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Federer Takes Down Djokovic To Make Semi Finals in London

Evening all, good win for the GOAT here as he took down Djokovic 7-5 6-2 to inflict the Serb's first indoor loss since Bercy in 2012. The win sees Roger top Group Stan Smith and he's now guaranteed a spot in Semi Finals on Saturday.

Both guys started solidly with the serve dominating but Roger got himself in front at the business end of set 1, overcame the disappointment of failing to consolidate a break in set 2 to break twice more and cross the line in 1 hour and 17 minutes. Interestingly it was Djokovic's first loss in London since 2011 and that means he won't break Roger's record of winning 3 slams in a year and going undefeated at the Year End Championships. Well not this year anyway πŸ™‚

Quick Match Recap

Federer Round Robin Match 2 WTF 2015

Federer won the toss and elected to serve, saving a break point en route to holding for 1-0. Djokovic then levelled and both guys were looking solid on serve. At 3-2 Roger had some inroads getting to 30-30 but the World Number held to level.

At 4-4 the Swiss fired down a love hold and again made inroads on the Djokovic serve but couldn't find a way through. Another love hold saw Fed move into a 6-5 lead and he finally got the breakthrough, converting his second set point with a genius half volley that landed on the tramline.

Serving first in set 2 was ideal and after a brisk hold Fed moved up a break to lead 2-0, drawing Djokovic forward where he dumped a low slice into the net. In typical style Novak hit right back, taking advantage of some loose forehands from the RF97 to break and then level at 2-2.

Federer however didn't let momentum shift, holding from 0-15 with some clutch serving and then breaking to 15 to move 4-2 in front. A love hold followed for 5-2 and the Djokovic serve found itself under more pressure as Roger converted his second match point to get it done 7-5 6-2.

Match Stats

  N. Djokovic R. Federer
Aces 2 6
Double Faults 1 2
1st Serve % 72% 67%
1st Serve Points Won 24/47 (51%) 27/36 (75%)
2nd Serve Points Won 12/18 (67%) 12/18 (67%)
Break Points Saved 4/8 (50%) 2/3 (67%)
Service Games Played 10 10
1st Return Points Won 9/36 (25%) 23/47 (49%)
2nd Return Points Won 6/18 (33%) 6/18 (33%)
Break Points Won 1/3 (33%) 4/8 (50%)
Return Games Played 10 10
Winners 12 19
Unforced Errors 22 19
Net Points Won 6/9 6/9
Total Service Points Won 36/65 (55%) 39/54 (72%)
Total Return Points Won 15/54 (28%) 29/65 (45%)
Total Points Won 51/119 (43%) 68/119 (57%)
SABR 0 0

Shot of the Match

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Djokovic WTF 2015

Impressive win here for Roger and he was definitely the better player on the night – served better, mixed it up better and just more solid when it mattered. It's always really fine margins between the two and sometimes it just boils down to who can win a couple of points here and there and Fed was the man who chalked them up tonight – those two points at 2-2 0-15 in set 2 making a big difference to really close the door on Djokovic.

Fed also did a really good job of controlling the baseline rallies and he set the tone of how the match was going to be played pretty early – rifling that big 93mph winner and going for a lot of aggressive ball striking whenever he got any sort of short reply.

As for Djokovic he was definitely a little below par, making a few uncharacteristic errors and not looking as dialled in as he often does. He actually started pretty well, but losing that first set knocked his confidence and he never managed to make his presence felt in set 2 or settle into a rhythm from the baseline from which he thrives which resulted in him losing his serve three times.

Other than what can you say? Very few unknowns between the two of them on court so when you combine Fed playing some great stuff with a few wild errors from Djoker there's likely only ever one winner indoors. But you gotta remember it's only a Round Robin match and one swallow doesn't make a summer πŸ™‚

Predictions vs. Nishikori

Federer Nishikori London

Next up is Nishikori who saw off Berdych in a long three setter during the afternoon session. Fed leads the H2H 3-2 and I think he handles Nishikori on a court like this quite handily especially if he's hugging the baseline. Last year was one sided and although Nishikori definitely improved from his first match I don't think he has enough matches or confidence in him to play the level of tennis required to beat Fed.

