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Federer Strolls into Quarter Finals at Indian Wells

Best match of the tournament so far for Federer as he swept aside Tommy Haas 6-4 6-4 to move into the Quarter Finals in Indian Wells.

I said in my prediction that if Fed hit 65% of first serves and struck the backhand well he'd win 6-4 6-4. He hit bang on 65% of first serves and won 6-4 6-4 πŸ˜‰ but it was forehand that did the damage.

Easily the most versatile shot in the mens game he was able to make Haas do a lot of running and end up having to hit near impossible winners to win the point.

No problems serving out sets this time either as he closed out the match comfortably to set up a tie against big serving Kevin Anderson who defeated Stan Wawrinka.

Quick Match Recap

Fed defeat Haas Indian Wells

Both guys started this one looking solid on serve and hoping to end points quickly. Although not a huge hitter Haas is one of the purest ball strikers out there on both wings and he's right up there with Roger in shotmaking ability.

The one thing that lets Haas down though is his temperament on the big points. He's a double fault merchant on big points and we saw that at 2 all with Roger having several break points before finally converting to lead 3-2.

A slack follow up game from Fed let Haas straight back in but Fed hit back again immediately to break and hold to lead 5-3.

Serving sets out has been an issue recently but Roger closed this one out to 15 to take it 6-4.

The first set was always going to decide this one and with Haas playing with a taped up shoulder it was obvious he wouldn't want to be out there slugging it for 3 sets.

Just like the first set Fed broke to lead 3-2 but this time held to lead 4-2 despite getting taken to deuce.

At 4-3 Haas came up with a crazy get to create 0-15 which could have given him a shot of adrenaline but Fed just shut him out to hold for 5-3. Serving out the match was as easy as 1,2,3 for Fed here as he sealed the deal with an ace. 6-4 6-4.

Match Stats

T.Β Haas R.Β Federer
Aces 3 7
Double Faults 3 1
1st Serve % 65% 65%
1st Serve Points Won 31/45 (69%) 33/40 (83%)
2nd Serve Points Won 10/24 (42%) 10/22 (45%)
Winners 18 26
Unforced Errors 23 16
Break Points Saved 8/11 (73%) 4/5 (80%)
Service Games Played 10 10
1st Return Points Won 7/40 (18%) 14/45 (31%)
2nd Return Points Won 12/22 (55%) 14/24 (58%)
Break Points Won 1/5 (20%) 3/11 (27%)
Return Games Played 10 10
Total Service Points Won 41/69 (59%) 43/62 (69%)
Total Return Points Won 19/62 (31%) 28/69 (41%)
Total Points Won 60/131 (46%) 71/131 (54%)

Shot of the Match

Thoughts on the Match

Quiet Please, Genius at Work
Quiet Please, Genius at Work

Best match of the week so far in terms of consistency, movement and serving.

I can't recall one moment of danger for Fed and I think a match like this sums up their respective careers well. Roger has always been able to find the ace when he needs it, and Haas finds the double fault instead.

Both guys are great shotmakers, Haas has the purer backhand but Fed is just more complete and far better in the clutch. It is why one player has 17 slams and the other has none.

I'm not being critical of Haas there either, he's quality to watch and is still playing top drawer tennis at the age of 35 but like he said at the net, Roger was just “too good”. Sums it up well.

I thought the Fed forehand was working well all night and even though he wasn't blasting winner after winner it was making Haas cover a lot of ground.

Haas came up with some flashy shots from time to time but Roger just won the important points when he needed to. Solid.

Stats wise it's a clean kill and yet again winners outnumber errors. I suppose he'd have preferred not to get broken in the first set but it made no difference to the result and it also made my prediction come good πŸ˜€

Predictions vs. Anderson

Kevin Anderson Indian Wells

Next up is Kevin Anderson who defeated Wawrinka in 3 sets. Those of you who read my draw post closely will know I tipped Anderson to have a successful tournament and he's so far lived up to my billing.

The courts here in Indian Wells definitely suit his style of game. The South African has weapons and a big serve which works well on slow hard courts. It's just a massive help and makes breaks tough to come by.

Isner is similar and also has a lot of success here so unless you're a clutch tie break player guys like him are hard to beat.

Fortunately Fed has the greatest tie break record of all time and beat Isner 9-7 in the first set breaker en route to winning the final here in 2012; so if anyone can do it will be him πŸ™‚

But it won't be easy, I think Anderson is a more rounded player with a better ground game than Isner so Roger will need to be sharp. Anderson will also be confident after making the finals in Acapulco and defeating the Australian Open Champion yesterday.

