2.

Into set 2 and the Spaniard began to find his feet, using a lot of variety and the dropshot to great effect which earned him a break for 4-2. Roger's level dipped slightly but after a couple of shanks landed in he broke back to get back on serve. Both players then exchanged back to back holds to force a tie break.

Roger's 2015 tie break record has been less than stellar but he moved up a gear in this one, securing an early mini break before delivering timely first serves to run away with it 7 points to 1.

Granollers hasn't won a match all season when he's lost the first set so the outlook was bleak with a two set deficit but he again got an early break which he consolidated for 2-0. Roger was hugely annoyed at this point, shouting into his towel “Isch sooooo scheisse!” after missing a routine groundstroke. His self-beration worked though, as he broke back to level for 2-2. The Swiss then held to love and broken serve for 4-2. That was soon consolidated for 5-2 and we got to see a two handed backhand lob for the first time in competitive play πŸ˜‰ With Granoller's resistance fading fast all the Spaniard could do was hold serve for 3-5 before Roger served it out to 30 to book his spot in the third round. Allez!

Match Stats

Stats Marcel Granollers Roger Federer
Aces 2 3
Double faults 3 0
1st serves in 62/94 (66 %) 49/77 (64 %)
1st serve points won 38/62 (61 %) 40/49 (82 %)
2nd serve points won 14/32 (44 %) 20/28 (71 %)
Net points won 15/24 (63 %) 30/37 (81 %)
Break points won 2/3 (67 %) 5/8 (63 %)
Receiving points won 17/77 (22 %) 42/94 (45 %)
Winners 17 38
Unforced errors 26 34
Total points won 69 102

Thoughts on the Match

Federer French Open Second Round 2015

No, I mean, I think I was actually playing very well, you know. I wasn't nervous really, to be honest. I think things went well for me for the first couple of sets. I think I was in control. Even though I was down a break in the second set, I still felt the match was in my racquet. And when you feel that way, obviously you're always going to feel more confident, more comfortable, not nervous. But the thing you don't want to do is you want to start off badly sets, and that's what happened in the beginning of the third. I played a horrible game. It was just very disappointing and frustrating. But after that, I must say, it was probably my best spell of the match right after that. I was down 2-Love in the third. The reaction was what I wanted. Maybe that's also one of the reasons why I did get a bit angry with myself, because it was really just such a bad game. I was able to play with variation today. I was offensive. I was successful at net. So overall, I was very, very pleased.

Another solid display from Roger here and although he was down a break in sets two and three he always looked like he was in control of things on court. His forehand was solid throughout and he matched Granollers well in terms of variety which made this one an exciting match to watch; plenty of dropshots, net plays and high quality shotmaking from both guys. Not much else to say and it went pretty much how I expected, some patches of impressive play from Granollers but Fed always having the match on his racquet and the extra reserves should he need them.

The only real disappointments are the sloppy games Roger threw in to get broken which could be costly against more ruthless opposition. The good news is Granollers blows hot and cold often; in fact I think at the US Open he was 5-1 up in the first set before eventually taking it 6-4 so maintaining a lead isn't his forte. Hence his 1-12 record against top 10 opposition.

Predictions vs. Dzumhur

Damir Dzhumur

Next up is Damir DΕΎumhur from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Safe to say I've never seen this guy play in my life so I have no idea what to expect πŸ™‚ Hopefully Edberg and Luthi are one step ahead of me on that one and have done their homework.

From the brief highlights I've watched on YouTube from Geneva last week, where he won 3 qualifying matches before losing to Jurgen Melzer, he looks solid, as you'd expect from a top 100 player, but appears to have no weapons and an average serve. There's no way Fed should struggle here and I'm expecting a three set win here. Another match on Roger's racket that just requires him to execute his base level game to get the job done I think. Maybe one close set considering Dzhumur is in pretty good form and has played both Berdych and Ferrer in slams before so has some experience but I'll pick Fed 6-2 7-5 6-2.

Also check out Dzumhur's presser here after his win against Baghdatis today. Quite an interesting read.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Solid match, except those throw away games and got broken….As Roger’s presser indicated, he himself annoyed with those….looks like he does dialed into matched to move forward…Hope he carries the form to second week….. His FH seems much solid but sometimes it feels like he is bit conservative on shots from that wing….is it so? or its me feel that way..

