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Federer Strolls Past Struff into Fourth Round

Another Manic Monday awaits Roger Federer as he cruised through his Round 3 encounter at SW19 defeating Jan Lennard Struff 6-3, 7-5, 6-2 in 94 minutes.

The manner of victory sees the Swiss extend his set winning streak on grass to 29 and didn't face a single break point en route to setting a tie with Adrian Mannarino in Monday's fourth round.

Quick Match Recap

Fed Wimbledon Struff

Federer won the toss and elected to serve, holding to 15 for a 1-0 lead. Struff quickly levelled and the opening five games were dominated by serve. However, in game six Roger made his move hitting a nice return to make 30-30 before winning a high-class rally to set up break point which he converted for 4-2. The one break proved decisive as the Swiss took it 6-3.

Into set two and Struff held for 30 to lead 1-0. Roger then levelled to fifteen but with Struff serving nicely I thought we may see a tie-break between the pair. That looked likely after Struff saved break point en route to holding for 4-3 but in game eleven Roger found a way through to break and he served out the set 7-5.

With Struff having come back from two sets down in the previous round he won't have relished the prospect of having to do it all over again and he dropped serve early in the third, a bad bounce on break point further adding salt into the wounds. More break points came the way of the Swiss in game five and although Struff held for 2-3, his resistance soon ended as Roger broke again in game seven before serving it out to love with an ace.

Match Stats

R. Federer J. Struff
Aces 10 11
Double Faults 2 6
First Serve % in 40/74 (54%) 56/100 (56%)
Win % on 1st Serve 37/40 (93%) 37/56 (66%)
Win % on 2nd Serve 23/34 (68%) 21/44 (48%)
Net Points Won 13/14 (93%) 16/31 (52%)
Break Points Won 4/14 (29%) 0/0 (0%)
Receiving Points Won 42/100 (42%) 14/74 (19%)
Winners 36 26
Unforced Errors 8 22
Total Points Won 102 72
Distance Covered 4796.1 Ft 4571.7 Ft
Distance Covered/pt. 27.6 Ft 26.3 Ft
SABR 1/1 (100%) 0


Unavailable. Not much on YouTube for Wimbledon unfortunately.

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Struff Wimbledon 3R 18

I'm happy I found a way today. Some moments where it can be frustrating because you're not finding any rhythm, at times you're more reacting than playing active tennis. But it's okay. I knew that going in. I'm just very pleased that I found a way in that first set, then also stayed calm in the second set.

Another tidy win here for Roger who was again untroubled on serve, not facing a single break point and winning 93% of points when he landed his first delivery. Struff is the type of player than can you starve you of rhythm and that showed in the opening set as Roger struggled with his timing from the baseline but once he got into more of a groove then it was very much plain sailing.

Clean hitting, a successful SABR, a backhand winner down the line and some lovely half volleys were just some of the highlights and to be fair Struff played his part too, hanging with Roger from the baseline for quite a few of the points but with no joy on the return the pressure eventually got too much for him. One break in each of the two sets was enough to put Federer well on the way before Struff started going for broke in set three and whilst that provided some entertaining winners from both it was far too late in the day for the German to really get anything going.

Predictions vs. Mannarino

Next up is my predicted fourth-round opponent Adrian Mannarino who came back from a break down in the fifth to defeat Daniil Medvedev. The Frenchman was two sets up before the Medvedev fought back to take it five before he eventually prevailed in over 3 hours.

Roger has played Mannarino at Wimbledon before under the roof on centre court a few years back winning in straights but their most recent meeting was in Basel last year where Mannarino came very close to causing a big upset. The leftie has a pretty decent grass court game and played well in Antalya making the final so I think he'll be Roger's biggest test so far, the only problem for him is that he's played quite a lot of tennis of late going four sets in round one and then five in round 3. Combine that with the way Roger has been playing hard to see anything but an RF win.

Thoughts on the match? Predictions for the 4th round? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. I’m very pleased with Roger’s level so far.
    Now two days of rest and practice is great and I hope he doesn’t lose the momentum.
    From now on it will get tougher but I hope Roger keeps up the good work. Of he gets past Mannarino then I guess Anderson is up next and it’s dangerous because he’s playing well. After that Raobot might want to have his reveange for being denied of a mercedes.

    So nice to know that Nadal, Possum, Novak and Zverev are all on the same side of the draw and likely just one of them will make the finals. Plus I hope De-Minaur will do his best to annoy Rafa today.

    1. I feel Rafa has lost his fifth set clutchness of old therefore will be vulnerable in long matches that stretch beyond three hours. Like Schwatrzman did at AO hopefully De Minaur will soften him enough by making him play extra balls over and over so that if not him maybe Fognini or delpo to take him out.

      1. If you want Roger to win I don’t know if you should hope that Del Potro takes out Rafa. I would cheer for the opposite.

