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Federer Stumbles Past Youzhny Into US Open Third Round

Another roller coaster at the US Open for Roger Federer as for the second time in three days he went five sets before finally overcoming Mikhail Youzhny 6-1, 6-7(3), 4-6, 6-4, 6-2.

Last night's Second Round was the 17th meeting in 17 years between two veterans, who first played each other indoors in Stockholm in 2000 and somehow Roger managed to maintain his perfect record against the Russian last night; coming from two sets to one down and taking advantage of a hobbled Youzhny who suffered from cramp midway through the fourth set to move into Round 3.

Quick Match Recap

Fed Volley US Open 2017

Federer won the toss and chose sides. Youzhny then elected to receive, and Roger held to 30 to start proceedings.

With a big fat zero in the wins column for Youzhny, it wasn't a surprise to see him drop serve immediately and Roger barely put a foot wrong in the set, moving up 5-0 thanks to some wonderfully executed drop shots. The Swiss had two set points for a bagel but couldn't convert but served out the set comfortably 6-1.

Finally getting on the board at the tail end of set 1 seemed to give Youzhny a burst of energy and he responded by moving up 2-0 at the start of the second. However his lead was short lived, Federer winning four straight games for 4-2 but when serving for a two set lead, his game went AWOL as the Russian broke before taking the tie break 7-3 to level the match.

With Federer's effortless tennis from the first set a distant memory, Youzhny took charge in the third, breaking for 3-2 aided by a smart challenge and some top class backhands that left Roger flat footed. In game nine the Swiss had to save two set points, but Youzhny held to love to take the set 6-4.

Into the fourth and Roger was able to raise his level, breaking early to establish a 4-1 lead, but again he couldn't serve out the set as he was broken at 5-3. Fortunately, he was able to respond immediately by breaking to take the match into a decider

Another fifth set lottery awaited, but at one all in the decider, Youzhny cramped up after attempting a backhand smash. The Russian clearly hobbled somehow held for 2-2 but with his serve now sub 100mph, a seventh double fault allowed Roger to lead 4-2, and the GOAT crossed the line at a canter from there to take it 6-2

Match Stats

Match Statistics R. Federer M. Youzhny
Aces 12 5
Double Faults 2 8
First Serve % In 87/140 (62%) 109/177 (62%)
Win % On 1st Serve 68/87 (78%) 68/109 (62%)
Win % On 2nd Serve 27/53 (51%) 30/68 (44%)
Net Points Won 39/48 (81%) 16/30 (53%)
Break Points Won 8/16 (50%) 4/8 (50%)
Receiving Points Won 79/177 (45%) 45/140 (32%)
Winners 63 27
Unforced Errors 68 55
Total Points Won 174 143
Distance Covered (M) 3334.8 3466.5
Distance Covered/pt. (M) 10.5 10.9
SABR 0 0


Thoughts on the Match

Fed US Open 2nd Round 2017

I'm better than the first round, so I'm happy. This match wasn't about the back, which is good. This is more just a grind. I felt different, completely different, the way it played and everything. But I'm really, really happy I got through. My preparation hasn't been good at all here. I knew I was going to maybe struggle early on. Maybe I struggled more than I would have liked to. But I'm still in the draw, which gives me a chance. I still believe I'm going to pick up my game and become just more consistent because I'm not playing all that bad … With a bit of fatigue, that's OK. I've done that hundreds of times. That's not something I'm too concerned about.

Same shit, different day for Federer at the US Open πŸ™‚ after going five against Tiafoe I thought things might go a little smoother against Youzhny who's looked like a spent force in recent years but nope, another match that goes the distance. It's the first time Roger has played back to back five set matches in the opening two matches of a Major in a career so at least there's a new record.

Like the first round, this match was another topsy turvy affair. Roger started impressively with a spring in his step to dominate the first set. But after failing to take the second set, his level dropped, and the unforced error count began to rack up.

Once Colonel Youzhny levelled, he got a nice shot of confidence and began to hit through his backhand to cause Roger a lot of problems. I think if he hadn't dropped off a cliff physically with cramp in the fourth and fifth he might have finally broken his duck in the H2H. But fortunately for Roger, he was the fitter guy over five and came out on top.