  1. Excellent work as Always Jonathan. A few glitches from Rog but I believe he came back very strong too. Expect Fed to reach last 16 in straight sets. I genuinely think he has a chance to reach the finals here at Roland Garros. Although I hope the process to reach the finals doesnt wear him down, so cheer to straight sets win. Allez Rog.

  2. Hi jonathan

    good match to watch love it when fed gets a little animated to pick himself up. Hopefully he will not throw in the loose games as the tournament progresses.

    2 down five more to go hopefully the next one will be another three setter allez roger

  3. A very good win for Mr Federer today Jonathan. Thanks for your recap. Great writing as usual. He made some impressive backhand winners. Please interpret what he shouted in his towel. lol

      1. Agree – especially with the towel addition, – that it wasn’t enough to muffle his forceful voice πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you for the write up Jonathan. Thank you especially for the link to Dzumhur’s presser. I thought it was very interesting to read about his struggles to become a Top 100 player. That being said, go Fed!!!

  5. Thanks for the post. And for the interview from Dzumhur. We tend to forget the about the players sleeping in cars, hoping to make a living by something they love.

    Watching the highlights, was an entertaining match….scheisse and all.

    I watched some of Side Show Bob’s match. Schwartman was up 2 sets to 1 but couldn’t get it done. The crowd was very vocal and did interfere with the match. Damn, looks like Fed will face him. Hoping for a different result.

    1. I still think Cuevas might beat Monfils, and even if he doesn’t he will grind it out so tiring Monf a bit more…..

      1. Don’t talk about the possible Monfils match! Fed still needs to win one more before that… one match at a time please…

    2. Diego played a good match, just faded a little bit in the fifth. Think if he kept his level / composure then he might have come through. I can see him improving though and been a danger as he hits the ball big / early…

      1. Yes, he’s been playing well this year hasn’t he? up to #62 & I hadn’t realized he’s still only 22. Lots up upside potential.

  6. Thanks Jonathan – exactly as you said; a couple of dodgy service games, but he was right back in it, and some excellent volleying again. Straight sets, only 1hr 45 mins, so pretty efficient overall I thought.

    I see Monfils was dragged to a 5-setter by Schwarzman – tough little guy that with an excellent mentality. I’ve seen a bit of the match: Monfils was a bit flat, but when he lost the third set, the crowd got involved, and we all know clownfils loves it when that happens. Shame really, Schwarzman was playing very well from what I saw, but the crowd and exhaustion finished him off.

      1. Hehe Alysha, you’re right, I’m pretty sure he’s never managed to avoid that dubious distinction!

    1. I think Monfils has played 24 five setters or something in slams. Quite a lot considering he’s missed a few due to injury and isn’t a perennial second weeker.

  7. Hey Jonathan, excellent post, wow you did a very good home work susch as Granola bar’s loosing streak when he lost the first sets this season and about who DΕΎumhur is. Thanks for the guy’s presser, such a lovely read. I tend to like a player if he/she is a fan of Roger πŸ™‚ Then who would not if you play tennis??

    I liked him screaming into the towel, lol. Good to see him being annoyed himself and used the anger to fight back.

    1. The screaming into the towel was such a Murray move, bit of rare treat getting to see him angry, influences his tennis more positively for some strange reason.

      1. πŸ™‚ might stimulate his killer sting – (but not so Murray-like to use the towel as a muffler…:-)

    2. My ESPN commentator did the homework, I just stole it and put it in my post πŸ˜›

      Murray would have directed the tirade at his box and wife. NOT VERY HELPFUL!

  8. Shame that Schwarzman couldn’t overcome the immigrant french thug.Hopefully he will run out gas when he meets Fed.

    1. I like Monfils (who, by the way, was born in Paris). Not particularly when he bests Roger, but in general. He’s not always consistent, but in full flight he’s amazing. He does seem to have a Caribbean-ish “don’t worry be happy way” about him, maybe from his parents.