The key for Roger will be to take care of his own service games and not get broken. Anderson has a big serve but he isn't a mentally tough player so I think Fed can use his reputation to apply some pressure there to make Anderson crack.

They've played each other once before, in Bercy last year, with Fed winning 6-4 6-4. So I'll pick Fed in 2 again here 7-5, 6-4. Allez!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. I missedmissed the match butbut I’ll never miss a post here πŸ™‚ As if I’ve been watching from the first to the last point πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Thx Jonathan!!

    1. Excuse the repetition my phone goes crazy sometimes πŸ™‚

      So happy with this win as top seeded players are all falling in the Californian Desert this year. Three more matches to win now and the trophy is ours. As well as a fourth place in the rankings πŸ™‚

      Allez Roger!!

  2. Good call on the score Jonathan. Thought Roger looked better in the first than second but better overall at IW. Good ball striking. Rogers game is so different from the rest of the pros so it is really difficult to assess his game sometimes. For me, the sound form the racquet says it all. He still struggles with the timing at times it seems. Its funny how the draw opened up for him but Anderson will be challenging for sure. Lets keep the fingers crossed. He might go all the way.
    The post match interview after Tursunov, I head for the first time that Roger thinks he has more power from the new racquet, yet control is good. Probably, the racquet provides the power, Roger the control. Whatever works.

    1. Unless you are sat courtside then the sound off the racquet is impossible to judge. The acoustics from stadium to stadium change dramatically and so consequently so does the sound of the ball.

      Might sound like when they shut the roof at Wimbledon he hits the ball cleaner but it’s really not the case πŸ™‚

      I think he is hitting it well, FH was very solid last night and Haas hits with good depth on his groundstrokes which is hard to play offensive against.

      1. As an absolute measure, sure, but during the match you will easily hear variations. Shots close to the top of the frame, shots closer to the center, under pressure and so on. From that I find no problem distinguishing how frequently he hits a clean short or close to the frame or out of balance. It would require very strange acoustics to hide those differences.

        Courtside may not be that easy either in my experience, at least not indoors. Haven’t seen any of the top 10 outdoors. I will say that sometimes it may be harder but from IW, it doesn’t seem that difficult.

  3. One of Fed’s most consistent matches (minus the blip in the first set) in recent memory, really great point construction and solid game overall. Funny how the draw has opened up in this tournament, reminds us not to get too ahead of ourselves when it is initially released. Anderson will be a test no doubt, his serve really works with the conditions and should be flowing with confidence no doubt but I think this is a huge opportunity for Roger so hoping he can pull through. Also Fedrinka making the semis, shows how poor doubles is when top seeds get knocked out so often by guys who team up rarely and play singles simultaneously. Fed back to #6 if I’m not mistaken and could be #4 if he wins the title, a nice stat is that he has never lost in the final at IW so who knows, could all come together very nicely…

    Also the twins just get more adorable every time, Roger said today was the first time the twins ever told him he played well, gotta love the Federers’

  4. Oh and I heard Fedberg officially going to be extended for the whole of 2014 so that’s also some great news, hoping they can achieve a slam together, would make the occasion even more special!

    1. Agreed indeed. Roger now plays with gusto, hasn’t happened for a while. It is certainly working πŸ™‚

  5. Just like Alex, I couldn’t watch it live but wouldn’t miss any posts here πŸ˜‰

    ‘Solid’ was the word, I also thought about describing the match. Really pleased with his level of play and great that he’s getting better and better as he’s going deep into the tourney.

    Loved the caption of the pix of the girls, so adorable πŸ™‚

    1. Your from live chat was noted Wanda. I concluded either you were asleep or bumped into someone on the street wearing a RF lavender polo πŸ˜€

      1. Haha Jonathan, I was pretending to be there on the chat. How could I say ‘NO’ to a guy wearing a RF lavender polo πŸ˜‰

        Oh btw, Nike apparently calls the colour ‘iron purple’.

  6. ok, now I know that Jonathan also takes the bribe from Alex πŸ™‚

    Seriously, I just go to the yard for 30 minutes or so… πŸ™

    Off to read the article

    1. You’re wrong Amar, I bought first place from Jonathan and sold it to Alex! Nice profit from a little trade via Swiss Banks!

    2. Great review as usual Jonathan (and peRFect prediction too!)

      Can’t say much because your review cover all aspect already. I just hope that this is a sign that he already get the feel and court speed here (and ready for the next match). A bit worried for the next match against Anderson, he seems solid as well.