    2. Gael Monfils has a winning record against Anderson, 5-0 on both clay and hard court. Gael is a tricky unpredictable player.

      1. Agreed.
        But still, very unstable and not having the best year of his career so far.
        So for me Anderson is the favourite, although surely not a given.

      2. Really? I’d have thought in some ways Monf *is* having the best year of his career: he seems a lot more focused, rather than his usual flaky self, which makes him more dangerous, I think.

  2. I thought this might be tighter, but I guess the difference beetween hard (AO) & grass is working its magic. Really seem to be seeing our guy pactice different things – he likes it when he can change it up, & being the front runner certainly allows him to play freely…
    Saw some kind of insane stat about his current serving, that he has faced 0 break points and 0 deuces IN THE TOURNAMENT so far, & this in spite of landing a reduced % of 1st serves this round – I take that to mean Struff was pushing him harder.
    Next gets to play a left-hander; heard him quoted saying he expects it to be “more tactical”. Hope he still gets to have some fun!
    I am clearly missing something in this whole ‘consecutive sets on grass’ narrative. He just lost in the Halle final, so that would have interrupted any overall grass set streak. He’s had 3 rounds x 3 sets here, so that’s 9. If it’s consecutive sets AT WIMBY, he didn’t drop a set last year – right? – so that would have been 7 rounds x 3 sets = 21 consecutive, + 9 this year = 30. ???

    1. Dolgopolov retired halfway through the second set in round one in last year’s championship. That explains 30-1.

    2. Dolgopolov retired on 1st round so Roger won two sets in that one. So Wimby 17’=20 sets, Wimby 18’=9 sets (and hopefully 21).
      Could easily lose a set against Mannarino or Anderson/Monfils.
      But yeah, serving is incredible. 118/128 1st serves (92%) over three matches. 2nd serves also very solid. Untouchable so far.

      1. Ah!!! I knew I had to have forgotten something non-standard! Completely forgot about Dolgopolov. Thanks for setting me straight!

  3. I was lucky to find a ~ 3 min highlights video on YouTube. The match looked quite fast paced from what I gathered. Mannarino will be another kind of challenge. He might be the French player I enjoy watching the most. He is a clean striker and doesn’t play a very obvious game.

  4. Your prediction’s win rate is pretty impressive as your recaps, Jonathan. And what that about the unusual early morning post!? As for our Fed, so far so nearly peRFect. He’s in a good shape, focused, playing solid and smart, too. Great fun watching him without heart attack. Hope he will carry the trend!

    1. Could’ve sworn the website said 8 minutes ago when I logged on a little while ago! Only caught a few points of this at the end of the second set on the big screen in Wimbledon town centre, but don’t think I’ll have anything on the recorder to watch, so no clear idea of how he’s playing.

    2. I was travelling Friday down to Wimbledon so I watched but didn’t have chance to do my post Friday night so up early doors to hit publish ?

  5. I saw Mannarino play in Tokyo last Fall against Goffin in the Tokyo Open final. He hits a very flat ball and it could trouble Federer. Goffin won by being aggressive.

  6. Another good match by Rog, he wait for the right moment to break with minimal fuss. Though 1st serve % is not that high but he gets it done with a sabr. The road will get harder come monday, got to keep the momentum going.

  7. Roger did well there as I believe that Struff played to a high standard.I saw the match against Mannarino in Basle and to be honest until halfway through the second set I thought that Fed was going to loose.However he found a way and I think that he will this time.Mannarino is a lefty so Feds new improved backhand needs to be firing.

  8. I absolutely agree with Pablo that Del Potro,gliding through the draw without dropping a set is far more of a threat to
    Fed if they were to meet in the final,than Nadal or Djokovic for that matter.Damm,now I’ve written his name,bit like
    The Scottish Play.So I will have to anti-jinx it somehow.

    1. I had good words for Medvedev and De Minaur and they were sent packing. Let Delpo reach the semis then Il try my luck on him.

  9. Nadal looks pretty sharp quite worried. Anyways. Roger did a pretty good job. Struff produced an amazing shots that somehow i worried a little bit…its good that he used backhand instead of slice..

  10. Thanks, Jonathan. Early morning post or late night one?
    Fed looks healthy and happy. I saw an interview with Roger saying it’s now up to the kids when he retires. If they tire of the travel etc. Hmm.
    Manic Monday will be fun. Expecting Fed to be rested and ready for the next challenge.
    Anyone see the Halep Hsieh match. Too many errors from Halep but enjoyed Hsieh’s game. Not the usual and very entertaining.
    I see Delpo lurking on the other side of the draw like a cockroach hiding behind the baseboards.

    1. JMD played well. However, Paire had lots of chances but temperamental French man let his emotions get the better of him, which is not new. To beat the Maestro, JMD will need to upper the level and the Maestro drops his, which will not happen, we see 🙂 .