      I didn’t know this until just now, but apparently as a young teenager he was a track phenom & had the fastest 100m time in France (presumably for his age group).

      1. I like him and his tennis, but wanted Diego go to beat him! Such heart from the little man!

      2. Monfils is a crazy talented player but his ethic and lack of consistency was his downfall. Always ready to put on a show at Roland Garros, will be a tough match if he does indeed meet Fed.

    2. “immigrant French thug” πŸ˜† comments like that going to rile up the PC brigade.

      I was pulling for Schwartzman as he’s not bad to watch, hits huge for someone of 5ft 7″ and played some clutch stuff.

      I quite like Monfils though too, pretty fun to watch. Although perhaps less so in France as tends to play up to the crowd more which gets a bit OTT.

      1. I thought it was you moaning about Schwartzman the other week when he was playing Fed? Or am I confusing you with someone else? I quite like the guy myself, but was out all day yesterday and haven’t caught up with the match yet.

    1. Sue – thanks for the link. But I have to say that I disagree about the outfit – I like it more and more everytime I watch it – much more stimulating than for instance boring black…so to me one of the best ever (sorry) πŸ˜€

      1. Sue – oh please? No, I’m not crazy. And you are not either – just different taste. Allowed?

      2. You are not alone Muser – as I said on the previous thread, still don’t like the strip, but the two colours together somehow work, producing a ‘shimmering’ effect. And there’s no one shimmers better than the champ. πŸ™‚

  9. Here is a question:

    How might the slow courts actually help Roger – if as people seem to say they are EXTRA slow? Is it possible it could be good for him?

    p.s. No more Fogninni.

    1. That doesn’t really help him but people are saying the bounce is lower as well which does help him !! Also if he does face a guy like Berdych in the semis the slower court will help him. But against guys like Monfils and Stan who can hit through the slower court it is worse for him..

    2. Yeah agree with Ajay.

      Altough Fed said something in his presser like “slower courts benefit Rafa and the same is true for me” so not sure exactly what he meant… more time to use angles / variety.

  10. Heard Rafa’s request to have Bernard not ref his games was granted.

    Don’t think it’s about Rafa’s shorts. I agree with Novak who said that the idea of a referee being barred from certain players when he does nothing wrong is unfair.

    Does anyone know if Rafa’s contentions of unfairness and disrespect are true? Seems like the umpire was just trying to do his job.

    I also think it sets a dangerous precedent when undeniably one of the two most powerful and popular and revenue driving players in the game can have a ref he doesn’t like moved off his matches – because that ref tried to do his job.

    I think it’s poor marks for Rafael Nadal.

    1. Rafa getting hazed in the press a bit:

      Said Novak: “I never thought of requesting a chair umpire not to ever — or whatever, for a certain time — be a chair umpire in my matches,” Djokovic said. “I don’t think that’s fair. I don’t think that’s fair to them. You know, they do their job as best as they can. Of course, sometimes they do it better or worse.”

      1. Hey Alb, if Roger would have done that, he would have been burned by the media. But what surprised me the most was that Rafa just told it honestly and openly. He doesn’t even fear the consequences, because he knows… there will be none !!! Doesn’t even feel the need to hide it. Maybe he is just so used to getting his way from the ATP. But also…. Rafa is not the ONLY one to blame. So is the powers to be, the ATP or ITF or whatever. When Rafa requested it, why did they not tell him: “we don’t tell you how to play tennis, you don’t tell us who to choose as umpire” !!! The ATP doesn’t even realise how unfair they are against Bernardes. He followed the rules and ends up being the bad guy. What about his reputation he has built? Is it Carlos his fault that Rafa doesn’t know how to wear his shorts?? Yet he is the one paying the price for sticking to the rules….

        But to be honest, Roger’s reaction about this at his press was a bit disappointing. He said it was something between Rafa and Carlos. I don’t understand this “being extra nice to Rafa”. Given Roger’s position he should have “protected” the umpires and the tour more. When he says something, people also listen right?? Enough of this “Rafa respect”. This was his opportunity to respectfully badmouth Rafa for a good reason, like Rafa also does to him (for not always a good reason).