So result aside is Fed over his injury woes? I think it's safe to say to no after his first two matches. He's downplaying any problems in interviews with the back problem described as ‘a thing of the past', but I'm not sure I buy it. The problem is he's excellent at masking problems – he rarely shows them on his face, and with his hand eye coordination, he is always going to hit the ball sweetly enough even if he's not moving well.

But there's just no way a fit Federer goes five sets against Youzhny in 2017. He may well be on the mend to the point it's not getting worse, but you can tell from his movement he's not close to 100% yet. Some shots work fine, but the serve is down on speed, overheads don't look comfortable, and he's not getting down low enough on certain balls. It seems to happen in patches too, for the first set he looked on top of everything, then he was suddenly laboured. So it's like he's playing at 60% then able to up it 80% for a short period before dropping back to 60%.

Predictions vs. Lopez

Next up is Feliciano Lopez who defeated Fiasco in 4 sets. Like Youzhny, he too has a shocking record vs Federer with 0 wins. Check out that overhead miss in the final set tie break in Madrid 2011 for a quick summary of the rivalry so far πŸ˜†

However, based on what we saw last night, nothing here is a given. Lopez has a better serve and if he can hold it together mentally then he surely has to fancy his chances. Fed's played 10 sets now and we're only in Round, 3 so I honestly have no idea what to expect. I'd like a match where he's ‘fucking flying all over the court‘ but that seems unlikely.

Roger says he expects to get better from here, if that's the case, he can beat Lopez handily. But if he's not able to get about the court as efficiently or dig out the low balls as well then it's wide open. Youzhny had some nice success with the slice, and that's Lopez's best shot, so my prediction is another roller coaster πŸ˜€

What did you guys think of this one? Let me know in the comments along with your predictions for the Lopez match.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. This was horrible! After the first set I thought it’d be done in 80 minutes or so.
    Let’s hope he speaks the truth when he’s saying his back is fine.

  2. I do think he has such hangover with the back but his rhythm is very off. Partly lack of prep on those awful courts which certainly lend themselves to errors! Very very hard to hit a winner. The court seems to grip the ball on first impact and then push it up into a high bounce rather than a through trajectory. Certainly helps the retrievers…. not the shot makers! However, After 10 sets Fed Shld be familiar with that by now! At least Feli match won’t be a grind, so I am not that worried about tiredness and he has had his days off favoured by playing on Ashe! Eliminate the unforced errors, get Daniel working on that back, practice on site, no more trips to Central Park and I predict Fed in 3. Remember R3 in AO is where it all took off!
    Has to be said that no one has looked that good, such a messy Slam always. Look at Grigor! Flavour of the month last week but massively exposed yesterday. Tsonga was crap v Denis. I am still picking Cilic or Querrey to come thru bottom half. Allez Rog, you can still do this.

    1. About court’s pace. I think, you are wrong in your interpretation. As an example you could watch ThiemFritz match, to see how the court responds to the game of shotmakers. And with Roger’s creativity the court’s pace has not much to do, when he places the ball, where it’s beyond the reacj of the opponent – this is just a typical winner. Why no trips to CP? If he likes it and does not expect the title for himself? Let him live like he wants. And then play how he can. I don’t see any signs of persisting back issue, but … at this age and this much tennis in the bones, you can have off day anytime, every day a different pain. What’s the iodea for Fed to limit his life to training, physio sessions and matches? You say “Allez Roger, you can do it”. But this is your wish, not his πŸ™‚

  3. Oh come on guys, this match was almost hilarious! Both were so all over the place, really fun to watch. Of course, I had absolute faith in Roger to eventually get it done, which he did. Really admire Youznhy though for the way he drew on all his experience to stick with Roger, pretty much throughout bar the first set. I love his expression in the big moments, barely contained rage, making him look rather mad!
    Looking forward to another five setter against Feliciano Lopez. πŸ˜‰

    1. Yes, yes, yes – five-setters with fellow classic oldies are welcome. Whoever wins, it’s a joy to watch. Youzhny played yesterday a class or two better then he normally does these days πŸ™‚ Almost wanted Mikhail to win this πŸ˜‰

    2. Remember, Youhzny is the player who hit himself in the head with his racket and drew his own blood! (this was a few years ago though. Anyway, he is a former 2 time USO Semiinalist so it’s not like he was expected to be a cakewalk.