As for qualifications, I'm not sure of the exact permutations but I think Nishikori can still qualify with a win depending on how Berdych / Djoker goes. So should Fed tank it 6-0 6-0? πŸ˜† I'll pick Fed in 2 to go through unbeaten.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Ha! I took my eyes off the screen to watch a few snippets on the BBC News Channel, and look what happens!

    Still a little stunned at the score …

      1. Nah, the reference was to my computer screen. BBC News is the only way I get to see a few shots of the evening match. And you posted while I was watching it πŸ™‚

    1. how were you not nervous – my heart was pounding and yes I know it a RR, best of 3 set , one swallow stc.

      Someone said on previous post he needed to win 50% of break points and they were spot on.

      Agree he will go for win against Kei so Im hoping Nadal wins the other group and has to play Djok in semis

      1. I wasn’t nervous because Fe was not supposed to win and it is still round-robin fare…my gut was calm, and I take that as a good sign as RF plays.

  2. I’m yet to see images, but with a blind look at the score (pun intended) one would think that after set 1 was set (ok, ok…) they agreed not to tire each other too much and instead just let the games flow. Joker knows he can defeat Berdie blind folded and anyone from the other group for that matter. Better save fuel to the SFs and the final. But on the other hand this can just be me fantasizing…

  3. I think you are seriously understating Djokovic’s near total collapse in that second set Jon. That set is perhaps the worst he has played this year. 25% first serve points won ? What a joke.

    Having said that, Federer has to deal with what he is presented with. Brilliant performance from the Fed. This is why we still watch him play, isn’t it ?

  4. Yes, the tournament could get interesting. The other side has no clear winner. Such a pleasure to watch Roger beat Djokovic.

    Love the “quick match recap” photo. Unshaven sexy Fed. He should think about a beard one day.

    1. It can be related to “Movember”, an initiative in which many men grow their moustaches or beards to raise awareness about prostate cancer (among other types).

      On a ligher note, it would be really funky if ALL atp pros grew disco-sound style moustaches… That would be the day! Anyone wanting to try some photoshop drills?…

  5. Hello all… A Surprising and nice win. But I would of been more happier if it was the finals. But considering who he was playing its a huge win. And potentially a physiological boost if they happen to play again in the finals. Lately it seems that Federers always stopping Djokovic streak of wins etc etc. Also correct me if I’m wrong I think this is going to be Federers 13th semi finals out of 14 years which is an absolutely ridiculous achievementby GOAT.
    Anyway another nice win. Hopefully Federer can get to another final. And if somehow won it for the 7th time then it would be a great finish to the season

  6. Very interesting. Roger is quoted as saying he didn’t think he mixed it up “that much”, while Djokovic thought he was varying the pace a ton. To me it looks like someone has said something that – or the last year & a half of work have come together so that – Roger was just oozing confidence in this match. Djokovic doesn’t have to play against that very often – usually he’s the one doing it. I was put very much in mind of how you’re always telling us that sometimes an opponent’s poor performance is to a great extent down to the high level he’s facing across the net. On the other hand I don’t really see how Roger, no matter how luminous he got, could have been responsible for ALL of what seems to have happened to Djokovic.

    Sounds like the first set in particular was some great watching.

    Interesting to see what happens next. I hate that it’s actually in Roger’s longer-term interest to lose to Kei, but agree I don’t see him doing so on purpose – he loves playing against these top guys, I think he’s testing himself every time he gets to play them. He’d probably think a final rematch with Novak would be “fun”!

    1. I think it depends who comes out of the other group to say what would be in Fed’s best interests. Either way, he’s not going to throw away a match because of a slim potential that Djoker gets knocked out, and let’s be honest, Berdych is already waiting at Heathrow.