      2. It might be the media’s interest to tempting the players badmouthing each other on account of whatever. I don’t see Roger’s responsibility to take party. So many of us fans do it a lot! Nothing wrong with this, but I think Roger wants to focus on his game. And whenever possible, setting his own way, not telling others what to do (except for instance appealing to more alertness in security folks). It is the responsibility of ATP, of course, to support their umpires for following the rules, and tell players to behave according to this.

      3. You guys are totally wrong. From the ATP’s point of view, or whoever controls all this, the players are the money makers, not the umpire. Now, granted what Nadal did was wrong, but you have to keep things in perspective.

        Roger is a diplomat. This is not his fight. He is not the Young Turk. Besides, he doesn’t want to tarnish his reputation in the twilight of his career.

        People go to watch players, not umpires. And players, specifically like Nadal, will get away from time to time. I mean, come on, this guy forced a tournament to change the type of clay by threatening to boycott it.

        And this Novak guy? Phweeaase! Don’t paint him as the nice guy here. He threatened to boycott the Madrid blue clay too. And anyone remembers how he managed to get his brother a wild card into Dubai? So, please save that lecture for someone else.


      4. [This was his opportunity to respectfully badmouth Rafa for a good reason, like Rafa also does to him (for not always a good reason).]

        It’s called preserving your moral high ground.

      5. It’s shit that poor little wafa gets his way again, but Sid is right: the fans come to watch Nadal; they don’t care who umpires the games. And Feds has got more sense than to join in an argument that has nothing to do with him. Agree on Djokovic’ comments also Sid…he’s becoming a bit of a righteous asshole. It’s so obvious now how hard he is trying to always say and do (like clapping a good point by an opponent) the right thing, so everyone can say what a fair and decent chap he is…it’s nauseating.

      6. Hi, all. This is my first post here.
        I’d like to add, after reading about Djokovic’s comments, that this thing about being polite (or trying to) is becoming more of a pose (guess who is being imitated…) than a genuine attitude. OK, apart from the recent bump between Murray and Rosol, it’s quite infrequent to see tennis players in close conflict. That said, I don’t buy for a single second the humility some have seen in ND’s aftermatch or tournament victory speeches. And the praise he gets from “it” makes it all even more awkward. Fanboys will disagree, sure, but discernment is not their best quality and they’ll make a case for his “politeness” out of anything they want. I thing that when it comes to judge players’ *real* feelings about the game and their opponents – without which no victory would ever happen (the inconvenient and obvious truth…) – it is much more instructive to look at their reactions after winning a point: making angry predator’s faces towards the other, making a fist, showins his teeth, grunting, and on and on it goes, as if defeating the other (read also “humilliate him/her”, “destroy him/her”, etc) were the primary purpose of the game; instead, trying to do *his/her* best and win the points by *his/her own* merits and feeling good about *his/her* perfornance seems to be second priority. I guess that’s why many games are utterly dull, shoot-outs from either side until one falls.
        I also think that some “gentlemen” would be better off playing some other sport, like boxing…

      7. Interesting thoughts.

        The answer in Fed’s presser to the question was so long winded you could tell he wasn’t trying to skirt around it rather than provide anything clearcut πŸ™‚

        It seems pointless him really commenting on it too, will surely only work against him even if the masses were in agreement with what he said.

    2. But don’t you think, slamdunk, it’s very interesting that when Novak says things like that, he’d be seen by the media as saying and doing the right thing. When Roger says it, it’s ‘badmouthing’ Nadal? Where does this double standard come from?

      1. April – I think it is a media thing. Good stuff if old rivals badmouth. And Roger having the HtH he has with Rafa – extra good stuff. Roger cannot do or say anything other than positive about Rafa, to diminish focus on possible gossip and improve the more positive and interesting focus on his own game.

      2. Hi April, like Muser said, it’s a media thing; that’s why they ask for other players’ opinions on anything slightly controversial. Difficult with today’s tennis players who tread so carefully round everything, but you can be sure whatever Federer (or Djokovic, or Nadal) says, the media will be there to stir up the shit – that’s their job. Easiest I guess to say ‘no comment’, but then that would rather boring!