  11. I always call Mannarino “Le Gnat” because he keeps coming and coming, won’t go away, like a gnat. But I don’t think he has a game to seriously bother Fed on grass, especially if Roger is in the type of form he was against Struff. His play then was just a joy to watch.

  12. Roger looks to be in good form. He is moving very well and striking the ball more cleanly and is more offensive. I don’t see him losing his unbroken streak to Mannarino. He should have a high 60s FS % next match.

  13. Agree with your prediction – Roger should walk away with a win against Mannarino tomorrow. Roger, Ivan and Luther should know Mannarino’s strengths well – sending every ball back and playing angles with mid-court balls. Indeed, his strokes are flat. I watched his loss to Novack at the Queen’s. A key is at Roger’s racket and not to get in the ‘grinding mode’ wile being patient. Three down four to go.
    Because of the hot weather we have been having, lots of top players feel unsettled 🙂 , this Wimbledon has hence been becoming one of those most unpredictable edditions. On the women’s side, no one seems to want to win 🙂 . The good thing is that the Maestro does not sweat so that the heat waves have not affected him. May this continue.

  14. Just wanted to make sure that UK readers are aware of the programme “Strokes of Genius: Federer v Nadal” on BBC2 at 6.20 this evening. OTOH, considering the way that one ended you may not want to watch it, of course.

  15. And “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” the Roger Federer episode is airing tonight on NBC in North America. Times differ depending on your time zone. Beard and all.
    I saw Strokes of Genius a few days ago, worth a watch. The thrashing Roger received at RG played a part in that match. History really. The greatest match was AO 2017. Get it right people.

  16. I watched Running Wild With Bear Grylls tonight. Roger seemed pleased to have done it, but I kept wondering why he was risking injury, not to mention eating a fish eye!

  17. Yeah, that was fun. He’s such a genuine person. Had to wear a bib, so much drool running down my face.

  18. Sorry for my lack of action in the comments. I’m at Wimbledon so will be watching Federer today. So will catch up later today hopefully ?

      1. you must have gone to the bathroom during the first set. Thus 6-0.

        your return to your seat for sets 2&3 was obviously the cause for Fed’s let up.

  19. wave to us Jonathan then we can watch you cheering on Federer have a good day. Looking forward to
    this match, different blend of tennis (usually). A.M. I think an underrated player on his day, so C’mon
    Roger be good. some seriously keen spectators there today X

  20. Anderson it is then. I was disappointed with Vasely, far too tame given what should be a big man’s game. Nishikori on as well to probably end up against Djokovic. Nadal is looking quite ominous, but it’s fair to say he has not been tested by anyone who can make life uncomfortable for him.

    Anderson at least will not tire Federer out, as the points will be short. But it will be a tight one with probably 2-3 tiebreaks.

    1. Watched this one live too. Vesely’s forehand let him down big time, loopy, spinny, low power. It sat up for Nadal to do what he wanted with it. Poor performance from him tbh.

  21. Well at least only one of Nadal,Djokovic and Del Potro can get to the final?Good win by Fed,amazing first set.

  22. Federer on court 1 tomorrow! I don’t understand. Djokovic may whine about not being on centre but the last person they should kick off is Federer, he has won it 5 more times. That won’t get them any esteem in the opinion of quite a few.

  23. They say djokovic/nishikori is deemed a better match up but not much is like watching the style of Fed

  24. Djokovic may complain but he is – for the moment –  only 21 at the ATP (and Nishikori is 28) so the best ranked should prevail for Central Court, no ?

    1. They don’t like Kevin, maybe. Or Kevin likes court 1. Or they think it will be a boring match with Fed winning as usual, and this time defeating a boring player.

  25. They had a lot of weird decisions.
    Nevermind. Centre or 1, Roger should prevail.
    Let’s see how Anderson can handle the slice.

  26. Court number one worries me. Roger hardly plays there and is of course infinitely more comfortable on centre. He may struggle against a servebot there. It is a poor and disrespectful decision. Why risk a legend exiting on number one?

  27. Yes ,it does seem a tad odd.Imagine Roland Garros moving Nadal off Chatrier to Suzanne Lenglen,in favour of Goffin or Simon in the quarter finals.Wouldnt happen would it.?
    @French Butterfly,
    Congrats on your team winning.In Pezenas at the moment and totally silent.In Spain and Italy they were hooting car horns and letting off fireworks until 4 in the morning.Good job I am not in Spain or Italy.?

    1. Strange decition as Roger is probably the most spoiled player in the circuit (he is also the cash cow). It is not like Simon or Goffin are going to play instesd of him but a 3 time champion in a far more interesting match (matter of tastes), Federer vs Anderson will be like watching a penalty shootout.

  28. Most people find penalty shootouts pretty exciting! Give me that over endless retrieval any day.I saw Djoker play
    Nishikori a few years ago.A total bore which ended when Nishikori became injured.Wouldnt surprise me if this one goes the same way.

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