  4. Ah yes, that smash in Madrid ’11 with Roger all but at his mercy… One of the greatest moments in the history of tennis. Even Lopez found it rather amusing, that is until he lost ^^

  5. I agree heavily. A ‘fit’ Federer does not deliver bakery products to a newbie like Tiafoe only for them to get sent back in the next set. That’s WTA level. He may be mentally injured as some ppl on twitter put it and perhaps rusty from a lack of practice but with the inconsistency in the past two matches it’s definitely more than a mental issue. I’m just wondering how serious it is considering he had 2 weeks to rest it and he also had issues midway Wimbledon 2012 against Malisse and still won the tournament even though that was 5 years ago. Let’s just hope he was sand-bagging these first two rounds like he did at AO this year πŸ˜‰

  6. ” It’s the first time Roger has played back to back five set matches in the opening two matches of a Major in a career so at least there’s a new record.”

    Someone said at the AO that 5-setters are likely to happen more as he gets older, as he’s no longer consistent enough to get the job done in less. Even so, this was *horrible* – and I could tell that just from reading the livescores πŸ™ If he’s still suffering from injury woes I think I’d rather he go out early here and get himself sorted, rather than go deep and have ongoing problems for the rest of the season. And I can’t believe I’m saying that πŸ™

    OTOH, again simply reading the livescores, I said at 2-1, 15-0 (or 0-15?) in the fourth that this was where Roger was going to turn the match around, and I also said he needed to drop his serve at the end of the set just to make sure he was serving first in the fifth, just in case πŸ™‚

    1. I guess that could be the case. No five setters at Wimbledon though. Maybe the older you get, the likelier you are to lose in straights is more accurate πŸ˜€ Fed not quite over the hill yet.

  7. Agree this did not look good, but movement seems way better than against Tiafoe, no? Or is it just wishful thinking on my part?

    1. He was moving well all the time, only lost the concept for some time, as he told in a post-match interview, ha, ha, ha … can happen in this age πŸ˜‰

  8. Jonathan, agree with you for everything except for the final prediction of the next match – not another roller coaster please! Further on Roger’s response in interview, indeed, I would like to buy into what he said but Oh my God I just could not watch after he conceded third set. Something is not right. Youzhny is an excellent shot maker, in particularly dealing with low balls but the man has got little power. When UFEs started flying, FH and BH, my heart could not take it any more. I kept having flashes of Tommy Robredo and started screaming NO. Lopez is an even better shot maker with excellent loopy left hand serve. I am just very worried.
    Allez C’mon Roger!

    1. Youzhny has been doing better of late – he’s actually won some matches πŸ™‚
      And anyway, I *like* Lopez πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks Alison, it is always pleasing to know that Roger’s ranking is going in the right direction πŸ™‚

  9. What to think? No clue in the post-match interview as to what caused the crazy miss-hits and over-shoots. One thing that really worried me was what he said after the first match about not seeing the ball properly.
    Anyway I’m all over last night now because Fed said everything is fine, so I predict a three set stunning win tomorrow.
    Or maybe four sets.
    Or five.

  10. I was sure even after the third that Fed would come through. I am almost convinced that it’s impossible for fed to win uso’17. I was really getting frustrated with fed’s performance and thought that no more than QF is possible. But at the end of tha Ljubicic’s reaction surprised me. He jumped out of joy and hugged Luthi tightly. If Fed has no chances to go deep, his reactions wouldn’t have been so ecstatic for only a second round victory… I guess. But really, if Fed is hiding any inury it would cost him heavily.

  11. Having looked at some more highlights closely, it appears that courts are a bit of joke; balls bounce on them like rubbers. No wonder Youzhny looked like a young Djokovic,, retrieving all those balls πŸ™ . No wonder all those ESPN ‘experts’ picked Rafa to win since they knew that Rafa could send all balls back, what a joke.