  11. Many thanks, Jonathan, for an excellent recap. I thought that Granollers is a better player than what is portrayed – I was mildly surprised how well he played. Indeed, there are some purple patches over which he was very impressive. He can not only do the slicing but also is able to dish out excellent dropshorts πŸ™‚ . No matter, Roger played well except in those two sloppy service games in which he got broken. Overall, completely agree that this is one of those quality matches. There were plenty of variety and touches on display. Naturally, Roger showed some of the brilliant shots. Very pleasing πŸ™‚ .
    As for Monfils, if he carries on playing like what he did today in the next round, Cuevas will beat him. He was lucky to escape today, as Schwarztmen faded away in the 4th and 5th sets.
    Two done 5 to go!
    Allez Rog!

    1. The only time I want to see dropshorts on a tennis court is when Lisicki / Ivanovic / Pironkova and some select others are playing πŸ™‚

  12. Nice work here. Presumably Roger knows he can’t rely on opponents’ double faults at crucial moments in future rounds; but it’s VERY encouraging to see him regroup & return to a better level to erase the breaks. Both guys seemed to be working some serious angles at times. And maybe it’s just the camera angle, but it looked to me like Roger especially was FLYING.

    Still can’t stand the outfit. Somebody else mentioned that Nike seems to be using the purple/”lava” theme on others’ outfits too, and whaddaya know, the outfit they’ve got some of the younger guys in, with the “lava” on TOP, with stripes, actually looks better than Roger’s in my opinion. Tomic, Coric… somebody else was wearing it too. Edmund? Is Kokkinakis wearing it too? Surely they won’t have the same outfit on both sides of the net for his match w/ Tomic?

    Really appreciated your link to the Dzumhur interview Jonathan, would never have seen it otherwise. I didn’t realize Cilic wasn’t Croatian by birth.

    Fognini going out to Paire was not on my radar AT ALL.

    Where did I just see an article that suggested that the chair umpires also submit lists of those they’d rather not preside over? On one hand I can see wanting to avoid a “bad blood” situation getting in the way of fair arbitration of a match; on the other, rules are rules, and enforcing them should be way more common than it is. Rafa’s point that other rules like audible obscenity or racquet abuse are also not uniformly enforced may be true, but unless he’s saying that BERNARDES is not enforcing those rules while enforcing the time rule on Rafa only, it’s really beside the point. In my opinion.

    Anyway, glad to see our guy looking often comfortable, often magical, and able to fight back when he doesn’t.

    1. That lava stripe one worn by Dimitrov / Edmund etc is a disaster, I’d pick Fed’s over that any day.

      I tweeted a Sport360 article about an ex umpire discussing life in the chair and he said something along those lines, compiling a list of players you don’t want to umpire. So maybe it was that?

      1. Ah, I think probably so Jonathan. So thank you for that too.

        But we just don’t agree on matters of fashion, do we? πŸ˜‰

  13. Good match, great write up! Agree with Rog, , match always in his control! Love the outfit, loved the 2 hander and loved angry Fed! Looking good so far, hitting deep and consistent. Fewer shanks! Second serve points won best stat so far.
    Good read about next oppo. Tough journey but he has actually done well, top 100 so earning money now!
    Yes, agree with others who say Cuevas cld beat La Monf who will surely get tired from this point!
    Disappointed re Fog but he had been ill that morning apparently with food poisoning. Thought Kei looked impressive. Nadal is unbelievable! How does he get away with it?
    See you all Fri on PC, 3R
    Still taking it one match at a time…..all the way…

    1. I loved Angry Fed too Susie. Obviously not a good idea – a la Murray – to always be shouting and cursing, but now and again (and he did play a poor game at that instance), it must surely help to release a little pressure. Did him good – more Angry Fed please! πŸ™‚

    2. Ah didn’t know about the Fog been ill but was surprised Paire got it done in straights so thought something must be up but thought usual meltdown.

  14. Thanks for post Jonathan. Great to read about Damir – from what I know about him, he seems to be one of tennis’ nice guys – hopes he has a great day out against Roger ( but not too great of course ! ).

    Regards Nadal and his protection by ATP, I sincerely hope they are not protecting him from drugs exploits ( if any ) in the past or present!!