      1. You’re right, I either misread or misremembered the scenarios. (Scenarii??)

        Sure didn’t start the tourney thinking Thomas’ numbers would be worse than Kei’s. Not over yet, of course.

    2. I think Roger found something to push Djoko out balance. Not clever by Djoko to tell that he “handed” him the win, disguising jealousy. Even more so, if you look at how tight Djoko’s eventual wins vs Roger usually are.

    3. Roger’s win against Nadal lin Basel was a huge confidence booster

      + new racket and topspin BH ROS training paying off

  7. It was an incredible feat for a 34 year old player to have stopped the world number one in his tracks, given Djokovic’s form – and also the slowness of the court. It confirms for me that a younger Federer, in his prime, would have clearly been the superior player. This will no doubt stick in the craw of the turn-coat author of a blog that won’t be named, who has been trumpeting the historic supremacy of the Serb. It looks like Djokovic might be back on the gluten. Even if Roger doesn’t win the tournament his straight-setting of his opponent last night is quite a statement. Djokovic’s confidence will not be what it has been.

  8. And Djoko’s saying he “handed” Fed the win was just the kind of crap that makes everyone (except Serbs) dislike him. Come on, be a bit gracious at least.

    1. Agree but we shouldn’t take his comment out of context. He did acknowledge Roger’s game but probably believes he lost the match more than his opponent outplaying him. He’s not totally wrong but seemed a bit sour and didn’t want to give Roger too much praise especially with there being a chance of another meeting before the week is done. Now I’m also seeing things from Djoker fans about Fed sitting in his chair because of towels?

      1. Apparently when Fed walked out he sat on the chair that had towels with Novak’s name on it and he’s done it once before too? The perception is that the players are meant to sit on the chair with their designated towels. Either way Fed got asked about it in press and totally shut it down with a massive IDGAF. Media just trying to stir the pot and Djoker fans trying to compensate for the loss.

      2. Ohh that was interesting…I thought the higher rank player always sits on the right of the umpire and the lower rank one on the left? No?

        Nolefam, the boss sits wherever he wants! πŸ˜€

      3. Yes! They pointed it out part way through. He’s done this before has Feds. I’m not sure if it is deliberate, or whether a genuine mistake, but Djokovic actually looked pretty annoyed and pissed off. If it was a tactic – and like Sid I think it was, it worked. πŸ˜†

      4. Oh yeah, they did that a couple of years ago, too. So, the world No. 384 plays the world No. 375 and they argue about who’s supposed to sit on which chair? I don’t think so. So if it’s the No. 1 and No. 3, does it make a difference – except to the fans?

        Personally, I hate any suggestion that there is a set chair according to what your ranking is. Pretty certain I’ve looked at various tournaments and there doesn’t seem to have been any rhyme or reason as to who sits where.

      5. I checked tonight: Ferrer sat to the right of the umpire’s chair and Stan to the left, which makes a mockery of the “higher-ranked player on the right” theory. Ferrer entered first. Doesn’t it make sense for the first person to walk to the far end?

    2. Probably not that dissimilar to Roger saying matches are on his racquet, and therefore supposedly taking away some of the glory from his opponent?

    3. Djokovic’s fans and apologists are sounding like Serena when she loses. No credit given to the opponent. Just a strange whining sound.

  9. Very nice win for Fed to get under his belt regardless of the low stakes. I think one year ago exactly to the date the final was meant to be so gotta love that symmetry! Already read some dodgy things from Novak in the press. He definitely wasn’t playing his best but he didn’t “hand” the win to him. Fed came up with the goods and despite the shit slow court still managed to adapt his game for offensive rallying. Serving yet again allowed Roger to play looser and in turn made Djoker uncomfortable out there. Reminiscent of Cincy in a way. That set point was an absolute beauty and sealed the deal for the rest of the way it unfolded.