    3. Good business from Chris πŸ™‚

      @Amar I wouldn’t worry so much about Anderson, he is talented but is known to break down. Fed historically does well vs big servers so we’ll see.

  7. Many thanks, Jonathan, for an excellent match summary. Impressed with your predictions. An excellent all around match with little concern. Roger cannot stop now and should go all the way. Allez Rog!
    Sorry for Andy and Stan, I had a feeling that they could be knocked out (along with Nole, though I was wrong on this one). Larry Elison has started praying for Roger and Nole to reach final in order to have a blockbuster final.

  8. Ok so missed out on a medal (as usual)but did watch the match! Late finish but for Fed anything!! A Joy to watch the FH on such form. And the movement / point construction so solid!
    Thx for the pics of the twins! What a family!
    Anderson high on confidence and will be tough. Fed has to move him round a lot and use his rasping slice to get Anderson struggling round his feet to dig out balls. Good prediction on score but feel there may be a TB in there!
    Agree re the dubs, Stepanek/Paes are proper dubs team and even they lost to the scratch pairing of Fed/Stan.
    Alysha u r right. Back to no 4 if he grabs the title!

    Larry Ellispn will need to put the heavy mob on Feds oppo from here on in! He wants/needs a Fed/Isner final!

    And so to the semi. Looking good Roger, looking good although the schedule is horrendous! 2am uk start time!! Is the solution to go to bed early, set the alarm, watch match and then crawl back to bed!???What are you all thinking guys??
    This tournament is a tough physical challenge for the Europeans on this blog!!!

    1. Susie, and for those who currently stay at Central African too πŸ™

      Try the trick to go bed early and set the alarm to watch the match, not working for me.
      Earth surface gravity 9.7639 m/s2
      My bed surface gravity (under the blanket) 976.39 m/s2

      maybe afternoon nap at 2-5pm will make me awake during whole night (how am I suppose to work then, hahaha)

      Really looking forward to see Federer on top 4 again

  9. Ps gd post as always but intrigued as to which point u choose! Personally loved the huge rally where he pulled Haas around on a string only to lose the point when too kind with the x court volley!

    1. Susie, I agree completely. On that amazing point, Roger’s three strokes before Tommy’s final x court winner were almost middle court balls with lots of bounces. Give Tommy credit for having got all those balls back, I still feel that Roger could have put one of those balls away. No matter now, it was an amazing point and credit to Tommy. Wonderful play by both!

  10. Hi Jonathan

    Watched the match this morning (I recorded it – could not stay awake) had not seen or heard anything so it was lovely to watch him play so well – he really does have his Mojo back – could we be on for singles and doubles Champion(s). Sad that Stan got knocked out I did wonder if he would pull out of the doubles so pleased that he did not – I will definitely stay up and watch tonight (hope your live chat goes well) – His too girls are like peas from a pod and they are very pretty – perhaps twin boys? next – onward and upward Roger Allez

      1. I don’t know. I can see an awful lot of Roger in both of them, but one in particular. Don’t know which one it is but looks as though she has attitude, and I bet she’s just as stubborn as Roger πŸ™‚

      2. Hi Gang – Definitely more like Roger than Mirka – but everyone sees different things – I am always told my grandaughter looks like me but I cannot see it!!

  11. Was such a joy to watch this match after sitting through Andy and then Stan. Like being on a different planet really. I do feel sorry for Stan but I think since winning AO he’s been more on a celebration than a training/practice tour. He’s tweeting even more than Roger if that’s possible and is enjoying the glory, as well he should. Hope he’ll come back down to earth soon and start getting on with the job.

    Don’t know what I’m going to do tonight. I have to be up very early to have a blood test done – without breakfast – so not much fun. Whether to go to bed and set the alarm, or just stay up. In my youth that wouldn’t have been a problem to go 24 hours without sleep, but it’s getting harder to do these days. We’ll see, but don’t be surprised if I don’t turn up at all!

      1. Off to bed then now with your cocoa in your Federer mug no doubt! Just can’t afford the lack of sleep tonight! Busy Friday! hoping to wake up to a Federer victory!

  12. naa, would be 3am my time, i definitely can’t watch it. but I am looking forward to celebs..for sure Fed said in his interview he isn’t taking Anderson for granted. I hope Fed blows him away and gets an overwhelmed Dolgopolov. At this rate, don’t mind doing a Djoker final. I tip Fed to win and then skip Sony Masters.
    I love his twins!!! So cute a pic!!!