  12. Does RF want to give back (back, Ha Ha !) to the audience the sets they missed because of his absence at the US Open last year ?

    Should he learn the music, lyrics and choreographyΒ  of Michael Jackson’ s “Thriller” for the next appearance of his boys band ?

    Did he sign aΒ  contract with a manufacturer of beta blockers ?

    2 five setters in a rowΒ  … that’s tough for our Bloom pressure !

    Hopefully, his next match will happen during the week-end … otherwise we will need more vacation days to recover !

    Let’s hope the game against the Spaniard Feliciano willΒ  just be a rehearsal, of a semiΒ Β  against another Spaniard… if God wants it to happen !Β 

    The terrific way RF played during the first setΒ  gives some hopes anyway !
    Let’s trust our champion !Β 

    He’s STILL ALIVE in the draw while Kyrgios, Berdych, Dimitrov, Tsonga… have already packed their bags.Β 

    As Elton John would sing :
    “Don’t you know I’m still standing better than I ever did.
    Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid.
    I’m still standing after all this time.
    I’m still standing yeah yeah yeah !”

    Go Roger !

  13. Of course Federer has backproblem even if he doesnt tell us that, it was the same in 2013 and he didnt talk about it until after the season. I am very worried about this because itΒ΄s like Jonathan said, he plays okay sometimes but then he cant keep doing that and his level drops. Lopez if better then Youz so I sadly dont think he will make it but I HOPE SO!

  14. Another crazy 5 set match, no more please. If Roger intends to go deep he has to get his shit together. Struggling due to back or lack preparations. Well 10 sets should be more than enough. He is playing with 2 minds out there, worried about his back worried his opponent, worried about a lot things. Just stay focus man.

  15. The contrast between set 1 & the end of set 2 into set 3 is what’s so bizarre. Flow, shot-making, movement, the whole nine yards – so he had obviously figured out the court, although it does seem true that it’s responding in a different way (or – when they talked about a ball change a few weeks back, did they mean the USO itself is using a different ball than they have in the past?). Then it looked for all the world like he had just got himself a new racquet & didn’t know how to work with it yet. Could the courts have warmed up so much over the course of a set & a half to change response so much?
    I saw an awful lot of running around the backhand, which we haven’t been seeing this year because his topspin backhand has been so awesome. So- He didn’t trust that? I’m glad he feels his back is “fine” and he had “fun”, but I’m with others in thinking I saw something else. I saw an article, which of course I can’t find now, that talks about the wild variation in 1st serve % from set to set.
    And I detest this kit. Visually, the red is a bit better than the black. But the top doesn’t fit across the chest, so it doesn’t hang properly from the shoulders, and it looks slimy like it doesn’t breathe at all. I like the look of the shorts, but: I saw a few days ago Andrew Burton said on Twitter he had seen Rog touching the small of his back, & wondered about that. So I noticed when Roger did the same thing in the match yesterday, but I thought it looked like he was fussing with the waistband – like it doesn’t fit properly either. Big fail for me. The back of the jacket is kind of cool, but then instead of continuing that look on the front, they go back to slime. Bleah.
    Lopez – well, they did have an awesome match in Cincy a few years ago. Fingers crossed. I guess we’ll see. Hopefully he’s right that he’s now played enough sets to work out the kinks.

  16. With Cilic out, Del Potro is the only remaining player in the bottom half with GS final experience but I don’t think that Juan Martin will reach this final. It is very likely that we will have a new finalist. Roger, are you watching?

  17. Nice write up as always Jonathan. Roger is battling as best as he can as always. He probably wouldn’t have played if it wasn’t so late in his career, but he knows time will run out soon. He entered unprepared and unfit. But he is an optimist and a fighter. Yes it is highly likely he won’t win this or even go much further, but when he loses it will be with dignity, no rolling over like Djok or whining like everyone else. He is fighting as he always does, not showing weaknesses, trying to convince everyone it is all part of the plan, and perhaps also convince himself a little. But he will give everything until it is over, so let’s just get behind him loyally, enjoy the fight if not the flow and beauty, and not be too harsh on imperfection. And remember of course while there is life there is hope.