    So Djokerer are tied at 3-3 this year. Sure it would’ve been a much bigger deal if Fed’s wins came from the more important meetings they played but Djoker been untouchable the whole season and getting a win now when he’s so close to sweeping the field is a huge plus in my books and gives the WTF some life. For Nishi to qualify, Fed and Djoker would both have to lose their matches? I’ll save myself the pain of losing sleep and check back into the semi finals. Who do we have for Andy king of clay Murray vs Rafa?

    1. Fed said he handed Djoker the win in 2009 Miami πŸ™‚ so as usual it’s fan preference helping form a judgement on a quote πŸ˜† I think it his fair comment from Novak, he’ll know how well or how poorly he thought he played.

  10. What a win from the Mighty Fed! How he tamed the world no. 1. I know it’s just a RR match but the win is important. For his confidence, and to make a statement that the old man is still around. He was asked question after the Berdych match that if he felt ND was invincible. He said no, now he’s just shown the world why.

    I guess when it comes to breaking ND’s steaks, it’s always the Swiss. lol! He must be so annoyed now..On the other hand, steaks are there to be broken. There’s probably no better match than this one to let it go. ND can now put that aside. I feel sorry for the guy who will meet him at semis.

  11. Jon did you mix up the bp stats? ND definitely didn’t break Fed 4 times. But did he break him twice? I thought Fed only lost serve once in the 2nd set?

  12. Wow! That was refreshingly surprising. Or, surprisingly refreshing. Not expect that at all, I did.

    I couldn’t watch the match. Not too many net approaches. Was Djokovic’s level not up to it?

    1. 1st set was pretty good from both guys, then Novak’s level defo took a dip in the second. Weird unforced errors, missing by a mile a times, so while I don’t think he “handed him the win”, he defo didn’t play his best either…

  13. This stat just keeps blowing my mind: Novak has a slightly higher % of first serves in, but makes substantially fewer of those points? So…. Either they were crummy first serves – and I haven’t seen anybody hint at such a thing – or Roger was returning very well indeed?

  14. What a win that was!! I was so happy because some people I know has eaten their words πŸ˜‰
    So bravo the GOAT is such claim exist πŸ™‚

      1. Yeah, i guess so πŸ˜‰
        Work is taking massive portion of my life these days and i decided to stop it πŸ™‚
        Secondly, my man is not doing well, and I didn’t want to get bashed by someone here πŸ˜‰
        Third, thanks for asking Wanda πŸ™‚
        p.s: I liked the dirty look of Roger πŸ˜‰

      2. Hey shamtoot, your man seemed to be back as many people think he might win WTF for the first time. Even if it happens, you are always welcome here.

        Dirty? haha yes, I quite like the new look of Fed for a change, too. Brutal…yeah kind of sexy…but I think he is too dorky to be sadistic so not a long term thing.

    1. “Work is taking massive portion of my life these days and i decided to stop it”

      I read that as you decided to stop work and dedicate your life to the peRFect Tennis blog. Thanks πŸ™‚

  15. Good win for Roger. Even if he says it was a nice win to move forward and stuff, you can see it in his eyes how much he wants it. Federer simply loves beating Djokovic anytime, anywhere.
    Coming back to the match – the first eight games were really high quality service games, Djoko was unbelievable on his serve and I thought for a moment that fed would have a nightmare on his BP conversions but it wasnt to be.
    Federer served and returned insane in this match. His played ok from the back of the court and clearly he took away the match after the end of 1 set and started ripping from the back of the court (which I enjoyed the most).
    Novak s game did dip in the second set, though I feel he was tentative throughout the match and Fed looked like a man on a mission.
    Still a win against Novak in a GS is what I am looking forward to next year. Fed already has 6 titles here, so not too concerned about his chances here though he s clearly a heavy favourite now.
    Jonathan you said Rafa would do good. I think He ll go deep – a far better performance from since maybe 2014?