    Cuevas will be a challenge for Monfils – no question – and am sure Cuevas would like to meet Roger again too! But it will be tough for him. Had thought Thiem might have been better opposition but we will never know now!

    If Roger does have to play Monfils, my feeling is that Roger will put the ‘kitchen sink’ into that match against him. Cannot really see Roger losing three times in a row to this guy – surely not? And don’t forget, he nearly lost to him before those defeats at the US Open when it took five grueling sets to beat him. A friend of mine told me this week (he loves Roger and tennis too !) that if Roger does not get to final, he should forget about winning any more slams. Harsh or fair people?

    1. Harsh.

      Something tells me he’s going deep here. Not just cause of draw. I really feel like he is “due” and being under the radar with all the hoopla and presumption re:joker and rafael. I think that really suits Roger and allows him to relax; to be an implicit “also ran”.

      But even if he doesn’t go deep, he knows this is his weakest surface and really favors the huge rally play that the others prosper in more frequently.

      That being said, I think this is Roger’s time.

    2. Definitely Harsh, Fed not been making slam finals consistently since 2010, so despite the draw should he not make the final in Roland Garros of all places, won’t be a surprise. To be honest, I’ll be pretty surprised if he does make the final.

    3. Yeah Fed hasn’t made the French Open Final since 2011 and he won a slam in 2012 so not really an indicator or whether he can win them or not. Wimbledon is always going to be the best chance.

  15. Good match from Fed, some magical moments from the Maestro- really enjoyed the flick of the wrist at 2-1 15-30 in the third set, great stuff! I think it was important Fed had some poor service games where he got broken now, builds up resilience for what is to come. Disappointed Monfils couldn’t get booted out but I think Cuevas has a good chance of getting the win and should be confident after his match with Thiem. Interesting Presser from the Bosnian, never seen heard or seen him play before so it’s always exciting seeing Roger play someone for the first time, although with that Roger has a mindset sometimes that his presence on the court allows him to get away with some things and when in tricky situations waits for the opponent to faulter. Hopefully will be a decent match and can amount a tonne of confidence as he aims to go deeper.

    So, yesterday I missed the whole debacle over what’s been happening with Nadal and Bernardes? ATP once again poorly handling stuff like this. Setting a dangerous precedent here about top players getting favourable treatment. But on that note, has Mourier umpired Roger since the WTF match with Stan last yr? Either way, poor form from Nadal and the ATP, then again this is nothing new, we all know the guy goes to tournaments and requests day matches. Just makes you wonder what else the ATP twists to make sure it keeps its cash cows on the side where the grass is greener.

    1. I think in Rome Nadal had some late nights, and surely that was the case when Stan beat him out…?

  16. Re: Nadal I actually had a very spirited debate about his time wasting antics. With regards to theower he holds, what do you expect? He’s ultimately the thing people are here to see, so it makes sense to be on his side if you are the ATP. Whether it’s fair or not doesn’t really come into the argument, although it quite obviously isn’t. Disagree with some above who I believe to be too biased. I would not read the article and im,editable conclude Djokovic is a sanctimonious prick. Take each case at a time and I can fully imagine Roger saying it and all of us reacting with agreement. I think Djokovic is right, and as a player, he has the right to express his opinion. Roger is doing the wise thing of not compromising his public relation with Rafa by staying clear.

      1. It doesn’t come into the argument of whether Djokovic is being a dick is what I mean. Obviously, the fairness is an aspect of the argument reserved for nadal himself and how we judge him. And I think we all know how we judge him on this community πŸ˜‰

      2. Oh right, I haven’t bothered reading Djokovic’s comment on it. Fell asleep reading Fed’s answer so not reading anymore on it.

        My thoughts are having control over who umpires you and who doesn’t are only the tip of iceberg.

    1. I agree with John here about the take on Djokovic. He was asked a direct question that wasn’t related to his match, and he came up with a fairly thoughtful and even reply.