    1. Good comment. Roger won ‘ugly’ but he has 80 US Open wins, second only to Jimmy Connors (98). In addition, if Roger makes at least 4 aces tomorrow he will become second on all time list after Karlovic!
      Roger has 10,128 aces now according to my count vs. Ivanisevic with 10,131.

    2. Cheers, I agree.

      @Kazik And 13 aces vs Feli puts him at Numero 2. Karlovic way out in front though. I reckon he will keep playing to just to hold that record, will hit aces at 50 that guy.

  18. I think Lopez has a style that Roger matches up well with so he will figure it out (hopefully in four sets or less). Probably gets a bit lefty preparation.

    “Fucking flying all over the court” – Feli
    “We got a few more years” – Roger
    “FUCK!!!” – Feli
    “You too, man” – Roger

  19. Phew, in a way I’m glad I couldn’t watch it live.
    He’s decided 5 setter all the way this time since no sets lost at Wimby, or what? No more PLEASE!

  20. RF’s trusted backhand (stepping in, hitting over) was not there. He had around 38 BH unforced errors. this could be a function of his back. holding out hope because he raised his service in the 5th to winning 93% of his 1st serve pts. Youzhny’s cramping? Hope that wasn’t the only reason. So backhand was crap, serve saved him in the end. You are right, Feli Lopez will let us know where RF stands.

  21. Watched Cilic-Schwarztman’s match highlights. It is getting extremely clear that courts/balls are a joke. None of Cilic’s weapons (serve + FH) could work, as balls bounce so high that Diego returned/defended like Djokovic. So Feli’s lefty out-swing serve could be less effective; no wonder all big servers are out. Roger’s UFE count needs to come down. After all, the USO has got itself to blame to put on and promote this kindergarten tennis.

    1. How do you come to conclsion, high bouncing balls help Diego (170 cm) ??? I could understand if the bounce was slow, but I could not realize this so far. BTW – Diego is the best returner this year in the game – read O’Shanessy on ATP site, so no wonder, he could return so much vs. Cilic. Whos is in poor form and even serving poorly.

    2. It does appear to be fairly slow / hard to hit winners. Most players saying that. I think Cilic just has no form post Wimbledon so was there for the taking.

  22. Fed is putting on a brave ‘front’ about his ‘back’

    However, more than the back I think it was the previous 5 setter coupled with the day match factor which was the cause of his laboured approach.

    The court is more suited for counter-punchers. Feli is not a dour Djoko or Murray.

    Fed vs Feli – should be a lively match. Fed in Four.

  23. Roger probably needed day match experience though as this is similar to the time when the final will be played isn’t it ? I’m going back to take just each point, game, set & match as it comes and be happy with the play and if he wins even better. Feli should be a good match up and he builds from here pity it wasn’t Berdych that always seems to be a person he gets rhythm with and trounces more easily.

    Roger playing a bit passive , not doing his new style strong backhand or taking the ball as early and then having to grind for 5 sets b2b, it’s all a bit odd but he is a problem solver and a fighter. The Courts at Miami are notoriously slow and he mastered them and Nadal ok, should they meet he has to deal with it.

    Let’s hope we get a return to 2Slam2017Fed and the Feli match gets him into week 2

  24. I van hardly understand, why so many fans prefer to watch Roger winning with ease. 1,5 hour for 3 sets. Showing excellency against a miserable opponnent. I think, the most memorable Roger’s matches are just epic 5-setters, won or lost. They are real master classs shows. I hope for more matches like that vs. Youzhny, who was very challenging opponent this day. I hope, Feli is srtill “fucking alive” today and we will have another funny match. Did you see Roger’s joy after winning such a match. To win a match must be almost boring for him. To win a close, challenging and difficult match is once more a joy as in times, he was surprisingly defeating big guys being still an uprising underdog πŸ™‚ We have a good prospect to watch such matches – vs. Feli, then maybe Kohli and maybe Thiiem. The last one could be a big show. Then potentially in semi against one of 5 challenging opponents. Whatever the outcome, we will see lots of good tennis – so be prepared (inclusing calming tea, if you need) πŸ™‚

    1. Are you for real? I for one certainly don’t want to see “epic” matches in the first 2 rounds of a slam with like 70 UFEs/ match. It’s not like it was great quality. Very, veeery far from it. Roger didn’t win them because he was good, his opponents couldn’t take advantage of his poor form, i.e. they were even worse.