    1. Have to disagree with Feds being a heavy favorite here… He could be playing Nadal in the semis, which doesn’t bode too too well on these fast courts (haha…) and if both get there, he’s having a rematch with the Djoker in the final, where Novak is not gonna be as tame as this evening…

      1. That’s why Jonathan is talking about swallows but we should just enjoy this for what it was tonight, a win against the tedious unbeatable ND and a great match.

    2. I think Djoker is still favourite based on his form throughout the entire year. But based on form this tournament so far then Fed and Nadal look the guys to beat.

  16. I saw this win also had implications for RF being number 2 at year end so if this is true and he keeps Andy at bay as well it is just brilliant not to mention getting to the semis already. Any wins against top players are satisfying especially on these courts where the ATP obviously don’t want Fed to win. When you see James Blake tweet “never retire” to Fed and Stefan leaping up and applauding longest amidst a noisy and delighted throng and witness matches like these …’s just pure joy!

  17. Correct prediction, unfortunately Roger dropped less games than I predicted him to! Oh well, still can’t stop replaying that set point. Federer was GOATing there. Absolutely perfect and he did in style. Reminded me of the set point against Murray in the 2012 Wimbledon final! A shot you would get out of your seat, fist-pumping like Fed at the 2014 AO Open match point against Murray!

  18. Well, that was great from our champ. Aggressive shotmaking, committed to every shot and didn’t back off. Obviously, in the scheme of things at WTF, Djokovic is still there, and still likely to be in the final. But what this does do is throw just an element of doubt into his mind, provide just enough of a confidence boost to Feds should he be in the final, that he can do it. Wonderful variety as always from the Feds, everything was clicking last night. Love it! And you were right Murli, Feds was able to short-circuit N2D2 – as we all know, if anyone can do it, he can. Allez Federer! πŸ™‚

  19. Top 50 finish! Wow, you’ve been active while I was asleep like a baby after such a satisfying win.

    Fed keeps spoiling Novak’s streaks, doesn’t he? πŸ˜† Was such fun to watch!

      1. Don’t worry this time Federer himself will kick Dull’s ass. Federer looks pretty serious and scary with his beard. No way he is losing to Nadal in the semis.

      1. yeah, i guess so as well. i wished Nadal lost the match yesterday though, so he won’t meet Djoko in the semi πŸ˜‰
        but who knows what would happen, i have a feeling that we will see Fedal finale this year πŸ™‚

  20. Oh this is interesting: Most losses against Roger by Swiss journo Simon Haring.
    Djokovic 22, Roddick 21, Davydenko 19, Hewitt 18, Stan 17, Soderling /Youzhny/Ferrer 16.

  21. Wondering what that great jacket Rogers was wearing in the interview post-Djokovic…it had some kind o mottled and dotted front and I can’t locate it in his official Nike outfits…any idea? Thanks

  22. TBH I didn’t expect a W from Roger considering surface favour Djoker more and unbeaten indoor streak. Any W against Djoker is 2 thumbs up by my books. Djoker might have lost rhythm or concentration but kudos to Roger maintaining his focus. If they meet again this coming Sunday Roger should be more cautious as Djoker will be looking out for blood.

  23. I guess nike have gone back to henley as Roger s AO2016 outtit is out. Looks very different. 75% of it is all white like the US open night outfit (though the latter was a total white) . Already excited for next year. P.s this all white outfits for slams in growing on me.

  24. I never expected Fed to win this match,I gave him a 20 % chance lol but I said he will need to convert 50% BP and the GOAT did .Everything worked brilliantly today and after 5-6 30-40 when Djoker saved the set point ,I thought this was heading like Wimbledon 2015 1st set but thankfully a nice overhead smash from Djokovic (Becker need to teach him ) meant the set was not to go in TB.I think Fed will top the group and am hoping Nadal wins today and then he will surely beat Ferrer .So Fed won’t have to play Nadal in semis,many people will want Fedal but I don’t want it .
    The crowd did not want a third set which was so nice to see and now hoping that other players get a little bit confidence that Djoker can be beaten.I still can’t believe Fed won it in straight sets.