  13. Great job in both the article and prediction, that’s just spot on.

    I diden’t watch the match unfortunatly and can’t watch the Anderson match either πŸ™ It sounds like Fed played well and he needs that against an in form Anderson, but he will get the job done, and I am going with your prediction Jonathan.

    1. Part timer πŸ˜‰

      Yeah I think Anderson is actually capable of the upset here but I think Fed will take him. Could be a decent match. Hopefully not just about the serve.

  14. cheers J for the posts

    Fed looks in such a good place in life right now… so happy on and off the court… maybe it’s the new baby on the way, the new racquet, the new legendary coach, who knows. I just hope it will last as long as possible and that he will make the best of it. as long as he is healthy and so positive great things can happen.

    is it good or bad news for us Fed-addicts? some more sleepless nights, nail-biting episodes, and emotional roller-coaster rides.

    here’s for a fantastic 2014!!

      1. Oh. Thought it was 3 a.m UK time! So will set my alarm for 3 rather than 4 (I’m an hour later).

    1. He is too good at playing these journos! Comes over like he knows nothing about his racquet… Just brilliant, and leaves them guessing!

      1. I am in the same time zone as Jonathan and I have a very busy day ahead of me at office… might miss that one too if I can sleep. Last time during Brisbane I decided to skip the final (was sure he would win :s ) bit couldn’t. I kept having dreams and nightmares and ended up waking and watching the last two sets…

  15. I’m happy Rogers doing well, but it’s too bad Stan had to lose… would have enjoyed them facing off, particularly as theire doing so well as a double team! Nevermind. πŸ™‚

    1. MIght not have ended up with the best chemistry for the doubles match later in the evening if they had faced each other.

      “Hey ‘sup Stan, would you mind trying a bit harder in your doubles match as compared to your singles with me”
      “Screw you Dorkerer. You don’t have to be such a dick about it” :p

  16. I wonder, did The Dog finally get his hands on the Nadal magic potion? Now he takes care of Raonic? I’m guessing if it comes to that, this would be the first time Roger could potentially play Dog?

    1. You guess wrong. Federer and Dog played in Basel 2010 when Dog had to retire with Federer leading 6-4 5-2. First, Federer has to beat Anderson in only their second meeting. The first meeting was at the Paris Indoor last year with Federer winning 6-4 6-4,

  17. WTF? So now I have to wait for this stupid doubles match before Roger gets to play? In other words, it could be around 10.30 pm my time?

    1. Sid, i feel it too..

      Wake up at 3 am, excited to watch Federer, apparently still long way to go. My channel replay dolgo vs raonic (at least better than watching double)

      1. Do you guys have to turn your noses up at doubles so much? I am watching it now and I am enjoying it plus Federer and Wawrinka are still in the draw for doubles. I waiting for Federer and Anderson but I don’t act all pompous about it.

  18. Woah! I started watching when it was 5:5, just in time to see the Old Rogerhand schooling Anderson for the rest of the match. The South African #1 was on, if he continues like that, he’ll soon be Swiss #1 again!

  19. Wow wow just wow. What a match Roger. Anderson had no chance in the second. Glad I stayed up to watch this masterclass. Stats are pretty good. Tomorrow doubles and Saturday dangerous match against a more dangerous player. But if you play like this, he too will have no chance.

    By the way, where are all those critics now who were writing you off last year??

    Got to go, now to hurry for work. Love you Roger. Always. πŸ™‚

  20. Johnathan, the twins stole your blog!!!

    I just saw the Fed/ Anderson match. It was fabulous to me.i loved seeing Hass there with Larry Elleson. Federer’s game was so artistic just as Sean Hannity described. (he is a Fox News show) to me Fed looked 20 yrs old. I just loved it. Win or not the next game!!!!!

  21. Oh being in CST USA this all happened before midnight my time.

    I now get to watch with in the midnight hr. Austrailian and Dubai tournaments just upset my sleep time. I can handle France and London easier out of US.

    Roger’s tennis is I think the prettiest I have ever seen!!!!

  22. Jonathan, I want an honest reply. How much did you earn by fixing Fed’s first set against Anderson?:-)

  23. Hey guys, can you all believe it? Roger made SF and more for I think every tour he entered after USO.
    And according to Roger his best will come close to April πŸ™‚ Good times are coming. Roger time πŸ™‚

      1. Rita, thanks for the link. I’ve just read it – very nicely written and pleasant to read.

    1. Utch, πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ . If I knew how to wake up Jonathan, I coula have done it – I’ve checked Jonathan’s post several times already. But we know it is worth waiting for πŸ™‚

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