      Youzhny is barely top 100 for a reason. He appeared great because his opponent let him first back in the match in the 2nd set and then giving him nothing shots or errors. At times he only had to keep the ball in place, Roger was this bad. Even when Youzhny clearly struggled physically since the end of the 4th Roger didn’t manage to take charge definitely, he still looked shaky and even failed again to serve out a set.

      Not looking forward to more such shitfests of poor quality, but afraid you will “enjoy” more of the same because of Roger’s terrible form. Unless he can improve of course. In that case you will be bored.

    2. Looks like u r very fond of exciting five setters… will it not be more exciting if it happens in SF or F? If you want that… then prefer quick matches in the opening rounds. Dont expect roger to win 7 five set matches! I guess uso is ur least fav slam coz it has a fifth set tiebreak… lol

    3. I don’t like predictable matches except when after of two of them one suspected not all was right with the champ. Just want a chance for him to coast a bit, get the rhythm back, find the range and the confidence that comes from a match where RF is in control.
      Give him a chance to find his A game and not expend too much energy as there is so far to go. When I wrote this Feli at least was beaten and Fed into Week 2. Chum Jetze .

      1. I’m meaning after two unpredictable matches that stretched Fed who was perhaps ill prepared, not implying the first two matches were predictable.

  25. USO should be severely punished for producing a poor quality court surface. We can think of something, can’t we? Clean up after Murray…daily love fests with Nole…..English lessons to Rafa?

    I know someone at USO and watched Fed practice. Says he is struggling. Go Shapo!

  26. I thik it’s pretty clear to all that Roger has been hampered by something, you only have to look at his face at times looks quite strained. If we could see it his opponent had a better view. I think that for him to stick it out and win is a testament of his will to win. So I know he will try his best against Lopez so C’mon Roger you can do it x

  27. After the first two rounds of tough matches, I am just glad that Roger is still in the draw. The slow court wouldn’t help Feli’s big serves, and Roger on paper should have the weapons to handle him. I don’t know what to expect in the R3 match, but if Roger says that he expects himself to play better, I’ll have to trust him. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if he is not able to pick up his game and gets knocked out.

  28. Roger hasn’t turned up to his practice court yet. Hopefully just because he knows he might start late rather than bad news.

    1. OK, anyone want to guess as to when we need to set the alarm clock for Roger? Nother couple of hours?

      And I’m hoping someone reminds Roger to concentrate on his own match and not pay any attention to the one immediately preceding it. At least he’s first on in the evening session.

  29. Waiting for Roger to start the evening session…..
    How can anyone watch Nadal playing tennis with all the fidgeting he does…..sick……

    1. Have fun(?), Dolores – I’m going to bed πŸ™ May switch the radio on in the middle of the night if I wake up, but they aren’t covering the match πŸ™

  30. Fantastic. Movement so much better. Only the serve not quite there yet. Now to try get some sleep. Hopefully Thiem v Del Potro gets top billing Monday night.

  31. What a boring match. Does not compare with the match against Youzhny. And Roger still with back pains. Not bending knees. Walking stiff. Poor backhand. Poor forehand. No concept. And the millions of fans, thinking, the match is good, when Federer wins in straight sets. And taking calming teas or nor even daring watching. Masochistic martyrs. Whoever the opponent. All this instead of having fun to watch Roger fighting against a challenging opponent. I hope, next one is more challenging and entertaining. And Fed enjoying it more..

    1. Poor forehand? Poor backhand? Walking stiff? Come on! He hit some good forehands and his backhand was better than the first two matches. Movement was not that bad. Are you a Fed fan really?