    1. Yeah Fed and Nadal topping groups is a good scenario. Nadal is looking ok and could take advantage here of players not playing great like Murray, Stan and possibly even Djoker. He is too good not to.

  25. Thanks, Jonathan. A sweet victory and agree that the battle is not yet over. I had the vibe that Roger was going to win, as it unfolded πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ . Nole did not really play badly. In the 2nd set, he got a bit pxxxx off and lost concentration, when he felt not being loved by the ‘Swiss’ crowd in the O2 no matter what he did with Roger being at the other side of net πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ – 3 GSs and 6 Masters but still the tennis fans were not touched πŸ™‚ .
    Allez Rog!

    1. In a tournament where prizes are given for fan love it must kill really and to get the number Fed has would be 2028 or thereabouts and that’s not happening whilst Fed chooses to play and sit on ND’s seat !!

  26. The Fedforce awakened with a thundering start
    Then snuffed the Djokforce with great aplomb
    N2D2 was short-circuited & totally taken apart
    Discarded to the dump like a dismantled bomb

    Next up the Japanese Yodha Kei.

    May the Fedforce be with you.

      1. Whaaaat?? What did I miss? I was working with the TV on, so not watching properly.

        Muzza was in one of those chuntering, self-destructive modes. Not sure why.

    1. Remember Boris doing it once during a match long before his puffer fish days. Used to be a fan of his game actually, nowadays can’t stand the sight of him anymore!

      1. Hahaha! That quote is absolute brilliance in its acidity:
        “Maybe to you a towel matters more. To me a towel is to take a shower with.”

        Our guy must have the sharpest mind ever of all players who ever stepped on a tennis court, and I mean at all levels (but we all knew that, didn’t we?).

        (I would also add that a towel is a survival tool. Ask Ford Prefect.)

      2. “Maybe to you a towel matters more. To me a towel is to take a shower with.”
        Hilarious πŸ™‚ ?

  27. So, after routinely losing this past year to opponents ranked as low as a hundred in the world Nadal is now crushing his fellow grand slam winners in the WTF, who are ranked higher than him. He is in fact playing as well as he ever has in his career at this stage of the season. It bodes well for him being in clear contention for at least a tenth French title next year. How does he do it? His present revival is indeed miraculous. And what we have come to expect from him.

    1. Nadal has been working his way up to get to a respectable level all year so it’s not surprising. The only real surprise is that it has come in the indoor season where he usually fails to say a word. Tennis needs him to get back to his best to be honest, getting a bit dull here with Fed being the only real competition Djoker has at the moment.

      1. You ARE aware that players lose and regain form throughout their lives right? And you ARE aware that some of those that do don’t necessarily lose form because they stop working hard?

        I’ve seen nothing from Nadal this tournament that suggests inhuman endurance or unnatural strength. Nor do I feel he’s actually played THAT well. Murray more or less caved in after a tight first set, and Stan we all know just couldn’t be bothered.

      2. Yes I know players will have fluctuations in form – we regularly see that in Fed – but with Nadal they are more likely cycles. This year his regaining form has been more like coming back from the dead. So how does he do it? Oh, yeah – hard work.

  28. So great if he wins his 7th WTF, but I hope Rodger is #3 into AO.

    I think yesterday was a little bit of evidence of what myself and others have suspected – that the earlier in a premiere tourney he plays ND the better.

    In 2015-2016 between the two of them Novak typically seems to play himself into match form at the marquee events and by the finals he’s tested and ready for war. I think maybe Fed seems to get more nervous in the finals against Novak.

    At #3 at least he has half a chance to play Djoko-bot in the semis.

    And I’m so so so SO tired of Djoko-bot winning titles. Boooooooring!