    2. Aside from this particular article Novak Djokovic is a pompous, arrogant, smug, sanctimonious tennis player. His over the top and often primal celebrations after a point, game, set match won in addition to his’ I am the rooster that rules this barnyard walk’, betrays his act of humility. Humility is not a part of his psych. He is obviously so jealous of the love and adoration Roger receives not understanding that one of the reason for that is Rogers demeanor on and off court. He needs to be taught that the humblest calf sucks the most milk

      1. Maxi and Muser your comments are gold and I second Sid in wanting to press a like button or see them in a top commenter section!!

        Also how cute was that DHBH Fed used in the match showing his repertoire knows no limits ? Novak will possibly now think he has to add SHBH before some of us grant him the love he so craves. This new MTO what was that about? Sort of felt it was like a pit stop for the experts to check on his greatness or some such and the “s–k my dick” and recent meltdowns screaming at the his box and ball boy scaring in Miami he has again divided people on the other hand Andy has become quite likeable without even trying. Andy even seems to be having bromances with the young guns and giving back which traaslates well for his image whereas Novak gets into Corics rising orbit by saying ” he reminds me of me” Is this the BB effect?, Both talented but with ginormous egos that diminish their greatness.

        Tennis is certainly fascinating and let’s hope the FO keeps delivering excitement and glory to the deserving.

  17. ENORMOUS from Kokkinakis!

    (The Brisbane Times is calling it “The tenacious teenager’s thrilling triumph on Thursday” ! The alliterative theme is alive & well! 3-6 3-6 6-3 6-4 8-6 ! )

    1. Sue, perhaps the joker was bored and thought he would have a lie down and massage on court, but I don’t really see it being injury-related…could it be mind-games directed at future opponents?

      1. I suspect Djoko of everything…even being a nice guy (or wanting to) πŸ™‚
        Well I don’t like his style too, and many others don’t either. Poor man, he doesn’t understand, – thinking being ranked no. 1 should do it.

      1. “He’s practicing his MTOs for when he plays Nadal.”


        Yes…. does it show that I have not and will NEVER forgive Novak for the gamesmenship MTO at Wimby 2014?? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    2. Already playing mind games for Nadal. “Winter is coming” got nothing on “Djokodal is coming”

  18. 9 games into the match with an unknown player and all I can think of is- is this a 17 slam winner playing a non entity who hasn’t even won a challenger? Federer can barely string together 2 consecutive returns.

    1. Roger looked tired and black round the eyes. The young guy moves well and frenetically fast first game…a great talent maybe – has not played so much in tournaments yet – !

      1. and from what I saw (i watched only first 6 games), it was very gusty out there….likely that’s reason he is all over…but I might be wrong as haven’t watched rest of match…Match stats seems like very routine match other than one break on 2nd set.

    2. Gaurav been a complete drama queen here. Fed playing a guy he’s never even seen who comes out, hits line finding first serve and plays quite well in the first 2 games to make a promising start in windy conditions.

      Fed then figures him out, breaks him, and does so 5 more times in the match for the loss of just 9 games. Yeah that 17 slam champion sucks.

  19. Oh dear, was he like that *all* match? I only came in partway through the 3rd set, and thought Roger looked as though he’d got out of bed on the wrong side – totally disinterested and UEs all over the place. I mean, if you’re going to do that, this was certainly the match to pick, but he *has* to pull himself together for his next match, in that case.

  20. Okay, I don’t often find myself defending him, but I think the MTO was genuine from Djokovic. He took it at a time when he was in the ascendancy. Was breezing through service games. I don’t see what he had to gain from it, considering he has by far the superior player already. He doesn’t take many of them generally, nor does anyone except that cesspit that is nadal. It’s not that I like the prick; I find him to be a complete wanker, and personality aside he has one of those games that just doesn’t excite people. But I think we let alarm bells ring too often over what seems harmless because of our bias.

    Now, onto a more palatable topic. Fed today I thought was good. He started with some pretty strong nerves, and the wind probably played a part, but it was a match filled with great winners and points, and I encourage anyone who missed it to find a full recap of it somewhere, because it was worthwhile. The kid played very well, I think even Roger was impressed at his game. 7/10 solid for me.

    Two drawbacks were that I wish he wouldn’t grunt so much, even though I understand it’s not on purpose, and can somebody please get him some black or white shorts already?!

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