      1. Sorry, Vik πŸ™‚ Of course I’m a hard-die FedFan πŸ™‚ This post was meant as a kind of provoking parody of the tone (down to statement about Fed losing the knowledge, how to play tennis)) prevailing here after first two matches. Well, we all are happy, when Fed wins, even if just because of a bit of luck. And we are irritated, when things are not going smoothly. But the real mastery is to win against challenging opponent and some own problems (injury or memories of injury still present in the brain, while the injury is no more there., only the fear, it might be still a problem). I liked the Youzhny match more. Against Feli it was too easy. Of course I’m happy, Fed could finally delete the fear about inuury from his mind. And – es he told himself – is able now to concentrate on tennis. Of course every shot was there yesterday. And I believe to have seen more joy from Fed after having won the difficult Youzhny match than after the last one. I expect another “boring” match against poor Kohli, but then maybe an entertaining vs. Delpo or (better) Thiem. Why better Thiem? Because Thiem will be more challenging and thus the match more entertaining πŸ™‚

    2. No doubt any loss would be the type of match that would thoroughly entertain you. So salty because Roger won easily this time. πŸ˜€

      You are fooling noone.

      1. No doubt? “Dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum” (Descartes) You seem not to suit this wise rule. Be patient and wait for my comment after Fed loses . You can only evaluate my words, not my thoughts. Be careful with accusing others. But I don’t feel offended (it was apparently your goal to offend me). Maybe you can accept, not everyone ist just like you?
        Have you read my answer to Vik?
        Nice doubtless evening πŸ™‚ And a bit more of sense of humour please πŸ™‚

      2. @PRF If your post was sarcastic/ parody, I apologize. But I see I wasn’t the only one to misunderstand you.

        “Humour” often doesn’t translate to written text, not to mention that it’s a cultural thing rooted in shared experience/ stereotypes.

    3. PRF, I am not sure which match you actually watched. If you found this match boring, I don’t understand why I watch them at all. Roger demonstrated some his usual dazzling skills and breath-taking gets throughout, whereas Feliciano Lopez made an excellent contribution to it with his clean and powerful hitting. This was one of high quality match in this USO, even though it was the straight set victory for Roger. Your sense of ‘fun’ is weird, to say the very least. You seem to be stuck with five set numbers, rather than matches. True, some of them were classic; many of them were not.

      1. You know, for sure, what is parody and friendly procation, don’t you? It was a joke and a kind of parody of posts I have read this before and I thought, they are too serious and I thought, small joke would nor harm anything and anyone. I hope, it was understood as such by many and I’m sorry, if others felt to have here a kind of troll instead of Fed Fan. No, I have npthing to do with numerology. Yes, I think, it was a good match. But it’s a bit unfortunate, that when Fed is ON, his matches are that short, while I would like to watch and hear more of this dance and music. OK?

      2. Some people like to argue what colour the grass is. Don’t worry about it Gang or anybody else for that matter.

      3. Tennis fans in general are a sensitive bunch when it comes to their player πŸ˜†

        I guess the PRF post is hardcore sarcastic, which not everyone understands. Lowest form of wit, highest form of intelligence and all that πŸ™‚

    1. Are epic 5-setters won by Roger (IMO also the lost ones) not OK for you? The best the opponent retires in third game of first set?

      1. No way walkovers are the worst and I just hope The Dog can stay healthy for his Rafa encounter. Woof!

  32. Calm down, guys. “Fan” is the short form of “Fanatic”, meaning that there is always room for the passionate and irrational argument, which by definition resist the logical exchange of opinions. The main purpose of true competition is making life a living hell for the opponent, which will force him to improve. Does anyone think that Roger would be at his present level if he had never faced Nadal? Sometimes we have to accept that some matches are tougher that others. This where PRF has a valid point. The outcome is that the next ones will be easier. But no one wants to go through those 5 setters every other day, of course, especially when they are more a consequence of one’s mistakes than the opponent’s credit. This is the valid counterpoint to PRF. Now, let’s chill. It’s only a game… And then again…

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