    1. Understand your theory, but I personally believe it’s more down to conditions than whether or not it’s the semi or the final. To be quite frank, on conditions like the AO, whether it’s early or late on (early being SF, late F), I find it difficult to envisage Fed beating Djokovic. The last two times they met on plexicushion, straight set wins for Djokovic. Fed can make it tighter than straights, sure, but pulling off the win there? No. I think someone else has to take out Djokovic, and it has to be earlier than the semis.

    2. Being 3 doesn’t guarantee you would meet Djoker in the semi final though. He could meet Murray if they both made it.

      Anyway after losing to Seppi the AO semis is a long way off πŸ˜†

      1. “One match at a time… AO a long way off”. I get it. I know. But “now” is when points are earned or lost for future tourneys.

        And to my recent memory Fed doesn’t have too much of a chance of beating Djoko in any GS final…as we’ve seen in 2015.

        The Fed who comes to the final is not the same guy who played in the semis. Fed is a confidence player – read his interview after this match and how he felt relaxed because so little was at stake as he didn’t Feel the pressure to beat Novak in the round Robin. He’s been nervous in the GS finals versus Djoko. Wouldn’t be surprised if the opponent and the stage both contribute to that nervousness.

        And I never ever said he was a lock to meet Djoker in the finals. But at 3 at least he has a chance. (See draw for the 2015 WTFs for a helpful illustration). At 2 he has no chance.

      2. And I think it’s not just Fed’s drop in confidence that affects the GS final scenario versus Djoko-bot. The Bot feeds off the stage. Against Fed- like against most players – he actually gets better with the pressure.

        That is what 34 and 28 do for you. Respectively.

      3. Dunno, Alb. Novak wasn’t lacking any “getting-better-with-pressure” in SFs at USO 2010 & 2011…

      4. That’s my point Thinker. Djoko is historically more – at least for several years now – more clutch over Fed than Fed is over him.

        At least Fed had match points against him in both of those semis. And of course beat him solidly in the semis at Wimbledon in ’12.

        Finals only add to the pressure between these two that Djoko-bot feeds of right now.

        The increase in physical weariness is also not good for the 34 year old.

        Rather see the Robot earlier in any tourney.

  29. Great to finally see a match live where Rog beats Novak…. Last 2 Wimbys hv been such agony, was convinced it was me!! But no! Broke my duck and Fed brought it home! Atmosphere was wild, Novak pissed off about towels, sneered at his box and lost it in second set from 2 all.
    Given results, I am calling a Fedal final. Got all right so far…. And Rog to get 7

    1. Novak was pissed off about the towels? Really? What did he do? Do you mean about Fed sitting in the other chair, or something else?

      Surely there’s some kind of established protocol on who sits where…

      As usually, am wildly jealous, & simultaneously so glad for you, and for “us”, the Perfect Tennis team, to have had a representative there!

      1. Fed sat in the chair which had Djokovic’s towels next to it.

        The usual protocol is the player out first picks the chair they want I think.

      1. 120 dB. That’s LOUD!

        BTW, I see that although the matches for Friday haven’t been announced yet, from the prices on Viagogo it looks as though people are expecting the Andy/Stan match to be the evening one – and I agree, because Andy hasn’t had an evening match yet. If that decides the winner Roger is going to face we’re going to have another Saturday evening match, I think. Uh-oh …

      2. Wow, that’s terrible. What a bummer. Very very rough road ahead to get #7 for Fed no matter who he faces.

      3. Ah. Viagogo are just very late in announcing the schedule, then. They hadn’t got tomorrow’s up until noon today.

  30. Lucky dog you, Susie. How was Fed’s sexy unshaven face?

    I think the semis will be….Djoker – Nadal….

    Fed – Ferrer

    Final Fed – Nadal. Winner, the holy unshaven one.

    1. He was awesome! Their std is way above all the others. Ferocious hitting and serving!
      I am still picking Stan or Muzz unless Ferrer wins tonight. But this group is v tight….

      1. More or less. Apart from a wobble at the end, not surprisingly. At the beginning, I was thinking “He’s made the last 2 SFs, but I think not this time” – then he turned it all around.

      2. When was the last time Stan & Murray met? Was it the US Open 2013? Stan and Muzz both look disengaged with the WTF this year. Either way Fed has a good chance making the final regardless of who comes out of that one.

  31. If Nadal beats Djoko, who owns him, then it is hard to see Fed beating him on a court this slow. This is not Basel. So Nadal then wins his first WTF in his worst ever year. He then goes on to win 3 slams next year. Like Rafa, the sport is in the best of health.

    1. I’m not certain you won’t be right, Richard. I hope you won’t. I do feel Rafa has his eyes fixed on this as a way of making up for his – by his terms – abysmal 2015.

    2. Whilst Nadal played well today against Murray (who played rubbish btw) it’s still a huge mountain to beat Djoker on this court for him, especially if his first serve is still poor. One match at a time. If Djoker turns up below his usual level again, then Rafa has a tiny window. But still big match for Nadal to win I think. I honestly believe Fed has more of a chance against Nadal than Djoker in the final though.

      1. You have got to be joking. What are their respective h2h against Nadal? Fed isn’t in the ball-park whereas Nadal has been consistently spanked by Djokovic since 2011. I am sure Djokovic licks his chops when he sees Nadal on the other side of the net.

  32. Thanks Muser, Wanda & Jonathan,

    Not a great fan of Star Wars, more of Harrison Ford and more topical.

    Nevertheless, if things go as per current form

    Fed beats Nishi, Djok beats Berdy then Fed 1 Djok 2
    Rafa beats Ferrer, Stan beats Andy then Rafa 1, Stan 2

    Fed vs Stan and Rafa vs Djok – Semis

    We could very well have a FedRafa final. Though would love to see a Fed Djok final and Djok ‘handing’ over the trophy to Fed.

  33. Thanks Slamdunk, Short-circuiting did happen quite comprehensively.

    I always believe that Novak has a very predictable gameplan – pre programmed so to speak. He knows the others so well that he plays to a plan against Rafa, Murray etc.

    However, if opponents can vary their game, his program comes unstuck. Stan did that effectively in Paris and so did Fed in Dubai & Cincinnatti and now in London.

    A part of this is probably due to Boris Becker having the same mentality. If the opponent varied the game Becker generally got unstuck, a prime example Wimbledon against Michael Stich.

    In effect, what needs to be done to shortcircuit the N2D2 is to vary the game and there is none better than Fed who is equipped to do it.

    1. I guess he plays very similar regardless of the opponent. But you can’t win as many matches he does by playing predictable. Check out his serving locations.

  34. It’s a good job I cut my fingernails last night, otherwise they might have been chewed to the bone by now!

    Have fun writing this one up, Jonathan. And I do hope the Beeb didn’t switch this one onto the Red Button partway through – I shall be seriously annoyed, as I want to watch it.

  35. What the heck was that match? Broken 5-five-5 times, among which 2 in a row? Was Roger playing around or what? I know Kei was fighting for his life and Roger had already qualified, but this is too much zigzag for my liking.

  36. This is the new normal for Fed, this up and down merry-go-round. True, for a spell, Kei was playing great ball. Still, Fed made one howler of a mistake after another, especially in his last service game in the second set. He couldn’t find the service box to save his life, and only won 30% of his second serve points. That’s garbage. Four double faults and a 51% first serve really should’ve cost him the match. His perfect break point conversion rate was the only good thing about this match. Novak or Rafa will eat him alive in a final, and frankly, I think Stan or whoever will also. There is cause for concern.

  37. Watched it part wise. Nichi did a good job, and he has a fantastic fighting spirit. He has also beaten our hero a couple of times (way back). But Roger won his group, (phew) and it’s a thrill who’ll get to no 2 – ah well Djoko.
    Has anybody else a chance?
    And who’ll Roger meet at SF? I guess on Stan, and hopefully he’ll behave better this time :-!

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